i love the thorn birds


Hugh Dancy & Kacey Rohl in Post Mortem (S3E2) (x)


request by anon: Henry/Elizabeth + forbidden fruit modern au (à la The Thorn Birds)

                                                                               follow me on the road of disgrace.
                                                                     all that was,
                                                          all that ever will be,
                                                 is gone.

one of the rare (if not the last) noble roman-catholic families in england. a great estate but an empty purse. a burden on the shoulders of the family’s last heir.  e l i z a b e t h  . charity has always been in her nature, kindness in her heart, God essential to her life. the loss of money or regard could be handled, but not the loss of faith. her penniless church’s parish needed a shepherd.
a true man of faith can not ignore the call for help from a lost lamb. the white collar around his neck may one day turn purple, but for now the missionary only prayed for lands hospitable to his sermons. after 5 years serving the Lord in France, England sounded almost like an early retirement.
he felt like Saint Sebastian the second he laid eyes on her. an irrepressible life and latent death penetrating each of his limbs. he was a  s i n n e r  . he had read about sin and punishment in many books, but now understood it for the first time.
and she was the  a p p l e .


Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Chamberlain in The Thorn Birds.