i love the third picture


everything i read in 2017: deltora quest series by emily rodda

“the enemy is clever and sly, and to its anger and envy a thousand years is like the blink of an eye”


20 Days of Ryan Ross

Day 7: Ryan + hockey


And this is all that was in the box!! ^-^ this is all from one lot*

The first picture has the large pink monotone and a bunch of 12cms, the second has three 12cm kuri kuri’s that I am IN LOVE WITH and three little 8cms.

The third picture has 16cms, I love the mint gorgeous sooo much

And the fourth picture is the HIGHLIGHT of this haul and the reason I went for this lot… A complete set of 16cm regionals!!!!! :D <3 I’m SO excited and happy to have these guys! Though I do now have a could couples and three Gifu’s XD so a sales post might be coming soon.

I’m really most excited for that 16cm Melonhead :’) I’m obsessed with him and his cute little face


Flowers from our walk yesterday! In the first picture, we have some kind of yellow wildflowers (aka weeds if you’re a plant hater). I don’t know what the second picture is, but I love it, and I really want one! And the third picture seems to be tiny roses or carnations or something. If anyone knows what any of these are, please let me know!


Older Yumoto because why not.

Well, because I wanted a visual guide of 19-20 years old Yumoto for my fic Binan Inc.

Also, I was curious.

Rainy days

Happy KuraRyou Day, @third-gym!!

This is your gift for the exchange; I hope you like it! `♡`)//


Modern AU: They say that if Pendragons had hearts (and some laugh and say such a thing would be impossible), the only people they’d be capable of loving would be someone as cold and heartless as themselves.  (poem cred: x)


found this super nice grey sky!! the color in the third picture is my favorite i love it so much, i think ill release my da around this time
also! i got my pc to work again but i had to nuke it completely so i dont have sai right now, thanks for being patient to everyone i owe a drawing…