i love the space shuttle

  • Any message or gifts for the King of Stein?
  • Sid: Girls? I'll give him girls and yeah, Byron, if you want any info about the princess of Wysteria, I'm going to give it to you for free today. But still, I'm giving you girls.
  • Giles: Well, good health for the King of Stein. And extra patience and endurance to deal with the princess.
  • Alyn: Another extra patience for dealing with the princess. And a horse. You definitely would want to keep a horse in case the princess runs off to somewhere suddenly. It's a bad habit of hers.
  • Robert: I'd give you a naked portrait of the princess but I reckon you don't want anyone else seeing her in that state. So, I'd wish you a long, happy life instead. But if you change your mind about the portrait, you know where to find me.
  • Leo: Since you're a king, I don't think I can give you any material gifts so I'll give you a piece of advice: love your woman the way you love your money, err, yourself I mean.
  • Albert: I have bought a space shuttle so you could see the stars up close, Your Majesty. And a new eyepatch. O//O
  • Louis: A new hair blower and facial cream. You'll need it when you deal with the princess. You'll understand what I mean soon. Happy birthday.
  • Nico: Ah, this is quite nostalgic. My life is still yours, king, though for now an excellent english tea will do. It is incredibly relaxing especially when you go star gazing. Alone.
  • Princess: I would give you my heart if you didn't have it yet. I love you, Byron. Happy birthday. ❤

It’s very strange to think of yourself and something you did as recently as High School as museum-worthy history, so it made me feel really strange to see these artifacts from the Intrepid’s campaign to bring a space shuttle to New York for display in their Space Shuttle Pavilion, because I’d visited during the campaign and (I think) signed the petition. (Here’s the post I made about it back then.)

And above that display?

They did it. They brought a Shuttle2NYC. 

I still wonder who is building the bodies of Transformers (IDW verse) and what is the difference between the body of a forged one and a constructed cold.

But what is even more important: How do they decide what type of bot/frame it will be?
I mean is it like: 
“Hey listen; this one…this one will be a flying SHARK”
“Fucking brilliant!!!”
“And that one is gonna be a cat turning into a cassette!”
“What about this guy?”
“I thought something like a giant space shuttle turning into some dragon-thingie!”
“I love our job!”