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No Ordinary Love

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 895 (excluding lyrics)

Warnings: Making out, Very SLight angst.

A/n: Aye! My first song fic! I’ve never done this before so I have no clue if it’s gonna be shitty, but I’m going to what I usually do and risk it. P.s. I’ve been dying for a new Sade album bc it’s been TOO FUCKING LOONG.

Summary: (Based on this song)

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aye fam lemme get in on this fav bot thing. Tbh for fav autobot it'd have to be either Windblade, Arcee, or Chromia bc theyre babes. Aaand fav con will always be Starscream (or Cyclonus,,tbh i have too many favs)

Lovely ladies~~♥ 

and YES speaking of Starscream the song “My Way” by Elvis Presley reminds me of him!!

(Cyclonus: I’m not a decepticon…)

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“Most evil man in history”… don’t ask dude

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Song stuck in my head: Mama by EXO

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What did your last relationship teach you:
Most boys are lying cheaters, who tell you they’re gay and lied to you and then get another girl??? Pregnant??? Not that I care anyway bc my ass is gay af

Religious or spiritual: no p e

Favorite color: like a pastel green.. like green cotton candy

Average hours of sleep: HA what’s that
(Around 4)

Lucky Number: 
8 or 17

Favorite Characters: yikes… Veronica Lodge, Lydia Martin, The Boudelaires, Thea Queen, Barry Allen (both tv and film version), NEWT SCAMANDER MY CHILD, Queenie, Alice Cullen, Luna Lovegood, Lily Evans, legit all of the Sensates from Sense8… so many man.

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1 duvet, 2 blankets… all of which are usually on the floor when I wake up

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Request: Kicked out

Request: Imagine Juice having a fight with his wife and she makes him stay at the clubhouse. After a week Chibs calls her and tells her to take Juice back home because he’s a drunk basket case without her. So she comes for him and soothes him.

Song Juice was listening HERE . I LOVE 80′s songs, some might be cheesy, but I LOVE 😀

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You had found a new job, a good one and you were enjoying it. Your old man, Juice, was happy for you, but you knew he was also jealous. He already had seen your boss and didn’t like him at all. You loved how cute and passionate Juice was, his jealously could cute sometimes. However, he was too insecure and only God knew what could trigger him…

It was Friday and after a long and stressful week, you coworkers were planning to have a beer downtown. It sounded like a good plan. You wanted to go home and relax with Juice, but you thought that one beer wouldn’t be so bad. You texted Juice, telling you would be home a little late and kept the plan of one beer only. When you arrived home, he was waiting for you, in the living room, eyes red and a mess around him, pillows thrown on the floor and things broken.

“Jesus! What happened?”, you put your pursed on the couch, rushing to be by his side. Juice got up, clenching his jaw.

“You tell me!”, he snapped. “Where were you? I called your office, the doorman said everybody had already left”

“Juan…Calm down”, your voice was low, contrasting with his angry tone and red cheeks.

“Why did you take so long?”, he ignored you, his fists on his sides, knuckles white. “I was waiting for you, your HUSBAND! Where… Who…Who you were with? I knew it…Damn, I knew it!…Shit!”

“Juan, you are not making any sense”, you tried to touch him but he backed away, huffing. “I sent you a message, Juan. Did you get it?”, he stopped for a moment, looking confused. You sighed, “I was having one, ONE beer with my coworkers. Everybody was there, I’m the newbie, I have to…”

“Oh yeah, right…”, he said sarcastically. “Everybody… Your boss was there too, I guess…”

“Not this again Juan”, you sighed, rolling your eyes. He passed by you like a tornado, walking to the kitchen. You followed him, passing through the door just in time to see him breaking a glass of wine and blowing out the candles.

“I don’t even know why I made this”, Juice pointed at the table, cocking his head to the side. You noticed the half glass of wine and a bottle or two of beer on the counter. “I thought it would be nice, to have a time with you, a romantic night…”

“Juan…”, you started, but he punched the table, scaring you a little bit.

“Shit! Don’t try to apologize!”, he threw the chair on the floor and that was enough for you.

“Enough! Enough Juan!”, you screamed, making him frown. “You are being irrational! I won’t deal with your OCD, your insecurity and jealously right now! You should have called ME! Or checked your god damn phone!”

Both of you were breathing fast, Juice stayed in silence as you stared at each other. “You can go to the clubhouse”, you said. “I don’t want your irrational self in my bed or my house, breaking everything. I’m going to take a bath and when I leave the bathroom I don’t want you here”


Your husband left the house as you had asked and though you regret it, Juice needed to calm down, a time away would be good. He had to learn how to deal with you working and there was no reason for being jealous.

Gemma had called you, telling that Juice was at the clubhouse, not talking with anyone. You told her what had happened and she promised to keep an eye one him. Chibs had called you too, understanding, as always, what you had to do and also promising to take care of your old man.

You were expecting Juice to be knocking on your door after a day or two, with his puppy eyes, asking for forgiveness. However, one week had passed and he hadn’t come home. Gemma said the boys were dealing with something for the club, so Juice was busy. It was Friday again and you were alone at home, curled up on the couch, watching a movie.

He should have called you by then. You picked up the phone several times, thinking about calling and when you finally made up your mind the phone rang. You saw Chibs’ number on the screen and answered it while you walked to the bedroom.

“Hi Chibby”, you said, opening the closet. You had decided to go to the clubhouse, go after your husband.

“Lass, can you come to the clubhouse?”, he sounded worried, making you freeze. “Juicy boy is losing his mind without you…He caught my whisky, put some cheesy 80’s song on the stereo and now is hugging Chucky, talking about you…”

“He is drunk”, you sighed. It was not a question, you knew how Juice was when he was drunk, love songs were just the beginning.

“Aye”, Chibs sighed too.

“Well, lucky you, Scottie”, you said, grabbing your boots. “I was already going there…”


The bikes were parked along the fence and some of your friends were sit at the picnic table, drinking and talking. There was no party going on and they cheered when they saw you.

“Thank God!”, Tig raised his bottle of beer. You walked towards them and hugged the dark haired man. “Juice is being a pain in the ass doll”, he grimace, making Jax, Happy and Opie nod, agreeing with him.

“Yeah… Chibs called me”, you pursed your lips. That was when you heard a song coming from inside.

“And he turned the stereo on again”, Opie rolled his eyes. “Chibs turned it off seconds ago”

You took a deep breath and walked to the clubhouse door, opening it just to be overwhelmed by the song on the stereo and Juice’s voice.

Sometimes I wonder if I’d ever make it through, through this world without having you. I just wound’t have a clue”, Juice was behind the bar, holding a bottle and singing, while Chibs was staring at him, hands on the counter, angry expression. “Sometimes I wanna give up, give in. I wanna quit the fight and then I see you, baby, and everything’s alright, everything’s alright

Your old man was drunk, really drunk, throwing his head back while he sang the chorus. You covered your mouth with your hand, giggling. Chibs noticed you, the relief on his face as he walked towards you.

“Thanks lass”, he whispered in your ear as he hugged you. “I didn’t know what else to do”

“It’s okay”, you smiled. “I can take care of him”

Chibs stepped back, watching as you walked to the bar getting Juice’s attention. His eyes widened and he left the bottle, walking towards you.

“Baby…”, he said, but then continued to sing, holding your hands. “Baby there’s nothing in this world that could ever do what the touch of your hand can do. It’s like nothing that I ever knew

“Juan…”, you tried to stay serious, but it was impossible, Juice was being too cute. It was not funny at all how drunk he was. He hugged you, still singing. You looked at Chibs, almost begging. He ran to the stereo, turning it off. You heard cheers coming from outside.

“Chibby…”, Juice whined, looking at his brother, an arm still around your shoulder. “I was singing to her… Baby, I’m sorry…”

“I know Juan”, you cupped his face, keeping his lips away from yours, getting sick with the smell of alcohol on his breath. “You shouldn’t have drunk this much baby”

“I was lonely”, he pouted. “I was missing you. You left me”

“I didn’t leave you dumbass”, you laughed, motioning for Chibs to help you. He took one of Juice’s arms and you started to walk to the dorms.

“You kicked me out”, Juice mumbled. “You were mad at me”

“I did and I was mad at you”, you held his waist and could see Chibs smirking, probably thinking that scene was amusing. “You needed to learn a lesson”

“I did!”, Juice shouted, his eyes wide, like a puppy begging for approval.

“Yes, I guess you did”, you huffed while Chibs opened the bedroom’s door. You both laid Juice on the bed. “Thanks Chibs”

“Call me if you need anything, lass”, he smiled, leaving you two alone. Juice was looking at you, this cute, dreamy smile on his face.

“You are here”, he said, reaching for your hand. You smiled, shaking your head. He was impossible, irresistible and you loved him too much. You took off his boots and made him sit to take his kutte and put it on a chair. You kicked your boots off and laid in bed, next to him. Juice pulled you closer, nuzzling on your hair, his arm tightening around your waist. “I love you”

“I love you too Juan”, you whispered, your hand caressing his arm. Soon he relaxed, diving into his drunk sleep. You closed your eyes, hearing his breathing and falling asleep too.


You woke up before him. Juice was laying down on his back, his mouth slightly open. You left the bedroom, walking to the kitchen to grab some coffee. You were about to open the door when someone else did it. It was Juice, staring at you.

“Morning”, you said, pushing him aside for you to enter in the room. You put the coffee over the nightstand, hearing the door close behind you. Juice walked to you in seconds and wrapped his arms around your body.

“I thought it was a dream”, he whispered in your ear. “Your scent on the pillow next to me”

“It wasn’t” you turned around on his arms, wrapping yours around his neck. “I’m here baby”

Juice crushed his lips on yours, a desperate kiss. You kissed him back in equal intensity; you had missed him so much. His hands were tugging your shirt and you remembered you needed to talk. You didn’t want, but you pushed him away.

“Juan, we need to talk”, you said. Juice pulled you close again and you knew what he was thinking, you knew he was afraid. “Baby, it’s okay. We just need to let things clear”

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”, he shook his head. “I was afraid baby. You were starting a new job, new routine, new people and I thought you would get tired of me”

“I could never get tired of you Juan”, you held his chin. “You don’t need to be afraid or jealous. I’m yours, forever. I will spend some time with my coworkers some days, have a drink with them as I do with the boys here…But I always, always will come back to you”

“Promise?”, he rested his forehead against yours. “I can’t go on without you baby, I just can’t”

“I promise my love”, you whispered and pulled back. Juice watched you carefully as you walked backwards. You took of your shirt, pleased to see his eyes widened. “Are you going to stay there baby? I missed you”

You didn’t have to say it twice. Juice took off his own shirt and made you lay down on bed, dragging your pants down your legs. He hovered over you, his fingers founding its way to your core as he kissed you. You moaned against his lips, making Juice smile, “I missed you too baby”


Alan’s ALICE Appreciation Post: CURIOSITY

Alice is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time - if not my most favourite. Alice, maybe more than any other character, makes her own narrative:

  • The story is whatever she can think of
  • The setting is wherever her fantasy world is
  • The characters are whoever she creates
  • The time is whenever she is sleeping
  • The nonsense is however odd her dream is

Virtually everything about the movie could be interpreted to revolve around Alice. From the introduction, when Alice is awake, she is a very imaginative and creative young girl and, when Alice is asleep, who has made a vivid Wonderland. The whole story is because of her.

Because of the wide scope of potential topics, I’m focusing on what I love most about Alice and what I find is an essential part of her character: her curiosity.

1) Alice: “In this world perhaps. But in my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.”

The first example of Alice’s curiosity is, I believe, her unconventionality. She’s not in a classroom but outdoors, she’s not on the ground but in a tree, she’s not with a book but with her cat, she’s not paying attention but making a daisy chain. Rather than paying attention to her history lesson, let alone a book with no pictures, Alice would fantasize of her own world of nonsense as displayed in her song “In a World of my Own.” Unlike her sister who is limited by sense/logic, Alice can explore new things creatively and curiously.

2) Alice: “Now this is curious! What could a rabbit possibly be late for? Please, sir!”

The primary example of Alice’s curiosity and what starts the majority of the story: the White Rabbit.. She also knows that “[she] really shouldn’t be doing this” since “[she hasn’t] been invited and curiosity often leads to trouble” but her curiosity and sense for adventure is too strong. Much later in her “Very Good Advice” song, she talks about the downside of such passionate curiosity: “Be patient is very good advice, but the waiting makes me curious. And I’d love the change, should something strange begin.”

3) Alice: Why? What did happen to the oysters?

Interestingly enough, as curious as Alice is to know where the White Rabbit is going, Alice is also curious to know what happened to the Oysters. This might be because she wants to know what happened to fellow curious characters (=“The oysters were curious too, weren’t they?”, “Aye, and you remember WHAT happened to them…”, and “Poor things!”) but I think it’s primarily because she just like hearing interesting stories.  

4) Alice and the Flowers

Related to above, Alice just likes hearing lovely songs too and especially if she wished for it: “All the flowers would have very extra special powers, they would sit and talk to me for hours.” Alice enjoys this curious garden of interesting plants and animals as she listens to “Golden Afternoon” song.

5) Alice and the Caterpillar

After Alice follows some interesting smoke through a leafy jungle, she finds a hookah-smoking Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. Although the Caterpillar is more questioning than Alice, she is interested in what he’s doing and listens to his recitation.

Although Alice walks off when the Caterpillar is mean to her, she comes back when he calls, “I have something important to say!” Although she seems to be far away and he’s been rude, she still curious and wants to hear it.

6) Alice and the riddle

When the Mad Hatter asks, “Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?” Alice is instantly curious about it. Even though it’s random, silly, and not really directed at her, she’s thoughtfully tries to figure it out.  It’s even more interesting that, in the time she’s taking time to solve the riddle, she could be searching for the White Rabbit.


So, this being my first appreciation post of Alice, I choose to appreciate a core personality trait; Alice’s curiosity is seen throughout the movie and if it wasn’t for curiosity starting the story then we wouldn’t have had any adventures in Wonderland.

I, personally, find Alice getting sidetracked from finding the Rabbit so enjoyable and relatable because even when I’m doing something fun or entertaining, I too somehow get distracted or even procrastinate. Even when Alice is intensely curious about something, she’s still has the open-mindedness to explore other things.


Hamilton Songs Summarized

Act 1:

Alexander Hamilton: Meet my children, they are wonderful; also, spoiler, Alexander gets shot
Aaron Burr, Sir: Alexander talks too much, also, he punched a guy and just wants to fight everything; Burr needs a drink to handle this
My Shot: Meet the boys, drink to the Revolution, and don’t give up on yourself
The Story of Tonight: We did too many shots during the last song, and we’re at the point of the evening where everything is “I love you, man.”
The Schuyler Sisters: Work. Angelica wants recognition for women. I love the sisters equally, Angelica, Eliza, and *reads smudged writing* Polly.
Farmer Refuted: Take a step back, cause Alexander’s gonna learn you a thing. “Ay, the king sucks!”
You’ll Be Back: Oops, did he hear that? Also, work. And, crazy ex much?
Right Hand Man: Meet Papa Washington. Burr throws some shade and Washington is like, swerve. Hamilton gets the gig.
A Winter’s Ball: Hamilton and Burr are womanizers, and I suspect Hamilton does not have entirely pure motives.
Helpless: Eliza is beautiful, talented, and in love with someone not good enough.
Satisfied: Angelica wants to share Alexander? Also, they bond over never having an orgasm?
The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Alexander’s friends make jokes about “the ball and chain”. Burr is having an affair?! What?! Oh shit, she’s married to a guy on the other side.
Wait for It: Aaron Burr has dreams and aspirations. He did not shove them in everyone’s faces for the entire show. This song is massively inspiring. Also, he admires Hamilton.
Stay Alive: Oh yeah, we were totally fighting a war before we got distracted. Congress sucks. The king sucks more.
Ten Duel Commandments: Alexander needs to fight something. Washington forbids it. Laurens fights for him. Charles Lee is a punk ass bitch.
Meet Me Inside: Papa Washington is pissed AF/Hamilton has crazy daddy issues
That Would Be Enough: You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. Eliza is too good for any of us. Also, she prego.
Guns and Ships: angry French rapping
History Has Its Eyes on You: Papa Washington apologizes to Hamilton. Tells him to stop getting so excited about war, people fucking die! Also, we’re all watching from the 21st century.
Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): We kick the British army’s ass (with French help and a rapping English tailor) and everyone rejoices.
What Comes Next?: The King is angry and bitter. Still, working it.
Dear Theodosia: Let me show you my beautiful children’s beautiful children. Alexander violently thrusts Philip in everyone’s face, but no one complains because we’re imagining baby Anthony Ramos, and really, that’s just adorable.
Non-Stop: Alex never slows down. He is literally creating a country using a quill. Burr thinks he’s crazy, Eliza wants him to come home, Washington reminds him that people die and that we’re all watching him from the future, and Alexander WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE!

Act 2:

What’d I Miss: Jefferson is here. Daveed is stunning. Jefferson’s been gone for a while.
Cabinet Battle #1: Jefferson and Hamilton have an amazing debate. Hamilton kicks ass, but it doesn’t matter because Jefferson has Congress in his pocket.
Take a Break: Hamilton, your family needs you to slow down. You’re going to work yourself to death. You have become obsessed with Jefferson. Angelica and Hamilton still in love because of a misplaced comma.
Say No to This: Your wife JUST told you to take a break. Now you’re cheating on her. Also, Maria got horribly manipulated.
The Room Where It Happens: Whoa, Burr really does have goals. Also, Jefferson-Hamilton team up.
Schuyler Defeated: Burr took power? Ooo, Hamilton’s gonna be pissed.
Cabinet Battle #2: France and Britain are fighting. More importantly, Jefferson and Hamilton are fighting. Jefferson loses cause Washington likes Hamilton best.
Washington on Your Side: Jefferson has noticed that he likes Hamilton best. There is insane rapping. Burr/Madison/Jefferson team up against Ham.
One Last Time: Uh, Washington is leaving office. Jefferson is running for president. Hamilton is justifiably panicked.
I Know Him: The King is very confused by Washington handing off power. Honestly, the American political system confuses us too.
The Adams Administration: John Adams is president. Thomas Jefferson is second in command. Hamilton is out of office.
We Know: Jefferson/Burr/Madison know about Alexander paying off Reynolds. Hamilton proves that it is much, much worse. Jefferson thinks Hamilton is a bad person. Honestly, so do we.
Hurricane: Hamilton is going to write and protect his legacy.
The Reynolds Pamphlet: This is not what we had in mind. “Does everyone see that I am having an affair? Is everyone looking at me?! Are you all paying attention?” Hamilton will not be president.
Burn: Eliza deserves better. So much better. Also, there’s fire involved, and as a member of tech crew, this seems like a bad idea to me.
Blow Us All Away: Philip feels the need to fight everything. Alexander warns him not to hurt his mother, then tells him to go have fun.
Stay Alive (Reprise): Oh god. Oh sweet Jesus. There is sad French singing. If I wanted to cry about people singing in French I’d go see “Les Mis”. Philip, noooooo.
It’s Quiet Uptown: Eliza is too good, too pure. Hamilton does not deserve her. We do not deserve her. *sobs hideously* Forgiveness.
The Election of 1800: We were running a country before we got distracted. Hamilton elects Jefferson? Throws major shade at Burr. Thomas Jefferson then blocks Burr from office.
Your Obedient Servant: Burr is, understandably, pissed. He is going to talk more, smile less. Burr and Hamilton write a series of increasingly shady letters with angry abbreviated signatures. Hamilton kept a list of every fight? Good to know he doesn’t hold a grudge.
Best of Wives and Best of Women: Oh god, Eliza. Sweet wonderful Eliza. Alexander is going to do a stupid thing.
The World Was Wide Enough: Burr and Hamilton duel. The audience dies of grief. Alexander refuses to shoot Burr. Burr cries. We all cry.
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?: Show stopper. Eliza is too perfect. *sobs hideously* She tells our story. *dies* the orphanage.


Depth over distance pt. 3

[A/N:  Thank you all again for the awesome response! You’re making this silly clown very happy. This part isn’t very long but part 4 will be longer! Hope you enjoy!

A nod to the lovely storey-time :D

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If you want, listen to this song while you’re reading, it might set the mood for you.

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Finn Nelson: Hope you don’t think it’s too weird that I added you?

Rae Earl: No… it’s fine. You’re Archie and Chop’s mate right?

Finn Nelson: Aye, that’s me. And you’re Rae. The Scottish girl they met.

Rae Earl: That’s me! So they got back in one piece?

Finn Nelson: Yeah, Chop’s a constant flight risk, not sure how, but they’re back :)

Rae Earl: Haha, yes, and I only got a glimpse of that, but I’m glad they’re back :)

What is goin’ on right now? Why does he want to talk to meh? Just wait Rae… UGH I can’t! Yes you can! This is Finn Nelson from Stamford, England… Reply back…. I don’t have all day. Or my EXTREME curiosity doesn’t. It’s about to explode all over this screen!  Why is he taking so long? It’s been 2 bloody minutes! For fuck sake- oh he’s writing!!

Finn Nelson: Right… you must think this is weird? It’s just that… Arch said that you were…

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the signs as things from the aaron tveit at the boston house of blues concert:

  • aries: the guy right behind me that yelled “YOU LUCKY BITCH” when that girl touched/felt aaron’s chest
  • taurus: aaron’s dance moves in ‘i wanna dance with somebody’
  • gemini: how nobody can tell for sure if he’s saying freak or fuck in ‘nice and slow’ so the line could either be “i’ll freak you right” (original) or “i’ll fuck you right” (what it sounds more like)
  • cancer: the person that yelled “i love you” and aaron said “aw i love you too”
  • leo: the girl that touched aaron’s chest because she was singing a line about his heart but accidentally put her hand on the wrong side of his chest but then corrected herself, feeling both of his pecs
  • virgo: when aaron said he was going to sing two more songs in a row because he likes singing two songs at a time and the guy right behind me said “yas hit me with that mashup”
  • libra: aaron’s concert pants
  • scorpio: the white girl standing near me that yelled “ay papi” at aaron
  • sagittarius: aaron being surprised that people know what next to normal is
  • capricorn: the mic stand during ‘nice and slow’
  • aquarius: aaron’s face after the girl touched his chest
  • pisces: aaron’s little dance moves in the beginning of ‘love yourself’
J/C as Exes AU Part Three: Remembering What Was

Many thanks, yet again, to @clairexjamiefraser for her wonderful help in brainstorming an editing. You can find part one here and part two here. As always, your feedback is most welcome! This story is totally open ended and can continue on. I might have an interesting idea for reintroducing Claire to the rest of the family, but we’ll see what happens. :)

Small side note. Towards the end/middle/I’m not really sure where, there’s a few Gaelic exchanges. Since I didn’t feel like taking the time to look up the actual words, they’re in italics to denote that it’s a different language. Have fun!

It wasn’t a long sleep. He woke shortly after he’d truly fallen under.  But she was still there, gently stroking his hair and humming to him.

She’d done that the first time they’d made love, just before she fell asleep. 

He remembered it like it had happened moments before, and not months.

The candles had burned low, her face still shining with perspiration. He’d never seen anything so lovely. She was facing him, one arm curled beneath her head. Her eyes were closed still, but she was smiling.

“How do ye feel, my own,” he’d asked.

“Like a woman in love,” she’d muttered back.

Then she’d wriggled herself closer to him and stroked his hair while humming a song he didn’t recognize.

“I love you,” he said before opening his eyes.

“Yes, you said.”

“I mean it, Claire. I love you.”

“I know. I love you too, Jamie.”

When he looked up, still a little afraid she’d only been a dream, he smiled.

“Ye havena left me. And it wasna a dream.”

“No. I haven’t gone anywhere. Though… Your flat is so depressing Jamie.”

“Aye. It’s a good show of what I felt when I bought it.”

She sighed. Her breath smelled of whiskey.


He watched her thoughts flicker over her face. Always had a glass face, his Claire Beauchamp.

She was harder to read now, though. Things weren’t written clear as day. Was it because they’d spent so much time apart? Or was it because he’d forced her to become a different woman?

Either way, he wanted to learn her again, to be able to see her and know her mind.

“Speak your mind, Sassenach.”

“I want… God I don’t know what I want Jamie.”

“Aye, ye do.”

He sat up and took her hand in his. It was colder than he remembered, but just as strong and soft.

“I’m afraid that if I go home right now I’ll wake up tomorrow and this will have been another dream.”

His ears pricked up.


Light pink color colored her cheeks.

“Well… Right after you… Left. I had dreams that you’d come back and sweep me off my feet and take me away.”

“You… Ye could stay wi’ me. If you’ll have me.”

Her eyes moved around his flat once more. This wasn’t a place worthy of her. 

She was the brightest thing in the whole room.

“Perhaps you’d like to… Maybe come over to my flat?”

His heart did it’s best to leap out of his chest.

“Would ye have me over? Are ye sure, Sassenach?”

She looked back at the box on the couch where she’d left it.

“You trusted me with your secret,” she said, not taking her eyes from the letters. 

“Fair’s fair. I can trust you with knowing where I live.”

Would he never stop weeping? God, just to have her so close was more than he’d dared to hope for.

“I would be honored, Claire.”

He helped her to her feet and took a full breath. She wobbled a little and he wondered if she’d eaten anything.

“Did ye have whiskey on an empty stomach again, Sassenach?”

“Well I forgot to eat. A big stubborn Scot walked into the pub.”

“Would ye like for me to drive ye?”

“That would probably be best. My car is still at the pub, though.”

“It’s a short walk, ye ken.”

With unspeakable joy, he watched her as she gently folded his letters back up and but them into the box. He picked up his shirt from the floor an put it back on. He shrugged on a thin coat over it, to keep the marks on his back hidden further. With her bag over her shoulder, she picked up the box and nodded.

“Alright. I’m ready.”

With the keys to his own flat in his hands, he walked with her to her car.
As she gave him directions to her home, he realized he’d been there before.

More than once.

Several times, in fact.

“Ye never moved,” he said.

“No. I tried. But I just couldn’t. I wanted to leave the memories behind, but I…”

When she pulled her own keys from her back, he almost started crying again.
He had given her so many gifts, things that had meant something to him. His mother’s ring and pearls. The family brooch. The Fraser family crest in pewter no longer hung from her keys.

“Did… Did ye no’ keep the crest?”

“Yes,” she said, pushing the door open. “I did. It was supposed to be my family crest too and, well… I got attached to it. But I couldn’t look at it every day.”

Desperately he wanted to tell her she still could become a Fraser. But it wasn’t time yet. They needed to rebuild their relationship first.

It wasn’t exactly as he’d last seen, a few things had changed. The pictures on the walls were different, none of them together.

She’d traveled a bit, it would seem. There were photos from all over Scotland.

“It’s close to the hospital,” she said. “I can walk most days. And I’ve lived here for a little while. I couldn’t leave.”

“Aye. That ye have. Claire, may… May I kiss ye?”

He saw that she was gripping the box tightly.

“I would like that.”

Cupping her face in his hands, he couldn’t bring himself to move. Just holding her, seeing her, knowing she accepted him back, however tentatively.

Her lips were soft. Christ! They were soft as bairn’s backside. Even if he didn’t remember the details of what she enjoyed when he kissed her, his body did. One of his hands moved from her face to grip her wild curls tightly. He pulled, just a little and kissed her harder. The box pressed between them, even as she opened her mouth to him.

I want so badly to have you, my love,” he whispered in Gaelic.

Surely she wouldn’t remember the lessons he’d given her. Those late nights, seeing each other only by moonlight, her mispronouncing everything he taught her.

She stepped back from him and set the box down.

You’re still the only one,” she answered him.

In. Gaelic.

“Truly?” He asked, in English once more.

“Y-yes. A few friends set me up once or twice with men they thought I’d like. I kissed one of them because I’d had too much to drink with dinner, but he… He didn’t know what he was doing.”

“It’s only ever been you, mo ghraidh. Only you. I’ve never had another.”

“I still remember your Gaelic lessons. Some of them, at least.”

“I still say it sounds a trifle strange in an English accent.”

Stop talking and kiss me,” she said, taking hold of the collar on his coat.

How could he deny her when she was speaking his native tongue? These were the words he’d learned as a child from his father and mother.

Now with no box in the way, he could feel her body pressed hard against his. This time, it was she that took control, pulling him closer and tugging at his hair.

“Will ye take me as I am, Claire? For the sake of the man I was?”

She looked up at him, breathing hard.

Promise,” she said softly. “Promise that you won’t leave me again.”

Gaelic did sound odd in an English accent, but coming from her it was beautiful. It made his damned cock twitch.

I swear to you that you have my fealty and loyalty. I shall spend my life making up to you what pain I’ve caused. I pledge to you my life if you’ll have it.

“Yes,” she breathed, hands sliding down to his chest before pushing the coat from his shoulders. “I’ll have it.”

Before his libido ran away with him completely, he pushed himself away for a brief moment.

“Claire,” he choked out. How had only a year of abstinence made him this desperate? “I need ye to be sure about this. As I’ve said, I’ve no’ had another. I’m afraid that once I start, I canna stop.”

His heart burst when she nodded and pulled off her shirt.

“Then don’t stop.”

He didn’t remember walking to her again. Or pushing her against the wall. Or wrenching at the wee belt around her waist.

“No,” he growled, forcing himself back. “I’ll no’ use ye in this way.”

Whiskey eyes burned at him with fury and lust.

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

They were both heaving and panting, her hair coming out of it’s pins.

“I get a chance t’ love ye properly, Sassenach, by some miracle of God. I’ll no’ use ye against a wall like a lust-crazed animal.” One corner of his mouth lifted. “At least no’ this time.”

“What the hell are you going on about?”

“Come wi’ me.”

Pulling her from the wall, he gathered her up in his arms and walked them down to her bedroom.

Claire Beauchamp would never be described as materialistic. All of her things were practical and comfortable. Homy even. She had a few trinkets she’d gotten from her uncle, the very few belongings from her parents. But very little else besides those things. He set her down on her feet and watched as she pulled off her shoes.

The artificial light in the room caught on someting that sat beneath her nightstand. A tin box.

“What’s that?” he asked, nodding toward it as he began removing his own shoes.

“Oh… That tin?”


“Well… You had a box that you put your letters in. I had a box that I put you in.”

He wanted to ask to see it, for her to share that hidden piece of herself with him. But it had to be her choice.

“Would you like to see it?”

“Aye, if ye wish to share it.”

She nodded to the bed and he sat down, peeling his socks off. A moment later, she sat down beside him, hand resting on top of the box.

“You said that the box you’d put the letters in was where you’d buried your heart. This is where I put mine.”

With a little effort, she pried the lid off.

She hadn’t destroyed the photographs. There were so many of them he couldn’t help but reach out to touch them.

The first time they’d gone to Lallybroch together.
Spending the day fishing beside the loch.
Visiting the Highland games.
A picnic at the hospital.
Some photos of them cuddling together in the early morning.

Countless others. So many memories that he’d thought were long forgotten in his own mind.

And then he saw them. The necklace, the ring, and the family brooch. Christ. She’d really kept them.

“I wanted to set the pictures on fire,” she said quietly. “Right after you left. I hated you for a long time.”

“I deserved it. But ye kept them. And I’m glad of it.”

Setting the photos back into the tin gently, he took both her hands in his own and looked her in the eye.

“Claire, I’m sorry. Truly.”

“Don’t say anything more,” she said. “Just come home to me, James Fraser.”

Ignoring his primal urges for the moment, he put the box back where she’d taken it from. But he could ignore them no longer. Hands reached for her greedily and he bore her back onto the bed. Somehow it felt like the first time again, that first night.

In a way, it was the first time.

She didn’t know the man he was and he didn’t know the woman she’d become. In some ways, they were the same. In a lot of ways, they weren’t.

But holy Mary Mother of GOD her body hadn’t changed. She was still soft and curved and cool.

Those nights he’d spent alone and bleeding, he’d thought about her. He’d tried to remember how she felt in his hands, how she’d trembled for him. Those memories had saved him. They’d given him something to fight for.

He’d never imagined that she would actually take him back. And here she was, throwing the rest of her clothes over the side of the bed.

It had been far too long since he’d shared her bed. With eager desperation, his mouth moved from hers and down her neck. Kissing, biting, licking. Her hands were pulling at his short hair. He’d kept it trimmed and neat, even after his discharge, but perhaps he’d let it grow out a bit.

Then he found her bare breast. He might have made a sound when he finally kissed it, but he couldn’t be sure. All he knew was her filling his mouth and mind. He sucked liberally on her nipple until she began to moan. His need for her was growing worse, but he wanted to take his time.

“Oh, Jamie…”

Sitting up, he pulled off his shirt. She looked up at him, her eyes wandering over his torso. There were more scars there too.

One was circular in shape, though ragged and puffy. Her eyes landed on it and she reached forward to touch it.

When her fingers rested on top of it, he put his hand over hers.

“Was this him? Did he do this to you?”

“Aye. He branded me wi’ his signet ring. So I’d always belong to him.”

Moving both their hands, she kissed it very softly.

“You don’t belong to him any longer, Jamie.”

“Aye, Sassenach. I dinna. No’ anymore.”

Just seeing her, legs open and inviting, smiling up at him… It took everything he had to keep from finishing before he’d even begun.
Grumbling, he argued with his uniform pants while Claire giggled.

“You really haven’t done this in a while, have you?”

“I told ye as much, ye ken.”

“It’s just good to see you stumble a bit.”

He didn’t have the heart to tell her that part of his struggle was with his uncooperative fingers. But she seemed to notice.

“Does it still hurt you?”

“No. It’s no’ hurt me in some time. It’s just damned irritating when I need to do something fast.”

She smiled.

“Let me.”

Moments later, he was above her again.

“I have dreamt of this for the last year, Claire.”

“But this isn’t a dream anymore.”

“No,” he breathed, slowly filling her. “It isna a dream.”

Christ! She was as tight as any virgin. That meant she’d been truthful too. She really hadn’t been with anyone else.

All other thoughts fled his mind after that.

He really wouldn’t be able to make this as wonderful as he’d hoped. Grinding his hips against hers, he finally remembered what it was like to be whole. 

At first, she gripped his shoulders. But as he continued, her hands moved to his back. He flinched a little, not used to feeling someone touch his scars. She’d begun to claw at him, like she had before, but stopped herself.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” she said, back arching to pull him deeper.

Sweet bleeding Jesus had it always been this good?

“If I recall,” he laughed, nipping at the bottom of her ear. “Ye once told me pain wasna always a bad thing.”

To demonstrate his point, he jerked hard against her and carefully bit her breast. It sent her into a wild climax, her legs locking around him as her entire body shook.

“Oh God! Jamie!”

That trembling, feeling her take him in and contract around him, sent him over the edge. He held tight to her, letting his conclusion overtake him for a moment.

I thought my heart was gonna burst,” he muttered quietly.

Claire laughed gently.

“You said that the first time too.”

“Aye,” he said, kissing her softly. “Was true then as it is now. How do ye feel, Sassenach?”

“Like I’ll be able to sleep for the first time in a year.”

“Do ye work in the morning, then?”

She shook her head, fingers absently tracing the scars on his back.

“No. I took the day off. I thought I’d be too hungover to work.”

“Will ye let me make breakfast, then?”

“Yes. I’d like that. But Jamie…”

He was afraid to look at her. Please don’t let this be a one time thing. He’d just gotten his heart and soul back.


“After breakfast tomorrow, we need to talk about what this means.”

“Ye’ll no’ kick me out?”

“Why on earth would I do that?”

Frowning down, he pulled himself from her and sat.

“Because I broke your heart, Sassenach.”

“You did. And that’s why we need to talk. But right now, I just want to spend the night with you.”

“Aye. Then lets go to sleep.”

Holding her again, watching her relax into sleep, it healed a part of him. He was still broken, dealing with the things that Black Jack had done to him. But he could almost feel himself being repaired, just by being near her once more.

Perhaps there was hope for them yet.


I absolutely ADORE THIS SONG.

Hey hey hey! Put down your pitch forks and torches! Let me explain myself.

You see, at the prim it pretty much says radical feminist stuff, “All Men Are Pigs”, but really you just need to listen to the lyrics. Pay attention to the yellow, and pay attention to the blue.

Now it all starts off with a bunch of references to accomplishments of women and stuff, let’s go to the first chorus.

“I’m not typical, and simone? You are just cynical. I am better than you think, let me buy you a drink, cha’mon, I’m not so typical at all.”

Now let’s go on. “My logic will prevail”, says the feminist, who says all men are the same exact thing. “Every single male that I’ve met to this day had a curly tail.”
Then something seems to change at this point, like they are talking to a female now “I believe it’s a poo poo world. Men deceive, that means you too girl”
Now let’s see…“It’s a form of foreplay when you hear them say”
“I’m not typical, and simone- she was just cynical”

Now the most important part…
“All men are pigs…all men but me.”

Now the text changes to yellow for this…
“Because I’m not typical, and simone?- You are just cynical. I am better than you think, let me buy you a drink, cha’mon, I’m not so typical at all.”

Now, if you’re confused…here’s the meaning of the song that I’ve picked up from the lyrics.
A radical feminist is at a bar and a man walks up to her and flirts. The radical feminist spouts how ‘all men are pigs’. The man, being “the nice guy”, gives praise to the accomplishments of woman on how far they’ve gone. Seeing as that doesn’t work, he agrees that ‘all men are pigs’, but he continues saying ‘all men but me.’ He also says that everyone who asks her if they could buy her a drink are trying to hurt her and he’s not trying to do that. The typical “nice guy” routine, acting like he’s the only nice guy on earth. He says that men deceive, but not him.
Finally, after sucking up to her and being “the nice guy”, says exactly what he said men would say to her. “I’m not so typical! I am better than you think, let me buy you a drink!” The girl gets up and leaves. The man attempts to get her to stay a little longer, saying again “All men are pigs! All men but me!” But it fails.

It’s typically just the “Nice Guy meets Feminist at a Bar” scenario, and I love it.

@lion-against-sjw @takashi0 @sjw-illogical-bullshit ay, do you guys like songs? Here’s one that might fit.

TLDR; I’m a fucking nerd who looks too deep into songs.

Test Tube Tony Prolouge Draft 1

October 31 1975

The first five test subjects for the newly remade Super Soldier Serum arrived in the lad today. While unable to completely reconstruct Erskine’s serum from his notes we have high hopes that one of our test subjects might just be the next Captain America. A figure that the country sorely needs right now.

I’m not quite certain if Captain Rogers would approve of our research but he gave up any rights he had to complain when he sank Red Skull’s plain in the ocean. An ocean that I have yet as of yet been able to locate him in.

November 8 1975

Our first batch of test subjects were all failures. While our confidence is shaken we’re more than ready to try again. We believe that smaller doses of serum over a period of a few weeks may provide better results than a single large dose.

Note: Bring in female subjects.

February 6 1978

Smaller doses have so far proven just as deadly as larger doses. No test subjects have survived. We are considering looking into subjects with illness or disabilities.

No subject so far has lasted longer than a few days after serum injection.

Note: I’m returning to the Artic after this batch of tests. Both to search for Steve and to give Erskine’s notes another look over. Perhaps there’s something I missed. Perhaps that’s why none so far have been gifted with perfection.

May 16 1983

Serum trial 97 ended in failure. Subject was middle aged terminally ill female. Subject died fifteen minutes after injection and exposure to minimum level of Veta Rays. Subject 97’s heart worked itself to death. Next trial to take place in two weeks.

Note to self: All subjects so far have been adults with varies maladies. All were thought to be good people. None apparently were sick enough or good enough to become the next Captain America.

Perhaps the next batch of subjects should be younger. It is possible that Erskine’s Serum cannot effect a body that is no longer changing. Roger’s was in his early twenties  when he was chosen. His body stunted but still changing due to several illnesses and physical defects. Change age group from middle aged to young adults 18-30 years of age.

June 13 1984

Serum test 151 failed. Subject lasted almost two weeks before his body couldn’t function anymore. He suffered sever stomach pains, migraines, and extreme sensitivity from injection till death. This is our last test on a subject between ages 18 and 30.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the body in question must till be growing for the serum to take effect. An adult body has settled too much and rejects the serum. Sometimes the process is quick and sometimes the process is slow but the body always rejects the serum. A growing body however might just be able to grow along with the serum. Given a few weeks the body could adjust and the serum would begin taking effect.

To do this however we’d need a child between the age of 3 and 13. Finding test subjects for this round of testing might be more difficult than we think. What parent after all is going to let their child take part in this kind of testing

July 21 1984

It’s been over a month and still no subjects to test on. We are not yet desperate enough to begin pulling children off of the streets or God forbid buying one off of the Black Market.

July 26 1984

As it turns out I’ve been a fool this entire time. Why go looking for a parent willing to turn their child into a test subject when I have a four year old son at home? Tests will begin as soon as his mother leaves for whatever charity it is she’s spending money on this month.

August 1 1974

Gave Tony what is to be the first of many serum injections today. We didn’t even have to go down to the lab. All I had to do was tell him he was getting a shot so he wouldn’t get sick and he sat through the whole thing. My son didn’t even wince when the needle pierced his skin. I have high hopes for this trial.

August 16 1984

Three shots in and so far nothing. While we had hoped for signs of progress at this point none have shown. That’s fine. Things might just be taking longer than we expected.

Note: Up the dosage for the next injection.

November 7 1984

Twelve injections in and finally we’re starting to see results. For the past week Tony’s been dropping things unable to keep his on most of the things he picks up. His hands and arms shake slightly when he’s still and not holding anything. We’ve come to the conclusion that this may just be the serum beginning to take effect at last.

We’ll continue to increase the dosage of serum given with each new shot. With some luck the serum will have taken hold by the time the injections are finished. By the time my son’s grown he may just be the next Captain America.


This isn’t complete yet. I’ll be adding more tomorrow. I’d love to have your thought’s on this. Especially if you can give me tips on writing Howard. Ay advice at al if welcome too of course. Oh and idea’s for a fic name if you can think of something. Hell, just point me to a song. I don’t care.

allons-y-to-hogwarts-713  asked:

For your milestone post (congrats by the way!): 3. [I] trusted [you]

A/N: I know you were probably going for angst, but here’s some fluff instead. To all the others who have sent me prompts, I see them! I’m kinda waiting to be inspired but eventually I will get to them. A special thank you to foundmyhome because I could not have written this without you. 

Emma sat curled up on the couch, eyes focusing on the notebook that laid in her lap. He walked in to hear the sound of her pen thrumming against the spirals to the faint beat of the radio. “When’s your birthday?” she asked, looking up from her task. .

“Uh, where is this coming from?”

“Henry’s birthday is coming up in a few months and I realized I don’t know when yours is.”

“Uh,” he scratched the spot behind his ear in thought. Dates and voices have faded with time, and such a day had lost its importance. But somewhere in the far crevices of his mind he can hear his mother’s voice telling him that it was time to celebrate his day. “September? Late September…” It was on the tip of his tongue, ebbing its way out of years passed. “The 23rd, I believe.”

“That’s this month! Were you not gonna tell me?”

“Not particularly. It’s not something I really like to celebrate.” He let his hand dance down her side, pressing into the red leather until he found the curve of her waist, and pulled her into him. She looked up at him from under her lashes, a battle waging on whatever question he could see in her eyes.

“Do you know how old you’ll be?” she whispered, stroking her hand through his hair. He understood the hesitancy in her question now, afraid such a reflection might bring up past demons as he struggled to remember how far back his weathered years actually extended. But it didn’t. It only reminded him that what he thought was that eternal pain of all his losses has now been replaced by light. Her light. Her love. And finally she was his. So as he thought back, trying to create a timeline he long lost count of, he couldn’t help but be distracted by her emerald eyes

Killian bit his lower lip in thought. “Probably nearing 400. Why, love? Are you thinking of trading me in for the monkey?” Her muscles relaxed into him, and her smile appeared, a manifestation of the siren song that radiated from her and onto him; everything she did was like a siren to him, a special tune that consumed him entirely.

“Oh, how did you know? I thought for sure I had hidden that diary entry away,” she teased, unable to contain her giggles before quickly brushing her lips across his. “I love you.”

“Aye. And I love you. Always.”

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Leia's Song

Hey guys. Sooooo I’ve been sick with strep for the past few days which comes with a wicked fever, which led to me being unable to sleep through the night, which led to me writing in my head…it took a while to actually hammer it out (even now, it’s still much more perfect in my head) but here it is. It is technically a sequel to this Leia story but is fine as standalone. Leia is 3. It’s set about a week after the previous story for those of you who read it. Gah, I’ve missed writing and wanted to fit this in before I start studying for exams! Also I’ve attached audio, which is simply the tune to the song to help you hear it how it sounds in my own head. Hope it helps. (And yes I know I constantly write cuddly CS. I am trash for the fluff. We have been over this many times. Get used to it cause I doubt I will ever change)


It was well into the wee hours of the morning, stars still gracing the sky over Storybrooke. Killian and Emma’s bed shook, Killian waking instinctively from the vibrations of Emma’s shivers beside him. His eyes immediately went to the digital clock on their nightstand, an ingrained practice after caring for Leia, and now Emma. He did the calculation in his head and came to the conclusion that a suitable amount of time had passed since Emma last had a dose of fever remedy. He reached for the little blue canister and fetched her two of the little red pills, before also taking hold of the tall glass of water he had stationed there. (Quite a feat for a man with one hand, but he’d had good practice these past few days). “Here darling, it’s time. Sit up for me?”

Emma groaned, the sound a reflection of all the places she ached, and it broke Killian’s heart for what felt like the millionth time. First he’d had to watch his littlest love battle this wretched fever, and only 2 days after Leia had returned to herself, Emma began to be ravaged by it. Thankfully the little red pills worked wonders, but the period of time between the remedy wearing off and the new dose taking effect still proved ferociously uncomfortable for both of his girls. He hated feeling so powerless.

Emma unburied herself from her mountain of blankets and pushed herself to a sitting position. Killian handed her the pills and she downed them with the smallest sip of water, and he frowned. “You barely ate anything today, love. At least drink a little more. Please?”

Emma gave him a weak smile that he could see faintly in the dim room, most likely to try and make the worried look on his face dissipate. He helped steady her shaking hand while she drank, and she coughed hoarsely when she finished, handing him the cup. He set it down, ready to endure the next half hour with her before the medicine took effect and she could fall back to sleep. Emma was already laying back down, frantically trying to burrow under all of the blankets so she could be warm.

“Hey, hey, come here, Swan,” he beckoned, stopping her mid-burrow. (As he always had to; she always tried to insist that she was fine and didn’t want to risk getting him sick, and he always fought with her until she gave up and let him hold her.) Tonight, though, she didn’t argue. She simply looked at him with wide, grateful green eyes and moved closer to him, snuggling deeply into his warm chest, lodging both of her feet between his calves. The blistering heat of her body always startled him, especially when at the same time, goosebumps covered her skin. So infuriatingly perplexing. He wrapped his arms around her securely, holding her flush against him, bringing her sweaty forehead to his lips, peppering it with kisses. She had her face buried in his neck but he could hear her teeth rattling. He couldn’t stand this. It was so heartbreaking.

“Ahh,” she mumbled into his skin as he used his fingers to message the borders of her spine. He knew that particular area caused her to ache, and his ministrations usually soothed it some.

“Alright, sweetheart?” he whispered, always needing to know, always making sure that there wasn’t anything more beneficial he could be doing for her.

“Mmmm. Love you so much,” she said, her tired voice still somehow laced with admiration and thanks.

He swept her hair back and pressed his lips to the back of her neck, the skin there absolutely burning. He could taste the salt from her sweat on his tongue and he blew gently, watching more goosebumps rise as he did, a shiver rippling through her. He immediately regretted it. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he apologized profusely. “You just feel even warmer than usual, Emma. Are you sure we shouldn’t see a doctor?”

He felt her shake her head as another violent shiver shook her. “It just has to run its course,” she explained, just as she had on multiple previous occasions. “I’ll be fine in a few days, maybe even tomorrow. Just hold me, okay?

“Always, my love,” he vowed, tightening his arms. “Is there anything else I can do? Anything at all?”

“Hmmm,” Emma hummed, lifting her head from his neck to look up at his face, a hint of an embarrassed smile on her lips. He nodded at her encouragingly. “I’d love it if you sang to me,” she admitted, tangling a hand in his hair and scratching his scalp with her fingertips. “It’s been too long.”

Killian chuckled, beaming down at his beautiful wife who he could never dream of denying. “Of course, Emma,” he answered immediately. “Any particular requests?”

“I miss that song you used to sing to Leia when she was in my belly,” Emma fibbed. (She knew he still sang it to Leia all the time because she was a mischievous shameless peeper who listened and watched them on the monitor every single night while Killian put her to bed). “Do you remember how it went?”

“Aye, of course I do, love. Here, lay back down, Emma. Are you warm enough?” he asked, pulling a blanket up overtop of her.

“You always keep me warm,” she said, yawning. The meds still hadn’t fully kicked in, but they were getting there. He kissed her once more before he started to sing, his voice soft and sweet and smooth, right in her ear, the lyrics tugging at her heartstrings like they always did.

I love you, more than ships love waves,
More than birds love tides,
More than souls that wait,
Love the peace they find,
You’re my very best friend
and soon you’ll be my first mate
I’ll hold you in my arms,
where you’ll always be safe,
You’ll always make me proud,
and you’ll never be alone
because for my whole life
your heart will be my home.

The second he finished she opened her mouth to beg for it again, but she didn’t need to. He looped it on its own, starting at the beginning, just like she knew he did with Leia. She kissed his collarbone, nuzzling her nose there in appreciation. She could never get enough of this song; it is literally the embodiment of his love for Leia and there is nothing in the world Emma cherishes more. She listened to it 2 more times carefully before she felt herself starting to sink into unconsciousness, his soothing voice a perfect lullaby for her tired mind. She was just about to surrender to sleep when she felt something spark inside her, a little jolt of mother’s intuition that prompted her to turn her head toward the door. Sure enough, a very sleepy looking three year old was standing silently in the doorway, her purple nightgown a little too loose and falling off her shoulder. Her long dark hair was haphazard around her shoulders, and she was so hypnotized by her daddy’s voice that Emma thought she might fall asleep right there, standing up. Much to her chagrin, she cut Killian off right in the middle of the song. “Leia. Are you alright, my littlest love?”

Killian stopped abruptly and followed Emma’s gaze, before his face broke out in a huge smile. Leia’s green eyes were wide, like a deer caught in headlights. She bit her lip. “Yep,” she chirped, staring at her parents but not daring to enter the room. She was a good girl; she knew she shouldn’t be out of bed.

Emma couldn’t help but chuckle, “Come here, kid,” she said gently, and Leia took that as her cue to sprint into the room, almost tripping on her nightgown. Emma and Killian both sat up and Emma reached over to help their daughter up onto the bed, setting her in between them. Leia immediately climbed into Killian’s lap, gripping his index finger with all five of hers. (She knew that if she was about to get in trouble, he would be her ally.)

“What woke you up, sweetheart? Did you have a dream? You don’t feel sick again, do you?” Emma asked her softly, feeling her forehead.

“No, Mommy. Daddy sing Weia’s song, so I woked up,” she explained, still gripping her daddy’s finger.

“You heard me all the way from your room, little lass?” Killian asked her incredulously.

“I do have magic, Daddy. Wemembuh?” Leia turned up her palm and wiggled her tiny fingers, and instantly little pink sparks of light flew from them, lighting up her “Duh, Daddy,” expression. Emma could not hold back her giggle and Killian began tickling Leia mercilessly, causing the little girl to shriek with laughter. “Yes I very much do remember, your highness,” he teased, and she writhed in his grip, laughing hysterically. “How on earth could I forget about my special little girl’s wonderful talents?”

Leia was attempting to talk through the tickles. “Why were you singing…my song….to Mummy?” she asked, out of breath as Killian finally let up. Emma extended her arms and Leia went into them willingly, putting a hand on each of Emma’s cheeks and squeezing them together, effectively squishing her mother’s face. “Look, Daddy!” she exclaimed. "Mummy’s a fish!”

Now it was Killian’s turn to burst out laughing while Emma moved her fish lips up and down and lunged forward, using them to kiss all over Leia’s face and talk in a silly voice. “Why are you so silly, hmm?! Where’d you learn to be so silly?! Do you know how much this Mummy fishy love you? Do you know that you’re the most special little girl in all the seven seas? We love you so much, Leia. Did you know about all that?”

“Mmhm! And I love you and you and Henwy and Grandpa and Unca Neal when he is nice. Now,” she said, as though she was the adult trying to keep the conversation on track. “Why you sing Weia song when Weia in bed, Daddy?”

Emma was hugging Leia tightly to her chest and both girls looked to Killian, who was gazing back at them with nothing but love in his eyes. “Because Mummy wasn’t feeling very good and she wanted me to sing to her,” Killian explained, brushing some stray hair out of his daughter’s face, “And she loves your song, little love. Is it alright with you if we share it with her?”

“Ah course!” Leia said, wrapping her arms around Emma’s neck and pressing her little nose on Emma’s cheek. She took a very big breath before she started to sing the song, now nose to nose with her mommy. “I wuv, you mo-wa dan ships wuv waves, mo-wa dan…” Killian joined in with her and pulled his girls against his side as they sang, fixing the pillows behind them so they could all snuggle up together. Emma moved Leia so that she was nestled in between them, and with a flick of her wrist she made the ceiling look like the night sky, filled with stars. Leia smiled so big and Killian and Emma shared a long look, one they shared often, one so filled with wonder at how they got so lucky as to be the two parents of this amazing, adorable, sweet little person. All thoughts of any dumb fever absolutely forgotten, Emma began to sing along with her perfect little family in the middle of the night:

I love you, more than ships love waves,
More than birds love tides,
More than souls that wait,
Love the peace they find,
You’re my very best friend
and soon you’ll be my first mate
I’ll hold you in my arms,
where you’ll always be safe,
You’ll always make me proud,
and you’ll never be alone
because for my whole life
your heart will be my home.

anonymous asked:

What rock bands and songs would you recommend?


pop punk:

- all time low (songs: for baltimore; somewhere in neverland; damned if i do ya, [damned if i don’t]; stella; walls; dear maria count me in)

- real friends (songs: i’ve given up on you; late nights in my car; floorboards; skin deep; anchor down)

- the story so far (songs: empty space; high regard; things i can’t change; mt.diablo; quicksand)

- new found glory (songs: my friends over you; all downhill from here; make your move; hold my hand; anthem for the unwanted; better off dead; dressed to kill)

- tonight alive (songs: come home; the ocean; lonely girl; amelia; the other side; wasting away; hell and back) 

- fall out boy (songs: alone together; sugar, we’re goin down; thnks fr th mmrs; my songs know what you did in the dark [light em up]; i don’t care)

- man overboard (songs: where i left you; how to hide your feelings; i like you; dead end dreams; white lies; love your friends, die laughing; s.a.d)

- green day (songs: american idiot; kill the DJ; 21 guns; basket case; holiday/boulevard of broken dreams; know your enemy; she)

- blink 182 (songs: adam’s song; all the small things; i miss you; what’s my age again; stay together for the kids; the rock show; dammit; roller coaster; every time i look at you)

also check out songs like: in too deep by sum 41; i don’t wanna be in love by good charlotte; the middle by jimmy eat world; the fortunate by cartel; gives you hell by all american rejects; 1979 by the smashing pumpkins; makedamnsure by taking back sunday; here i am alive by yellowcard; shut up by simple plan; 1985 by bowling for soup; mr.brightside by the killers; kryptonite by 3 doors down

more bands aye:

- a day to remember (songs: all i want; all signs point to lauderdale; city of ocala; right back at it again; end of me; i surrender; life @ 11; i’m made of wax, larry, what are you made of; have faith in me)

- bring me the horizon (songs: shadow moses; antivist; can you feel my heart; go to hell, for heavens sake; the house of wolves; hospital for souls; and the snakes start to sing)

- of mice & men (songs: you make me sick; the depths; you’re not alone; would you still be there; bones exposed; second & sebring; i’m a monster; the great hendowski)

- beartooth (songs: beaten in lips; i have a problem; dead; in between; go be the voice; pick your poison)    

- motionless in white (songs: immaculate misconception; america; devil’s night; abigal; hatef***; synthetic love; the divine infection; infamous)

- paramore (songs: ain’t it fun; that’s what you get; misery business; [one of those] crazy girls; still into you; fast in my car; grow up)

- the wonder years (songs: there, there; passing through a screen door; local man ruins everything; came out swinging; dismantling summer; i just want to sell out my funeral)

- sworn in (songs: snake eyes; hypocrisy; mindless; dead soul; a song for the nameless; stories hollywood never tells; the turn on)

now these bands, a lot of people don’t like but i actually like them so idk, i’m going to just leave them here:

- pierce the veil (songs: hold on till may; king for a day; caraphernelia; a match in the water; bulls in the bronx; stay away from my friends)

- black veil brides (songs: in the end; knives and pens; i am bulletproof; done for you; nobody’s hero; we don’t belong; devil’s choir; set the world on fire; the legacy; fallen angels)

- attila (songs: middle fingers up; callout; rage; about that life; party with the devil; payback; shots for the boys; soda in the watercup)

- falling in reverse (songs: the drug in me is you; good girls bad guys; raised by wolves; tragic magic; goodbye graceful; fashionably late)

(unpopular opinion on falling in reverse: notice 5 out of the 6 songs i listed were their old shit. their new stuff isn’t so great and that’s because ronnie thinks he’s a rapper now. also, i can’t stand ronnie (you guys know that) but hey, i met the drummer Ryan and the guitarist Jacky and both of those dudes are fucking chill as hell. unlike their frontman.)

- sleeping with sirens (songs: if you can’t hang; do it now, remember it later; feel; low; alone; deja vu; the best there ever was) 

(unpopular opinion on sleeping with sirens: i like them. and people always give me shit for it because “kellin quinn is an asshole” and let me just be the first to say, that kellin quinn doesn’t fucking make up sleeping with sirens (sorry fangirls) and he wasn’t an asshole when i met him at warped 2013 and he respected me so i’m going to respect him in return.)

um yeah, i think that’s it…i hope you enjoyed this anon. haha.  

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Words: 2486
Prompt: here
Summary: Thranduil enters the bathroom to find his husband Bard, who’s only wearing underwear, dancing to YMCA.

Read it on AO3!

I have no excuse for this. I’m not even sorry. If you had a bad day this will maybe cheer you up and I hope it will! Thank you to kenaiskoda for editing this work! :D

As soon as Bard opened the door of the loft he shared with his husband Thranduil, pleasant fragrances of flowers and good wine flowed upon him like soft caresses against his skin. He took a deep, relieved breath as he stepped inside after removing his shoes and putting them aside, and smiled: it felt good to be home after twenty-four hours of service and sleeping on the casern’s old worn couch. He had quickly begun to miss his bed and Thranduil’s reassuring presence next to him so much that he looked forward to the evening for far more reasons than just having a good night’s rest.

Bard wanted to curl against the brightest light of his life, gently stroke his back and hold his hand, play with the soft locks of his beautiful silvery hair and scatter a thousand kisses across his ivory skin. He wanted to massage his tensed shoulders and feel the muscles relax under his touch. He wanted to bring him in a tender embrace and tell him how much he loved him.

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Taken.0 part 2

Part One



I had convinced them to let me keep the length of my hair. But the stylist Mahogany wanted to do something a bit more extreme then I ever thought I would do. She pulled out blues, pinks and purples then started to work. On the inside I was cringing,  my white hair was my favorite part about me and it’s hard to give it away. I felt like it just fit me cause of my name, it was simple and I believed it to be sweet.

But now this Mahogany chick decided she wanted to try a new extreme with my hair. When I saw all the colours she pulled out, i genuinely believed she was going to mix them all together and see what happens. But she was taking all the different sections and tying some together.

Not going to lie the process took a long time, but this place had a few people working here, it was a stylist studio type deal in their basement. So Nate went to get some more tattoos and piercings, Sam delt with bleaching his hair courtesy of me. While I was cringing in my chair while my hair was being pulled and yanked. 

I would say maybe 30 minutes later Mahogany was finally finished with my hair. “Alright so don’t wash it for 2 days max for best results” she said handing me bottles of conditioner and shampoo. I took them and held them next to me, Nate and Sam came out looking like whole new people. “We don’t look recognizable” Sam said fixing his hair in the mirror. “Still look like an asshole to me” I mumbled. I guess it wasn’t quiet enough, he didn’t do anything but he glared at me, took my skinny wrist in his large hand before he dragged me out.

“What the fuck was that?” He yelled at me, I shrugged my shoulders “just saying”. I could tell I was pissing him off, but really I didn’t care. I wanted to go home, they have no right to keep me here. Heat was radiating off his body at this point and I was starting to get a little freaked out. But he still didn’t do anything about it. Instead he opened the van, yanked me into it so hard that I slammed into the floor and he followed suit. Nala ran over to Sam starting to bark at him but he really didn’t care. He lifted her up and let her out of the van. “NALA” I screamed trying to run after her, but he caught me. He wrapped his arms around my bare torso and slammed the door shut. Tears immediately came to my eyes.

She was all I had left. 

She was all I wanted.

Sam still had a tight hold on my body as I was struggling to get out. “No! Let me go! Let me get her!” I screamed, at this point I started to beat on his arms. My hands in tight fists, using all my might. Nothing worked.

If anything his grip just got tighter.

“No, she’s just a burden. You’ll understand soon enough” Sam said trying to soothe me. I didn’t want to say anything, what the hell do I say to that? Nala was my only pride and joy, she actually kept me sane keeping me entertained for hours on end. “ We ready to go?” Nate asked coming in the van, by now tears were freely falling from my eyes. The two boys shared a look and just shrugged. “Where are we going now?" I asked, "the airport” Nate said. I just looked at him with wide eyes, ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ I thought to myself.

The boys threatened me the entire ride to the airport, they had everything all made out from tickets to passports and had some fake luggage. “I hate you” I mumbled to Sam, he just smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist.

I hated airports with a burning passion. They’re pointless and take too long, surprisingly however these two hoodlums managed to get a private plane and we were in and out of the airport within a few minutes.

The plane was foreign to me, I’ve never really been on a plane. Sure when I was younger and Dad took me to Disney world, where he brought Misty back but that was about it. “Do you want anything?” Sam asked me, I was currently curled up on the corner of the couch, Sam sitting beside and Nate was on the other chair. I shook my head, “I just want to sleep” I said, he nodded and allowed me to lay down. My legs over top his lap, a while later of me closing my eyes I feel Sam place his hoodie over me. Mentally, I thank him, physically I cuddle into the hoodie.


Ivory cuddled into my hoodie and I just smiled at her. I could tell Nate wanted to talk to me about earlier but I made him stay quiet for atleast an hour, so I knew that Ivory was asleep.

That hour went by too fast.

“So are we going to talk about you making her cry for the third time?” He asked me, “I let Nala go” “you what!? Dude that damned dog was the only thing keeping her quiet!” Nate yelled at me. I just looked at him “I had to, how the fuck would the dog react on a plane? What would happen once we got to L.A?” I asked him. He just rolled his eyes and lit a pre-rolled joint.


I closed my eyes wanting to get this over with and get Ivory to her mom. Ivory was a sweet girl, I knew that hell, if it wasn’t for Dad we would've known each other the way we should have. Soon enough I apparently fell asleep and I guess Sammy had the same idea. When I opened my eyes, he had changed positions and he was now cuddling into her and to be honest it looked pretty uncomfortable.

Quickly I grabbed a blanket and loosely threw it over the two before my train of though was interrupted my phone vibrating vigorously. The caller i.d said 'Mama’ so of course I would pick it up.


The sound of a phone vibrating was enough to wake me up, because of Nala I guess I was a light sleeper. I lifted my head as much as I could and noticed Sam was curled up around me 'gross’ I thought but didn’t do anything about it. Sleep was a necessity, so I closed my eyes and got comfortable. Nate’s voice was quiet but I managed to hear a bit of it.

“Hey mama, yeah we got her. she’s got your personality. Definitely a fighter. I think you’ll love her immediately. Yeah she’s a brat, she gets it from her brother. *laugh* yeah she won’t get hurt. She’s with Sam, he won’t let that happen. I dunno, we got maybe an hour left. Yeah, you’ll see her soon enough. Aight, love you too. Bye”

I have a brother? That question whirled through my head, how many kids did my mom have?  

It was like the post I saw on tumblr

Except instead of a song it was the question. Suddenly my breathing became un even and I started to freak out, but I kept my eyes closed. It took maybe 8 seconds of having a panic attack that Sam woke up. “Ivory? Aye Ivory” He said shaking me, I shook my head side to side. “Ivory” he said shaking me harder. I popped my eyes open and looked into his brown eyes.

Not going to lie, whenever I had anxiety Nala would be the only one able to calm me down. But something about looking into Sam’s eyes was just mesmerizing, they were perfect, a bit bloodshot but they looked beautiful. “What the fuck just happened?” He asked, I looked down and shrugged my shoulder. “I- I can’t remember” I lied, tears started to fall down my face. “Hey” he said gently, “it was probably just a bad dream, it’s okay” I nodded my head and allowed him to wipe my tears away. “Do you wanna go back to bed?” He asked, I shook my head but cuddled into his side.

His body stiffened, I guess this took us both by surprise.


    To say I was shocked when Ivory cuddled into my was a big understatement. She’s such a vulnerable person, it seems she’s afraid of opening up. I wrapped my arms gently around her small frame and ran my fingers over her skin gently. In a matter of time, her breathing evened out and she wrapped her bod around my chest. “She’s too fuckin cute” Nate said, “i’m surprised you’re not stopping this, big brother” I said putting emphasis on the last part. His face turned red, and he just looked at me. “How do you know she’s asleep?!” He whisper yelled at me. I just laughed and looked back down at Ivory her eyes were closed and she looked the most peaceful she’s ever been. 


“Hey. Ivory. Wake up” Sam said, I opened my eyes and he was carrying me by my waist. Apparently I koala hugged him and he just started to walk around with me. “Where are we?” I asked closing my eyes, “we landed in L.A” Nate said, he was carrying our ‘luggage’. “What are we doing here?” I asked even though I knew the answer. “We’re going to stay here for a little while, and move on pretty soon” Nate said. I nodded my head and readjusted myself on Sam’s chest. He let out a laugh and continued walking. 

Maybe 20 minutes of uber riding later we pulled up infront of a very fancy house. “You guys live here?” I asked surprised. Sam pushed me up on him once again and we all started our way to the house. “Well, with our roomates yeah” Sammy explained. “Who’s that?” “Jack and Jack” he answered. “The same name?” I asked, both the boys laughed “it’s weird we know but they pretty chill” Nate said. I stayed still but I was still listening, around us, the sky was pink, purple and blue. Sunset is my favorite time ever, everything gets colder and usually movies are the best to watch. Exactly at sunset because you watch it and the sun’s still up for a little bit then when it’s done it’s completely dark out.

“Ready to meet weirder people than us?” Sam asked, I looked up at him and just nodded my head, it sounds pretty weird but I was very comfortable in his arms and I feel once we head inside he will drop me. I don’t want this to end.

LP-Louis?! What are you doing

LT-Believe me, she’s gunna love this mate

Zm-He’s mine (y/n)

LT-Mmmm yea, jealous Babe?

LT-♬ If i only new a good song to pla-a-ay

(y/n)-Oh please Lou 

LT-Don’t interrupt the creative flow Babe 

(y/n)-Zayn can I have my boyfriend?

ZM-No you were gone too long I stole him

LT-I’m spoken for


AU:Your boyfriend Louis loves to tease you whether he’s filming little videos for you or in person with the boys

[trans/fanaccounts] 140327 TREE EVENT

[trans] Tree album event 140327 - Afternoon session

Yunho said that the tour this time around will be no joke!

They sang Tree Of Life in place of Something.

While singing Tree of Life, Yunho said that he actually wanted to show everybody a cool performance through Something, and apologised.

At the end, Changmin went off to ask the staff to bring Yunho’s crutches.

Yunho was able to walk sporadically without his crutches.

They sang 2 songs.

They also revealed the making of the jacket for the Bigeast version of Hide and Seek where they made the cake. Changmin said that because it would not be fun if both of them do the cake cleanly, so he intentionally made a mess of it hahaha

In the offshot, Changmin was pestering Yunho with a really cute expression and caught hold of Yunho’s hands ㅋㅋㅋ. Yunho requested the camera not to shoot this with a difficult expression on his face

Tree offshot which has not been revealed before
Yunho: Valentine’s Day is a day when guys give ladies chocolate?
Changmin: Ladies giving to men
Yunho: What about White Day?
Changmin: Men giving to ladies
Yunho: White Day is in January?
Changmin: March.
Yunho: Valentine’s Day?
Changmin: February.

Changmin said that he felt happy because they were busy with activities since the end of last year, but in terms of his physical stamina, it was a strain so he wants to take a little rest.

[cr: tvxqyoonmin for Jap-Kor translation]

They revealed a Making video of Something which has never been revealed before. Changmin was caught in a pose kneeling down and requesting something from Yunho, and Yunho grabbed Changmin’s hands ha

In the video for the making of Something where Changmin knelt down on his knees and asked Yunho for something, they said that it was because Changmin wanted to hear Yunho’s secret ha. But in the end Yunho did not let Changmin in on that secret, and Changmin said that Yunho is a man with a lot of secrets, and that a man with many secrets is handsome / cool right?

[cr: iruka0206 for Jap-Kor translation]

[trans] Yunho talking to his leg!

MC: The tour is starting soon, how is the state of your leg?
Yunho: (asking his leg) How is it? Are you alright?
Yunho’s leg: (shaking his leg around) I’m ok~ay~!
Yunho: My leg said it’s okay.
MC: You can’t move it around too much.
Yunho: … (sweats)

[cr: tvxqyoonmin for Jap-Kor translation]

[trans] Yunho the teacher and Changmin the student

When they were playing games, Changmin won “scissors, paper, stone” against the MC and he went “I won, teacher!!!”, reporting to Yunho-teacher about his victory haha

[cr: non8784 + mj81208]

[trans] Recommended songs in the Tree album

Yunho: Tree of Life

Changmin: I Love You

[cr: tvxqyoonmin + SaranheMax28g ]


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