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It was the beginning of the end. Destruction was spreading through the masses. Shadows had enveloped the earth. If anything it was the end of the end. 

It was a mere weeks after Zorc had managed to bring his true form to the physical plane, a mere weeks since the destruction of civilization as everyone knew it. 

The boundary between his realm, the shadow realm, and the physical realm were now abstract, and it would have been hard for anyone to have told the realms apart.

Now, even with the world as his, he couldn’t toy with everyone all at once. He liked to draw out everyone’s suffering. Which was why he had brought his palace to that hill. A hill which overlooked the city he had chose for the first game board. 

A wall of thick shadows encased the city, making it so no one could get in, and no one could get out until either Zorc was defeated, or everyone was dead. Zorc could just leave, but what fun would that be? It would be cheating. 

He tended to stay in a human form, enjoying the hunt much more when he could sneak up on his prey. Though he was running out of prey. There wasn’t many people left in this city. 

And a few of them he already had in his clutches. 


favorite moana songs 


It’s okay, it’s okay. 
Look for the Force, and you will always find me.

I know we’re meant to be 

If he were to notice me 

Waiting for my presents to arrive

So Santa here’s my wish

To share our Christmas kiss

With the one that I’ve been dreaming of

But keeping him from me is a catastrophic 

He’s the boy I secretly love


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If I’m torn between two roads,
I’ll choose the one that seems impossible to triumph.
No matter how painful,
no matter how much it hurts me,
I don’t want to end up with mere r e g r e t s.


“you win if there’s a change in hyungsik’s face” ; part.1 ailee vers.
{ivy vers.}


Because sometimes a family is you, your twin sibling, your great-uncle, your /other/ great-uncle you didn’t even know existed until he escaped another dimension like last week, and the other employees of the tourist trap that somehow, over the course of a summer, became home 

Home - Phillip Phillips // You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate - Zoey van Goey // Sticking With You - Addison Road // Anything for You - Ludo // Try to Believe - Oingo Boingo // Here’s to Us - Halestorm // Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips // GF E108 DANCE EURO POP 2 LONGER - Brad Breeck // Odds Are - Barenaked Ladies  // Embers - Owl City // Taking Over Midnight - Love Patrol Alpha

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