i love the sixth one

It really gets on my nerves when shounen fans keep saying that Ichigo is a boring character with no development and definite goals. They keep comparing him to Naruto and Luffy. First of all, you are wrong. (I’m addressing to people who said the things above). Second, Ichigo’s only goal is to protect his family and friends. He never willingly submit himself to the Shinigami side if it were not for the fact to protect those dear to him. From the early chapters to the end, its clear that he achieved his goals. Thirdly, he is not bloodthirsty and he is not hunger for power ; unless its to PROTECT. Ichigo does not take pleasure fighting his enemies, unless its necessary. Fourth, in my opinion Bleach focuses more on the psychological and emotional side of things instead of pure power, which is lacking in shounens (Fullbring arc). Fifth, Ichigo is more of a realist, he just wants to live normally surrounded by his loved ones. Which I found very relatable. Sixth, I find Ichigo very unique, as he actually feels REMORSE, in order to fight his enemies that he thinks he should not (forced circumstances). Seventh, since some of you keep saying this, yes, he missed being a Shinigami ; thats his only way to protect his loved ones. He felt depressed losing that ability. Most of all, Ichigo is portrayed as a very loving character that loves peace, even though he has a rough exterior and scowls a lot. When I read the final chapter, I’m glad he turned out like that. His genuine smile shows how much he has gone through and he grew from it.


But the blood on my hands scares me to d e a t h
                                                       Maybe I’m waking up today

your fave is problematic: stephen dedalus
  • spent all his scholarship money super quickly thinking he could live the high life
  • falls in love on trams
  • has extensive theories about literature
  • doesn’t know whether he’s meant to say he kisses his mother or not 
  • has extreme cognitive debates on the beach
  • fears authority
  • too clever for own good
  • is basically Hamlet
  • is pretentious Irish boy with airs of grandeur