i love the simpsons too much

Okay, but am I the only one who thinks about what it would be like if you were friends with your favourite artist(s)?

Just think of all the love and support you’d more than likely get from them. Late night calls, good morning texts, y'know- the works. And think about being so close that when things get tough, having them come to you.


I should really just stick to reblogging XD

anonymous asked:

I am going to Paris next year I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to make my French skills better? Stupid question but I'm just curious

Hey Anon !!

That’s definitely not a stupid question !

French is a really difficult language to learn so if I can help a little bit, it’s my pleasure !

The best advice I can give you is to listen, read and speak in french as much as you can.

It doesn’t have to be hard stuff ! There are quite simple books like Le Petit Prince ou Joseph Kessel’s books which are very modern and easy to understand. Reading 19th or 18th literature would be harder and probably would help you communicating because language shifted a bit since then and it’s very classic or romantic so it’s very long and complicated sentences (yes i’m talking about you Proust). But if you already have a solid base and feel confortable with your french, you can try !! Romantic literature is my favorite genre ! (So much good love stories ♥)

You can also have a look at french comics like Tintin or Astérix, or Gaston Lagaffe or Lucky Luke ! There are enough words to practice and it could help for some expressions ! (Plus Astérix and Tintin are culturaly really important to us haha)

Reading as much as you can in french will help you with grammar and you will certainly write better !

Then, you can watch movies in french ! Even if we really love to make indie movies, don’t feel obliged to only watch that ! Sometimes, it’s quite slow and boring.

Some movies are part of our pop culture, like Les Bronzés or La cité de la peur or Astérix et Obélix Mission Cléopâtre (Him again !) but it can be difficult for a beginner since it’s french humor with french slang !

Maybe movies with Louis de Funès ? He is very funny !

My best advice would be for you to watch french version of movies you’ve already seen, so you would already know what it is about and it would be easier to understand. Most of international release are translated in french ! (literally all of them except maybe indie movies haha)

So go for Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring ! Even if the french voices sounds terrible, it helps !

Btw, you can also watch animated movies in french (Disney, Pixar or even FRENCH animated movies HEHE), it’s quite nice !

Tv shows and animated series are great too ?? I mean it is internationaly admited that french people made the greatest Simpsons’ voices !

Maybe TV Shows is not a good idea, it’s really terrible and it will break your mind they kept the same voice for nine and ten in doctor who I MEAN

There are also great french youtubers like Cyprien, Norman fait des vidéos, jimmyfaitlcon, Math se fait des films (funny analysis about movies) who makes podcasts about daily life, and some gamers, mostly Squeezie (he is a bit crazy but we love him)

I don’t know much about beauty channels, but there is enjoyphoenix ??

Some groups of youtubers make great humorous (or not) videos, like the Palmashow, Studio Bagel, Golden Moustache ! It’s short sketches that are really fun and help a lot to learn !

My last advice will be to speak french. Yeah, seems pretty logical, uh ?

I mean, if you can have a penpal you can correspond with, it would be great !

I hope it helped a little ! Have fun in Paris !

I’m sure some of my friends in the french side can give more advices ! ;)

So fun, almost historically acurate, so well played, King Arthur !! such a great impact on french youth !!

(btw it’s amazing)

50 shades of bradley

A/N: ill admit at first i didn’t know what to make of this request but i had so much fun writing this, i haven’t wrote actual smut in a while so its the first time in a long time that i just sat there and wrote the whole imagine/smut in one sitting. Hope y'all love it! 

******* also remember this is smut so it does include sexual acts******

Request by @maxinejordanstyles : Helloooo It’s me. AHAHHAHAHAHAH Anyway, thanks for replying! So here’s my plot I guess? Um maybe you and Brad decided to watch 50 shades of gray and then later Brad becomes um you know. And blah blah stuff happens. thanks you don’t have to rush yourself doing this!!! Ilysm! Ps. You writing still rocks!!! Bye for now! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Brad invited you over for a movie night, tonight so you gladly obliged and was at his house by 5pm. He greeted you at the door with a hug and a kiss, per usual. You sat on the couch with your typically busy boyfriend and sat with him on the couch, content with even just being with him in that moment.

“So what are we watching tonight?” You asked curiously leaning into him on the couch.

“I wasn’t sure, thought we could look through what’s new” he suggested as you went through the movies available for renting.

“Hey what about that 50 shades of gray that everyone is obsessed with, i have to admit ive been pretty curious about it” you admit slightly timid of what brads reaction would be.

“Seriously? I mean sure, if you want to”

“Yeah, let’s go for it.” You say, clicking on the movie.

As the movie started you sat close to brad with his arm around you and you both stared at the screen watching the movie. That was until the first sex scene came on and you felt brad kiss your neck.

You giggled and said “brad stopp, watch the movie” you said taking his hand that was around you in your hand.

“But baby” he whined touching your leg.

“Brad, be patient” you said teasingly kissing him quickly.

You could tell he was already sexually frustrated, but you had hardly gotten half way through the movie.

Once you were getting towards the end of the movie you decided you would have a bit of fun with him in the mood he was in. You moved your hand to the inside of his thigh inching close to his bulging hard on that he had from this extremely sexual movie.

“Babe what do you think you’re doing” he said becoming flustered.

“Oh im just having a bit of fun” you joked placing you hand directly on his hard on, whilst you began palming him.

“Baby dont tease me like this”  he whined.

“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it” you teased, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

“Thats it, you asked for it” he laughed, picking you upover his shoulders carrying you to his bed. Leaving you in giggles.

“Is this what my baby girl wanted? Hmm” he said climbing on top of you kissing you softly.

“Mmh yes please brad, i need you” you said coming off more needy than you had wanted.

“Whatever you want my princess” he said kissing down your neck to the parts of your chest that were already exposed from your shirt.

“Oh these half to go my love” he said smiling to himself removing your shirt and then your pants revealing you in your panties and bra. Brad hummed as he kissed all over your body, leaving you in shivers, then returning to your mouth.

“Mmh, bradley its your turn” you giggled peeling his shirt off his toned body and unbuckling his belt.

He took his pants off and threw them on the floor and returned right on top of you in only his boxers.

“Better? Hm?” He teased kissing your neck.

“Perfect,” you say getting into a heated makeout session with him, You pause for a moment, and slip from under him. He looks at you confused, but you only smile at him. You walked to the front and center of his room and looked directly at him whilst you touched all over your body with your bra and underwear still on.

Brad stared at you in awe, you’ve never done this but you were feeling particularly feisty tonight. You seductively remove your bra slow and teasingly, letting it hit the floor. You then turned around and slowly removed your underwear before slowly walking over to brad and getting on top of him.

“Baby that was so bloody hot” he said moving his hands to your ass and squeezing it.

“Yeah,you liked that?” You said in a cheeky tone. You then kissed your way to his v line right above his boxers looking up at him with innocent eyes.

“Fuck your so beautiful” he muttered.

You removed his boxers and tossed them on the floor revealing his hard on hitting his stomach. You licked the tip before putting his entire member in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. You’d glace up at him every so often because you knew that drove him crazy. He had his head back muttering sounds of pleasure. He was really close but you just couldn’t wait any longer. You got up and almost put his member into yourself until brad flipped you over.

“I dont think so darling” he laughed.

He did something unexpected, he kissed you slowly down your stomach, right to your pussy.

“Fuck brad don’t do this I need you inside me right now”

“Oh ill be inside you, but not quite yet my princess” he said kissing your clit, then began lapping his tongue around your clit and inside your pussy driving you insane.

Your moans filled the room and you were reaching the brink of an orgasm, but he didnt stop.

“Brad, fuck dont stop” you moaned out.

This made him go faster and lick the shit out of your clit while working his fingers inside of you pumping in and out finally bringing you to your orgasm.

“Thats my baby girl” he smirked licking up every inch of cum on his fingers.

“Fuck brad its been so long” you panted.

“I know baby girl, you ready for the real deal” he said pumping himself before putting a condom on.

“And you were going to rush, and not put a condom on, tsk tsk young lady” he teased you.

“Mmh, ive been a bad girl teach me a lesson” you teased

He laughed at your mocking voice mimicking the movie. He started thrusting into you like it was nobody’s business.

“Fuck bradley keep going it feels so good, fuck” you said moaning loudly. He kissed your neck softly while thrusting even faster than before, just hitting your g spot.

He was on the brink of cumming and so were you, you both seemed to be in sync.

“Brad dont stop, im almost there”

“Me too baby girl me too” he said in desperation.

He brought a hand down to rub your clit finally making you cum for the second time tonight. He came in his condom, pulled out and took his condom and threw it in the trash.

“That was so amazing brad, i missed you”

“I knew you had a reason for that movie” he teased before kissing you

“Well bradley, you’re supposed to say ‘i miss you too babe’ but i guess your kiss will suffice” you laughed.

“You know i missed you, so stop that” he said kissing you again.

“Can i sleep here” you whispered while under the blankets cuddling with him.

“I kind of assumed you’d be sleeping over anyways my love” he said cutely kissing your nose.

“Okay cool because i’m definitely to lazy to get up right now.” You said causing him to laugh.

“ i love you so much, you know that?” He said brushing his hands through your hair.

“I love you too bradley, to the moon and back” you said before falling asleep on his chest.

“My princess, always” he whispered kissing your forehead as you slept.

Preference 1: He Wakes You Up


Usually, he doesn’t wakes you up because he wants you to have a good sleep. But when he does, he will pepper kisses all over your face: forehead, nose, cheeks, temple, your chin, your neck, and sometimes your lips. Kissing you on the lips always works. You try to pretend that you’re still asleep, but you couldn’t hold on a little smile. You finally gave in and kissed him back on the lips, earning a little chuckle from him. 


“Y/N, wake up.” he whispers on you ear. He was spooning you and he knew that that wouldn’t help. But he couldn’t resist throwing his protective arm around you waist and pulling you up against him. “Y/N…love. Wake up. I want to see your eyes.” he whispers again. He had no clue on what to do next. So he just forgot everything and just let you sleep for a bit. But the corner of his lips raised when he looked over your blanket-covered body. He knew that you couldn’t fall asleep when you don’t have any warm blankets around you. So he pulled all of the blankets away from you body and you instantly woke up and shivered. “Mornin’ babe.” he grinned. You grunted and he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Why d’you do that?” Your morning voice barely audible. “Hmmm…nothin;.” he replied. “I hate you.”  “I love you too. Come on down, I’ll make breakfast.” 


Sadly, you and Tristan weren’t living on a same house. You lived twenty minutes away from his house and he really wished that he could just sleep besides you, wake up next to you, be with you. So when he wakes up before you, he likes to spam you good morning texts a lot. And I mean, a lot

“Baby wake up.”

“Wake up gorgeous.”

“Let’s go and get breakfast together, yeah”

“You up yettttt? I miss youuuuu!”

“Oh and did you know that I woke up thinking about you :D”

“The first time I saw you, my heart whispered ‘that’s the one’.”

“You’re so beautiful. Even if I couldn’t see you right now, I just know it.”

“And you know what? One day, I am going to wake up, roll over on my side and kiss the love of my life good morning.”


“All my senses come to life. While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I. Have ever been and I’ll never leave again. 'Cause you are the only one. And all my friends have gone to find. Another place to let their hearts collide. Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend. 'Cause you are the only one.”

He sang into your ears. 

He knows for a fact that you loved him singing into your ears: when you’re cuddling, in bed, and anywhere basically. 

But you waking up to his sweet, beautiful voice is the most amazing thing ever. He made you felt that you were in heaven. 

Your eyes slowly fluttered open and you smiled a bit, gaining some strength. “Good morning, angel.” He whispered. “Good morning to you too James.” He then gestured you to look over at your side, and you did. You were shocked to see that he gave you your breakfast in bed. “Thank you, James.” You said, still tired. “How about you?” You asked. He chuckled and said, “I apparently woke up at 5 AM, so I already finished breakfast. Much rather to see you eat your instead.” I laughed and leaned to kiss him on the cheek. “Love you James.” “Love you too Y/N.’


The Vamps Preferences: Best Man Speech

Now, I don’t think that the boys would just pick one member of the band to be their best man, but just for the purposes of this, that’s gonna happen okay. 

Connor’s Best Man Speech for James 
Hi everyone, erm, I’m not very good at public speaking but I hope I do a good job today. James, the first time I met you, I thought you were the most organised freak ever, (Y/N) I really don’t know how you put up with him sometimes. There was always a part of you that needed love, you wanted someone to call your everything, and with (Y/N) you really have found your missing puzzle piece. When I see you both with your noses stuck in a book, or the way she beams at you when you play guitar, you really brighten up my day. (Y/N) you’re like the big sister I never had, I can come to you for absolutely everything and nothing is ever too much trouble, thankyou for making James so happy. James, man, thankyou for giving me so many amazing opportunities and for always reminding me to clean up after myself. So, if you’ll all raise your glasses, in toast to the new Mr and Mrs Mcvey. To James & (Y/N)”

Brad’s best man speech for Tris
“What a day? I never thought I’d ever be speaking at your wedding Tris, because I really didn’t think anyone would ever be mad enough to marry you, unless they were as bonkers as you. Well, I think you’ve found that person now. I have never met a more talented, kind, weird, hilarious person in my life. Tristan Evans, you little handsome bugger you, I wish you all the best for everything. (Y/N) or should I say Mrs Evans, you’ve taken my soul mate away from me, how very dare you! I remember the first time I met you, and we ended up singing karaoke in our drunken state together, I knew our friendship was going to last a life time. My two favourite people in the world are in love and are sharing their love with us today. So, if you can raise your glasses for the two lovebugs over there; To Tris & (Y/N)”

James’ Best Man Speech for Brad
“Bradley you little bear. I’m speaking at your wedding man, that’s mental. It’s weird to think this all started from a message on YouTube and now look at us. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you grow into the amazing person and showman you are. I can come to you with anything, you’re the easiest person to talk too, and even though you’re the most annoying person I know, with the curliest hair, I’m so happy for you man. (Y/N), you look absolutely beautiful today, Brad’s one lucky guy. I want to thank you for making our bear happy, I mean you get to ruffle those curls now, it’s not my job anymore. Just think, in a few years time, your adorable kids will be running around all over the place, causing all sorts of havoc. You’re the sweetest, cutest, most randomly hilarious couple I know and I love you both so much. To Mr & Mrs Simpson” 

Tris’ Best Man Speech for Con 
“Davy Jones! Connor Ball! Margaret! The many names and many personalities of you. I remember the time you walked into a glass window when you came to see us for the first time and then I knew we were going to be friends for an extremely long time. It’s been a pleasure to share my career with you, to be able to watch you grow, stretch your skin and watch you fall of stage multiple times. (Y/N) when he met you, I never seen him sad. You put a smile on his face, you put a smile on all of our faces, and I just want to wish you all the success, happiness and love for eternity. HAKUNA MATATA! To Con & (Y/N)”

Request for more Four Word Prompts here.

“Sorry, were you sleeping?” / BWS

Brad knew from the start that she was emotionally unavailable. He learned that after a few countless nights in the flat of Y/N’s apartment.

“I love messing around with you, Brad” She had said to him once. “But that’s all this can ever be for now, I’m sorry.”

So he’ll have to settle for the next best thing. He’ll settle for anything, as long as it’s with her.

His thoughts cloud in hazy reminder that she’ll never see him as anything more than a fuck buddy, a go-to person for desire. A sigh leaves his lips, he really does like her, hell- he might even be in love with her.

“Brad? What are you doing here?” A small voice speaks from the doorway, raspy, indicating that she just woke up.

Sorry, were you sleeping? Did you want me to leave after I was done?” He asks her.

“No, I figured you’d stay here. I mean, what are you doing in my kitchen?”    

“I promised I’d cook for you, remember?” Brad eyes her frame in his white button up. She looks incredibly sexy in it and right now he wants nothing more than to grab Y/N and fuck her on the kitchen counter right now.

Yes, he promised her that he’d make her pancakes in the morning if he got to tie her up. The image of her wrists tied on her bed post and her body writhing under his touch is something he wouldn’t forget easily.

“You’re a man of your word, Brad.” she mocks, leaning against the dining table that’s directly opposite the kitchen. “So finish those pancakes and then you can fuck me.”

Brad shakes his head and laughs. “You’re a dirty little girl, you know that? Fuck you.”
“You will! After the pancakes. I’m starving.”

“So demanding,” Brad says, but he’s smiling. “Fine, babe, you win. I’ll fuck you after this.”

“I think I love you. You’re the best.”

She’s joking about loving him, obviously, he ignores the sting in his chest and turns back to the counter, making sure that she can’t see his face harden for a moment.

“Yeah, I know,” he says, staring at the batter. “‘Course I’m the best, who else ties you up and gives you a hard fucking and then cooks for you the next morning?”

Boyfriends. That’s who does that. Boyfriends.

“Thank you,” Y/N says,“For cooking for me, and for last night, and for every other night.” Brad feels her walk up to him and touch his shoulder “And for eating me out, too, you’re fucking amazing at it. But mostly for the food.”

Brad nods, he continues to mix the pancake batter pretending that her words don’t leave daggers in his heart. “Anything for you, love,” he says, turning back to look at her.

Y/N grins and kisses his nose before skipping away from him to go back to the bedroom, and that’s when he knows she’s going to be the death of him.

your first time (;

A/N: hi anon you must be new here because that is not a weird request, brad smut is always requested, and i honestly don’t mind writing brad stuff because its the easiest for me to write bc brad is bae. so i probably took this waaaay too far but oh well (; p.s I’m super sorry this is really late. hope you like it xx

it was brads birthday, and you guys have been together over eight months. You guys never had well done “it” if you know what I mean. He was always really good about it, he knew you were still a virgin so he’s always said that he’ll wait until you’re completely ready. You knew you were ready tonight, and it would be the perfect night to do it. You were going out to dinner with him and the boys tonight and you decided to wear something that flattered all the right parts of your body. You wore a dress that was tight in the bust and loose towards the bottom. You wore your favorite pair of Underwear matches with a new push up bras you’d bought.

“Wow” brad breathed astonished. “Do I look okay?” “You look gorgeous baby” he said hugging you kissing you for a short period of time. You got through dinner easily due to the fact that you were basically best friends with all of them. If you said you weren’t nervous you’d be lying. You knew if you wanted to have sex tonight you’d have to make the first move. When the both of you got home you were cuddled in bed and you knew you had to make the move.

you leaned in to kiss him slowly making your way on his lip attempting to be sexy and you bit his lip. “Ow, babe what are you doing” he whined. “I- I don’t know. I shouldn’t of, just I ruined it” you sighed ready to get off him. “No, no baby. You didn’t ruin anything, next Time just don’t bite so hard” he said soothing you. “Like this” you said trying it again pulling away. “Mmhh, yes baby just like that” he said letting out a noise you’ve never been exposed to but you liked it. You tried to reach for his shirt and he pulled away again. “Seriously baby what’s going on?” He said worried. “Ugh I just, I’m ready. And I just feel like you don’t wanna have sex with me. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought since its your birthday” you trailed off. “Baby are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you owe this to me or anything.” He said caressing your face. I just wanna have sex with you for gods sake, you thought; or well you thought you only said it to yourself. “Well if you insist baby girl” he said flipping the two of you over, kissing you deeply.

“You want me to lead baby?” You nodded your head quickly making him smile. “I’m gonna make you feel so good tonight” he said trailing kisses down your neck making you whimper. He reached for your dress zipper and you stopped him “you first” you smirked. He rose an eyebrow at you before stripping himself of his shirt causing your hands to run down his stomach before his lips were on your neck again. The dress was slowly unzipped and peeled off of your body, leaving you in just your bra and underwear. “holy shit, youre beautiful” this made you blush, no one has ever saw you so bare, so exposed other than himself. he slowly slipped the straps of your bra off quickly landing on the floor. he cupped your breasts in his hands running his hands over the exposed skin causing you to let out a slight moan causing him to grin. he pressed his lips to the top of your chest down to each breast making you hum in pleasure. “brad that feels so good holy shit” you said your head tilted back. “shh baby just let it feel good”. soon he was trailing his lips down your stomach and around your thighs. “can i?” he said fiddling with the waist band of your underwear. you nodded in approval causing him to pull your underwear off in an instant. “holy shit” he gasped. “what, is there something wrong?” you said worried youd messed up or something causing him to chuckle. “youre just, um really fucking wet and thats so hot” he said looking directly in your eyes making you feel even more turned on. you had a thing about dirty talk, but you were to nervous to even begin to tell brad that. he started tracing his tongue over your clit and sucking and everything else you could imagine sending you to a point of ecstasy, pulling his head deeper into your core.  he started using his fingers getting you really close to your high. “fuck brad im so close” you moaned out with your hands practically embedded in his hair. once you finally came he licked up your clit cleaning you up before coming up to kiss your lips letting you taste yourself.

“that was so hot, you being so turned on that you pushed my face so deep in your pussy” he said kissing your neck. you had know idea brad could even say those words, especially to you. “brad” you squealed. “what” he said smirking at you, as your face grew a bright shade of red. “you cant say stuff like that bradley!” you said flustered. “what? pussy?” he said in a teasing tone. you covered your face with your hands. “i bet you like it when i say that, hmm? i just ate your delicious pussy and you came all over my face and now im gonna make you moan my name whilst i make love to your beautiful body” he said trying to be descriptive as possible. you let out a tiny moan trying to hold back. “see you like it when i talk dirty baby, and thats nothing to be ashamed of” he said sucking on your neck. he stood up and stripped himself of the rest of his clothes going back to making out with you.

“okay baby, this is gonna hurt you a little bit but I’m gonna go slow and if you feel like its too much for you we can stop, alright?” he said lining up with you. “I’m ready brad” you said confidently, pulling him in for a kiss. he eased himself into you, at first it was uncomfortable then you started to be okay. “alright brad, move, please” you said in desperation. he started thrusting into you causing you to wrap your legs around him and encourage him to go faster. “baby, uh your pussy is so tight around my cock. it feels amazing” he said hotly in your ear. “shit brad you’re killing me” you said barely able to talk. his tip grazed a spot that made you feel amazing. “shit brad do that again” you said more in a whine. he thrusted even deeper hitting that spot multiple times causing you to have that familiar feeling in your stomach. “brad i-im gonna,” you said close to orgasming for the second time. “sh just let it go I’m close too” he said rubbing circles in your clit making you both come at the same time.

you flipped over to lay on your side of the bed on your back taking in a deep breath. “holy shit” you breathed. “how was that for your first time?” he said cheekily kissing your cheek. “that was amazing brad” you said leaning so you were on his chest. “next time i want you to teach me how to ride you” you said in a quiet voice. “that good, eh?” he joked. “or i mean we can never do this again if you dont wanna” you sassed. “oh i dont think so princess” he chuckled digging his face into your shoulder. “i love you so much” he murmured. “i love you too bradley” you said kissing him on the shoulder. after that you both fell asleep cuddled up next to each other, too lazy to put any clothes on.

Name : Maureen
Age : 20 (21 in July)
Country : France (Provence)
Looking for : Snail Mail

Salut ! ♡
I’m looking for a penpal, i would love to try snailmail with someone else from an other country, share things and just talk about everything.
Let’s introduce myself a little first: I’m a cat lover, i’m not kidding i’ve got so much cats, if you love cats too, we’re already best friends ♡
I love traveling all around the world, i used to be an aupair in London During 1 year, and this summer i’m gonna leave France to work in Disney World Florida (Epcot French pavillion). I also love music (I’m listening to a lot of of different kind of music, it could be some Ed sheeran, Ariana Grande, Bruno mars or some Tropcial House, Chillstep Mix that you can find on youtube), watching youtube videos, reading books, dance, series (Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Misfits, Please like me, The Simpsons, 13 reasons why, Faking it…)  watching Disney and Studio Ghibli movies and hanging out with my friends in the nature or in the city. Maybe i’m an Adult, but i always have my child part in me, i love cute things (kawaii?), sometimes i play acnl, or the sims and i wish i had a tamagotchi like in the old times !! Haha, feel free to contact me on my Instagram   or my email: maureendu84 @ gmail.com   

ID #49582

Name: Marquia (Pro. Mar-Key-Ah)
Age: 25
Country: USA

Hello, everyone! My name is Marquia and I am college working on the first part of realizing my dream of being an Animal Cruelty Investigator. I start back for my second year in August.
*I do have a few disabilities (Mental & Physical) but trust me, you will hardly be able to anything is “wrong”. (Just needed to get that out of the way since I don’t know how to “break the news” to some that I have disabilities.)
*If you can tell I am a HUGE animal lover! I absolutely love big dogs!! One of my dog owning goals is to have a harlequin Great Dane! ❤️ Besides loving animals (I am not a vegetarian, unfortunately) I have another favorite animal but I’ll leave that up for you to ask.
*I love anime and animations!
*My top 2 all time favorite series are Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) and The Simpsons. I also love just about all things Japan. I would love to go there one day!
*P!nk is my number one favorite singer and human (I’m listening to her right now. Lol) Favorite band is Linkin Park! I want to leave room for some type of conversation so I won’t tell too much.
*Life has been pretty shitty the last almost 10+ months. Just when That all started my daughter (dog) passed away at the age of 15. Two months before her 16th birthday. I’m going to therapy for that when I get the chance. (Who knew that there was such a thing as Pet grief counselling?! Google is great! Lol) I’m getting better (I think) but it’s going to take a long time to heal. I had her since I was in the 3rd grade.
**You don’t have to be into anime in order for us to talk. I’ve met a friend on here who isn’t into anime and we get along great just by talking about life. I wouldn’t mind talking about that with you. 😊
*I am not an idiot but I do not care about politics. So we will not be talking about that!
*I am not religious at all and I have no title for myself. That goes beyond me talking about religion. I just want to live my life. Labels are stupid for the most part.
*I would love to talk to people from all over the world who are comfortable with only talking through emails (and maybe through texts if I deem the Friendship is at the spot where I feel comfortable giving out my phone number when I get one.) Someone from Japan would be awesome! That’s not required but would be awesome!
*I understand that people have lives but if you only tend to message people once a week or worse than that please don’t request my info. I have enough friends like that. I want to have lots of conversations with you and if I turn out not to be the person you thought I was just tell me right then and there so this doesn’t get dragged out. I’ll be sure to do the same.
*I am not like every other girls. (That sounds so cliche but it’s true.) I can’t stand makeup, dresses, high heels and anything else that makes a girl “girly” That’s never been me and never will be!

*I don’t just call anyone my friend and I haven’t had any new bf’s in years so hope that you become that person that I call my friend or best friend!
**I am so excited to hear from you! And to have some new penpals! Hope to hear from you soon!! ❤️❤️

Preferences: °Age: 16-30 (Only because I swear like a sailor and I hate doing that near and around kids and teenagers.)
°Gender: I don’t care! Although I do really miss having guy friends to talk to so guys are heavily encouraged!! Lol but it’s not required that you are male or identity as male.
°Preferred method of communication: Email. Talking on Tumblr is weird to me and I can’t do snail mail since I am super broke! But if you want to send me something I am not opposed to it.
°Personal Preferences: LGBTQA+ friendly, if you support Breed Specific Legislation (look it up if you don’t know what it is) Don’t bother contacting me!!,
°If you have an issue with people who have disabilities, people who put animals first and non religious people.
°I don’t mind sending a picture of what I look like but unless we become extremely good friends, I won’t be doing video chats.

Ari and Dante has ruined everything
  • Me at school: I wonder what Ari would think about this class. Dante would probably love it.
  • Me at a one direction concert: honestly if they were British white boys Harry would 10000% be Dante because he's the type of kid to almost get hit by a car to save a bird.
  • Me listening to Cody Simpson: he's basically soundtracking Ari and Dante's life. I'm Your Friend was made for them.
  • Me going to bed: Ari and Dante probably sleep in the same bed sometimes.
  • Me looking at the sky: tOO MUCH LIGHT POLLUTION
  • Me reading a book: okay but you're not Ari and Dante.
  • Me drinking tea: Ari drank coffee.
  • Me watching birds: theY'RE TEACHING ME ABOUT THE SKY.
  • Me breathing: Ari almost lost his chance to breathe when Dante stupidly tried to stand on the road for a bird.
  • Me as I make this post: I'm in too fucking deep
aussie style

A/N: this was requested by anon so enjoyyyy xxxx. this took me agessss to put together i hope y'all like it!! 

warning: lengthyy

request: Please could you do a Brad smut, maybe you have flown out to Australia from England for a week to join ur boyfriend Brad on tour and you are going to a show with him and you go with him to his massage and he is really hot and with you there it is even better! You keep teasing him throughout the night and wear a nice dress to the show, and things - then later on after the show you get back to the hotel and Brad finally gets what he wants - please could you make it quite long - thank you xxxxxxxx

you got a call a few weeks ago from james saying that you should surprise brad in australia since you’d be on break that week anyway. you were packing for the australia trip, you haven’t seen brad in about a month, which is less than normal but you dont get a lot of time to spend with each other normally. you made sure you had the main things in your purse : a passport, ID, makeup, phone charger, and a pack of gum. your flight was at 8pm and you would get to australia at around 3:30 PM there time.

you eventually made it to the airport where you pushed through the motions of getting your bags checked in, then through the process of checking your carry on until you finally made it on the plane. you fell asleep for a good 7 hours towards the middle of the flight, but you still had about 7 more hours to the flight. you tried to pass the time by watching movies but the time still dragged as it had been a really long flight. when they said you were landing, you had never been so excited to hear a flight attendant talk to you. you admired the pretty skyscape as the plane landed in sydney, australia.

you followed the line of people through customs, and then through baggage claim. Once you got your bags you headed towards the bathroom to freshen up; put your contacts in, put minimal makeup on, and brush through your hair. you decided to call james to let him know you’d be on your way soon.


“hey james, i just got to the airport ill be there in about an hour or so is that cool?”

“yeah thats fine, he has no idea by the way. text me when you’re close and ill wait outside so they dont give you trouble getting in”

“sounds good, see you in a bit”

“see you later, bye”

you called a taxi to get to the venue and put your luggage in the backseat, while you sat next to your luggage. it was a silent trip for the most part besides you telling him where the location was and paying him at the end. for some a ride like that might be quite awkward which you cant deny it was but you got through it by listening to music.

once you were within 5 minutes of the venue you texted james to wait for you outside. you handed the man the money and hoped out of the car when you saw james. james gave you a big hug, as you were pretty close with all the boys. “we’ll put your stuff in the van” he said walking with you into a parking lot where you saw their black van in which you but all of youre luggage in.

“so brad has no idea?” you said with excitement.

“nope he thinks i came out here to make a phone call” he snickered

“i cant wait to see his face when he sees me” you said still equally as excited.

“alright, relax”

we walked into the backstage area and they gave me a laminated pass to go backstage in their dressing room. brad mustve been in the bathroom because the rest of the boys were on the couch. you whispered asking where brad was and they pointed to the bathroom. you decided to just take a seat on the couch and see if he notices.

he emerged from the bathroom in only a pair of skinny jeans, which was giving you a feeling that was really inappropriate for the moment.

“hey guys— HOLY SHIT THIS IS A JOKE THIS ISNT REAL” he said as he laid his eyes on you.

“nope, this is real babe. i missed you so much” you said hugging him tightly.

“this is insane,are you watching the show tonight?” he said eagerly.

“wouldnt miss it for the world BUT i heard somebody has a scheduled massage in 10 minutes” you said putting your hands in his.

“oh shit, i forgot. do you want me to cancel?” he asked sweetly.

“nonono my baby wants a massage, youll get one. come on ill come with” you urged.

the two of you arrived to the room with the massage table, where soon there would be a professional massaging your boyfriend. most women would be uncomfortable with this, but you know its only a de-stresser for him. plus its an excuse to see him close to naked right before you and you’d never put that down. he stripped to his boxers and laid on the table as you stood in front of him holding his hands with your fingers intertwined.

“you know what ive missed bradley” you said in a very sensual voice.

“whats that baby” he said looking at you directly in the eyes.

“every part of you” you said running your hand up his arm.

“mmh is that so baby girl” he said running his hands underneath your loose sleeveless shirt that had low cut sleeves.

“absolutely” you said kissing him.

“i.missed.you.so.much” he said giving you a kiss farther on your neck with each word.

you were interrupted by the masseuse, causing you to take a seat on one of the chairs against the wall.

he had nothing but boxers on and the towel covering only his underwear clad bottom, and lets just say brad wasn’t the only one sexually frustrated at the moment. the way he flexed his shoulders with his back bent was just a hot sight to see in general. You sat there for the most part on your phone, making eye contact with him every so often.

sooner or later, after playing the game of who could tease each other the most the massage was done with. brad put his shirt on and his pants, and walked over to you and kissed you like never before. “i will get you back later for that little act baby girl” he whispered hotly in your ear. “i have no idea what you’re talking about” you said faking innocence. “oh you know exactly what im talking about, ill deal with it later though i have a soundcheck soon alright baby?” he said kissing you goodbye. “ill see you after the show, youll do amazing” you said as you held on to his face for a little while.

you headed back to your room or more like brads dressing room, and took a shower before getting ready for the concert tonight. you put on a dress for the show  it was short and black with a small slit in the middle of your chest with a halter top. you knew this dress was the perfect combination of conservative and teasing for bradley, also it was quite cute and you felt good in it. you slid yourself into a pair of flats and put some makeup on before going into the crowd before the concert.

when you got to the back of the crowded group of girls waiting for brad and the boys to perform when you felt a tap on your arm. it was a girl who looked maybe 14 and she had a vamps tshirt on and she was adorable. “are you, are you brads girlfriend?” she asked trying to figure it out. “yes, yes i am. but don’t hate me okay?” you joked being half serious. “no of course not! we love you guys together!” she said semi fangirling. “why thank you, means a lot to me actually.” you said smiling at the younger girl in front of you. soon the show started, you actually quite liked their music so you jammed most of the time. at some point the girl said that you should stand closer to the front so you snuck into maybe the second row so you could actually see brad.

after dancing and jamming out to your boyfriends band, you decided to meet him backstage right when the show ended. he was all hyped after the show, per usual messing around with connor and the boys. he noticed you were standing there and rushed over to you and hugged you, he was quite sweaty but you didnt really care.

“you look absolutely gorgeous tonight baby” he said in your ear holding your waist.

“why thank you” you said blushing slightly and looked up at him. he took your mouth on his own kissing you sweetly and cutely holding your hands.

“i love you so much you know that right?” he mumbles after kissing you.

“i love you too, so much bradley” you said holding brad by his face and playing with the end of his hair.

“come on why don’t we head back to our hotel” he said taking your hand in his. it was only a short drive to the hotel, and you didn’t talk much because the boys let him drive us in the car and they drove in the bus. when you got to the hotel brad put a do not disturb sign on the outside of the door.

“bradley simpson do you have some plans tonight? hmm?”

“oh you bet your ass i do come here baby girl” he said pulling you close and kissing you passionately. he laughed a little and pushed you on the bed right on top of you kissing down your neck teasing you.

“brad dont do this right noww” you whined.

“i have no idea what youre talking about darling” he said restating your words from earlier.

“now this dress is beautiful love, but id much rather it on my floor” he said laughing a little again. he unzipped the dress and slid it off of your body letting his hands roam around your body in the most loving way possible.

“ i missed you so much brad” you said holding his face lovingly before kissing him and pulling his shirt off of his body and running your hands down his stomach. before the both of you knew it you were both naked mumbling nothings to one another about missing each other and loving eachother.

he was on top of you and his lips traced from your neck to your breasts to all the way down to your hips. your breath hitched in your throat as he kissed along the inside of your thighs teasing you making you squirm.

“brad pleaseee” you said sexualy frustrated

“aw what’s wrong my baby doesnt like being teased hmm” he said blowing air on your already wet clit. you let out a strangled moan which made him chuckle a bit, before giving your clit the attention you wanted. his face was pressed on the inside of your thighs as he eat you out like it was his job. he would hum or moan every so often to get a reaction out of you resulting in squirming and hair pulling. he started to pump his long fingers in and out of your throbbing slit while his tongue was working on your clit, your body was beyond its ecstacy and you were about to cum. when brad realized this he pulled away from your sensitive area. “bradley will-” you were stopped when he pulled himself inside you.

“holy fucking shit” you said out of breath

“if my babys gonna cum shes gonna do it with me inside her” he snickered pushing himself out and back inside you. your moans only got louder as he was pushing inside you making you have the most mind blowing orgasm of your life.

“brad. that was. wow” you said out of breath as he collapsed next to you.

“youre just wow. baby girl that was so worth the wait” he said cuddling into you with his head in your neck, making you laugh a little.

“i love you alot” you admitted kissing him briefly.

“i love you baby” he said smiling before kissing you once more.

After that the two of you fell asleep right next to each other, absolutely butt naked because the both of you were too tired to even get up.

Preference 8: Your Twitter Conversations (w/Pictures)


My baby y/n says she needs more bubblegum flavored ice cream.

Yeah, Con. Thanks for telling that to 1.6M people.

Did you just went on my profile and checked how many followers I have? xD

maybe…maybe not. Is it weird?

Aww it’s okay baby, its not weird at all. But what’s weird is the fact that we’re just sitting besides each other.


Haha, accurate. So, uh, shall we stop and actually speak irl?

Okay…if you go get me some more bubblegum ice cream.

Fine, fine. I’ll go back to the shop.

Aaaaand this is why, ladies and gentlemen, Condor is the best.

Thanks for that, baby. But I really don’t need a reminder right now… ;)

I take that back.


Babes ring collection is growing <3

Oh so this is why you’ve asked me to take a picture of my hands xD

Aha, of course! Need one more babe?

WHAT? On my thumb? Nooooo I have enough! xD

Nope. I wanna spoil you.

You’ve already spoiled me enough with food and things Brad xD I don’t really need a ring on my thumb…

Ohhh yes you do. 

No I don’t.

Oh look! Thumb rings exists!

Brad, no, no, no, no, no. I really don’t need another one!!


You didn’t just ordered one…nope.

Already did, love x

I hate you.

I love you too xx


Gorgeous x

I hate you for posting that Evans.

Oooooh she called me by my last name!!

And so?


Oh wow, well, sorry Tris xD

It’s no problem. You look beautiful in the picture btw.


You should say thanks for letting me show the world for how gorgeous you look x


That’s more like it ;)

You’re gonna be called by my last name as well anyways x


Y/N still got her disney dvd’s…

Is it really that bad that you posted it on twitter?

No its not! I really love it <3

I think Im so childish now. 

No you’re not! I really love it that you still watch disney films x

I’m classy like that xD

Of course! Currently wishing to watch all of them with you right now… :’( 

@y/t/n: I know James, me too. But its only three more months left before your tour ends. Hang on :) 

@TheVampsJames: Baby, I cant hang on. I miss you like crazy. I want you to be with me right now. I badly want to hold you again. 

@y/t/n: Babe…of course I do really miss you too. But we need to hang on a bit longer, okay? 

@TheVampsJames: Okay love. Love you so much <3

I love you more x


You were at Brad’s having the day to yourselves as his parents and Nat were out for the day and probably all evening; you’d been at Brad’s for awhile now just snuggling on the sofa watching a movie. It had been a pretty relaxed day as you’d had a busy day yesterday and Brad had just got back from tour. You were snaked in Brads arms on the sofa while he rested his chin on your head; you were quite happy laying on Brad while listen to his heart beat when he lifted your chin with his fingers and kissed you. 

You kissed him again but deeper this time; you moved to a more comfortable position so you were now straddling him. He had placed his hands so he was cupping your face pulling you as close as you could be; your hands were gripped tightly to his waist. “When will everyone be home?” you questioned as you whispered into his mouth once you’d broken the kiss, “not for awhile” Brad smirked as he looked into your eyes full of lust. You bit your lip and took Brads hands leading him to his bedroom. The minute you got into his room Brad had you pinned against the wall with his tongue massaging yours, he moved your hair to one side as he began to kiss your neck; sucking and nipping causing you to let out a small moan.

You tugged at the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off throwing it to the floor, he did the same to you leaving you exposed in you black lacey bra. Brad moved his hands to you hips, “jump” Brad demanded, you did as he said and wrapped your legs around his waist. You ran your hands through Brads hair and he kissed you collar bones moving to the middle of your bra. He started to grind against you, you could feel that he was getting hard. He carried you over to the bed and placed you on your back, hovering over you kissing you once again. He kissed you all the way down your stomach to the top of your jeans, sending a shiver through your body. He pulled off your jeans and threw them on the floor, he started lightly kissing your inner thighs, teasing you as he knew it drove you insane.

He ran his hand down your not yet exposed clit, knowing you could take no more he took off your underwear and kissed you clit. Swirling his tongue around, sucking and licking. Your breathing was fast, having your hands tangled in his curls with your eyes shut in pleasure. He introduced a finger which pushed your over the edge letting out a moan in pleasure as your whole body tingled. He got up and hovered over to you again, you hooked his boxers and pulled them off taking his length in your hands. But Brad had other plans and pushed him self inside of you causing you both to moan; he began to push in and out slow at first but then picking up the pace.

Brad grabbed both of your hands and entwined his fingers with yours, lifting them above your head resting them on the bed. As he was pushing, both your breathing became heavier, breathing into each other’s mouths. Feeling the intense pleasure he’s giving you. Brad moved faster and you could feel you were about to cave, “Brad i’m-” you moaned, “me too baby” he forced inbetween breaths. You came together, squeezing one another’s hands, curling your toes as Brad buried his head in your neck in insane pleasure. Both your breathing was heavy and hot, he rolled off you and laid beside you on his bed. Laying there calming his breath. You rolled over onto your side, letting out a small giggle at the pleasure he’d just given you. You kissed his bare shoulder as he looked at you. “I love you so much” Brad said, looking longingly into your eyes with pure emotion, “I love you too” you replied meaning every word, you lent up and kissed him lightly.

First ever smut, sorry if it’s bad thought i’d give it ago as I had major Brad feels..! If it’s awful again i’m very sorry! Let me know what you think?

However, feel free to request anything you like for any of the boys! I may do  preferences but I’ll need ideas (: Thank you my lovlies xx

Hey all you people! Some of you may know me already, if not, I’ll tell you now my name is Ashlee Simpson. I’ve done everything from ballet to TV shows to recording albums, and I never could figure out which thing I’ve liked to do the best. I have the 2 cutest bubs for kids, Bronx & Jagger Wentz with @youngxamenace, and I love them both so much. Like, so much, it’s crazy. I love space and dogs too, but they come in at a close second.

If you’d like to talk to me about how I don’t even have long hair anymore, small pets, the moon, or all of the above, you can do that @ honeydiptakeasip.

The last one

I’m sorry guys, you were very supporting about this blog, but I decided to quit. it didn’t last long, but it was fun. I finish with tumblr because I can’t take the hate anymore. Maybe some of my followers are from Europe and know that tonight was the Eurovision night and my country received so much hate for being in the second place. Every single post was dedicated to hate for Russia.
It’s not only tonight, I kept reading it lately more and more and wondering why people speaking like this about someone’s else motherland, about the place you’ve never been, about the nation you never saw.
It may surprise you, but I’m a political journalist and everyday I write about international politics. It’s all very complicated and you always need to do a lot of research before making some statements. However 99% of tumblr users are not following this advice and prefer to hate on other countries and it’s citizens.
I love The simpsons, I love international connection, foreign people, and I was always nice to everyone, but I can’t be a part of Tumblr anymore, because here is too much judging despite all the calls to stop racism or inequality.
Please remember: politics are not the people of the country.
Some rules or bills don’t identify the people and country.
And the last thing I’m telling you as a journalist: never listen to what media tells you, never believe it truly, because you are taught to hate so it will be more easy to start the war later and to give your life for fighting foreigners who were taught to hate you.
This blog made me to feel powerful and helpful, but tonight, reading all the posts about my country, I felt powerless and shamed for who I am. But in fact I’m not. I’m proud of who I am, but I don’t want to stay in the place where people are so intolerant to other nation so they say all the bad things as they trying to be tolerant with lgbt community. We are not homophobes, just majority of my nation are Christian orthodox, and because of this the bill against gay propaganda was pushed by one of the Parlament members who is crazy about church. People here mostly don’t mind gay and I never heard of Putin saying something bad about them.
About Ukraine and Crimea - if you think we invaded it - did anybody said that people there wanted to separate because new Ukraine government are pro-nazi? They are. That’s the reason there is the citizen war now. And yesterday Kiev accepted the law that stops the work of convention of rights in the east part of Ukraine, so basically Kiev can kill their own people now legally and EU doesn’t show it in the news, don’t they? Half of the country don’t want to be under nazi power. Yes there are Russian army but there are usa contract soldiers too fighting.
I know this talk is not supposed to be here. But it’s 2 biggest things for a hate base, and it’s 2 things people don’t know proper information about.
And I don’t have nowhere else to say it out loud.
Never hate before doing research from more than 1 point of you.

Good bye and kiss you all, sweethearts. I hope your life will be filled with thinking and love for other people.

midterm stress

A/N: this is short and sweet, thanks anon for the request i loved writing this because it gave me such brad feels, so here ya go. also I’m catching up on requests so bare with me, ill try to get some done since todays a snow day for me (:

it was the last day of midterms and you needed to make sure you passed this test so that you could get by in this class. you had been studying all day ever since you’ve gotten home and you had all of your papers laid out on the bed spread out trying to organize everything. you heard the door creak open when you saw brad standing there with a cheeky smile on his face while holding a taco bell bag. “what are you doing brad” you laughed. “i thought my smart girlfriend would want some taco bell to eat for your study sesh” he giggled dropping off. “your the best” you said grabbing a taco from the bag and taking a bite. you continued going over your notes as brad went to walk out. “brad, babe you can sit in here if youd like im not kicking you out. itll only be another half hour tops i promise”  he then headed over to the couch to open up his laptop for a bit. you were going through vocab for biology and you kept getting the same thing wrong every time  you tried maybe five times through with your flash cards until you tossed them in frustration. “well i guess im gonna fail, because i cant do anything right” you said with your hands over your face. brad rushed directly over to you “baby, dont say that. youll get it. you’re the smartest girl i know” he said holding to the side of your face. “but i cant brad, ive been doing this all day and i know im gonna fail this” you said almost crying. “shhh baby girl no tears, why dont you take a break i miss my baby’s cuddles” he said hugging you with his breath hitting the side of your neck. “oh alright, only because youre the cutest boyfriend like ever” you said kissing him swiftly. “thats my girl, now move these papers so i can actually cuddle with you and watch some tv” he said giggling piling the papers together and put them on the couch.

he wrapped his hands around you and peppered kisses all over your neck. “i love you so much baby i hate seeing you cry” he whispered lovingly in your ear. “im sorry im just extreamly stressed and i need this class to graduate” you said turning to face him. “dont apologize, i just want you to relax. and i think i have a few ideas” he said bringing his face closer to yours. you smiled at your boyfriend in content “yeah? whatd you have in mind then?” leaning even closer. he chuckled starting to kiss you holding your waist  leaning on top of you starting to lick the bottom of your lip, you opening your mouth allowng his tongue to trace the inside of your mouth. “well, a little bit of that, and hm of this” he said before grabbing your butt causing you to squeal. “and maybe a little bit of this” he chuckled before tracing his lips down to your chest. you were a mess under his touch and he knew it. “i love how i could make you get all flustered” he chuckled. you then took the chance to flip him over and straddle his waist whilst he had a shocked expression on his face. “now whos all flustered?” you asked sarcastically. “kiss me” he mumbled bringing his face close to yours. you decided to tease him a little bit so you started of kissing him very slowly biting his bottom lip, causing him to groan. you began rocking your hips a little bit before kissing him. “babe if you dont cut that out im gonna cum in my pants” he said with a laugh. “stop what?” you asked sucking on his neck. “oh fuck babe, you’re killing me” he said with a groan. you pulled away finally and sat down give him one more peck on the cheek. “how was that for a break babe?” he smirked. “i think i need to have those type of breaks every day of the week” you laughed. “im down for it anytime, any day of the week babygirl” he said sweetly. “brad, i love you so much. thanks for calming me down” you said cuddling into him. “i love you too, so much. i dont think youll ever fully understand how much i care for you baby” he said kissing you on your forehead cutely.

Imagine: "Happy happy happy."


can you write one where you just take a nap together at his house?

C/l/s : Crushes little sister

As you walked down Y/c/n’s road the wind rushed past you. You hugged your jacket close to your body as you sped up when his house was insight. His bedroom curtains were closed which could mean two things: either he was still asleep (which was highly possible even at 4pm) or he was watching endless episodes of his favourite Netflix series. Considering he had been texting you non stop for the past hour asking you to come round his house, the second one was more likely.

As you got to his front door you pressed the bell. His little sister ran to the door and from behind the wood you could hear her excitedly chant “Y/nnnnnnnnn!” over and over again as she struggled to open the door. Around half a minute later the door opened with Y/c/n’s little sister and his mum standing smiling.

“Y/n I’ve missed you!!” She squealed, wrapping her little arms around your legs.

“I’ve missed you too!” You beamed and Y/c/n’s mum winked at you.

“How are you sweetheart?” She asked,

“I’m good thank you, how about you?” You replied politely. Everyone in Y/c/n’s family loved you.

“I’m good t-”

“I’M HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!” C/l/s interrupted jumping up and down.

“Who’s happy happy happy?” Y/c/n said, coming down the stairs.

“ME!” C/l/s shouted, running at him. He picked her up and span her around and around. He giggled and screamed excitedly.

“Y/c/n put me down!!!!” She wriggled out of his grasp and as soon as he put her down on the ground she ran into the living room.

“C/l/s come here!” His mum said, following her.

Y/c/n walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Do you want me to spin you round too?” He whispered in your ear. You giggled and shook your head no. He smiled softly and kissed your temple.

“I’m half way through episode 18, watch the rest with me?” He pleaded hopefully, releasing you from his grasp and grabbing your hand.

“Of course I will.” You replied, following him upstairs. When he opened his bedroom door his room was dark and only the glare from the TV screen allowed you to see what he had placed on his bed: a pile of films he know you loved, chocolates and sweets and a huge bowl of popcorn.

“What’s this for?” You grinned as you turned to face him.

“I remember you saying to Y/f/n that you thought this would be a cute thing to do, so I guess I just thought you’d like it.”

“Y/c/n I said that months ago! How did you remember?” You asked, genuinely shocked that he had done this for you.

“I know I’m not great at remembering things but if you say you like something you can bet I’ve made a mental note of it.” You stared up at him and your heart melted.

“You’re amazing.”

“I know I am.” He grinned, cockily and you laughed.

You chose the film you wanted and he got it ready for you to watch. You climbed into his double bed and pulled the covers over you. He came and lay down next to you and you moved your hand onto his chest. Through the whole film you could feel him inhale and exhale and you could also feel his heart beat. Slow and steady and consistent. After a while your eyes felt heavy and all of the characters voices in the film blurred into one. It was cold outside but you couldn’t tell. Y/c/n’s duvet was so warm and made you feel so sleepy.

A while later your eyes fluttered open. On the screen the film credits were rolling. The light coming from the film illuminated Y/c/n’s sleeping face. His lips were slightly parted and his hair was messier than usual. You tried to reach into your pocket to get your phone but your slight movement caused him to stir and pull you closer. You hadn’t realised his hand was resting on your waist protectively until now. You rested your head back down onto the pillow and smiled.

“I’m happy happy happy.” He whispered sleepily.

“I’m happy happy happy too.”


That was my favourite imagine I’ve ever written. I haven’t written in what feels like so long and I’ve missed it so much. I hope you guys liked this! Please request if you have an idea for an imagine. Thank you for 2300 followers - that’s crazy!! xxxx