i love the silhouttes


Tell me you found your way home.
Tell me it’s peaceful.
Tell me you know where I go.
Tell me it ends well.

Come to me,come to me, I’ll be your friend.
Leave sitting alone at home with your open wrists that bleed all over.
It’s been notable years (apart) now, but that’s easy for me.
Maybe if i was not in vain, well maybe then i would have seen it.

You will find yourself in time; all it will take is some time.
Know that all that it will take is some time.
I am furthest from the sun, closest to roots of the tree.
You’re not the only one under shade suffering.

You’ll hate her forevermore, and you’ll love her the same.
She’ll never understand, no because life seems to work that way.
The dark DNA intact leaves a stain in your brain.
And i am not all that you see, most of it you’d never want to be.

Enigma; deplete. I’m begging.
Priority; I’m learning
All that is need; I will be.
Not enough time for trying.

All that you are is much more,
than what you call as your worth.
you’re who this is for, you’re foremost.
Don’t you forget, I love you.

Silhoutte (Latin Skin)
And your friends; are they dangerous?
And if they are, well how much?
And your friends; are they glamorous?
And if they are, I’ve lost interest

Silhouette, loose sundress, low sunset, baby.
Desert heat, come with me. just one drink, thirsty.
This city ain’t safe at sundown.

And your chest; does it sound a beat?
And if it does, we can never be.

I thought you noticed all out blemish.
Didn’t you know this is temporary?

Inject a face into a memory.
Extract before you reach the final scene.
That way you will only be left with the grace.
And not the hell to pay.
Cool down. Float on.

 Wild West Selfishness

No more friends.

Never needed them.

Read her skin.
“Never again”

Took your steps.
Left me under them.
It’s wild west selfishness.

Someone left you looking for a reason.
Found it in the Reverie Lagoon.
Hate to see you lose you in illusion.
Don’t forget who’s watching you.

Junebug came.
Left with everything.
Change my name
Change my face.

On The Floor
When you know that it’s wrong, yet you still move it along.
And you find all in all, for yourself it’s better off.
There’s something you create that won’t ever wash away.
Well you knew it was wrong. It is wrong.

So you buy and you sell that means of keeping you from hell.
But the Ghost on your trail can’t seem to neglect a step.
There’s a noose in his hand with shape to fit your neck.
Keep on running from hell. This is hell

Ain’t it something when everything falls apart?
The ground you build upon determines if you’ll fall.
It’s slow motion as I watch it from the hall all come undone.
It’s the past that leaves you on the floor.

Forgiveness comes with a humiliating clause.
It’s the last thing you want, but the first to move forth
Now your demon are sewn to your shoulder clearly shown.
It is your futile refrain from vulnerable.

As you fall, you faintly hear a familiar song, hum along, “hallelujah.”
Now he’s gone, as is the time you now have lost. We die alone, hallelujah.

Paseo De Las Estrellas (l)
Fell asleep to dream,
To meet subconsciously.
But you were hidden deep.

You were “absentee.”
As were all my teeth.
Do you know what that means?

River without flow.
Boat without its oars.
Wind without its blow.
where’d you go?

thought deep might have deeper means.
So i kneeled down to see.
As strange as it may seem,
You were the water’s sheen

I guess that’s what i get.
Not you, but what i am.
The bittersweet result of all things supernatural.

Highway Blues
Sick on the I-5 with you on my mind.
The sun is high, but it don’t shine.
I am making my way in heavy spite.
to denounce you line after line.
Great fields, they pass, made of greener grass.
My neck fights my will to not look back.
At everything that i never had and now will never have.

just promise to let me know if you come around.
I won’t be too far from Torrance, California.
I’ll come to you the moment I hear your call.
I’ll pick you up in your truck, this time no hesitation.

This life’s a mess,you and i know best.
But we ain’t got to much control I guess.
I sat out in the rain on the first Christmas.
Your brother stood and said:
“Is God really that dirty, to not grant a man’s only wish?
You do not understand his love, now I’m sorry you never will”

You were the lonely one.
Now i am the lonely one..
You buried your Love.
So i dig for you Love.

Found you in a hole, it was enough
Needed you to work on my wounds.
Offered up the back of your hand
Suitable enough.

I’ve been pretty low.
So I fall back into your arms once more.
Give to me your flesh; you keep the rest.
We’ll try this one again.

I don’t ever think what i want could be considered Love,
but it is what i want anyway.
Beauty in the dark, fragile heart, see the end from the start.
I don’t ever think what you need could be considered me,
still you drop everything anyway.

Now it’s how it was when I was lost,
in a sea of skin that talks.
Louder than the bones that it coats.
Strong enough to overthrow growth.

How to assess a burly mess,
coined as a result of your head?
Turn and face the hurt you harbor.
Wish yourself the best.

Damn all those tricks of yours; make me feel so small.
I’ve got some, lots of them, I’m waiting for my turn to turn.

Hollow, is hollow how you feel?
Whispers, are whispers what you here?
Distance, is distance why you drift?
Closer, is closer where it is?

Love To Burn
The diamonds in your eyes they keep my sunglasses on.
We take the love we feel earn and leave the rest to burn.

You don’t need me, but we’ll make believe like you do. well you don’t.
I’ll be sour, you be sweet; it’s nothing new. What are you still doing here?

I know the space is hard enough without me making more.

Solar Eclipse
Dark stains on ivory.
They’ll never go away.
They look a lot like me

Found ways to hold the weight.
Pawn to heredity.
But i am me.

I’m sorry for all of the things that you don’t know.
I’m everything now that you would never want.
If you knew the length of my selfishness…

Distant and Naive are two that still believe.
Gentle hands that feed.
And on my chest one sleeps.
The closest one to me in everyday.

In a parking lot, in a burning truck, i’m waiting around.
The hours pass, i’m a mess, and it’s getting worse.
I’m freezing cold sweats are all that I’m worth.
You’re at home, lying proud of a son.
But it don’t shine anymore.

Paseo De Las Estrellas (ll)
Murky are the lessons,
taught from stars above.
Rub my eye forever.
we’re made of skin and bone.

That’s why we stay searching,
for the perception well disguised,
as someone or something missing,
We plead without reply.

Lately it’s acceptance,
that keeps my face intact
It’s rightful place in virtue,
as wrong as it can sound.

Everything has reason,
at least i’d like to believe.
If not, this world no longer has a thing to offer me.

Karma Consequential
She will pass by a noose tied with loose ends,
I will follow her.
She buried a burden and called it a miracle.
Ain’t it something how they grow?

Fold up your story and stow in a safe place.
Unfold in a decade or when you feel ready.
A title will follow; “ Karma Consequential.”
Equipped with a conclusion to eat up our soul.

In some odd years you will rest in a field,
While remorse in the heat smells of ripening grapes,
I will come visit you when the poppies are blooming,
and carry a bloodline on back to the root.

She watches the sun fall into it’s destiny.
Out of her hand, sunshine flees.
Now living in darkness,she runs with the skeletons.
That ain’t what it was in ninety-one.

We don’t take time from misery, for anyone.
Don’t it feel time, to let it be humanly?

There’s a house in the green hills,
where someday I hope to live.
So I’ll sell my sadness to them,
turn pain into a payment.

There’s a cliff from the last one,
that sits right across from it so when I get your wake up call in,
So when I get your wake up call in.
I’ll join life at it’s purest.