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Meeting The Avengers - Peter Parker

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Request from Anonymous: i love your peter story oh my gosh!!!!!! can you do one where he invites you to stark tower and you meet all the avengers?

Words: 890

A/N: Sorry this took so long anon. Hope you like it :)

“Peter I can’t do this.” You stated as you walked side by side with Peter along the street to Stark Tower.

“Yes you can.” Peter said and he took your hand.

Earlier that day Peter had invited you along with him to go with him to Stark Tower. You were going to meet all of the Avengers - and you were nervous as hell.

“But they’re all practically Gods!” You argued, “And I’m normal! I’m just me…”

Peter stopped and sighed and turned to face you. He was smiling warmly at you.

“Y/N, you’re you and that’s perfect. I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

You smiled nervously and looked down at your feet. Peter kissed you on the cheek and you squeezed his hand a little tighter.

“Ready?” Peter asked.

You nodded more confidently now.

Peter seemed to know the way and soon you were inside after Peter talking on the intercom to someone called Jarvis. Peter lead the way to the elevator still holding your hand as he could still sense your unsteadiness.

“Jarvis is actually an AI.” Peter explained as the elevator started moving upwards.

“Of course he is we’re in Stark Tower.” You mumbled grinning through your anxiety.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Peter asked.

You wanted to say no because you knew how awkward you were and how you were probably going to mess this up.

“I’m okay.” You said. “I just… don’t want to mess this up for you.”

“Y/N you really won’t. They’ll like you I promise.” Peter took your other hand so you were facing each other.

You leant up and kissed him, pressing your body fully into Peter’s. Peter kissed you back passionately and you both didn’t see the elevator doors open with Tony Stark on the other side of them.

“Parker.” Tony said nonchalantly.

You both broke the kiss and moved away from each other in surprise.

“Mr Stark.” Peter said as you blushed a deep red.

“And this must be…?” Tony asked as he moved forward to shake your hand. He was smirking at Peter.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You said and shook Tony’s hand. Peter had told you so much about him.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Tony said politely and you nodded back.

“The rest of the team’s this way.” Tony said and you and Peter followed him down the corridor.

Stark Tower was impressive, you had to admit to yourself that.

Tony led you into a bigger room that was designed brilliantly. It had glass down one side so you could see most of the New York skyline. It had a bar to the left and small staircases up to the balcony area.

You saw a group of people sitting on the group of sofas - the Avengers. The fact that you knew that Peter was fighting along side these guys just made you very proud of him.

“Everyone meet Y/N.” Tony said as he introduced you to everyone.

“Hey.” You said.

Peter named everyone as you followed him to go and sit down on an empty bit on the sofa. It was next to someone he said was called Wanda.

“Peter you did well.” The red haired woman, Natasha, said.

Peter chuckled lightly at her comment.

“Did you get bitten by a radioactive spider as well?” The one called Sam joked.

“No I didn’t.” You replied grinning.

“How did you two meet?” Wanda asked.

“Science project.” Peter said. This actually was only half true. You had first met over a science project but hadn’t starting fully noticing each other until Peter (as Spider-Man) fell onto your home balcony, injured and you had to let him in. That was when your first began being friends.

“Yes, but the first time we really spoke as friends was when Peter was in the middle of a fight but was injured. I helped him.”

“Parker in distress.” Tony joked.

“Basically.” You laughed. Your nervousness was slowly starting to drift away from you.

You, Peter and the team chatted about random things and you asked a few questions about their lives and what it was like to be an Avenger. You got some fairly honest answers and they all seemed passionate about doing the right thing.

About half way through a conversation about whether or not capitalism or communism is better (I told you that you spoke about random stuff), a woman came into the room and showed Natasha an electronic tablet that she was holding. She was introduced as Maria Hill.

“Looks like we’re needed.” Natasha said to the rest of the team.

“Suit up then.” Steve said also addressing everyone.

“Y/N you are welcome to wait here. We shouldn’t be long.” Tony said.

“It was nice meeting you, come by with Peter anytime.” That was Wanda.

You smiled at them all politely as they left to go and do what they needed to do to get ready. You turned to Peter.

“See that wasn’t that bad.” Peter said.

“No it wasn’t.” You said and lightly pecked him on the lips, “Now go and be an Avenger.”

Peter grinned, he could get used to that.

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Co Workers (Part Twenty-Three)

A/N: I swear it has a happy ending!!! Also, these last few chapters are a bit shorter, but it’s okay! Also, there’s only TWO PARTS LEFT to this series, so if you’re on the Co Workers tag list and you’d like to be moved to a different tag list, let me know!

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy loss, lots of emotional stuff

Word Count: 1.6k


(Gif not mine)

“I love you both.”

You blushed again as you opened your mouth to answer him before hanging up, but as you were turning, you looked to your left just in time to see a pickup truck smashing into the driver’s side door.

The car was still running and you could hear people yelling as you faded in and out. You fought to open your eyes and look down at your stomach, which you were holding onto with bloodied hands. You faded out for a second before trying to look and see if Misha was still on the phone, but your vision was too blurry. Your head was pounding as you fought to open your mouth and say something, only to lose consciousness.

“Y/N?” Misha yelled into the phone, “Y/N? Are you there? What happened?!”

Misha had heard the crash followed by you screaming and was now in full panic mode. He didn’t want to believe it, but when you didn’t answer him he knew it was bad.

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Happy Valentine’s Day | kai_kaminomi [pixiv]

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Do you have any cheater fanfics you'd suggest ? I've been craving these a lot lately haha why do I torture myself?

Ok the only ones I can think of right now is He Didn’t (Yoongi), Amnesia (Hoseok) & Saved by the Bell (Namjoon) by @trapmonster (she might have more that I haven’t read yet? Check out her masterlist!), in @jungblue‘s I Hate You I Love You Jungkook technically does cheat, and loving him, loving her (Taehyung) as well. so this is love (Yoongi) by @seoulscapes made me sob im tired of her

I don’t know if you’re into like not really cheating but the guy leaving his gf for another girl but if you are I highly recommend The Other Side (Lay) by @exo-can & she has different endings that ripped my heart out double the amount of times (sorry need to throw this in cuz i just loved it so hard)

I seriously wish suga-of-daegu was still here cuz she had an amazing fic called Nervous Tongue as well as a Hoseok/Yoongi fic and another Taehyung angst that would make me sob uncontrollably pls her fics were so great but I hope she’s doing well now!!

Sorry that’s all I got for now anon but I hoped I helped out in someway!

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I saw a hc that was like: Steve is always reaching for buckys hands to hold them or just play with them and he doesn't even realise. Mid conversation if Bucky sits next to him he automatically reaches for his hand. Natasha notices one day and asks about it and Steve says "because I couldn't reach it before, im not letting go now"

Steve reached for Bucky’s hand when they were watching a film with the rest of the Avengers. Bucky smiled at him and opened his arms for Steve to crawl into. Steve snuggled into Bucky’s side, putting his head on the brunette’s chest, tucked underneath his chin. 

“Comfortable?” Bucky asked, kissing Steve’s head. Steve nodded and took Bucky’s flesh hand in his own and held on tight, while the metal one, wrapped itself around Steve’s shoulders. 

“I love you,” Steve whispered into the darkness of the room. 

“I love you too,” Bucky replied, kissing Steve’s temple and forehead when the blond looked up at him with wide, happy eyes. 

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You: Im sick and tired of being called disgusting! For my abusive ship! Ughhhhhhhhhh I can't belive me shipping abusive gets people with common sense mad!1!1... you shipping reylo is very bad :^)

yeah i mean i guess we all have our own opinions but as i’ve said before i have my reasons for shipping it (like i want to see dark rey coming to life because kylo pulls her to the dark side or ben coming back to the light because rey pulls him to the light or maybe they could be grey together i don’t know i love my ships angsty etc.)

but i do understand where you’re coming from and why you hate it (they might be related, he slammed her against a tree, she sliced his face in half, he mind-raped her, she mind-raped him, she hates him, he hurt her friends and her newly-found father figure, he’s evil to the core (yeah sure he is lol), she already has finn, she deserves better, etc.

we literally just have different opinions but i don’t go overboard and bash you for it

NCT 127 & U - Girlfriend being Insecure

Mark: He would shower you in gifts, letting you feel really loved and precious. ‘Who told you this bullshit?’

Haechan: He likes your innocent side, but as you are getting insecure in front of his eyes, he’d make you thousands of compliments in hope you stop thinking like that.

Taeyong: As he once saw you in front of an mirror in your underwear, asking him if he thinks you are fat, he’d be so shocked. He would not know what to do.

Taeil: Taeil would hug you tight and whisper many nice things in your ear. ‘Are you serious? Did you once saw in a mirror? I’d be jealous if I were a girl.’

Yuta: Even though Yuta likes to do a lot of jokes, even bad ones, he’d be frozen as he saw you being like that. He is really serious and tries to listen to you and your problems.

WinWin: He could not really understand your problem. ‘Why are you insecure? How can someone as you be insecure about something, which is so small?’

Doyoung: As you first said you are feeling a bit insecure about your body, Doyoung did not think you really mean it, but as he once saw you like that, he’d be really panicky.

Johnny: Johnny would stare at you and mumbles thinks to himself. 'If you are ever gonna say that again, I’ll pinch you!’

Jaehyun: 'What the Fuck, Jagi? You are beautiful, that’s the truth! The truth should be said.’

Ten: Ten would ask you carefully. 'Did someone tell you such a thing? Or why are you saying something like that?’

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Hope you like it! ♡ And thanks for requesting. Masterlist will be added soon.

All the Love. -K.

(February the 22th, 2017.)

Loving All of You

For: Rina, @todoyamas

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: G

Summary: 1K words. Fluffy, warm, and tender AF. Kageyama has OCD; Hinata confesses and assures him he’ll always be by his side. Rina, I know how important this HC is to you and I was inspired by the post in which you talked about it. I hope I did your HC justice.

Read on Ao3

It was a windy, cloud-speckled day in early March, only a few weeks until the end of Kageyama and Hinata’s first year in Karasuno High School. To think they had met just a year earlier, grown as close as they had, cried together, struggled valiantly, and triumphed with a team that became like a family. It was quite frankly, unbelievable. With the 3rd years graduating soon and their moving up to 2nd year, everything felt like a blur—aside from one thing. One thing was perfectly clear to both of them.

“I like you romantically,” Hinata blurted, eyes meeting Kageyama’s and fingers grabbing desperately at tufts of grass. They were alone, sitting side by side under a sliver of sun on a grassy area behind the gym.

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If I were Jin, I would also be upset if I won’t be able to go to my graduation. It was something he worked hard for while doing Bangtan’s activities. Imagine how hard that was for him. But he managed and achieved it on his own. Not within the group but just with his own capabilities. He must have wanted to celebrate it so bad.

But Bangtan has to come first. And even if he did go to the graduation, I know he wouldn’t be happy without the members by his side.

I’m thankful that the kids gave him a celebration in their own way. It may not be as grand but it sure did brighten up Jin’s mood.

That’s why ARMYs, let’s give Jin lots of love~ Let’s all be proud of his achievement. He deserves this.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Headcanon

Requested by @rex-ol-boy

Obi-Wan Kenobi Headcanons (3,5,6,7,17)

3: Sleeping Headcanon

Obi-Wan sleeps on his back, never on his sides or stomach. Sometimes you think he’s dead but that’s just how he sleeps. When you sleep with him, he’ll hold your hand and rest his head on your shoulder.

5: Bathing/ Showering Headcanon

Obi-Wan takes FOREVER to bathe or shower. I guess with hair that perfect, he has to take his time! 

6: Hugging Headcanon

Obi-Wan loves to hug from behind. He feels more protective that way.

7: Kissing Headcanon

Obi-Wan is so soft and gentle with his kisses. He’ll cup their jaw and gently kiss them. But keep in mind, he is a gentleman. He won’t force it or make it sloppy.

17: Soft Spot Headcanon

Obi-Wan has a soft spot for anything really. But his greatest soft spot are kids. He thinks they are just so fragile and precious.

been talking to @peacefighting about this gif. and i had to write a little bit of meta on bellamy’s stance here. it already looks like bellamy’s eyes are closed when they take off the bag. his shoulders are slumped and his head lulls to the side.

compare that with the tension in kane’s body and we can see the difference between someone grieving but still ready to take steps forwards (kane) and an empty shell (bellamy). he thinks his sister is dead. and he didn’t just lose a person he loved, he lost someone who is essential to his being.

for as long as he can remember, he’s been big brother. and now that’s suddenly taken from him, by a person he helped to save, no less. he’s thinking - who am i without? would she have died if i had been better? would she have died if i hadn’t helped echo? it should have been me.

he’s not ready to talk this out or to move on. he’s barely even in existence anymore. he’s the most defeated he’s ever been in the show and, for the first time, his words from last week (are we still breathing?) are no longer true.


This is something short I wrote for Valentine’s Day but never got to finish until now so here ya go.

Word count: 439

Warning: Bad grammar and spelling


“Tigress you can’t run away from this! from me.” He yelled as he went after her.

The feline stopped and turned to face him.

“Watch me.” She said and started walking towards the stairs.

Po grabbed her arm and pushed her against the jade column, he placed his paws by the sides of her head and trapped her.

“I love you, what part don’t you understand.” He looked into her eyes, brows knit.

“Then stop loving me.” She said with force.

“I can’t! That’s not how love works tigress, feelings don’t just disappear.”

“I’m not good for you Po. I’m not-” he cut her off.

“That doesn’t matter I love you and nothing will change that.” He declared.

She was left speechless, her mouth slightly agape. Po just stared at her and waited for her response.

“Wh-why? Why me? Everything was fine, I was fine but then you had to come along and ruin it.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“It took me years, decades even to build the emotional walls I had. You made me feel things, things I’ve never felt before and it confused me because you managed to tear them down in such a short amount of time.”

Po looked at her with a soft expression. She’s been holding back her feelings for so many years, he wonders how she’ll react to his affections. Tilting his head slightly he places a paw on her cheek.

Tigress glances at it before looking into his eyes, she can see how much he truly loves her. Maybe she should give him a chance, it wouldn’t hurt to try…right?

“Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” He says.

Po closes his eyes, leans it and gently kisses her.

She doesn’t kiss back, in fact she doesn’t react at all.

Tigress looks at Po through half lidded eyes before closing them and reciprocating the kiss, her decision made. The kiss is long but shy, it doesn’t get too hot but it’s far from chaste. Po wraps his arms around her waist and brings her closer, the feline jumps at the sudden movement but then calms down as she wraps her arms around his neck.

They break the kiss when air becomes necessary, both pant and press their foreheads against each other. They look into the others eyes, tigress sighs after catching her breath.

“I’ll give us a chance ok, but I’m new to this so don’t expect me to be the perfect girlfriend.”

“You already are.” He smiles.


That’s it, hope you liked it. I have a job now and my next day off is on Sunday so hopefully I’ll post something by then, laterz

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(Just on a side note, I love your blog. You are amazing!) Let's pretend Mycroft gets a new secretary for some reason, a very sassy but kind and overly caring. She falls for him immediately, but he or Sherlock doesn't notice at all until John points out the obvious. How would they and the new girl react?

This would be one of the times that Sherlock would complain that he hadn’t been wrong but was ‘tricked’ or ‘the new girl changed her mind so suddenly he didn’t catch the change and therefore he’s not wrong.’ More yelling would ensue between him and John because for John it was obvious from the start.

“No it wasn’t John!”


For Mycroft this would be a blunder and show just how out of tune he is with people’s feelings making him feel like an idiot. He would then become flustered and try to seek an exit because how in the hell does someone as intelligent as him miss that?

This of course would be somewhat annoying to the new girl who thought she was sending obvious signals however embarrassed and bashful Mycroft is a very enticing creature for her to stay mad at. So when Mycroft tries to flee the area the new girl chases after him (since John and Sherlock are still arguing) and straightforwardly asks him out on a date.

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Can I have a one with steve where the reader did awful on a mission and feels bad about themself but instead of crying and being all mushy, she gets numb and doesnt want to talk about it and only comes out of her room to train (like really hard) and eat. Then steve trys to comfort her but fails and then one day she trains herself so tired that she couldnt make it back to her room so she went to steves room and sleeps with him and they talk then. Sorry if this is too specific but it would help me


A/N: here you go, love! I over-tagged just to be on the safe side, hope you enjoy! (Yes, yes I did write this story three different times)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: language, canon typical violence, self blame, bad coping mechanisms, over training, exhaustion.


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Why you keep calling me pinocchio?

Okay find no more side step the question.
*takes deep breath*
I’m not good at emotions like the others. Truthfully I don’t know exactly how I feel about morality I care for him more then the others but I’m not sure if it platonic love or romantic love or what. I just don’t know okay. Morality is morality you guys can’t tell him, I love him I don’t know what kind of love. But I do love him and I don’t want things to get weird. So don’t tell him about any of this cause I don’t even know what these feeling are.
There you have your answer. Now let’s move in from all these feeling there are to confusing.

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What do you think about headcanons soft!Peter Maximoff and his female s/o with little height (about 140cm)? Do you have any ideas? Just imagine it!)

that would be heckin cute if i say so myself especially bc peter would want to wear her clothes and none of them would fit him my poor baby but on the other side she would wear his clothes and they would look big on her which in his opnion is adorable and he loves it


Another look at my little elm. Checked on it today and so far it’s still alive, soil was dry so I rewatered. Put it back out with my other plants for some daylight. Spoke to local bonsai expert on the phone for some tips and he said that it prob needs a different soil mix and I can meet him this weekend, also told me about some bonsai clinics coming up in town, including a juniper wiring clinic which I am hype for bc I love junipers.

Anyway it’ll be ages before I work on this guy if he stays alive, but just musing, it has a nice fat trunk but then that big ugly disproportionate branch shooting off to the side. That’ll almost definitely have to go. Tentative ignorant plan: make sure tree stays alive for a while, chop that branch, let it rest, then give it a big pot and a whole season or two to see what I get.