i love the second photo so much i just


JIBCon 2017 Sunday - Jensen/Misha PO story

I can’t describe how much these photos mean to me.. everything started with me wanting two Jen/Mish photos because I couldn’t get one last year and so I was in need of a hug but I also wanted to have “something intimate” - a pose where the emotional support was visible but not stepping over any boundaries. So I came up with the idea of this pose where I stand with the back to the camera and have my arms around Misha and Jensen. That transformed to the pose you see above, where Jensen should protect Misha and me and we just hide in his chest. After 12x22 you all know this pose as the “family hug” and a friend of mine actually did exactly that with J2, but I had the idea way before 12x22 aired and after what happened in 12x23 I knew I had to give Misha as much love as he could get that weekend! 

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I really -really- love that episode 2 promo pic of Peter in the middle of the field, like I think about it at least 30 times per day.
I could easily imagine Gallifrey on the background so, since photo manipulation is not my area, I.. decided to draw the whole thing.

(Second picture is just a zoom in because the face is not a total disaster so I can show it off…a bit)

I am actually pretty nervous to post this… May I introduce you to Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 151: Raúl at the Joyful Heart Gala 2017. ❤️

There’s hardly a drawing I had more fun to work on. I loved every second of it. If I may be so free to say, I think this is my new pride. The first time I saw the photo, I knew I had to turn it into art.
So many of asked me to draw this and I hope it is just the way you expected it to be.

May it bring you as much joy as it brought to me while drawing! 💕😘

Currently Reading || 6-2-17 

I’ve decided to make this my reread month for the year! So besides a few new books (because I absolutely have to read Our Dark Duet when it comes out), I will be rereading a few books! The first is my favorite of all time, I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak, which I’m currently devouring. God, people, I just love this book SO MUCH. It resonates with me as much this time as it did the first three. 

The second book is a toss up between the princess saves herself in this one or Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Heck, maybe I’ll just read both. Haha.

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the second picture he posted though his eyes are so soft and we know he's looking at dan behind the camera and there is so much love i can't breathe

i know!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t actually breathe!!! how does dan even function with that expression turned to him?????? i have always felt like phil doesn’t particularly like to have his photo taken but in this case dan was super persistent bc phil looked so beautiful and it’s dusk and the colors behind him are so beautiful so dan was like pls phil you don’t even have to smile just let me take a pic of you and this photo was the result and phil is just like soft and fond and natural and it’s so apparent in his expression that he would ultimately do anything dan asked him and i feel like i shouldn’t be looking at it :( why do they keep sharing private pics :( we don’t deserve it and my heart fully aches :( :(

I’m on my second glass of wine, and honestly???? The Purple Wall™ at Magic Kingdom Park® at Walt Disney World Resort© is so iconic for so many reasons. Like, I don’t even know who the first person to take a picture there was, but it just spread like wildfire, and suddenly, everyone and their mom was taking a photo at this wall and they were finding other walls at WDW to take pictures at. And I’m so happy about it? Like, it encourages people to go be cute for a hot second and just let loose and take photos and be cute and happy and I just love it so much. Like??? I was looking through old Purple Wall™ photos earlier and

They’re just so good. And then people found the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot -

And then there’s the Blue Wall by The Living Seas (which some call the Toothpaste Wall)

And that doesn’t even COVER Animal Kingdom which is just an aesthetic PARADISE

And then, if you go to the other coast, Disneyland has great aesthetic spots too!

Bottom line - The Disney Parks fandom kind of just became a beacon of positive self-image because of this one wall that was a pretty shade of purple in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, and I’m so happy to see people post pictures of themselves and their friends at these places. And if you’re EVER at a Disney Park, feel free to be basic for however long you need to be. Take as many photos as you want. Make yourself feel good. Know how beautiful you are. If you see a wall/an area you think is pretty, take a picture of yourself there. Make it prettier! <3

Out Of Sight Part 4 - Auston Matthews

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Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1854

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

*Your POV*

You press your ear to the cold wooden door waiting for conversation to be made, hands on either side of your head. Your insides are bubbling up from curiosity. A part of you wanting to stay in the bathroom and listen, the other part begging to jump out and into his arms. The moment Willy opens the door he invites Auston in. The love of your life now standing on the other side of an inch-thick plank.

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Hey rosa! What would you say you're fashion essentials are? I love your style :)

Okay so I’m flattered you asked this because I don’t consider myself a stylish person, just someone who thinks they know what looks good on them! 

The first set of three photos are things I would wear to work (with blazers) so my essentials for work clothes are loose flowy button-downs (because I like how they tuck in) or blouses, and either cotton slacks (high-waisted obv) or pencil skirts. That is essentially my office wardrobe.

Second set of photos are casual outfits (unfortunately for winter bc I don’t have many summer outfits to show) and I also still swear by high-waisted jeans, love them so much (esp. Levi’s - worth the investment) and usually thin sweaters or blouses or shirts.

And the third set is showing how I would style a coat to work or casually! I love coats, I wish it was fall year-round so I can wear them. I probably own like 5-6, it is my fave style accessory. Usually I’ll pair everything with a watch and a few plain rings, studs if it’s a special occasion.

I don’t have a very complicated style, I also don’t care for adventurous pieces or crazy colours and patterns. I like when people remember me more than what I was wearing ;)


the highlight of the photo op was hands down bambam like he was so sweet and genuine ;;;; he was joking around with us when and he saw our headbands he went like “jaebum? jackson? oh sorry i’m not jaebum or jackson” aND HE LAUGHED IN SUCH AN ADORABLE WAY MY HEART HURT and we were so flustered because even though we have our biases we still love bambam so much??? we talked for a bit more and he ended up putting his arms around us like this during the photo op aND I WAS FREAKING OUT that’s why i look so stiff and dumb aND GOD MY HAIR WHY 

also just a little more info but this was probably the second picture they took because the first one got messed up since we got tangled up in his necklace and had to retake it LMAO

My Jared photo op was directly after jensens and Jared is my favourite person in the entire world so I was shaking even more and I started to tear up and before I knew it I was at the front of the line. He was looking away from where the line was so when it was my turn I just walked up to him and then HE LOOKED AT ME and said hi how are you and I was like ???!?!???!! So he pulled me into a hug and as we started to pull away he looked me in the eyes and said “oh no I think I messed up your hair let’s take that again” so he fixed my hair for me!!!!! And we got to hug again and take another photo then we half pulled apart so we were still hugging but could see each other’s faces and I said I love you so much and he said I love you back and we kinda just stood there for half a second looking at each other. I pulled away and started to walk away but then I looked back and he was still looking at me so I smiled and waved goodbye and he WINKED AT ME and that’s the story of how I died

How to clean manga in Photoshop

First of all, here’s a post that explains how to get Photoshop for free.

Because I love to color manga, I often buy manga and doujinshi to scan and color. Most of the time, I “scan” by taking pictures with my phone because it produces much higher-quality photos of individual panels/drawings than scanning an entire page would have produced.

The downside, though, is that the pictures I take initially end up looking much worse than scanned images. But after experimenting in Photoshop, I found a way to clean them up in seconds! So I decided to finally make a tutorial so others can do the same. Also, I’m pretty sure these concepts apply to all photo-editing software, not just Photoshop.

Step 1: Open the file

As you can see, the picture I took isn’t suitable for coloring. But we can change that!

(click “read more” to read the rest of this post, as it’s rather long)

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Not so much of a Secret

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You loved two things: shopping and teasing Jeon Jungkook 

Word Count: 1319

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The crisp air nipped at your nose and the harsh wind blew against your figure, but his hand intertwined with yours in his pocket was enough to warm you up. It’s been quite some time since the two of you had spent quality time together, especially since he was preoccupied with his very busy lifestyle that came with being an idol. It was the last day Jungkook and the boys had free time to spend before promotions started up again, and he chose to spend it with you since he knew you two weren’t going to be able to meet up for a while. 

Of course, with you being you, you had only one thing in mind as being the perfect date: shopping. You knew Jungkook was quite the avid shopper himself, but in no way did he compare to you. Once you started on a shopping spree, there was no stopping you until all the stores had closed for the night. 

You two were walking down the street until you passed by the store you were looking for.

“Kookie,” your voice all muffled due to the thick scarf wrapped around your neck, “Wait, I wanna go here.” You stopped in your tracks before Jungkook could take any more steps. With his frame being larger than yours, you had to practically tug him back for him to stop walking. You extended your arm and pointed to the store you were wanting to go to. His eyes widened and you could see the color of red claiming his face,

“Y-you want to go…there?” 

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I’ve struggled with a lot of pain, anxiety, depression, and self harm in my lifetime. I’ve left scars on my body I cannot remove. This pose was very intimate and very special to me. I’ve never been more happy with a photo than I am with this one…OKAY SO!! I’m standing in line for my photos op and I’m coolin’. I’m calm and collected the entire time and than I’m next in line. And my HEART DROOPED. I started feeling lightheaded and watery eyed and I tried to save myself but it was too late, Jensen turned to me with his arms open wide, he smile. I nervously walk up to him and he can totally tell I’m struggling so he makes conversation.

Jensen: hey! How are you? Is this your first convention?
Me: yyyyeessss
Jensen: are you enjoying yourself?
Me: ahhh yyyyeessss
Jensen: *laughs* I’m glad! Is there a pose you wanna do?
Me: ahhhhh yyyyeessss

So we do the pose and as soon as I break away I lock eyes with him and just lose it. I break down crying in front of EVERYONE and I’m SO EMBARRASSED. Jensen just throws his arms around me and pulls me into his chest. So I’m sobbing into Jensen’s shirt and then I realize “oh shit, people need their photos!” So I start pulling away and Jensen just pulls me tighter. I’m like “OKAY GOOD I CAN STAY HERE IM GOOD WITH THAT” I’m in his arms for about a good 45 seconds. I pull away again and wipe my face a little, trying to collect myself. Jensen smiles at me ever so sweetly and wraps his arm around me once more, he says “I’m so proud of you, you’re so important and you’re gonna be alright. I love you.” I said “I love you so much. Thank you.” He smiled SO WARMLY, and before I walked away he rubbed my back a little and it made me melt… I’m finally walking out of the photo op and immediately volunteers are like “are you okay? Do you wanna sit down?!” I’m saying “no, no I’m okay!” One girl wraps their arm around me, another hands me a bottle of water, (😂) as soon as I’m about to leave I hear someone say l “hey! Wait up!” I turn around to see an individual who stood about 2 people behind me in the photo op line running up to me, they hug me tight and say “I know what it’s like to be alone, and it’s okay…would you like to hang out with us for a while?” And with that I made two new friends! I come to found out from them that in the middle of me breaking down in Jensen’s arms, the security and staff was trying to move me along to hurry up the line and Jensen shoved them off. He WAVED THEM AWAY SO HE COULD HUG ME, and that is something I will never fucking forget. That is the reason I hold Jensen so close to my heart. I couldn’t ask for a better first convention.
Thank you Supernatural family, truly

P.S. Jensen smelt like Irish Spring male body wash and musk, of course. #blamethemusk

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CtM Thoughts 6.06


1. Sister Mary Cynthia’s storyline was so incredibly painful because I relate to so much of it, but it was so brilliantly portrayed and I’m so thankful for it.

2. Sister Monica Joan breaking down multiple times was heartbreaking

3. Nobody hugged Delia! :(

4. That one second shot of Delia looking at a photo of Patsy with tears in her eyes, was that really necessary??

5. Barbara suddenly seems so wise and experienced next to Valerie. 

6. Delia yelling ‘STOP’ at Sister Winifred and Sister Winifred screaming I love you Delia

7. I honestly learnt so much about FGM from that episode, I knew hardly anything before and this show just teaches you important stuff

8. Make Call the Midwife required viewing for politicians

9. The radio excerpts in the background discussing nuclear war were sending shivers down my spine

10. I cried at Trixie’s analogy to Cynthia, that was the perfect way to describe it

11. I’m not sure I want to watch next week, they can’t do that to Phyllis, she’s too good, she deserves happiness 

STORY TIME! Okay, so a couple nights ago, I was at Gate C at work. I wasn’t feeling well, we’d been force extended, and I was exhausted. Keep in mind, we weren’t busy at all, so the force extension seemed pointless. As I was running the cabin, this family kept coming through with these kids who, first off, are adorable. Every time they’d come through, at least one of them would come up to me and saw “Hey… (whispering) Star Tours is my favorite ride,” and we’d talk for a little bit about the Rebel Spy and droids and such. They started talking to my friend Alyssia as they were exiting, and I was like “this family is adorable, right?” and she was like “YES THEY ARE.” So, the third time they were on my flight, I told Alyssia as I was starting the ride so she could be ready for them when they exited. When they came off the ride, she told them that there was a Secret Mission waiting for them. She brought them back around to me, and we explained that for their Secret Mission, they’d get the whole cabin to themselves. Alyssia and I both got them pumped for their Private Flight, and the kids were freaking out and the parents were eating it up and they all just loved it. Everyone was all smiles and it was magical to say the least! When they got off the right, Alyssia presented them with a note from Yoda and special cards that declared that they were First-Class Rebel Spies! The kids were so excited, and the parents were so thankful! “You are making their vacation!” the mom said over and over.

SO TONIGHT (yes, the story’s not over), I was at Gate D. Once again, we weren’t very busy. I see this family come up to Boarding, and I see the boy say “There he is!! Hi!!!”, and I freaked out! “OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE BACK!” I immediately had Stephen, the Boarding Agent, send them over to my Gate. I chatted with them for awhile! They were so excited to see me, and I was freaking out about seeing them as much as they were about seeing me! Haha. I gave them another Private Flight, and basically turned to all of my coworkers smiling and being like “THE FAMILY THAT I LOVE IS HERE”. :P I called Alyssia, and she immediately booked it to the exit hallway. She brought them back around, and we all talked while they waited for another Private Flight. The kids were just so excited about everything and the parents were so nice and lovely and wonderful, and making magic for them was just so worth every second. This Instagram photo is my proudest momento of my College Program. I have done all four parks in one day, I’ve worked 15-hour shifts, and gotten more Four Keys cards than I can count, but making this family’s vacation is what I’m taking away with me in 17 days.

The mom told me tonight that they’re gonna be at Disney for a few more days, and they’ll definitely be back at Star Tours. Who knows? Alyssia and I may have a little more pixie dust up our sleeves. :)