i love the reflection scene so much

I do my absolute best to stay out of discourse, but this place has truly gotten out of hand. The content of my character is being called into question and I have no doubt that my name is being slandered behind the scenes. And so I ask, “Why?”

I try my hardest to stay a positive, happy, and safe place on here. And honestly, every single individual I’ve had the pleasure of having a conversation with on this hellsite has been absolutely lovely. All of you are so talented and wonderful in so many ways, and you are willing to share your gifts with others on a daily basis. For free! That is a truly selfless act, no matter what form of art or activism that piece of you takes.

So, when did we lose sight of the beauty of fandom?

This place used to be alive with meta, fic, art, videos, and love. Sure, it’s always been a bit problematic in one way or another, but it was once an oasis in which to escape the difficulties of life. In my 23 years of fandom, it was one of the best and most supportive communities I’ve been a part of.

What happened?

There is a lot of talk lately about bullying, and it’s important to remember that bullying comes in many forms. Searching through someone’s posts to pull things and use them for your own agenda to make fun of others is bullying. Ganging up on someone because they believe something different than you and trying to make them feel bad for it is bullying. Anonymously sending nasty messages is bullying. Attempting to establish a hierarchy based on your own views and forcing it on others is bullying.

BOTH SIDES of the fence are guilty of these things.

That said, Tumblr is what you make of it and perpetuating this kind of behavior is toxic. By posting nasty anonymous messages, you are giving these awful people a platform for their voices to be heard. If you think they are going to learn anything from your wise words and admonishments, you’re wrong. They are hiding behind a faceless message for a reason, and allowing their words to see the light of day is doing nothing other than letting them know they got to you and spurring them on to send more. Just like a real life bully, it’s best to ignore it. Don’t let them get to you and don’t give them a voice.

And if you think a blog doesn’t get hate just because you can’t see it, that’s a major misconception.

WE are the ones who have the power to control the environment this fandom lives in. WE decide whether this place is a sanctuary or an asylum. WE are the ones who can choose to spread love and not hate.

There is no reason for this wonderful place to be an installment of Mean Girls.

When I come to my dash, I don’t want to have to question why I’m here. I don’t want to feel sad or hurt or hopeless. I want to talk about my otp. I want to be surrounded by the amazing humans I know all of you are. I want to feel supported and loved and happy. I want to drown in the things we all love so much. And I want to unabashedly love all of you, as I always have.

So, can we try and make our way back there? 

I know we can do it.


Am I the only one that appreciated the scene in the mirror house, where Jerome is looking for Bruce, and he catches a glimpse of his own reflection, and starts giggling like a child?

Honestly, that was my favorite part. He was just so damn cute and so Jokerish. It was very reminiscent of Cesar Romero’s Joker. Kinda silly, but so enjoyable, and his laugh was perfect.

When I saw that, it made me realize I underestimated how much I truly love him.

I’m sorry but the last batcat scene in 3x05 killed me and brought me back to life cause it reflected perfectly the essence of Bruce and Selina’s relationship and I’m so glad they captured it just the way they did Which basically sums up in bruce and selina talking about feelings, fighting because they belong to different worlds ending up kissing all of this in less than three minutes and of course leaving me with absolutely clue of what the hell is going on

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“brendanrobinson: As filming on #PLL comes to a close today, I’m left reflecting on how much this show has changed my life. It’s been an incredible experience that I will hold close to my heart forever. And none of it would have been possible without all of YOU, the fans, the #pllarmy! The cast & crew and I are eternally grateful for your love, support and loyalty for the past 7 seasons!! Also, a special thank you to our fearless captain @imarleneking and all of our writers/producers, everyone at @freeform & @warnerbrostv, and of course @itsashbenzo for being an amazing scene partner for so many #HannaandLucas scenes!! Cheers!! @prettylittleliars #bestfans #prettylittleliars”

Why “Real” was important

“I thought he wanted it, anyway.”  I say.

“Not like this,” Haymitch says.  “He wanted it to be real.”

We almost got these lines in the movie, and I was so hoping they would put them in.  I think the scene still did a good job of at least showing how Peeta was feeling.  This moment, and that line, was so important in the books.  Because Suzanne Collins was amazing at how she set up so much to come. Because this moment is reflected later  in so many ways.  Most especially when we finally get to here…

“So after, when he whispers, “You love me.  Real or not real?”

Katniss knows from Haymitch’s earlier statement and all the questions she has answered in the Real or not Real? game that it will not be saying “I love you” back to Peeta that will mean the most to him.  So, she gives the answer that will.  The one word that will tell Peeta everything.


That Trandoshan moon might be one of the most visually stunning places I’ve seen up to now and it made me wonder if it was sort of meant to show us exactly who Ahsoka Tano is as a person. If it was mean to reflect… not her soul exactly, but how she looks at the world.

These two episodes were entirely Ahsoka’s story and I loved every bit of them, but back to the visuals.

The moon is basically covered in a giant thorn bush. And the atrocities that have been done there are pretty horrifying. But there’s so much color and life between those thorns, and the episode keeps playing with light and shadows in every other scene.

It’s basically the culmination of Ahsoka’s life up to this point. She’s a Jedi padawan and a warrior in the middle of a pretty terrible war, but on this planet she meets these survivors who are the same age as her, but are still called younglings… because at the end of the day that’s who they are… and in a sense that’s who Ahsoka is too, or what she should have been allowed to be.

Anyway. Look at all these flowers and vines that make a moon that could have been barren and ugly… beautiful. Because even here, where they are being hunted for sport Ahsoka finds people who can be kind, who can be inspired to be brave, to have hope they thought lost.

Ahsoka doesn’t buckle under the horror. she rises, and she fights, and she inspires others. Because Survivors can be Saviors too,

And at the end of the day this episode isn’t really about survival, it’s about living and growing up. And about looking for the light even in the darkness.

And of course this episode still has plenty of pain and unfairness, because all the light in the world won’t make children dying fair. But like always Ahsoka doesn’t break, she cries and she mourns, but she never breaks.

She holds so much optimism. She’s basically the reason I’m able to watch this show at all to be honest, because without her… well without her this show would be just the thorns and the blood they draw.

Ahsoka’s the color. She’s the flowers and the light. She’s the hope.

I might know the fate of the Galaxy… but Ahsoka’s fate hasn’t been written yet. For her I can still have hope. And I really need that hope.

I really want to see/hear Lorelai and Luke say “I love you” to each other in the revival. I know ASP isn’t really big on the I love yous, but here’s a scene I can picture so clearly:

Luke and Lorelai get married (I want to believe that the wedding will be theirs) and during their first dance, (to Reflecting Light of course) Lorelai whispers “I love you” or just “love you” and he whispers it back. 


TRK Countdown: Favorite Blue Sargent Moment  → The Lake Scene

Her gaze focused on the water once more. There was no corpse. There was no face. There was no reflection at all, just as there had been no reflection in Neeve’s mirrors. There was just the still glass surface of the water, and then, if she squinted past the reflection of the roof, the silty, uneven surface of the bottom of the lake.
It was only a few inches deep. One or two. A faultless illusion.
She touched her lip — this reminded her of Gansey, and she stopped.“I’m going to walk across it,” she said.
Ronan laughed in an unfunny way. “Right, but seriously.”
“Seriously,” Blue told him. Then, hurriedly, “Not you, though. I don’t think you can touch the water. You’d dissolve like that stone.”
“And you won’t? ”
She looked at the water. It was unbelievable, really, that she was trusting a crazy person’s wisdom. “I don’t think so. Because of the way I am.”

I just really love the way this season has been set up.
You feel the absence of Will so much.
No darkness, no remorseful shades of blue and green. This is all Hannibal. You can feel the slime crawling all over the dusty golden hues and the sense of whimsy. The lack of morals and the lack of self reflection taints every scene like a slow poison, even as the cannibal is smiling and dancing and dining. You can feel so much that there is something very wrong and it’s tinged with decadence and self gratification to an uncomfortable extreme, and it is also tinged with sinister evil, but most of all it is tinged with loneliness and somehow this magnificent show has managed, in my opinion at least, to skillfully convey the way that Hannibal is not used to this. He isn’t used to missing something or someone. Underneath the gold and champagne sparkle, is an itchy pain, like a scar not completely healed.