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Young Harry Hart in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Okay, I could say so much about the scenes between Eggsy and Harry, Eggsy trying so hard to rejog Harry’s memory, the puppy, Harry’s mother, Harry’s innocence and pre-Kingsman days, his humanity, his love for Mr. Pickles, how Mr. Pickles was his pressure point, how I LOVE hartwin and how their hug is the reason my chronic depression is cured, but if you want to read that you can read it in my REALLY in-depth reflection/shit-post/me pouring my feelings about TGC/summary of TGC

Alas, here are photos that needn’t saying.

Mike/Will Season 2, Episode 1: A Shot by Shot Analysis

Ok, here it is! The first installation of my shot-by-shot analysis series! 

Some things to know before reading: 

  1. This series will go episode by episode and each post will discuss scenes that I think are relevant to understanding Mike and Will’s relationship. I’m publishing them as I write them, so I might miss things. If I do, I’ll be sure to include them later. 
  2. This analysis focuses on what I think the Duffers’ intentions are as far as this pairing and what the Mike/Will scenes in season two could indicate about season three. It’s not always going to reflect that Byeler is endgame, because as much as I love Byeler (and I really do), I just don’t think it’s going to be canon, at least not in the way that we hope. Don’t despair, though. 
  3. If you haven’t, read my Is Will Byers Gay? post first! It basically establishes my thoughts about Gay Will. Give it a reblog if you’re so inclined :) Note that I wrote it BEFORE I knew about the stranger things bible clipping which basically confirms it, which you can find here.
  4. These are just my thoughts/opinions! Feel free to disagree, and please do! Just do so respectfully :) I wrote this because I love Stranger Things, something we ultimately all have in common. If you have negative/nasty opinions about this analysis or are offended by the suggestion that Will Byers is gay, I ask politely that you keep them to yourself. 
  5. I couldn’t find gifs for everything I wanted :/ if someone knows a better way to do this, I’d appreciate the help!
  6. Anyway, thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoy! (Also: I’m tagging @packupyourthingses @leondrmccoys @we-dance-like-marionettes who (I think?) asked to be tagged, and @thebandersnatchoftheshire who expressed an interest in the post a while back.)


Let’s start off with some general observations. 

  • In the first season, Will is missing, leaving his three best friends and Eleven to recover him. In the second season, Will is back, Eleven is gone, and Max has joined the party. Obviously, each of these changes makes a significant contribution to existing group dynamics. Mike, for example, changes significantly in the wake of Eleven’s departure, while Lucas and Dustin are overjoyed at Max’s arrival.
  • In season 1, storylines are segmented by age group. i.e., the kids, teenagers, and adults all embark on separate adventures that ultimately converge. As we would expect of a second installation, narratives in season two reflect character and story arcs established earlier. As a result, the groups are not so neatly divided. Ergo, Steve hangs with Dustin/Lucas/Max, Mike/Will end up with Joyce/Hopper, etc. 
  • Crucially, the core group of boys is divided into pairs. Mike and Will spend most of the season together, as do Dustin and Lucas. The use of these pairs, which are established almost immediately, is an unmistakeable narrative device all throughout the season.

1. Arcade

The arcade scene is the first in the season of all the boys together. They spend the first half of it together playing video games, arguing with Keith, etc, and the second half divided into pairs. This begins when Will is transplanted suddenly into the upside down and steps outside the arcade.

Lucas and Dustin, at that point, are preoccupied with divining MadMax’s true identity. Because of this, it’s Mike who comes out to check on Will, and likely the one who noticed he was missing in the first place. This is the first clue as to the extent of the closeness between the two. It’s deliberate: as we see here, and throughout the season, Will/Mike and Dustin/Lucas are partitioned, and their individual friendships are developed.

In the scene, Mike comes outside and finds Will. He then makes sure he’s okay, puts his arm around him, and guides him inside. This gesture, to me, reads as pretty innocuous physical affection (of course, you’re welcome to disagree). It was, however, a conscious stylistic choice, made by the duffers with the intention of communicating a number of things. In this scene, we begin to learn firstly that Mike and Will are close, and secondly, that Mike is protective of Will, concerned for his wellbeing, and (probably) an important source of emotional support. The arm gesture underscores Mike’s key character traits: his protectiveness, his characteristic warmth and compassion for others, and his ability to take charge when the situation calls for it and help those in need. 

Here’s why that matters: Mike’s behavior in this particular scene is especially interesting in the context of his recent character development. Eleven’s disappearance has clearly affected him profoundly, and in the first three episodes of the season, we learn just how much. Earlier in episode one we see him stealing from Nancy, and in a later scene with his parents, we learn that he’s acted out in a number of ways over the past year, all indicating that Mike’s moral compass, distinct and venerable in season 1, has weakened somewhat. Same goes for his trademark positivity and determination. This season he’s sullen, irritable, apathetic, and in [my paraphrasing of] Finn Wolfhard’s own words, “not as much of a leader.” 

And yet, Mike manages to be there for Will in that moment, to take note of his presence (or lack thereof), to guide him, to help heal him. It would appear that, in Mike’s moody “post-eleven period”, it is in his relationship with Will that he has remained his best self. 

The question is, WHY? In the first episode of Beyond Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard remarks (and the Duffers agree) that in Eleven’s absence, Mike needs “someone to impress” and therefore “tries to impress Will”. I also agree with this interpretation. Romance aside, Mike and El’s relationship is (among other things) characterized by a deep mutual admiration. Will, who’s obviously vulnerable, is an opportunity for Mike to be important to someone again, to be needed. Because of this, Will in particular has assumed a new level of importance in Mike’s life post-eleven, because in a way, Will helps Mike cope with the trauma of his loss. And, of course, Mike is very important for Will, who needs someone compassionate, sweet and understanding to help him cope with his trauma. They’re bonded by shared horrifying experiences from season 1: Will going missing; Mike losing El. They are, for all intents and purposes, “crazy together”. 

I can’t say with certainty that their relationship has a new dimension/purpose/function in the wake of all that’s happened, because Will was missing for the entirety of last season and we saw basically nothing of their friendship, so it’s impossible to make a comparison. But, I predict that in the aftermath of season one, Mike and Will’s (already close) friendship matured and deepened, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the change in their friendship had an effect on Will and how he sees their relationship. 

What are the implications of this? It’s worth it to consider:

  • The effects of this close relationship on Will. How does he feel about his closeness with Mike, new or not? How does he feel about the reemergence of Eleven? I predict angst. Lots of it. 
  • The potential of a love triangle. There are a bunch of amazing posts about this, find some here and here. I’m not convinced we’ll get one, but it’s interesting to consider in the context of this analysis. Remember that Will and Eleven have never interacted (which I think is also deliberate). How will Mike balance his emotional responsibilities to both Will and Eleven? How will Will and Eleven adjust to each other, when each of them is emotionally significant to and in some form, emotionally reliant on, Mike Wheeler? (Not suggesting Eleven needs Mike, she obviously doesn’t need a man, but it would be silly to deny how much he means to her, and vice versa.) Consider also, that there are SO MANY parallels between Will and Eleven. SO MANY. There are a lot of posts already analyzing this, I’ll link one here.

That being said, I do think Mike and Will have always been close. There are hints to this even in season 1. Exhibits A and B.

2. Mr. Clarke’s room

The next shot we see of the boys is in Mr. Clarke’s classroom, just before Max is first introduced. They sit in two rows of two: Dustin and Lucas in front; Will and Mike in back. This, if just visually, emphasizes the “pairs” theory I discussed earlier. Dustin and Lucas look at and whisper to only each other. 

3. Will gets in Joyce’s car while Dustin, Lucas and Mike watch from a distance

The physical set up of this scene again is deliberate. Mike is in front, with Lucas and Dustin behind him. (If you think this is grasping at straws, try picturing the scene with Dustin up front - it changes the mood). All the boys are concerned; Mike especially so. The exchange is as follows: Lucas asks, “Do you guys think he’s okay?”, to which Mike says, “I don’t know, he’s quiet today”. Lucas responds, “He’s always quiet.”

Then, the camera zooms in on Mike’s particularly troubled expression. We, the audience, KNOW that all is not well. We KNOW Will had an episode the night before, which explains why “he’s quiet today”. Lucas dismisses Mike’s uncertainty, but WE know that Mike is right. This is supposed to tell us that out of the group, Mike is the most intuitive/perceptive when it comes to Will, and that Lucas and Dustin obviously care very deeply for Will, but don’t know him like Mike does.

4. Lucas and Dustin at the arcade.

In this scene, Lucas and Dustin are at the arcade, trying to figure out if Max is MadMax. Will isn’t there because he’s at Hawkins lab, but where is Mike? Mike is uninterested in Max from the beginning (and so is Will, for that matter, beyond wanting to figure out if she’s MadMax. I don’t think we ever see them interact directly). 

Mike is unessential to the scene, so there’s no real reason to have him there, but I thought it was interesting that they weren’t all hanging out. This scene demonstrates that Lucas and Dustin are a pair. They have shared jokes, a witty banter, and now a shared goal, which is to befriend Max. That goal bonds them and frames their eventual storyline of setting a trap for Dart.

5. Will drawing in his room

(Sorry guys - I couldn’t find a screencap of the line I wanted; if you find one where Will says Mom, Dustin, Lucas, Everyone” PLEASE let me know!)

When Will takes Jonathan to task for treating him like a baby, he implicates “Mom, Dustin, Lucas, everyone”. The only person he doesn’t mention is Mike, which is interesting, because so far, Mike is the only one of the friend group we’ve seen express concern for Will in any capacity. This is ABSOLUTELY on purpose. Again, it emphasizes their close relationship and alludes to a symbiosis: later in the exchange, Will says “It doesn’t help. It just makes me feel like more of a freak.” Perhaps he doesn’t feel alienated by Mike’s help because Mike has been through something similar, which makes him also a freak.

It’s worth it to mention that Will has no screen time alone with any of the other characters. I think it’s probably because the writers felt the only relationship of Will’s they needed to emphasize was with Mike. 


That’s it for episode 1! Let me know if there’s anything I missed! 

Thoughts on “Logan” (Spoilers Ahead!!)

  • Logan is a lot of things: a western, another sequel, a comic-book film, and just a downright great film in general. I can’t think of any other way to say goodbye to both Hugh Jackman and his version of Wolverine than this. The story, script, acting, cinematography, and score all perfectly blend together to help the film transcend above most others in the comic-book/superhero genre. Logan is also the best X-Men or Wolverine film hands down, and that’s including X2 and Deadpool.
  • Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give fantastic final performances as their characters, bringing a sense of the pair truly becoming like father and son. The way their characters have changed since the very first X-Men is astounding, and they should both feel very proud for the work they put into this film and all the other films before it. (Well, maybe not Origins.)
  • Dafne Keen, the young actress who portrays Laura, is so perfectly cast it’s unreal! Not only is she capable of holding her own against greats like Jackman and Stewart, she can do it all without even speaking a single word for 2/3 of the movie! Her body language and facial expressions perfectly convey everything her character is thinking or feeling, you don’t need for her to speak to know what’s going on with her. Also, she’s a surprise but welcome Lantix and Spanish representation!
  • The film is rated R for a reason people! Do not take your children to see this film unless they are of age, I don’t care how much they like Wolverine! The film is possibly even more violent than Deadpool was, with it’s more grounded approach having more of a traumatic impact than Deadpool’s tongue-in-cheek humor influencing it’s violence. There’s a lot of limbs being sliced off in this movie, and even a disturbing scene where a family of nice farmers is murdered by a younger clone of Logan shortly after they offer him, Charles, and Laura a place to stay. (Like, it’s pretty fucking horrifying.)
  • The story is also much darker and tragic than the previous X-Men films, tackling themes of growing old and mortality that are very much a reflection of what so many of us go through with our loved ones. I won’t sugar-coat it guys, it’s extremely hard taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It’s very difficult and draining both physically and emotionally for us and the person suffering. Logan taking care of Charles in the film is a perfect example of this.
  • Quite possibly the most tragic thing about Logan is that we learn the X-Men are dead because Xavier kills them. It’s an accident of course, his degenerative brain disease causing him to have seizures that also produces deadly psychic shockwaves, but it’s still sad and horrible nonetheless.
  • Also when you think about it, Logan actually takes place in the new timeline Logan helped create in Days of Future Past. That means all that effort to save mutantkind was pretty much wasted.. Logan can’t catch a fucking break can he?
  • The main villain of the film, Dr. Zander Rice, is the only part of the film I disliked. The secondary antagonists like Donald Pierce and X-24 held much more weight and were definitely more impactful than Rice, one being the leader of a cyborg security squad and the other literally serving as a physical representation of Logan’s animalistic “Wolverine” side.
  • “Family” and “Legacy” play a huge part in Logan’s plot, specifically when it comes to the character’s relationship with Laura. She is the product of his DNA being used to essentially recreate him to create the perfect soldier, but this also makes her his biological daughter and as such she offers him something he’s never truly had before. This comes full circle in Logan’s final moments before his death, where he tells her that even though she’s like him that she shouldn’t be what they made her to be. Though she is like him in so many ways, Logan wants her to live as a better person than he could have ever been.
  • His final words, “So this is what it feels like..,” can be interpreted as both him finally being able to experience death or as him finally being able to see some part of him become something good.

Logan gets a 10/10

....so, about that kiss ... is it a result of the andre talk? or is it a possible rewrite from the comics?

possible spoilers, you’ve been warned: 

so, we’ve all been supremely blessed with the latest promo from the walking dead featuring richonne in a very intimate kissing scene, as well as speculation of lots of sexy times in episode 7x12. this particular intimate moment got me wondering what what led up to this scene. 

i’ve already written a loose theory on this before, that it may be when michonne tells rick about andre - now, i’m wondering if it could also possibly be a rewrite from the comics for the “i love you” reveal.

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@mormoc DID IT AGAIN! Look at this!!! Look at these two dorks! Another commission from Mormoc. This art is just… breathtaking. The emotions! The lighting! It’s utterly gorgeous. It took quite some back and forth to get it just right, but Mormoc was super patient with me and luckily I was able to help with some references but I’m so happy with how this turned out! 

This was based off a scene from my story “learning” HERE It brought it to life more vividly than even my imagination could!

Everyone please go and check out Mormoc’s blog! Their art is utterly amazing and they are an absolutely amazing person! 

the current war: a peek at an early script

i just read a very early version of mitnick’s the current war script. and… i am excited. i think it has more bite and more bravery than the imitation game; and it reads like an amazing vehicle for both BC and michael shannon.

(note: my brief comments below are as generic as i could; 95% not spoilery);

BC has some amazing, showy and very dark moments in this. He could work some serious magic, but note; they do not make Edison into a hero. All the accusations thrown at him in history (and that have been largely debunked) pretty much he owns in this. To me it’s clear; Edison is the problematic one and Westinghouse the emotional, human balance.

Both Westinghouse and Edison get major narratives by themselves; I hoped for significant shared time between Shannon and Cumberbatch (two acting titans) but in this version not at all. It’s two separate paths that eventually and very briefly!! converge.  

There’s moments of great sadness, and fury, and intrigue, and bombast and pomposity. Westinghouse is surprisingly human. We’re gonna get a quiet reflective Shannon I think. He’s so charismatic and good he might do something astonishing with that.  

Tom Holland and Kate Waterston have much bigger roles than I expected. Mathew Macfayden’s JP Morgan has a fiery clash with BC and it’s searing on the page; i cannot wait for that on screen my god!… and the biggest surprise of all; Tesla (to be played by Hoult) has a much much smaller, almost walk-on role. And he is by far the least explored character. Tesla-ites will be disappointed I think.

But going back to BC; there’s some absolutely lovely scenes where he’s funny & sweet and a doting father husband and boss. but he’s also selfish / distant.. but not like Dr Frankenstein or Alan Turing etc. He’s just absolutely single minded. and has become addicted to his own name. And there are some utterly sad moments. Moments which i think Benedict will absolutely nail and make us all suffer, & Edison in a rage should’ve magnificent to watch… 

I am MUCH more engaged with this biopic in principle than I was in execution by Tyldum’s the imitation game. and there will be comparisons between the 2; two geniuses. same studio, same actor (as @iwasthesouthernpansy has pointed out). but this is harder. meaner. more brutal, and the unusual and innovative pairing of   Gomez-Rejon and Chung hoon-chung as directing/lensing this as well..

consider me 100% on board :-)       

None of the real taylors had any snakes around them or associated with them, have people noticed this?

The ‘real’ taylors werent near snakes or wearing snake jewelry/clothes. Of course Taylor knew that the talented @taylorswiftstyle would ID her clothes and jewelry for us, right down the to the pieces that have snake in the name. 

The fake-taylors (viewed as part of her reputation) all had some association with snakes. So hilarious:

  • Diva / car crash taylor (snake print balmain dress, snakes on car, snake hairclip)
  • red balmain dress snake taylor (snakes all around her throne, snake rings, snake bracelets, she hisses), 
  • jailbird taylor (only one- a tattoo)
  • cult leader taylor (snake wrist cuff and snake earrings).

And while in-control dance dominatrix taylor is used to mock untrue portrayals of her (snapping her men into attention, e.g.) i think the lack of snakes in this scene tells us that there is very much a part of taylor who is in control of the situations and can definitely get down and dance. So there is a part of that taylor persona that is accurate.

Notice reputation taylor isn’t wearing snake stuff. Because even though that taylor has the reflection hair (part is on wrong side), in a twisted way, she is her reputation so she seems to be owning that.

Man i love this video.

Fairy Tail Chapter 540 Review

Boy is this a chapter I have mixed feelings about…

Our cover page is the sun village arc! Huh, kinda odd how no one ever talks about it.

We open in the Ravines of Time. Where Natsu is able to figure out this is Acnologia. Y’know Wendy did the same thing I’m wondering if it’s the smell power dragon slayers have that tips them off.

Acnologia shows off how he has all the dragon slayers in pillars. He goes on to explain that eating the ravines have given him time-space magic, which will give him the power to destroy the world. Y’know given how strong Acnologia is I don’t think he needed more help destroying the world.

Okay I’m going to ask you to keep this term he uses of “I shall exterminate you all” in mind for later. As well as this image of Igneel being killed by Acnologia. Trust me there’s a reason.

Outside the Ravines, Acnologia flies away to Magnolia (of course where else would he go). But what appears from the sky?

Yep, it is true. If you are a good guy no matter how unimportant, you’re going to live. This is still stupid but honestly I’m not as mad at this because these two are both pointless and I wouldn’t care about their status either way.

Yeah Anna, you fucked up.

So Anna explains that Acnologia due to having so much power has lost direct control of his physical body to compensate his soul is still in the ravines controlling the body, and he needs the dragon slayers to help circulate the body.

Alright first off, I will give the chapter this, this is a really cool idea. Now one could say this is giant contrivance that just exists so we have a way to defeat Acnologia easier highlighted by the fact he’s in human form. I will agree that this mainly happened just so we could make it easier to defeat him, but I will defend the human form because it’s his soul and no matter what Acnologia is human on the in side.

Second, why he didn’t kill you? If he need Dragon Slayers to properly control his body why didn’t he just kill you instead of spending time pushing you out?

Third, remember I asked you to remember the phrase “I shall exterminate…”, well this basically means he’s no exterminating them he’s just imprisoning them. So really his motivation of destroy dragons is pointless because he’s not going to kill them and actually needs them.

After hearing this Erza decides to embark to Magnolia. (Yeah sure ignore the fact your body is still damaged.

I had said that I enjoyed half of this chapter and that half was everything about the dragon slayers. This other half is just awful and pointless, and you’ll soon see.

Oh look it’s Mest. Guess everyone was wrong he doesn’t have a loli detector, he has a plot convenience detector.

So Mest Teleports Erza to Magnolia…

Slogan of the series…

And here is why I hate this half of the chapter. That it and by extension what’s happening with Erza, is a waste of potential. For the last couple months since the end of the Irene fight, Erza has been a glorified extra. She has sat on her ass and contributed nothing of value or anything character related (outside of that very small conversation about trust that went nowhere). You could white all of Erza’s scenes since getting on christina and insert any background fairy tail character, like Max, warren, Nab, etc, and you would get all of her scenes to the same effect. But now we are presented with a moment that could be a big characterization moment solely for Erza.

Now we have Erza seeing Makarov alive again, after see herself watched his sacrifice and used it as tool to help stop Natsu and Gray from fighting. But not only that, we have had her go through an experience where she met her biological parent and throughout it said that Makarov was her real parent. That want mentality helped Erza through fighting against Irene, that rage and loss she felt helped motivate her and now you have her seeing that he is alive once again. She can have this opportunity to reflect on how actually relived she is and how she’s able to be with her parent again. This should be a big moment for her, not something that can be solved in this few of panels! It’s so impersonal that once again we could easily replace Erza with any other FT member and we’d get the same effect from this wasted scene.

This isn’t me hating this chapter solely on Erza, this is me hating all the potential that her scenes could have and how compelling they could be this chapter. This isn’t the only scene either, that teleportation is another missed opportunity. We know Mest can’t directly teleport in kilometers, his magic only moves in small increments. Through this, while teleporting Erza could see all the destruction caused by Acnologia’s eternal flare and see how people, just normal people, were effected. She could be rattled by this and then seeing Makarov again puts her at peace or she could reflect on this, motivating her to want to stop Acnologia more. There is so much you could do to not humanize the situation their in, and it’s not taken advantage of.

So back on track…

Oh god, I simultaneously love and hate this scene. It is so great to see all of these characters together. It is so awesome. But what ruins this for me is a lot of these characters have done nothing for so long, by a base definition there’s no reason to start caring about them right now, and the other thing that hurts this is that again, wasted potential. All these characters and exploring character aspects of them, isn’t taken advantage of. How about Millianna being surprised that the OS were from the tower, or Kagura is happy to see Erza again, or Richard being happy that Sorano found her sister and he feels like finding Wally again. There’s tons of things you can do with this setup. By the way, Midnight and Minerva talked together, a ship has just been born!

And here’s what also gets me about this other half of the chapter. In the the grand scheme it’s pointless, because it seems to be setting up that they’ll handle the physical Acnologia. The one that is unstoppable and whatever fight they do put up is pointless because the Acnologia that’s controlling the body is going to fight the DS and if they kill the soul (Which they likely will) then body will stop working. Maybe they won’t fight it but it just seems like it’s set up to eat away more page space.

Back in the ravines Natsu breaks out of being encased.

Okay little odd here, Natsu used his damaged arm to break out. It’s implying that Wendy semi healed it to move (I’m going to assume she broke out while they were distracted). Why did Natsu need to use the broken arm to break out? He clear has another arm could’ve done it.

And again another missed opportunity. The are all breaking out because they hear the voice of the people that are waiting them, while cheesy I’d be fine with that, but again it could be more. Remember that image of the dead Igneel? We could maybe have had Natsu trapped in the pillar and then because this place is nebulous with time, we could flashes of Natsu’s timeline like that memory that motivate him to get his second wind. IN fact, you could do that for all the dragon slayers. Remember from my last review I had a problem with bringing focus on characters who’ve done nothing and are suddenly trust into relevance with out proper setup. Well through the way I desribed of having them see their time lines and becoming motivated it not only helps the audience be reminded of why should care about these characters but also helps the theme of this being an ending arc.

Okay not gonna lie, that’s a pretty awesome two page spread.

And we end on Acnologia’s face, and next chapter they will most likely fight. I’ll give credit to this, since they’ve escaped from the pillars Acnologia most likely has less control of his physical body thus prolonging time for the people outside of it, meaning the constant spouting of”we have to believe in them” actually matters.

Post Chapter follow up: As I said my feelings are mixed. I want to really like the stuff that was done well and I do. The problem is it’s also bogged down by these moments that could be so much more.

I’ll start with the positives, while this body split does exist more for making it easy to kill Acnologia it is still a very good idea. It’s definitely more interesting then the usual status of fights.

Also this is minor, but I love the atmosphere generated by the ravines of time. It really feels like this almost hopeless situation and the images of the dragon slayers in the pillars is so strong.

I also gotta give credit to the pacing of the chapter, it was much stronger than it usually is. I’m also very excited for the DS vs Acnologia.

The bad stuff, is pretty evident. It infuriates me how little goes into these moments that could add so much to the story and characters.Another thing in the bad side of things is just how pointless the stuff focusing on  the other characters outside the ravines are.

Also, another fake out death. Just because I’m not mad at it, it’s still bad writing.

Overall I want to say this could’ve been better if it cut out the scenes with the non dragon slayers and focused a bit more on them character and motivation wise. But since the Erza stuff is included we have to add this to the final grade.

Final Verdict: 4/10

  • What it does well it does well
  • Interesting setup
  • wasted potential
About the Lightning Scene

Okay so obviously we all know the iconic scene where Zuko takes a lightning bolt for Katara and almost dies in the process. Well the thing is, I always see people try to invalidate this moment by saying that Zuko would’ve done the exact same thing for Toph, Aang, Sokka etc. 

And here’s the thing, I 100% agree with those people. Zuko is an honourable and loyal person, he wouldn’t let any of his friends die. 

But it wasn’t Zuko’s action of taking the bolt that made this moment romantic. It was the way it was portrayed. 

Because while I’m certain that Zuko would’ve taken the bolt for any one of his friends, I highly disagree that he would’ve reacted or it would’ve been portrayed the same way because it screamed romantic love. 

 Let’s start with the absolute terror in Zuko’s eyes. Then there’s the fact that the scene was in slow motion, like it was a big deal. Slow motion is usually used in scenes of love, tragedy or suspense. This scene definitely wasn’t suspenseful, it was a little tragic, but it honestly oozed love. It was so apparent that it was about Zuko’s desperation and determination to save Katara’s life and take the fall, rather than about him actually getting injured. 

This is also reflected in the music Again, it wasn’t suspenseful, it was sad as fuck. You know what I’m talking about. It was like it came straight out of Zuko’s head, like I don’t know about anyone else but I  interpreted it that way, as if the music was depicting Zuko’s exact emotions when he saw where that lightning bolt was heading. 

And finally, what really hit the nail on the head: Zuko’s cry. When Zuko’s eyes follow that lightning bolt to Katara he starts running like a madman, no hesitation, and as he leaps to take the pain that was intended for her, he literally screams: NOOOOOOOOO! 

I get goosebumps every time I hear it. 

That cry makes all the difference because that cry wasn’t the act of an honourable man protecting a friend, that cry wasn’t to benefit anyone or change Azula’s mind. That cry was for him.  

That was about Zuko, it was his inner turmoil. That cry took that scene and changed it from Zuko being an honourable man who would do the same for anyone to Zuko risking his life and the future of his nation because the thought of anything happening to Katara was so much worse. 

Look I’m not even saying that Zuko was necessarily in love with Katara in this moment because I don’t want this post to be tarnished by shipper goggles but one thing I will always be 100% certain of is that Zuko’s feelings for Katara were on a much higher, deeper and more intense level than anyone else in the Gaang and that it was reflected in this scene. 

bixgirl1  asked:

Hi!! I was thinking about my favorite scenes/lines from my favorite fics and got to wondering what scenes/lines stood out to the people who wrote them. Lolol. What would you say are your top 10 favorite bits from your fics?

Omg this is such an awesome ask, thank you so much!!! I waited for Career Fair Fest to end, but have been thinking and working on this post for literal days now, and, finally, here’s my (VERY LONG) answer.

I’m listing the fics in the order I completed them:

1. In The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy, I loved the writing process (I had such fun writing it – unlike some recent fics *cough career fair* cough *erised* cough) and I love how Draco’s voice turned out and, also, the humour. I’d never written humour before and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could. A line that exemplifies both (the humour and Draco’s voice) is this from Ch. 1: 

The Aurors who came to break the fight and arrest Draco and Potter threw them in a holding cell inside the Ministry, giving dark looks to Draco and understanding looks to Potter, which could be the title of Draco’s book: Everyone Sympathises With Potter And No One Gets Me: An Autobiography. 

Actually, I’m finding it quite hard to choose individual sentences or scenes from this fic, but I’d also point to this exchange as a fave, because it captures the spirit of their dynamic:

“Yeah, but,” Harry persisted bravely under an assault of tongues, lips and exploring hands, “it’s a hospital. Shagging here is—”

“It’s what, Potter?” Draco asked, exasperated.

“It’s—” He searched for an appropriate word in vain. “It feels naughty.”

Draco smirked. “If you want to make me even more turned on than I already am, please keep talking about how naughty this is.”

Harry sighed, but he also wondered who he was kidding. His cock was already hard and the blood rushing to his groin had severely affected any reasoning abilities.

“I’m an Auror, what if it’s against the law,” he insisted once more, even as he was taking off his shoes and socks.

“So we’ll get arrested and be sentenced to community service,” Draco said.

Harry pushed him on the bed. “I guess that’s not too bad then.”

2. In Dunes, I like my descriptions. I considered deleting the fic once, but I decided against it due to paragraphs, such as this:

The sun has come out, bathing the landscape in a white light that bleaches the colour out of the sand and the sea. The birds call to one another, circling above their heads, creating a racket. Harry can’t hear the other students over the sound of the pounding surf; perhaps they’ve wandered far. 

And this one from the same fic:

 The bright sunlight makes everything sharper, more real — but also slightly unreal. 

3. In The Full Monty my fave thing is that I came up with the Lust Leaks™, and I loved creating Arthur (who has turned out to be super popular). I’m fond of the dialogue exchange in the end with Draco trying to shift the blame from him, although he knows he’s busted, and (I’ve mentioned this a million times) I LOVE the paragraph with the lust leaks during sex:

Potter turns and grabs the desk, arching his back and Draco presses soft kisses on his skin while he works Potter open. Draco can feel their magic tangling, fighting, blending together and the room is slowly transforming around them; mute fireworks bursting over their heads, a priapic statue standing where his coat hanger used to be, tapestries covering previously bare walls, the cactus sprouting a large pink blossom that opens slowly just as Potter’s hole opens under Draco’s skilful, eager fingers.

(I’ve imagined what this paragraph would look as art a gazillion times)

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jannock-jess  asked:

Tumblr Mom, I keep seeing posts about Hunger Pangs and I'm so torn because, I'm like super ace and don't have any interest in erotica??? But I am super interested in your writing and the characters and the plot?? So I guess my question is what is your rough estimate of what the plot-to-sexytimes ratio is going to be? (I'll probably wind up buying it either way just because I love your writing lol)

oh! Oh you don’t know! I’m also writing the book without smut for those who don’t want to read that :)

It will likely come out a few months after the initial book comes out because well, I am not just printing the book sans sex scenes, I’m replacing them with what I suppose in fanfic would be termed “missing moments” so all the soft fluff and character moments authors get told to cut out of their work because it bogs down the narrative.

It’s still quite heavy on displays of physical affection, but there’s no actual sex and the scenes that would normally lead up to sex have been changed to reflect that. So much less handsy in the sense of “I can’t keep my hands off you, I must have you!” and more “why can’t I stop touching this idiot, look how cute they are, oh gosh their hair is doing the thing, I can’t believe I’m spending eternity with this asshole, I love them.”

It’s been a lot of fun to do in tandem and I hope it will be just as much enjoyed.

But to answer your question, the erotica version of the manuscript is very heavy on sex scenes, I’m not sure how many but there’s entire chapters dedicated to just scenes. I have been told however by some friends who also identify as ace that they don’t mind the sex scenes because I tend to write heavily toward the emotional side of things, and they’re able to enjoy the very obvious love and care the characters have for each other. Even if one of them is tied up.

So, for whatever that’s worth, thank you for being interested in my work. I really, god, really hope it lives up to expectations, I’m so nervous you have no idea.

mycutecard  asked:

Hi! So, big fan here =D Are we going to see a angst couple picture? I know not everyone likes it, but i admit I'm a sucker for love -> angst -> love , so I had to ask


“…and will I do if you try to say anything about this to anyone else?”

“reset, and make sure nobody ever gets to the surface.”

“Good boy, if you play nice now, and if I feel generous, I might even let you see your girlfriend for a few minutes. But first, you have to do something for me…”

Aww man, thank you so much for the nice words! <3 I know my blog might not reflect that, but I‘m such a big fan of torturous angst myself. (the best kinda fics have that love - angst - love development mm yes good shit *eye emoji*)

Unfortunately I’m not the best at it myself, but I managed to scrape a lil something for you <3 Hope this somewhat met your expectations n v n”

Reveling in Richonne

#49: The Reflection (7x8)

It’s funny how before 6x10 fully opened my eyes to the greatness that is Richonne, I was not overtly aware of how often R&M seemed to look at, be near, and think about each other. I knew they were together a lot and I was here for it but I didn’t realize just how much they took note of each other. 

However, once I was aboard this five star cruise of a ship, this was me every episode as I looked for any and every Richonne moment I could get…

Lol so now if R&M so much as mention the other’s name it’s noted and mentally stored in my brain, cuz it really does provide some further insight into their relationship. (I also just like any time they say each other’s name so there’s that too 😋 ) Thus this scene right here.

Rick is with Aaron getting stuff for the jerks. I know I’ve said it already but I am in full support of the Rick/Aaron friendship. Like especially after this episode, I just feel like he’s a man that Rick can really talk to. Cuz Daryl, of course, is Rick’s brother but Daryl’s also not one to talk too much lol, especially about feelings, so I like that Rick has Aaron as a guy friend as well. 

So as Rick and Aaron load stuff up, after wading through the swamp of horrors, Rick lets Aaron know that his earlier comment, about Aaron not having to go on the boat if he didn’t want to, wasn’t because he thought he couldn’t do it. I appreciate this because it’s Rick being mindful of Aaron’s feelings. Like Rick could have just brushed off the unintentional offensiveness of his comment but he addresses it, even though it happened a while back, which is really sweet.

Part of me feels like Michonne’s “bring you into the family” leadership approach rubbed off on Rick. Cuz Rick has always deeply cared to keep people protected and alive, but what this moment shows us is that he also cares about their feelings on seemingly small issues too. Real one. 👌🏽🙌 

So Rick then explains further where he was coming from when he tells him, “It’s just going this far, risking this much, to get stuff for them. People don’t agree with it.” and he tells Aaron he wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t either. Now, y’all, the second Rick said “people”, I knew Homeboy was thinking about Michonne lol. 

Like he was trying to be slick Rick and act like he was just casually mentioning “people” but I know the person specifically on his mind in that moment was the Queen. And I love that we get confirmation that he was in fact thinking of her in this moment, thus making this a Richonne scene lol. 

But just before that, Aaron reminds Rick that he was there for the worst day on earth and for that lineup so he understands that this is the way things have to be right now in order to keep people living. And then Rick says what’s been on his mind since 7x4 when he tells Aaron, “Michonne doesn’t think this is living.”

I love that this is yet another reminder of how much R&M really let their words soak in. Rick mentioning this is him reflecting and calling back to 7x4 when Michonne expressed feeling like this “Submit to Negan” life really isn’t any kind of a life. The minute she said those words “What kind of a life?”, you knew Rick would never forget them and they would replay in his mind until he figured out how to give her a better life. 

It’s funny how quickly Rick says this. Like it feels like this was the main thing he wants to talk about and I just love that this gives us insight into how he really does reflect on her words and take them fully into consideration. 

I appreciate the way he says this line cuz it doesn’t even remotely sound like he’s frustrated with her for not thinking this is living. Instead, it sounds like her words have pushed him to really assess if this subservient way is really the right way. He’s, again, acknowledging the validity of her point of view. Real One. 👌🏽🙌

Another big reason why I like this scene is because it’s Rick talking about Michonne with someone other than Michonne, and sort of giving someone else insight into the relationship. It’s such a husband moment. Like he’s with his guy friend and reflecting on his wife’s words with him. 😋

You can tell Aaron understands the significance of Rick opening up to him in this moment, especially about the love of Rick’s life. Like Aaron sort of takes a moment cuz he’s like “Oh so Rick’s getting all the way personal rn.” And it’s cute cuz Rick tries to bring up Michonne’s words casually but he’s not that slick lol and it’s clear those words weigh on him. 

It’s always so interesting to me because I know that probably most people in the community see Rick and Michonne as like these Apocalyptic All-Stars and their Warrior Leaders and so I love when characters get to see not just their “superhuman” side but their super human side. 

And Rick opening up to Aaron about Michonne is big cuz it makes R&M just people. It just reminds us and other characters that R&M are a couple who have talks and disagreements and share feelings just like other couples (except even better lol). 

It’s also funny cuz Aaron started off by talking about how he was there for the lineup so he gets that they have to just play along to survive but then when Rick says Michonne doesn’t feel like that’s living, Aaron switches the style up just a little bit and starts listing all the reasons why she’s right. 

Like Aaron wants to make it clear that he gets where Michonne’s coming from and that she’s definitely not wrong. Aaron knows not to disagree with Rick’s queen lol. 😋

And then, Aaron does give a good point to Rick about how what matters most right now is that they and their loved one’s hearts are still beating. I appreciate him saying “loved ones” cuz it’s him taking note that when Rick talks about Michonne he’s talking about his loved one. Aaron just keeps climbing the ranks in my book. 😋 

I also felt for Rick in this whole sequence of scenes, cuz he’s out here trying to row through walker infested waters and struggling just to get something to appease Negan, meanwhile literally everyone else back home is trying to find a way to fight back. 

Like Rick’s just out here trying to keep people safe and make fetch happen, while Carl is shooting machine guns at the Sanctuary, Rosita’s forcing Eugene to make a single bullet, and even Michonne, who’s cause is the more thought out and justified of the three, is in a car with a Savior. And then you have Spencer and his snakery as he’s trying to dethrone Rick. And to top it off, Negan is in his house shaving in front of his children. 

I was like “Rick, buddy, pal, I really do appreciate what you’re doing for TF rn, but I think it’s time to stop trying to make fetch happen. Cuz ain’t nobody else on board with fetching for Negan anymore” lol. 

Seeing so many people enact their own plan to take down Negan just goes to show that TF, but especially Grimes 2.0, have the fighter spirit so engrained in their DNA that they just can’t continue to take this oppression laying down. 

Rick gave the “Submit to Negan” approach a shot but you know that deep down he’s been wanting to fight back too. And all it takes is a superbly excellent moment in a cell with a superbly excellent woman to really seal the deal for Rick on fighting back. 👌🏽🙌

Also I really appreciate the later moment when Rick waits for Aaron when they return to ASZ and the Saviors start beating Aaron up (over the pettiest thing in the world). Like they tell Rick to run along and, especially knowing that Negan is in his house, Rick could have had a lot of reason to want to get to his home, but I like that he stays and he’s there for his newfound friend. And then he further supports Aaron by helping him walk off. So one more time for good measure lol; Real One. 👌🏽👌🏽🙌

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Side Note: This look right here tho!! 

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This look from Judith was everything and that baby is too cute for words! If we hadn’t had that beautiful, awe-inspiring, Richonne gold moment that comes towards the end of the episode this would have been my favorite moment. (this, and Michonne telling the Red Head Savior “But you don’t know me.”) I adore that Judith is looking at Negan like “Try something. I dare you.” 😂 

Judith is so unimpressed and #overit. And since this post is called “The Reflection” can we talk about how much Judith reflects Michonne here? This baby is giving Negan that signature Michonne “Homie, you don’t faze me” face. Like look at this parallel.  

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Lol I love it! Judith is definitely Rick and Michonne’s daughter. 👌🏽😋 

▌a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film in Japan! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premiere weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.


8-26-2017 “That butler, resting” blu-ray comic translation
8-25-2017 Japanese blu-ray release
8-25-2017 I’m creating & linking edits that coincide with this review!

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Top of Snow Troupe, Sagiri Seina parts from the home base in tears, “grateful” in her hakama

Takarazuka Revue Snow Troupe Top Star Sagiri Seina and Top Musumeyaku Sakihi Miyu, will be graduating the company as of 7/23 with the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater closing day; on the 29th, their sayonara show “Bakumatsu Taiyouden / Dramatic “S”!” reached it’s final day of performances in Hyogo Perfecture’s Takarazuka Grand Theater, and they bid a tearful farewell to their home ground.

 She came down the Grand Staircase for the last time in the official dress: a black, crested kimono, and green hakama. In the past, there have been Top Stars who chose black tailcoats instead, but “someone in the costume staff who was always in charge of me told me “eh, shouldn’t it be a hakama?”. Apparently, I’ve done a lot of nihonmono, and I have this image about me. This made me happy”, and so, she picked the hakama. About the view she saw coming down in that official dress, “there are no words. My hatsubutai, the opening day when I became Top, and today’s Grand Staircase: these 3 sights will remain within my memory the most”, she closes her eyes as if savouring the aftertaste.

On this day “Since I arrived to the theatre in the morning, I got emotional over trivial things and again over silly things. It was a day full of emotion”, Sagiri reflects. During the “Kizuna” scene of the main revue, she shed large drops of tears. “These past 2 weeks more or less, the situation is such that it wouldn’t be weird if tears came up at any moment, but today I couldn’t hold them back” she says, overcome with emotion.

Sagiri poured her everything into being an otokoyaku. “I cannot even think of a life where I haven’t met Takarazuka. There is no other place that can give me such happy feelings”, she goes on speaking of her love for Takarazuka. So much that “I cannot think of myself not being an otokoyaku. These feelings have grown even stronger now”, she shakes her head in denial. Her feelings towards the home ground “cannot be expressed in a few words. I want to go on never forgetting this feeling of gratitude” she stated, wiping tears.

Towards Sakihi who was a combi with her for 3 years also, “You did a great job following someone like me. I understand without you saying a single word, just by looking in your eyes. Even after we graduate, I want to continue our married couple shitck”, she said, expressing her gratitude.

not-a-tomato  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you had any ideas for an emotional scene that can bring different emotions based off knowing the characters? I'm starting a series that I'd like to open up on an emotional scene, that might be repeated later but seems very different when that the characters and their stories are known. Anything, specific, vague, anything at all would help. Thank you so much!

Ok so I’ve thought a lot about this so I’m gonna answer it in two parts. This first part will be general advice with some examples for doing this sort of thing, and then I will reblog it with some sentence/dialogue style prompts.

First off I have to say I love this kind of scene. As a reader it really helps as a kind of “ Oh so that’s what they meant” moment and a chance to reflect on the characters.

Most of the good examples of how to do this (that I can think of) are from Tv and film, but when it comes to writing this can work even better as you have to imagine the emphasis yourself, and do as you learn more about the characters you will read the same piece of dialogue differently.

The example that first came to mind was from Captain America: Civil War. Specifically the lines :

“I’m sorry, he’s my friend.”

“ So was I”

In the trailer the line was said in way that made it sound as if he felt upset and betrayed, whereas the version in the film was so a lot more bitter and angry. The same line, different delivery, and it completely chanfes the tone of the scene.

In writing the only clue as to how the line is said comes from author, either through how you know the character is feeling, or any emotion the author attaches to the phrase.

Specifically leaving out details, and later on adding them in can change how the reader views a scene.


“I thought you were dead” She said, running towards him, tears building in her eyes.

She seems pretty happy he’s back right? Well now read it with more information.

She glared at him, “ I thought you were dead.” She spat, angry, bitter tears building in her eyes as she charged towards the her enemy.

Nothing has changed technically, except now we know they are enemies and we know why there are tears in her eyes, instead of making the leap ourselves.

Of course the choice of words also helps with the misdirection, so try and choose fairly neutral descriptions in this sort of case.

TL: DR: Adding detail and information about the characters can help change the tone of the scene and make your readers see it in a different light. Keep things that must stay the same, such as dialogue or weather ambiguous or just don’t mention them if it will give the twist away.

This is the first time I’ve given advice so I hope it helps and isn’t too boring. Also I know I’m not exactly answering the ask but I wanted to share this and will add some specific phrase that might help later.

why ca:tfa is the best cap movie: a non-comprehensive list

i love ca:tws as much as the next person and would also die for sam wilson and the camera shots of steve’s ass but

  • the costumes
    • specifically: steve’s booty shorts
    • bucky’s jacket
    • everything peggy carter wears ever
  • steve’s perfect hair
  • also, bucky’s not-greasy, perfect hair
  • peggy carter
  • steve rogers stepping out of that microwave so greased up that i could probably see my reflection in his abs
  • The Bar Scene™
  • the song that plays during The Bar Scene™
  • “you’re keeping the outfit, right?” and then steven grant rogers just HAPPENS to design a nearly-identical outfit
  • “hoooooo-ly cow”
  • peggy carter
  • sebastian stan hadn’t gotten his crooked front tooth fixed yet
  • bucky’s chest hair
  • “fellas.” before steve beats the shit out of those guys
  • pre-serum steve, for whom i would happily kill a man
  • “is this a test”
  • peggy carter
  • steve’s face after peggy shoots at him
  • stanley tucci
  • it spawned that post that’s like “tommy lee jones was WRONG and stanley tucci was RIGHT, his weapon is A SHIELD”
  • stanley tucci, going out the way we all want to: lovingly caressing chris evans’s chest
  • The Bar Scene™ (reprise), when steve is crying
  • “i don’t want to kill anyone. i don’t like bullies. i don’t care where they’re from.”
  • peggy carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the end credits?? i love them

and also like in all sincerity, it just perfectly captured the tone of a really good comic book? it was a little goofy and over-dramatic but it also felt like. inspiring and amazing and steve is just some kid from brooklyn and i love him.

ca:tfa managed to be a really fun movie that said something important without being the Dark Brooding Superhero Movie™ and i really loved it and i still love it and it’s my favorite cap movie. thank you

Lucifer - Seasons 1 & 2 (but mostly 2)

Once again, a show that surprised me in a very good way. I liked Lucifer at first, but I never though in the beginning it would become one of my most anticipated shows.

I was like loving Lucifer, Linda and Maze from the get go, but the others were kinda “meh” and I found Chloe, Dan and Amenadiel very bland, especially in comparison. Since she was supposed to be the female interest, I was a little thrown off, because the main duo didn’t work out for me.

But then, every one of them (and I literally mean “everyone”, this is not often a show flips me over so much. Totally changed my mind when the start wasn’t that good imo) started to grow on me and became more and more interesting by the minute.

From Lucifer to Trixie, with Amenadiel, Lucifer’s mom, his “dad”, Chloe, Dan, Ella… This became the kind of show where I could tell “If the writers harm a soul, any soul, they’ll have to fight me (although Maze doesn’t have a soul but don’t touch her also)”. And frankly, I never though Lucifer would get me that way.

THAT is a great surprise. THAT is what all shows should aim for, and what I’m looking for now in a TV show. Most of the ones I watch are like that now, or at least to my satisfaction it is. And that feels fucking good.

So, basically, season 1 only was there to slowly get me to care about all of them before they added more. Since I was with a little prejudice before, I probably didn’t enjoyed it to its fullest.

But what sealed the deal for me was season 2. Season 2 was marvelous in terms of storytelling and character growth and relationships between all of them.

I mean the concept behind his relationships with others alone is fascinating.

I’ve loved seeing Linda process the fact Lucifer was really the devil (like she didn’t jumped in right away like “Yeah, okay, you’re the devil, whatevs”, but ultimately, her loyalty remained with him and Maze) and becoming closer to Maze and forming an amazingly touching and beautiful and genuine friendship.

I love how Maze allows herself more to need people and tell them so. Even Lucifer in the end got that he hurt her. And she would go at great lengths to protect Chloe or Linda too now, you can’t convince me otherwise.

And did I mentioned I loved Ella’s adding to the cast ? The mum character is great too, and I really believe God Johnson was a manifestation of his father. Otherwise, how would he know about Lucifer’s real name ? How would he not react to Lucifer’s red eyes when he asks him angrily to apologize ?

And more importantly, why was he not affected by Lucifer’s “What do you desire ?” if he was just a stranger believing he was god ?

As to why the mother didn’t feel anything, I think it’s because it was just kind of a manifestation, but not him fully possessing someone to appear on earth.

Can we talk about how everyone was worried sick for Linda ? Maze was crying her heart out for Amenadiel to help, she broke my heart. She needed so much her little Linda to survive. I’m almost tearing up again writing that, still a little emotional about it.

And Lucifer wanting immediately to get to Linda as soon as his mother flees. Amenadiel had to say he would take care of her for Lucifer to focus again on the task.

I mean, I already loved her from day one. But ever since Lucifer revealed his true face to her, she’s been even more of a blessing. She’s the best and most loyal friend the world ever bare (at least this one).

The little speech she gave Lucifer in the end made me tear up. It was beautiful and so… heartwarming.

I often go on and on about Linda and Maze, because ever since they’ve started having scenes together, I saw their chemistry and how much I loved them both together and as individuals.

The moment where Linda learns about Lucifer and doesn’t wanna see Maze and they end up talking it out through the door : it gave me so much feels and they do it everytime.

But my little comic “discussion” posts don’t reflect how much I cherish the relationship between Lucifer and Linda. Because the growth on this relationship is amazing. 

And the little scene between them at the end of season 2 finale has to be my favorite for them so far. I mean, the feels, but also… In the midst of conversation, Lucifer realizes something for himself. Yet, after he vocalized it, he says like immediately right after “But let’s focus on you”.

And I know he’s gonna be like that if Linda’s not well, because she’s his friend. But I find this little sentence so simple yet, full of meaning. And I love that little detail.

Oh and can we talk about how Linda didn’t flinch first in front of THE Goddess ? Like, she knew she was getting hurt and possibly killed horribly, but she still chose to resist giving the information before she couldn’t take it anymore.

Just so she could protect Lucifer’s secret ! I’m… This woman will be the death of me, she’s too precious. I mean, she risked her life for this. I’m still sobbing. My poor Linda and her gigantic heart.

Frankly, I was mad as hell Charlotte (we’re gonna call her Charlotte, it’s simpler than “The Goddess” and faster to type) hurt Linda. Like, she’s in the holy trinity for me of “You don’t touch him/her or there’ll be trouble”.

But I also like the mother character very much. And ultimately, I kinda understood where she could come from.

Because I don’t think she ever intended on hurting people from the get go, even though I thought she was only trouble at first. But I was kinda wrong.

The big thing that defined Charlotte the whole way was her love for her children. That and she was pretty pissed at God for making her suffer so much and being basically a deceptive and MIA bastard.

BUT, I get from that she is a mother. And all she wanted to do from day one was to protect and maybe avenge her children. She went to great lengths to do that, even if that meant there would be casualties.

The fact in their last moments together, Lucifer had to tell her about war, and casualties, and the fact that basically people would suffer says tons to me. I think she really didn’t realize.

She kinda knew, but she was so focused on getting her children with her, keeping them safe, that she ultimately lost track of everything else. Not to mention she’s not any kind of mother.

She’s an overprotective (kinda) mother with creation powers. So yeah, she’s a ticking time bomb, but it’s not really her fault. To me, she has too much strength for her wrath. And she doesn’t mean wrong. But her love for her sons is brighter and prevails.

So of course she’s gonna hurt people getting in the way. And if the result is far worse than intended, it’s just because her power is too much, even for herself sometimes.

Overall, I’m going to miss her deeply.

I loved the weird friendship taking place between Dan and Amenadiel.

Frankly, those two are cinnamon rolls who don’t get enough credit already ! I’m so glad Dan finally found out Charlotte was Luci’s mom. Like I knew the “you’d be Lucifer’s dad” joke would come back. And it was priceless.

I was sad, however, to see him hurt in the end by this cold “who are you ?”. I was starting to ship them a bit, so I hope he’ll learn about all this someday and understands WHO he’s been sleeping with. (Spoiler alert : it’s a big divine who)

Amenadiel is hilarious in the finale, and the way he protect those people now. Not to mention he’s the reason Linda’s still alive, so thanks for that.

So Lucifer is mum’s favorite and Amenadiel is daddy’s boy ? I love this little detail ! Like this show is surreal sometimes. It knows what his audience wants and doesn’t even know they want (or so it seems).

Even the way Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship had been treated is unusual. And I didn’t thought I would ship it at first, but they’re cute and it feels natural. And I’m rooting for Chloe to know everything there is to know, and finally seeing the light (well, i mean…).

Because I want relationships to tighten even more. It worked wonders with Linda, so I have faith it will only be more meaningful afterwards. (But I’m wondering if Dan and Ella would learn about it ultimately).

And god, I could go on for hours. I love this show. I want more rn !

I’m so so glad they have a supersized third season due to the four remaining episodes they got in bonus. They so deserve the expansion, and frankly, I trust them so far to do the right thing with the extra amount of episodes.

They already proved us they were capable of constructing a story interesting and complex, and touching without resorting to classic storylines (at least not so much, some parts are bound to be kept as intended in the original story, I think) and showing beautiful and genuine relationships between its characters.

I think not everybody can pull a 22 episodes thing and get it right. But Lucifer already did a marvelous job with 18 episodes in season 2 . They only have to do it for 4 more in season 3 (well 8 more, but I think they already have the story so far for the four remaining of season 2 pushed to season 3, so it’s no brainer imo).

But I’m not a TV show writer, so I don’t know. We’ll see. I might not be so much on tumblr this summer (I hope to get on with my projects, among other things), expect for Killjoys, Dark Matter and Game of Thrones, of course.

Otherwise, I’ll probably see you in the fall !

ourvelvetpetals  asked:

Thank you for your translation! While some fans are bothered, I have to say this: Sawako and Kazehaya have been dating for a long, long time (I haven’t checked the timeline in a while but I think around 2 years? I’m not sure, I have been reading this since forever) and it’s completely, I repeat COMPLETELY normal for them to have sex. They’re 18, they have been together for a long time, overcame a lot together, regardless of how innocent they are, it’s normal. [Cont.]

[Cont. Did it feel a bit rushed? Yeah, sure. But I think Shiina did this to show how much Sawako has grown. This is the girl that couldn’t talk to people, everybody. The girl that didn’t know how to approach anyone, make friends, or express her feelings properly. And we’re seeing her doing something as huge as fully trusting the person she loves by having their first time. Even if imo it wasn’t handled in the best way it could’ve been, we should be proud of Sawako. Let’s hope the best for the last ch!]

Hi @ourvelvetpetals! Thank you so much for sharing your insights!

First of all, I agree with you 1000000% that we should be so proud of Sawako. In this chapter we see her behave more assertively, and she shares her honest feelings and desires with Kazehaya. She even tells her mother that she’s spending the night at his apartment not because she missed her train, but because she chose not to board it. That’s huge! She’s been incredibly selfless for the majority of the series, so it’s great to see her actively saying and doing what she wants (and seeing the other characters support her wishes).

I understand that, for some fans, Sawako and Kazehaya having sex deviates sharply from the way they’ve been portrayed up until this point; despite the glaring sexual tension present in their every interaction (even holding hands was too hot at one point), I think it was easy to dismiss the possibility that Shiina would actually have them go that far while maintaining the “pure” tone of her storytelling. From what I’ve seen, some Japanese readers were disappointed by the scene because the “innocence” (maybe that’s better than saying “pure”) that defined Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship was what, to them, set “Kimi ni Todoke” apart from other shoujo manga. I personally don’t think the “purity” or “innocence” of Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship is what makes this series so special; the carefully developed friendships / relationships and the emphasis on community are far more extraordinary and worthy of praise, to me, than Sawako and Kazehaya staying virgins. But everyone is entitled to their feelings, and Shiina left pretty much everything to the imagination (lol), so if it really bothers some people, they’re free to ignore it. 

My own feelings are close to yours. As you’ve said, they’ve been dating for almost two years at this point (and have liked each other for longer than that), and the desire to have sex is totally normal and healthy. They’re about to be separated for a prolonged period of time, they’ve been more physically intimate in recent chapters (kissing in Ferris wheels, Kazehaya’s room, empty classrooms…), they’ve spent the whole day playing newlyweds, and for the first time, they are in a private place with no adult supervision and a bed. Something’s gotta give. They’ve spent three years treating each other with such great care and respect, and I think this is the most natural progression in their relationship. And you’re right, seeing Sawako and Kazehaya give everything to each other without reservations is incredible, especially considering where they were at the beginning of the series. They’re still shy and easily embarrassed, but they’re ultimately able to take that step together.

Honestly, depicting their first time is an effective way to show how far they’ve come, and how much they’ve grown. I think it’s reassuring to see them share everything with each other before separating for university; it seems to suggest that they’ve strengthened their connection, and that no matter what challenges come their way, they’ll be able to face them together. There is no longer any distance between them.

Hopefully my earlier posts didn’t give the impression that I was unhappy with this development - I do wish we’d seen a bit more of a build-up to this point, but that probably would have dragged on or slowed the momentum of the story. In the last year the pacing has sort of shot forward in general, so I don’t consider this problem to be unique to Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship. I’m really glad Shiina chose to include this scene, and I think it’s pretty poignant; she used the moment to reflect on how Sawako and Kazehaya have changed each other’s lives for the better, which is all the more touching as we stand at the end of the story.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts - I loved reading them!! :) And like you, I’m also hoping for the best in the last chapter (especially for the couple of my heart, Ayane and Pin!). I can’t wait to see how Shiina ends the series; I’m stocking up on tissues already haha! :’)