i love the rain

Easter and Sewol

(So, I just now noticed something.

Today is the third anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Disaster, a tragic moment in South Korea.

It’s also Easter Sunday, the day in which Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave.

During times of struggle, there is hope and when it ends, life begins again.

Live each day as if it was your last. Love one another even if there are those who hate and scorn you. Be a blessing. Forgive those that hurt you. And know that you are loved.)


create your own aesthetic of your interests only using images saved on your device. no browsing and finding images!! I was tagged by @ofstormsandwolves. I was hoping someone would tag me! This is a fun meme. I was diligent to not google. 😇 Top down: First row: TenToo and Rose sum up my love for the Doctor and Rose. TenToo told her everything that was in both Nine and Ten’s hearts. He is the Doctor and the Doctor is him. 100%. Orange Spacesuit of Sex speaks for itself. Second row: I crochet and bake bread. The loaf is a 100% wild yeast white/whole wheat mix. Making this bread is a 2 - 3 day process. Bread baking is such a stress reliever. I have always made my sourdough starter from wild yeast. I start with water, flour, and pineapple juice, and then feed it. Usually takes about two weeks. This one is only about 8 months old. When we moved from tornado alley to almost Mexico, I left my 2 year old starter in the fridge of a hotel. 😭 Third row: tulips are pretty. Coffee is life. Fourth row: I adore Peanuts, and I love to write. Fifth row: Ten running. Teeth gritted. Coat flapping behind. 😍Mary Engelbreit is my favorite source for positive quotes. This is one of my favorites. I’m tagging

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A cloudy day and a clouded mind, I guess they go hand and hand
Something to wash away the pain that nobody understands
The rain pours down, and my face lights up
That’s how it ought to be
Because if the sky is crying, then so can you
For no one will ever see