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Every Unanswered PLL Question from every episode

Since I think the Charles is CeCe reveal is fake, I’m going to watch the show from the beginning and see what questions I have. (Any “answers” given in Game Over, Charles are irrelevant to me because I think they’re fake). All answers given in the show will be bolded with the episode it was answered in, in parenthesis. Just a warning this is going to be long hence the show has over 100 episodes. Also, I have a lot of -A related questions that have never been confirmed. Even during Mona’s reign as -A, some things just don’t add up. I know Marlene says that everything from season 1 and until the end of season 2 is Mona and season 3 starts a new -A, but like I said, some things don’t add up.

Pilot (1x01)
Spencer heard someone scream ‘that night’, who was it?
Why did the Montgomery’s leave Rosewood for a year? To get away from Rosewood after Alison went missing. (2x19)
Did Ezra follow/know Aria was going to be at the Hollis Bar & Grill or was he there coincidentally?
Why did Hanna roll her eyes when she waved to Aria in class?
Who was the blonde in Maya’s (Alison’s) room?
How did Hanna start off in the crowd looking at the chaos of Alison’s house when a body was found then ended up behind Spencer and Aria (behind the crowd)?
What’s the “Jenna Thing”? Alison lit a firecracker in the Cavanaugh’s garage while Jenna and her step brother, Toby, were in it. The firecracker ended up blinding Jenna. Alison told the girls to keep it a secret and they let Toby take the blame for it. (1x02)

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Only Mine

Description:  When you realized your boyfriend was cheating you didn’t expect the waiter you chose for retaliation to become so important to you.  Now that you are engaged it is time for you to finally declare who is the one you belong with.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 9083

Warning: Dom!Hoseok, spanking, breath play, cheating, punishment

A/N: This has taken forever and I am sorry about that BUT MYSTIC MESSENGER DESTROYED MY LIFE.  Hopefully possessive Hoseok makes up for it.  

Oh, also I need to give a special thanks to @avveh (I feel like I tag you in all of these now) because without her withholding vines, pictures, and gifs from me until I met my word count for the day this would not have been completed anytime soon.

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The dramatic courtroom scene in Chap 31 or Oh Sangwoo is a tactical genius

It hasn‘t been all that long since Bum broke down, trying to commit suicide, right after Sangwoo pushed him away. But he survived,  Sangwoo vowing to better himself and everything calmed down for a bit.

But last chapter, Seungbae broke the silence, and all hell broke lose.

It caught me a bit off guard, since I was expecting Koogi to spend the next chapters focusing on Yoonbum‘s and Sangwoo‘s relationship development, now that the temporary peace was established. But this was most likely done deliberately- Seungbae appearing as the knight in shining armour, at the same time that he appears as a major disturbance, tearing them apart right when things were starting to get a little better.

The entire plot has been building up to this temporary? climax, since the moment Seungbae started conducting his secret little investigations. And where would it lead us, should Seungbae miraculously survive the encounter?

The courtroom.

And here we are now. Sangwoo and Yoonbum are both led in by police offers, the jury is assembling, a verdict is about to be spoken. But Oh Sangwoo wouldn‘t be Oh Sangwoo if he would simply accept his sentence being handed to him, and accept his fate ( prison, or worse, considering the death sentence is still legal in South Korea.)

No, Chapter 31 demonstrates us exactly why Sangwoo is the unbelievable tactical genius that he is, and he does so in several steps.

1. Emotional appeal to the judges

Sangwoo knows this: The jury, having been at least briefly been informed about the nature of the case, is expecting a psychopath. Someone capable of murder, capable of imprisoning victims in his house. They are expecting him to be angrily resisting against the police escorting him to court, or perhaps to be smirking viciously. What they are not expecting is a human full of emotion, full of worry and care, and that is exactly what Sangwoo gives them.

Sangwoo, appealing to their emotional side, tries to evoke their and the audience‘s sympathy.

Getting them onto his side, he knows, is the first step of winning their trust. His only chance of turning the situation around for his benefit.

He is raging against the police, but it‘s not their treatment of him that infuriates him, but apparently their treatment of Yoonbum. He yells, trying to rip himself free and get close to Bum, angrily demanding they at least give him shoes.

If you were taken aback while reading this chapter, rest assured you were not the only one: so was I, and so were the judges.

Where is the psychopathic murderer they are supposed to sentence?

This young man, worried not about his own safety, but screaming that his friend be treated right?

And doesn‘t he have a point -aren‘t the police really handling that other, fragile, bruised man too harshly?

Are the police even sure they have the right person?

What if this is all a misunderstanding?

Slowly, but certainly, the first seed of doubts begin to grow, and Sangwoo is already one foot out of jail.

2. Emotional appeal to Yoonbum

In this entire room, there‘s no one Sangwoo knows better than Yoonbum.

The way you know someone after keeping them imprisoned in your basement for weeks.

Sangwoo knows him very well, indeed- it‘s only recently that the two had a long “heart to heart“ and Yoonbum told him about his uncle‘s beatings and sexual abuse. We were told this through flashback moments, but it‘s safe to assume that the verbal story Yoonbum delivered was just as detailed.

Sangwoo is also aware that Yoonbum has had bad experiences with governmental authority, given his record of restraining orders and their failiure to come to his aid when they should – the officials failing to intervene and save Yoonbum from his uncle even when he was attacking the bruised boy right in front of their eyes. Yoonbum, who had wished that someone would come to his aid, would not possibly leave Sangwoo alone if he was in a similar situation, would he?

That‘s what Sangwoo counts on, and makes the situation a little more dramatic, just to be sure. He sheds his last dignity, allowing the official to degrade him as he struggles helplessly, crying for Yoonbum in agony.

Their slowly established emotional bond is his other pillar of support. He is certain Yoonbum “loves“ him or at the very least, has strong feelings of attachment to him. After all they‘ve been through together, after how dependent Yoonbum is on him, he wouldn‘t want to see him hurt, would he?

And it works. Yoonbum‘s initial hesitation dies down, his resolve crumbling. All chances of him ignoring Sangwoo, letting the jury sentence him and even giving his testimony against Sangwoo disappear. To be honest, they were quite slim from the beginning.

Because Yoonbum is attached to and dependent on Sangwoo. He couldn‘t bear it to turn his back on him. And Sangwoo knows, because by now, Yoonbum is an open book to him.

Of course, no matter how unhealthy their relationship is, I do believe Sangwoo‘s emotion to be genuine to a part. He himself is attached to Yoonbum. He vowed to change for the other‘s sake, not become like his own abusive father. He cares for Yoonbum in a way – a very dangerous way, but care nonetheless. His desperate calls for Yoonbum to sit next to him, angry demands for the officials to give him shoes to wear are not all for show. Sangwoo has his own experiences with abuse. Sangwoo is scared, deep down, that someone will take Yoonbum away from him. He won‘t let that happen. He‘s the only one that is ever allowed to touch Yoonbum, and to hurt him in any way.

He won‘t let those people interfere with their relationship.

So, part calculated strategy, part genuine emotion, Sangwoo brings his only ally to his side.

3. The picture of innocence

Next, we are presented with a very Sangwoo-esque move, one he has been constantly presenting throughout the manga: Innocence.

Sangwoo claims to have no idea what crime he‘s being accused of, and in all honesty, there‘s nothing better he could do. It is the only thing that, if going according to plan, could (literally) save his neck.

Admitting to kidnapping and several murders on the other hand? Not a very good strategy.

And Sangwoo is not necessarily going for desperate measures.

So far, with an impressive string of murders, his criminal record to date is zero. I think we can assume that someone who has gotten away with the murder of at least one, and likely both, of his parents, of several unfortunate girls and at least one other unfortunate man, has talent in the area of hiding his crimes.

Who says he cannot wind himself out of the situation this time?

Additionally, his blank display has two further side effects: It once more serves to spread doubt among the jury. And it allows him to play for time, during which he’s likely already perfecting his escape plan in his mind.

4. Framing Seungbae

For this part, there’s a little “fault” with Seungbae, too.

He often acts on his own initiative, which is good, but he often also acts without receiving permission to do so, and this, as courageous as it is, comes in extremely negatively when arresting a person without a warrant.

In pretending it was Detective Lee that did it, Seungbae would’ve almost gotten off with it.

But he underestimated Sangwoo, and how well the latter knows him by now.

Sangwoo can feel the insecurity radiating off Sangwoo, can feel his tension instead of triumphing victory.

Seungbae makes it easy to make him look unbelievable.

Sangwoo will make that a reality.

5. A wild, dramatic tale that would put any K-Drama to shame

Sangwoo apologizes, and from the first word that leaves it mouth it’s apparent that it’s not really an apology for any of his crimes, but for the dramatic tale he is about to spin.

And the story he decides on is this: Sangwoo thought Officer Yang was Bum’s ex-boyfriend, and beat him up because of that.

Despite how he appears on the exterior, Sangwoo is becoming a little desperate.

Before, he would use “homo” as an insult, in general and especially for Yoonbum. Without fail, he’d deny to feel affected by Yoonbum, even when actions that had clearly long passed the realm of the heterosexual occurred between them.

But Sangwoo had his pride and his prejudice to keep.

Not today, however.

Sangwoo invents the crazy story of Yang Seungbae , Yoonbum’s  ex boyfriend. I suppose it will go along the lines of Seungbae being an abuser, that came to their house to look for Yoonbum. To protect the latter and filled with vengeance, Sangwoo beat him up.

It’s amazing that he sticks to this story despite the implications it has.

Those being that he himself is gay, furious at the former treatment of his lover, jealous over the appearance of his ex-boyfriend and willing to go to any lengths to make sure he stays away.

Of course, he could also present himself as an “overly concerned friend”, but alone the fact that Bum was “staying” at his house for such an extended period of time further manifests these implications.

I’m really curious as to whether Sangwoo will, despite everything, deny being gay, whether he will leave it ambiguous, or whether he will admit to it a means to strengthen his testimony.

However it will turn out, we’re in for a wild ride.

Always You //  Ashton Irwin


Request here

Requested: Yes

A/N: First, some warnings. 1) This was written in a delirious state at 1:30 am and an annoyed state in the day following 2) I have no idea, what I’ve done. It’s probably shit. I’m so sorry. 3) I think I’ve used “oddly” an “rather” more than I should have 4) I call Luke a bread stick…. Now that, that’s out of the way… Enjoy, I guess? I don’t know if it’s good enough, but I tried my best. I think it’s a little but different from the request, just a teeny bit. My best friend proof read this for me (thanks I would die without you). If there are more typos, then apologies. It’s not my best work. Anyway, have a great day/night! xx

The five of you had arrived at the venue two hours or so prior to the show. You had arrived at the hotel you were staying at a couple of hours ago, giving the boys just enough time to relax before their performance. You were now in the dressing room, playing FIFA.

You were squished in between Luke and Ashton on the couch while Calum and Michael sat at the foot of it. You and Michel were currently engrossed in a very intense match of FIFA. The two of you had your eyes glued to the screen, hands occupied by the controller.

“You’re never going to win Y/N. Just give up and save yourself the humiliation,” Michael taunted, controlling his player expertly.

You scowled at the back of his head, before turning your attention back to the screen, pressing buttons to guide your players. You’d played with the boys before. You weren’t half bad at the game. But you were yet to beat Michael- the dude was like the king of the game.

Both of you were fully devoted to the game, but with the press of buttons and experience from over the years, Michael had scored the winning goal.

“No!” You whined, tossing the controller on the floor as you cuddled into your best friend’s side. “I know you rigged the game.”

Your friends laughed at your antics. You grabbed a handful of pop corn and chucked them at Michael. Luke laughed, wrapping an arm around you. “Aww, don’t be such a sour loser.”

You playfully punched him in the torso before nuzzling closer into him, unaware of your boyfriend frowning on the other side of you.

Now Ashton’s never had a problem with your relationship and physical affection with the other boys. He didn’t mind the affection you showered them with. He didn’t mind the occasional hugs and cuddles you gave the boys when one of them had had a rough day. But recently, your physical interactions with Luke had bugged him more than it should. He felt oddly ignored and insecure during moments like these, when you chose to curl up into Luke rather than him. He shouldn’t feel this jealous, this angry. You were his girlfriend. Not Luke’s. You loved him. Not Luke… Right? You guys were just best friends… Right?

Your giggles at something Luke had said pulled him out of his reverie. Doubts were creeping into Ashton’s head, insecurities bubbling up. He got up, suddenly, causing you all to look up at him. He looked rather grim, the smile on his face a minute ago- not there.

“You alright, Ash?” You questioned, looking up at him.

He nodded distractedly, eyebrows furrowed as he looked around. Grabbing his hoodie, he headed to the door. “I’m going out for some fresh air. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Want me to come along?” You asked, siting up, peering at his disappearing figure.

“Uh, no. I’ll be alright. Stay with the guys if you want to.”

“Alright,” you answered, shrugging off his changed mood as pre-show nerves.

Half of him wanted to be left alone for a while, but the other half of him wanted you to come along. But as Ashton went out and stood at the door to put on his hoodie, he heard you laugh at a stupid joke Luke had cracked and he was off, biting his lips in sadness and frustration.

Ashton’s short walk had turned into a long one around the venue. He had stopped by to click some pictures with the fans that had found him and had lay in the soft grass for some while before finally deciding to return. He was in a slightly better mood. He was heading to the dressing room to get ready since soundcheck was only in a bit. Calum and Michael passed him as he walked towards the room asking him to “hurry the fuck up” and he sped up.

The door of the room was open a creak, light from the hallway slipping in too. As Ashton reached the room, he stopped when he heard voices. He peeked in through the sliver. He didn’t know what to feel as he saw you and Luke standing very, very close together before you moved away, smiling. With the seeds of doubt already planted in his head, he assumed the worst. Should he feel hurt? Angry? Both? He moved away from the door when tears pooled in his eyes but he wiped them before they could drip down his cheeks.

He slammed the door open, glaring at the two of you before yanking his hoodie off. He walked past the two of you, ignoring your questions as to where he had been. He pulled off his shirt and put on a slightly less warmer tank top.

You stepped closer to him, standing on your tip toes to give him a peck. Though right when your lips were about to touch his, he turned away and your puckered flesh met his cheeks. You frowned, confused. Before you could ask him what was wrong, he turned to Luke and rather hatefully spat out- “We’re getting late.” And then he was gone.

Through out the show Ashton had been very aggressive. He broke his drum once and his drumsticks twice. He also hadn’t conversed with the fans as much as he usually did. Every smile you’d sent his way through the side of the stage where you weren’t visible was returned with a scowl or a glare.

When the show and the meet and greet was over and the guys were heading to freshen up, you tried to block Ashton’s path. “Hey, whats wrong seriously?”

“Move Y/N. I’m really sweaty. I need a shower.” He said, not looking at you.

‘Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” you answered.

“Y/N…” He warned.

“What’s wrong?” You repeated adamantly.

Rather unexpectedly, Ashton burst out. “Y/N, I said move. Stop annoying the crap out of me.”

You stepped back, surprised by his outburst. His yell earned the two of you looks from the crew and the others. Ashton sighed, rubbing his temples with his thumb and forefinger. His voice cracked and came out raspy,”Let me just go, Y/N.”

Hearing the waver in voice, you immediately stepped aside, letting him pass. You looked at him as he weaved his way through the crowd of people backstage, wondering all the while what had gone wrong. What had you done? What had you done that you made him cry?

You guy were sitting in Calum’s room having dinner out of take out boxes when you were back from the venue, the work for the day done. Despite the conversations Luke, Calum and Michael made, an awkward silence hung in the room. Michael kept sneaking glances, eyes flitting between you and Ashton. Finally, curiosity got the better of him and he spoke up. “Alright, what’s wrong?”

Ashton looked up at him from his box.”What?”

“What?” Calum snickered tauntingly. “What as in why aren’t you both all over each other? You’re literally on top of each other after shows. I don’t know how you do it, he’s so fucking sweaty.”

“Well, I assumed she’d rather enjoy some time with other people,” Ashton sneered.

You turned to him, eyebrows drawing into a scowl. “What do you mean I’d en-”

“I’m going to bed,” he cut you off, shutting his box and placing it back on the table, food still unfinished. He got up to leave.

“No, you’re not,” you said. Your eyes followed his moments, as he shuffled around, grabbing his jacket, his phone and his room key. You got up from your seat as well “Ashton, stop being so fucking cryptic. Just spit it out!”

Ignoring you, yet again, he walked out slamming the door at your face. You gritted your teeth, eyes burning as tears filled your eyes this time.

“Uh… Did something happen between you two?” Luke asked.

You turned to him, glaring. “I don’t know, Luke. Does it look like something’s happened?” You hissed, sarcastically.

Luke cowered back, shooting you an apologetic look.

You sighed, muttering a sorry. You began to pace by the door, lips drawn between your teeth and panic flooding through your system.

“Did I do something wrong you guys?” You asked worriedly, running your hands through your. “Did I say something? Why is he so pissed off at me? Is he going to bre-”

“For the love of god, Y/N, can you please breathe for a minute?” Luke said, coming to stand beside you. He put his hands on your shoulders giving you a shake before he continued. “Go talk to him. That’s it.”

“If you haven’t noticed, he’s ignoring me.” You pointed out the obvious. “He won’t listen to me.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Then force him to talk. Listen, if he doesn’t talk to you we’ll talk to him.”

“Yeah,” Michael piped in. “And if that doesn’t work we’ll take you to a relationship therapist.”

Calum made a face at Michael, before turning to you. “We won’t because it won’t come to it. Just go talk to him. You’ve talked through your problems before.”

“Right. Yes, I can do this.” You repeated, sucking in a breath before letting it out.

Luke gave your shoulders a squeeze as you walked out towards the room you were supposed to share with Ashton. The door of the other room shut behind you.

You were oddly nervous. Sure, you had had your fair shares of arguments with him but he’d never been this mad at you. You’d never made him cry.

You knocked on the door of the room twice, eyes focused on the carpeted hallway. “Ashton? Open up, please.” You said, softly knowing that he was listening.

He didn’t reply. Neither did he come to unlock the door, despite all the moving you could hear him doing inside. “Ash, babe, please.”

Still nothing.

“You know I’m sharing a room with you any way, so you have to let me in anyway.”

You heard the lock turn, and his face popped into view. “Really? Because I thought you’d rather sleep with Luke.”

You frowned. “Why would I want to sleep with Luke?”

“I don’t know. You had no problem kissing him today.”

Your jaw went slack and a look of pure confusion overtook your face. “What the fuck are you on about? When did I kiss Luke?”

He was about to shut the door again, but you put your foot in between, wincing at the pressure. He was shutting you out again, quite literally as well as emotionally. You pushed on the door, slipping in and past him.

“No, we are talking about this.” You said, enunciating each word. You slammed the door behind you, crossing your hands in front of your chest.

“There’s nothing to-”

“Cut the shit Ashton!” You yelled, frustratedly. “You’re literally accusing me of cheating! That too with Luke! Your band mate!”

“Well didn’t you?” He screamed right back. His eyes had turned a shade darker, his jaw was gritted and hands clenched into fists.

“When the hell did you see me kissing him? Because I clearly don’t remember doing so, ever. So if you can jog my memory it would be really helpful.” You spat, moving inside.

Ashton followed you. “I saw you… And him. In the dressing room. You were standing so cl- close to him and you were smiling. And-”

You scoffed. “And you assumed I cheated on you with one of your best friends. That’s what you think of me, Ashton? That’s what you think of your girlfriend?”

“Why wouldn’t I, Y/N?” Ashton whimpered. When you looked up at him his orbs were filled with tears again. He plopped on the bed, dropping his head into his palms. “I mean you’re always so close with him. You’re always with him.”


“No. Please, let me finish,” he sniffed, wiping the tears that had spilled. “You always choose to be with him. You choose to sit next to him even when I’m there. You choose to cuddle into him, you choose to joke around with him, you choose to make fun of him. Not me. You choose to talk to him when you’re upset. You choose to go have fun with him. Not me. It’s like you- It’s like you choose to love him. And not me. Not me.”

By now Ashton was sobbing, and tears were rolling down your cheeks too.

“But- I don’t blame you. You’ve known him your entire life. He’s talented- plays mean tunes on that guitar. he’s good looking. He’s charming. He’s everything I am not and more. Maybe I’m just not enough to deserve you. Maybe I’m not as good to deserve your love. Maybe I was stupid enough to try in the first place. Maybe I am not good enough.

You shook your head, sitting beside him, the mattress bending under your weight as you sat down. You reached out to grab his hand but he pulled away. So you scooted closer, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders. “No. No. You listen to me, alright? Listen to me carefully, okay?”

You pressed your lips to the side of his forehead, holding his shaking body as close as you could. You moved your face closer to his ear. “I love you. I fucking love you. No, I didn’t kiss Luke. I can’t ever kiss anyone ever, but you. I will only ever want to kiss you. I only want to feel your lips against mine, okay? And I will never in a million years leave you, or stop loving you. And you deserve me. You probably deserve better than me. Not someone who doesn’t give you attention. But I’m sorry. i didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I wouldn’t ever want to hurt you. I will always want to cuddle you, or laugh with you or have the time of my life with you. And I will be selfish, because although you deserve better, I want you all to myself.”

You grabbed his face in your palms, turning it towards you. You looked into his green eyes, red and glazed. “And I love you more than any thing in this whole damn world. I love you because you make feel more wanted than anyone ever has and ever could. I love you because you put the stars in my fucking sky. I love you because you look at me and all I see is love.”

You leaned your forehead against his. “I love you because you listen to me ramble about the most boring things.” You kissed his left cheek. “I love you because you laugh at all my bad jokes.” A peck on his right cheek. “I love you because you let me steal all your shirts and hoodies.” On his nose. “I love you because you let me play your drums and you play them better than anyone ever can. And I love that.” On the corner of his lips. “I love you because you hold me like we’r in our own world, like everything will always be okay.” On the other corner of his lips. “I love you because you’re Ashton Fletcher Irwin and I wouldn’t ever want to love anyone else.”

You pressed your lips against his softly. At first he didn’t move- the two of you felt everything, every crease, every torn skin of your lip brushing against the other’s. And then he turned his body to face you completely, a hand grabbing your waist while the other went into your hair. His eyes were closed, forehead still against yours ass he pushed you into the mattress. “You love me, right? Not Luke?”

“Not Luke, that dude looks like a fucking bread stick.” You smiled, fingers grazing his jaw, up and down. “Only you. Always you.”

Ashton giggled and then asked. “You never kissed him?”

You shook your head as much as you could in his grip. “Never had and never will. No one but you.”

He moved his face, lips brushing lightly against yours. “And you’ll always love me?”

“Always and forever.” You answered.

“You promise?” he asked.

You chuckled. “Yes, you adorable noob. Now shut up and kiss me.”

So I have a penpal, now what do I do? ✉

Well my friend, you’re in luck, because i have some ideas for you! Here are some cute ideas for all your witchy penpal exchanges

For Letters ✉:

First, of course, greet your penpal! Tell them about yourself, your craft, your familiar, anything you want! Then it’s time to get into the magical stuff, if you want!

  • ✒Enchant the pen or paper (or both) you use to bring nice things to your penpal’s life
  • 🔮Draw sigils on the envelope for safely arriving at it’s destination
  • ✒Draw sigils on the paper for greetings, making friends, happiness, having a good day, etc.
  • 🔮Use fun colors, and remember what their magical associations will do for your penpal
  • ✒Draw pictures! Even if you aren’t an artist, a picture is worth a thousand words, and i’m sure your penpal would love seeing your doodles
  • 🔮Draw runes
  • ✒Do a tarot/oracle/rune/pendulum/other reading for your penpal, and write out the results!
  • 🔮Write cute poems, or make incantations for specific purposes to share with them
  • ✒Add a little glitter to the note or envelope for that extra touch of magic (just a little though, don’t glitterbomb your penpal lol!)
  • 🔮Meditate on your intent for the letter, and imagine the energy going into it
  • ✒Burn a candle for a specific intent, and seal the envelope with the wax
  • 🔮Add flower petals, leaves, herbs, or anything else small to the envelope for the extra magic they’ll provide
  • ✒Come up with a “secret language” with your penpal, so you can write back and forth in a fun way (and it definitely feels more magical)
  • 🔮Sign your name with a sigil or other marking, especially if you’d like to remain a little anonymous or not use your real name
  • ✒Add drops of essential oils, perfumes, floral essences, or other scented things to the paper for any intent you have (of course be mindful of allergies and such)
  • 🔮Add drops of moon water, rain water, aun water, etc to the paper
  • ✒Charge the letter overnight in the moonlight
  • 🔮Charge the letter overnight with crystals
  • ✒ Charge a separate sheet of paper with a crystal that you know your penpal would enjoy/need, so it can act as a stand-in for said crystal
  • 🔮Enchant a penny & add it to the envelope to bring good luck
  • ✒Share any recipes, spells, incantations, or otherwise you think they may like!

For Packages 📦:

  • 🕯Draw sigils on the box for safe travels, protection, arriving at it’s destination, etc
  • 📦Decorate the boxes with pictures, runes, sigils, drawings, anything!
  • 🕯Enchant the tape to seal the contents of the box safely inside
  • 📦Add a little glitter to the box for extra magic and fun (again, just a little 😂)
  • 🕯Enchant to box to safely carry any items you place inside
  • 📦Make spell jars for your penpal & send them
  • 🕯Include toys or treats for any pets or familiars they have
  • 📦Make some sort of baked treat and send it (ensuring that they’re okay with that, checking with allergies, and making sure it can get there without going bad) like cookies, but with that extra kitchen witch magic
  • 🕯Order gifts online and have them sent directly to your penpals house (which would be a very pleasant surprise)
  • 📦Share any old books or journals you have no use for
  • 🕯Exchange tarot card decks, or gift card decks, and then give each other readings
  • 📦Include pins, buttons, or brooches enchanted for specific purposes, like protection, having a good day, good luck, inviting love, etc
  • 🕯Send any crystals, candles, or other witchcraft supplies you don’t need and think they might use
  • 📦Enchant any type of wearable object (necklace, ring, pin, hairtie, bobby pin, whatever you can!) for them
  • 🕯Enchant 2 matching pens & send one to them, so you can write to each other using them
  • 📦Do a cute craft for them (example: seashell tealights, make clay figurines for intents or to represent deities
  • 🕯Drawings, paintings, and otherwise are always wonderful gifts, especially if magic is added to it
  • 📦Mugs & teas to go together and fulfill an intent
  • 🕯Send little items that are charmed/enchanted, like beads, charms, pins, paperclips, etc
  • 📦Gifting packets of seeds and such is a wonderful idea, especially for a garden/herb/green witch
  • 🕯Send vials of moon, rain, or sun water, essential oils, essences, etc
  • 📦Charge the box or any items you put inside overnight in the moonlight
  • 🕯Charge the box with crystals overnight
  • 📦Send things to help with self care, like bath bombs, bath salts, chapstick, face masks, etc (of course feel free to enchant any of these as well for health, self love, etc)

Here are just a few ideas! I hope this is helpful to you, and I hope you’re as excited as i am to start with this. Most importantly, remember to have fun with this! These are just suggestions, what you do is up to you. Happy mailing!

(To sign up, check out previous posts for rules and application forms. Thanks!)

-Summer🌻 (@moonlitmagic )

anonymous asked:

“Don’t be fucking rude Lucy heartfilia pls

Alcohol Is Not Lucy’s Friend, But Her Friends Are

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 2318

A/N; Sorry this took so long, been working on a few things at the same time and actually working lol! Enjoy!

“Don’t be fucking rude.”

“Oh my God Lucy you are such a meme!” Cana cackled, arm slung over Lucy’s shoulder as she tried to wedge her face between Lucy’s phone and her ear. “Besides, it’s girls night! That means no dicks!”

“Cana,” Levy sighed giving her a pointed look.

“Your dick is female, it doesn’t count. Now take your shot and spin the wheel of awkward sexual questions on your phone.”

“Does that mean Juvia’s beloved can join?”

“You know if you would just stop making everything about dick this would stop happening,” Lucy commented innocently, grinning at Cana’s disgruntled look. “You don’t even like dick.”

“Oh I like dick, just not what ninety percent of it is attached to.”

“Can you guys stop saying dick?” A tired voice asked from the phone. Lucy squeaked, shoving her hand in Cana’s face and pushing her so she fell backwards over the couch.

“Sorry Natsu,” Lucy sighed, glaring at her pack of giggling friends and making threatening gestures with her hand as she left the room. “You know how they are.”

“I did grow up with them,” he said dryly, Lucy hearing his smile in his voice.

“Then you should be used to the word dick,” Lucy teased, grinning at his scoff. ”Would you rather I say penis?”

“Oh Luce, you know I beat you at the penis game.” Natsu purred. Lucy was thankful that he was half a city away and not able to see her face, because that meant she didn’t have to suppress her shiver or stop herself from biting her lip at his deep voice. Yes, Lucy thought to herself, I’m sure you could definitely beat me with your dick.

Alrighty, that was a sign for her to stop taking every drink Cana offered her.

Time to stop being creepy about her best friend. “You wish,” she said instead of anything she might regret.

“Excuse you I totally won the round in the library yesterday!”

“Because I wasn’t playing,” Lucy huffed, smiling as she twirled a strand of hair around her fingers. “You and Gray started it, I just got kicked out alongside you!”

“Then maybe I was just imagining you screaming,” Natsu said, voice low and rough through the phone. Lucy’s heart stuttered, mouth suddenly going dry as her mind whirled.

“What?” she asked, clearing her throat awkwardly at how her own voice sounded. Thank God Cana was too busy climbing all over Kagura like some alcoholic cat.

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Something New

request: Sorry if I’m being a bother but would you be willing to write a Tom Holland x reader fic where you confess to tom but he rejects you but later on gets jealous/notices his feelings when the reader sort of avoids him and hangs out with another friend (because she needs time to heal or such)? I think this kind of plot has been done before but I would love to see one from you because your work so far are really good!! But I hope you are doing this only if you want to :))

a/n: i actually got really nervous writing this my hands started shaking and i got butterflies lmao but i hope it doesn’t seem too rushed or too short ♥️


Today. Today. Today.

The simple word is on repeat on your mind for a single reason: today is the day you’d promised yourself something that you can’t go back on, no matter what. Your fingers curl around the long sleeve of your sweater, and your heart thumps hard against your ribs like a caged bird.

Despite the nerves swirling in your stomach, you climb the stairs that lead to Tom’s apartment, cracking your knuckles. You don’t manage to stop yourself from doing so, the habit more prominent when you’re nervous.

It seems like hours pass by until you’re standing in front of his door, fist raised in front of the solid wood, ready to knock. You swallow, and butterflies do loop-de-loops in your belly, rising up to the back of your throat. Before you can delay a second longer, you rap your knuckles against the door.

Having told Tom you were coming beforehand, it doesn’t take him long to shout a quick, “Coming!” from within. You’re able to hear his feet tap against the floor, hurrying to unlock the door and open it for you. As he does so, you’re met with his beautiful smile. His eyes light up when they fall upon you, and his grin widens.

You catch the moment where he recognizes that something’s off. His eyes squint a little bit and his hand falters on the door handle as he ushers you inside. You force a smile and try to act normal, but you trip when you walk past him, cursing vigorously inside your head. Smooth, real damn smooth.

He doesn’t laugh, even though he normally would, you know he’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with you today. “So.” He says, and with your back to him, you squeeze your eyes shut, praying that he won’t ask what’s wrong. Thankfully, he doesn’t. Instead, Tom asks, “What do you want to do?” You shrug, one shoulder lifting a bit higher than the other.

Turning, you meet his gaze. “What do you want to do?”

“I asked you first.” He grins.

Your eyes roll, and you look back the other way, your eyes finding his couch, the nightstand, and a little figurine sitting on it, the one you bought him for his last birthday. Now or never, come on. “Um,” You begin, right as he says, “Is there something wrong - “

“Oh.” You say together.

“You first.” You say, an awkward, forced laugh pushing between your lips.

“Okay, uh, why are you acting so funny?” He rushes. “Did I do something, are you leaving, what’s going on?”

You swallow, hard. “You didn’t do anything, Tom, everything’s fine, everything’s…” Your gaze falls back on the figurine. “…actually,” you force out, “I have something to tell you.” At his worried expression, you shake your head, “It’s nothing bad, it’s actually, it’s um, I don’t know what it is.”

His brows tug together, forming a little line on his forehead. “You don’t know what it is?”

“No,” You sigh, wringing your hands together. “I, um, I know what it is.” Your throat suddenly feels like it’s closing as you exhale another shaky breath. “I - I like…you.” Once the words fall out, they won’t stop coming. “I have feelings for you, I don’t know if saying like is childish or whatever, because they might be stronger than just ‘like’, but I - ”

Tom cuts you off by saying your name, just your name. You can’t meet his eyes for what seems like the longest time. When you are finally able to raise your chin and look at him, there’s something in his eyes that makes your heart drop. It isn’t the sort of look he would have if he reciprocated, even a little bit. It’s pity. Pity. The notion that he feels bad or pities you burns your cheeks, and you step back, seeing the rejection written plainly on the lines of his face.

“Oh.” Your voice sounds hollow in your ears. “Okay.” Something rises in your throat, a hard lump that threatens to send tears spilling from your eyes. You push past him, shaking off the hand that lands on your wrist.

“No, wait, I’m sorry - ”

“It’s fine.” You choke out. “I understand. I just um, I just need to go.” Then you do something that makes you disgusted with yourself: you flee, and you cry. You’d promised yourself you’d never do something as stupid as cry over a boy, but it seems this is a day to break those promises.

Your feet land hard on the sidewalk as you run, carrying you around corners and down blocks until you’re all turned around and don’t know where the hell you are. Fumbling to pull your phone out of the pocket of your jeans, you tap the screen, sending out a call. “Hello?” You gulp. “I need some help.”

A few days later finds you curled up in the movie theater with a good friend, his eyes focused intently on the screen as yours are slightly unfocused, your mind playing The Event on repeat instead of allowing you to concentrate on the movie. 

Tom had sent you a few texts, none of which were answered, embarrassment boiling in the pit of your stomach.

You‘d posted a picture on instagram with James, the boy sitting next to you, a few hours after you’d left Tom’s apartment, the two of you curled up beneath a blanket. There were no romantic feelings between you, he was more your brother than anything else, and had been the perfect shoulder to cry on, having faced a few rejections from a few different boys himself.

After the picture, Tom hadn’t bothered to try and contact you again. Some small part of you felt a little proud that maybe, just maybe you’d made him jealous.

You sigh. In your dreams.

A few hours later, James is walking you back to your apartment. He leaves you outside the building with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. “Love you.” You say.

“Love you too, sis.” He replies, a gentle smile curving his mouth.

You take the elevator to the fourth floor, looking down as it opens to play with your keys, heading a few doors down and turning the corner. Maybe if you were looking up, you wouldn’t have run into him.

Stumbling back, you begin to apologize profusely, but then his brown eyes have met yours, and the words won’t come anymore. Your cheeks flush as you remember, again, how you parted, and your eyes flick away. “Tom.” The word sounds a bit strangled when you say it, but he doesn’t comment. From the corner of your eye, you can see his fist clench within his pocket. Speaking with more bravery than you thought you had, you say, “Have something to say, do you?” His mouth twists. “Say it then.” You dare him.

“Do you really move on that fast?” It spills out before he can put a filter over his mouth, and your eyebrows raise, mouth dropping open.

“Seriously? You’re jealous? I thought you didn’t fucking care.” You snap. “Move.” When you pass him, he catches your shoulder.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Damn right.” You pull away, scrambling to fit your key into the lock.

“Please, just hold on for a second.” Tom pleads. Your brain tells you to go inside and shut him out, but your heart hurts and reminds you of how much you love him, how he makes you laugh, and the way his eyes soften when he looks at you. Resignedly, you wait, but you don’t look at him. He lets out a breath. “Maybe I am.”

“Maybe you’re what?”

“Jealous.” The word is barely decipherable.

You turn. “I thought you - ”

His head is shaking before you finish talking. A small seed of hope blooms in your stomach. “You’ve been avoiding me.” He says quietly. “And I don’t know how it took that to make me realize how…how I feel.” Your lips press together, the beginnings of a smile suppressed as he continues with difficulty. “I…I, I, um, I like you. Too. I like you too. Maybe even more than like.” Tom exhales loudly. “That was hard.”

Even though you enjoy watching him squirm, you wrap your arms around him, effectively cutting off whatever he was going to say next, an unbelievable amount of happiness practically glowing in your eyes. Tom’s arms come around you tentatively, then more firmly, pressing you against his chest.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers into your shoulder.

“You’re forgiven.” You pull back, and there’s a spark of something in the air when you lean forward again, something new blossoming as your lips find his.

anonymous asked:

modern au lily headcanons, go!

  • tiny barely five foot redheaded menace she has visible stretchmarks and is kinda on the chubby side. petunia used to call her a cherub which made her cry but now she’s like fuck yeah i’m awesome because fuck whatever her hate filled sister has to say
  • when she was fifteen she got an industrial piercing, and then she pierced her ears again a year later, and the day after her drunken boozy birthday bash she got her first tattoo
  • by the time she’s in her early twenties she has about 7 odd tats all over, some are watercolour, some are monochrome, they’re both hidden and out there for the world to see.
  • she owns about 50 different sundresses and she wears them all the time. fuck pants and fuck sitting like a lady. she paid good money for her underwear and they’re cute. the world deserves to see them.
  • she only wears chucks with them though. her wardrobe is bursting with dresses and skirts and the occasional romper, but she only owns like 3 pairs of shoes: some formal red bottom nude pumps that she saved up for years to buy, a pair of winter boots, and her banged up chucks.
  • james fucking trips over himself when he first sees her. she’s scary… but hot. it doesn’t help that it happens the first and last time she tries to dye her hair, so she’s sporting lilac streaks that clash something awful and guffawing loudly with sirius.
  • absolutely detests beer but will drink any kind of wine no matter how cheap or dry or disgusting it might be. she loves rosé and has like ten different bottles in her flat at all times.
  • speaking of her flat, it’s one room open concept kind of thing the size of a shoebox. she calls it minimalistic, but it’s because she’s a poor uni student. you don’t even have a proper bed frame evans jesus.
  • hates driving unless it’s getting to take sirius’ motorbike out for a spin. they have matching leather jackets. it’s fun.
  • she’s either an instagram beauty queen or a fucking mess there’s no in between. she doesn’t do make up often but when it does her eyeliner could massacre any man who looks her way and her highlight is brighter than the fucking sun. but most times she’s in mismatched knee socks, a dress, no bra, chapped lips, flushed cheeks, and frizzy hair.
  • has had instagram since it’s inception but only has 13 posts up, nine of which are books and coffee that she gets at remus’ shop. she always tags his shop’s official account in them.
  • uses facebook only once a month but she fucking spams everyone within half an hour before logging off again. also tags remus’ bookshop on there too with literary puns. he is not impressed. (she likes to post pictures of loaves of bread that look like dicks on peter’s bakery’s page but he blocked her so she resorts to tagging his personal account instead.)
  • she’s kind of a stoner. just a little bit. it started at a party back in uni and she doesn’t do it often, but she knows how to roll a blunt like a pro and has 7 ‘not the weed guy’ contacts on her phone.
  • because she always wears dresses she never has actual functional pockets so she’s always lugging around hug handbags filled with snacks, extra water bottles, a first aid kit, a power bank, extra pads and tampons, at least 5 different shades of red lipstick, and pretty much anything you could think of.
  • she’s a meme queen, always up to date on the latest meme and always sharing them on the groupchat. peter was scared of the spongebob one at first.
  • mooches off of james’ netflix account. he’s changed the password a hundred times but she’s always finding her way back in so he just gives up and lets her even though all she watches is repeats of brooklyn nine nine, parks and rec, and those weird food network things that he never understands.
  • she eats like a toddler, he idea of cooking is just like microwaveable chicken nuggets or something. and she will eat anything once it’s covered in salt or ketchup. it drives sirius ‘food snob’ black crazy because ‘no lily you have chicken mcnuggets and stirfry mixed together what the fuck
  • her bad eating habits also drive james ‘health conscious nerd’ potter up a wall because ‘what do you mean breakfast was five rice kripsy treats and a pack of thin mints oh my god you’re going to get diabetes before you’re thirty’
  • he starts buy her groceries after that and she would be upset but she’s a cheapskate so the money she would have spent goes towards her new phone fund because she’s been using a shitty little android for 3 years it’s time for an upgrade.
  • of course, she doesn’t know about half the shit james buys (what the fuck is chia seeds potter?’ ‘put them in your water and drink it’ ‘it’s disgusting’ ‘it’s healthy.’ ‘i rather eat a triple cheeseburger and die at the ripe old age of 32′)
  • she doesn’t know how to cook it either so that means he’s over cooking for her most nights. the two of them together. alone.
  • he grudgingly grows to like rosé
  • lily asks him out after a month or so very cool and casually like ‘oh hey you know if we were dating you could just stay over instead of taking the train back home we should do that it would solve a lot of problems.’
  • it makes him drop the rice he’s working on, but it doesn’t matter because dinner is cold as a dog’s nose by the time they’re ready for it if ya catch my drift.
Smile For The Camera {Park Jin-Young + Im Jaebum}

Prompt:  Hi hi I’m a girl and lemme get uhhhhhh fuckiinnnnn 23 please ?😊😊❤️ || Request open || Smut Game

Pairing: Jaebum x  Reader x Jinyoung

Word Count: 900

Warning: creampie, overstimulation, recording

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briellasophia  asked:

hey loves i was wondering if y'all have a tag for where stiles and derek are both super protective of each other?

We have a protective!Derek tag and Protective!Stiles tag but here’s moar! - Anastasia

Originally posted by theflowersknow

Especially You by MellytheHun

(1/1 I 949 I Teen)

“Is now a bad time to mention I’m claustrophobic?”

Hands Off by Reiya_Wakayama

(2/2 I 2,152 I Teen I Girl!Stiles)

No one messes with what is hers.

Join the club by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I 8,598 I Mature)

Derek is human now, the others are following up on Scott’s theory about the Benefactor being a Banshee, and Stiles is more of a badass and less of a hyperactive spaz than Derek initially thought.

A seed taking root by Nival_Vixen

(7/7 I 11,107 I Mature)

It wasn’t really in his life plan to get a tattoo, because, y'know - huge freaking phobia of needles over here, thank you very much! - but Stiles kept reading these things about images and words imprinted on a person’s skin actually having power in the magic books that Deaton had given him. (There were actual emissary books in the world, who knew?! They would’ve been helpful a year ago, but whatever. Deaton was still vague and cryptic as all fuck, but the books were helping now. A bit. It was hard to think of anything as helping, especially after the nogitsune, but Stiles couldn’t sleep without waking up screaming, so he figured reading these books were better than the alternative.)

After the events of the nogitsune, Stiles decides to get a tattoo without letting the others know. Derek finally finds him at the tattoo parlour and decides to stay with him, even after the end.

Light at the end of the tunnel by Lesatha

(1/1 I 19,413 I Mature)

“Careful, Stilinski. Don’t think you can go around telling me what to do, or coddling the werewolf.”

“What does it matter to you?”

“If the feral alpha kills you, it will be my fault, as your supervisor.”

Stiles’ head whipped towards the werewolf. He couldn’t see much of him apart from his red eyes, always following Stiles. Crazy as it might sound, it comforted him. The werewolf wasn’t the rabid animal Elis seemed to picture. He was just… hurt.

Nothing Stays The Same by BigBadLittleRed

(14/14 I 33,570 I Teen)

There had been a tremendous amount of stress, emotional and physical tolls pressing down on all of them. There had been death, pain, sadness. Many things pushed him to act, certain moments that told him it was time to make a move.

So he left with a note to his dad and two bags of stuff before getting on a bus. Beacon Hills turned into a distant memory behind him as the bus drove through the night. No matter how much guilt he felt, there was a fire in his chest that told him he was doing the right thing for himself.

That was three years ago, and now he’s back. Armed with victory scars, a new outlook on life, and a new list of priorities.

Number 1: Derek
Number 2: Himself

He’s only here for a favor, that’s it. He needs to do his job, and get the hell out.

Of Wolves and Little Reds by maimas

(12/? I 33,942 I Mature)

Stiles was really hoping that after the whole Kanima and Gerard thing that things would go back to normal. Well, normal-ish? Whatever. It didn’t. She really just needed to accept that this was her life now. Werewolves are a major pain in the ass. Especially those of the Alpha variety. Ugh.
She could handle a lot of bull-shit, but really? Really? Werewolves, man. Werewolves.

Non-Compliant and Always Underestimated (or Underestimating… Shut Up Scott) by nina_rosa95

(28/? I 40,189 I Mature)

He folds his arms under his head and nods at Derek as he approaches, claws extended. Stiles exhales deeply, eyes fixated on the tips of Derek’s claws. “I’m ready.”

Stiles doesn’t tense under his touch like Derek thought he would. He doesn’t whimper or writhe with aborted movements to get away from Derek’s touch when he starts on the first leg of the Triskelion, the incision too shallow at first. He doesn’t ball up his fists when Derek has to dig into the beginning of the first leg to split the sinew apart deeper than before.

His heart rate doesn’t make alarming jumps and he never tells Derek to stop, not even when Derek digs his claws into the pale, vulnerable flesh of his stomach above his navel as he draws the second leg of the Triskelion.

A Wolf and His Boy by lovesrain44

(1/1 I 59,000 I Mature)

While running in the woods, Stiles is attacked by a feral werewolf. This leaves him marked but unclaimed, which makes it open season on Stiles, which means that any wolf can claim him and take him away. Derek presents a solution, but Stiles says the price is too high. After all, it’s only his safety that is at risk, so he can say no. Right? Wrong.

Lonely Road by CranApplePye

(22/? I 168.791 I Explicit)

Stiles is running from things he doesn’t want to face. Derek is running from a past he cannot leave behind. Their paths collide on a lonely stretch of road when Stiles’ car breaks down and Derek is the only mechanic on hand. An unexpected closeness develops, but both men are harboring secrets and Stiles may have just found the one person whose luck runs worse than his own. When the past catches up with the future, it may be one collision that neither of them can survive, and it may end up pulling everyone they love down with them.

As everything begins to unravel, choices must be made. Stiles must decide how far he’s able to go to protect the people he cares about, and what he’ll do when he hits his breaking point. Derek must decide whether he can overcome a lifetime of betrayal enough to trust in someone again, and what he’s willing to sacrifice if he is. And Scott and Allison must decide what it means to stand by your friends, and what price they are each willing to pay to do what is right.

There’s Magic Between You and I by halcyon1993

(25/25 I 260,699 I Explicit)

After the disaster that was junior year, Stiles is more than ready to finish his last year of high school and move on to college. He splits his time between his studies, taking care of the pack—well and truly blossoming into his new role as the alpha’s mate—and training his powers with Deaton. At the same time he learns shocking secrets about his heritage, strange things start happening around town and to the pack themselves, and he finds himself in a race to save everyone when a new evil arrives and threatens to destroy everything he loves.

Fall time with your boyfriend Peter Parker...
  • When Halloween time comes around, this boy would totally be down to wear matching costumes
  • Like he’d be planning ideas for outfits since July
  • Mario and Peach, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Jack and Sally, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, etc.
  • You’d end up going to Liz’s Halloween party as Princess Leia and Han Solo
  • Because the nerd inside of Peter couldn’t deny the fact that he wanted to see you as dressed up as his childhood crush
  • “You look so… hot.”
    “Watch it, Solo. I’m a princess of a freaking galaxy. I can kick your ass.”

  • The week leading up to Halloween would be filled with all those cheesy autumn festivities
  • Like Peter and you would take a trip, courtesy of Mr. Stark, out of the city and to a pumpkin patch out in the farmlands. 
  • “Peter, this is the perfect pumpkin! It’s round, fat and looks exactly like the one in Cinderella!”
    “Babe that pumpkin is at least forty pounds and we both know I’m the one who’s gonna have to carry it all around and hold it for the whole car ride.”
    “Yeah I know, that’s why I’m dating a superhero. You have the big strong muscles so you get to carry my pumpkin!” 
  • Cue eye roll from Peter
  • But he’d agree nonetheless because he wants to see you happy and smile even more

  • So you’d go back to his house and begin your new tradition of a carving contest
  • Peter would carve his pumpkin into the pie symbol, which he found hilarious
  • You, on the other hand, would steal the win with your spider symbol carving
  • “Get it? I carved my pumpkin after you! Cause you’re Spider-man and all…”
    “That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Y/n.”
  • With that being said, your pumpkin won.

  • You can bet your ass the two of you would stay up all night Saturday binge watching all the new horror movies on Netflix and making random Halloween themed treats
  • Baking pumpkin seeds !!!
  • Pinterest would aid in your baking
    “Sweetheart look! Pumpkin spice waffles! Can you believe that? I bet they taste like heaven…”
    “Peter you’re more basic than I am in fall.”

  • You’d also watch Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown b/c those are classics
  • And binge watching Stranger Things 2 since you two had count down going for it since August

  • On random mornings, Peter would swing by a local starbucks (or whatever coffeehouse you enjoy) and pick you up your favorite fall themed drink for you to sip on as you two walk to school together
  • He’d also buy you small gifts throughout the months just for the heck of it
  • Like some yellow/orange flowers
  • Some pumpkin shaped Reese’s (b/c I swear for some reason those taste better than the regular ones)
  • Different horror movies
  • Cozy blankets
  • Halloween themed chocolates
  • And more

  • Peter would be the best boyfriend and be willing to take all those cheesy fall shots of you on his phone and camera
  • “Okay Y/n, now sit criss cross on the grass and when I say go, throw those leaves in the air and smile okay?”
  • “Perfect, you look so perfect. Keep smiling like that, babe.”
  • “Now I want you to sit on the ground and lean up against that pumpkin and pretend like I told a really funny joke and start laughing-”
    “You want to get the perfect picture, right? I promise it’ll look great- even if it doesn’t, you’re in it so it’s bound to be a beautiful picture.”

  • Being that cliche couple that posts fall themed pictures together with captions like “FALL in love” and stuff like that

  • Going to haunted houses together and clinging to Peter the whole time
  • But then after the first house you’d realized it wasn’t so bad
  • “Hey, this is actually kind of fun. There not as scary as they are funn- hey babe, are you okay?”
  • Peter’s face was as white as a sheet
  • He look beyond terrified
  • “W-what uh, what time do you want to go home? Like, like how long should we stay? This is dumb don’t you think?”
  • This boy looked ready to sprint out of there
  • “Peter… are you scared?”
  • His eyes would get wide as he’d shake his head rapidly
  • “No! No, I’m not! They’re just- I don’t like people jumping out at me and getting all up in my face. Makes me uncomfortable.” 
  • He was scared
  • But you chose not to embarrass him but rather so ditch the rest of the houses for a shared cup of hot apple cider and cuddles in the back of his- scratch that- Mr. Stark’s car at a local drive-in watching ‘The Shining’.

  • Actually buying bags upon bags of candy
  • May questioning the unhealthy side effects bound to follow
  • “You kids are gonna get a stomach ache.”
  • Peter would laugh at this shake her comment off,
  • “It’s only candy, May. What’s the worse that can happen?”
  • You’d end up spending the night sleeping on Peter’s bed as he took the couch b/c you stomach hurt too much to even attempt the walk home.
  • May would pass by Peter laying on the couch as he groaned about the sickening feeling settling in
  • A small smirk would line her lips as she would comment while passing by,
    “Told you so.”

  • You’d end your favorite holiday/season by looking forward to what the rest of the year holds
  • Peter would dream about the snowy season approaching 
  • “I can’t wait for Christmas, I’m so happy it’s almost here.”
    “Peter we still have Thanksgiving…”
    “Oh yeah, forgot about that one.”

- Daizy xx

A Guide to 19 Days and Recap

Whether you’re new to 19 Days and are having trouble understanding it or you’ve been through the whole process of waiting in agony for the next update and have forgotten how the story is set up, here’s a helpful guide to just that. I don’t guarantee that I’m 100% correct. I may be interpreting the cues incorrectly.

Warning: This is gonna be LONG.

We start chapters 1-54 all condensed into one file. These are either official art or little comics about what seem to be our kids in the future.

Our story actually begins on chapter 42, in the present. A bloody Jian Yi suddenly shows up in front of Zhan Zheng Xi.

According to what Xixi says in the next couple of chapters, Jian Yi disappeared on the second day of high school. (RIP Me. I died re-reading “He was my best friend at the time.”) The way Xixi says it makes it seem as if this is way after Xixi graduated(”Oh right, where did you disappear to when I was in high school?”), maybe university. (Might just be a mistake in translation, though.)

Apparently, Jian Yi still has to do the homework he missed throughout the years or something. (Ch. 47)

A couple more future/present comics and then we finally start “The Flashback™”on chapter 50. (Whoops forgot to mention the days of the week.)

We start this day with a sweet and funny premise. Nothing is going wrong, we are laughing and absolutely adoring this slice-of-life manhua…. (Little did we know it would later tear our hearts apart.)

We are introduced to these middle-schoolers, their relationship, and their school life(lmao everyone thinks they’re queer) in Day One, which goes on until chapter 56(Maybe?). (Thursday/Friday?)

(We are interrupted in Day One by the one shot.)

We continue to follow their daily school life. Day Two is a PE day (ugh) and spans from chapter 57(probably) to chapter 66. (Friday/Saturday)

During this second day, Xixi becomes increasingly aware of how intimate Jian Yi and he really are(by the reactions of his peers).

I’d like to mention that I am not completely 100% convinced that Day One and Day two aren’t just one single day, but arranged weirdly…. but for the sake of this guide, we’ll treat them as two separate days.

Okay the start of Day Three. “Yesterday” Xixi invited Jian Yi over to play video games. (Saturday/Sunday)

We interrupt your flashback to bring you “The Future™” Christmas Special!

Okay, we’re back. The Third Day spans from Ch 67 to Ch 97. We get a good laugh but we also learn a lot of things, like how adorable they were when they were kids. We also at first see that Jian Yi seems to have the hots for his best friend, but in that same day we learn that he doesn’t just have a crush on Xixi, he actually holds strong feelings of love for his best friend. So we are starting to see some back story(flashback in a flashback?) and character development, and also something weird with Jian Yi: he’s a lonely child.


Alright Day Four (Five? The weekend passed, but we didn’t see Sunday.) begins on chapter 98 and ends on chapter 114. (Monday)

WE MEET HE TIAN. (He used to smile so much wtf. Now he only smirks like he wants to eat you when you let your guard down.)

We also see another flashback of baby Jian Yi, his mother, and possibly his father?

Okay I just noticed He Tian knew from the start Jian Yi liked Xixi lmao.


WHAT WAS HE GONNA SAY?! Okay Day Four - End.


Okay Day Five begins with He Tian, so you know, in case you were wondering, this story isn’t exclusive to the two bestfriends (as we learned along the way). (Tuesday)

Day Five spans from chapter 115 to chapter 130 and it is THE FIGHT DAY™. Shit goes down in this day, the manga takes an unexpected turn, the fandom is confused but also intrigued and heart broken(the start of Old Xian’s tyranny on our feelings).

We see how He Tian seems to have feelings towards Jian Yi, and in the same day, we are introduced to *drumroll* MO. GUAN. SHAN.(But we don’t know his name yet so it’s Redhead for a couple of chapters.) Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

We also are introduced to bracelet dude (She Li) who repeats Jian Yi’s name rather ominously….

Shit is about to go DOWN.

K.O. Okay, NOBODY liked Redhead, I’ve had people say “I always loved Redhead from the beginning.” Like, mmm okay, so you hated Zhan Zheng Xi or something, like aha sure. LIES. Everybody hated Redhead for hurting our precious son.


The start of Mo Guan Shan’s misery.

ALRIGHT. Day Six! aka… THE STORM™ On this day, we have our hearts ripped out :) (Wednesday)

Ch. 131-144

As you can see, things are getting progressively more interesting and heavy with drama. Not just a slice-of-life anymore. RIP my heart.

Why yes, Jian Yi, he HAS been trained before. By one of your father’s henchmen, which just SO HAPPENS TO BE HIS OLDER BROTHER. But we don’t know that yet ;)

This is why Day Six is called The Storm, btw. It rains on the day everything goes down.

OBLITERATED. This is when I started feeling bad for Mo Guan Shan and disliking He Tian.

Ya, no. Those who say “He just didn’t know how to express his love!”

Look at this panel and tell me that to my face. YOU DON’T HIT THE ONES YOU LOVE.

Needless to say, I do acknowledge that He Tian did indeed start to have feelings for Redhead, but not at this moment.

Day Six is also known as The Kiss (One). Or “The Day We All Freaked Out Waiting For The Next Update.” Also “The Day We Weren’t Prepared For What Was Coming.”


We interrupt your suffering for a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

I guess these guys are main guys now. Day Six - End.


Ch. 145-170

Shit is over, the fandom has cried, Jian Yi has cried. BUT NO ONE IS ADDRESSING THE KISS. The fandom is frustrated that Jian Yi keeps avoiding talking about it. C’mon Jian Yi WE WANT YOU TO HEAL.

On this schoolday, we learn He Tian is nasty, Redhead’s dad is in prison, and Zhan Xixi wants to know what is going on with Jian Yi…. and then gets embarrassed when Jian Yi tells him. Oh also, Xixi casually rejects a girl and then gets eaten by a radish.


Among other things.

The time we hated the little sister.

(I want to put so many pictures cuz honestly every chapter is great but then this would take like five hours to read haha. JUST GO REREAD THE SERIES.)


#Redhead Defense Squad 2k16 (remember that?)

Harassment continues…… but THIS is the moment when He Tian decides, “Ah, yes, I just harassed this dude, time to make him my friend. I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.”


Zhan Xixi carrying Jian Yi like a sack of potatoes is my aesthetic.

Oh, right, things get dangerous on Day Seven.

Just Hit Me With All The Transport Vehicles You Can Think Of.

I died already.

And so ends Day Seven.

NOW. It’s a new day. It’s Day Eight. AKA THE KISS(Two). AKA HE TIAN WHY???? Literally Mo was JUST starting to possibly want to be your friend and you had to go jack up. (Friday)

Ch. 171-181

On this day we learn:

Gossipy boys will have shrinking dicks.” -Jian Yi, 2016

Mo GUaN ShAN is his name! Also, he likes to stick sunflower seeds on the windows.

Don’t Close Mountain 2k16

Okay this day is totally more focused on Mo Guan Shan. We see a new side of him that we didn’t know of before. A mature side. Legitimately just tired after the kiss. Confused, very frustrated that someone would take advantage of him like that, but he also doesn’t hate He Tian, despite all the shit he’s done to him. That’s how nice Mo is. And then he’s faced with an important decision.

We meet She Li, who sucks ass as of right now (don’t know if he will have a redemption arc) but seemingly likes Jian Yi’s healthy skin.

RIP Mo’s Sandwich.

He was STARING at you because he READ YOUR NOTE and was gonna be all “Okay whatever I’ll cook for you again. Can’t you just ask like a normal human?”

Asks the guy who only knows this dude for THREE days and then pulls a stunt like that. I FEEL NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU HE TIAN.


In case you were doubting it, this is a manga focusing on gansters and how they fuck up other’s lives.

Slice-of-life my butthole.

The moment I fell in love with Mo Guan Shan and vowed to always protect him.

Jian Yi voices our opinions.


Finally! Day Nine! We’ve made it this far my dudes! (Saturday: Either they have school regularly on Saturdays, or there was a timeskip between Jian Yi’s Birthday, aka Day Four, and Day Five. We’ll just have to wait to see what Day Ten lands on.)

Ch. 182-Ongoing

The day following Mo Guan Shan’s decision, he realizes he was played. Luckily, Jian Yi, Zhan Xixi, and that one girl are there to prove Mo’s innocence. He Tian, suddenly feeling protective over Mo Guan Shan, decides to take this one on one with She Li.

This is the day we get to see Mo start to slowly accept ~friends~ and He Tian. I think he’s had some time to think over THE KISS(Two). And he’s quick to forgive He Tian, not because he loves him, but because he’s a nice soul. He Tian is getting some redemption today and is being a little more cautious around Mo (The Kiss(Two) was JUST yesterday, guys.)

We get to finally see the four hang out together and all around, just have a break from all the shit that’s been going on. Unrequited love, questions about sexuality, attempted kidnapping, being framed for a crime, dirty fistfights. Jesus, just give these boys a break. When are they going to worry about finals and homework like normal students?


The friend you harassed up until one day ago? That’s a funny definition of friend you got there, He Tian. (I loved He Tian in the beginning, then disliked him during his interactions with Mo, but I’m slowly learning to love him again with these new updates.)

The moment when I screamed “I DISLIKE HIM BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WANT HIM DEAD!!11!!1!”

Mo Guan Shan: Jesus Christ, why do I feel for this asshole?

He Tian: Jesus Christ, why can’t I tell him I like him like a proper human being?

aka The Update That Saved US

THAT’S ALL GUYS OH MY- I am exhausted.

We’ve made it this far.

Please continue to support Old Xian and 19 Days!

I Need You // Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by cmtae

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (ft. Jungkook, Hoseok and Yoongi)

Genre: Angst

Summary//Request: You and Taehyung are in love with each other, but have never made your relationship official. Taehyung gets too drunk and ends up making out with another girl - and Jungkook lets you know everything the next morning.

A/N: This scenario contains text message imagines ^_^

“Can you two get a room already? Jeez!”

You sat with Taehyung and your friends at the back on the bus – you currently nestled in between Taehyung’s legs in the corner seat as he rested his hands on your thighs with his head in the crook of your neck, softly blowing raspberries on to your skin and making you giggle in delight.

“Seriously…you guys aren’t even dating and you can’t keep your hands off each other, just hurry up and make it official already” Hoseok playfully smacked Taehyung on the shoulder as you felt your cheeks becoming more rosy by the second. Every word that came out of Hoseok’s mouth was true – you and Taehyung were constantly being overly affectionate no matter if you were in private or public, however; you weren’t actually dating each other. You’d never confessed your feeling towards him, and neither had he. Even though you both hugged, snuggled and cuddled while holding hands and brushing cheeks, neither of you had even shared a proper kiss – much to your disappointment. Taehyung couldn’t quite put his finger on when he fell in love with you, but he knew that he was just too scared to tell you his true feelings – and you felt the same. Alas, here the two of you were, happily stuck between being best friends and lovers; not knowing when or if your relationship with each other would ever amount to something more.

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Title: Looking Out

Request: ahh i’m so excited since your requests are open bubs!!! keep in mind please you don’t have to do this if you don’t like it! ❤️ could you do an imagine where you are sidney crosby’s girlfriend and you go to a game and it’s really intense and important and they end up losing and sid is very upset and afterwards when he comes home you calm him down? to make it more dramatic maybe one of the other player’s made a comment about sid’s gf and that threw him off the hook or something! 

Author’s Note: Sorry this one took a million years to get out!

Links: Master List Current Requests Imagine Schedule

You sighed, watching as Sidney lay on the ice, watching the other team celebrate in the corner. He had tried to rush back, but managed to trip, leaving a wide open lane for the other team to score. With the loss, they had fallen out of first place in the standings.

There was fury in his eyes as he rose to his skates, mouthing off to one of the other players as he skated past them to the Penguins bench. You winced as he slammed his stick into the boards before heading down the tunnel, knowing that all the media would be talking about tomorrow is how Sid handled himself after a big loss. He was a baby, a whiner, a princess. You rolled your eyes, picturing the headlines now. You picked your bag off the floor, heading to the parking lot.

You and a few of the other girls had driven together, not wanting to rely on the boys for rides should they lose. You texted Sid, telling him you loved him and you’d see him at home, not expecting a response for a while.

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You’re Mine

Originally posted by thegraylee

Artist/Person : Lee Sunghwa/Gray

Group/Crew : AOMG

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 1527

Requested : Anon; Can you do a daddy smut of gray where he gets super jealous and possessive! Please and thank you !!

Usually Sunghwa chill, barely display much emotion at all. So when I looked at him from across the room and caught sight of his deathly glare, I felt myself start to feel worried, even a bit scared. I rose an eyebrow at him, but he kept that stone cold look on his face. We held eye contact for a few more seconds before he looked away and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around, coming face to face with the person that I’ve been trying to avoid, but yet again he found me. Woo TaeWoon. It’s not that he’s not a cool person. It’s just that he’s very flirty, and not really subtle about it. And I would tell him that I go out with his hyung, but Sunghwa didn’t want everyone to know about our relationship. I let a small smile pulled onto my lips as the older male started up another conversation.

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Pumpkin Carving

Description: You and Harry start carving pumpkins. Harry has a clever idea as to what he’s going to carve.

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 803

“Hey pumpkin, check out this pumpkin!” you laughed at your pun, pointing to the giant pumpkin next to your feet.

Harry chuckled as he shook his head and walked over to you. He looked gorgeous in his lumberjack-styled coat and black jeans. You had also convinced him to let you paint his fingernails black in spirit of Halloween.

“It’s so big, are yeh sure yeh can carry it?” Harry asked, looking at the size of the pumpkin.

“Of course!” you scoffed. “Those yearly workouts amount to something, right?” You attempted to lift the pumpkin, grunting as you barely get it off the ground.

Harry started laughing, bringing out his phone and snapping a quick picture.

“I can get it, love,” Harry said, putting his phone away and taking the pumpkin from your arms.

“Thank you, babe. Have you picked out your pumpkin? I can grab it for you if it’s not as big as this one,” you smirked.

Harry gave a small grunt as he adjusted his grip on the pumpkin. “I understand that picking out a pumpkin consists of quality, not the size. My pumpkin is of perfect size.”

You rolled your eyes. “I swear, Harry,” you laughed, giving a small punch to Harry’s arm. He pointed out his pumpkin before you walked through vines and dirt to retrieve it. It wasn’t large at all; in fact, it really was a nice size.

You both walked over to your car and placed the pumpkins on a mat in the trunk, praying that Harry didn’t drive too recklessly that the pumpkins rolled over.

“Do you know what you’re going to carve yet?” you asked as you sat in the passenger seat.

“What do yeh think about a pair of boobs?” he abruptly asked.

You laughed, tossing your head back. “Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t! Are you serious? That would honestly be great but also terrible. No parent would let their child come to our house.”

Harry smirked, driving to your shared flat. “I think it’s a great idea. What are yeh gonna carve?”

“I could match yours with a dick,” you commented. “You think they have stencils for those? Carving a penis free-handed sounds a bit difficult.”

Harry laughed, glancing over at you. “I think that would be amazing, love. I can only imagine what the parents would think.”

You and Harry talked all the way to your flat what the reactions of the parents would be. By the time you arrived at the front door, you were both laughing hysterically with Harry nearly in tears.

A few hours later, you were placing newspapers over the table and finding the utensils for the pumpkins. Harry brought in both pumpkins, making them land with a soft thud when he set them down on the table.

You started emptying the pumpkin of the ‘guts’ as you made a mess of your hands and nails.

“This is the worst part. I’ve always hated it,” you shook your head, grimacing.

“Aw, don’t feel bad, love, it’s just a pumpkin. Plus, it’s already been picked, so it’s already dead,” Harry pouted at you.

You glared at him before bursting out laughing. “Harry, if you don’t calm your sarcasm down a little bit, I will have to throw these guts at you, and I will not regret it.”

Harry walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing a kiss on your neck. He watched as you continued to empty the pumpkin, occasionally picking up a seed that you dropped on the table.

“Have you finished your pumpkin yet?” you asked as you glanced over at his area, looking over the mess he made.

“Yes, I have actually. I don’t piss around and make faces at the insides of the pumpkin,” he said as he walked back over to his pumpkin. He quick spin the pumpkin around, making you gasp and laugh.

“No! Harry, I thought you were joking, no,” you wheezed from laughing. “You actually carved a pair of boobs! They’re so bad, too. They look like Pokèmon balls, dude.”

“I had to show the nipple somehow,” Harry laughed.

“It’s so bad, Harry. Like, boobs can be lopsided and uneven, but those are just,” you paused, looking away, “they are so off, Harry! Its like you’ve never even seen a pair of boobs before. Do you look at mine when we have sex? You could have used mine for reference if you really didn’t know the shape and size of boobs,” you commented through your laughter.

Harry wiped his eyes, laughing as he spun his pumpkin around to look at it again. “Please do not ever tell a soul about this,” Harry pointed at you.

You grabbed your phone and took a picture of Harry smiling next to his pumpkin. “No promises, babe.”


Day One

As they’re taken to separate rooms, Mulder strains to catch one last glimpse of Scully. She tries to look back at him but the nurses push her forward and she stumbles.

“I’m sorry, ma'am,” he hears one say before the door slides shut behind him. His own army of nurses stop him from running back to her.


Mulder flails, trying to break free. They can’t take her, not again. Someone calls for a sedative.

“Don’t take her,” he pleads. Is this what Scully saw after she was taken? Strange men in surgical gowns, their faces obscured by masks? Was this Samantha’s fate too?

A needle pierces the tender skin of his neck, seeking his carotid artery. The injection turns his bones to lead and his muscles to jelly. He loses all control over his body and falls to the floor.

Please don’t take her.

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Domestic Jaebum

request: hoe write jb fluff luv u
note: this is my favorite topic ever
— Confessing that he likes you
- Jaebum would have this huge ordeal planned out
- Like, confessing at the top of the ferris wheel at night
- Or on the beach during the sunset
- He’d actually just blurt it out while you’re eating or something
- “Y/N, how was your day?”
- “Oh, well, my boss was kind of a jacka-”
- “I really like you.”
- When he says it, though, his head will be slightly cocked to the side
- And he’ll have this goofy smile *gif*
- But if you'e uncomfortable with it, he’ll back off immediately
- JB’s really understanding about everything
- If you do like him back…
— Boyfriend Jaebum
- First of all,,,,
- So many forehead kisses
- Do something cute? Forehead kiss.
- Sad? Forehead kiss.
- Watching a movie? Forehead kiss.
- Long day of rehearsal? Forehead kiss.
- He’s definitely into skinship
- Holding your hand
- Arm around your waist
- Constantly touching your thigh
- Always wants to show his appreciation towards you
- Taking you out for ice cream because you went to his concert
- Taking you to that movie you’ve been dying to see because you stayed with him at rehearsals last night
- A whole lot of quick pecks throughout the day
- Sometimes not so quick ones because he “can’t help himself”
- He likes to show you a different side of him
- Jaebum is so supportive of everything you do
- He’s so damn proud of you
- The boys are always texting you telling you that Jaebum is annoying
- Likes to copy you until your cheeks turn pink
- Takes you on cheesy dates
- Does aegyo to make you smile
- When y'all go to the carnival, he gets you the teddy bear you want with no problem
- So he gets you a second one
- After a long day of rehearsal, he comes home and flops onto the bed and groans for 7 years straight
- Asks you to shower with him
- Squishes your faces and kisses you because you’re “just too cute”
- His weakspot is when you ask him to teach you more about his culture
- Offers to cook for you constantly
- He’s hesitant to introduce you to his family because he doesn’t want you to think he’s rushing it
- When you ask if you can meet his family though, he almost breaks down
- Is absolutely overjoyed when he sees you getting along with his parents
- It’s then, when he sees you learning how to make gimbop from his mother, that he realizes he wants to marry you
- Jaebum will plan out this huge ordeal at one of his concerts
- During certain songs, he’ll shoot a smirk in your direction
- Or wink directly at you
- He sings all the mushy gushy parts straight at you
- Right before the concert ends, he asks you to step on stage
- At this point you know because
- Yugyeom, Bambam, and Mark are giggling like school girls
- Jinyoung is wiggling his eyebrows at the crowd
- And Youngjae is consoling a blubbering Jackson
- seriously someone get this kid a tissue
- or eight
- He gives you this long spiel about how much he adores you and how he can’t imagine life without you or that amazing pasta you make for special occasions
- You don’t remember a lot of it though because you’re snotting like crazy
- Of course you say yes
- He spins you around in a circle
- Before turning towards the audience with the goofiest smile on his face
— Husband Jaebum
- Let’s take a moment to talk about the honeymoon
- You two don’t have a honeymoon for a while because he’s doing tours and there’s a new album and dances are exhausting but he has to learn them and it just doesn’t work
- But F I N A L L Y
- Y'all go on a honeymoon
- Jaebum would make sure that the first day you two had nothing planned
- Because there’s no way you’re going to be able to walk anywhere after he’s done with you
- He takes so many pictures of you
- He’ll hate the idea of couple tees
- Matching anklets though? Sign him up.
- He’ll cry when you two head home from your honeymoon but he’ll cherish those memories like no other
- Whenever you two fight or even slightly bicker, you both try really hard to make it up to each other
- Eating dinner together and going to bed are so so important to him
- Whenever he has to have rehearsal late, he’ll ask you to come eat with him
- This usually ends up with you two curling up against each other on the rehearsal room floor and falling asleep
- Sometimes though he’ll rehearse to late and he’ll come home to find his dinner in the microwave with a sweet post-it note
- When he finds you asleep in his hoodie, sprawled over the bed, he smile and brush the hair out of your face
- But he’ll feel bad
- So he makes you breakfast
- When you throw up his breakfast later on though, he’ll be really concerned that he didn’t cook something properly and he gave you food poisioning
- He’ll probably tear up because he’s really worried that he’s the reason your head is stuck in a toliet
- But he’ll sob when you tell him it’s most likely just morning sickness
- “What do you mean, morning sickness?”
- “Jaebum… I’m pregnant.”
- “You mean… There’s a baby in your stomach? OUR baby?”
— Dad Jaebum
- One of those guys that worries about everything for the entire duration of the pregnancy
- But when the baby is delivered safe and sound, he’s overjoyed
- Let me tell you though
- Jaebum is 289% an aggressive baseball dad
- Throws his ballcap on the ground
- Hands on his hips
- Angrily spitting out sunflower seeds
- But when you slip your hands into his, he relaxes and reminds himself that it’s just a game
- He’ll defend his kids against everything though
- Likes to pack their lunches for them
- Never cuts the crust off of his kids’ PB&J sandwiches
- Daily trips to the playground
- Cries the first time they say they don’t want to go
- Family night is a ritual
- If one of his children disrespects your cooking, he blows his cap
- “Your mother spent all day trying to cook this delicious food for you while you got to go play. How about you stay and cook and she’ll play with us instead? Doesn’t sound fun, huh? Go apologize to her mother and thank her for this lovely dinner.”
- Can’t stand it when his kids don’t eat their vegetables
- He makes them drink tea before bed
- Reads them a bed time story every night
- Jaebum overall would be an amazing boyfriend, husband, and father.
- He’ll doubt himself along the way but he knows he has your endless love and support, so he keeps going.
- pls take care of him & feed him well

The Contest-Part 19

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“That’s your brother?” Sam’s surprise was evident.

I wiped a tear from my eye. I’d mourn Leo later, in private. “Crowley said he was a demon and Lucifer’s right-hand man, remember?”

Dean looked extremely annoyed. “Still don’t get why you let him go, Gem.“

“Because Dean, demon or not I know my brother. He is beyond pissed Lucifer didn’t tell him I was Sam’s soulmate. I could hear it in his voice. Sowing the seeds of discord between them could work in our favor.”

“He knew our plan, Gem. Now we can’t do the spell.” Sam commented.

“My brother may be a demon, but he still thinks like a guy, Sam.”

Sam and Dean exchanged puzzled glances. They had no idea where I was going with this. Clueless men!

“Let me explain. Most women have warmer weather clothes and cooler weather clothes. My cooler weather clothes I store away when I don’t need them.” I explained.

I walked into what I assumed was Missouri’s bedroom and opened the large closet. Flicking on the light, I began to dig around. Within a few minutes, I had found what I was looking for. I held up a cream-colored cardigan with several dark, wiry hairs clinging to it.

“Is Missouri African-American?“ I asked. Sam nodded.

“Bingo,” I stated triumphantly.

“Damn She’s good,“ Dean remarked to Sam.

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