i love the pics

Hey guys I was tagged by @troublesfarbehind to post a selfie! I just came across the post again and remembered it’d been a while. So here ya go!

I tag: @rappkea, @catholic-aviator, @christhumchinda, @aredhel-of-thrawndolin, @airi-cnidaria, @omgninjapenguin, @jesus-otaku, @zalhera, and anyone else who wants to do this. God bless ♡

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately! I’ve been so incredibly busy, and a little down in the dumps for a while. Haven’t actually played my game for over a month! This is an edit I did a couple of weeks ago from an old screenshot, but after I was done a few bits irritated me, and I didn’t have the motivation to fix it. Now I’m like whatever, here you go!

Today I actually feel like playing for the first time in ages, so I might just do that ^^