i love the person that made these

a thing I can’t stop thinking about

I miss wild speculations so here is the thing which was on my mind since the very beginning but it grew and grew and here it is.

now this scene. I bet we all went through this shit at least once in our life, but most of us go through this shit several times a day. Just this fucked up all alone anxious feeling. Now the question. Do we have somebody

who would save us.

This is just so beautiful. Because even if you have loving family or your significant other or a dog or idk there was surely a time you were all alone. If it wasn’t, you are an incredibly lucky person.

Yuuri IS an incredibly lucky person because he found somebody who WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. FUCKING ALWAYS. Sure Yuuri has his family and Phichit and he even made new friends through episodes but yet he was crying in the toilet in the very first episode, wasn’t he. But I think that when he met Viktor, he slowly realised Viktor is somebody who will support him.

EVERY TIME. 24/7. 

If this isn’t fucking love than I don’t really now what the fuck is. 

I mean there is a shitton of anime and movies and songs and other media which are telling us that the true love means kisses and sex and it happens only to beautiful white strong young male and beautiful white weak young female. This was said million hundred times in this fandom but… 

This is just so beautiful life lesson. Like Don’t seek western love ideal, just find yourself a Viktor Nikiforov.

So after all this drama, i saw that everyone was upset here. And especially seeing Rebs like that made me so sad. So i wanted to cheer her up. I hope you like this @pearlrebs I’m not an artist, but i wanted to draw my fav photo of yours in my way 💜 i love you so much and I cannot thank you enough for your works for this fandom (Also i drew this in class so it’s very imperfect)

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What is dirk?

dirk gently’s holistic detective agency is, much like one day at a time, the best show you’re not watching (it’s on netflix). allow me to give you a couple of reasons why you should be watching:

1. dirk gently himself. i don’t even need to explain myself here. just look at him

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2. and then there’s todd brotzman (clearly the right person in the gif above), who finds his life ‘invaded’ by dirk and spends most of the earlier episodes basically pouting about it because dirk brings mystery and science fiction and an assassin and just lots of bullets with him and he’s like HECK DUDE, JUST LEAVE but eventually they of course form a friendship. also what i love about todd is that he’s not a perfect person. he made big mistakes in his past and he’s blaming himself for it as he should, but he considers himself to be a giant jerk, which he isn’t. he’s a human being with mistakes to make up for and i believe he’ll do just that, with the help of dirk and his sister

3. speaking of his sister!! amanda brotzman. girl, i would protect her with my life. without giving too much away, she doesn’t go out the house much because she considers herself to be a burden on everyone else around her. but i think at least a part of dirk’s presence inspires her to take a risk and go outside and she’s so proud of herself and in a way she becomes extremely fascinated about all the life threatening situations her brother gets himself into, despite him wanting to keep her safe so badly

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4. farah black. i could go on and on about why she’s dope and why she needs to give herself a Break™ but i’ll just settle for: gurl is so gd badass she could kick all of our asses. she could kick my ass. she could kick your ass. she could kick her own ass

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5. cheddar is literally on the show

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6. and i can’t not mention bart and ken. i can’t tell you too much but i love them

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so many of the characters on this show are precious and all of them in their own way and they’re bonding with one another and i think they’re even becoming a weird lil family and i dig that so so much and i can’t wait for season 2!!!

I wish I was as open and passionate as my classmate.

We were studying at front of the laboratory for a test there and I wanted to ask help from him (since he’s the top of the class) and take a glance at what part he’s reading at but to my surprise, he was reading a Narusaku fanfiction, hardbound.

He actually printed the hell out of that fan fiction and put a hard bound cover on it. (He made it a book for personal, private use.) :’D

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Lol why are you defending selena? she's a hypocrite end of story. she can't say " I don't want to see you're bodies on instagram " as if she's high and mighty and then do exactly what she preached about. she is constantly contradicting her self.

lmaoo….. i defend her because after being a fan since my childhood i met her in person not long ago and even as i was walking out of the room she was calling after me and telling me i was beautiful and that she loved me. we had a conversation at the end that i haven’t really talked about (some of it which i will never share) about our chronic illnesses in which i told her how the weight gain from my medication made me insecure and she told me, in similar fashion to her speech, that I should search within myself and not look for validation from others. she was saying to not post your body on instagram if it’s for the wrong reason and you know it. and i know that someone who was so kind to me is not the monster that y’all make her out to be. like after i spoke to her it’s pretty damn obvious what her values are and what she meant as i spelled out in my post so read it and absorb it or gtfo. plus she didn’t even post the photo herself and her team actually got it taken down from the photographers insta/photo agencies so maybe stop demonizing her for it. but anyway….

We dated for 10 months. We were polar opposites. But we fit like yin and yang. He and I were best friends in love. The only thing that separated us was our maturity levels – he could be extremely immature. Which explains why he cheated on me. I found out a week I was supposed to leave for college. My brain broke. I was so utterly destroyed. I have never loved someone like I loved this boy. And I have never been loved back the way he loved me. He treated the ground I walked on like it was gold. He showered me in love. Sometimes I still just get so confused on why he did it. Because he made it seem no girl could ever be enough compared to me.
I wanted to stay with him. I really did. I just couldn’t do it. He cried and cried and begged for me to give him another chance, and I tried. But even if he loved me like no other person has, I can’t be with someone who lied so much to hurt me.
This was far from our last message but it was our last good message. We still text now and then, but it never ends up good. We will always love each other, probably. But I’m on to finding my Mars.

So Loo mentioned Chekhov, I checked him out if I actually read something by him… Unfortunately not haha but what I saw was this

“He made no apologies for the difficulties this posed to readers, insisting that the role of an artist was to ask questions, not to answer them”

Then there’s Steven’s interview, yes he said some asinine things but what I thought was, this person wrote Molly with Mark, he loves this quiet and complex character enough to give her a lot of important scenes with Sherlock, defining moments that changed Sherlock AND MOLLY in our eyes. Unless you’ve been ignoring her quiet strength all this time. I think he answered very sarcastically, there’s a hint of offense and exasperation, these writers are first and foremost book lovers who love ACD Sherlock they created BBC Sherlock because they were fans and they saw beyond what is written, I think that’s what they are all askin of us “fans” see what’s beyond written just like what they did for ACD. They encourage fanfiction writers they know we’re intelligent viewers but interviews tend to be unimaginative and in this case a bit annoying in the artists’ point of view like “wasn’t that enough? how we wrote it?” “wasn’t our acting enough to convey what we wanted?” I dunno this is just me trying to understand them… So I could be completely wrong and Steven just hate everyone at this point haha.

But I still will go back to this bit about Chekhov:

“He made no apologies for the difficulties this posed to readers, insisting that the role of an artist was to ask questions, not to answer them”

We ourselves answer what questions they posed.

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Indy Mini W3D2 - easy 4

Definitely overdressed for this run. I was over heating before I got done with the first mile! Thankfully (which is very odd for me to say because I usually hate it) I had the wind on my face when I turned to come home, so that helped cool me off. So it wasn’t too bad :)

One thing that I LOVED about this run tonight is that every one was so friendly!! I make it a habit to wave to every car that even slightly move out of the way for me, just to be polite. I figure I’m out running all the time, people are bound to recognize me, so I want them to think I’m a nice polite runner :) But tonight, every one I waved to waved back!! Every single person! It was so nice! One guy even gave me an encouraging beep-beep with his horn. It just really warmed my heart and made me appreciate the fact that I live in a small town, but that it’s so nice and friendly :)

I did a short leg workout once I got home and man, my legs are tired! I spent extra time stretching after and I’m pretty excited for my rest day tomorrow :)

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!

Don't settle.

Just wait. Wait for the person who doesn’t complete you but compliments you. Wait for the person who insists on taking care of you even when you’re stubborn and insist otherwise. Hold out for the person that looks at you like you put the stars in the sky. Please just wait. Don’t settle for the person that makes you feel alive; wait for the one that makes you understand your purpose.

Most people earn their followers. I think I literally got mine through sheer luck, with over half of my follower count coming in the last week due to that one funny meme post I made. Ah well - I’ve still been meaning to thank some of the people who’ve been here since the absolute beginning. I really really hope I haven’t missed anyone important, I most definitely forgot you if I did i’m not that heartless of a person. i’ve kinda ordered by how often i interact directly with the people here and how often i personally see their stuff around this place by the way - i very much really do love you all

my closest and precious friends!

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at the end of the day, anyone i follow here: you do a great part in making my time around here and ultimately my life a whole lot better. here’s to good futures for all of you.

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Hi, I'm not sure if you still do the fox hux AU but...if you do could you please name their kids? Ich want to know more about them and theirs looks/personalities!!

your wish is my command! I’ll only do the first litter for now because I don’t want it to get boring!

Hux’s and Kylo’s first litter is 4 kits, 3 girls and 1 boy.

  • Elora is the first born of the four, and she loves letting everyone know that she’s the oldest. Red hair, brown eyes. Her name means ‘crown of light’, partly because of the bright red hair that was atop her head the moment she was born. She’s lively and loves the outdoors, and the one guaranteed to come back into the house covered in mud. Despite her being rowdy with her siblings at times, Elora is always first to protect them, always first to pick up her sisters or brother when they’ve fallen down, always there handing them their favourite toy when they’re sad.
  • Leyla is second. Brown hair, brown eyes. Her name means ‘night’, because Kylo swears she’s nocturnal, getting most of her energy when the sun goes down, and Hux nudges him, reminding him that foxes are primarily nocturnal animals. Leyla loves being outside with Elora, always trying to keep up with her older sister, always trying to compete against her. Kylo gets worried sometimes, that his two oldest girls are too competitive, but Hux reassures him that it’s a natural way of playing in pups. It’s harmless, but still, Kylo doesn’t like seeing their girls acting in such a competitive way.
  • Alana is third. Red hair, green eyes. Her name means ‘little rock’, because she’s by far the quietest of the litter, always adapting to the changes around her, never crying too loudly or playing too roughly, always sturdy. She loves reading, she’s always the one that sits on Hux’s shoulders when he’s reading his children a bedtime story, commentating along with her mother’s storytelling. She’s always holding onto her little brother’s hand when her two older sisters run off together, making sure that the smallest pup doesn’t feel alone. Kylo and Hux are immensely proud of how protective their three girls are of their boy.

  • Leon is fourth, and he’s by far the smallest of his litter. Dark hair, green eyes. His name means 'lion’ because Hux felt something courageous about him when he held him for the first time, despite the fact that now, Leon is afraid of almost everything. The wind, the microwave, any sort of bug, and his sisters even make fun of him by jumping out at him and frightening him. He clings to Kylo most of the time, liking how his father’s arms are so strong around him. Leon always says he wants to be as tall and as big as Papa when he grows up.

i love the idea of the environments in the wings’ short films serve as the members’ personal circles of Hell (save for Jin since it’s presumed he survived I Need U/Run). each represents an amalgamation of their memories, their deep seated desires, their suffering, and their longing for each other. 
like in FIRST LOVE where yoongi is still mourning the loss of his best friend, yearning for jungkook in the dark fiery hellscape he’d made for himself. j-hope, quarantined inside the hospital cell without light, without his friend’s company, and encouraged by an excess of what were the source of his death. taehyung, “caged’ (also in a literal sense) in this cycle of watching his mother suffer, assuming others’ physical suffering and being deprived the sparse moments of comfort he’s given in life

Taylor babe

I’ve heard from my cat who actually called Meredith who asked Olivia about the info, that you still have some space in your “follow” section so could you please follow 4 more people I absolutely ADORE?

- @dancingswifts13 - Manca. I bet you remember Manca. Her blog got deleted and she lost your follow she would love to have it back.

- @13alltooswiftie - Jehle. That the bomb beauty from South Africa who travelled her ass to Texas just to see you live. Look how crazy she is???? You’ve met her by the way so you know she’s lovely, can we make this friendship stronger with your follow?

- @got-a-short-list-of-ex-lovers - Marion. I’ve heard Paris is one of your faves and guess what? Marion is from France!! Isn’t her name wonderful? Also she’s such a positive, lovely, friendly, supportive person. I think your follow would made her day, week, year… LIFE.!

@shakeitoff6202 - Morgen! If I remember well you’ve liked few of his posts someone rebloged, so you already know he’s funny, amazing and cute. I think you deserve seeing his posts daily on your dash, that’s why following him would be super good idea!

Thank you so much. Sending you so much love and hugs from Poland!!! Love you!! Say hi to the cats!!!

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My step-brother would like to know if you would eat Guy Fieri (I would not recommend, the hair bleach has probably soaked into his bloodstream.)

That man…

He doesn’t know it, but we’ve met. Guy is a perfectly lovely human, and is really- and I mean this in the nicest possible way- one of the smartest hedgehog fraternity members I have ever met, which is to say…he is very dull-witted and largely fixated upon making noises while gorging himself.

I enjoy dive eateries as much as the next person, but I know they taste lovely largely because they are made of fats and proteins in huge excess- and I do mean such excess that they could probably sustain a family in the developing nations of this planet for a few days- which suits my biology just fine. It does not suit a human’s. that humanity cannot overcome basic drives, despite its intelligence, is made evident by Guy Fieri’s program. Evolution ensures that rare or important foods will taste excellent to the body, because they must be eaten when discovered, instead of ignored. For example: glucose. Sugar tastes wonderful because the human brain needs it to operate at full capacity. Knowing this…you would think humans would know that the better something tastes, the more comforting it is as a food, the more likely it is to be something the body needs only in very small amounts, and therefore should be eaten VERY SELDOM.

But…American culture is one of privilege and gratification, celebration of ignorance, entitlement to the respect of others without the notion of a work ethic that deserves respect. It does not surprise me that a fat, stupid, bemused, sun-burned hedgehog, stuffing his face with cheese is one of your mascots.

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im leaving the sherlock fandom because of how disgusting they made the show and i really don't want to be connected to it in any way anymore, so im sorry for unfollowing you... i really love your blog, and you're a really creative and amazing person <3

See what you did Mofftiss.

I am sorry for all of us .Wish you all the best nonny.It is impossible for me to leave. Unless who knows what I would do.

God I am so sad.