i love the other teams too ahh will draw them sometime

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dude i dig your designs for the lions so bad I'M IN LOVE will we ever get some info about their interactions?

ahh! thank you so much!! and sure, i did plan to draw some convos between them cus they’re super fun to draw 8D I can write down some relationships for now.

Black/Red// Red admires Black SO MUCH and tbh he’s only really “nice” to him(though he gets along just fine with everyone, he tends to be a bit rude// he doesn’t mean to though;;) Black finds it really cute so he lets him haha;; Black and Red like each other a lot.

Black/Blue// Blue is very hyper and loves to joke around! They get along just fine and Blue likes making Black laugh since he has so much responsibility being the leader and all that, so it helps him relax! Blue is the most emotional out of all of them.

Blue/Red// Red says Blue is very annoying but honestly he’s just not used to outgoing people!! Blue likes to make Red laugh too(cus he never smiles, so he tries hard to make it happen) Blue sometimes pranks Red, and Red kicks his ass. They’re very well balanced in battle, Red never says it but he trusts Blue with his life(and so does Blue!).

Black/Green// Black is the leader yes but Green is the one that comes up with the strategies(they tend to come up with strange, almost impossible ones but they always work! So Black has 100% trust in Green). 

Yellow/Green// Green always second guesses their plans cus they never want to put the team in danger, but Yellow helps him with his confidence! Yellow is pretty much like his best friend, since they can talk about anything and everything.

Yellow/Blue// Yellow is like Blue’s big brother, he puts a stop to his dumb plans(almost always involving pranking Red!!) and loves him a lot, they’re very close and whenever Blue gets emotional he runs instantly to Yellow.

Red/Green// Red likes Green a lot but he has a hard time with people other than Black;; Green understands and has patience with him, and even train together once or twice(since they’re almost the same size, so it’s fair?? ish??? Red is still faster!) Green is way smarter though so Red doesn’t see it coming haha!

These are the ones I can come up with now;;; I’m in too deep T-T;;

BUT REMEMBER THEY’RE BASICALLY OCs just inspired by the lions from voltron;;; 


aaaaaand here’s the the last chapter of If You Love Me Let Me Know, nickamed Jealous!Soul: the trilogy. this can also be found on ffn or ao3. you can read part one here and part two here. i had a lot of fun writing this fic - thank you for your support ♡

Story summary: When another weapon asks Maka out on a date, Soul has to work through his own feelings of jealousy and loyalty as he watches the one he loves slipping away. But is it really too late?

“Soul, do you believe in soulmates?”

They’re stretched out on a blanket on their apartment’s rooftop, both wishing the city lights were dimmer so that they don’t have to pretend to see stars. Fragile silence and a sliver of space in their soul link separates them. Static vibrates just under the surface of his skin, kindled by having her within holding distance.

Her voice is unsure when he doesn’t reply right away. “Well… Do you?”

“Yeah,” he confesses, clearing his throat, overcome with flashbacks of their past resonances. Nostalgia spreads like sunlight in the cave that is his chest.

“Oh,” Maka breathes. In the periphery of his vision, he sees her twitch and try to fold her casted arms underneath her head.

“Here…” He sticks his forearm out. “Use me as a pillow.”

She turns to face him for the first time in the two weeks they’ve danced around the each other, awkward and brimming with questions. Green eyes gleam in the half-shadows of the night. Surprise waterpaints over her features momentarily and then fades as she thanks him with a small smile, shimmying over to plop her head down.

This doesn’t fix the misalignment of their souls, but it does sate their need for physical contact.

“What about you? Do you believe in soulmates?” he prompts, eyes trailing a blinking light in the charcoal, cloudless sky.

She takes a long breath: “Not really…”

Oh. That stings more than lightning slicing through his muscles. Sure, he’s come to terms with the fact that he is a collection of soft spots when it comes to Maka. He has below zero shame about this characteristic, but it’s impossible not to feel like a tree being taken down by a sharp ax at hearing her revelation.

It slips out before he can censor himself: “What about you and me, then?”

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Kai: 2 Hearts 1 Love

Part 2

(Request from Eliiana on AFF)

You smile wickedly to yourself as you fasten the bell to your shoelaces.  This is going to be so much fun, you think to yourself.  You had been super nervous before the shoot this morning, but now you couldn’t be more excited.

You and the rest of the cast and staff are taking a short break before shooting the main race.  You all have been shooting all day, so it’s no surprise that everyone is tired.  You are too, but the excitement is temporarily covering that up; though you knew that once you got home, you would collapse before you could reach your bed.

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Fic: Of Surprises and Cake Promises

A/N: Here’s a fic for Miyuki’s birthday, instead, because I simply must do something for this precious, twisted catcher. 

Written for Day 7: Birthday/Free

Happy birthday, Miyuki! There’re tons of people who love you so please take care of yourself and love yourself more.

“Miyuki, just get to the canteen now, would you?” Sawamura chided, hands on his back and pushing him forward almost forcefully. 

Miyuki’s lips twitched, mildly amused by his urgency. He didn’t know what was going on today - everyone was either creeping around him like they had a top-notch secret or stuttering when he asked them what they were busy with since a number of them would troop off in groups to the toilet. Even Sawamura wouldn’t need that many escorts - he snickered under his breath. 

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