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I’m sorry, but I had to lie to you. Mr. Stewart didn’t buy my story at all. He was on to me, but I think I found a way to protect you, to get you out. So get going, run like hell and clear your name. You need to prove your innocence. I need to do something else.

a little warmup painting tonight! IT’S CLAIRE from 12x16 bc i thought that looked rad

normally i make things a lot more textured, but  i wanted to make something that explores gradients mixed with solids, and i like the result! hair is so fun to do ;o;

pLEASE TELL ME I am not the only one who sometimes forgets that Destiel isn’t canon! Like, I spend days reading/writing fanfics, thinking about headcanons etc, and then I go and watch an episode and am like WHY THE FUCK DON’T YOU KISS YOU’RE A DAMN COUPL- OOOOOOOO no not again

Dean being such a protective, caring Dad to Claire - especially when she got bitten - was one of the best things I’ve seen in this episode. He just couldn’t bear witnessing the possibility of her death that he had to leave the room.

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Okay so we all know of fics where Sam gets turned into a baby/child an Dean and Cas have to take care of him. But what about Claire getting turned into a baby and Dean, Cas and Sam have to look after her. Bonus: when she learns to talk she calls Dean and Cas "daddy" and calls Sam "unca Sam" and nobody had the heart to correct her

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Dean: Hey Cas! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Cas: Dean, of course it did! I told you this already.
Dean: Because I broke a nail crawling out of hell.
Cas: I’m sorry, Dean, I should have helped you. My sincere apologies.
Dean: Uh no, Cas. That’s not quite what I meant there.
Cas: I’m at a loss here, Dean.
Dean: That’s uh something..Uh we say when we..Oh you know what? Let’s just forget I said anything. It’s forgotten. That was way too cheesy anyway.
Cas: *Finds it cute how Dean is babbling on and on*

So, honestly...

If Dean and Castiel aren’t romantically involved, I’m fine with that. So so fine with that. Because let me tell you, the bond they have is invaluable, it runs so deep, it’s silent conversations and hoarse “where’s the angel” in purgatory and it’s “I’d rather have you, cursed or not” when they feel like they have nothing left but eachother. It’s love. Of course it’s love. A deep, unique, and infallible bond. It doesn’t have to be romantic for it to be valued. Hell, Dean hardly trusts anyone, doesn’t call someone family easy. And yet here Cas is, an angel, a broken, broken angel pieced back together by a broken man and his brother and it’s real. They love eachother. It is so real and maybe it is romantic, maybe it isn’t. But either way, they value it, we value it.
Destiel makes a lot of people very happy. Sometimes it can make us frustrated, because of all those looks, longing glances, “I’m not leaving here without you"s and subtle touches. But let me tell you this.
It is canon that they have eachother. As family, as best friends, as potential soul mates of sorts. It is canon that they love eachother. “Everyone you love will be long dead. Everyone except me.”
Hang onto that. Hang onto that and onto happiness.
Castiel, I think, a lot of people identify with. Someone who doesn’t quite fit in. Somebody searching for purpose.
It is important to know that you have a purpose.
Dean and Cas and Sam and every character we love has a purpose, makes us happy cry and write fanfic at 2am.
Dean and Castiel have something special.
“Dean and I do share a more profound bond. I wasn’t going to mention it.”
Never forget that.

And btw, of course I’d prefer them not to queerbait and leave blatant hints that they never live up to. Of course I’d prefer bisexuality and same sex relationships to be valued and loved on the show. I just…I’m too invested right now and it hurts I want to live in a world where gay relationships can be given the same credit and value as straight ones, I want to see a world completely equal. It’s just sometimes, for a little while, I need to let go

I think all the “Freak lovers” in the world need that video to watch over and over again. Picture yourself as Allie. Enjoy. I love you.