i love the nineties

The word “phandom” is honestly so complicated and weird. Like, it’s mostly used by Dan and Phil fans who stole it from Danny Phantom which came out in 2004, who stole it from Phantom of the Opera which literally came out over a hundred years ago (not to mention the phantom fan base was called the “phandom” even in the nineties) and I love how the word has so much history and belongs to so many things to the point where nobody knows who’s talking about what

you know what i really loved about charles in logan? even at age ninety, even ailing and losing his mental faculties, even after decades of devoting his entire self to protecting mutants, only to fail, even after all of the horrible loss and death and persecution he’d been through–he was still, recognizably, charles. he still believed so much in mutantkind. he was still thrilled and buoyed by discovering a new young mutant to take in and care for and teach. finding laura still infused him with hope and purpose. that scene in the car talking to logan, “you really don’t find purpose from what we’re doing?” it’s inconceivable to him that helping and protecting young mutants isn’t the most wonderful thing. from baby-faced mcavoy to his last days. i’m so glad he never lost that. 


endless list of favourite characters: 3/?
jemma simmons  ➜  marvel’s agents of shield

“i’m not saying you were weak, i’m saying all men are weak!”

”if you’re gonna wear those ugly fuckin ties you could at least learn how to put them on properly”

[starts weeping quietly] my babies
(less than ninety degrees ‘verse)

Chenle is such a ball of energy like he’s so out there brimming w life while i’m just ti r e d, has one facial expression and is a zombie

untitled #1

local gay spends the night at his crush’s house, what happens next will warm your heart

tags: high school au, pining keith


The one thing Keith knows is that Lance smells amazing.

It’s first thing Keith had noticed about him. He smells like lavender; it’s his shampoo, Keith found out after spending the night at Lance’s in freshman year. The sweet smell reminds him of those Lush stores Shiro used to drag him to. Shiro’d ask him which conditioner he should buy for Keith because yes, Keith, you should take of yourself. Keith would point to whatever and try not to stare at the gorgeous employees. He likes the loud ones, with nice bright smiles and lips that aren’t chapped, pretty boys with–

“Hey, Keith-a-roo, are you listening to me?”

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the lunar chronicles is basically Fairytales In Space, but the royalty kicks more ass than they would in an average fairytale. highlights include:

  • Asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • anything apart from that is a spoiler. but really why would u need anything else. it’s asian cyborg mechanic cinderella
  • little Red Riding hood is a French farmer girl ready to Fight Anyone at All Times
  • despite her proficiency with a shotgun she doesn’t really like violence
  • Space Rapunzel is still named after a vegetable
  • her long hair which has tangled and matted after seven years of captivity is cut into the obligatory Space Bob
  • snow white is black
  • precious cinnamon roll literally too beautiful for her world
  • her head is The Terrordome (psychological issues)
  • the prince/emperor is so done with everything his adviser just lets him mope around visibly inside the palace walls it’s hilarious
  • the Evil Queen is so extra like gotdang she’s a powerful telepath with an army of wolf-men and a ton of evolved spaceships and she throws a lot of temper tantrums which involves killing thousands of people by the minute
  • kylo ren wishes he could
  • flynn rider was blind that one time
  • his ship is named the R A M P I O N and it has a naked lady painted on the side
I’d tell you more but really, spoilers. and i haven’t even finished winter yet
Glitch In The Matrix Stories #24

A Car Started To Pass Me And Disappeared 

Today I had my pickup truck bed loaded to the breaking point with things to take to the landfill (clearing out a hoard)- broken, moldy furniture, broken garage door, and other bulky odd-sized stuff.

I’d packed it well and strapped it all in but I was worried that to the casual drivers around me it’d look unstable as hell. The road I took starts off as a long busy two-lane highway and there’s never a chance to pass anyone until the road becomes 4 lanes with a drivable middle lane that eventually becomes a turning lane as you approach businesses.

As luck would have it, I ended up with a douche-bag in a new BMW trapped behind me on the long stretch. I was doing just above the speed limit and he was up my butt, despite my having broken furniture dangling like two feet from his grille. I couldn’t wait until the road would widen and he’d surely zoom past me and scowl for ‘holding him up’.

Sure enough, we reached the spot where the road widened and I saw him jerk into the left lane as soon as I yielded to the right slow lane. He started to pass me, entered my blind spot and then… I didn’t see him. I thought he was overtaking me slowly so he could see what I was hauling, or I was preparing to be flipped off as well.

The thing is, there was no nowhere to turn left yet, no roads or business at that point- and I watched my side mirror- if he’d turned somewhere (again, nowhere to turn yet) slowed down or even gone into the developing turning strip down the middle, I’d have seen his car fall behind me.

Credits to: Vault32

Remember Seeing A Movie Years Before It Was Released

Being born in the early nineties, I loved watching the ’Land Before Time’ movies. I remember being about 6 or 7, I was sick and in bed. My mom had a friend over and he brought me a movie to watch. It was a Land Before Time movie. So nothing weird about that. 

Well, fast forward about 4 years or so and I’m dropped off at the sitters and everyone is watching the new Land Before Time movie. Sweet! A new one, except this seems familiar. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before. I know I’ve seen this before. There are always parts of movies you remember very well and for me this was when the long-neck elders fight the two T-Rex. So that part arrives and I start telling everyone what’s going to happen. 

The sitter or her daughter that helped out asked if I’ve watched this already. I said, “yeah a long time ago”. I get told that’s not possible, it just came out the week before or whatever. Yet I specifically remember watching it years earlier. Every now and then I think back on this and it still perplexes me. Maybe my mom’s friend was a time traveler that had a love for kids movies. Maybe it was a glitch- who knows.

Credits to: Chestigo

Seeing Old People Young

For as long as I can remember, I will walk into stores, buildings, parks, fields, and if there is a person there 30 or older I always see them younger.

It usually happens for a few moments, like flashes of young and then I really stare at them and shocked to see wrinkles and liver spots. Like, I was totally checking out that grandma when she looked 20 something and now she’s 80.

Not sure if this is a glitch in the matrix, and before anyone says bad eye sight, I do wear contacts but my prescription is always up to date. And I am always within good seeing distance of the person.

Like, I’m not sure how to properly describe it. I see them exactly how they were when they were younger. Doesn’t happen every single day but it happens enough that I’m used to it. Sometimes I see young people as old but it’s very rare.

Credits to: SpookyB0T

Starting To Question Whether Life Is A Simulation Or Not

I was living in Florida for a while (back in 2014 and 2015) due to work. While I was there, I had been engaging in my own personal philosophical thought process about the nature of our reality. For a couple of days I really was wrapped around this question and it was sort of consuming my thoughts over those days, particularly whether we were living in a simulation or some type of video game. Well nothing new there, right? Scientists and philosphers have been throwing that idea around for a while. 

Well, two experiences occurred that made and make me questions my current reality as it stands and happened in similar time frames. Each seemingly innocent, but when put together seem to connect. All of these events occurred after I started thinking intensely about the possibility of reality being a simulation. 

First: I was working out with a trainer and a group of coworkers when we started doing squats. I started doing squats and the trainer stops and sort of laughs. Then he makes a joke about how I look like a Sims character. That’s innocent enough, right? I’ve seen the game and I got what he was referring to. I laughed. 

But then he says it one more time, but this time he says it in a serious tone “Did you hear that, Tim (which is my name)? I said you look like a Sims character.” The inflections in his voice was odd, it was more like he was hinting at something rather than making a joke and waiting for my reaction. Perhaps it was nothing but it was odd, but everybody else around me didn’t react or even laugh at the reference. It was strange.

Second: So, I enjoy creepypastas and I like listening to them. So, I started listening to this creepypasta and found it pretty good. Now the night before and that night, I had been thinking intensely about reality and all that.

Well, as I scrolled down the comment section I notice this guy’s comment (Pete Detrick) who says “Tim, you’re in a video game.” 

I’m blown away but I’m skeptical, thinking it’s just a coincidence and he was just replying to some other person’s comment. But as I’m scrolling up and down, I notice he isn’t replying to anyone on the comment section. His statement is just out of context and oddly out of nowhere. 

I could imagine the person was perhaps making a comment about the story itself but the main character in the story never mentions his name being Tim or even has a name. (Oddly enough the story is about a person who commits suicide and enters some alternate reality).

Credits to: FloatingTheVoid

fic: your body is a triangle [ITH/DNH, U/V/R] [part 1/2]

[a/n: it’s the first half of that Do No Harm/In The Heights vanessa/ruben/usnavi fic! because it’s getting Long and m getting Sleepy and need to put some of it out into the world. this part is pg-rating, the rest will not be).

not really kept a proper continuity with the other DNH/ITH things i wrote so maybe plotholes, and have taken what happened to Ruben in Jamaica as very roughly the first chapter of Maps, but honestly all you need to know from that fic is Ian messed Ruben up pretty bad with a knife.

sorry about the stupid title couldnt resist]

[read here on AO3, if you prefer]


Save for Nina Rosario, who’s apparently away on a postgrad academic trip to Europe, Vanessa is the last of Usnavi’s little barrio family that Ruben meets, since technically she doesn’t live in the barrio. Not to mention, he doesn’t exactly mingle much outside of Usnavi, though he’s slowly growing to enjoy Sonny’s earnest enthusiasm and Benny’s big-brother chill. Ruben’s heard them all talk about Vanessa lovingly: what he really takes from their descriptions are that she’s sharp-edged to their softness, a summer storm through their sunny days. Usnavi is clearly beyond smitten when he talks about her confidence, the way she owns the dancefloor, her quick temper and quick wit when she shoots down the idiots who catcall her.

Ruben thinks she sounds terrifying. He’s done his time with quick tempers, he doesn’t really want to meet her. But it’s not like he can just run away when she walks into the bodega one day and spots both of them.

“Woah, what’s this? Did you get a spare Usnavi to watch the store so you can spend more time with me?” She kisses Usnavi on the cheek. “That’s so sweet.”

Usnavi makes a face. They’ve heard this from everyone. “We don’t look that similar.”

“Please,” says Vanessa. She hasn’t bothered to ask Ruben’s name. “I’m starting to think there’s some kind of mass-produced Usnavi factory back in DR you never told me about. That’s the kinda thing a girl wants to know about her man.”

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And I get it. I get why you were so scared of us now. Because – shit. Because you lost Wallace and it gutted you and I thought I figured out why and that felt like metal in my throat, and I realised I couldn’t drop you if I wanted to, ‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking,

you idiot,

you asshole,

it feels like this.


- in celebration of Ninety One Whiskey - @cuddlebabies

And I get it. I get why you were so scared of us now. Because – shit. Because you lost Wallace and it gutted you and I thought I figured out why and that felt like metal in my throat, and I realized I couldn’t drop you if I wanted to,
‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking, 
you idiot, 
you asshole, 
it feels like this.

- D.W

—  Ninety One Whiskey by komodibits

[i’m still a mess for Usnavi/Ruben/Vanessa. a short fic, set during chapter one of your body is a triangle just after Vanessa meets Ruben for the first time.]

“So,” says Vanessa, kicking off her shoes and throwing herself down on Usnavi’s couch, long bare legs stretched out across the cushions. “That was Ruben, huh?”

“Yeah!” says Usnavi, eyes lighting up. He shifts her legs to make room, she settles them back over his lap once he’s sitting. “He’s awesome, right? I knew you two would get along. Once he started like, actually going outside and talking to people and all.”

“He seemed very sweet,” she says. “I’m still kinda hung up on how I’ve been hearing about him non-stop for like a month and yet you never even once thought to tell me he’s Usnavi two-point-oh.”

“Why do people keep saying that?” asks Usnavi rhetorically, throwing his hands up in exasperation.  “We don’t look the same at all. I mean, okay, maybe the eyes. But he’s got longer hair and a softer kinda face. And he smiles different, and he stands different. And like I’m kinda scrawny but he’s got…I dunno. Curves.”

“Wow,” says Vanessa, eyebrows raised. “You ever actually talk to the guy when I’m not there, or do you just spend the whole day drooling over his soft face and his curves?”

“Aw, come on. I mean, yeah, I guess if I were into guys, I’d say he was cute. But you know I just like paying attention to the people, I notice stuff, and Ruben is… he’s an interesting dude. So there’s a lot to notice. He’s super fucking smart, like, actual genius level of smart, did I ever tell you that?”

“At least twice per conversation since the first time you met him, yeah,” she says.

“And he’s a nice guy, he’s really nice, and he’s funny, and he’s had a lot of serious shit to deal with so I just…I like when I can make him happy, which means I gotta watch him closely to figure out the best way how.”

Jesus, Usnavi.”

“Shut up, Vanessa, it’s not like that!”

“Isn’t it? Tell me,” she says, propping herself up on her elbows with a knowing smirk. “Does he pay for his coffee?”

Usnavi opens his mouth to answer and then stays that way, blinking at nothing.

Vanessa lets her head drop back on the arm of couch and punches up towards the ceiling, triumphant. “I fucking knew it!”