i love the new version of gimp

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering, what do you use for making gifs and edits? (Answer just if you want to reveal the secret ;) ) (I just love your work) Thanks!


well for gifs, i record whatever scene i want with QuickTime

then i open the recording in Instagiffer, which generates screencaps that I move to a new folder

and since im a poor binch without photoshop I typically use the free version of  PhotoScape X because i rarely have the patience for GIMP to edit the caps

then put the newly editted screencaps back into instagiffer, and voila you have a gif of medicore quality

and for edits i mostly use a combination of ipiccy.com, fotoflexer.com, and photoscape to edit colours/add textures, and clippingmagic.com to actually do background removal of an image i want to work with! 

hope this helps!