i love the new house so so much

My dad is letting me pick all the colors for the house and I’m so happy??? I love colors and being a fake interior design person this is so much fun and my house is gonna be so vibrant and beautiful and I can’t wait to get new sheets and buy all the posters and frames I want and a bookshelf


The Dreamy Town of Toyland- A Christmas Town
Toyland’s Dreamy Update  

I’m so excited to be able to once again share Toyland’s dream address! Christmas is a time that is very dear to my heart and what better way to express that love than through a game that is also very dear to my heart! Toyland is really the most incredible fun to create and, I really hope you will once again or even for the first time enjoy visiting Toyland! There’s still so much I want to do, especially now that there are so many fun new items, but it is very much mostly complete and, for those of you who have visited in the past, there are a few new additions, such as some new designs and an added room in Jack’s house!

Toyland- A Christmas Town is town based on Santa Claus and the North Pole! Here you will meet Mr and Mrs Claus, Holly the Elf, and the mischievous Jack Frost! However, not everything is as it seems in this quiet and peaceful winter town. What happened in Toyland? What secrets are hidden here? Why is everyone so distressed? Can you solve Toyland’s mystery?
Note: If you wish to discover Toyland’s story, it is recommended that you speak to, and visit the homes of all the playable characters. 

I really hope you will come and visit Toyland, and that your time there will be absolutely magical! If you do visit, I would love to see pictures of your time there, so please tag your visits with #toycrossingcrossing (toyland is not recommended as it as a common tag) so that I can see and share them!


Credits: Big Thank you to Denice from @deniceinlimbo for toyland’s amazing town flag!
And thank you to Angie from @lowqualityfriend (formally@angiestown) for letting me take inspiration from her town Maplerow for my Christmas tree lot room!


Trico Plush!!

I’ve only been able to watch play-throughs The Last Guardian, but I love it so much, so of course my first project of the new year was to design and sew the adorable Trico.

He is made with my original sewing pattern, out of quality faux fur, minky and wool felt fabrics. I hand dyed some of the fabrics to get the right shade and the eye markings are dyed as well. My Trico is about the size of a house cat and filled with soft polyfil stuffing to be squishy and hug-able. 

You can even order your own Trico plush at my Etsy Shop

War of Hearts

Credence Barebone x Reader
Words : 2130
Notes :
 I am, actually, in love with this one. This was so inspirational and good to write. It’s based on the song War of Hearts by Ruelle and the lyrics of it are in italic. Credence is lovely and I’m purely in love with him. The requests are open if you want more Credence imagines. I’m also thinking of making a Newt Scamander imagine as well, so if you have any idea, please send it. Hope you guys like it as much as liked writing it!

Originally posted by hardyness

You were walking through the dark streets of New York. Your objective was to make in time to the Goldstein’s house which meant the dinner time. Unfortunately, your mind was completely making fuss of you and you lost the sense of time by looking to everything around. You got enchanted by every store that you passed through, but principally at the ones that were selling candies. They reminded you about Jacob and Queenie and how happy they were together and that always made your heart melt.

You were a young witch that had finished Ilvermorny. After the school, you had been sent to live with the Goldstein sisters because they were the closest family you had after the death of your mom. Actually, your dad was a no-maj and your mom was a witch, their relationship was prohibited and your mom never told your dad about being a wizard until you were born. Your mom knew that you were a wizard and knew that she had to tell your father about it and when she did, he freaked out and left both of you. You were at a very young age so you didn’t remember about it at all but this always made you sad. Your mom made it through her sadness to raise you but after some time, she couldn’t handle anymore. The depression of being left by her loved grew up to a disease and she died when you were on your first years in Ilvermorny. After that, you were sent to live with the sisters.

They were amazing people. Tina, although it seemed to be cold and away, had a big and pure heart. She kind of knew how it was the feeling of losing the parents so she always took care of you and talked about it. Queenie, by the other hand, was incredibly sweet. She always made the day look brighter and happier with her sweet personality. She would also read your mind most of the times to see how you were and, even though you didn’t like too much, you knew she was just caring about you.

That’s why you were so happy that Jacob and Newt were in their lives. Jacob was the one and only for Queenie, anyone could see they were meant to be. She deserved to receive back the sweetness that she gave for everyone. And, although it was something small, you could see that there was something happening between Tina and Newt. She was always interested to learn about his creatures and he was always looking with a smile on his eyes to her. You knew something would happen there.

But there was something bothering your mind. Newt had brought a guy named Credence with him. You heard, hidden behind the door, they talking about his abusive mother, his scars and his obscurus. Credence was always quiet and looking to the ground. You didn’t talk too much with him but you certainly felt something about that boy. You didn’t know what it was exactly. You wanted to know more about him but at the same time was afraid, not actually of him because he always have been nice, but of not knowing how to deal with his problems. You knew he cried in his room and you always wanted to get in there and hug him and say everything was okay but you just couldn’t. You were afraid that, in the end, you wouldn’t be enough to make him stay like it happened to your father.

Come to me
In the night hours
I will wait for you
And I can’t sleep
Cause thoughts devour
Thoughts of you consume

This thoughts were always consuming you so badly that to take off of your mind, you wasted time seeing nothings on the streets but you knew you had to come back, principally because Tina and Queenie would be worried about you. The moment your feet stepped inside the house, both of them were already hugging you.

“I was so worried about you.” Tina said while hugging you.

“Oh Merlin, please never do this again, darling.” Queenie had tears on her eyes and were kissing your forehead. You felt guilty.

“I-I’m so s-sorry. I didn’t mean to w-worry you.” You tried to hide your sadness. “I was j-just thinking too much a-and…”

“It’s ok, dear. We understand.” Queenie looked gently to you. “It’s just that we started to think something had happened to you, but we understand you need time to spare. And what better than the fresh air of New York?” She was being so nice that you wanted to cry.

“Just, please, stay safe.” Tina had her hands on your shoulders and looked in your eyes.

“I will, thank you so much for everything you do for me.” You hugged them without thinking twice.

“Oh, sweet, you don’t have nothing to thank for.” Queenie gave you a harm smile. “But now why don’t you go to sleep? I think it’s going to be good for you.” You nodded to her and went to your room.

Stay with me a little longer
I will wait for you
Shadows creep
And want grows stronger
Deeper than the truth

You were trying to sleep but his sobs and crying wouldn’t let you. Credence was having a “crisis”, as you called, again. You could feel the sadness even though you were in different rooms. You didn’t know what to do but you didn’t want either to let him on that way. And, although, Newt and Tina were helping with his obscurus, this was an occasion that it could come back and you didn’t want that. You took the blankets off of yourself and pulled out of your bed and headed to his room.

You opened his door carefully, trying to not make any sound and scare him. The room was filled with dark and you waited a little for your eyes to get used to it. Credence was sitting on the floor, with his head on his knees. His sobs and crying were getting bigger and bigger and the scene made your heart bleed. You didn’t know why that boy that you didn’t have too much contact to you, made you feel that way, you thought it was compassion but you knew it wasn’t only that.

“Credence?” Your voice was just a whisper but he heard it and lifted his head.

“Y/N? W-what a-are you doing h-here?” You could see he was shaking. You got closer to him and saw him try to move back.

“I heard you crying.” You looked to him. He was so beautiful, didn’t deserve any of this. “And I don’t want you to cry anymore, Credence.”

“You don’t?” He looked confused. You got even closer and he didn’t move this time.

“No. It’s not fair what you are going through. I know we don’t talk much but I sense that you are an amazing guy. You didn’t deserve to pass through all this pain.” Now you were sitting in front of him.

“But I-I’m a monster. I killed people…” You put your finger on his lips and he looked dazzled to you.

“Don’t finish that. It wasn’t you, it was the obscurus. You are kind, Credence. You deserve better.” You put your hand on his cheek and he bowed to your touch, like a scared animal receiving love and being melted for the first time. “ I know a little bit of how it is the feeling.”

“You do?” He opened his eyes. Now you were tracing your finger through his hair and face.

“My dad left me and my mom when he discovered we were wizards. I was a baby. I always had the feeling that it was my fault because I wasn’t enough to keep him with me.” He stared at you while your own tears were falling. “You feel that you aren’t worth it of nothing. And then, when I was a younger, my mom died. She got so depressed because he left that she got sick. I felt that I wasn’t enough to keep her happy, to be the light for her. The feeling is awful, Credence. I truly know.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” His fingers were shyly cleaning your tears and you felt that this was so sweet of him that made your heart beats faster.

“But none of this is true. Neither my feeling and thoughts of this, nor yours. It’s difficult to accept that. It’s  a big process but…” You looked at him. “I will be very happy to help you on yours.”

“Why?” He was amused at the way you were taking care of him. He wasn’t used to it and that made his heart fluster.

“I don’t know. I… I feel something for you that I don’t know how to explain it. In the beginning, I thought it was just compassion and empathy because of how sad is your history but it’s bigger than that. I want to know you more and I want to help you. For Merlin, I want to be the one that you come when you are sad. I want to make you happy. It’s a feeling so bright and pure and I feel amazing for feeling it but I don’t know what it is… I never felt something like this before.”

Credence was without words. No one ever cared for him but this is was so much bigger. His heart was being filled with a sensation he never had. He knew he had liked you since the first time he saw you, and, of course, he found you beautiful, how couldn’t he? You were amazing and now you were saying words and being worried about him, that described what it was love. Or at least it was what it seemed to be to him. Somehow, Credence was happy and feeling something that he didn’t even know it was possible. And that gave him courage to make a move.

I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

Credence kissed you. It was a shy peck on the lips and you were surprised by it but so happy that after some time, you passed your arms through him and one of your hands landed on his hair, making sweets and little movements. You decided to make it a real kiss and kissed him deeply and with love. He was not ready for that but it gave him so many feelings that his only choice was to return and do the same. One of his hands went to your hips and the other was caressing your face.

The kiss ended when both of you were needing air and you looked at each other with so much love in the eyes that the two of you were scared of it. It was something big and very different from everything both of you had already felt. It was scaring the hell of you but you wanted to try so hard.

“Credence…” You hugged him and started caressing his hair while breathing deeply.

“Y/N?” He called in a weak voice.


“Please don’t leave me.” You noticed the sadness on his voice with the possibility. And cupped his face with your hands and looked deeply to him.

“I’m never ever going to leave you, Credence. Never, ok?” He nodded with tears on his eyes and you hugged him again.

You two were so exhausted that fell asleep together and hugging each other. In the next day Queenie looked for you and found you two sleeping. She could read minds but she didn’t need the power to read hearts to see that a big and strong love would come from there. She smiled with the scene and locked the door again, letting you two rest more.

I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
I can’t help but want oceans to part
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts

After that, your relationship started to grow. Sometimes, you would still feel bad with yourself and Credence would say sweet things for you to calm down and see how wrong that thoughts were. By the other hand, he would still have his crisis of sadness too and you would show him how amazing and worth it he was. There were days that the darkness of both of you would show and there were times where Credence wanted to explode and break everything. But everything ended fine because you had each other. In this war, your hearts would collide but that only made you too better. Because everything would be fine as along as you two were together.

  • person: why do you love tom hardy so much?
  • me: tom hardy once snuck a stray cat into his hotel room in bucharest which he named CJ, that he de-flea'd and found a home for. his current dog woody he found on the set of lawless. he also housed another dog, cass, from a local shelter while filming the drop in new york. he loved cass so much he later adopted her. tom borroWED his friend's dog, georgia, while filming the revenant to take care of her while on set. he also got a tattoo dedicated to his late dog max who he loved. woody is with him on set so much he's literally had cameo appearances in some of his films. during the premiere of legend tom took woody with him and put a little bowtie on his collar. tom loves dogs so much he likens himself to one. did you know his phone case is of him and woody? he is also a huge advocate for sheltering stray cats and dogs and has been such a strong supporter of battersea dogs and cats home.
  • person: ...
  • me: he also recently commissioned a 61cm x 76cm portrait of woody.

I decided to try something different this time around. Unlike the previous gameplay I have done, this is actually a makeover of a Maxis build. If you don’t recognise the house or the occupants, then I don’t know what game you have been playing. I love the Pancakes so much so it was only natural they would get more screen(shot) time. 

The goal of this is to give them a new home based on their original dwelling but heavily remodelled to make it more appealing. The family will start with a shell and only start with 25K in funds (cheated after deleting all objects and resetting account using the “money <amount>” cheat) then earning the money to fill the house of their dreams. The extensions/adjustments are made first, then giving them basic amenities, and using money to slowly fill the house like with “Fix This House” series. 

So that is what is in-store for the future. 

Demigods at Christmas

this was submitted in nine separate messages by an amazing, very talented anon and i love it so, so much. it definitely deserves its own post.

  • When Jason thinks of Christmas, he thinks of duty. He thinks of New Rome, of agreeing to take patrol or extra chores. It wasn’t like he could go home. Other people should have a chance to see their families.
  • When Annabeth thinks of Christmas, she thinks of an empty camp. All the other campers, even the year-rounders, would try to go home. Her father never called. She’d be left in the big house, Chiron awkwardly mentioning her father, and Dionysius making off color jokes.
  • When Hazel thinks of Christmas, she thinks of loneliness. The wispy women would come to her mother during the holidays, asking if their men would return, if things would get better, voices slurred with drink. On bad nights she’d curl up in her room, covering her ears to stifle the sounds of crying.
  • When Leo thinks of Christmas, he thinks of the foster homes. Picture perfect parents seeking picture perfect children. Sometimes they wouldn’t even make it to Christmas Eve before the whispers, the fears, and the yelling . He’d spend Christmas day run, run, running, his breath steaming in the cold.
  • When Frank thinks of Christmas he thinks of war. His grandmother would always set a place for his mother, even when she was in the desert. Her omnipresent absence would eat away at the holiday. The nauseating Christmas carols singing of joy felt like the ultimate mockery.
  • When Piper thinks of Christmas, she thinks of fast food. Her father always had some new movie premiering just in time for the holidays. He’d forget about spending time with family. One of his assistants would take her out for a “treat.” Piper would sit in the empty McDonald’s until her fries got cold.
  • When Nico thinks of Christmas, he thinks of the 1940s. Bianca and his mother, wandering through the streets of Venice, the lights on the gondolas, floating through the canals. He thinks of all the days that were stolen from his sister. He thinks of cold.
  • When Percy thinks of Christmas, he thinks of extra beds. A pull out couch, some blow up mattresses. People will have to double up, but they’ll find room. New Yorkers know how to maximize a small space.
  • When Christmas comes, Piper spends the day cooking with Paul Blofis; he listens intently to every word she says. Jason sees Thalia for the first time in ages. Nico and Hazel decorate the tree; it glitters with light. Sally puts an extra blanket over Leo when he falls asleep. Annabeth rarely leaves the circle of Percy’s arms. She can feel him shake when he laughs, which is often. When Sally starts the carols, Frank sings along. Everyone sings along.

anonymous asked:

Hey Emily-- so I'm going to New York in a few days, and I was wondering if you have a favorite museum or gallery?? (I know you're not a travel guide, but I can tell how much you love your city and I feel like we have similar tastes so I thought I'd try picking your brain a bit)

shit yeah I do. okay, like, obviously it’s me, so number one would be The Cloisters uptown. it’s the medieval branch of the Met, it’s housed in a beautiful french cloister that was transported from europe brick by brick, and has the loveliest gardens and view of the river. unicorn tapestries, confusing pictures of lions, and a residual dusting of my girlfriend’s patient sighs are all things you will find here. but that’s a standard answer. here are some weirder ones:

  • the new york earth room: it’s in SoHo, and is exactly what it says on the tin: an entire white-painted apartment covered in two feet of soft soil. technically it’s an art installation, but I use it as a “I need to get away from other humans and the toothy gears of this city for twenty minutes and hear my own thoughts” solution. it’s quiet and visually simple and smells like loam. a+ dirt. 
  • the nicholas roerich museum: nicholas roerich was an early 20th century Russian artist and theosophist who fled the country after the february revolution. hundreds of his mystic paintings are displayed in this little museum on the upper west side. it’s never crowded, most of the people who visit are weird nerds who like Russian mysticism, so you know. I’ll see you there. 
  • the dream house: an installation project in Tribeca, it’s a marriage of music and light that you wander through as the musical and visual environment reacts to your presence. very strange, very lovely.

Have fun! 

Birthday Sex

Originally posted by klopehybridss

Request: Omg that last imagine you wrote was amazing *fans self* if you’re taking requests, can you do an Elijah/reader where it’s her bday & he makes her cum repeatedly (vampire stamina woohoo) ;) ;-* thx so much I hope to read more of your sexy imagines in the future

Yes, I will be doing requests, but no ships. 

Your boyfriend of two years appears at the door. You nervously twiddle with your thumbs as he leans against the door frame. “So, Y/N.” he asks casually, suit impeccable and eyes shining. “Ready, birthday girl?”

Your lips quirk into a smile. “You can come in, bloodsucker.” you giggled.

He smirked, stepping over the doorframe and pushing you against the wall. “Loving the new house.” he complimented, staring at the white walls and bare rooms. You rolled your eyes, giggling loudly when he began sucking on your neck. You held back a moan, digging your hand into his shoulders.

“Elijah,” you warned. “Dinner.”

He rolled his eyes, “Of course, we must get to that wretched dinner before we really celebrate your birthday.” You went crimson, hiding your face in his chest.

“After you.” he grinned.


Rebekah was quickly at the door, greeting you. “Y/N! Happy Birthday!” she grinned, ushering you in. You coughed awkwardly, seeing Klaus at the head of the table, feeding off a scantily-clad waitress. He tossed her away, wiping his mouth.

“If it isn’t the birthday girl!” he cheered, eyes twinkling. “Elijah’s little pet human.”

Elijah stiffened next to you, pulling you behind him. “Nikalus, if you have something to say, by all means, say it.” he challenged.

You swallowed, you knew Klaus was unhappy about your relationship. It just didn’t bother you until now. Kol glanced back and forth, kicking his legs up on the table. Rebekah hissed, finally joining Klaus and Kol at the long table. “Put your feet on the table and I’ll chop them off.”

He rolled his eyes, standing up and striding towards you. “Y/N!” he threw his arms out, embracing you and kissing your hand with a smirk. “You look sexy as usual.”

Elijah sighed, “Let’s get this over with.”

You cracked a smile, “When you marry the man, you marry his family.” you joked. Your eyes widened at what you said. “I-I mean, not that we’re married. No, uh, we’re not! I mean, not that I don’t want to! Just-”

Elijah smiled widely, “I understand.” he laughed. “Shall we begin the evening?”


Klaus pushed his plate away. “So, when are you going to turn Y/N?”

You choked on your chicken, watching Elijah growl. “Niklaus, you worry about Caroline, or Cami, or Hayley- Or whoever captures your attention these days. I’ll worry about Y/N, hm?”

Klaus shrugged, “I mean, she’s gonna grow old one day, might as well turn her while she’s fresh.”

Elijah growled loudly, abruptly standing up. He left the room, using his vampire speed to whisk up the stairs. Rebekah frowned, “I could’ve sworn this dinner was for Y/N? If you wanted to bitch, you could’ve just sent an email, Nik.”

Kol coughed, “I have business to attend to, goodbye.” he smiled awkwardly and left.

You smiled at Klaus, “Lovely dinner.”


You found Elijah reading a magazine in his room. He looked up, folding the magazine. “I apologize for this evening. Niklaus, he’s just-”

You darted towards him, kissing him on the lips. He grinned against you, licking your bottom lip. His hands gripped your ass, holding you into him. Your mouth parted, moaning into his mouth when his tongue explored your mouth. You grinded into his lap, winding your hands around his neck. You broke away, pressing your forehead to his. “Elijah,” you breathed.

A cough interrupted the intimate moment. Kol stood at the doorway, hands shoved into his pockets. “Elijah, have you seen my magazine.” he smirked.

Elijah cocked his head to the side. “Yes, I’m afraid it was standing innocently on my bed this morning. Is it the one with detailed pictures?”

Kol smirked again. “Yes, the porn one.”

You gasped, still on Elijah’s lap. And found the magazine Elijah had been reading folded behind him. You flipped through it, dramatically gagging at the pictures of nude women spreading their legs and pushing up their breasts. “Gross!” you squealed, tossing it to Kol.

He saluted, “You can get back to whatever you were doing.”

Elijah slammed the door, pushing you onto the bed, “Well, happy birthday, Y/N.” he purred, removing his suit jacket. Your breathing spiked erratically.

He was going to slow, teasing you on purpose. You yanked his pants down, removing his boxers, and hissing when ran his tongue along your neck. You were panting, digging your fingers into his soft hair. He groaned, tearing through your clothes. You whimpered and clawed at his back when he dug his teeth into you. He slowly fed on you, watching you. Without warning he pulled his blood-stained mouth away from your neck. His hands tugged at your panties, throwing them to the floor. “Beautiful.” he murmured, dragging his hand along your slick core.

You moaned out, bucking your hips and begging for more. “Elijah! I want yo- Oh my gosh!” He had shoved two fingers into your hot, wet cunt. “Ah, fuck! Elijah!” you moaned out, bucking against him. He curled his fingers inside you, smirking when you screamed coming undone.

“Do you love it when I fuck you?” he murmured against her neck. “Do you love being my little slut?”

Your breaths came out in pants. “Do you want to sit on my face?” he purred.

You grinned, lowering yourself onto him, hissing when he kitten licked your clit. He sucked harshly at the sensitive bud of nerves. You tangled your fingers into his soft hair, pulling at it everytime he licked. Without warning he shoved his tongue inside you, groaning when you pulled at his hair to control yourself. It was too much for you, the pleasure. You rode his tongue, swiveling your hips to gain the most from the mind-blowing pleasure.

His tongue didn’t stop moving until you came, screaming and moaning for Elijah. He greedily took everything you gave him. You climbed off his face, staring at the mess you made. “Sorry.” you blushed, hiding your face in his chest.

He cocked his head, climbing over you and positioning his member at your cunt. “I’m not done, Y/N. What kind of birthday sex would this be without my big cock filling you up?”

You moaned when he teased your slit, running his cock along you. “I want your big cock filling me up, and making me cum. I want it, Elijah! I want it!”

“As you wish, birthday girl.” he shoved himself into you, hissing when you clenched around him. “You’re such a dirty slut, so hungry for my huge cock.” he shouted, thrusting into you over and over.

“Yes, yes! I’m so hungry for your thick cock! Pound into me! Destroy my pussy!”

“Do you like my original cock?!” his hands were holding your hips down roughly, sure to leave a bruise. “Do you like my big, original cock pounding into your cunt, you little slut?”

“Yes, I love it! I love it!”

You bucked your hips against his, swiveling your hips again to get the most out of your orgasm. He shot his hot seed into you, moaning as he did so. He smirked at you, pulling you into his chest as he laid beside you. “Round two?” he grinned.

“I’m tired.” you pouted.

“Well, that won’t be a problem.”

McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess

This is a fuck managers story that started in the last couple weeks of October and a few weeks after I started working here as a cashier. We have customer satisfaction surveys and my manager told us our scores were subpar and if we could bring our scores up 10%, we would receive a hefty sum of cash ($700) as a reward in our paycheck before Christmas. According to her and the other employees, this same thing happened last year as well, but with a $500 reward instead of the $700.

Fast forward to this week ago. Our management is completely shuffled; the general manager who told us about the reward was promoted to district manager and the front of house manager quit before she could be fired. The new management team is awesome and I love them so much more because they actually help us when we need it. Things are going great and we’re approaching the day of our bonus paycheck and haven’t heard anything about the survey results, so in our daily employee meeting, somebody brings it up. Immediately, new management deflects the question and says the surveys are in but the results are hard to read and they’ll get back to us about it. Today, we ask about the money again because this was our pre-Christmas paycheck and all management has to say was that they were mislead and there was a misunderstanding.

I find out from one of my coworkers who ended up talking to one of the new managers about it one on one and she says that the old manager was lying. There was no money. None of the higher ups had mentioned anything about bonuses and it was all the old manager trying to get a rise out of us because she knew she would be leaving and wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences. Even worse, on Monday, she’s coming back to tell us that our scores didn’t go up (also a lie) and that we won’t be getting our bonuses. I’m still hiding out in a backroom trying to cool off because I’m furious. Who does that??????

New House: Breaking It In

Anonymous asked: Hellooo always a delight to have fics from you. Anything from the new house series? I know it isn’t specific… perhaps a bit of family fluff, camping or for smut… how about a bit of trying to make love in every room of the house. Either would be marvellous. Well, anything would be spectacular 😊

Of course my darling! I’m so glad you asked! I adore the new house series and it’s potential. Thanks for the ask!! As it is Smutterday weekend, I’m opting for a smutty version. ;)

So. Many. Boxes.

When they’d moved in together, it had consisted of him moving his few possessions into her flat. As he’d been living alone in one of the rooms at Lallybroch, there hadn’t been too much to move. But now he had himself, a wife, and two daughters.

How had they collected so many things in just a few years?!


Putting down the box of kitchen supplies, he vaulted up the stairs and down to their bedroom. At least they had a mattress now. And a lamp.


“Here,” she said, standing up from the other side of the bed.

“Oh! Good! You’re still here!”

He frowned.

“Aye. Where else would I be?”

“Well nowhere. But the girls have taken a walk down to Jenny’s house to see if she has a broom we can borrow until we find ours.”

“Aye? What of it?”

Her whiskey eyes smoldered up at him.

“Have you ever heard of breaking something in?”

“Ah… I’ve broken into my own room a time or two, when I left the key inside.”

“No, no. Not like that. But… Breaking something in? Breaking in a new car, or a new… house?”

“Sassenach, I love ye and I always will, but ye aren’t making sense.”

“You’ve never… Well I suppose you wouldn’t. Not if I’m the only woman you’ve slept with.”

Now he glared at her.

“If? Have I no’ told ye often enough that the only body I’ve kent wi’ my own is yours? Damn it woman!”

“No! No I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry!”

“Then would ye explain to me just what you’re going on about?”

She took a breath.

“Well, breaking something in… If you have a new car, you take it and park it somewhere and you… ah, well… You have sex in it.”

“And that breaks it in, then?”

“Yes, it does.”

“We canna move the house, if that’s what you’re getting at.”

Her bottom lip disappeared between her teeth.

“No… But you break a house in differently.”

“Would ye tell me, ye bloody woman! We’ve a lot of unpacking to do!”

“The goal is to make love in every room.”

“Oh is it? And ye want me to take ye into one of the girls’ rooms and use ye hard?”

He watched her throat move as she swallowed.

“Yes,” she breathed. “That’s exactly hat I want.”

Folding his arms over his chest, he stared at her.


“We have a few minutes before the girls get back.”


“Jamie please! Every room! Just once! When we come back tomorrow, we can do it in the kitchen!”

He thought about her in their new home, one of his favorite fantasies. 

She wore his white button-down. Black panties and matching black bra. Swaying slowly toward him, her hair down and mussed. None of the buttons were done up. The sun filtered in through the window, giving her a golden halo.

“Come make love to me, James Fraser.”

She backed herself against the kitchen counter before sliding onto it, her legs open and inviting. 

“Come home in me, my love,” she breathed as he came closer.

Shaking his head, he forced his mind back to the present. 


“Fine. But tomorrow, I’ve something specific in mind.”

“Oooh… I like when you get ideas.”

He sighed, giving in to her wild demands.

“Which room did ye want to do first?”

“The nursery!”

Taking his hand, she dragged him down the hall into the nursery. She left the door open, which made him uncomfortable. With the door closed, if the girls came home early they at least wouldn’t see anything. But she was already kicking off her shoes.

“Why do ye want to do it here first?” he asked, regretting the plan to leave the window coverings in their flat for now.

“I was just thinking about the new baby and, well… We’ve already done it in our room.”

“Aye. We have. On the floor like wild animals.”

Her eyes rolled as she stepped out of her panties.

“We weren’t wild animals. You were very sweet and tender.”

Shrugging out of his own clothes, he cast a wary glance out the window. He couldn’t see his daughters, which was good, but it worried him nevertheless.

“And ye said ye wanted me to use ye hard, aye?”

“Oh yes please, Jamie.”

He walked to her, standing very close, and put one hand on her hips.

“Tell me it willna hurt the bairn?”

“No, it won’t hurt the baby. This isn’t the first time we’ve made love since we found out I was pregnant.”

“No, but I mean to use ye hard, like ye asked.”

And tomorrow… He’d put her in that white shirt with the black underthings and…

“Well someone’s excited,” she said through a giggle.

“My wife is standing naked in a room, bathed by the sun. A’course I’m excited, Sassenach.”

Her mouth opened in a gasp.

“Your wife is here?! You never told me you were married!”

“Aye,” he said, walking her slowly backwards. “Married wi’ two daughters and a son on the way.”

Her eyes narrowed at him.

“And just how do you know it’s a son?”

“How could it not be? But that doesna matter. It’s a son, I’m sure of it.”

“So you’ll take another woman to your bed while your wife is pregnant?” she asked, her back hitting the wall.

With a wicked smirk, he gripped her shoulders and turned her to face the wall.

“Do we look like we’re in my bed, woman?” he growled in her ear, kicking her legs apart.

“Is that all I am?” she asked, placing both palms on the wall and sticking her backside out a bit.

“Right now? Aye.”

Taking a firm grip on her buttocks, he sighed in contentment before slamming against her. She cried out, one hand curling into a fist.

“Jesus H. Christ!”

He chuckled and leaned closer to bite her ear.

“Sure, if ye like, though most everyone calls me Jamie.”

“And wh-what does your w-wife call you?”

Thrusting deep into her, he dropped his voice.


Her fingers clawed at the wall as he rammed against her.


Releasing his hold on her backside, he let his hands wander. One reached up to her breasts which were pressed against the wall. He rolled her nipple between his fingers until he felt it grow hard. The other hand… It slid down her body and pressed against her sensitive flesh until her knees nearly buckled.

“Is this what ye wanted, then? For me to use ye this way? Up against the wall in our son’s nursery?”

“C-could be a d-daughter!”

He tisked at her.

“I think I’ve told ye, Sassenach, that the child ye carry is my son.”

“You don’t-”

Thrusting into her again, he buried himself to the root and held still. She was already quivering and whimpering.

“Are ye arguing wi’ me? And me wi’ all the leverage!”

He fondled her breasts for a moment.

“I’m not arguing, I’m just saying that-”

“That sounds like arguing.”

“No! Oh God, please don’t stop!”

“Will ye admit ye carry my son?”

She made a very unladylike gesture.


“Say it.”

“I’m pregnant with your bloody son!”

Laughing with triumph, he renewed his efforts. When her orgasm washed over her, he had to hold her up. Her body went completely limp, her legs finally giving out.

“Holy God,” he groaned, his own release making him shake.


“I take it that’s a good ‘wow’?”

She laughed as she turned back around to face him.

“Do you honestly think that could possibly have made me say a bad wow?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Well. I think I’m certainly ready to keep unpacking. How about you?”

“Och aye. As soon as I’m cleaned up a bit.”


They both froze, staring at the open door and their obvious nakedness.

“Ah…. Yes, Faith?”

“Auntie Jenny sent us home wi’ a broom and mop!”

“That’s wonderful darling! Could you, ah… Maybe start sweeping the kitchen, love?”

“Aye mam! We can do that!”

They both breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you darling! I’ll be down soon!”

Jamie hastily shut the door while Claire struggled into her clothes.

“Well it looks like you finished just in time,” she said through a smile.

“Aye, it appears we did.”

Dressed in her underwear and jeans, she popped up on her toes and kissed him.

“And tomorrow the kitchen?”

“Aye. Tomorrow the kitchen. I promise we’ll break the house in before we move in.”

“I look forward to the adventure with you, James Fraser.”

She made for the door.

“Sassenach! Ye canna go out there like that!”

Glancing down, she realized she’d left her bra and shirt on the floor. Blushing profusely, she shrugged into them and flew down the stairs. Jamie laughed as he too dressed before going down the stairs to join his women. 


IT’S FINISHED! And not a moment too soon. Today was the last day I was able to work on it.

My sister’s getting married this Saturday, not to mention her birthday and Christmas are coming up soon too. She’s briefly in town from North Carolina for the wedding, so I thought I’d roll up a combination present for her! We both like the Hobbit so I decided to make her a miniature to decorate her new house with <3

This was so much fun to make!! It came out smaller than I meant it to, which is why the door, steps, and gate are all slightly wrong sizes… but I know she’ll love it anyway. The dimensions (without the tree’s height) is about 6″x4″x4″!

This is my first miniature scene and I think I did great! Let me know what y’all think!!!



Thank you SO much, @theafrohorse , For the super adorable, super tiny Mimikyu! (CHECK OUT THEIR BLOG TO SEE MORE AMAZING POKEMON PLUSHES)

He shall be smothered in love and kisses as I introduce him to his new family and friends! <3

I took a picture of him beside my life-sized litten plush since it’s the only other alolan pokemon plush I currently have :3 <3 Plus it made him look /super/ tiny. xD

Seriously though!! <3 
I adore this little ghostie and it’s an /honor/ to be able to add him to my collection! <3 It will be well taken care of and very well loved~ <3

My lunar new year (3/6)

One thing I like about Tet is that it gets really quiet in our street in 30th night and the next 2 days. Our house located in the city but not the urban part, so when everyone rushs to the main street to see firework or goes to relatives, it feel so nice. No one in the street, all stores closed. I am in love with this silence, ever since I was a child.
Normally Im pretty charming and like to hang out with people, but I also enjoy to be alone very very much. Thats why I always treasure this feeling in Tet holiday. But as I grew older, the city developed, people opens stores even in 1st day, the street got crowded. I know its normal, but yeah sometimes I wish to see the true silence like when I was a child again.

2016 was in many ways the most brutal year of my life, and also the most beautiful. So much pain, and yet so much growth and so many joys made all the sweeter for the circumstances.

My husband left, unable to find the courage he needed to stay and rebuild. So I found out that I am whole without him.

I renovated my little house, worked with the contractor and my ex, but mostly with my own two hands (and lots of help and encouragement from my partner). I found strength I’d been told for years I didn’t have and did things no one would let me before. And I am proud of the results.

I was joined in my home by my partner and his wife and kids, and we knit ourselves a new family out of the things we are. While our own families turned away in anger, fear, or judgement, we turned towards each other. I am in awe of my metamour’s generous spirit and her quiet strength, and my partner has been amazing - I don’t have words for what his love and support have been to me.

This year has been about learning to walk with heartache in one hand and joy in the other, with my heart open to love and my soul storing away moments of beauty.

I am looking at the new year with peace in my heart. I am content.