i love the new house so so much

One Line Prompts

1. “You did that.”
2. “You’re telling me when I look into the mirror, I am actually looking into sand?”
3. “Ouch, that gotta hurt.”
4. “I am losing my mind!”
5. “I love music so much!”
6. “The stars are in your eyes and I don’t get how they got there.”
7. “This is great isn’t it?”
8. “Welcome to my new house!”
9. “You are so independent that you built your own snowman!”
10. “Can you believe this?”


I figured out ((like the genius I am)) how easy it is so take interior pictures without your mayor, and decided to show my entire house <3 Newest additions include a frilly guest bedroom, and a sewing room in the basement.  
I love designing interiors so much, but still haven’t gone over to the dark side of HHD. I think I would get lost.

<3 <3 <3 

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Thoughts on the new gaming vid? They seemed so happy and cute and lighting has improved everything A++ ^_^


  • 2 seconds in and i’m already shook i can’t believe this is real we are literally looking into their new house they are literally actually filming in a new HOUSE and it’s all just too much to process
  • phil sitting cross legged on the same old futon and fixing the tetris lights and balancing them and the pacman light on cardboard boxes is all too cute his enthusiasm is too much for me and dan definitely thinks it’s so cute too and this whole intro is just so soft
  • i love that phil owns up to the fact that this was his idea while dan is tryna go for his traditional ugh this is too stupid and vapid and too mainstream and not creative enough shtick. phil giving no fucks about a got damn quality threshold is my kink
  • when phil is attempting to take his neutral expression selfie and slightly pouts and he and dan giggle (i’m being generous w that term bc dan’s was more like a squawk tbh) at the exact same moment i just smiled so hard. they’re so cute. and they’re both apparently kind of uncomfortable w the notion of like trying to look sultry in photos which is why that pouty expression made them laugh immediately, and also is a good precursor to the whole discussion that comes later about phil’s ladybird selfie
  • dan’s look into the camera at 2:13 gave me lifeeeeee i like that he’s trying to shade phil for taking forever to get his fuckin selfie but instead he has this ever so subtle up tilt to his lips bc he can’t completely hide his smile ughaierjoaierj
  • omg underrated discussion in this video: at 2:26 once phil has finally succeeded in taking the selfie he turns to dan and says “i look alright there” but w the intonation of a question, like he’s literally asking dan for affirmation that he looks good and  not only that but he full on turns to look at dan and gauge his reaction and that felt so special and genuine to me??? like??? not a sort of thing i would expect to see tbh? and in general this video was obvi silly and just a bit of fun but also i thought the level of feedback they were giving each other on their photos and the way they were reacting was all so,,, warm and comfortable and surprisingly open. in this instance i’m also just frustrated bc dan was about to say something in response to phil asking dan if he looks alright, but he cuts himself off. he says ‘that’s an excep—’ and it def sounds like he was gonna say exceptional or exceptionally and i need to know what his thought was. i also like that the thought he interrupts himself with is about phil still having slight crazy eyes. we’ve talked about phil’s own explanation for his wide-eyed deer-in-headlights expressions in selfies a bit on this blog. according to him, he resorts to doing that bc having his photo taken makes him uncomfortable, so it was cute to me that dan noted that phil still did a little bit of the wide eyes without giving any context for why he was pointing it out bc it’s just an understood thing that they obvi have talked about a lot
  • 3:14 dan’s horrified and squeaky “what have they done to your face?” is so good. it’s just. so good. he sounds so outraged that they’ve fucked w phil’s face i lov it
  • 3:20 is the besttttttttt. this is the exchange where dan teases phil for being old and i love everything about it i love how dan made that comment without even thinking which sort of suggests that teasing phil for being old is just a regular/habitual thing and i love the way phil reacted bc it wasn’t rly irritated or even mock irritation in the end. instead he just played along w dan’s joke and accepted it and the whole exchange was so warmmmmmmm and comfortableeeeeee and flirtyyyyyyyyy and it reminds me of a few other comments that dan has made here and there that allude to their age gap and they’re always v cute and gentle teasing and it’s just so good
  • 3:42 they’re talking about the ‘old’ selfie and 1. dan is captivated and i can literally see him contemplating his future w phil lmao and 2. phil talking about joey graceffa and calling him good-looking w a blatant pause before he said that, making me wonder if he was going to use a word that was a bit more emphatic than “good-looking” either way i’m into it and then there’s a blatant jump cut and i’m wondering if they had a lil side conversation about joey being cute lol 3. phil is still looking at dan basically every time he makes a comment and it’s rly surprising but lovely 4. dan needed to come in w that compliment about old phil rocking current phil’s fringe and how cool he looks :) 
  • here’s dan howell caught right in the act of contemplating growing old w phil:
  • bless them for calling out how dumb the concept of a “female” filter is. also dan’s once again violent reaction to phil in the female filter is so cute and funny i love how incensed he is with the whole concept of anything being different about phil’s face
  • 5:36 dan looking at phil in the male filter and saying “you look so average” in such a disappointed tone is rly one of the best fucking things i’ve ever seen in my life. i’ve often thought about dan’s attraction to phil being based in some of the things that are most striking about his appearance. for example he always talks about how black phil’s hair is and how pale his skin is and back in the day he obvi left that infamous comment on phil’s dailybooth about how blue his eyes are and i feel like dan is probs drawn to these features that are just,,, extreme,,, and i love that even a slight change to phil’s jawline/face shape made dan think phil looked decidedly more average precisely bc what he loves about phil’s face are all the things that aren’t average at all!!!! i’m emotional!!
  • phil was so hype to see all of dan’s ones!!!! i’m crying!!!!! the way he was doing his hee-hee laughs and bouncing up and down quite literally and like hitting his hands on the table and saying things like i wanna be friends w him instead of you and ‘i wanna see old danny! old danny slice!!!’ like calm down mate!!!!! ur cute!!! we know u think dan is cute!!! y do u love every single version of him so much!!!! when he sees the old one he immediately says he likes it and compliments it!!!!! when he sees the old one on the daniel x dream pic he calls him cute!!!!!! and then makes this face at dan while dan looks at it!!!!!! 
  • help!!!!
  • dan talking about embracing makeup was amazing and phil being totally down with it and immediately suggesting a smoky eye look and consulting some tutorials was also amazing and i hope thats something they’ve discussed before tbh
  • dan @ manly dan: ‘i mean i would.’ nice. dancest is real and it’s right before our eyes ppl
  • 8:28 dan saying he hates his current profile picture was so surprising and lovely when he gave his reason—it doesn’t reflect his natural curls. i’m honestly so pleased to hear that he views the natural hair as such an important change for him that he wants his display pic (something we know he spends way too much time thinking about and therefore treats as an incredibly important thing) to reflect this shift
  • 9:05 ahhhh the controversial dan reactions to phil’s ladybird selfie. here’s the thing. i think when dan says it’s a “really cringe selfie” he’s talking about the discomfort they both feel about doing posed/sultry shots. he corrects himself after phil protests that it’s not cringe to saying it’s only slightly cringe instead of really cringe, and that he should’ve included an ironic (i hate dan’s use of the word ironic so much bc he often uses it when what he really means is “sarcastic” or, in this case, self-deprecating/humorous) caption. when phil then says that he did use a funny caption, dan basically entirely revokes his criticism and says that phil actually “nailed it” w the photo/caption combination. basically i think both of them get embarrassed about the idea of unabashedly posing in an attractive way for photos and since they’re so close dan feels that embarrassment for phil as well. i don’t think he was saying he actually dislikes the selfie or that phil looks bad or unattractive or anything negative about phil himself. the only comment i did find questionable was when he almost said that the smile filter was an improvement!!! it seemed weird when compared to how much he disliked all the alterations to phil’s face on the first picture lol but then he also made fun of it so i didn’t take it to mean that dan literally thought the filter is an improvement to phil’s real face, just that it was pretty remarkable how cleanly the filters worked on that particular selfie
  • overall: really liked this!!!!!!! such a good intro to the new office!!! such a warm and chill lil vid where they were mostly casual and just being so soft and flirty w each other and basically calling each other cute in creative ways whats not to love about that it was great

[PR_SS] Circa Collection 570 followers 
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Hello! Yesterday i make this collection of pillows, rugs and bed covers!!! I gonna be making more CC for house and some clothes recolors so prepare your mods folder!!!

I love making this is so fun and helps me not to stress to much 
\(^▽^)/ So i hope everyone like it! 
Thanks for all the downloads in my last things! Thanks everyone! 

If the link don’t work click Open link in new Tab! If you want me to recolor somethings send me a message!


  • Pillows mesh (Orange Coussin) by @msteaqueen (52 colors) I love the pugs one is so adorable!
  • Bed covers mesh by Pilar (51 colors)
  • Rugs base game (54 colors)
  • Pictures by society6 (the best site ever)
  • Custom thumbnails (every recolor have it)
  • If you don’t find the recolors try type [PR_SS] Circa in buy mode
  • (^▽^)


CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims, mysims4screenshots or @mysims4screenshots (<— i prefer this one) and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!

For You{3}[Jeff Atkins]

Request: Can i request a Jeff Atkins imagine where hes like a badboy but when Y/N is the new girl at Liberty and Clay takes her under his wing, Jeff feels the need to protect her and be good for her? And then at a party he sees Monty and Y/N flirting so he gets wasted and Y/N ends up taking him to her house and taking care of him and he drunkenly confesses his softy feelings for her?

Pairing:bad boy!Jeff Atkins x fem!reader

A/N:Thank you so much for still being here,reading “For You”!I love you all<3-M

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part 1     part 2     part 4     part 5

Originally posted by jeffreysatkins

She wasn’t sure of what she wanted to do first.Yell at him?Slap him?Interrogate him?She didn’t know if it was justified for her to be angry.Because everyone knew that Moty wasn’t one of the best people out there.Maybe Jeff was just trying to protect her!But still,it was so stupid of him to act that way because him and Y/N weren’t even friends.It was all too much.That boy had no chill.

And when she was finally standing in front of him,boiling in anger,her hands turned into fists, she couldn’t help but notice how drunk he was.Why had he done that to himself?Was it because of her?No,no that would be so wrong.

“What the hell is your problem Jeff?”She shouted and pushed him back.

Jeff didn’t stumble.He didn’t even move an inch.He just winked and gave her an innocent smile.A smile that Y/N had never seen before.It was like he was telling her that everything was okay.If the situation hadn’t been like that,she definitely  would have smiled back.

Y/N couldn’t form any words.He was playing with her.He found it funny.Making a scene and hurting a person was a joke to Jeff Atkins.He was impossible.At that moment,even spending a minute to talk to him seemed useless.She immediately regreted coming to him and his friends,who by the way,were focused on Moty and his bloody mouth.

“You know what?I am so sick of your behavior towards me!Whenever i walk by you always throw angry glances at me like i did something horrible to you!I never did!Yesterday, you yelled at me,calling me annoying in front of everyone!And i believed it!I let your stupid  words sink in and affect me!And now you just punch Moty like it means nothing to you because we were having a conversation?Why Jeff?Why?Why me?”

She was crying.She told herself that she’d never let it happen.But nothing always goes as planned,right?Her voice was shaking while she spoke.She wished she had stayed at home.She would have called Clay to come over and watch a movie.They would have eaten pizza and having to confront Jeff would just be an event in another parallel universe.

Jeff was just standing there,listening to every word she said.His smile had faded completely.There was a huge frown on his face and he was constantly biting the inside of his cheek.Emotions started flooding him.He could finally see what had gone wrong;his approach.

Whoever was out of the house that night had witnessed everything.Moty and Jeff’s friends were all shockingly watching Y/N slowly break.

The girl didn’t know she had drawn attention.Only when she took a look around her,did she realize.She coucln’t take the pressure any longer.Dazed as she was,she just felt the need to leave.For good.She didn’t expect a proper response from Jeff.She didn’t care anymore.

“There’s only one thing i want from you Atkins.And that is to never bother me again.Ever.” She said steadily.She had started to calm down.Wiping away her tears and shaking her head in dissapointment,she turned around and started walking away;it was time for her to go home.

She didn’t dare to look back.She didn’t want to.Jeff Atkins was an ass and she regreted liking him even the slightest.Her home wasn’t too far from Jessica’s but it seemed like she had been walking for hours.Suddenly,hearing someone yelling her name,made her frozed dead in her tracks.She knew who it was.And instead of running,she just stood there,immobile.

“Y/N,i made a mistake,please let me explain!” Jeff came running from behind her and stopped right in front of her cold body.He looked,sad,almost broken.

“Jeff,just go back to the party.I’m pretty sure there are many girls begging for you to even look at them.” She said in a low voice,avoiding his gaze.

“But there’s only one girl i want to look at and that’s you!” He said and gave her a weak smile that she didn’t return.

Her stomach started flipping.She felt like she couldn’t breathe.Every single word coming from his mouth were like knives,they were stabbing her slowly and torturously.

“You’re drunk Jeff,you don’t know what you’re saying.”She said and tried to push past him but he didn’t let her.

“Drunk words are sober thoughts,sweetheart..” He winked at her but she didn’t react.She was done for the night.Jeff Atkins was just a pain in the neck.

“Will you walk me home?I’m sure you don’t want a drunk man being in the middle of the road all alone at night,i could be hit by a car or something…”

Y/N bit her lip.He was right.Jeff was a pain in the ass but she wouldn’t let him stumble here and there alone.She cared so freaking much.More that he’d ever know.


highlights of 4x07
  • shirtless Bellamy HELLO 
  •  honestly Kane is hot too 
  • and Harper DAMN 
  • “I just needed to see my mom” aw Clarke baby 
  • “Go take a shower” thank you Abby making sure Clarke is clean 
  • BELLAMY SUITING UP TO SAVE ONE OF THE HUNDRED that boy loves his costumes 
  • Honestly Bellamy is so BRAVE and GOOD I love him so much 
  • Becca’s house is amazing but there’s no way that pool stayed clean the whole time 
  • Shower time for Clarke hell yeah I love this new soft look 
  • Why won’t anyone let my baby girl rest 
  • …Oh Bellamy…such a sad moment but GOD Bob is so good 
  • Murphy and Emori, the morally gray murder children 
  • Ilian is such a cutie patootie but I want Octagon to stay the hell away from him!!! Don’t taint him with your shitty ways!!! 
  • Bellamy and Kane’s relationship is so important and their talks break my heart 
  • “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” YES Bellamy time to focus on people who actually care about you 
  • Oh hi Roan 
  • Omfg did Emori plant that guy here what a devious little bean I love her

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Sending this again for you haha. I just discovered this ship and have only read a couple fics, would love some recommendations of the best fics to start with!! Thanks so much! <3

Hellooo there!

It’s so awesome to see new faces in the Drarry community! Okay but there’s honestly so many wonderful and amazing stories out there and I don’t know where to start. I’m going to need to restrain myself from making this post super duper long, so below I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favourite Drarry fanfictions. Hope you enjoy :)

  • The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight -  by Omi-Omi (37k)
    When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.
    (An absolute masterpiece; hands down my all time favourite fic ever! It’s all about new beginnings, getting back on your feet after the war, and a journey of self-discovery. The bonds formed between the Golden Trio, Luna, Goyle and Draco were so pure and lovely, it was just perfect)

  • He Was He and I Was Bunny - by bryoneybrynn (37k)
    The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?
    (A super, super, super cute animagus fic!! I loved the general tone and pacing of this fic as it was very light-hearted and sweet! But I loved it even more when the drama and angst started to kick in because it added that extra flavour and richness to the story. But okay Bunny!Harry has got to be one of the cutest, most adorable things ever)

  • Synthetic Bonds - by mypetelephant (116k)
    Harry has always been the golden boy of Malfoy Corporation, earning the respect of Lucius and the resentment of his high school rival, Draco. But Lucius has a business proposal that involves Harry becoming a Malfoy..by marrying Draco.
    (I’m not a big fan of non-magic au’s - because magic is a big reason why I love the HP universe -, but damn Synthetic Bonds really stood out for me. This story has a magic of its own. The plot, characterisations and dynamics of it all were spectacular. It kind of had this ‘push-and-pull’ kind of love going on between Draco and Harry, and all of the minor characters were beautifully integrated into the whole story)

  • Marginal Notes - by blamebrampton (9k)
    When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking.
    (Do you ever feel bitter about Draco not getting a redemption? Well, this is the story for you! I nearly cried at how well Draco was illustrated in this fic and its one of the main reasons why I loved it so much. Like, Draco is definitely my favourite character in HP and to see a fic where he’s wonderfully portrayed and gets the redemption he’s always deserved, it just warms my heart, ya know?)

  • Seeker, Chaser, Keeper - by VivacissimoVoce (59k)
    Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?
    (Oh boyyyy, okay I totally blame Seeker, Chaser, Keeper for getting me into the whole Quidditch trope and everything. And can I just say that Draco was such an amazing top in this story? Like, normally I don’t really care who’s the bottom/top in fanfics, but damn I could get used to seeing some more top!Draco after reading this)

  • The Standard You Walk Past - by bafflinghaze (46k)
    On returning to Hogwarts for their Eighth Year, Headmistress McGonagall decided to room Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together. She may have hoped for a leading example of house unity; the other students fully expected insults and fights. But nothing happened.That
    was, until Harry sleepwalked into Draco’s bed.
    (Quite possibly my favourite 8th year story ever! I love Ron and Hermione in this fic as you could really see how much they cared for Harry, and omg Hermione giving the dreaded ‘talk’ to Harry was hilarious! I loved it when Draco helped Harry through his nightmares. I loved how Harry pretended to talk for Draco, that was adorable. And I loved all of the wee little Slytherins! I basically love everything there is to this story!)

  • On Daftness - by tracy & starlitshore (16k)
    Draco wants Harry. Harry wants Draco. So why is everything so difficult?
    (I feel like you can’t have a top 10 list without a representative for the genre FLUFF and CUTENESS OVERLOAD. I had the biggest grin on my face while reading this! The banter! The flirting! The UST! The insistence on being ‘just-friends’ when it’s so obvious to everyone else that they should just have sex already! All of it was so amazing!)

  • All Our Secrets Laid Bare - by firethesound (149k)
    Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
    (A truly brilliant fic! The plot of this story is so intricate and well-thought, and the plot twist at the end of the story nearly had me falling out of my chair. Draco suffers through so much in this fanfic, your heart will ache for him as people give him a hard time for being a Death Eater.

  • Progressive Displacement - by GatewayGirl (20k)
    Harry didn’t mean the wish that way. From his point of view, it hadn’t even worked.
    (This was so intriguing and cool! All of the universe hopping, alternate realities and different versions of Harry and Draco really messed with my mind, but still, it was such a fun read! I just loved seeing all the different Harry’s and reading what that Harry’s life was like in the alternate universe, it was all so interesting and a really good alternate universe fic)

  • Dear Diary - by AWickedMemory (20k)
    After the war, Harry picks up a journal to write in… and it writes back. Luckily, it’s not a Horcrux on the other end this time. 
    (GahhAAH everything about this story was so utterly perfect! Like, the voices of Harry and Draco were captured beautifully in their writings to each other through the journal, and the correspondence between them was such a joy to read. This is a beautifully written story with so much emotion and depth! I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve read and re-read this fic)


Because I limited this post to only 10 fics (otherwise it would’ve been waaay too long) I wasn’t able to mention some of my other favourites out there. So below are a few authors who have written a heap of Drarry fanfictions that are all brilliantly written to the utmost degree, and I would definitely recommend checking out all of their stories + all of the amazing authors mentioned above as well.

@instishoot I personally think Benny is kind of underwritten and… confused character, but it kind of might be the point about the kind of state Mr. House is running? He preserved New Vegas in a stasis, under the glass globe that he loves so much, but only the buildings could be left unchanged. People are different now and Mr. House is the only one who remembers the real city of Vegas. Everyone else has just a concept of it, from stories and old photographs, a dream of the city of game and vice. So New Vegas attracts people who want to play make-believe, to be someone from these glorious pre-war days, but without truly understanding the original that they try to imitate. Like the Kings who don’t know who Elvis really was, but live impersonating his style. And Benny, who was a savage tribal nomad his whole life, tries to be this classy, suave gentleman-gangster, without having a real reference. So many things about him are performative - his speech pattern, when literally no one else talks like this, his goddamn suit, even his “code of honor” - he tells the Khans that he won’t kill someone without looking them in the eyes first, and he even digs a grave for the courier. We know that Benny doesn’t really care about killing the courier, but it’s a matter of style - he gives the famous “the game was rigged from the start” speech, because he wants so damn hard to be this classy mafia mastermind instead of a brutal tribal.

EDIT: my shitty wording here implied that tribals are actually savage and brutal, which is of course bullshit, sorry for that. The point that I was trying to make was about Benny’s own perception, how he tries to move away from one stereotype by pretending to be a kind of diametrically opposite stereotype. He specifically distances himself from the Khans on the matter of how to implement violence - “Maybe Khans kill people without looking them in the face, but I aint a fink, dig?”

For us, the players, his speech pattern and suit are so jarring and ridiculous because we know the original he’s aiming for, we know that he misses the mark by a mile, but he himself doesn’t. And this is all very tangible things - people trying to live up to their ideals without realizing what these ideals were really made of, and in the process becoming something new and different, that might look silly, but deep down it’s bittersweetly human, and for details like this I love FNV.

And this is how entire New Vegas under House’s rule works - things only look like the past on the surface, but if you really look at them, you can see that everything is a clumsy imitation, even if played on a real location. Mr. House thinks he preserved his Vegas, but his tragedy is that he he turned his beloved city into a caricature of itself.

  • me last year: oh boy, i’m so excited for phase 4! i can’t wait to hype it up!!
  • gorillaz:
  • me this summer: oh boy, i have so much spare time!! i would love some new content, or even the album!!
  • gorillaz:
  • me now: i’m studying for finals and don’t have time to talk about gorillaz
Wallace is Autistic

So I re-watched all of the Wallace & Gromit shorts, and their feature film, and I could not help but observe that Wallace showcases several traits found in autistic people. These include:

· He stims, in every appearance.  Particularly he is known for his little arm gesture (see gif above) he makes when he refers to his love of cheese, but he also does this in other instances when he is happy.  He also exhibits a habit for moving his fingers in a particular fashion, or rubbing his face

· He has different special interests including his love, and knowledge of, cheese, as well as his engineering skills.  Whenever he gets into a new career he really devotes his time and energy into it, so much so that he can change his entire house for it (see “A Matter of Loaf and Death”)

· He is really not good in social situations with human characters.  He does not observe nuances that are typically easy to observe for allistic people (“I would like, [my] toupee” “Oh, well we take cash or check”), is extremely blunt in regards to what he says to people, and always assumes that people are honest with him (see his relationship with Piella Bakewell, and how distraught and confused he is when she reveals that she was lying to him). His relationship with animals, who commonly communicate non-verbally, is much easier for him to comprehend hence his consistently strong relationship with Gromit

· Has a tendency to repeat what he’s saying, especially when he’s stressed (see the climaxes of “The Wrong Trousers” and “A Close Shave” especially)

· The shorts imply that he has a very specific routine that Gromit recognizes (“Porridge today Gromit. Tuesday”)

· In “A Grand Day Out” Wallace is shown drawing his schematics.  He is shown interjecting his detailed schematics with little puzzles, such as playing tic-tac-toe by himself, which made me think of how autistic people, myself included, commonly have to interject their work periods side activities such as pacing, puzzles, or whatever works best for them

I could go on, but these specific details stood out to be as an autistic person.

the boy has open arms and you’ve got
two bloody fists and a busted-in heart.
you’ve always been like this,
out of breath and clinging to anything
that looks like a fresh start,
so you come in, full hurricane,
and shake the walls down in
search of something to make
you feel less empty.
so you make a battlefield of it all,
set the house aflame, ruin all the
chances you might still have.
a girl that looks so much like
disaster shouldn’t be so surprised
when the house fights back,
when the boy disappears,
when the walls just finally
—  girl named disaster // sarah kate o.

I decided to try something different this time around. Unlike the previous gameplay I have done, this is actually a makeover of a Maxis build. If you don’t recognise the house or the occupants, then I don’t know what game you have been playing. I love the Pancakes so much so it was only natural they would get more screen(shot) time. 

The goal of this is to give them a new home based on their original dwelling but heavily remodelled to make it more appealing. The family will start with a shell and only start with 25K in funds (cheated after deleting all objects and resetting account using the “money <amount>” cheat) then earning the money to fill the house of their dreams. The extensions/adjustments are made first, then giving them basic amenities, and using money to slowly fill the house like with “Fix This House” series. 

So that is what is in-store for the future. 

anonymous asked:

17 pleeeaaasase?

i’m so so sorry this took so long!!

“stop! it tickles”

“oh shawn,” you deviously grinned, looking around the house for your boyfriend.

you just got a new highlighter and when you were opening it, you had the funniest thought in your head.

you finally found him in your shared bedroom watching greys anatomy on his computer.

“yes?” he asked, shutting his laptop. you were hiding the highlight behind your back so it looked pretty suspicious.

“have i ever told you how much i love you?”

he rolled his eyes, “what do you want?”

“fine. i just got a new highlight and i thought of the funniest thing! can i please, please, test it on you?” you begged, kissing his cheek.

“you want to test a marker on me?” he asked.

you let out a laugh, “no you idiot, makeup.”

he scrunched up his face, shaking his head. he opened his laptop back and un paused his show.

you decided it was going to take a little convincing. you started kissing his cheek all the way down to his neck, distracting him from the show.

“please shawnie.”

he let out a massive sigh, closing his laptop yet again.

“fine, only because i love you.”

you picked up the small highlight and brush from the nightstand, opening the new highlight for the first time.

shawn took a look at it, he was confused.

“what the hell is that?”

you put a bit of highlight on the brush, admiring the pigment of the new product.

“shh, just stay still.”

you brought the brush to his cheekbone and started applying the highlight.

“stop!” he giggled. “it tickles.”

he swatted your hand away and continued to laugh, you couldn’t help but join in. his laugh was contagious.

“no! stay still!”

you applied more highlight to his face as he tried to hold back his movements and laughs.

“okay okay! i’m finished.” you said, holding up a mirror and explaining what you just put on his face.

“see, i just illuminated you.”

“did you put this makeup on me just to say that?” he asked, wiping it all off.

“yes i did.” you smiled triumphantly, closing the highlighter and cleaning the brush off with a tissue.

“god you’re so weird.”

he went back to watching his show as you cuddled close to his side.

“but i love you anyways.”

Birthday Sex

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Request: Omg that last imagine you wrote was amazing *fans self* if you’re taking requests, can you do an Elijah/reader where it’s her bday & he makes her cum repeatedly (vampire stamina woohoo) ;) ;-* thx so much I hope to read more of your sexy imagines in the future

Yes, I will be doing requests, but no ships. 

Your boyfriend of two years appears at the door. You nervously twiddle with your thumbs as he leans against the door frame. “So, Y/N.” he asks casually, suit impeccable and eyes shining. “Ready, birthday girl?”

Your lips quirk into a smile. “You can come in, bloodsucker.” you giggled.

He smirked, stepping over the doorframe and pushing you against the wall. “Loving the new house.” he complimented, staring at the white walls and bare rooms. You rolled your eyes, giggling loudly when he began sucking on your neck. You held back a moan, digging your hand into his shoulders.

“Elijah,” you warned. “Dinner.”

He rolled his eyes, “Of course, we must get to that wretched dinner before we really celebrate your birthday.” You went crimson, hiding your face in his chest.

“After you.” he grinned.


Rebekah was quickly at the door, greeting you. “Y/N! Happy Birthday!” she grinned, ushering you in. You coughed awkwardly, seeing Klaus at the head of the table, feeding off a scantily-clad waitress. He tossed her away, wiping his mouth.

“If it isn’t the birthday girl!” he cheered, eyes twinkling. “Elijah’s little pet human.”

Elijah stiffened next to you, pulling you behind him. “Nikalus, if you have something to say, by all means, say it.” he challenged.

You swallowed, you knew Klaus was unhappy about your relationship. It just didn’t bother you until now. Kol glanced back and forth, kicking his legs up on the table. Rebekah hissed, finally joining Klaus and Kol at the long table. “Put your feet on the table and I’ll chop them off.”

He rolled his eyes, standing up and striding towards you. “Y/N!” he threw his arms out, embracing you and kissing your hand with a smirk. “You look sexy as usual.”

Elijah sighed, “Let’s get this over with.”

You cracked a smile, “When you marry the man, you marry his family.” you joked. Your eyes widened at what you said. “I-I mean, not that we’re married. No, uh, we’re not! I mean, not that I don’t want to! Just-”

Elijah smiled widely, “I understand.” he laughed. “Shall we begin the evening?”


Klaus pushed his plate away. “So, when are you going to turn Y/N?”

You choked on your chicken, watching Elijah growl. “Niklaus, you worry about Caroline, or Cami, or Hayley- Or whoever captures your attention these days. I’ll worry about Y/N, hm?”

Klaus shrugged, “I mean, she’s gonna grow old one day, might as well turn her while she’s fresh.”

Elijah growled loudly, abruptly standing up. He left the room, using his vampire speed to whisk up the stairs. Rebekah frowned, “I could’ve sworn this dinner was for Y/N? If you wanted to bitch, you could’ve just sent an email, Nik.”

Kol coughed, “I have business to attend to, goodbye.” he smiled awkwardly and left.

You smiled at Klaus, “Lovely dinner.”


You found Elijah reading a magazine in his room. He looked up, folding the magazine. “I apologize for this evening. Niklaus, he’s just-”

You darted towards him, kissing him on the lips. He grinned against you, licking your bottom lip. His hands gripped your ass, holding you into him. Your mouth parted, moaning into his mouth when his tongue explored your mouth. You grinded into his lap, winding your hands around his neck. You broke away, pressing your forehead to his. “Elijah,” you breathed.

A cough interrupted the intimate moment. Kol stood at the doorway, hands shoved into his pockets. “Elijah, have you seen my magazine.” he smirked.

Elijah cocked his head to the side. “Yes, I’m afraid it was standing innocently on my bed this morning. Is it the one with detailed pictures?”

Kol smirked again. “Yes, the porn one.”

You gasped, still on Elijah’s lap. And found the magazine Elijah had been reading folded behind him. You flipped through it, dramatically gagging at the pictures of nude women spreading their legs and pushing up their breasts. “Gross!” you squealed, tossing it to Kol.

He saluted, “You can get back to whatever you were doing.”

Elijah slammed the door, pushing you onto the bed, “Well, happy birthday, Y/N.” he purred, removing his suit jacket. Your breathing spiked erratically.

He was going to slow, teasing you on purpose. You yanked his pants down, removing his boxers, and hissing when ran his tongue along your neck. You were panting, digging your fingers into his soft hair. He groaned, tearing through your clothes. You whimpered and clawed at his back when he dug his teeth into you. He slowly fed on you, watching you. Without warning he pulled his blood-stained mouth away from your neck. His hands tugged at your panties, throwing them to the floor. “Beautiful.” he murmured, dragging his hand along your slick core.

You moaned out, bucking your hips and begging for more. “Elijah! I want yo- Oh my gosh!” He had shoved two fingers into your hot, wet cunt. “Ah, fuck! Elijah!” you moaned out, bucking against him. He curled his fingers inside you, smirking when you screamed coming undone.

“Do you love it when I fuck you?” he murmured against her neck. “Do you love being my little slut?”

Your breaths came out in pants. “Do you want to sit on my face?” he purred.

You grinned, lowering yourself onto him, hissing when he kitten licked your clit. He sucked harshly at the sensitive bud of nerves. You tangled your fingers into his soft hair, pulling at it everytime he licked. Without warning he shoved his tongue inside you, groaning when you pulled at his hair to control yourself. It was too much for you, the pleasure. You rode his tongue, swiveling your hips to gain the most from the mind-blowing pleasure.

His tongue didn’t stop moving until you came, screaming and moaning for Elijah. He greedily took everything you gave him. You climbed off his face, staring at the mess you made. “Sorry.” you blushed, hiding your face in his chest.

He cocked his head, climbing over you and positioning his member at your cunt. “I’m not done, Y/N. What kind of birthday sex would this be without my big cock filling you up?”

You moaned when he teased your slit, running his cock along you. “I want your big cock filling me up, and making me cum. I want it, Elijah! I want it!”

“As you wish, birthday girl.” he shoved himself into you, hissing when you clenched around him. “You’re such a dirty slut, so hungry for my huge cock.” he shouted, thrusting into you over and over.

“Yes, yes! I’m so hungry for your thick cock! Pound into me! Destroy my pussy!”

“Do you like my original cock?!” his hands were holding your hips down roughly, sure to leave a bruise. “Do you like my big, original cock pounding into your cunt, you little slut?”

“Yes, I love it! I love it!”

You bucked your hips against his, swiveling your hips again to get the most out of your orgasm. He shot his hot seed into you, moaning as he did so. He smirked at you, pulling you into his chest as he laid beside you. “Round two?” he grinned.

“I’m tired.” you pouted.

“Well, that won’t be a problem.”