i love the music tapes

I think the appeal of Alice in Chains, and most grunge bands in general, is the polarity of their music and the band’s personalities. Their music and lyrics are so incredibly dark and moody, often brooding, and the photos shoots are equally moody or dramatic. Once you start to actually watch interviews and get to know the people behind the music though, it’s almost like a 180 from what you would assume them to be. They’re goofy, silly, loveable troublemakers who, more or less, just want to have fun and do what they love, and this makes them incredibly relatable and down to earth. They’re not these dramatic, larger than life rock gods. They’re normal, approachable, relatable human beings and that is what makes them so magnetic and appealing for fans.

I met Julian Koster. He played a concert in my basement on his Christmas Caroling Tour in November. He made my friends and me write down our deepest wishes on pieces of paper, and he lit them on fire, and he put some weird powder in the fire, and he blew the pieces away into the wind. That night, he ate my peanut butter, and he slept on my couch, and he told me that I could become a professor one day. He told me I could achieve anything I set my mind to, and I believe him with all of my heart.
—  A YouTube commenter, on Julian Koster

So I caught sight of Patti again, and she caught sight of me catching sight of her. And she left. And a few days later I called her and we got together. I wrote in my notebook in January 1980, a few days after that: Incredibly I’ve found a woman. A miracle! I’ve pussy at the snap of a finger but I’ve met a woman! Unbelievably she is the most beautiful (physically) specimen in the WORLD. But that ain’t it! It certainly helps but it’s her mind, her joy of life and (wonders) she thinks this battered junkie is the guy she loves. I’m over the moon and peeing in my pants. She loves soul music and reggae, in fact everything. I make her tapes of music which is almost as good as being with her. I send them like love letters. I’m kicking 40 and besotted. 

- Keith Richards, “Life”

I've Got My Love
The Music Tapes
I've Got My Love


I will DEFINITELY be recording the conversation and posting details about it soon (I’m getting the call this Thursday), but in the meantime I’m posting this in case no one else has yet. This is a holiday song that was sent out to everyone who didn’t get picked for the call, AND everyone who did! The email stated that the Janitor is singing, and that “this is what it sounds like in his head.” I think this song is absolutely beautiful and I cannot stop listening to it. Enjoy!

(P.S: This lovely tune belongs to Julian (the Janitor) Koster, The Music Tapes, and The Orbiting Human Circus. I don’t own it, I merely appreciate it.)


get to know me meme - [3/10] bands/musicians
spice girls

You can’t beat attitude, intelligence and a wonderbra. It’s a  l e t h a l  combination.


Me: just fuckin blasts this at 1:30am