i love the movie too but the book was perfect

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yooooo i loved IT. it's def one of my top favs now too. what are some of your fav horror movies?

Oh!! LEMME GIVE YOU A LIST bc i really really love horror films. I’m gonna make a loooooong list and my feelings abt them. MOST OF THESE  are on Netflix!

  • The Shining: number one fav. BC DUH. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors, everything about this movie is perfect. though, I do recommend the book as well!
  • Sinister:  still scares me to this day. i was so terrified by the movie that when i saw it in theaters i wanted to leave bc i was so scared. I watch it every day around halloween and just for fun. god DAMN this is a good movie
  • IT (2017) bc….wELl you alredy know. Flawless psychological horror, it played so well into showing how fear works with children/teens and they really….went there.
  • VHS 1 & 2 : EXTREMELY GOOD FOUND FOOTAGE SERIES. The second one is my favorite, but man. these movies. they are…incredible. They’re a bunch of short horror films by different directors compiled into one movie. Highly recommend. PLEASE dont watch the third one, VHS Viral…it’s awful.
  • The Conjuring: just recently watched this one….idk why it took me so long. it was rEAl good. a classic ghost horror flick but still good enough and scary enough to stand out from the rest
  • Creep: ok i found this gem on Netflix. It’s found footage also (my favorite horror genre) and…its. something else. It’s incredibly tense and makes you feel uneasy the whole time. No ghosts…just a man helping a another man dying of an illness document his life.
  • Insidious: tbh…..really god damn good. not what i expected, i briefly got obsessed with the series, i think all of the sequels are really solid. 
  • The Orphanage: okay this movie is spanish, but hear me out. its worth it.I will never forget how this movie made me feel at the end. its….incredibly fucked up. dont look up anything about it, just watch. its……..oof….its heavy.
  •  The Shrine: a hidden gem on Netflix. a very….veeeeeeeery unsettling movie. it fucked me up hardcore. found footage-ish? ppl go to a village to investigate the dissapearance of some ppl and find some cult shit. it gets buckwild
  • also here’s some classics i love like, obvs i love Halloween, Carrie, Pet Semetary, Cabin Fever, The Thing, The Omen, all good !! 

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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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I honestly think you're a blessing for hp fandom. Why? Because I've read so many people telling how they fell in love with Ginny or hinny way more than with the books and movies. And honestly I'm one of them too. I have grown to love Ginny and Harry through your canons. And don't let me get started with your art because that's some magic! It's so smooth and relaxing and appealing and.. perfect! Hope you have a excellent day/night!♡

Thank you so much!! <3

WW2 Recommendations

In my last post I recommended some of my favourite historical movies, and it ended up being much more popular than I thought that it would be. So this week, I decided that I would recommend some books, movies, and TV shows about my favourite time period to learn about- World War Two. This is an ongoing post, and I will be adding on to it later.

Atonement by Ian McEwan, movie directed by Joe Wright

I mentioned this movie in my historical movies post, but I love it so much I thought i would put it in here, too. Both the book and the movie are fabulous.

All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

I actually just finished this book, and it was perfect. The story follows a young blind girl living in France during occupation and a German boy who is good with radios. It is almost impossible to describe this book without making it sound like a quaint French movie starring Audrey Tautou. Hopeful, suspenseful, and rich in detail.

Annexed, by Sharon Dogar

Based off of Anne Franks diary, this novel follows Peter Van Pels, the son of the family that hid with the Frank family. I loved how this book showed us Anne from a different perspective, one that we wouldn’t normally see. Beautifully written, incredibly sad.

Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

This book offers a different view of WW2. It talks about what happened in Africa through the war, and Italy’s brutal invasion of Ethiopia in the late 1930s.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

Okay, I know that pretty much everyone has read this book, even if they aren’t interested in history, but i love this story so much, I figured it deserved a spot.

Between Shades of Grey, by Ruta Sepetys

No, this is not part of the 50 Shades of Grey series… A stunningly sad story about a Polish girl who is sent to a Siberian work camp during the second world war.

Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein

A story about friendship, survival, and hope. This is probably one of my favourite books, and I have read it many, many times- remember to carry tissues around with you when you read it…

Front Lines, by Michael Grant

A alternate history about girls fighting at the front lines during world war two.  I couldn’t put his book down, and I am thrilled that it is going to be a series! Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for the next one…

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

Not set during WW2, but right after when the world was emerging from the shadows. Told through letters and telegrams, the story tells of a group of friends who created a society to prevent the members from being arrested by Germans. It is apparently being turned into a movie, if you would rather watch a movie than read a book.

Home Fires, created by Simon Block

A BBC series about a group of women in a small community during WW2. This show is beautifully filmed with gorgeous music and fabulous costumes.

Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein

Another Elizabeth Wein book! A companion novel, in a way, to Code Name Verity. The story revolves around a female pilot who is captured by the Nazis. Definitely would recommend.

The Scent of Secrets, by Jane Thynne

Set during 1938 about an actress named Clara Vine who has a hidden background. Set in Germany, the story follows her bravery in the time right before the war.

Violins of Autumn, by Amy McAuley

In 1944, 17 year old Betty  Sweeney lies about her age and joins the Special Operations Executive and finds herself parachuting over Nazi-occupied France. I found this book completely by chance, and I absolutely loved it.

X Company, created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern

About Canada’s secret facility on the shores of Lake Ontario, the TV show follows five agents behind enemy lines. One of my favourite shows, and I will be writing a post about it after season two ends.

Since I am losing steam, here are the names of some other great books, movies and TV shows. Trust me, they are all amazing

The Imitation Game

Almost a Great Escape by Tyler Trafford

Schindlers List (both the book and the movie are amazing)

The Bletchley Girls (non-fiction, about a group of women who worked at Bletchley Park during the war)

A Train in Winter by Caroline Moorehead (another non-fiction book. About women in the French Resistance who were sent to Auschwitz)

Agent Carter (a Marvel TV show set right after WW2)

Foyles War

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, by Leslye Walton

Saving Private Ryan

Band of Brothers

Land Girls

Bomb Girls

Resistance (a French drama)

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (yes, Nicholas Cage is in it, but the rest of the actors and movie is really good, I swear. The book is better)

The Bletchley Circle (BBC series about a group of women who worked at Bletchley during the war who get together in the early 50s to solve crimes)

The Kings Speech

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne (it is also a movie)

Sarah’s Key

The Book Thief (movie)

The Monuments Men


Suite Francais (book and movie- haven’t seen or read them, but they are apparently good)

Cheating is the Worst Thing You Can Do To A Person

Ok, so there are so many many scenarios and imagines in which someone cheats on you (it doesnt even have to be your fave member or character in a book or movie) or you cheat on them and how they react to them.

One thing: I like a happy ending and yes, I like people forgiving each other.

Another Thing: I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if when I’m dating a member and they cheat. (I’m not going to cheat. Heh, lol, who will I cheat with on perfection themselves?) I’m afraid that I will forgive them too, just to keep their love, no matter how fake or hollow it becomes. If it’s a one time thing and it never happens again, I win but if it does, who’s the bigger fool?

Like your significant other in a fit of drunken haze or with full cognition does this and you somehow find out. Well, at first, you won’t even process it.

Let’s say they have the guts to tell you face to face. You’re going to just sit on that sofa, watching their face as they tell you that somehow, even for a night, you were not enough, your company, your love was not enough to satisfy them. When will you get up from that couch? When will you accept that they are not lying, not playing a not funny joke on you. If they are the crying sort, if they are afraid to lose you, will you comfort them or will you try to find your heart that has somehow gotten lost somewhere inside you, even if you STILL haven’t processed the fact that your existence to them meant nothing in those few frantic moments, a long week or month or as long as it took for them to tell you.

Will you take a walk, maybe late at night, because hey, who cares anymore, will you wonder what you did wrong? Or will you wonder why, why, if you were so perfect to them in the first place were you worth nothing at that particular moment when the thought even crossed their mind?

Forget love, were you not even worth as a person anymore? Cue a existential crisis.

In the end, your legs won’t carry you far enough from that person who wrecked your relationship. Who felt nothing while he was adoring someone else’s body.

You will cry, of course, everyone cries, even if tears don’t come or no noise escape you. You will claw at your heart, trying to pry it out of your chest because, you want to make sure that it is still there and not just some myth you stopped believing in the moment the one person who was supposed to protect it forsake his job.

You won’t be able to pull your heart out. If you cry, will you wipe your tears? Or will you be petty and go home to show what he/she did to you?Or will you be strong, or pretend to anyway, wipe them away and go to a friend, to vent, to cry, because someone is there to help, to listen. Will you go home at all? Or will you wonder if you ever had a home with this person at all?

It will pass eventually.

You will come back. They will be there, begging you to listen, to forget and forgive. You still love this person, you don’t even know how to stop. You will want to stay…are you being foolish?

Who knows? Maybe they do genuinely love you and the thought of losing you has shaken something loose in them. They won’t do it again. You can try to build yourselves up again.

I don’t know how your story will end. I hope this never happens to you.

Sorry for the long post.

@rapmonluv; this is the result of late-night binge reading of CIE. Love you!

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I saw your post about Hermione and Lupin being one dimensional and the fight me part under Hermione and I personally agree with you but some of my friends don't so I was wondering if you could elaborate on that. Thanks!

one dimension reason for Hermione: ambitious perfect girl who Ron didn’t deserve 

my personal thoughts

Again, too many bottled up feelings because I usually don’t write lightning era. This turned out to be a small Romione rant, yet again no one asked for.

  1. The people who think Ron is just a stupid tag alone are usually (USUALLY) the people who got into the fandom through the movies. (Yes, I said it. No you may not attack me, this is a thing) Ron in the books is a complete different character than the Ron in the movies. I love Rupert Grint to pieces and I’m not saying this had anything to do with it but (here comes the big reveal), the script writers gave many of Ron’s wonderful parts to Hermione for Merlin knows why. This creates the illusion that Ron was the tag along and Hermione was this genius, perfect girl that should have ended up with the protagonist rather than the best friend. (There are people who think like this but I’m too busy admiring the wonderful friendship Harry and Hermione have to even catch anything indicating a romantic relationship between them, sorry not sorry)
  2. If Hermione’s stand out quality was her ambition, you know which house she would have been in because my loves, in Slytherin we don’t play games. However Hermione valued friendship and bravery. In her first year, she was a bit too extra because she didn’t know anything and she wanted to be the best in a place she was an outsider. (aka Muggleborn) 
  3. Okay back to the books vs movies thing. Hermione had a passion for Elf rights. She had SPEW and she worked so hard for it, yes blindly and in my opinion sometimes stupidly, but she had other passions than just school work. AAAND the reason she finally kissed Ron was because Ron wanted to warn the house elves in the kitchens during the Hogwarts Battle before the war broke out. Now tell me if you still think he doesn’t deserve Hermione.
  4. Hermione is not just some girl with good grades and brains, she has passions, she puts her friends and other people first. She can tell the difference between the good and the right thing to do, she takes responsibilities to help people. She makes mistakes. I know her mistakes aren’t as clear as other characters are but yet again painting her perfect and making Ron to be this miserable side kick is not the right way to go because it is not how they are introduced to as at all. AT ALL. 

I know we don’t like abiding by canon (heeeelllloooo I ship Wolfstar) but I don’t take away the personalities given to them by Rowling, I just add to them but never take away from them or add something that would completely obliterate a certain trait they have. What I’m trying to say is, I know canon can be boring but I feel like following what’s canon for the characters personalities makes fanfictions better, this is a PERSONAL OPINION. I say this because I have been praised several times about how my characters were on point, I am not saying this to brag, I am saying this to prove a point and that point is generally readers like characters that are consistent in different fanfics, because we are creating scenarios about characters on hand and not characters with scenarios on hand. I hope this makes sense.

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Paris and visit Notre-Dame! I really love the Hunchback of Notre-Dame (I also love the book, they are two different stories in the end), and Claude Frollo is my second favorite from this movie (Clopin is WAY TOO PERFECT).

Survive Or Die - E.D Part 3

Requested: hello! can you please make an imagine of either of the twins but in the world of the walking dead? thank you! ☺️

Warnings: Loss of family members, violence

Summary: Your all alone in the zombie apocalypse when Ethan saves you from yourself. He takes you back to his compound, but it seems far to good to be true. Is it? 


Part 1

Part 2

“You want me to what?” Ethan chokes in disbelief.
“Umm, cut my hair?” I say more questionably this time.
“Do you think I have the time or the skill to do that? Look I have better things to take care of, go introduce yourself to someone and ask them to do it” he dismisses as he tries to walk past me.
“Sorry” I say softly. He stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder at me, taking a deep breath and exhaling with a sigh.
“Go get the scissors in the second draw in the kitchen” he mumbles as he walks into a different room.

~ ~ ~ ~

He brought one of the kitchen chairs and had it placed in the middle of the bathroom, as he stood tall with the scissors in one hand.
“Sit” he commanded. I soon started to realise that this was probably one of the stupidest things I could have done because I just put myself in a vulnerable position where I could have my throat cut my a stranger, but who cares. I was about to get rid of the deadweight, metaphorically and literally. He started to cut the ends cautiously, before asking me how short I wanted to go.
“Just cut off whatever needs to go” I mutter. After several minutes he took a step back with a look of pride, and uttered the word ‘done’. I looked down on the ground and saw a mass of my dead hair, taking me slightly by surprise, but I was okay with it. I stood up and looked in the mirror, barely recognising the girl staring back at me. My hair started to curl with the dead weight gone, but only slightly like a messy beach look, as my hair bounced around my shoulders. I loved it. In the spur of the moment I turned around and wrapped my arms around Ethan as he tensed immensely beneath my touch. I immediately pushed myself off of him and stood there in a state of shock.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean too… I just. I” I stuttered but he raised his hand to silence me.
“It’s fine, just don’t do it again” he said calmly before exiting the room.

~ ~ ~ ~

The sun set a couple of hours ago as I sat on my new bed, reading a book I found lying around in the living room.
“It’s a great book” Ethan declared as he leaned lazily against my door frame, with his arms folded across his chest. He looked exhausted after his shower, and I could tell that he wanted company but didn’t quite know how to ask so.
“Yeah, I adore the line ‘You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit’ I laugh softly, reminiscing about the girl I used to be.
“What’s so funny?” he questioned as he took a couple of steps forward and sat down in the chair across from my bed.
“Nothing, just thinking about the past” I sigh sadly. God, I would do anything to be the girl I was again.
“Who were you before of all of this?” he said, leaning back to get comfortable.
“I’m not one to talk Ethan” I stated sternly.
Today was a roller-coaster of emotions. At the start of the day I was contemplating taking my own life, then I was going to jump off of a moving ute towards my death, then I planned an escape, then I giggled, and now I felt like I was getting closer to the real me. I felt like I was becoming lighter and bubblier, like the darkness was starting to fade, and that terrified me. I can’t afford to be that girl again. She was naïve and useless and wouldn’t last a day in this new world. I can’t let myself be that vulnerable again.
“I understand. I hope that maybe one day you can talk to me” he whispered as he got up to leave my room.
“Wait!” I shouted after him. He turned around to greet me with kind eyes and a sad smile. I patted the side of the bed next to me as he hesitated for a quick second, before walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a nice conversation with a living human, please forgive me for being so rude” I break. I compose myself and continue.
“I had a family, a beautiful one to be honest with you. We were the picture perfect family that you only heard about in movies and books. My mother and father were happily married, with the kind of love that consumed them. I assumed over time it would fade, but it never faltered for a second. Sure they fought, but I’ve never seen two people love each other more and crave the other person as much as they did. My mother was a teacher, and such a kind and compassionate lady. She was nurturing and the kind of woman you found yourself confessing everything too at two a.m. when your mind won’t let you sleep. My father was a psychologist who just wanted to help the world, one broken soul at a time. I had a younger brother who was such a dork. God the kid made me laugh. And then there was me. A bit of a rule breaker, this girl who loved to party and you would not see me caught dead wasting a Friday night in my room. I was somewhat popular at my school like some cliché cheerleader who dated the quarterback. I never kept a secret from my mum, god we were so close. She was my sanity sometimes” I sigh, the memories streaming into my mind like a movie on replay. I hadn’t realised I was crying until Ethan slowly wiped a tear away with his thumb. I took a deep breath and composed myself, knowing there was no time to cry.
“My father was the first to go. My brother fell over and him, being the hero he was saved him and threw him into my arms. My mother and brother ran away, but I stayed to watch. It wasn’t me being sadistic, but I was trying to shoot him so he wouldn’t have to suffer for too long, but I couldn’t focus. My brother was next. We got ambushed and we had nowhere to run. He was injured and he couldn’t move as fast. I tried everything to save him but I was too late. My mother of course was next, but it wasn’t by the undead. No. It was by some travellers who hadn’t seen two girls in a long time and took it upon themselves to have a little bit of fun” I croak, shaking slightly.
“I escaped, but barely. After that, I’ve been on my own” I finish. Ethan had fallen completely silent to my words, and every single cell in my body was screaming at me to run out of that room and down the road, gathering every weapon I could to escape, but I stayed.
“I had a twin brother” he replied faintly. I looked at him as he looked down at his hands.
“My parents and my sister weren’t with us when this all started, and I haven’t seen them since. I think that’s the only reason I’m still around, is the hope that one day I’ll see them again and that they’re still alive. It was just me and my brother and when it all started we got trapped in a parking lot and before I could stop him he jumped out of the car to distract them whilst I got away. I’ll never forgive him for that” he started to cry as his whole body shook with each breath. I looked at him, and for the first time I saw him for who he really was. He wasn’t a soldier or a leader of his people. No, he was a 19-year-old boy who had lost everything he’d ever loved. I wrapped my arms around his heavily body as he gripped at my back desperately, resting his head in the crook of my neck as his tears damped my shirt. I whispered a few comforting words as I kissed his forehead gently, holding him for as long as he let me. We just sat there for a while, but after he realised what he let happen he ripped away from my grip and stood up away from my gaze.
“Ethan, it’s okay” I stand, resting my hand kindly on his back. I felt him try to resist, and I knew every part of him wanted to run and put up all the walls he had fought so hard to build, but in this day in age, intimacy and affection was nearly obsolete.
“I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me” I almost whispered. He said nothing, just looked at me with a look of complete and utter pain as he cupped my face, the warmth of his hand so foreign to me. He looked down at his feet as he shook his head slowly, leaving me alone to my own company and my own haunting thoughts.

~ ~ ~ ~

I felt the sun slowly creep onto my face as it peaked through the curtains. I yawned and stretched out my limbs one by one, a habit I had developed over the last couple of years. I smelled food and hot coffee down the hall as I rub the sleep from my eyes and decide to investigate. My stomach made a churning noise as I neared the kitchen to the sight of Ethan shirtless in tracksuit pants. He had scars all up and down his back which was faced to me, some deep and some little, but scars all the same. Battle wounds I guess. He turned at the sound of my feet squeaking against the floorboards and tried his hardest to smile, but it ended up as a failing attempt at most.
“Breakfast is served” he muttered as he placed a plate of blueberry pancakes in front of me. I devoured them in no time, licking my lips.
“I forgot you haven’t eaten in a while” he chuckled, the sound of his laugh like honey to my ears. Oh how I missed this.

~ ~ ~ ~

I stroll through the neighbourhood with Mark as we discuss any skillset that I might be able to apply to help the community. He introduced me to a few people; Carly who was the neighbourhood doctor who gave me a check-up and assessed any past injuries, Jack who was one of the daytime guards who informed me that Ethan, much to my assumption was the leader of all the ‘soldiers’. Sheriff? Commander? I don’t even know what to call him. And a few other lovely ladies who made up the meals for the children and taught them whatever they knew, much like a school.
“My mother was a teacher” I confess as we walked along a street.
“I can help out in the school. She taught me a lot of what she knew whilst I was growing up. I was also studying psychology at university before it all started and I’m sure I can be a therapist or a counsellor to anyone who needed it” I say strongly, determined to be respected in this community.
“Well, why don’t you do both? The kids seemed to take to you well, and I think a lot of the people here wouldn’t mind having someone to talk too about what they’ve been through” he nodded.
“Is there anything I should know about this place” I say seriously, stopping in my tracks.
“You have nothing to fear love. We’re just a bunch of people trying to survive and keep our humanity in tact whilst doing so”


Day 18.  Alan Rickman

oh my

it still hurts talking about him. I fell in love with alan after watching the first movie - I was 10 and I didn’t know him, or at least I don’t remember watching any of his movies before that. I was always an obsessive child/teen, I’d obsess over things, people, books, movies, anything. and I fell in love with him. so I spent most of my teen years collecting pictures of him and chasing his movies to watch - you see, I live in a small town in brazil and this was 2002, 2003, so there was no decent internet connection here and I couldn’t just download them, I had to rent them in video shops (??? is that how you call it?) but they were really difficult to get.

on january 14th I woke up early and went to my boxing lesson. I punched some people, took a shower and headed to work. I was feeling pretty good about myself, I had the feeling it was going to be a good day at work. when I arrived, I checked my cellphone and I had received a message from a friend just saying “hi how are you” and I answered that I was fine. then she said: “you haven’t heard about it yet, have you?” - so I knew there was something wrong and my thoughts jumped right at alan and meryl (bc she was my other teenager obsession). my day was completely ruined and I just couldn’t stop crying. all of my friends, even people with whom I hadn’t spoken in a while sent me messages asking how I was taking the news. even now if I think too much about it I start crying bc death is a fucked up thing, right?

alan gave me a huge present: the perfect portrayal of my favorite literary character. if that’s not a gift, I don’t know what it is. we always read books and imagine how our favorite characters would be in a movie and we often get disappointed (am I right, tonks?? ginny??) but alan created an iconic and amazing severus snape. it’s fantastic how he hints at the character’s story all the time. 

I chose to put here three of my favorite scenes. I love him in the first 5 movies but since in the 6th book he gets more attention and the movies give the opportunity of him showing a little more, I picked up 3 scenes from the last movies. 

the first gif: his battle against mcgonagall

this scene is so powerful! his calculating eyes are mesmerizing. when mcgonagall puts herself in front of harry and points her wand at severus, the way he looks at her and specially how he slightly lowers his wand like he’s saying I WONT FIGHT YOU WE’RE FRIENDS REMEMBER??? but then he remembers he’s playing a part. these small details are so fantastic and they enrich the character and the movie so much.

the second gif: dumbledore’s death

I remember when I read the half-blood prince for the first time and I obsessed (once again) over details of the narrative, like when it mentions severus’s distraught face when harry calls him a coward. and I love the scene of dumbledore’s death specifically bc of this part:

Snape said nothing, but walked forward and pushed Malfoy roughly out of the way. The three Death Eaters fell back without a word. Even the werewolf seemed cowed.
Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore, and there was revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face.
“Severus … please …”
Snape raised his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore. 

“Avada Kedavra!”

I was fascinated by the fact that he frightened greyback only by entering the room. he didn’t have to do anything, he just opened the door and entered. and then there’s this glimpse of his feelings in his face: revulsion and hatred. they are very strong feelings. any actor could have turned this scene into an angry scene, but alan made it about his eyes and his mouth. the way he looks at dumbledore, the way he leaves his mouth slightly open for a second after killing him, like he’s absorbing what he just did. it’s brilliant.

the third gif: the school observation

this scene is gold. just before seeing him we see the students marching which is obviously a reference to the nazi regime (like all the voldemort thing actually). but the way he stands there, one of the most important men in the country (bc hogwarts is obviously a very important place and he is in charge of it), looking down at his “people”. and all you see is… nothing. there’s no triumph in his eyes, there’s no ambition, pride… nothing. his eyes are empty. if there’s something in there, is just a flickering of a wtf feeling. 

I am sorry (am I really?) about the length of this post but I just can’t stop when I start talking about alan. he’s a big part of my life and we were really lucky to have him as severus.

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I don't know if you've answered this before, but how do you feel about Sirius's portrayal in the HP movies?

I think Gary Oldman is a brilliant actor, and the performance itself was very sensitive and well done. In the movie universe, it’s fine. He’s a very comforting, wise presence (and I dig his blazer/vest combos). He just doesn’t quite fit Sirius as he’s portrayed in the books. I feel like movie Sirius was a bit more balanced than book Sirius is (with a few exceptions; I did like “Nice one, James!” in the OotP film).

While book Sirius does have sage advice for Harry, I feel like he’s also quite damaged from Azkaban. He’s immature in many ways, much more prone to outbursts and impulse (which is why it’s so hard for him to stay put at Grimmauld Place…I think Sirius got a thrill out of being on the run. Not all the time, I’m sure, but he was out and about and on the move for the first time in 12 years. He must have felt some sort of freedom, even though he wasn’t technically free. He almost goes stale at Grimmauld Place, if that makes any sense. ).

I would have liked to see more of the Sirius who is not the perfect godfather in the films; the one who says, rather resentfully to Harry, “The risk is what would have made it fun for James.” The one who smells as if he’s been drinking too much when Harry sees him one evening. The one who’s moody and loud and boisterous and passionate about his beliefs and willing to fight to the death for them.

That’s not to say that movie Sirius was this quiet, wise, perfect guru all the time. Not at all. I just love book Sirius’ volatility and imperfections, and how he’s sort of suspended in time. Everyone else had a place in the world as the years passed, but he was perennially 21. He had to mature in some aspects, of course, and we definitely see that throughout the books. But in a very real sense, he was stuck in the night that James and Lily died, emotionally and psychologically (can you imagine what  he must have felt when he saw himself for the first time after escaping Azkaban? It must have been so disorienting and horrifying.)

TL;DR - I love Gary Oldman as an actor and his portrayal of Sirius works fine in the context of the films, but it doesn’t fit my personal image of Sirius as he’s depicted in the books.

I just feel for Zack every time I see pretentious bloggers posting shit about him just because he made a unique, unorthodox, and daring movie that they weren’t expecting to watch and clearly was too smart for the general public to appreciate. He has been dreaming of making a Batman versus Superman movie for decades. Based on the big and small references towards classic comic books, added to his controversial but perfect way of portraying a superhero’s character, he clearly loves and understands them better than any director before him (fight me). But imagine what it must have been like for him, spending so much effort on a movie that he was expecting people to understand and love (because the film really deserves it), excited to show fans a truly epic battle between two of the most iconic superheroes ever, only to get jeered and mocked at by self-righteous and ignorant critics and basically the rest of the world. I’ve even seen people calling him “mentally ill” and “stupid” because he has social anxiety and has obviously a harder time than others in interviews. 29%, lower than Daredevil (wtf) and neck-to-neck with… Fifty Shades of Grey? I’m feeling sick.

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NAME: Rouba

NICKNAME: Peach, Peachy, Peachy Pie


HEIGHT: 5′2″

ORIENTATION: I have no idea jdskajlf


LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: Chap-stick (when I remember)

FAV FRUITS: Peaches~ Strawberries~, and Pears~



FAV FLOWER: I love all flowers~

FAV COLOURS: Red, Pink, Lavender




COFFEE/TEA/COCOA: Hnng I like them all ;u;

AVERAGE SLEEP: 10 to 12 hours currently 


FAV FICTIONNAL CHARACTERS: Sans, Papyrus, my friend’s ocs, Toph, Haruka, Kirara, May. ahh gosh too many 

THREE SHIPS: Frans, Bluzu, and all my other friend’s ships~

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logan is one of the best movies i’ve ever seen

- great portrayal of what it’s like to live with a parent (or grandparent) that’s deteriorating and can no longer be the foundation of your world–instead, you have to be theirs

-  perfect logan. like. the movies have never really hit that mark until now. this was 110% on point, from the gruffness to the self-hatred to the sheer, pigheaded refusal to let anyone near (while simultaneously not letting them go)

- perfect laura. they captured both the feral, vicious, somewhat creepy (let’s be real) side of her character and the vulnerable, wistful side really, really well. keen was incredible. i liked that they did a variation on the clone thing so it was still there but more believable 

- perfect depiction of logan and laura’s relationship. i was worried they’d make it too sweet or too aggressive, but they struck the perfect balance of awkwardness/resentment/longing that’s in the comics

- ugh shane i love that book/movie so much 

- adult fears. so many adult fears

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what's your favourite Ezra films in order? (sorry if that's been asked before)(also i really love your art :D) the way you draw little credence is so adorable :)

Hi! First of all thank you so much I’m glad you enjoy, aaah :’D This means a whole lot!

Secondly, it hasn’t been asked before, but it’s convenient timing because it was being discussed the other day haha. I’ve seen a lot of Ezra films (not all, at all), but I have a tough time picking favourites…
So think of the top 3 not as 1-2-3 but a combined 1? :’)

Top tier gives-me-feelings-I-did-not-ask-for:
Fantastic Beasts.  This is a given, isn’t it. It has broken me. I’m broken.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This movie has me crying, so, there’s that. The book does, too. Patrick is a wonderful friend but he is human/not absolutely perfect and it only makes me love him more.
We need to talk about Kevin. This movie and book alike are both some of my favourites ever, despite how uncomfortable they make me. It’s got layers, and you’re never entirely sure if you can fully rely on the storyteller to give you an unbiased retelling of what happened? Kevin’s an absolutely intriguing character and such an asshat, I enjoy him immensely.

Also if you’re interested, the rest comes in a more or less structured order!
Beware the Gonzo. This is an incredibly cheesy film but I have a bit of a soft spot for it. The characters are so do-or-die about everything that happens to them, and Gonzo is so overly intense about what he wants to do, it’s good fun.
Another Happy Day. So, I watched this one without subtitles and I wish I had had some, because people were talking All The Time and I probably missed a lot of it. Elliot has a lot of issues and can be an ass, but I feel for him, and his siblings+mom though. 
The Stanford Prison Experiment. Given that this one is based on a real experiment that happened, this one just makes me feel sincerely bad even though it’s interesting as heck. Ezra gives a great performance and so does a lot of the other actors too!
Every Day. This film deals with a lot of topics. Like a lot. Yet it doesn’t really bring all of them to a conclusion? Jonah is adorable, and I would have loved it if his sub-plot would have been actually brought up to his family?
Afterschool. I picked up my tablet and kept drawing during this film. Robert has the potential to be an interesting character (and the story has the potential to be an interesting story) but…
Madame Bovary. Leon Dupuís may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and the look of the film/the acting is without flaw, but this movie made me so SO SO tired. (Melodramatic aristocratic ladies being tired of their lot and fucking everyone else over in the process, yippee)

Oh, and he was in Batman V Superman, wasn’t he? And I saw it. But no.

I’m pretty sure those are all I have seen so far, and this turned out longer than intended (because of unnecessary commentary), but I hope it’s fun to read at least haha.

Language exchange / Language buddy needed! :)

I’m Mexican, so my native language is Spanish.

I’m learning French, and Korean.

I’m looking for someone (French or Korean) who would like to have videochats on Skype or KakaoTalk. 

Depending on how much free time you have we can practice:

  • 10~15 min. Spanish + 10~15 min. French/Korean = 30min. total
  • 25~30 min. Spanish + 25~30 min. French/Korean = 1 hour total

At least once a week.
And for me the best would be to have 3~4 sessions a week.

I would like to meet someone who is very serious on learning Spanish, because I’m very serious on learning French and Korean.

My objective is to be able to have fluent conversations in both languages.

I also need a very patient person, especially for learning Korean because sometimes I find it very difficult, but I really want to learn it.

I’m a very patient person, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner or have a lot of struggles, I do to!! so, I totally understand. I would love to help you reach your goals! :D

In our sessions we can:

  • read out loud (I really want to do this because I think this way I can improve my pronunciation, which I find the hardest thing in both French and Korean)
  • have conversation (of course!)
  • learn some grammar (I’ve no problem teaching grammar)
  • learn slangs, funny phrases (having fun is important)
  • share movies, books, apps, videos, etc.
  • talk about culture (very important too!)
  • talk about just anything you like

I don’t know how hard this would be, but I’ve faith that I’ll find the perfect language partners!! ★

Message me if you’re interested! :D

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🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR SALT

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Alrighty, I’ve had a kinda sucky day, let’s do this. You didn’t offer a subject, so this is gonna cover a lot.

  • I love Scriddler as much as the next dude, but it’s almost the only ship with Riddler that has more than just a few things. There are actually other characters Ed can be shipped with and they need more attention.
  • Joker is garbage, but I lowkey ship Riddlejokes anyway. Also Batjokes because.
  • Frank Gorshin is the best, most influential Riddler.
  • Quiddler is the best Harley pairing.
  • Echo and Query are important and need to be brought back.
  • Gotham’s Edward isn’t that bad, so long as you don’t think about it too hard or have high standards.
  • Killer Moth is very cool and needs more love. Same with Firefly.
  • Eragon is literally just Star Wars but with Dragons, but I don’t care, and it’s one of my favorite book series.
  • Movie!Ravenclaw merchandise is generally awful and should be blue and bronze, not blue and silver, and the mascot should be an eagle and not a raven.
  • Luna and Harry is a good ship and needs more love.
  • Also Luna and Ginny.
  • I think Idris Elba is perfect for Roland Deschain, and regardless of whether or not the movie is good, which I’m cautiously optimistic about, I know he’s gonna nail that role.
  • More people need to draw Nightcrawler as scary or creepy. Yes, he’s super sweet, but part of the point is that he’s scary looking initially and the charm is the antithesis of that.
  • Pineapple belongs on pizza.
  • I hate chocolate.
  • I also don’t like peanut butter or Nutella.
  • Messiah is overrated, and Handel needs to take several chill pills.
  • Russian and German sound beautiful.
  • Sunflowers are the best flower, and roses need to take a backseat.
  • Cronch the ice.
  • Whales are terrifying, not in in the way that an actual whale freaks me out the way that a large spider would or something, no, more like, they’re just so cryptic and their songs aren’t soothing to me, they’re lowkey scary. If I were in the middle of the ocean and heard a whale song, it would be impossible to tell where it was coming from or what direction or how far away it was. I’d really rather not.
  • I don’t like pink and I feel almost guilty that I didn’t have the “anti-internalized misogyny” wave of love for pink that everyone else seemed to have. I just think it’s an ugly color.
To all the people who are flipping out after ChiNo’s interview about Armin and Alexy’s “one of them must be dying their hair/having contact lenses” dilemma.

No offense or anything, but just think about this:

What if the manga and the game does not exist in the same universe?

I mean for starters we have the fact that the candy/sucrette is never referred to as Lynn, not even as a second name or a nickname, which it could be. And obviously we don’t /and will never/ have Victor in the game *ugly sobs*, who plays a very important part in the manga series. And of course there are the tons of things that never happened in the game, but did in the manga series. So in the manga one of them may be wearing contact lenses and be dying their hair, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be exactly like that in the game. ChiNo is the creator of this whole world, she can bend it as she wishes, and I think it’s really rude to call the creator out and say rude things to them after how hard they work to make this game a fun experience. Think of this like the differences between the Howl’s Moving Castle book and movie. Too different things, that comes from the same inspiration and has got the same characters, but are different from each other, and perfect in their own way.

But that’s only how I see it.

 (Also in the Artbook it is mentioned that Alexy dyes his hair, if y’all need proof that much I can make a picture if it’s necessary) 

Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask for more Clace in the tv show Shadowhunters? Is it too much to ask that they don’t make up plots and stray from the book so much so you’re eliminating and creating characters? Is it too much to ask to have 100% perfect casting on the characters that I love more than myself?

I adore these characters so much, and, yes, they did MILES better with casting in the show than in the movie, but some I feel is off. Physically fine but the Clary they have doesn’t capture her soul. Not saying I could do any better, but someone probably could.

The Jace they have though, Dom Sherwood, is on point at least most of the time. (Season 2 episode 7 “Dazzle me.” Perfect Jace.) Also Alec, Mathew Daddario, is so spot on I could die.

I can’t wait for Sizzy. I can’t wait for more Clace. Literally all I watch the show for is the ships. I need to reread the books though.