i love the miss pig one

I was talking to someone recently who told me they brought their Kid (when he was young) a pig and it just sat downstairs in a cage it’s whole life and eventually got sick and passed, when I asked why they didn’t bother to take it to the vet they said it wasn’t necessary and it was just a starter pet their kid was bored with anyway.

Clearly this annoys me.

So here’s a PSA (excuse me if it’s written badly, I’ve never been good with this kind of stuff):

But as Cute and adorable as guinea pigs are, like any animal they need to go to a vet when they are sick (or in my case when they need their nail trims as well) it is NECESSARY. I kept almost all the records of my guinea pig in her entire almost 7 year life. 

for example -almost- every vet file I kept (minus some nail trim ones):

there are over 13 pieces of paper in that pile ranges from just check ups to creams for cuts and scratches to cancer surgery to her final visit where she passed.

I kept these so when people say about how easy and cheap they are I can say they aren’t. unexpected stuff will come up, it will be pricey, but they are always worth it. This doesn’t even cover all the bedding (if you use it) and hay/treats/food.

Mocha has my first real pet and the love of my life, I did go in not knowing anything or the real expense but I was in it for the long run, I loved her and come what may, I promised myself I’d never leave her. When she got cancer at 4 we did everything in our power to help her through it (including a gofundme as the price was more then we could afford at the time) even when we almost ended up moving and I was told I might have to give her up, I said I would find a way to bring her. she was going to be with me. My only wish was if she goes out, she goes out on her terms (which she did. she just couldn’t go on. but they were her terms)

We did a lot together, she helped me during the worst depressions and sicknesses while I helped her through her sickeness. we did great things together including being put in a calendar
(I have the calender somewhere but can’t find it - we only had a small photo on the back but the only guinea pig in it! that wasn’t a stock image) 

All of this was thanks to this little form I signed late one night before the store closed.

So like any pet, get them when you know your ready and you’ll take care of them not a “just for now” thing. if something happens when you can no longer take them (I won’t judge, stuff happens and sometimes giving them up is the best option) give them to a rescue, a no kill shelter, find a friend - something. do not just ditch them or leave them to die. 

unexpected expense will arise so do what you can ask for a payment plan, borrow some, start a gofundme (pro tip: if your doing this - provide proof of expenses or something. don’t play with people or scam them)

Basically just love your animal. You are everything to them. they rely on you. Love them always. They will love you unconditionally and be one of the best things in your life, Mocha was for me. I’ll miss her always but if I can convince at least one person to rethink having a “temp pet” or a “till my kid gets bored with it pet” it’s worth it. I know a lot of people make post like this but it’s worth a shot.  Sometimes i wonder what would have happened to Mocha if I didn’t adopt her, specially during her cancer issue and that thought kills me inside.

Let the pigs be loved.

Road trip in New Zealand with my super awesome 2 years old Mia
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While writing it, I’m sitting in a van, looking at a beautiful beach covered with white stones, there’s a little water paddle where seagulls take a bath and I drink coffee. I could go out, but I have so many sandflies bites (popular in this area), that I am a bit scared. I took a few pictures already while jumping to keep them away. Mia is asleep and I finally have a moment to write.

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Got7 Reaction to Sudden Insecurity

For: @jtals <3


Ever since your relationship with Mark had been announced, you’d been getting rude comments about your appearance. Mark watched you as you examined yourself in the mirror. 

“Come have a seat, those girls are just jealous that they can’t be as good looking as you or have a guy as god looking as me.” 

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Once he noticed that you looked in the mirror way more often than usual, he had taken them all out of the house. 

“JB. I need to go to work! Where are the mirrors?” He examined you and smiled. 

“All you need to know is that I think you look perfect, and who ever told you something that turned you this obsessed with your looks, would never be happy with them selves.”

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He watched you as your hands smoothed over face, noticing every  scar, bump and wrinkle. 

“What are you doing?”

“Your fans sa-”

“Ah, stop it. I have you because you’re perfect for me, only me.”

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He watched you as you checked out your thighs. You looked around the mirror and saw him biting his lip and staring at your bottom. You blushed and decided that if he liked it, you loved it.

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His fans always talked about you freckles. You used to like them, but when people started to talk negatively about them, you hated them. 

“Do you see this, I have a new one.” You pointed to a freckle under your eye.

Youngjae doesn’t really respond. He just starts singing his part in Just Right.

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A fan had called you a pig the last time you and BamBam had gone out. You had obsessed over your weight since then. You walked in the bathroom, looking for the scale that had gone missing. 

“Bam, did you see the scale?” 

“I threw it away because your weight doesn’t matter to me. I love you no matter what that number is.”

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*refuses to feed into your insecurities* 

“Babe, did you see-”

“Nope, I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.”

“…I was gonna as about my keys.”

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Promise me (A Bellamy Blake imagine)

► Request:  Hey! can you maybe write one where pike wants to kill the reader & Kane but Bellamy obviously doesn’t want him to?

► Pair: Bellamy Blake x reader

►  Word Count: 2,797

► Warnings: Bad language, angst (?) not so many violence but… violence, mentioning of death and killing.

► A/N: Okay, I have to say that I’ve loved writing this and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :3

“Let me go you stupid asshole!” You struggled against the one who was holding you up with scratches, kicks and punching but nothing worked. “You’re going to regret this, power puppet.”

“Don’t make this worse Y/N” How could Kane stay so calmed? The only thing you wanted to do was to punch everyone there in their faces. He didn’t even try to move, he stayed quiet and still, keeping his head up. Pike didn’t take so long to arrive.

“Kane and Y/L/N. Why I’m not surprised?” The joy in his voice made your anger got bigger but you weren’t looking at him but at Bellamy, who was not able to look at you.

“Coward!” You yelled at him

“Calm down girl, or we will make you” Pike said and the one who was retaining you put his hand on his stun gun. “You know what you’ve done and the price for it” Everyone there knew it “You’ve been condemned to death penalty”

People started to mumble. Someone dared to scream “Didn’t they deserve a fair judgement?” but he was silenced quickly by another Pike puppet. People who was on your side and against Pike looked horrified, some of them clearly wanted to cry, but showing pride in front of Pike was more important. The ones on Pike’s side who knew you couldn’t believe the judgement but it was sentenced and Pike was not going to step back.

“You’ll have the whole day of tomorrow to say goodbye to your ones, day after tomorrow, at first light in the morning the sentence will be accomplished.”


You two have been put in separated cells, away from the other prisoners to avoid any chance of starting a revolution again.

The cells weren’t like rooms but like pens; a little space for each other separated by a wire fence. Kane was sitting on the little bank while you were lying on the floor, looking at the roof, thinking about the next day and how you were going to say goodbye to everyone.

“Hey” You turned your head to Kane “How you doing?”

“Well” you sighed “I can’t say I’m afraid or anything really… At least… We tried…”

“I’m sorry Y/N” You got up from the floor and approached the fence to sit on your bank and to be closer to him.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, you weren’t here if it wasn’t for me” He look at you with guilty on his eyes.

“Kane, I’m here because of me. If I didn’t want to take part in your plan I wouldn’t have, trust me. It’s not your fault, and if you didn’t have had the plan another one would have so…”

Since the 100 were reunited with the people of the Ark and you found out you father didn’t make it, Kane had become like an uncle for you. Your father and him were always very good friends and although you thought he was just trying to be nice because he thought he owed that to your father and you acted unpleasantly with him you finally realized he was doing that because he really felt it, because he loved you as if you were his niece.

“We did good” you smiled “And who knows, maybe this is the spark people needed to do something about Pike’s horror reign” You rolled your eyes, making him smile.


“This is not fair…” Jasper said to you. He was staring at the floor, unable to look at you.

“Hey, Jasper” You cupped his cheeks with your hands and made him look at you “You have to keep fighting against him, okay?”

“But…” You cut him off

“There’s no but’s here…” Jasper has been one of your best friends since you landed, the one who was always there to make you laugh or feel better, the one who always listened to you and the one who was heartbroken with the idea of your faith. You sighed and just hugged him. “It’s okay Jasper…”

“I don’t want to lose you too… I can’t” You felt his tears wetting your shoulder, which made you start to cry too.

“Jasper, you have to be strong. I know you can do it, I trust you, I’ll always do.”

Pike was a giant pig. He didn’t let you two say goodbye to your loved ones because he was mercy in that moment, he did because he seemed to like the alien suffering and because this will help people to be more afraid of him.

“I just need to ask you one more thing, Jordan” He knew you were deadly serious when you called him by his last name. He looked at you.

“I don’t want you to attend the execution. Please promise me you’re not attending it, please” He just nodded, starting to cry again. “I’m going to miss you so much weirdo” You said hugging him again, feeling how your heart was starting to break in a million of little pieces.

“Jordan, your time’s out” Bellamy’s voice cut the moment. Jasper got up and gave you a last hug before leaving your cell. You didn’t expected it, but Bellamy entered the cell when Jasper left.

“What are you doing?” You asked with all the serenity and bad blood on your voice you could.

“What the hell were you thinking?” That surprised you, he seemed so calmed when he came in and then he exploded. “What the hell were you thinking, Y/N? What the hell were you thinking!” he approached you and grabbed your arms to shake you. “You’re going to get killed Y/N! And everything for going against the chancellor!”

“What I was thinking? Me, Bellamy? Me!?”  Then the one who explode was you. “I’m not the one who has turned his back to his friends and started to follow the crazy psychopath who wants to kill all the grounders and destroy what we’ve done here just because he thinks everything down here is dangerous because he is a damn dickhead! What the hell are you thinking Bellamy Blake?” You had started to hit his chest with your fists. You were full of rage and impotence at that moment. Your words were hurting him, who really thought that what he was doing the right thing for his people. He didn’t stopped you from hitting him, he knew you needed to unburden.

He knew you better than you or anyone thought.

Your relationship had being weird since you landed, at first you thought he was a completely dickhead who wasn’t worth to try to have a good relationship with until you two were locked in a bunker while the acid fog was in the woods during a hunting trip. There you could start knowing Bellamy and you found out he was nicer and funnier than he looked like and you enjoyed his company.

Since that day you two had been friends although everyone else thought you two were something more, and they were not that wrong.

You knew what you felt for Bellamy was something else than just a friendship, but he was one of the most attractive (the most for you) guys of the camp, and almost every girl wanted something with him and of course some of them did but you.

Every night you knew he was with another girl your blood was on fire and you needed to go to the woods for a walk to keep your mind away from the camp and from what Bellamy was doing.

Jasper, Clarke and Octavia knew about it and they were who helped you the most when you got upset or angry with Blake.

He treated you like a young little sister, you thought he saw you like he saw Octavia, but she did know it wasn’t true.

Bellamy felt something else for you too, but he was afraid. He had the stupid idea that if you two started dating he would hurt you and that was the last thing he wanted to do to you, but he didn’t know that hurting you was exactly what he was doing every night he spent with another girl.

Octavia knew it but Bellamy made her promise she wouldn’t say a word to you and she did not say anything, but of course she was always trying to convince you her brother loved you as you loved him, but you’re always been very, very stubborn.

“What happened to you…?” Your voice was broken and your fists resting on his chest, tired of hitting him. “You’re not the Bellamy I knew” He was searching your eyes but you were the one who was unable to look at him.

“I’m the same person you…” You cut him, finally confronting him.

“You’re not the same!” Rage was back. You pushed Bellamy against a wall and put your arm on his neck like if you were going to strangle him. The guard who was in the door was about to came in but Bellamy stopped him raising his hand. “You’re not the Bellamy I know, you’re not even half of what he was, you’re not better than him, you’re just garbage.” You jaw was clenched till the point it hurt. “The Bellamy I know is very different; he knows what’s good for his people, he is a fighter and he never lowers his head, never!” You were frustrated, where the hell was your Bellamy? What happened to him? “You’re not brave, you’re not smart, you’re not trustable, you’re not Bellamy, you’re nothing to me” He remained silent for a few seconds. You tried to know what was he feeling or thinking by looking him at the eyes, but there was nothing, absolutely nothing.

“I’m sorry”

“You… you are sorry? That’s the best you have?” Rage won again. You didn’t think it you just close your hand in a fist and punch him on the face, making him fall. The guard wanted to came in again, but Bellamy stopped one more time. Your chest was going up and down violently and tears had begun to fall again. “If that’s the best you have you can leave” For the first time in months you could see something on his face and eyes, guilty, pity, repentance.

“I wish…” He got up and caressed his jaw where you just punched him “I wish it was me and not you who was been condemned to…” He tightened his lips not wanting to say what was next.

“A little bit too late, don’t you think?” Maybe you were going a little bit cruel with him, but that was how you felt. He looked at you sadly and went to the door. “One last thing” You say as calmed as you could. He turned to you. “Bring my Bellamy back… Before it’s too late” You said it with a Poker face, but it was something else for him.


It was time.

Kane and you were being carried outside, where the most people could see the execution, the better for Pike, who was walking with a smirk on his face that made you want to kill him even more.

You didn’t want to look to the crowd; you didn’t want to see who was there to see you and Kane getting killed by Pike, but you knew perfectly who was there; Abby, Raven, Miller, Jasper, although you made him promise he wouldn’t be there…

Pike looked at you two before draw his gun. You could felt Kane staring at you two, you looked at him and gave him a last and small smile.


“Blake!” Pike called him and Bellamy approached him quickly. Pike didn’t say a word, he just handed the weapon to him. “You’re doing it” Bellamy’s face froze with horror. You wanted to low your head, but your pride didn’t let you do that. You were going to be killed by Bellamy, what a funny last point.

“Any last words?” Pike looked at you first.

“I prefer to die standing than on my knees. Enjoy your time as a chancellor, it won’t last” He smiled facetiously.


“I just have one…” He left a few seconds which were filled with tense silence, until he broke it “NOW!”

Everything happened so fast.

Bellamy took advantage of Pike being behind him and raised his elbow to punch him in the face with it. The next thing you felt was someone getting you up from the floor and freeing you from your handcuffs. You turned to see Octavia smiling at you. He handed you a sword and you smiled at her, words weren’t needed.

A few guards from Pike’s puppet army tried to stop you but you didn’t need so much effort to handle them.

It didn’t take so long until Pike and his army got controlled and cuffed.

“Now what?” Octavia asked looking at Pike with hate in her eyes.

“Now we deliver him to the grounders and let them decide his faith” Kane answered quickly, avoiding any chance to anybody to hurt or even kill Pike. Some of your people took Pike inside again to put him on a cell till the moment to reunite him with his beloved grounders. “Are you okay?” Kane asked you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”


“It’s obvious you’ve planned what have just happened. Why didn’t you tell me, Kane?” You pretended to look angry but he knew you weren’t. He smiled.

“The only thing obvious here, is you. If I told you Pike would have known it just by looking at you.”

“Why do you say that? That’s not true!”

“The smirk you would have had on your face have made him know it, and you know I’m right”


“You sure you want to go in there alone?” Jasper asked.

“I’m sure” You smiled to him “He’s not going to do anything stupid”

“Scream if you need me” He blinked at you and you nodded glad to see him starting to be the one who he used to be. You took a deep breath before entering the cell where Bellamy was. He looked at you surprised. For a few seconds neither of you did anything or said a single word until Bellamy got up from the bed and almost ran to you to hug you. You wanted to part with him but he was still a weakness to you. You didn’t hugged him back because your mind was telling you not to it was until you stop listening to your mind and started to follow what your heart was saying, and it wanted you to hug him back, so you finally did it.

“I was so worried… I couldn’t believe the moment he put the gun on my hand…”

“Why are you here Bellamy?” You asked with your head on his chest “You helped them, you were part of it”

“Yes but…” He broke the hug and walked towards the bed where he sat. “They don’t trust me completely again yet”

“Well… I think I can understand them”

“I know. I wouldn’t do it either” he said with a soft smile.

“What changed your mind” You sat beside him.

“You don’t know what?” he asked with a fun smile on his face. You sighed. “What you said to me… It was…” he put his hand on yours “It made me think… I didn’t have my mind organized this morning, I didn’t know what I was doing or why but when it all started I knew I was doing the right thing, again… after months of being…”

“An idiot? A jackass? A Dumbass?” He smiled.

“Yes all of them. I’m trying to take your Bellamy back” You don’t know why, but it made you blush a little bit.

“I’m glad of hearing that, we all miss him, especially Octavia”

“Could you tell her I want to talk to her?”

“Sure, but I don’t know if she’s going to want to”

“I’ll wait. I just want to make things right again.” He looked deeply at you and you smiled to him.

“Y/N” Jasper knocked the door “Kane wants to see you”

“I’m coming” You said to the door and looked at Bellamy again “I’ll be back after dinner, if you want to”

“Please” he answered quickly you smiled and gave him a little but significant kiss on his lip commissure. You got up from the bed and walked towards the door, you turned to him before leaving. “Just one more thing” He looked at you “Don’t ever, ever let Bellamy go away again” He smiled

“I won’t, you have my word”

“Fine. I’ll see you later”

You left with a smile on your face, the same Bellamy had on his at the same time.

He was coming back, and you’ll make sure he stays. 


I love maxing gags! It’s so relieving! I remember maxing throw way back then, and today i maxed not just one, but two gag tracks in around the same two hours! I’ve come so far since maxing throw, and I’m so proud of who i am now! (I miss the green pig toon in the first two photos and I wish I could hang out with them again ;-;)

Throw maxing: 1/18/2017

Squirt and Sound maxing: 5/28/2017 (Squirt: 3:28 PM , Sound: 5:19 PM) 

Broken Vows [ft. Wonwoo]

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“He spoke again as if he hadn’t just shattered his promise and her security. Her house of glass now lay in a pile of shards.” 

― Aleatha Romig, Consequences 

Genre: Few scoops of angst with sprinkles of heartbreak

Word count: 900+

It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Everything was a mess; you, him and your relationship.

If you could still call it one, that is.

And you didn’t know when it all got so wrong, how it all turned out to be like this. Your marriage was once a fairy tale. One you could only find in those crappy movies.


It’s been months since you left. However, your heart was still throbbing of pain like it all happened yesterday, the way his hands moved around in anger that caused you to back away in fear.

“I- ___- I would never hurt you-”

You wondered what would happen if you had trusted him and stayed. Would you let yourself turn into someone like your mom, letting a man having the upper hand in your marriage?

You probably would. If the pain and the damaged he had caused wasn’t so strong, you probably would.


[20:29:28] 20-12-2024 From: Him

Can we please talk?

[20:36:12] 20-12-2024 To: Him

Let’s just get this over with. Please.

[20:37:06] 20-12-2024 From: Him

I will sign the divorce papers once we’ve talk. I promise.

[20:38:59] 20-12-2024 To: Him


It only took him five minutes to find you. Which honestly surprised you because you clearly remembered that you did not tell him the specific name of the park you were currently visiting.

“It’s where we first met.” Wonwoo explained rather calmly once the question popped up, as if he had been expecting you to ask. “The time really doesn’t wait for anyone, it’s already been five years since then.”

“Yeah.” You couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how you first met.

You were so young back then. Wonwoo, being the fool that he was, had accidently bumped into you, causing the newly bought ice cream in your hand to fall onto the ground. The sight of the destroyed ice cream wasn’t a very pretty one, but as much as you had wanted to scold the guy for ruining it, the regret and sadness that was coating every inch of his face stopped you.

“I wish we could go back to that time,” Wonwoo suddenly confessed, taking you off guard.


“I wouldn’t change a thing, I just want to relive that moment.” He said, smiling almost sadly as he looked up into the night, eyes now filled with something unreadable. “I would do it all over again, ____, ‘cause I got to meet you.”

Wonwoo, stop.” You knew where this was heading, he was trying to win you over with his sweet words again.

I couldn’t let him.

Not again.

“Just hear me out.” He said, turning his head so that he was now staring into your eyes. “Please.”

“We can’t keep doing this- No. I can’t.” You looked away, your voice cracked slightly which you quickly tried to cover up with a throaty cough.

You weren’t going to cry.

“I’ve missed you. Terribly.” He ignored your pleading, reaching for your cold hands before pulling you so that the both of you were now standing up. “I- I can’t live without you, ____. I tried to forget you. Your goddamn angelic smile, but I can’t. I can’t. And my heart can’t seem to forget you either as it is beating like crazy inside my chest right now. Yearning for you, for your touch.”

If you said that you didn’t feel anything by hearing those words coming from his lips, then that would definitely be a lie. Your heart had already surrendered. Your legs felt like jelly as you could feel his desperate stare on you.


I love you.

That promise again.

“No you don’t, Wonwoo.” You finally pulled back, although the action ahd caused a great amount of pain to your heart, you knew distance was what you needed right now.

Your brain jsut couldn’t seem to be able to function normally while being so close to him. It was as if he had a spell on you. A cruel one that always managed to pull you back, into his warm embrace.

But you weren’t going to let it control you now.

“If you truly did,” You bit down your bottom lip, forcing yourself to not shed a tear. “We wouldn’t be here. Being as broken as we are now.”


“No. It’s your turn to lsiten, Wonwoo-ssi.” You said, fists clenching. “If you truly loved me, you wouldn’t have let me wait for you all these years. You wouldn’t have felt the need to continue hiding me, keeping our relationship as some ugly secret, when your company gave you the choice to stop, you wouldn’t have been ashamed of me and…. a-and you wouldn’t have been cheating on me.

“____- I-”

“You didn’t expect this fool of a wife of yours to find out did you?” You chuckled humorlessly, feeling the sudden anger building up inside of you. “What were you actually thinking, Jeon Wonwoo? Why would I want a divorce, after all these years spent waiting for you without a single complain? Why would I give up?”

“I- I broke my promise.”

I, Jeon Wonwoo, promise to love you and only you, ____ ______, until we both turn old and grey.

“So please stop. Stop all these crap of you missing me, loving me because you don’t.” You breathed out.

You don’t.

[Writer’s Note:]

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack guyssss~~~~  It’s finally the time of the year when I can drown myself in hot chocolate and whipped cream without feeling like an overweighted pig *happy dance*

Thank you all so much for the support and patient, I know that I am not one of those fast writers out there but I promise that I will try my best to upload more os for you guys since it’s CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!


Please send me a message and let me know what you thought of this os of Wonwoo!!

Lots of luv~~~

- Vinye

Holiday chapter 11

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: E for language, mature themes and smut

A/N: Aloha! So we’re nearing the end of this Holiday, and this chapter ended up being ridiculously long. It was not remotely appropriate for a drabble situation (I know I’ve already blown the drabble illusion, but I’ve been trying to keep the chapters a reasonable length). So I had to cut this one in a tough spot. Bottom line: buckle up for some angst. If that’s not to your liking, I’ll post the next chapter in the next week or so in case you want to wait. And since a couple of people have asked, I anticipate there being 2-3 chapters after this one.

Eternal gratitude to @xerxia31, beta-extraordinaire and the queen of the drabbles!

Watching Katniss’ lithe body swaying sensually above me, I felt like I had gone into some kind of trance. Reaching behind her to grip my thighs, she arched, dropping her head back, and I felt the wet tips of her hair brush against my knees. It was impossibly erotic and I was simultaneously engulfed in a thick, viscous pleasure that made my blood sing as I neared my orgasm and a wild, impossible wish to prolong this blissful torture.

“I’m close,” I groaned.

“It feels so good, Peeta. You feel so good,” she gasped out, her voice as light and breathy as spun sugar. Then her eyes widened in what I could only describe as horror, before she pushed off of me and slid down my body.

Alarmed, I tried to sit up and follow her, “What is it?” I gasped.

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Because I love you >> Hongbin

Wow, another Hongbin vs N scenario LOL I think those two would make the weirdest rivals XDD

This was requested by lulusgull , i really liked your story very much ^_^ it was so good. you’re a good writer.

Enjoy reading it ^_^ 

“See you later then.”

“Hmm.” You smiled, giving your close friend, Hongbin, a slight hug. He dropped you in front of the library before going to his own classes. He walked backward as he kept waving until he turned and walked away.

“Yah! Yah!” Your best friend, Eunji, hit your arm after approaching you from behind making you jump from the shock.

“What?” You scrawled, rubbing your arm where she hit you.

“What’s between you and Hongbin?” She frowned, giving you dared look.

You chuckled and then your face suddenly went into a blank expression. “Nothing!!”

“I’m sure there’s something.” She snorted and linked her arm with yours, dragging you with her to the library.

“What make you say that?”

She raised an eyebrow at you and smirked. “As if you don’t know!”

“No, I don’t!” then you realized what she was hinting about. You held out your hands and said. “We are just friends, okay?”

“But he likes you.”

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anonymous asked:

What's the best Korean food?

congratulations anon. you’ve done it. you’ve asked the most difficult question there is out there. how can i choose one when i love them all *cri*

i personally love kimchi/seafood pancakes, hangover soup, pork belly, pig’s feet, kbbq brisket, cold buckwheat noodles, spicy seafood soup, EVERYTHING. but for those who aren’t familiar with korean food, i would suggest trying bibimbop (mixed rice)! it’s a safe first choice and it’s nutritiously delicious ~

here’s also a random list i found online that includes a loooot of my favorites/popular dishes!


Okie! Here it is! Here’s my guide to making your own unofficial Mabel Birthday Cake ‘sweater’ from Dipper and Mabel vs The Future!

This will hopefully be a quick and easy project for you, especially if you are in dire need of a costume for Halloween! I made this similarly to the Meow Wow sweater I made for a costume a few years ago. It’s a speedy craft project especially if you have friends/guardians helping you out. If you’re a bit too young to be sewing/cutting/pinning things, ask an adult to help you out! My mum helped cut things out with me since I was pressed for time :3

Supplies suggested:

  • Sweater: Pink or Coral in color, and turtle-neck style if possible! If you don’t have a sweater or can’t find one in stores or at a thrift store, you can also use a regular turtle-neck or other collared shirt (I’ve seen turtle-neck fleeces used too!).
  • Felt: Colors needed: brown/beige for the cake, pink for the frosting, and assorted other colors including but not limited to: blue, purple, yellow, and white. See the reference picture of Mabel– I had to cheat on colors a little bit but it still works! For extra fun, I bought bright pink glitter felt at the craft store. Felt in general is pretty inexpensive so this also helps keep your costs down!
  • Sewing supplies, thread/embroidery floss, scissors, pins
  • The sweet pattern I just gave you :D Print the two pages out on 8.5″x11″ or larger paper if you can!
  • acrylic paint OR a sharpie marker (paint is recommended) so you can detail the candle.

How I did it: First off, I drew a pattern on paper and cut it out. You can copy my pattern or just print it out. Once printed, cut it out and arrange on the sweater. This helps you test it out for size/placement. NOTE: I found once I had put the blank sweater on and held up the pattern, I was originally putting it way too high up for my chest. The candle flame was covered by the collar, so I moved it down.

Once you are happy with placement, pin the pattern pieces to your felt and carefully cut each part out. For the icing in the middle of the cake, I just used a scrap, but I left it illustrated on there to show you about where it should go.

Arrange the felt cake and once you are happy with how it looks, you can sew the big frosting and the thin strip of frosting to the cake part. I found this was easiest with a machine if you have that, but you can hand-sew it too. Make sure the parts are sewed together well since they will be sewn onto the sweater/shirt as one piece.

I took some acrylic paint and detailed the wax blob on the candle. This was my choice because it was a personal preference. I drew the lines to show you how I detailed it.

Once I sewed the cake parts together, I pinned it carefully onto the sweater and took a look at it to make sure I was happy. Once you’re ready, sew that cake down! Make sure the edges are on there good! I found just brushing against my sleeves while wearing the Meow Wow sweater, the edges can lift easily and get a little wonky. You MIGHT be able to sew the main cake part by machine– but that’s up to how your machine works with knits if you are using a real sweater. I did mine by hand.

After that, take a bunch of ‘confetti’ you have cut out of the blue, purple, pink, and yellow felt, and pin them down, sewing as you go. I found it was helpful to do it one at a time because my hands have not been steady lately and I had to maneuver the sleeves around to sew the confetti down. More than one pinned at a time started to cause me to poke myself with pins LOL. Also be careful not to sew both sides of the sleeves or torso together (front/back). I did this and was super mad at myself for not paying attention, lol.

You can refer to the reference image for confetti placement or go wild with it. UP TO YOU SINCE THIS IS YOUR RAD SWEATER, you mighty Mabel, you!

Once you have the confetti sewn to your liking, you can add details like a wick for the candle. I used felt, but paint or sewing with embroidery floss will also work!

After you are done, triple check to make sure you removed all pins, and put your amazing creation on! TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT. YOU JUST MADE A RAD MABEL COSTUME FOR YOURSELF!

Other things you might want to add to your costume:

  • Glitter headband: I painted mine yellow and glued fine yellow glitter to it. Any Mabel-approved color will also work. Mabel is MABEL.
  • Skirt: I made a yellow one to use, but I could also have used my old teal one from the other costume. Up to you! Screen accurate or not, it’s your choice. Any skirt will do.
  • Knee-socks/black shoes: I got my socks at Target. I wear them over nylons for warmth and less sock-slippage. You can also pair these with cute ankle socks, anything really. Mabel is all about cuteness.
  • Braces: I made mine from a tutorial posted by some kids on youtube. My braces hurt like hell. If you can find costume braces go for those. I’m pretty sure I screwed up my teeth by jamming a bobby pin in there. Owwww.
  • Makeup: Pink cheeks for Mabel!
  • Earrings: I tried my old star earrings, but they snagged on the sweater collar, so I opted for basic round plastic ones. Your choice if you want earrings or not.
  • Accessory: A toy pig to be waddles if you wish, or if you have one of those cool Plasma ball things– that’s rad too! I carried around a small bag of Doritos and drew Bill Cipher on one of the chips on the front of the bag.

I hope this helps! Again, if you’re a younger fan, you should ask for help with things like pinning and sewing. Safety first! Did you make a super rad Mabel Sweater? Do tell me! I’d love to see what you made! If I missed anything, feel free to ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can here on tumblr :D I will try to post answers to any questions with the tag “MabelCakeSweater” here. Thank you for being so awesome!!

Bed time stories by the signs

I’ll try to make this rhyme
But I don’t have a lot of time
There once was a girl named Mary-Jane
Who lived on a farm where they grew sugar cane
She was sorta short
And always wore the color quart
And everyone called her a piece of artwork
One day when the sky’s were covered in a layer of doom
Mary-Jane was coated in a layer of fresh flower blooms
She was eager and excited to run around
But her father said no honey, it’s not safe you might be eaten by a wolfhound
Mary-Jane, the evil little spoiled brat she was screamed on the tops of her lungs
“I hope you die while I’m still young!”
And with that a single tear rolled down his face
As he opened the door to meet his fate
Mary wished she had never uttered those words of hate
She missed her father so much she might ache
Now kids this was not a happy tale
But I told you it to in person and not through email
So that must mean one very important thing,
And that is the power of words and hate
Sweet dreams my cute little beans

Taurus: Once upon a time there was a pig, it was a very cute pig of the colors brown and pink. His name was Quinn, and Quinn was a very happy little pig, for he had all the food he could ever dream of. His owner Quentin loved him very much, but Quentin was also very greedy like all humans are and wanted more then the perfect life he already had. So one day Quentin came home with another pig, her name was Queenie. Slowly Quinn began to feel jealous of Quentin and Queenie’s relationship, but Quentin didn’t care. Quentin then got bored of Queenie too, and went to the store and bought Quen. He continued doing this, buying new pigs once he got bored, until he had 11 pigs!! They were Quinn, Queenie, Quen, Q, Que, Quentin the second, Quack, Quess, Ques, Qug, and Henry. Henry was the evilist pig because he was made out of greed. Greed is a very bad thing. One day Henry the pig went to the store and bought a human and named it Hector. The cycle continued. Moral of the story: be happy with what u have.

Gemini: Once upon a time there was a kid. They were sound asleep. The end.

Cancer: Once upon a time there was a dragon. It had beautiful blue wings and scales of diamonds traveling across his back. The dragon was a very lonely dragon, who just wanted to be loved but everyone was scared of him because he blew fire. One day a little *cancer falls asleep with kids*

Leo: I’m not going to be cliché and cheesy here… I’m not going to start with a “Once upon a time” or anything, I’m going to make this interesting a simple. There’s not going to be a happy ending, and it’s not going to end with a “and the moral of this story is…” It’s going to be sweet snappy and pointless. The end.
Kid: but what’s the story?
Leo: that was the story and it was about me.

Virgo: Once upon a time there was a princess, her father wanted her to marry the handsome prince but she stubbornly refused and her father didn’t understand why. She tried to hell him she was in love with a princess but he refused to understand so he locked her up in a tower. The only thing in the tower with her was a pig named Quinn. Quinn was locked up in the tower by an evil pig named Henry. The princess slowly grew to love Quinn. One day 10 years later the princess the princess once loved came to the tower to rescue her with blood on her hands. She shouted up that she loved her so much she killed the king and the prince. The princess however no longer loved the princess, she loved the pig, so she told the princess this, and her and the pig lived happily ever after.

Libra: 👶🏽👧🏽👦🏼👫🎅🏽👸🏽👴🏼👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💋👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🌹🌚🐾🐠

Scorpio: I was once very angry at… SOMEONE… so I took a picture of their face and put it on a potato and stabbed the potato… Moral of the story: if ur ever angry take it out on a potato because they don’t have feelings… like some people

Sagittarius: *shows kids a meme* the end time to got to bed

Capricorn: I don’t have anytime for this

Aquarius: I once had a dog, her name was Pixie. She was a Yorkie with scruff hair which was soft to touch. I got her when she was 3 months old at the shelter, and when I brought her home she grabbed my toy tinker belle from when I was 5, and curled up with it and fell asleep. That’s why I named her pixie. I remember when she was little she had trouble going up the stairs, and would always fall down. I remember how she would run up to me when I got home from school. But one day she got sick, and died a week later. I remember the pain of it all crushing down on me, but what kept me alive were the memories. Some people are afraid to love, but to have love which goes away is better then to never have had the feelings of love.

Pisces: There once was a land… Let’s just watch the movie


Mortimer is killing me with the cute. Also, he is a messy eater and I have to figure out a solution other than daily baths for him.

For those who missed it, Mortimer is a lethal white guinea pig. This means he is blind (though we think he can at least see changes in light), deaf, has a head tilt from neurological issues, and only has one tooth. He nearly starved to death before he came to live here, but he’s turning into quite the active little guinea pig who loves to eat and cuddle! Yay Mortimer! #guineapig #honoraryhamster #weeklyfluff #yestheyaretalkingaboutogresinthebackground

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Ask an Artist #1 (The First in our Ask an Artist Series!)

Where are you from, and where do you work now?

I’m from the boonies of southwest Virginia and now I work at Disney TVA!

Describe your current job. What are your daily responsibilities?

I paint backgrounds on the new Tangled series, premiering in 2017.

How long have you been drawing and what inspired you to become an artist? (Did your parents have any reaction to your declaration? Were they supportive?)

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I told my parents I wanted to be an artist as early as preschool! Luckily they were both very supportive.

Did you go to college or are you self taught? A mixture of both?

I didn’t go to an art school but I went to my dream college, the University of Virginia. My university didn’t offer any illustration or animation courses, so I made most of my art outside of classes.

If you did go to college, what are some of the most important things that you learned?

I took traditional foundation courses such as figure drawing and oil painting, which I found very helpful for my character design and environment paintings. Mostly I went to UVA for the well-rounded education though, so some of my favorite courses were physics and economics.

Did you always have a knack for color theory or do you think you developed your talent through training?

I think all artists have to learn color theory through hard work and practice! 

Do you have a preference between painting characters or backgrounds? (Even though you love both, do you find that one is more easy than the other? Maybe the backgrounds are more intuitive because they’re your main job?)

I love both! Painting characters has always come naturally to me since I’ve been drawing characters forever. Backgrounds are even more fun because they’re more of a challenge. Figuring out how to paint a whole complicated background takes problem solving skills!

What are your go-to tools to create your art?

I really love digital art for drawing and painting. I got my first Intuos table in middle school and started using Photoshop then, and I fell in love! I also just like drawing with paper and pencil.

Any favorite past times?

When I’m not painting backgrounds at work, I like designing my own characters and environments for personal projects. I also am a long distance runner; I get some of my best ideas for projects on my morning runs.

How long have you been working, and have there been any challenges during your career? 

I’ve been working in the animation industry about a year. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to get my art noticed in the animation industry, even though I was from a small town in Virginia and hadn’t attended art school. 

Was it difficult entering the animation industry, and what do you think are some of or the most important factors that determines success?

It’s tough getting your work out there. The most important factors for me were practice, research, and good ol’ determination. You have to keep trying even if people are pushing you down along the way. If you want it enough, you will eventually reach your goal. It also helps to put your art up on social media such as tumblr!

Did you move out here for the job at Nickelodeon, or were you already here in California? What was your pathway into Nick? (like, did you get an internship, did you have friends in the industry, or were you handpicked from the internet, etc…)

I applied online to Nickelodeon when I was living in France, working as an English teacher at a French high school. I didn’t know anyone in the industry, and I’d never done an internship, so I thought I didn’t have a chance! Luckily an artist on Pig Goat Banana Cricket really loved my work and reached out to me. Then I basically moved straight from France to California!

Fun Question: Anything about California that you haven’t gotten used to yet?

I know everyone says this, but the traffic and parking really are ridiculous! I’m not used to leaving an hour early to get somewhere on time. In my small town in Virginia, you could leave 5 minutes before a movie showtime and still get there to see the previews. Our movie theater only showed one movie though.

I also miss the Blue Ridge Mountains foliage in the fall!

Have you ever been the only woman in the room or production; if so, what was that like for you?

I’m lucky because I’ve always worked with a lot of women during my industry jobs. I used to share an office with 3 other background painters, and all of us are women!

Who are some of your favorite female animated characters? What is it about them that you particularly enjoy?

My favorite female animated character is Rapunzel from Tangled (so getting a job on the new Tangled series was perfect for me)! I love how independent and capable she is and how she follows her dreams no matter how unreachable they may seem. Plus she’s a painter! I also love Princess Mononoke, who has always been a strong and independent role model for me.

Have you had any important role models or mentors (doesn’t have to be woman-specific)?

While I was in France, I did a Motivarti mentorship with visual development artist Craig Elliott. We skyped once a week and I showed him drawings I was working on, and he critiqued me. It was so helpful and Craig is the nicest guy!

Any productions that you would like to work on, or would you like one day have your own show?

(I’m already at my dream job)!

Any personal projects that you’re working on now? (personal comics, art projects, webcomics, etc…)

I’m always making personal projects for fun. Right now I’m working on a new visual development project. It’s a surprise, but it’ll be on my tumblr in the future!

And finally, any words of wisdom to students aspiring to enter your line of work?

Always ask for critique, work HARD, and watch Shia LaBeouf’s motivational video on youtube. “MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.”

Thank you Laura! As always, if interested, check out our other interviews!

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I'm sick, can you plz write some percabeth fluff or more headconans. I would really appreciate. You're writing is better than medicine

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well!! I hope you get better soon and that these help in your recovery xxx

-Entire weeks spent cuddling in Percy’s living room watching all the Disney movies she missed out on growing up

-going for runs together in Central Park that always end in races

-Percy starts to think Annabeth may have feelings for a guy in her architecture program until he starts finding notes all over the apartment and his car and among his things at the fire station that each have one of the reasons Annabeth loves him

-countless date nights at Yankee and Knicks games, sitting in nosebleed seats while pigging out on hot dogs and nachos, laughing and reminiscing about their escape from Aunty Em’s Gnome Emporium

-Percy preparing dinner and taking it up to Annabeth while she directs construction on Mount Olympus— sitting on her desk looking over her design and not being able to stop smiling as she moans in delight while eating the food he prepared just for her

-Sunday mornings walking Mrs. O’Leary, holding hands and talking about their the week ahead and sometimes the years ahead with the occasional hello to other dog owners and getting to feel like normal twenty something’s who are in love

-Annabeth staying up late reading, and taking a break to stare down at this beautiful boy who loves her with all his heart and taking comfort in his steady breathing

-trips to the Montauk cabin with Sally and Paul complete with bonfires and roasting marshmallows and days in the sun

-sunset rides down the coast courtesy of Blackjack

-laying in dog piles with their kids with stolen glances at one another, wondering how they got lucky enough to have the life they do

Detached /3

word count: 1.8k

a/n: here is the highly requested last part of detached! thank you all so much for the positive feedback with this series. it means so much to me that you all enjoyed it. There is a lot of foul language in this btw. (tell me thoughts)

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Does time really exist? 

Yeah it was there to tell how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years go by, but is it really there? Everybody has their own opinions about it, but some say that time is an illusion. Sometimes it would seem as if you were sitting in a room for 5 minutes, and it would actually be an hour. In other cases, it would seem as if you were at a place for hours, but only minutes had passed by. 

The sky outside had changed slowly from a beautiful shade of pink to now a solid black. Usually you would enjoy looking at the sky, knowing that he was somewhere in the world looking at the same exact sky. It gave you some kind of comfort knowing that even though you two were a world apart, you were connected through something as simple as looking up at the sky, but now it reminded you too much of him that it made your gut wrench and your thoughts go into overdrive. Every damn thing reminded you of him.

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In this world, there have been many double meanings that have been created throughout the years and sometimes you don’t catch them in time. Sometimes you realize that when he said ‘I miss you’, he actually meant 'I miss your body’. But it will be too late because the realization will hit you at eleven at night as you take a taxi home because you were too emotionally unstable to drive from the club.

And when your best friend said 'I just have a lot going on at home right now’, she actually meant 'I am tired of hearing about your problems over and over again’. But it will be thrown into your face at two in the afternoon when you are arguing about how you have become so isolated.

And when your mom says 'but, sweetheart, it has been a week’, what she really means is 'stop grieving and move on because we have more important things to worry about’. Then it won’t dawn on you until you are being dropped off at school and she drives off before you even have both feet on the pavement.

And when your teacher asks you 'are you feeling better?’, they are really trying to ask 'how many days are you going to need to catch up?’. Yet, you are not enlightened until the months have passed and your teachers won’t quit nagging you to turn in everything.

So when he brushes your hair out of your face and says 'I love you’, don’t believe him because he meant 'I love the way you love me’. You deserve better than everything hitting you all at once at three in the morning when you have a pen to the paper.

Our society has done a magnificent job of turning every word into one that will fit their own benefits and we all knew it was coming because our generation no longer knows what 'love’ is, what 'hope’ can create, and what 'joy’ really feels like. Our generation no longer knows how to be themselves because everyone around them is making them grow up faster than I can knit a sweater and that’s not right.

It’s not right that this world has allowed kids to be the center of the experiment; to be their little guinea pigs. Now we are exploding like the fireworks on Fourth of July and we are now the four leaf clover that has no magic. We have become the last petal on a flower before you rip it off and make your wish. Our 'I love you’s have become meaningless and our 'I miss you’s have become misunderstood. But no one besides the kids that are getting high behind the school late at night and drunk in their bedroom early in the morning realize that.

—  J.B.// You’ll never understand the words I write if you have never been in love or had these argumentative debates with the person you love most and this happens to be one that we used to fight about all the time before he was knocked out of my life

it’s been a week since I lost Mabel and it honestly feels like every single day is harder than the last. I’ve never really lost a pet before, not like this - childhood pets have died since I moved out but it wasn’t the same, I only saw them very occasionally. I had such a close bond with Mabel, she was my little pal, and I miss her so much. I still look for her every time I go to the cage, just in case maybe I’m mistaken and she never left. It hurts like hell. I don’t want it to get any better, I can’t bear the thought of not missing her as much as I do right now. I just keep thinking, why did it have to be Mabel first? and then I feel guilty because obviously I love all my other piggies too. but Mabel. She was my baby. I feel like my heart’s been torn out. I hope you’re happy up there, little one.