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Can you draw some hamilton pls? I will lov u forever :0

i was looking up references and literally they are all so pretty



Some fun facts about my little smol bean Lafayette

• As a child he would pretend to fight a giant, mythical beast
• became one of the richest aristocrats in France when he was 13
• was a ginger!!!! and had a receding hairline that made him look super old
• danced with Marie Antoinette at a ball
• but he danced so badly she laughed at him and he was humiliated in front of the whole court
• got super seasick
• youngest general in the Continental Army!!
• was shot in the leg during his first battle in America (poor bby) but he reFUSED to get medical treatment until all his troops were back at camp safely
• was so freaking in love with America that he basically wrote his own constitution for France based on America’s
• G. Wash never had kids and Lafayette never really knew his father so the two of them became basically father and son ! ! ! and they napped together under a tree
• was shoved into prison during the French Revolution and actually escaped ? It was so crazy he fought the guards and then escaped on horseback but he was captured the next day and thrown back into prison
• ok so now let’s talk about him and freaking Adrienne
• they had an arranged marriage but it was chill bc they acted like middle schoolers and they were super in love
• when Lafayette was in prison Adriemne couldn’t stand to be away from him so she freaking j o i n e d him IN PRISON until he was released
• when she died he blocked off her part of their house and would meditate every morning while holding her picture
• ok so now I’m gonna get pissed
• bc
• when G Wash died later on
• Lafayette was in France right
• and no one bothered to tell Lafayette that G Wash had DIED
• Lafayette wasn’t even INVITED TO THE FUNERAL
• but like later when Lafayette died
• Andrew Jackson (bless his heart) ordered Lafayette to have the same honors and ceremonies G Wash had been given at his funeral
• and Lafayette loved America so freaking much that he had American soil brought to France so he could be buried in it
• no I’m not crying over this smol bean

Babe Part Three (Lafayette x Reader)


Request Queue

A/N- (Tried a bit of a different style for this one, hope you like it

Words- 1,579

“So you think you might like him?” Maria smirked.

You sighed and pushed your food around, letting your toes tangle in the grass. “I don’t know. It’s like, I knew he was attractive, but I didn’t realize he was that attractive, and we’ve alway gotten along well, it makes sense doesn’t it?” 

Maria nodded. “It does, but that doesn’t mean you should date him.” 

You furrowed your brow. “Why not?”

“Just because it might ‘make sense’ to date him doesn’t mean that you have feelings for him, and you shouldn’t date someone if you don’t like them.”  You shrugged and looked down at the shaded picnic table. “Tell me about him.” Maria said. 

You looked up at her. “What? You already know about him. You’ve met him before.” 

“Just do it.” She rolled her eyes. 

“Well what do you want to know?”

“Anything Just…talk about him.” 

You sighed and looked up at the blue sky. “Well…he’s French.” you started. Maria nodded encouragingly. “Um, his real name is super long so everyone calls him Lafayette, but if I wanna bug him I call him Gilbert which he hates.” You smiled slightly. “He’s a really good friend and an amazing cook, like, amazing. Um, sometimes he can’t remember the English word for something so he tries to describe it and it’s really funny. One time he called a frying pan ‘the sizzler’ ” You laughed at the memory. “He’s really good to talk to because he knows when to help and when to just listen. He’s got a lot of money but he refuses to buy much more than what he truly needs, which is pretty admirable actually. He has this big hair that he almost always wears in a ponytail, and he’s so particular about his beard. It has to be cut just right or he gets annoyed. You can tell when he’s been up all night because he gets the most obvious bags under his eyes, and it takes forever to get him to sleep when he’s like that. But even when he has those bags, he has the kindest eyes. Like he’s a really caring person, and you can tell by the way he looks at things.” You stared down at your hands with a soft smile on your face

“Holy fuck.” Maria said, her mouth slightly full of food. 

“What? What is it?” you rambled, getting worried. 

“You’re totally in love with him!” she exclaimed. 

“What? No…I like him, maybe, but…” Maria gave you an  ‘I’m done with your shit’ look. 

“Y/N. Be real with me. Try to think of Lafayette as more than a friend. Imagine yourself going on romantic dates. Imagine yourself moving in with him. Imagine always being near him.” she said. “It sounds crazy, but do it. Imagine a life with him and see how it feels.” 

You put your elbows on the table and pressed the heels of your palms against your eyes. Images of you and Lafayette together were flashing through your head. You reading books on the beach, watching Scandal late at night, sneaking out of your parents house at Thanksgiving so you could have a moment alone, him always holding your hand or playing with your hair, him teaching you French so you understood when he complimented you, cooking dinner together, his friends teasing him about you. You even saw yourself standing in front of him in a white dress with a smile on your face. 

You lifted your head and stared at Maria. “Holy fuck.” 

“Alexander, give it to me.” Lafayette growled. 

“No but look at how cute you are.” he cooed, holding up his phone. Lafayette swiped for it, but Alex pulled it away, laughing. “Really though Laf, you are so whipped.”

“It is pretty obvious how much you like her.” Hercules pointed out, looking at the picture again. 

“Yeah not obvious to her.” Lafayette mumbled angrily. 

“Ooh you know what would make it obvious?” John said excitedly, a smile on his face. Lafayette looked towards him quickly. “If you fucking told her you French idiot.” he said. Lafayette rolled his eyes. 

“Seriously dude. Look at this picture. She’s in your fucking bed. Just tell her.” 

Lafayette gripped his hair angrily. “You don’t get it! I’d rather be her friend than risk not being able to talk to her anymore” 

Alex looked at Lafayette for a long time. “And you don’t get that we’d rather help you through a heartbreak in the worst case than see you pass up this opportunity.” he said seriously, holding up the picture again. 

Lafayette sighed, thinking deeply. “You really think I should go for it?” He looked up at his friends. 

Alex stared at him with a dropped jaw. Hercules shook his head and rested his face in his hand. 

“Oh my god I’m done with him.” John said, throwing his arms up and walking away. 

You heard a soft knock on your door. Furrowing your brow, you got off your couch and opened it. You heart dropped into your gut when you saw Lafayette standing there. You were already wearing your pajamas which happened to be a giant shirt that landed slightly below your mid thigh are, and no pants. 

Lafayette froze for a second when he saw you standing there. Your hair was a hot mess and just the way he liked it. He gazed down at you before he realized he was staring. He cleared his throat awkwardly and looked away. 

Your heart refused to stop racing. Why had you never noticed how cute his nose was before? “Oh uh, hey Laf. Um come in.” you said, stepping to the side. “I’ll go put some pants on.” 

Lafayette stepped into your apartment as you spoke. “You do not have to!” he said. His face froze in horror. “I mean….like…I do not mind it does not matter to me…if you do not want to.” Lafayette could feel his face flushing and prayed for a plane to crash through the ceiling. Anything to save him from this. 

You blushed and looked down, using your awful and messy hair to hide your face. “O-okay. So what’s up?” you asked quietly, your arms folded across your chest. You felt terrible; you’d never had such an awkward conversation with Lafayette before. 

Lafayette didn’t think it was possible for his heart to race more than it had been, but then it went and hit impossible speeds, accompanied by a sick nervousness in the pit of his stomach. He looked over to the couch. “Can we?” 

You followed his eyes and nodded. You sat on the old sofa carefully, and Lafayette sat beside you. He was acting so serious. You were starting to get anxious. Lafayette slowly turned to you. 

Lafayette’s tongue suddenly felt too big for his mouth, and his throat felt like it was closing up. It was like he was having an allergic reaction to the situation. “Ummm.” he started. “I am not very sure how to say this.” he said, even though he practiced all day for this. 

Feeling sympathetic, you put your hand over his. “You can tell me anything Laf.” you said, looking into his eyes which widened slightly. You realized what you’d done and retracted your hand at the speed of sound. 

Lafayette cleared his throat and tried again. “Y/N I really um cherish our friendship, you know that.” 

You tensed. Was he about to tell you he couldn’t be your friend anymore? It sounded like you were being dumped before you could even date him. You looked up at him, your eyes full of concern. “Lafayette is something wrong?” 

Lafayette stared down at you. He wanted to tell you how he felt, but he was so distracted by your eyes and the way you were looking at him. He glanced down at your lips before he realized his mistake and met your eyes again. 

You found the way Lafayette was looking at you irresistible and you found yourself at odds with the desire to kiss him. 

More than anything Lafayette just wanted to hold you and kiss you. 

An unspoken conversation passed between the two of you.

Please just kiss me Lafayette I just need you to know  

I want you to know how I feel, Y/N, because

I love you so much.

Your lips met softly. It was like waking up after a good night’s sleep and feeling refreshed. Or walking out of the eye doctor feeling like you’re really seeing for the first time.

Lafayette pushed forward as his hand went to your face. You pressed back, smiling into the kiss. You wanted to sing you were so happy. You and Lafayette both pulled away slowly. You both spoke at the same time.

“I love you.” 

“Je t’aime.” 

Twin grins spread across your faces. Lafayette leaned in and kissed you again before moving to kiss your cheeks and forehead. “I love you I love you I love you.” he murmured over and over again. You giggled and attached your lips to his once again. Each time you kissed him was better than the last.

“I love you too, babe.”  



Alexander Hamilton


John Laurens

Turtles? I love them too

Marquis De Lafayette

One Step Closer

Hercules Mulligan

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Aaron Burr

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

At First Glance

Anthony Ramos

Little Did I Know


Dear Evan Hansen:

Evan Hansen

First Time For Everything

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Thank You,for your ffxii headcannons! Nobody ever talks about final fantasy 12 but 10,7,or 13.I noticed u did a lot of headcannons of the judges how about some of Marquis Ondore?

You are very welcome! I think with the remaster coming out, many more people will show 12 some love too. Marquis Ondore, eh? I do have some ideas about him! Here’s how I think he initially made such good friends with King Raminas.

As a young man, Halim Ondore IV was a bit of a hot-headed individual. His pride was often at odds with the ideas of other people, and his parents often warned him to rein it in, lest he one day say the wrong thing to the wrong person. But he thought he knew best, and assumed invincibility due to his station. Imagine his surprise when the next person on the receiving end of a verbal riposte was the future King of Dalmasca! Raminas B’nargin Dalmasca had come to Bhujerba for a diplomatic function with his family and talked himself into something of a corner with the young Bhujerban sitting across from him. Though the rest of the room had taken a sharp breath and paused to see how the situation would play out, Raminas had laughed.

Here was someone unafraid of treating him as a person, and not a prince made of glass! He quipped back at Halim and when they parted ways, they parted as friends. For years they continued to speak informally and candidly around each other, neither one afraid of being too indelicate. When Raminas was married and had a daughter, Halim was delighted and cleared his calendar so he could visit his new “niece”, appointments be damned.

But as these years carried on, Halim became Marquis Ondore and that prideful streak gave way to patience. One can still see evidence that it was there, however, especially when the agents of the Archadian Empire harangue him. There is a limit to the patience of Marquis Ondore!

Belle (Lafayette x Reader)


 Request- “Because I’m obsessed with daveed you could either laffy taffy or tjeffs for this, I was hoping for chubby!reader with angst but ends with fluff. Kinda crappy prompt, but there you have it. I hope you are doing well!” @hamil-garbage

Words- 917

You stared intently into the mirror. As if concentrating hard enough could make the cellulite on the back of your thighs disappear. You lifted up the pouch on your stomach and grimaced at the way it bounced when you dropped it. Sighing, you turned away from the mirror and got dressed for a date with your favorite Frenchman. You pulled on jeans and a loose shirt. You were trying to decide what to do with your hair when you heard the door of your apartment open. You’d given Lafayette a key a few weeks ago. 

Amour?” he called. You smiled to yourself. French was hot. 

“In here.” you called out. He followed the sound of your voice your bathroom. He leaned against the door and made a purring noise when he saw you. You rolled your eyes and turned around. 

“I can’t decide what to do with my hair.” 

“Let me braid it!” Lafayette said excitedly. Your jaw dropped. 

“You can braid hair?” you said in shock. 

“Of course I can, cherie.” He walked over and motioned for you to turn around. “It’s an important skill to ‘ave for when I have daughters.” he said. You smiled at the thought of your boyfriend as a father. Lafayette hands smoothed through your hair. His hand worked smoothly, and you were amazed at his skill. You could barely braid hair yourself. 

“Tada!” He handed you a small mirror, and you used it to see the back. 

“Wow! That’s amazing, Laf!” You grinned at him. 

“They don’t call it a French braid for nothing, babe.” He kissed on the lips quickly. “Shall we go?”  You nodded excitedly. Lafayette grabbed his keys of your coffee table and held the door open for you. As you walked past him, your boyfriend slapped a hand on your ass. 

“Gilbert!” you yelled, using his first name. He started laughing and pulled the door of your apartment shut, making sure it was locked. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into his side, placing a kiss on top of your head. Lafayette was by far the most physically affectionate boyfriend you’d had to date. You interlaced your hand with his eyes, and the two of you walked out to his car. He drove you to the restaurant he picked for this week’s date night, singing along to the radio the whole time. You pulled up to a pub like placed and Laf grinned at you. He loved tap beer and live music. Holding hands again as you walked in, the waitress led you to a booth against the back wall. You grimaced slightly. You always looked so awkward getting in on out of booths. Lafayette slid into one side with ease, and you kind of awkwardly scooted into the other one. The waitress came by. Lafayette ordered some brand of beer and you asked for a water. Lafayette gave you a curious looked, but you just smiled. Alcohol caused bloating. You were telling Lafayette about your day while he played with your fingers when the waitress came back with your drinks. 

“Are you guys ready to order?” she asked sweetly. You both nodded. While Lafayette ordered, you looked at the waitress. She had a distinct jawline and visible cheekbones, unlike you. Her tank top hung low on her neck and hugged her flat stomach. And her legs were smooth underneath her shorts. 

“What would you like?” she said, turning from your boyfriend to you. 

“Umm, I’m not actually that hungry.” you said. Laf furrowed his brow. “I’ll just stick with the water.” you said sweetly. 

Mon amour, you need to eat.” Lafayette put his hand on yours. You looked across the table him. He turned to the waitress and ordered some burger for you. She nodded and walked away. You stared at her perfect little legs as she strutted off towards the kitchen. 

“I hate it when you do that.” Lafayette said. You turned your attention towards him. 

“Do what?” You pulled your hand away into your lap. 

“Compare yourself to others.” he said seriously. 

“I wasn’t-” 

“Don’t lie. Unless you were checking that waitress out, which means I have something else to worry about.” 

You looked down into your lap, noting the way your thighs splayed out when you sat down. 

Beau, why do you do that to yourself?”  You glanced up at him,and his eyes were squinted with confusion. “You’re beautiful.” he told you. 

“I…I jiggle.” you said quietly. You gripped the edge of the table so hard your knuckles turned white. “She only jiggles in the right places.” 

Ange, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re healthy and alive! That’s all that you matter to you.” He reached across the table and picked up your hand. He kissed it and put it to his face, looking deep into your eyes. “And you’re with me. That’s all the matters to me.” 

“I love you.” you blurted. Oh shit, you hadn’t told him that yet. His eyes widened. 

“I love you too, beau.” You smiled at him. He loved you. “In fact,” he said taking both of your hands in his. “there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” 

“Okay…” you said tentatively. 

“I think we should make my place…our place.” He raised his eyebrows at you, eagerly waiting for your answer. 

“I’d like that a lot Lafayette.” His face broke into a huge grin. He leaned across the table and kissed you. 

“I love you so much, beau.” 

“I love you too.” 


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I know you’re very busy, I know your works important (ayeee sorry i had to) but i was wondering if you could do a lafayette x reader where the reader tries to say that they love him in french, but mess it up, get embarrassed, but lafayette teaches them how to say it once they say it he says “i love you too” in french back

“Laf!” You call for your boyfriend by his nickname.

His heads pop in the entrance to the door, and a goofy smile is plastered to his face. “Oui, amoureux?” (Yes, sweetheart?)

You pat a spot on the couch beside where you’re sitting.

He strolls over and takes a seat, raising an eyebrow.

“Je vous aime bien.” (I like you.)

You gauge his reaction, but he just chuckles.

“I know that you like me. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t be dating.”

You cover your face with a hand, trying to hide the embarrassment.

“I thought that’s how you say, ‘I love you’.”

Lafayette shakes his head with a small smile. “No, no. Here, say, je t'aime.” (I love you.)

His hand moves to hold yours as you repeat what he had said.

“Je t'aime.”

Lafayette grins at the way you pronounce it.

“Je t'aime aussi.” (I love you, too.)