i love the marker tool so much

Da, da, da, daaaaaaaa…… that’s a little more dramatic than I had intended. I love all these wonderful Sai tutorials that get posted on here but I haven’t seen much attention payed to Sai’s Lineart tool which I can’t get enough of. I’m sure there probably are Lineart Layer tutorials out there - I just haven’t come across one so I’m just adding to the pile. The Lineart tool is so awesome it deserves any number of tutorials anyway. It’s so easy to use, it saves me so much time, and it offers so much control which I really love. Honestly, the tool is so easy to use that this is less of a tutorial and more of just a general encouragement to just whip it out and start playing with it. Yeah. So say we start with a simple line like this swirly-wirly thingy that I drew with the marker tool. Well, the first step would be to create a linework layer by clicking the linework layer button.

There we go. Now, a lineart layer in Sai is different from any other regular layer in Sai and it will bring up a completely new range of tools. I’m gonna briefly go through them but the best way to understand exactly what each does is to just try them out for yourself. There’s no substitute for experience or however the saying goes.

  • Pen - This is your freehand lineart tool and to best honest I don’t really use it that often. That’s just me personally. I have an expensive gaming rig that has all sorts of magic running under the hood but we all know that Sai’s memory management is pretty crappy and I don’t need the lag or crashes that come with this tool when working at a high DPI. You may have a different, entirely pleasant experience with this particular tool but for me, if I’m doing freehand inking, I’d much rather just use the regular Pencil tool.
  • Eraser - Kinda speaks for itself.
  • Weight - This one I do love. Say you’ve drawn a line - or a path as Sai calls it. With this tool you can adjust the thickness of the particular line by simply selecting the brush size and then clicking on the line.
  • Color - Same as Weight. Simply select your desired colour and then select the desired line you’d like to change. Very useful. For the aesthetic.
  • Edit - This one comes with its own subset of mini-tools that I’ll get into in a moment. But this is definitely a useful tool - for me it’s probably the most useful.
  • Pressure - This is the one that adds the character to your linework. I’ll explain further below.
  • SelPen - A selection tool. Pretty standard. Since the Lineart layer works in ‘Anchor’ points (which again, I’ll get in to further down below) I don’t really use this one.
  • SelErs - Selection Erase. Goes hand in hand with the SelPen. I can’t say that I personally use this one  much.
  • Curve & Line - The Curve and the Line tools are the cornerstones of the Linework layer. I’m explain both further down.

The Edit tool, as I mentioned, brings up its own list of sub-tools. And they definitely have their uses. Again, it’s best to play around with them to truly get a grasp of what they do but I’ll just run through them quickly before I get on with the main tutorial.

  • Select - For selecting anchor points of paths. Honestly, I don’t really use this one too much simply because hovering over a point or path and clicking will select it.
  • Move/Add - Now this one I use a lot. Moving an anchor will affect the curvature of your line if you’ve used the ‘Curve’ tool, or you can add curves to a straight line by clicking and dragging in between anchor points.
  • Delete CP/Curve - Kinda speaks for itself. It will delete an achor point in your line. Sometimes this can be useful for making your curves rounder if you’ve added too many points to it.
  • Deform Path - Again, kinda self explanatory. It will warp your line. I don’t really use this one myself but that’s not to say that it couldn’t have its uses.
  • Deform Anchor - See above.
  • Move Path - Instead of moving just an anchor or adjusting the curvature of your line you can move the entire line at once. Can be useful.
  • Duplicate Path - Does exactly what it says - creates a copy of your line. Haven’t found much use for this simply because I don’t particularly like copy/paste stuff in linework. Faults or differences add character.
  • Delete Path - deletes a line you’ve drawn independently of other lines on your linework layer. Can be useful as well.
  • Connect CPs - This is difficult to explain the benefits of. It’s one that should be experimented with. It basically joins lines together. I use it quite often. Just pick this option and drag from one anchor point to another to join them.
  • Pointed/Rounded - See the diagram below for this one. I find it very useful.

As you can see I used the Curve tool to draw a simple curve (left) and then I used the Pointed/Rounded tool to convert the curve into a point (right) by selecting the tool and then clicking on the anchor point at the height of the curve. I find it very useful. Anyway, back to our swirly-wirly thingy.

Because our swirly-wirly thingy is basically one long curve, I simply select the curve tool and start clicking. Starting at the centre point on one end, I click to add anchor points as I trace the shape of the object. Each point adjusts the curvature from the last point. It’s kinda hard to explain verbally or even visually but try it out and you’ll quickly see how it works.

Once I have a line over whatever I’m inking done I like to adjust the weight to suit my preferences. I like to work with thicker lines because they give more room to play around with weight. So to adjust the weight you click on the Weight tool, select a brush size and then click on your line. If only it were that simple in life.

Once I have a good weight selected I move on to the Pressure tool. The pressure tool gives you two options. Pressure for width and pressure for density. Width is like controlling the weight of the line at individual points and density controls the transparency. I don’t usually use the density option. As with traditional inking I prefer to denote depth, shadow, etc. with weight as you can see in the image above. To adjust the pressure, simply select the pressure tool and then select an anchor point. Click, hold and drag to the left to make the line thinner of more transparent and to the right to make the line thicker and more dense. As you drag, a percentage will appear over the anchor point you’ve selected. This can be useful for keeping things consistent.

That’s all well and good for curved lines but what about straight lines? That’s where the line tool comes in. It works exactly the same way except it won’t add a curvature to your anchor pints. Still very useful though. Especially when combined with the Weight and Pressure tools.

Here’s an example of one my drawings. It’s Dark Empress Kitana from Mortal Kombat. The one in red is the pencils which if converted to black would probably make a pretty good linework layer. I’m a firm believer in taking the time to clean up your sketch/pencils layer because it will dictate your entire drawing. The one below in black was done using Sai’s linework layer feature. Although not entirely.

As much as I love Sai’s linework layer, it can look a little too clean which is not great when you’re drawing people. Although, it’s all art so it’s all up to personal preferences and personal style. There’s no wrong way to do it. For me though, I prefer to do skin, facial features, hair, etc. by hand using Sai’s Pencil tool on a normal layer and reserve the Linework Layer for architecture, clothing or any non-organic substances. I inked Kitana’s eyes and eyebrows freehand ( or as freehand as you can be with Sai’s amazing stabilisers) but everything else such as her armour or her fan weapon thingy was done using the Curve and Line tools on the Linework Layer.

I hope this tutorial has been useful. Or if not useful - then at least encouring to try out Sai’s linework layer. It’s such a robust feature that I don’t see get much attention and I can’t even begin to describe how much time it saves me or how much I adore it. If you have any questions (because I’m well aware how unsuited I am to writing tutorials - this is so damn rambly - sorry!) then feel free to drop me an ask here at keithbyrneart.

P.S, sorry about my handwriting in the stills. It’s gotten a lot messier these days.

jittery-jamie  asked:

I love all your art so much especially all the overwatch stuff and your unique OCs! They just all make me smile and brighten my day so much. I never want you to stop creating. I have my notifications on all of your posts (I hope that's not creepy..) But your work makes me so happy! I had to recently restart my account and you were the 1st person I followed. Anyways, back to the question. You probably get this lots so sorry in advance. What art program do you use and what's your favorite brush..?

Hello! And…. Thank you so much ;-; This really means a lot to me!

I actually don’t get a lot of art/technique/etc questions too often, so I always welcome them~

And I use Paint Tool SAI! I’ve answered the brushes before but I’ve been using some new brushes here and there, or rather, similar to the old ones but with slight edits.

…basically just my default brush! with blot texture. I use my default pen all the time and just turn the stucco on and off.

if you dial it down a bit you get…

I change it around a lot, so this is a guesstimate. I enjoy Blob Stucco because it gives that not-so-smooth, blobby effect as thick lines taper off into thin.

And a Pencil brush I’ve been using for a longer while now! I love this for sketches that I know I’m not going to spend too much time on/finish… or my faux-watercolor style (which is just the default SAI marker tool but the layer has a Watercolor texture on… and other magicks)

Inktober 025: I’m sorry, Kaiba, this is an unworthy birthday gift…

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.25), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (N2, N4), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen (light black), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)


So I drew this. Love this pairing too friggin’ much. Plan to come out with more. The thing is… Should I start a new blog for these fanarts? Maybe I should.

P/S: Please read from right to left.

Tools: Pencil, Tachikawa School-G Pen, Sakura Micron, Copic Markers. Screentone effects added in Photoshop.

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Hey Cookie! Crazy random question, but I'd like to ask what brushes you use for art! They look custom, but I'd still love to know! :) also, I am a HUGE fan of your work, you really inspire me to draw better everyday! Thank you so much! ☺️☺️

Heey O3O!  aah thankiies ! 8;u;8 Keep on drawin’ then! that makes me truly happy to kno’ that i can help u! o(^∀^*)o

About mah brushes, i use the most common and basic tools of paint tool sai. I prefer to not touch anythin’ (too scared to break anythin’ haha)

(/^▽^)/ My most used tool is the marker,no brush,nothin’. the basic :

the other one is ‘’water” for contouring,mixing a bit the colors (very useful bc it mix the colors the same way as marker but when u don’t apply it on a color,it’s transparent.) Dunno if it makes sense but i like to use it for cleaning mah work.

And then watercolor, same as the others, basic basic tool. Perfect for blending! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

The only “custom” brush i use is this wahn : 

“Fuzystastic” …bc i think the name is funny. it’s a basic brush in the marker tool ! (p^-^)p

That’s all! hope it was helpful !8//u//8 (but i guess not hahaha)


some people asked for my brush settings, so here you go :)

I use Paint Tool SAI, as you can see. I only use PS for some light effects or when I wanna blur something. But mostly, I just use SAI. It’s an easy program that you can get used to pretty quickly.

My outlines/sketches, whatever you wanna call them, are always pretty rough. I just prefer it like that. But if that’s not your thing, don’t worry, the marker also works for neat outlines/sketches.

Yeah, I love to work with markers, ‘cause I enjoy playing around with opacity.

And another thing I rlly love to play around with is the Lumi & Shade mode. It just makes everything look so much prettier, haha.

So yeah, feel free to use my SAI brush (marker) -settings! :)

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I love your art so so much and i was wondering what tools/pens/pencils do use when not doing digital art?

Thank you so much ^ U ^ ! Well I hardly ever draw traditionally now but a company called Artnfly recently sent me some alcohol based markers to try out! So I bought a Strathmore watercolor sketchbook and I’ve been using them. I’ve got their 6 Skin tone sketch markers and their 24 variety set, I’ve never really worked with markers much before but I like them so far!
I might do a review on them for my youtube <3 

besides those I used to use Maries and reeves watercolor paints with prismacolor pencils for traditional art


Hi, guys! It’s been a while since I did a proper blog post here. Today’s topic is ”My favourite art supplies". Lots of people on instagram have been asking me to show tools that I use and I’ve been struggling with it for a while. Because I’m a true hoarder artist (but not hardcore one), just thinking about everything I have scares me.
So, instead of showing you ALL tools, I decided to make a list of art supplies that I love and use in my daily doodling.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Sketcher’s Pocket Box
• Holbein Artists watecolor in Jaune Brilliant #1 and #2 (those two I use for skin) and Leaf Green
Pentel Aquash Watercolor brush
• COPIC Sketch and Chiao markers

Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils in Carmine Red and Lavender • Any kind of pencil type eraser
Moo Eraser
• Sharpener (brand doesn’t matter)
• Tiny bulldog clip for holding pages of sketchbook when I draw outside

• COPIC Multiliner 0.1 in Brown
• Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen XS in Black
• Micron liner 01 in Brown
• COPIC Multiliner 0.1 in Black
• Faber-Castell Brush Pen in Black and
Sakura White Gellyroll

• Target notebook that cost $1 and absolutely terrible, but I love it for brainstorming ideas and Raw sketches (do not recommend unless you like to struggle)
Global Art Materials Square Drawing Book in Ivory Black (all of my latest watercolor sketches are done in it)
Cottonwood Designer Sketchbook (my second absolutely favorite book)
Crescent RENDR No Show Thru Spiral Sketchbook (I use it with copics and so far its the only paper that doesn’t bleed alcohol markers on the back side of the page. The paper itself is weird and a bit grayish, but I got used to it)

I’d like to tell you more about every particular item and why I love them so much.. probably next time! ●ᴥ●
But if you’re really curious and can’t wait forever, feel free to ask me anything about listed products and I’ll try to help you.

theschoolofmagic  asked:

Hi! I was wondering: what tool do you use to shade your pictures with? Because I can sketch my characters and do the lineart, but my flat coloring does not fit with the style I'm going for: I literally have no idea how to shade! Any tips? (Also I love love love your art!!!!)


it depends on if I want to use hard or soft cell shading. For the Modern Male Witch pieces for instance, I use this Clip Studio Paint brush for almost the entire thing:

I don’t remember what the original settings of the Turnip Pen are because I tweaked it so much, but I really like it. I use it for all my comics and comic-esque art. Both for lining and shading!

For pieces with soft cell shading like this one:

I use the marker tool in SAI with these settings:

I absolutely love the marker tool and I use it wayyyy too much :P It takes some getting used to, but I think it works amazingly with blending and highlights <3

Checking out tutorials on shading and figuring out light sources also helps tons! I hope you can figure out a style that works for you!

cantflyup  asked:

I just saw your Tom Payne drawing and do you have process shots? What programs and or brushes do you use? I'd love to hear anything you have to say!

I don’t know which painting you’re talking about, but I’m just gonna go with my newest one of Jesus. My process is usually the same anyways.

But yes, I can show you my process and give you my brush settings!

First of all, I use Paint Tool SAI. I only use Photoshop for small special effects like bluring the background or whatever.

So what I start with is a sketch, of course.

I always use a darker background for my sketches. Staring at a white blank page is just way too exhausting for my eyes. And especially when you start painting, darker backgrounds just work so much better. The color you choose doesn’t really matter, whatever you like best.

I also don’t sketch in black. I usually go for a more red-/purple-ish color. It’s just what I like, you can go with black, of course.

I sketch with a marker. I just really enjoy Paint Tool SAI’s markers, haha.

Here are my settings:

So, now that I finished the sketch, I start the outline.

I use the same marker for it.

Now, I would really love to show you what the outline of this painting looks like, but sadly, I always marge the outline and the coloring layers down to one. So now I can only show you that, but I will explain every single step.

So, this would be the finished painting of him without any effects.

But a lot of stuff happened.

First, the outline.

I ALWAYS set my outline layer to “Lumi & Shade”. I just love this setting so much, haha.

Now that the outline’s done I go for the base colors of his skin, clothes and hair.

I always make the base colors quite dark and then start painting lighter colors on top of it. Some people enjoy painting the other way around. Base color’s light and then they start painting the shadows. I don’t think it really matters how you do it in the end.

But I would recommend you using quite a “dark” skintone for the base, it makes it look way more realistic than when you use some light pink color. I mean, it works for comics/anime/manga/cartoons etc, but if you want something to look more realstic, you should really go for a darker tone.

I use this skintone for Tom Payne:

(of course, if the person you wanna paint has lighter/darker skin you have to make the base color lighter or darker as well. But not too dark and not too light. Somewhere in the middle is good.)

The base colors are done, then. I never put them all on one layer. Each color has it’s own (like one layer for the hair, one for skin etc.).

(I use a normal brush for painting in the base color btw)

I then add a layer on top of the layer I wanna paint on.

I set said layer to “Clipping Group”.

Before going into detail, I always like to use the airbrush (just the default one) and paint in all the rough needed colors so that when I do get into detail, I don’t have to worry about having to pick all the needed colors anymore.

I can demonstrate that with a painting I never finished:

(just ignore the hair and all)

I use, again, a marker for painting in details, but a different one this time.

So what you now have to do is paint..paint. paint…and paint. I can’t really explain that part. Just watch out that you use the right colors. Maybe take a reference and use the color picker, if you’re not that good with colors yet (that’s what I often like to do, haha).

So now, when you did all this, you should be at this point again.

What I do now is my my favorite part.

First, I marge all the layers (+ outline) down to one layer.

After I did that I copy it twice. So that now, you have three versions of your painting.

Leave the original alone and just work on the other two versions.

I will explain this part in pictures.

This gets you a 3D effect. I love this part. Just play around with the opacity a bit until your painting looks the way you want it to. Ctrl and the arrow keys will move your layer around so that you can get the actual 3D effect.

Mine looks like this:

It’s quite dark, but I want it like this.

Now paint a background. That’s up to you.Whatever looks best.

I use photoshop to quickly blur it.

But this still looks quite dark, doesn’t it?

Yep, this needs some cool effects and extras.

I just added some blood first. Blood is always cool and badass.

(I put the blood layer to “Overlay”. It just looked better.)

And now the only thing left are some light effects, to highlight the important things in this painting, like his face and his hand.

Again, all this is up to you. I just like to play around with some highlights that I also usually set to “Overlay” or sometimes “Lumi & Shade”, whatever looks better.

The last thing I do is save this painting in Paint Tool SAI and then fix some things in photoshop.

And there you have it! :D

Hope this helped or was at least interesting? Idk. It took me so long till I was able to paint realistic in paint tool SAI. But it is possible.

This is the first Inktober I’ve ever completed. And to top it off, I did ten extra drawings.

I’m really proud of myself and I’m really happy with the work I turned out. There’s not a single piece I dislike even if some are less strong than others. And the most important part is that I challenged myself in several ways and learned a lot.

Unsurprisingly I can say I just still really love markers more than pretty much any other tool I used lol

I really like that I had a firm schedule and I knew exactly what I was drawing. Something like a vague prompt or entirely open ended would have led to me putting it off until I could come up with an idea and then never doing it. So maybe next year I’ll try to give it a shot again with a set theme etc.

Anyways, thanks everyone for hanging in there for over a month while I did almost nothing but draw portraits of baseball players. Especially after a summer of a single portrait of a baseball player lol Those of you following my personal blog will have at least one more evening of baseball from me though my Twitter followers will have it the worst. Bless y’all for all your patience.

I hope everyone else had a productive Inktober and came away from it with something. And best wishes to those starting Nanowrimo in the morning!

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I absolutely adore your art and all of your characters! You're a great inspiration to me :) What brush settings do you use to get it so nice and crisp like in your art? Your painting skills are awesome really

thank you so much! ; v; I love all mine and ninthrevolver’s OCs so much, I’m glad you do too!! 

I got a couple asks about my brush settings, and I only use the basic pen tool and marker tool in Sai. I also use the size 300 brush (i draw 400+ dpi) and use a lot of pressure LOL. But here’s the brushes for you. v wv


Pairing: NaruHina

And one more tonight for sakaeguchiyuuto! Morrow wanted a fluffy NaruHina fic. I hope I fulfilled that! It was a good reason for me to go finish this one; it’s been in the works for a while.

Summary: Just because we can’t be kids again doesn’t mean we can’t act like it.

He had proclaimed it out of the blue at 10:47 at night, in the middle of the movie they were only sort of watching amidst their pile of blankets on the floor.

“Let’s have a sleepover!”

Hinata gave Naruto a strange look. “Wasn’t I going to be staying the night already? It is late…”

“Nah, nah, Hina-chan!” Oh, dear. Naruto usually only pulled out “Hina-chan” when he had something up his sleeve and would not take no for an answer. “I know you were, but I mean, let’s make it fun?”

“Isn’t it usually fun when I stay?” she teased, then laughed at the red that suddenly speckled his face.

“Well, yeah, I mean, but– Just trust me! Let’s do stupid kid stuff. Eat junk food, color, whatever. We’ve already got half of a blanket fort. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that both of us missed out on a lot of fun sleepovers in our childhood.”

She couldn’t really argue with that. Much of her life had been consumed by training and the strict Hyuuga lifestyle, and his life had never even thought to offer the opportunity. She nodded.

“Only if I get to sleep in one of your shirts.”

Keep reading


i dont remember the last time i drew something that wasint  sans and papyrus (not that im going to complain )


@borurou  made gaster sans au

@comyet made inktale au with  a fan made ink papyrus by  @7goodangel  (cant seem to tag them for some reason)

@dancetale​ for the dancetale sans

my favorite drawings from this is the inktale and sans and papyrus i just love how they came out i am injoying the marker tool in sai so much

thanks to @joah for his smol sans and the marker settings that made me want to draw with it

Howdy! How can i…


Hello everyone, i’ve drawn a picture of Asgore as you can see

And i wanted to put some emotion or hidden meaning in this picture, so ..the tear-

There is still so much left unsaid about Undertale, and i wish i knew everything. But nobody does, theories and such are fun, but they aren’t facts

All i know is that i love Asgore, plus i wish i could understand his life fully.

Anyway, i hope you all like the picture^^ it took me about 1 hour with Prismacolor markers as a primary tool.

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Your art is literally one of the best things ever I love it!! I've been going through your art for a long while and I'm wondering what brushes you use because the way you sketch and lining things is amazing you're super talented much love

Hey thank you very much!! <333 Ah see, I usually just use the marker tool for everything, cause I love it:

And for fast, loose sketches, I like this one:

Aaaaand also this one for sketches or (sometimes) lineart:

I don’t even know how I settled for these three, they’re just the ones that feel better when I’m drawing. All of these are on SAI, also, with the stabilizer set to 15. Hope that helps?? Don’t be afraid to tweak brushes’ settings to find out what works best for you~