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Will Smith sings “Miami” at SUICIDE SQUAD event.


Some days I think on how far I am willing to go to make a pun.

My fair Ronnie, pick your chin up.
Things are bound to get better.
Sorry ohime-sama of your dreams
got caught up in my schemes.
But maybe one day you’ll wind up back together.

My fair Ronnie, don’t you give up.
It ain’t a total disaster.
You and Kiki gave it a go,
Put on a kawaii show,
And we did a lot of Weird stuff
You’ll get to blog about later.

Seems like you’re becomin’,
Becomin’ closer,
Much closer to The Truth.
Sure, Homeworld’s got an unstoppable army,
And a maniacal determination to hollow out the whole galaxy,
But you know what I think is great?

I’m talkin’ ‘bout FOLLOWERS!
Sure seems like you’re gainin’ friends.
And Followers reblog ‘til the very end!

I don’t think I’ve been this personally hit by a fictional character’s romantic rejection since My Fair Hatey(!) XD So yeah, since last week I was also thinking Steven + Lars = Wander, here’s Steven pinching Wander’s song!

Steven’s such a sweetheart, and last time he broke Ronaldo’s heart, he tried to fix it. Despite not appearing so in the episode, I can imagine he would be concerned about Ronaldo and once the feuding families had become friends again, he would possibly go to find him at the Brooding Hill and try to apologise or make it up to himn. In the best Steveny way he knows how! :B

I just love Kim Namjoon so much, I cannot express this enough he’s so kind, caring, intelligent, cute, an amazing musician, his rapping is sooo good and he’s so lovely and fucking wonderful?? And that’s not even a small part of how amazing he is
I don’t understand people who call themselves army’s and don’t see this or appreciate this

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We do not deserve Seb, seriously, and yet, we are blessed be able to enjoy the work he does, and all the interaction with his fans, and all that he gives, being the wonderful cinnamon roll of a human that he is. It makes me so angry that he is getting this undeserved hate and nonsense, because he got an acting job (how he freakin' makes his living), and that he's apologizing for it. Those assclowns "fans" need to calm their damn tits, and shut the hell up. Ugh!

You’re right! When it comes to Sebastian Stan, we are not worthy, but he shares himself with us anyway.

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Every other day I see new photos where he stops. and takes pictures with people while he’s out living his daily life! If they were stopped in the middle of going somewhere, would these people stop for a picture if someone asked them to? He’s the sweetest celebrity I’ve been privileged to meet - and I’ve met some sweethearts!

I can’t imagine what it’s got to be like to be him, I mean someone he knows posts a picture of him, they’re hounded for the rest of existence to post more pictures of him. He posts a sweet message to his friend, he shares his love of his friend Charles, and people are attacking him in comments on that beautiful post! WTF??

I’m afraid this is going to do two things. 1) no more instagram, and 2) no more cons… I hope he’s able to see past the negative and not go that route, but it’s happened with celebs before and I really hate the idea of this ray of sunshine having to see all that horrible hate when he fucking apologized to the world for getting a goddamned JOB



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is it terrible that i want the path to end so hugh can work on American Gods w/fuller cause honestly i can't get into the show like the acting is brilliant its just the story. i would love to see hugh play an old school god who has scenes with bilquis ;)

Even better, have Hugh work on American Gods AND The Path. As long everyone’s schedule matches up, he would be able to be on American Gods.


This moment is so special – Bernie’s brother Larry pledging his vote to him. Seriously, look at how honored and touched Bernie looks.  And Larry is so proud of his brother. Moments like this make me feel so inspired and touched. It makes it all feel so worth it.

Also, Bernie getting a standing ovation last night and people cheering for him for over 5 minutes before he even started speaking…wow. So beautiful. I just can’t believe how far Bernie has come, the lives he has touched and inspired. I can’t wait to see what he does next. You gotta keep fighting that good fight.

I’ve been absent for like about a month and my blog is still a work of progress so I’m making this post to tell you guys what is going to change and what is happening right now on this small terrible blog.

My queued posts finished a few weeks ago and I’ve been feeling very uninspired since then. I’m currently working on their new house and figuring out their upcoming story, but don’t worry! The Hurleys are coming back because I am very determined to finish the legacy. 

I’m not so sure about them to be honest. I’ve been playing the Bluewater Hills save in TS2 and some TS3 as well, but they’re like side gameplays and I’m not sure if I will continue them. Playing for screenshots kinda stresses me out, I will probably post some screenshots now and then.

…which is a total mess right now. I’m going to finally make a navigation page and a proper legacy page. I’m also going to update my FAQ! About me being active here, I won’t be as active as I used to be. I have a job, I’m moving out soon and then I’m gonna work and attend university (it’s gonna be my senior year and that means bachelor degree and stuff)

I also need to change my url so if you guys have some cool ones please let me know! I can’t think of any good ones :(

This is kinda not sim related, but here is the only place where some people actually care about my drawings, so I wanted to put this here as well - I’m finally going to do something about my art and start making my tiny artist dreams come true - that means publishing more art, maybe making some stickers, patches, and commissions! I still haven’t figured everything out but if you’d be interested please let me know!! Your support would mean the world to me ♡