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Now that The Land is in safe hands, what's next? I don't know if anything like Michfest could survive in today's volatile political enviorment


So…Michigan ended two years ago.  TWO YEARS.  So that was “today’s political environment.”   And two years ago?  I worked with @redressalert (it was her idea) to make sure that young women would come to that last Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to EXPERIENCE THAT WORLD.  To know that women’s spaces are here and are life saving.  So that, in a later time, they would remember, to paraphrase Sappho.  And at least one hundred came.  I met @shamelesslyunladylike and many others and it was amazing.

Michigan survived as long as it did because women vehemently said no.  They said no.  They said it loudly and over and over and over again.  In the face of unrelenting pressure and haterade.  But we fought to hold our line despite the shaming.

The Land may be in “safe hands” (i’m not even sure what that means), but women are still battling to keep it.  The not-for-profit that bought it owes 1.2 million dollars on it.  So now?  It may be in “safe hands” but a steadfast group of amazing amazons are BATTLING TO KEEP IT.  Every day.  Without PAID STAFF.

When I was in my 20s?  We were facing AIDS as our normal (and I mean skeletal, lesion covered people dying on the street from AIDS, AIDS) and a rampant cultural homophobia.  And then women started the Lesbian Avengers and fought dyke phobia–which was thick.  Thick.  Everywhere.  In spite of that, we loved ourselves and each other.  We showed up and out against the bullshit we got from gay men and straight men and from folks trying to shame lesbians in so many ways.  It was scary and sometimes dangerous, but we looked each other in the eye, and gathered in a room every Tuesday at 6 and we organized and created and were public and fought.  Even if there were only 10 of us.

So let me ask this…

How many young women have signed up to be on WWTLC’s mailing list?  How many young women have banned together to create in person (NOT ONLINE) fundraisers to keep the Land?  how many young women have submitted applications to hold events for young feminists on the Land?  how many young women have donated 5 dollars?  two dollars?  How many have proactively done something to make that Land available to young women and girls forever?  

One of the problems I am seeing is that a lot of YOUNGER WOMEN aren’t fighting for themselves as dykes.  Not against anyone:  other rad fems and trans folks, I am not seeing young women fighting for THEMSELVES as lesbians.  They aren’t acknowledging themselves as worthy and powerful and sexy.  I don’t see young women starting their own dyke-based things.  I don’t see you coming together as a voice for each other.  All the under 30s in my life are calling themselves queer.  All of the under 30s aren’t saying they want to be with BUTCHES, not trans guys.  All of the under 30s in my life are not shouting about the power of the pussy.  

I don’t see young women coming forward to fight for their own SPACES the way we fought for ours in the early 90s (google the Clit Club).  I don’t see young women at the forefront saying this is BULLSHIT and nope.  I don’t see young women organizing in person, face to face, on the ground, creating new ground troops on this.  

I know y’all are going THROUGH IT.  I know that.  I see that.  I am not ignoring that.  But every generation has gone through some serious shit.  Every generation.  You aren’t new or different.  For real.  The question is how did you stand up to fight it?  We’ve been told that no one gives a shit about women and dykes.  What are we doing to stand up for being a DYKE?  When do you stop caring about what other people think and stand for what you are?  

So here’s some super passive things you can do to fight for women’s space (actual women’s space):

  • Join WWTLC’s FB group (look up we want the land coalition)
  • Join WWTLC’s mailing list
  • On “Giving Tuesday,” that’s November 28, starting at 8 AM, the Gates Foundation is giving away $2,000,000 by MATCHING individual fundraisers on Facebook (up to $50,000 per organization) until that $2,000,000 runs out.  It is a race for funding.  If every woman on here who follows me held a $1,000 fundraiser and raised it from family and friends (that is 100 people giving 10 bucks each) starting at 8 am, you could collectively raise $100,000 for WWTLC which would basically make it possible for them to meet their April land payment of $180,000.  You want women’s space?  Here’s how you can help fight to get it:

— go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/
— click on Raise Money;
— type in “Purple,”
— choose “Purple—Human Services, Lansing MI” (the fiscal sponsor for WWTLC)
— fill out the form
— Tell your friends why women’s space on The Land is important to you


All donations to Facebook fundraisers for Purple can be matched
• on GIVING TUESDAY, NOV. 28, beginning at 8 a.m. EST (this is important! it is a race and people need to start giving at 8 am ON THE NOSE)
• up to $1000 per fundraiser
• up to $50,000 total for Purple/WWLTC
• until $2M in matching funds from the Gates’ is claimed

  • And if you are in Brooklyn or near it?  On December 3, come to a fundraiser for WWTLC.  Come be in women’s space.  Dance.  Listen to female musicians and poets and comics lay it DOWN (this one and this one and this one and this one).  Make sure your deaf friends know it is going to be ASL interpreted.  That the space is accessible for those in wheelchairs.  Can’t afford the expensive ticket?  Pay $20 for the DJ at 9. Can’t afford that?  Ask on the FB page if there are any other options to attend.  

But fight.  Not each other.  No matter how annoying.  Don’t punch sideways and down.  Please.  Open your throats up and punch UP.  You may lose people in your life, but are they really your tribe?  Are they the people who hold you?  Who you love?  Who love you?  Bad and good?  You may lose, but you will gain others who are here for YOU.  Who love women.  Who love women’s community.  Who are dyke-based and dyke-focused.  But you can’t have it unless you don’t make the space for her to emerge.  You have to struggle to earn something good.

A 19-year old started a dyke festival in 1976, when those words were ABSURD and women still needed their husband’s permission to get a credit card.  Yes, y’all have it hard, but it has always been thus.  

The question is what are you going to do now.  

took some time to wrap my mind around the finale, hadn’t really considered the paring much before buuuuut I tried it on for size in this fic and I gotta say….the fit ain’t so bad :)

it’s for sherbies bc she’s the first korrasami shipper I met and I know how much she loves them so it’s for her, my old friend.






“The uncoolest.”

“We’re going over there.”

“You bet we are.”

“And we’re breaking in.”

“We’re breaking—huh?”

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The Joker Blogs (Series 1) Sentence Meme
  • This is ______ overseeing patient 4479 for rehabila... pl... please don't touch that.
  • Hhhhhhhiii.
  • I don't want to leave. I like it here. Free food. Roof over my head... Lovely company.
  • You don't think you have some real problems?
  • Nobody's perfect.
  • It's never a mistake to be who you are.
  • I like you. This is gonna be fun.
  • If I'd known it was this easy to get free drugs I would have done this years ago.
  • Why are you saying that to the camera?
  • I've got a friend who's gonna put this up on YouTube.
  • Did I ever tell you, you've got lovely eyes? They go well with the rest of your face. It's not like I wanna pop them out of your skull and carry them round on a key chain.
  • That's a compliment.
  • There's a difference between personal safety and fifteen guys manhandling you in the shower.
  • You stole money.
  • I burned it.
  • You lied to people.
  • I only told little white lies.
  • You destroyed public property.
  • I don't think we really NEED hospitals.
  • We have to be quiiiiiiiieeeeeeett...
  • If you and I had a daughter, that's what I'd want to name her.
  • Are you expecting a thank you cared for the dead body you left on my desk?
  • I'm not opposed to letter writing.
  • That reminds me of two dreams that I had last night! The first one had you in it... but... obviously this is not the best time to mention that.
  • Will you be my Valentine?
  • That IS my real name.
  • If this works, and I wake up, and my pants are off...
  • I take it you missed me?
  • Was it that obvious?
  • They're trying to get on your good side.
  • That's ridiculous. I don't have a good side.
  • How are you enjoying the view from MY former office?
  • Careful with this one, _______. He's not faking.
  • Funny thing is, neither is she.
  • When you see something you want... you take it. By force, if necessary.
  • I just finished painstakingly copying the Mona Lisa.
  • Yeah, that looks more like ________ to me.
  • You can't spell "artist" without "anarchist".
  • I'm running out of brown so I'm gonna do your hair yellow-- but it looks good, you should try going blonde.
  • We set a date for the wedding.
  • Am I invited? I love wedding cake.
  • It always comes down to making a choice. One or the other.
  • The fork in the throat-- road. Road. Fork in the road. Henry's the one with the fork in the throat.
  • They're going to lock you up and throw away the key.
  • That's a lot of keys to swallow. Is that why they hired you?
  • There's three types of people in this world. The optimist, who sees the glass as half full; the pessimist who sees it as half empty; and then there's the paranoid, and they just think someone is drinking out of their glass.
  • I'm the one who knocks the glass over.
  • This is a nice care you got here, ______.
  • She gets cranky riding in the trunk.
  • Get your mind out of the gutter.
  • Would it be easier if he was awake, or was knocking him out really necessary?
  • Of course it was necessary, I mean, duh. I didn't want him to have to feel THIS.
  • This begs the question-- who died first? The chicken? Or the egg?
  • And that question will keep you up all night until you just want to poke out your own eyes.
  • You just get to sit there and look pretty.
  • Is that, uh... is that my wife's dress?
  • It looks better on ______.
  • A perfect fit, Cinderella. Time to get you to your glamorous ball.
  • Watch out for crocs.
  • No one's coming to save you!
  • Are you going to stop acting like a child and take your bath?
  • I want to go the wedding. But I wasn't invited and you can't just crash a wedding. Weddings are planned meticulously there's always a cake to person ratio that you don't want to disrupt but with you out of the picture, that delicate cake ratio is still in balance.
  • This is about cake?!
  • How would you like to make a hund... twenty dollars?
  • Oh, a professional! Finally.
  • Great, fine let's give the degenerate with a death wish a gun! That's a great idea! Hey, since it's near Christmas time, can I please have a flame-thrower or something horrible?!
  • ________'s nervous too, if it makes you feel any better. I slept with him last night to calm him down.
  • Oh, that's fine, I poisoned your champagne.
  • You are such a creeper!
  • Yeah, you should try reading sometime, you might like it.
  • Just tell us what you want and nobody else has to get hurt.
  • What if what I want is for someone else to get hurt?
  • Not to be a party pooper but you REALLY aren't ready for a relationship.
  • You belong in a cell.
  • We belong together. In fact, there's a ceremony right upstairs waiting for us to walk down the aisle and seal the deal!
  • Go ahead and do it, if you think that will help.
  • Or am I the only thing you have left to hold on to?
  • Were you just trying to make me jealous? Hmm? Am I detecting a pattern emerging? A method to the madness?
  • You practically pulled that trigger yourself.
  • I understand, you had to make it look convincing.
  • You know what they say about payback, right? It's a bitch, Puddin'.
  • Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get drunk.
  • I don't say this about many people, but... _________ scares me.
  • I lost my position due to an aggravated assault charge, I am currently going through a divorce, I had to move after my address was posted online, and I'm STILL receiving hate mail.
  • Well after destroying the hospital where I was finishing up my residency, crashing a colleague's wedding, and murdering a close friend of mine, no, I'm not a fan of _________.
  • There's no denying it. This. Is. War.

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I don't mean to rude or anything, you seem like a very nice person but, how can you be 26 years old and be so into fandoms + find the time to read and write fanfiction, don't you work or go to school?

anon I’m sure you’re a lovely person so believe me I’m not being a bitch with this answer, but ;)

  • I’ve been into fandoms since I was thirteen and I wrote my first fanfic at fourteen. back in the day I went to school every day bar weekend for five hours, in hs I went every day except sunday and maybe saturday some years for five or six hours and I had homework, and then I went to uni for six years, and I still managed to find plenty of time for fandom and fanfic. like. you manage time, it’s not too complicated. actually I wrote most of the fanfic I ever wrote in my life during university, I think I have like 400 fics on lj at least still, and I went to class and studied and took finals. actually I write less fanfic when I don’t have anything to do for reasons still unknown to me, but anyway.
  • now I’m working/doing a traineeship/whatever and it’s sucking about 80% of my free time but like… okay so now I’m answering you right? at the same time I’m editing in photoshop pictures for the booklet that’s supposed to go to the refugees studying in the school I work/train at and I probably could watch some show I don’t particularly care for in the background if I felt like it. I can write fanfic ten minutes and switch to school planning for another ten. If I come home at six pm on monday I can watch got at six thirty and discuss it online through the evening.
  • I can read fanfic on my phone while I go to work or before I go to bed. I can write it when I have spare time or in breaks from work or whatever. Same as reading books. I can think about what I’ll write in my fanfic while I go to work on the metro or so on. It’s called managing your free time.
  • also like there’s people who are into fandoms who are twice my age. some of the first people I befriended in fandom back in the day were well into their forties and had been around fandom for ages. heck I used to be in old school bandom when I was seventeen, I was friends on lj with someone fifty who had three kids and it wasn’t weird or anything - we sent each other mail for that matter. I’ve been friends with people who were thrice my age back in the day. I’ve had some of my best conversations/exchanges/beta relationships with people fifteen years older than me who found time for fandom while writing their phd or teaching. I could go on for ages for that matter.
  • heck, I’ve just been to a SPN convention and like there are people who’ve gone for the last seven years same as me who are way into their fifties. I’m fairly sure there’s someone from england who has to be retired by now. for the first five rounds there was a whole family coming - father, daughter and possibly the mother at some point. I’ve seen a lot of people older than forty and younger than me. like they’re older than the actors they’re getting pictures taken with. and guess what, no one cares. we all love the same people/show, we’re there to have fun, so what if they’re not fourteen anymore?
  • like, I don’t get what’s so strange about people older than idk nineteen or out of college (which is still school btw) being into fandoms. fandoms are places you’re supposed to enjoy yourself in and talk about something you like and share it with others. like if I asked you ‘how can some guy be older than twenty-five and find the time to follow fifteen different european championships, go to football games every two weeks or every week if they follow the team, talk about his friends about the results for the entire next week’ and the likes it would be the exact same question, but somehow following sports is something that no one questions how you find time for, but writing fanfic should be?
  • furthermore: it’s not like there’s a set age to stop enjoying fictional stuff. like, there isn’t an expiration date on being into ships or fanfics or shows or the likes. like, I know you don’t mean to be rude but the gist of that question is ‘how can you be into fandom when you’re 26 that’s old’ and like it’s not… old at all? I’m not even thirty. sure I’ve been into fandom more than half of my life. I’d never change it tbh. but like I’m at what, one third of my lifespan hopefully? does that mean my expiration date already arrived and from this point on I can’t enjoy fictional stuff or writing fanfic or reading it? then what about people who enjoy it at fifty? (spoiler alert: some of the best porn I’ve ever read in my life came from people older than thirty-five. thank fuck it existed or mine would have been entirely more horrid.) people can have children and find time for fanfic or fandom. it’s called time managing. same as people can work or have kids and find time to go to sports games or music gigs or have nephews probably and watch supernatural. and so what? it’s cool. it’s a hobby.
  • not even going into fandom: at my first bruce springsteen concert I was in line with this fifty-something year old woman behind me. she was a huge fan since the eighties and never could see him live. her niece who was like - I was sixteen, she was twenty-something - had brought her as a birthday present even if she didn’t care for springsteen. we then ended up sitting with her one row behind me and I can 100% swear to you that she was every bit as enthusiastic as I was as it was both our first bruce concert and at the end we were both crying and it made zero difference. at my last springsteen concert I was in third row and in second there was a sixty year-old woman who camped there for the whole day and at some point called her son to go like ‘listen dinner is to be heated like this and that if you call later because you’re useless you’re on your own I’m seeing bruce bye’. and behind me there was a thirty-somethings couple who brought along their five year old kid who was as excited about bruce as all of us. enjoying things or people or music doesn’t have an expiration date. I’ll still be reading and writing fanfic when I’m into my thirties probably and I’ll enjoy every moment of it. and I won’t think I’m old except when I see people complaining that *old people* are in fandom spoiling their fun when we actually do want to have fun ourselves. (this isn’t aimed at you it’s more of a general attitude I see on tumblr and tbh when you’re old past early twenties according to people then idk what to tell you.)

tldr: because I manage my time and I find it for things I like. even if I work or go to school. and fandoms/participating in fandoms doesn’t have expiration dates. :)

Lindsey Morgan Fanbook!

Hello beautiful people,
As you all probably know by now, Lindsey went way out of her way to support and spoke up for the LGBTQIA fandom and continues to do so. Not only that, but she also portrays a character of minority on TV. In order to portray Raven and to “do justice” to her disability she researched it online.
But Lindsey is so much more than the characters she is playing. She is a humble, caring and outspoken woman who really does stand behind what she believes in and treats her friends like friends.

So as I’m meeting Lindsey at the Comic Con in Stuttgart, Germany June 25th I thought I would make her a fanbook with messages from everyone who would like to participate, to show her how grateful we all are for her and that we appreciate everything she does and always have her back.

Here are some ideas:

  • Write her a message/paragraph, literally write whatever you want
  • Or take a photo of yourself with a sign, or whatever you like, saying “Thank you,  Lindsey” or “I’m proud of you, Lindsey” (This is just an idea, it could also say something else)
  • If you have fanart, feel free to submit it as well and I’ll print it out and include it as well
  • Don’t forget to include to your tumblr url or twitter handle if you feel like it

Again, these are just ideas if you don’t know what to do, I bet you all have much more creative ideas.
You can submit everything to me via tumblr or DM on twitter or just hit me up and ask me for my e-Mail.

Deadline: June 19th 

Please spread this so everyone who loves Lindsey has the chance to see it and participate.

If you have any more ideas don’t hesitate, just tell me – I’m open for everything (: The same goes for questions!

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I just wanted to ask if you could link some jeanmarco fics where they have a long distance relationship and talk over skype or something like that ? :) Because I don't know if you have a tag for those ?

Back To You by Nevergoingtobegreat

Summary: In which Jean Kirstein gets stuck in an airport, due to storms. All he really wants is a coffee and maybe some sleep before his flight home. Along comes Marco Bott, who manages to get him Starbucks at 1 A.M., and happens to be catching the same flight. The two become fast friends, and Jean invites Marco to stay with him during his time in Paris. From there, the two become closer. Marco continues on his European adventures, but always seems to find his way back to Jean.

Writing to Belgium from France by booksimonseesmorphine

Summary: ”Jean is a senior in his private school in France. Recently, his teacher had an idea of giving her English students the opportunity to write to a pen pal. Jean gets paired up with a young man named Marco, who is currently living in Belgium. After countless letters sent between the pair and many months later, Marco sees it to be a good time to exchange numbers and possibly Skype Usernames.Jean is hesitant at first but slowly agrees and Marco couldn’t be happier, however, how will they feel when they meet for the first time in person?”

Land of Ruins and Sky by ToriColourBastia

Summary: Marco has been dating the boy he met online for almost a year now. Living as a broke art school student hasn’t made things any easier. During finals, Jean calls Marco with a proposition, only to bring it up again once he’s actually coherent.

All These Little Things by IrisLullaby

Summary: Marco’s photography professor forces him to make a tumblr account, and the first thing he posts is a shitty photo of a cactus, who would care about it? But then tumblr user ‘Jsh-ahn-no-Jeen’ likes the post and starts following him. One thing leads to another, one day they start chatting via fan mail and the other one they exchange their skypes. Marco is starting to feel good and easy going with this guy living at the other side of the country whose name is Jean Kirschtein, but would it be enough when Jean ask for a video call?

Love Distance Long Affair by KuroRiya

Summary: Jean and Marco meet over an online game, which quickly escalates to almost nightly skype chats. After the first time Marco visits, it becomes apparent that they want to be a little more than friends. But long distance relationships can be hard. Thank goodness for the holidays.

Long Distance Relationship by holyfreckles

Summary: Skype shenanigans

I hope these were what you were looking for! - Mod J