i love the look on fingolfin's face

Come join me in Silmarillion fandom! We’ve got loads of Elves who have complicated and batshit relationships and dynamics with each other! So many badass Elves, so many tragic Elves, and maybe even some occasionally happy Elves, and all of it is so engrossing, join the Silm fandom, there are many, many joyful things here.

A Host of Memories by ncfan, celeborn/galadriel & celebrian + all the other elves, 2.8k
   Celeborn, history, and Celebrían.
Fire Ascending by French Pony, finwe & feanor & indis + nerdanel, 5.9k
   One day in his early adolescence, Fëanor learns two things about his family that will change his outlook on life forever.
all the flesh inherits by havisham, maedhros & maglor & gil-galad, ~1k
   Gil-galad meets some of his kin.
Lover Boy by Makalaure, feanor/nerdanel, 1.1k
   A young Fëanor struggles with his feelings.
This Taste of Shadow - “I have filled this void with things unreal” by Mira_Jade, celegorm/luthien + background celegorm/aredhel & beren/luthien, elements of dub-con, 3.9k (for this chapter)
   It was a memory that came to haunt him more than he would care to admit during the time Lúthien Thingoliel was in his keeping.
This Taste of Shadow - “the songs enchantments sing” by Mira_Jade, thingol/melian, ~1k (for this chapter)
   She was a daughter of time’s beginning, and he but a sapling to the great oak tree of her days.
This Taste of Shadow - “thrown before fists” by Mira_Jade, finarfin & fingolfin, 3k (for this chapter)
   Dutifully, he let his brother examine his split lip, and where there had been sadness on Indis’ face, something hard settled on Nolofinwë’s brow in response to what he saw. His ocean-soul picked up a ripple, as waves rumbling in warning of a storm.
This Taste of Shadow - “sunrise, sunset” by Mira_Jade, beren/luthien, 1.8k (for this chapter)
   It struck her then, just how painfully mortal her husband was … how mortal she was.
This Taste of Shadow - “from step to step” by Mira_Jade, maedhros & elros, 1.8k (for this chapter)
   If anything could be said about Eärendil’s son, it was that he was surprisingly resilient for a child.
This Taste of Shadow - “measured by many branches” by Mira_Jade, glorfindel & everyone, 8.9k
   Prompt: Ice, Ski, Sled, Avalanche, Melt, Frost, Snowball, Snowman, Snowfall, Tradition, Holiday, Free-write

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