i love the little spin he makes after he grabs his crossbow

No Words Needed

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request I got almost a year ago and I feel bad for it. I can’t even say how sorry I am about this.

A while after Beth had been kidnapped Daryl and you start to lose hope that you’ll find her again. Overwhelmed by despair you spend a night together. Almost a month later you start feeling weird.

word count: 1575

approximated reading time: 8 minutes

“Ya okay!?” I nearly bumped into Daryl as he suddenly stopped and turned around. We had been out on the street for about a month now looking for the rest of the group. After Beth had been kidnapped… we had tried to find her but lost track along the way.
“Sure”, I mumbled not looking up because I knew he would have looked right through my lie. I had been feeling weak and dizzy all day and my stomach hurt but we couldn’t stop walking. Maybe we could have if we had stumbled upon a cottage or something. Much like the one Daryl had told me about. The one where he had went with Beth right after we had gotten separated. He was there with her… a sharp pain in my chest brought me back to my senses. I didn’t like thinking about them. Especially after I had spent the night with Daryl about a month ago, shortly after Beth had been abducted. I didn’t know if there was anything between them and I didn’t have the guts to ask. “We should keep walking.”
“Ya look pale… we should rest.” Ignoring what I had just said Daryl put his crossbow down and forced my backpack off my shoulders. I uttered a few words of disagreement but finally obeyed. There was nothing else I could do. The cramps had gotten worse and it probably was the best to rest for a while. Maybe a few minutes would help.
“I just need a few minutes”, I said lying down. The world around me started to spin and as I put my arm above my eyes to stop the spinning I felt something under my knees. Daryl had grabbed his backpack and shoved it under me to ease my dizziness. His hand brushed against my knee as he tried to help me get as comfortable as possible and his sudden touch brought back the memories, illuminating the darkness in front of my eyes.

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An Afternoon Swim

Could you do an imagine where reader is out hunting and it’s really hot out so she decides to take a dip in a stream. Not knowing that Daryl is out hunting and he stumbles upon her bathing. Maybe with a little smut. 😊

I know, I know. I’m the worst. It’s taken like, a week for me to post this. But I haven’t been sleeping well and I think I’ve caught YET ANOTHER COLD. My immune system was still compromised from the last one so another one could sneak in. I think I even had a fever the other night which was giving me the weirdest dreams. But anyways, I’m sorry if this isn’t my best work because I’m really not proud of how this one turned out. I owe you another one shot haha

NSFW: smut!

It was early in the morning when you and Rick were looking over the map while everyone else ate their breakfast around the campfire. Rick had the map spread out across the hood of one of their trucks while you studied it carefully. You were going hunting in the next few minutes but the woods were a large space and after Sophia’s disappearance, Rick was doing everything he could to ensure everyone’s safety.

“I think I’ll stick to this little area right here,” you said, circling the small area with your fingertip, “Around this lake and stream here. This way if I don’t find anything, I can always try and catch some fish. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Rick said, “As long as we have an idea where you are. If we’ve gotta send someone after you.”

You laughed, “When have you ever had to send someone after me? I’m a tough girl, Rick. I’ve got this. You won’t need to send anyone after me, alright? Okay?”

“Yeah, got it,” Rick chuckled, patting your shoulder, “Still gonna have Daryl around just in case.”

“He’s gonna be thrilled,” you said, “I’ll see ya.”

You gathered your things and started walking, passing by the campfire and waving good-bye to everyone sitting there. You passed by Daryl’s campsite which he’d set up far away from the others. He must’ve had a soft spot for you because you were the only one he allowed to come over to his camp and talk to him. Although, he was a complicated man because it seemed as though he liked you but he never showed it. He was so difficult to read.

“Hey,” Daryl called out as you walked by, “Where are you goin’?”

“Hunting,” you replied, “Rick and I narrowed it down to a little grid around this lake and stream. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. Rick seems to think that I’ll need back-up.”

Daryl smirked, “Never needed back-up before.”

“That’s what I said,” you replied. After a bit of laughter from the both of you, he gave you a nod and you gave him a small wave in return, “Well, I’ll be back in a little while. Hope I find something good.”

You continued, venturing into the woods. You were extremely lucky this morning. You managed to catch quite a bit of squirrels while only encountering one or two walkers. But, the two walkers left your clothes and body horrendously stained with blood, making you look like you’d just battled a large horde of walkers. And the sun beating down on you wasn’t helping even a little bit. You’d lived in Georgia all of your life but you would never get used to this heat. You could feel how slimy your toes were in your boots, sweat rolled down your back, and your hair clung to your forehead and some other strands stuck to the back of your neck.

Coming upon the lake you told Rick about, you knew it was time to turn around and head back. But the lake was so blue, so clear, and so peaceful. The trees hung over the lake like a canopy, leaving you with tons of shade and just staring at the water made you feel just slightly cooler. A few minutes in the lake wouldn’t hurt, would it?

You unbuttoned your flannel and took of your boots and jeans, leaving you in just your underwear and the tank top you’d put on underneath the flannel. Dipping your toe into the ice cold water, you shivered and grinned as you dove in, sighing in relief as you felt ten times more comfortable. You could never get over how relaxed you were already feeling. Could it get any better?

“Hey, Daryl,” Rick called out as he came towards the campfire. Daryl was sitting with the rest of the group eating lunch of canned beans and eggs that had been left over from breakfast. Rick leaned against the back of Daryl’s chair, “Y/N has been gone a long time. She said not to send anyone after her but…she’s not usually gone for this long. Think you could go and look for her? Make sure she’s alright?”

“Sure,” Daryl said, setting his plate down, “You’re right, she’s never gone this long. But she’s a tough kid, probably just had to take a different way back.”

“Just to be safe.”

“I know, I’m goin’.”

Daryl gathered some supplies, his crossbow and a gun just in case. The thought of something happening to you was actually terrifying to him but he could never let anyone in the group see his fears.

He remembered you mentioning the lake so he headed there. Your footprints were rather easy to find and they were fresh. You had just been through here. He was confident that you were alright and that brought a smile to his face.

Suddenly, he heard splashing coming from a few feet away. He loaded up his crossbow, ready for anything. What if a walker had gotten to you and you were fighting it off in that lake? It could’ve pulled you down under the water and could be devouring you while Daryl was coming to help. He could already be too late.

Daryl had never been so happy about being wrong. When he reached the clearing, he realized you were fine, just swimming leisurely. You had the most stunning smile he’d ever seen. And when you stood up, revealing a now see through shirt which clung to your curves and made his heart pound. He knew it was wrong to be watching you but he’d frozen, entranced by how lovely you were. He never really had a chance to take you all in as he knew you’d ask why he was staring.

Still, it was wrong to be watching you like this when you had no idea. He wouldn’t want to come across as creepy and make you feel uncomfortable. He walked out of the clearing, his boot snapping a twig as he approached the lake. You whipped your body around but quickly relaxed when you realized it was just Daryl.

“What’re you doing out here?” you asked.

“You were gone for a long time,” Daryl explained, leaning his crossbow against a tree next to your clothes, “Rick had me come out here and find you, make sure you weren’t dead.”

“Shit, I hadn’t realized how long I was out here,” you said. Daryl sat down by the lake, hugging his knees to his chest as he watched you swim around. You stopped, floating there in the middle of the lake staring at Daryl, “Wanna join me?”

“I dunno,” Daryl mumbled, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh come on,” you persisted. You sent a small wave of water his way which splashed onto his shoes. He kicked his shoes off and peeled off his now wet socks. Giggling, you slicked back your hair, “Sorry. Just come in with me, Daryl. Have a little fun.”

“If you’re gonna get me all wet, might as well,” Daryl grumbled, sliding his vest off his shoulders. You paused as he unbuttoned his shirt, swallowing hard as he opened his opened his shirt and tossed it aside, revealing a firm, tanned torso. You took a deep breath, knowing you had to control yourself despite how difficult it would be. Daryl barely tolerated a simple touch on the shoulder.

Once Daryl was down to his boxers, he slid into the water but he made no move towards you. He just floated there, splashing some water onto his face. You smiled and slowly swam towards him, “See? Feels nice doesn’t it?”

“Guess you’re right,” Daryl said.

“Well come on,” you said, grabbing his wrists and pulling him further out into the lake, “We’re fine. You can swim, can’t you?”

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, “I know how to swim.”

“Then swim with me,” you said, spinning the two of you around in circles. Daryl was tense and his eyes were darting around uncomfortably but he allowed you to continue anyways. A part of him was enjoying the lighthearted moment between you two but he couldn’t bring himself to show it.

Over the next hour or so, Daryl started loosening up and you finally got a smile out of him as you swam around together, splashing around and laughing, probably making more noise than you should have. But for a moment, you both forgot that it was the end of the world and that there were walkers crawling around like cockroaches all over the place. And it was nice to forget even if it was just for a little while.

“This has been such a nice afternoon,” you said, “I hope we’re not worrying the others.”

“Nah,” Daryl said, “Haven’t been gone long enough. We’re fine.”

Daryl climbed out of the lake but kept his feet in the water, the sun warming his cold, shivering body. You swam to the edge, climbing halfway out of the water, leaning on your elbows. It gave Daryl a clear view down your tank top, which wasn’t hard to begin with since it was a white tank top and it was still wet.

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t totally aware of your position in front of Daryl. You knew the tank top was see through and you knew that leaning over would show more than you normally would have. But seeing him like this, the sunlight making his wet body glisten and the way water dripped from the ends of his short hair made it even harder to keep it together. You just wanted him to ache as much as you did.

“What’re we doin’?” Daryl finally asked after several minutes of silence.

“Was I that obvious?” you chuckled.

“Ya ain’t exactly subtle,” Daryl replied.

You sighed, hanging your head, “It’s just been a while. But you make me so crazy, Daryl.”

“What’d I do?”

“Absolutely nothing,” you retorted, lifting your head. You reached out and touched his hand, “You’re not even trying. You make me go insane and you’re not even trying. And I’m over here trying my very hardest.”

“Well,” Daryl muttered, clearing his throat as he looked up at the sky, “It’s working.”

“Huh?” you frowned, “It’s working?”

Daryl nodded, “I didn’t wanna say anything but…you said it first.”

“You ache as badly as I do right now?”

He nodded again. You slowly lifted yourself out of the water and sat on your knees next to him. Daryl still wouldn’t look out you, but his chest was rising and falling a little quicker. His heart was racing and warmth spread through his body.

“Well, we’re all alone out here,” you cooed, running your hands up his chest. Leaning in, you placed a kiss on his cheek, “Before we have to go back.”

Daryl finally turned to look at you, his eyelids heavy and his blue eyes darkening with lust you’d never seen before. He was never one to initiate any kind of contact so needless to say, it was a shock when he slammed his lips down on yours. You struggled to keep up with him as his hands explored your body. He groaned as your own hands wandered, reaching the waistband of his boxers.

“Y/N,” he grunted, cupping your breasts in his large hands. You kissed him harder as your hand slipped underneath his boxers. He buried his face in your neck as you took him in your hand, sliding up and down his shaft. A few whimpers escaped his lips, his hands freezing in place, too lost in the pleasure to remember what he was doing, “Y/N.”

You loved the way your name sounded from his mouth. He was so vulnerable under your touch, trembling a little. You picked up a little speed and his breathing became heavier. He grabbed your wrist to stop you as his other hand pushed you until you were laying on your back, “Keep goin’ like that and this’ll be over before we can even start.”

You giggled as you pushed his boxers down off his hips while he peeled your soaked tank top off your body, throwing it away without looking where it landed. As he pulled your underwear down, he kissed down your stomach, making your heart race with anticipation. You felt his warm tongue on your skin and you gasped, arching your back a little. Daryl pushed your hips back down as he spread your legs. You propped yourself up onto your elbows, watching as he kissed your inner thighs. He moved to your core agonizingly slow. Once he finally reached it, your elbows weakened and you fell back onto the ground as his tongue swirled around your clit, his thick fingers suddenly sliding inside of you. Rolling your hips, you moaned and groaned and dug your nails into the dirt.

His expert tongue and fingers filled you with intense pleasure and it was everything in you not to get loud. Daryl groaned against you, the vibrations sending you into a frenzy. He progressively sped up and just as you were about to reach your climax, he stopped and pulled away. It was almost painful to be cut short like that and you whined and moaned.

“Daryl!” you panted, “What the hell are you doing?!”

Daryl scooted closer to you, running his hands up and down your thighs and swiftly wrapping your legs around his waist, “Relax, we ain’t done yet.”

A sigh of relief fell from your lips as he thrust into you, filling you completely. His brow crinkled in concentration, licking his lips as he slowly thrust in and out. He held tightly onto your hips, his fingers pressed into your flesh while you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your nails raking down his back.

The pleasure was intense and everything surrounding the two of you was hazy. You were so lost in the moment, a horde of walkers could come crashing through and you probably wouldn’t have noticed. You loved Daryl and you loved the way he made you feel, the way he stared into your eyes, the way he kissed you. It was all so perfect.

The pressure built up in your body once more and this time Daryl didn’t stop it. The way your walls squeezed him, he knew you were close and he sped up, your core on fire as you exploded. You brought Daryl’s body down onto yours, his chest pressed against you as you curled your toes and whimpered into his shoulder. You refused to let go of him as you rode out your high, allowing him to finish too.

“Shit,” he panted. He looked around, most likely expecting walkers to start popping up with all the noise he realized the two of you had been making. It seemed he was oblivious to his surroundings as you had been.

“You’re amazing,” you said, kissing his cheek, “Think we’ve worried the group enough?”

“Probably,” Daryl grunted. He rolled off of you but grabbed your hand when you attempted to sit up, “Wait, we don’t gotta go back yet. Let them worry.”

You laughed, “What if someone comes looking for us?”

“They won’t,” Daryl said, wrapping his arm around your waist, “I just don’t wanna go back yet. Just a little while longer?”

You nodded and rested your head on Daryl’s chest, soothed by the sound of his heart beating in your ear and the water rushing through the stream nearby. Leaves, grass, and mud stuck to the two of you but you didn’t care. It was still possible that Rick could send someone to look for the two of you but you didn’t care about that either. You were content lying with this man forever.


Negan x Reader

3500 words

Y/N - your name, Y/H/C- your hair color, Y/E/C - your eye color

Warnings- Once again, it’s Negan, so language, sexual situations. Sexy aesthetic

Tagging some wonderful people!

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Jane doe.
Part 1

Summary: You lose your memory and Daryl finds you in the woods.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, smut, fluff.
A/N: This will have 2 parts.

You ran through the woods clumsily as you tried to catch your breath and slumped on the floor against a tree. You had woke up in the woods a few hours before, you didn’t know where you were, how you got there, hell you couldn’t remember your own name. It wasn’t long before those things started trying to eat you. You found a large rock and bludgeoned them to death, the brain seems to be the only way to kill them. You were terrified, now covered in blood and exhausted. You couldn’t seem to find your way out of the woods and even if you did you had no idea what you were going to do. You started sobbing, trying to muffle them with your hands, when you heard rustling to your left. Thinking it was one of those flesh eating freaks your head whipped around to be greeted by a crossbow in your face. There was another man behind the crossbow guy, holding a pistol. You must have looked pathetic and scared as they lowered their weapons a little as you stayed on the floor.

“You on your own?” Pistol man asked sternly, you nodded at him and wiped your tears with your sleeve.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
“I-I don’t know.” You admitted as you trembled in fear. The answer wasn’t good enough as the crossbow got shoved back in your face and their defences seemed to go up.
“What d’ya mean ya don’t know?! Stop playin’ games woman!” The crossbow guy snapped. You choked back a sob and shook your head.
“I really don’t know, I woke up in the woods, I don’t remember anything!” You cried. The men lowered their weapons again and exchanged glances, they felt bad for you. Looking at you properly they could see you were telling the truth and they both knew they should bring you back to Alexandria.

“I’m Rick, this is Daryl. We have a community, its safe. You should come back with us.” Rick explained with a warm smile as he put his pistol away. You looked at him then to Daryl who had his crossbow on his back now, you felt like you could trust them and you didn’t really have a choice, there was no doubt you’d die out here alone.
“C’mon.” Daryl said softly as he held his hand out to help you up. You gratefully took it and stood up. You started to follow them, they said they had a car not too far. Walking through the woods you were a scared mess, jumping at every little noise and whimpering. At one point one of those dead things, that Rick called a walker, came out of nowhere and you clung onto Daryls arm for dear life. You didn’t know if it was necessarily appropriate but if he was bothered by it he kept it to himself. Daryl was glad they found you, you would have been dead if they hadn’t. He was a little surprised at how jumpy you were but then again if he woke up in the woods in the middle of an apocalypse with no memory he probably would be too. You were gripping on his arm so tight he thought it might fall off, but it boosted his ego just a little that you felt safe around him to do that, not to mention that a pretty lady had chose to grab him and not Rick. Rick smirked at him as if he was reading Daryls mind making Daryl let out a low chuckle. When you all finally reached the car Daryl decided to sit in the back with you to help you feel more comfortable. You smiled at him grateful and he nodded at you. When they pulled into Alexandria you were amazed, it was like it was untouched by the monsters out there, it looked normal, and you felt safe.
When you got out a little group gathered around to meet you. Rick briefly explained how they found you and about the memory loss and everyone introduced themselves.
“You need a name.” Rick smiled as he thought about it.
“Jane Doe.” Daryl smirked. Everyone chuckled a little in agreement.
“Jane it is.” You laughed.

A few weeks had passed and you really settled in, you loved everyone but formed a tight bond with Rick, Carol and Michonne the most. Daryl had taken you under his wing teaching you how to defend yourself and use various weapons. He attached himself to you pretty quickly much to everyone’s surprise, including himself. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something about you drew him in and he wanted to keep you safe. You made him feel things he had never felt before and he actually liked it, it made him feel alive, you made him feel alive. He even had you living in the room opposite his and he spent as much time as he could with you. You didn’t mind, you really liked Daryl. He was really good looking but it was his personality that had you head over heels. He was such a brave and incredible man and loyal to no end. You felt so safe around him, you tried to be around him as much as possible.

You were in your underwear as you searched your drawers for some clothes when your door burst open.
“Ya ready ye-“ Daryls eyes went wide as he strode into your room and saw you nearly naked. He spun round after his eyes had involuntarily scanned your body and took a mental picture he would save for later.
“Fuckin’ sorry.” He mumbled as he still faced the other way. You just stood there silently laughing at him and wanted to play with him a little.
“What’s wrong? Am I really that bad to look at?” You asked pretending to be hurt.
“What?! Nah! Y-Ya ain’t bad to look at.” He explained blushing, not that you could see his now crimson face.
“So you like what you see?” You smirked as you started to get dressed in a simple black skater dress with your combat boots.
“Nah! I mean…yeah but…” He started getting flustered so you grabbed his arm spinning him around. He saw your amused expression and it dawned on him you were joking.
“Fucker.” He smirked as he playfully pushed you, a little too hard as you fell onto the bed but not before grabbing his shirt and pulling him with you. You were both laughing until you noticed how close your faces were, your breathing hitched a little and you noticed his gaze kept going to your lips. He suddenly cleared his throat and stood up, grabbing your arm and yanking you up in the process. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, there had been a few instances of ‘nearly kisses’ and the sexual tension was starting to get ridiculous. You knew enough about Daryl to know that if you moved too fast he would bolt, he was like a skittish animal.
“Ya ready to go then?” He asked as he shuffled his feet awkwardly.
“Yeah.” You smiled as you walked out the door.
When you reached the car that Glenn and Tara were preparing Daryl grabbed your arm and turned you to face him.
“Ya got yer knife? And gun? Remember everythin’ I taught ya. Don’t try and be a fuckin’ hero or some shit. Better get back in one piece and fuckin’ alive.” He rambled nervously as he patted you down to check you had your weapons. You just smirked at him as he bit his thumb nervously.
“I don’t fuckin’ like this.” He grumbled as he looked at you.
“I know, you mentioned that already.” You smirked.
You were joining Glenn and Tara on a run and Daryl had to stay back, since Rick asked you to go Daryl had made it clear he wasn’t happy about it, and to be honest, you were really fucking nervous about going out without him.
“Look Daryl, I’ll be fine alright? I learnt from the best.” You smiled as you reached out and took his hand in yours reassuringly. He pulled you into him and gave you a tight hug, something that he only ever did to you. You could feel people’s eyes on you both as they looked on curiously and amused. You loved Daryls hugs, they always made you feel so safe. He would always hold you tight and put one hand on the back of your head keeping you in place and stroking your hair.
“You ready Jane? We gotta go!” Glenn called from the car. You looked up at Daryl and the worry was all over his face.
“Stay safe.” He whispered as he looked at you. You smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek.
“I will.” You said softly. He reluctantly let you go and watched as you left Alexandria with a heavy heart. He really didn’t like that you were out there without him, it made him feel sick. He walked to the porch and Rick was stood there with Judith.
“She’ll be fine Daryl.” He reassured.
“She better fuckin’ be, all I’ll say on the matter.” Daryl snapped as he stormed past and went inside and into his room.

It had been a few hours now and they weren’t expecting you back yet. Rick, Daryl and Maggie were discussing plans to help reinforce the walls when the gate suddenly opened. They watched carefully from their spot down the road as your car pulled in. Tara shot out the car yelling to get Denise and Daryl thought he was going to throw up. There was only one reason why they’d need Denise and when he saw Glenn getting out uninjured he knew there was only one person that left. His feet were glued to the floor as he looked on trying to grasp the situation. Glenn yelled for Abraham and he came and scooped you up from that back seat to carry you to the infirmary. When Daryl saw you it felt like a punch to the gut, you were covered in blood and looked lifeless as Abe carried your limp body. If looks could kill then Rick would be dead in an instant with the look Daryl gave him. His emotions were all over the place. Anger at Rick for making you go without him, fear of you dying and not knowing what had happened, and sadness that he never admitted his feelings to you.
“What happened!?” Daryl yelled panicked as they all made it to the infirmary. Everyone was too busy around him to answer him and his anger was brewing.
“What the fuck happened?!” He roared, causing people to look at him. The vein in his neck was nearly popping out and he was ready to kick fucking ass if people ignored him again. Not knowing if you were bit was sending him over the edge.
“She um…she got shot,” Glenn choke out nervously. Daryls nostrils flared with this information, a person had done this to you.
“It was some guys on motorcycles, a few of them came when we were there and demanded our stuff, started shooting when we tried to get away.” Tara explained.
“So the assholes are still out there?!” Daryl seethed clenching his jaw. Glenn nodded and Daryl went to dash out of the room when Rick blocked his way.
“Better move out o’ the fuckin’ way Rick.” Daryl warned furiously.
“Don’t be so reckless Daryl, I know you want to kill the bastards, but she needs you now. How would she feel if she woke up and you weren’t here?” Rick reasoned. Daryl knew he was right, as much as he hated it so he took a deep breath and turned back around. He stood near the bed as Denise examined you and cleaned you up. The gunshot wound was just above your hip.
“I don’t think it hit anything vital but there’s no exit wound, I’m going to need to get the bullet. Hopefully she won’t wake up when I’m doing it or it will hurt like a bitch.” Denise explained.
She started to try to fish out the bullet when you let out a blood curdling scream and started thrashing about. Abe grabbed your legs and Daryl pinned your shoulders down. When he saw your face contorted with pain and tears streaming down your cheeks he felt sick. Watching you in pain was physically hurting him and there was nothing he could do.

“S’alright J, I’m here. S’gon’ be fine.” He soothed. Your eyes rolled back and you passed back out. You didn’t wake back up for the remainder of the treatment which worried Daryl. Denise finally got the bullet out which was thankfully in one piece, she stitched you up and every one left to let you rest. Of course Daryl stayed by your side, sat in the chair watching you like a hawk. As he sat there he thought about how he nearly lost you today, how it could still happen. There was no doubt in his mind now that he loved you, this solidified that for him. The thought of losing you, having a life without you in it, made it him feel sick. He didn’t want to live a life without you in it, he didn’t realise it before but he needed you, just as much as he needed oxygen to breathe. He pushed the heels of his palms into his eyes to try to stop the tears from falling and took a shaky breath. He gently took your hand in his and rubbed the back of your hand.

You didn’t know what time it was when you woke up but you were in pain. You looked around and noticed you were in the infirmary and you remembered being shot. You were propped up in bed by some pillows. You looked at your hand and noticed Daryl asleep in the chair with his head on the bed, holding your hand tightly. You smiled and gently gave his hand a squeeze, and with Daryl being the light sleeper he is, his head shot up as he looked around wearily trying to focus. When he got his bearings and noticed you were awake a huge smile of relief swept over his face and he jumped up and grabbed you in a gentle embrace.
“Thought I fuckin’ lost ya. Don’t know what I would have done.” He whispered as he pulled away and held your face. You could see he had been crying.
“You would have carried on without me, just like before you met me.” You said softly as your hands went over his on your face. He shook his head at you.
“Nah, wouldn’t be able to, wouldn’t fuckin’ wanna live without ya. Ya make me feel alive, ya make this shitty life worth livin’. I fuckin’ love ya and I don’t give a shit who knows. Yer in my heart and I couldn’t get ya out even if I wanted to.” He admitted.
“You love me?” You asked shocked. He just nodded shyly at you and bit his lip.
“I love you too.” You smiled. He looked a little surprised and relieved at the same time and he leant down to catch your lips with his own. His lips were surprisingly soft and one of his hands went behind your neck to deepen the kiss. His tongue traced your bottom lip and you parted your lips to let him in. Your tongues caressed each others and the kiss started getting more urgent and needy. Daryl broke away and took a deep breath to calm himself. You were injured, as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t just take you right there on the infirmary bed. You smiled at each other and he took your hand again.

A few weeks later and things were going good, you and Daryl were inseparable. He was being a gentleman and taking things slow but you wanted him more than anything now. Rick had asked him to take watch with Glenn which he reluctantly said yes to, he didn’t want to leave you alone, even if it was just for a few hours. Normally you wouldn’t have been happy about it but you had a sneaky plan. You showered and shaved wherever you needed to shave and slipped into bed completely naked, knowing Daryl would climb into bed after his shift. You couldn’t help but smirk to yourself thinking about his reaction. You fell asleep but were woken hours later hearing Daryl come into your room, he shucked off his clothes leaving himself just in his boxers, and climbed into bed. He put his arm around your waist and stopped dead when he came in contact with nothing but bare skin. You bit your lip to stop yourself from giggling, he slid his hand down your waist to your hip then down to your bare ass. You heard a deep growl come from his throat you felt yourself get wet. His hand slid back up and found your naked breasts and he couldn’t help him self as he kneaded them. He brushed his thumb across your nipple making you moan and arch your back, pressing your ass into his hard dick.

“Teasin’ me baby.” He moaned into your ear before he sucked on your lobe and nibbled it a little.
“That’s kind of the point.” You smirked as you wiggled your ass to rub his dick, making him moan. He slid his hands down until he reached between your thighs, teasing your slick folds. His finger brushed against your clit and you moaned and bucked your hips. He inserted a finger and then another, making you gasp.
“Yer so wet for me baby.” He growled as he removed his fingers, you turned around and watched as he sucked his fingers clean, groaning at your taste. You crashed your lips onto his, tasting yourself, and he pushed you onto your back. He got in between your legs and rubbed himself on your wetness, brushing your clit and making you moan. He slid inside of you with a groan and you rolled your hips up to him, making him rub against that special spot inside of you. He started pounding you relentlessly and you were both panting and moaning, relishing in pleasure. You cried out as you found your release, seeing stars as the waves of pleasure took over. Your walls tightened around Daryl and he struggled to keep it together. He pulled out and jerked himself onto your stomach, moaning loudly. He collapsed next to you and grabbed his shirt to clean you up. Then you snuggled into his chest as you were both still coming down from your highs. Everything was perfect.

thedemigodsinthebluepolicebox  asked:

Hello :) I was wondering what type of fighting styles you imagine each character to have. For example, Astrid uses a bit more of an acrobatic style, but we don't really get to see Hiccup, Snotlout, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, or Fishlegs' style.

Oh my good Thor’s thunder I will love you forever for this question! 

It certainly is true that Astrid’s fighting abilities are showcased the most memorably and frequently in DreamWorks productions. In the two movies, she certainly fights the most of anyone aside from Stoick and Gobber. That said, examining the episodes in Riders and Defenders of Berk reveal instances of every one of the youths fighting. I have taken the time to compile some of these incidences and describe the fighting styles I see from them.

These probably also will make their way into gif sets in the near future because why not! It’s pretty cool to see.

But without further ado, some analysis.

Astrid: Light-Footed Acrobatics

As you say so truly, Astrid’s fighting style is acrobatic in nature. She fights very light on her feet, allowing herself to make some impressively dexterous moves. Astrid can, at an instant, do handsprings, somersaults, bends, jumps, dives, and even flips when fighting. Her flexibility, quick reflexes, strength, and knowledge of gymnastics makes her the most polished fighter of all the Hooligan youths. She contains the most grace and the most practiced, impressive ability. It is definitely the flashiest, most trained style of anyone.

Most of these acrobatics she uses for the defensive. Astrid utilizes her full arsenal of light-footed tricks to dance her way out of danger, avoiding obstacles in her path - and can even do so when holding both a shield and an axe. Sometimes she does use her tumbles for offensive maneuvers, such as seen when she knocks Hiccup to the ground in the second-to-last gif.

When Astrid is on the offensive, she is much more likely to swing and strike hard. She appears to be learned in both hand-to-hand combat styles as well as with weapons. She can work well with a shield, though also does well without, and her most trusted weapon and method of attack is with an axe. This she can swing with notable force and knock people to the ground. As soon as she knocks them to the ground, she restrains them so they cannot rise again. I have not shown all instances of that visually, but will cite that Astrid knocks Snotlout to the ground and slams a boot in his face during “Fright of Passage,” while she tackles Hiccup to the ground and wrenches his arm behind his back in “Gem of a Different Color.”

Hiccup: Captain America

I mean Captain America



But I mean really. Just like Captain America tosses the shield around to other Avengers and back again in Age of Ultron, and just like Steve Rogers makes creative use of his shield in different fights, so also does Hiccup use this weapon in ingenious offensive and defensive maneuvers. These gifs are not even half the instances of Hiccup fighting with his shield, yet this does provide a good sample of what he can do. We can easily see that Hiccup, in the DreamWorks universe, makes use of a shield as his primary fighting style.

Don’t get me on a fanboy rave of his swordfighting skills in the books. Just don’t.

Hiccup’s moves are wide and varied with the shield. Sometimes he uses it simply to block objects and redirect arrow fire. Other times, he uses it as a bludgeoning force or a way to push back at his enemies. Yet other times, he makes very creative use of the shield, which contains both a crossbow and a harpoon. He grabs his opponents with the rope, or elsewise uses that rope to pull objects down on his enemies. He shoots out arrows against his enemies or other clever targets. 

To give one example:

In “The Night and the Fury” Hiccup launches out the rope and hooks it to a tree branch above Dagur’s head. Dagur taunts Hiccup that he missed his target. But Hiccup asks, “Oh did I?” and then tugs on his shield. The hook pulls on the tree branch it is attached to, breaks the branch, and a huge heap of wood falls onto Dagur’s head.

And let’s not even talk about all the crazy things he does with that shield in “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

Hiccup is not as light on his feet as Astrid, not as quick, not as flexible, not as polished in his movements. He is, after all, not precisely a trained fighter, and his stiff posture with semi-locked knees really makes that clear. What Hiccup can do is make use with tools, which makes perfect sense given his background as an inventor.

Hiccup fights best from a distance where he is not in direct physical contact with his foes. However, there are a few instances where he makes close-ranged maneuvers. While Hiccup tends not to be as powerful or physical as Astrid (or the others), there are times when he does swing with his full force.

Exhibits A and B below:

A. Riders of Berk: We Are Family Part 2

B. Riders of Berk: Defiant One

These hard-hitting swings are, admittedly, a bit rare for Hiccup, nor do they carry as much power as they would with other Vikings. In the first example, Hiccup only dazes the Outcast he is fighting. In the second one, he does knock the Outcast out cold, but that is after the man has had some blows already landed.

Altogether, then, Hiccup is a shield fighter. And he’s a fairly clean fighter, too, simply making moves to get the job done effectively but not (usually) too roughly. He really is Captain Berk and no one can convince me otherwise.

Snotlout: Musclehead Moves

Now this guy I love to watch fight. He’s actually got some pretty good action footage in Riders of Berk, particularly the episode “Defiant One”.

Snotlout’s fighting style is very clearly defined, just like Astrid’s and Hiccup’s respective styles are. And it’s different than both of theirs, too, and reflects the fact that Snotlout has a bit more weight in muscle than either of them.

Snotlout’s fighting style uses both arms and legs to punch and kick at his enemies. His technique consists of strong, muscled swings that move directly, bluntly at his foes. He does have some fast reflexes which especially allow him to duck and dodge blows, but his fighting style is one of standing up, knees bent, and directly confronting his attackers. He’s a bit more of a boxer than either Astrid or Hiccup to say the least.

Each step Snotlout takes is firmly planted. Defensively, he dodges by taking a step and whirling his torso, but overall standing his ground. Offensively, he swings his arms and shoulders a lot and very forcefully, using it both as a way of avoid blows, as well as preparing for powerful swings against his attackers. He is not afraid to throw weight and strength straight at his attackers in full force, and will even throw himself down or slide down to land on top of his enemies. 

The fact Snotlout is right handed and right footed also really plays out in these gifs. He might be a powerful socker with all his body, a proper muscled Viking man who stands square on with his attackers, but Snotlout knows that his right arm and his right leg are more coordinated and more effective at landing blows. In most of these gifs, Snotlout is holding a blunt object in his right hand, and his hardest blows come from that arm. He kicks with both legs, but the hard spinning, roundhouse-esque kick in the second to last gif comes from his right side as well. He is more powerful on that side of his body.

It seems then that Snotlout has some natural talent at fighting. He has probably trained a little and has been augmented in his abilities from sports (think Thawfest). He is not as supple, graceful, or showy as Astrid, nor has he probably anywhere near the number of hours of practice she does. There are many times indeed he stumbles or wobbles when dodging blows. He might have some natural physical abilities, but he is by no means a master warrior, just a muscled one with good reflexes and instinct.

Fishlegs: Brute Force

Fishlegs’ fighting style still comes as a surprise to me sometimes, but it is consistent throughout the entire series. He is almost like the Hulk. When he is Bruce Banner, he is a quiet, nerdy man who does not seem like he would harm anyone. In fact, Fishlegs typically is someone timid of battle, a nervous screamer who prefers to flee rather than stand his ground. However, when Mr. Ingerman becomes enraged, he turns into a rather fearsome fighter that charges head on with a startling roar.

Fishlegs is very much a brute battler. He uses his mass and his passions to fuel himself in battle. He will tear into things, throw things, smash things, claw at things, and bowl fearlessly head on into things. There is no sense of restraint in his movements for many of his battles. A wild eye comes into him during one fight between himself and the Outcasts, and after he cackles, he asks something along the lines of, “Is it bad that felt good?”

I imagine Fishlegs’ fighting style develops over time. He does enter some fights with an intentional boldness rather than a passionate rage. In those cases, he is more even-headed, and while he still faces opponents directly, he is not going to claw everything to death. The end of “Gem of a Different Color” highlights that. I can only imagine how it progresses, but by How to Train Your Dragon 2, he is pretty calm in flopping over onto one of Drago’s guards and using his own weight to knock someone down. He seems rather amused, rather than upset, when he makes that move.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Anything Goes Cat-Clawing

I don’t like grouping the twins together in an analysis, for each are their own separate person, but from what I can tell, the Thorston siblings fight fairly similarly. There are some distinguishable differences between them, but I will start with the overarching general first.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut are probably the least “skillful” fighters of the group. They tend to simply whack and attack. They are very much close-range fighters, getting right up and very physical with the person they are fighting (usually each other). Definitely, they are the most physical, grappling-styled fighters of any of the group.

The twins are also probably the dirtiest fighters. While Astrid has a gymnast’s grace, Snotlout has a boxer’s swing, and Hiccup has a shield-based style, Ruffnut and Tuffnut just… go. They will push, pull, yank, shove, trip, tackle, and smash their opponent. It is a lot of quick, jostling, wrestling movements. Rather than moving efficiently, effectively, and intentionally in a controlled maneuver, they grapple and wildly swing. The one advantage this has is that they seem a bit more comfortable fighting without weapons than some of the others.

But Ruffnut and Tuffnut do use weapons. It is the same sort of “anything goes” principle that happens with their hands. Gobber commends Ruffnut for using her shield as a bludgeoning weapon at the start of “Gem of a Different Color.” And unlike Hiccup, who uses his shield to block and shove back in close quarters, Ruffnut and Tuffnut are complete brutes with their shields. Ruffnut is a bit more aggressive here than Tuffnut, and she seems to be a bit more of an offensive fighter than her brother. In fact Ruffnut can be downright brutal. Both of them, though, are notably physical and hard-whacking when wielding shields or just about anything.

There are not many instances of Ruffnut and Tuffnut fighting together, but I firmly believe they do this a lot. It would make sense. When they fly Barf and Belch, the Thorstons work as a team to wreak destruction. And since they tend to do everything else together, and stay by each others’ sides all the time during their Dragon Training days, I suspect they fight together, too. The final gif shows them jumping off a mast and sliding a ship’s sail together to knock out enemies with their feet. I would not be surprised if they have other such coordinated twin maneuvers up their sleeves, too, when they fight together.

The Dragon Academy

The Dragon Academy very frequently fights on dragons. In the skies, every individual has their own unique fighting style, too. I did not elaborate upon that in this analysis, but I certainly could at another point in time. The fighting styles are related to how they work on the ground, though of course it is altered due to the nature of being in the air.

What is really cool about all this, though, is that everyone has been animated with a very clear, distinct style of fighting. If I may finally get all my Marvel analogies out of the way, Astrid is the Black Widow, Hiccup is Captain America, Snotlout is Thor, Fishlegs is the Hulk, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and the twins are Thor and Loki on the Bifrost. You can disagree with those as you see fit, but regardless, every one of the teens fights differently. All makes sense given their background and personality.

And it’s really honestly quite fun to watch them.

Second Time (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: you and Daryl have done nothing but kiss ever since he revealed his secret to you. when Tara invites you to join a game of seven minutes in heaven, you find out why. (1741 words)

someone requested a part 2 to ‘first time’ and someone else requested daryl and seven minutes in heaven so i merged the two together and this is what i came up with! hope its ok - natasha


Originally posted by apprentice-a-wolf

 “Goodnight,” I murmured, before standing on tiptoes to press a kiss to Daryl’s unshaven cheek. As soon as I began to pull away, his lips chased mine and caught them.

  Daryl’s kisses were clumsy and tentative and all-together completely inexperienced; they tasted bittersweet, of salt and smoke and sadness, but I loved every one of them. Kisses were all we had. Ever since that night, when Daryl had opened up to me about his first time, and I’d promised ‘plenty of other times’ (initiating our kind-of-sort-of relationship), we’d done nothing but kiss. I had thought that Daryl would be keen to forget bad memories of his first time in favour of much better memories of other times as soon as possible, but it had been two weeks, and every time things started to go further than kissing, Daryl stuttered that he had somewhere to be, or someone to see. He then left quickly, sometimes with his crossbow held strategically in front of his crotch. He seemed to just be taking things slow, so I went along with it, because the last thing I wanted to do was rush him into anything he wasn’t ready for.

  The kiss was over suddenly and Daryl took a step back. He licked his lips (something he seemed to do before and after every kiss) and his gaze travelled to my shoulder, where it stayed as he asked me the same question he asked every night. “Ya still haven’t told anyone, right? About the thing I told ya?”

  I replied with the same answer I used every night. “No, Daryl. And I’m not going to, ever.”

  He grunted, and nodded very slightly, his eyes still avoiding mine.

  “‘Night,” he said hastily, brushing his lips against mine once more and bumping our noses in the process. I saw his cheeks begin to flush pink just before he turned to head upstairs to the bathroom. I watched him leave, my head tilted to one side in confusion. No matter how many times I told him that his secret was safe with me, he seemed unable to believe me. I supposed that it was because he had only recently learned to trust people.

  With a sigh, I made to open the door to the living room, only to be stopped in my tracks when I saw that the door was already open, and Tara was blocking my entry. Daryl and I had been so absorbed in each other that we hadn’t even noticed someone standing there.

  “Never would’ve put you two together, but it works,” Tara said, nodding approvingly. She smiled brightly and grabbed my wrist, pulling me into the room eagerly. I was good friends with everyone in the group, but, aside from Daryl, I was closest to Tara.

  “Tell me everything,” she whispered (since everyone else was sleeping). And I did, because I loved her, and I trusted her to keep things quiet. Of course, there was one thing I didn’t share.

  Despite the changing nature of our relationship, Daryl and I were still good friends, and as such we still found the time to talk: silly, late-night conversations about trivial things, people and places. Tonight we were out on the porch again and had gotten onto the topic of movies.

  “We didn’t own no DVD player or shit, so the only movies I ever saw were the ones bad enough to be shown on daytime television. There was one time Merle and I snuck into a movie theatre without payin’, an’ it was some 3-hour shit about a boat. Put me off movies for good.”

  “Titanic?” I asked incredulously, finding it hard to believe that Daryl had just described an award-winning movie as ‘some 3-hour shit about a boat’.

  “Yeah, tha’ was it. You heard of it, then?”

  “Just a bit,” I laughed. Daryl heard my laughter and a puzzled look swam in his eyes. “It was only one of the most popular movies of all time,” I said, nudging him playfully.

  “Huh,” Daryl said, raising his eyebrows.

  “Well, I liked it.”

  “Yeah, well, you would,” Daryl scoffed, his speech distorted as he lit the cigarette propped between his lips.

  He stood with his back against the railings, ankles crossed and head hung back slightly. He took a drag, and then blew a stream of smoke into the cool air. I let my gaze linger on his face, on every shadow and scar and smudge. On the birthmark just above his lips, on the wisps of hair that had fallen in front of his eyes.

  “Why’re ya starin’ at me?”

  “You’re just — you’re —“

  The front door burst open and Tara appeared. “Yes! We’ve got more people!” she shouted back into the house.

  “What?” Daryl said.

  “We’re playing spin the bottle!”

  “No, you’re playing spin the bottle. We’re out here,” I said, laughing at the slur in her voice and the redness of her face, no doubt caused by a good amount of Alexandria’s alcohol stock.

  “No, you’re playing too. Come on, we need you for it to work,” Tara said, pouting a little.

  Daryl sighed and stubbed out his cigarette on a pillar. “Fine. Let’s go, Y/N.”

  I was in disbelief that Daryl was the one leading the way, but let him pull me by the hand into the kitchen, where Rosita, Maggie, Glenn, Eugene and Abraham sat in a circle, all holding half-empty glasses of alcohol. Tara dropped down next to Maggie, and Daryl and I squeezed into the other empty spaces: I sat between Abraham and Eugene (the latter of which had probably been forced to join in by Tara and Rosita), and Daryl between Glenn and Tara.

  “Okay! I’m going first!” Tara said gleefully, spinning the empty beer bottle clumsily. It slid around on the wooden flooring and eventually came to a halt pointing at Rosita, who smirked and clambered to her feet, accidentally knocking over Eugene’s glass. She took Tara’s hand and pulled her to her feet, and the two of them stumbled into a nearby closet, closing the door behind them.

  “What’s goin’ on? I thought ya just had to kiss the person it lands on?” Daryl asked, looking around the circle.

  “I was under the impression that Tara and Rosita had somewhat adapted the rules in order to incorporate another game.”

  “What other game, Eugene?” I said, rolling my eyes at his continually awkward language use.

  “I believe it’s called ‘seven minutes in heaven’,” Eugene said, looking at the floor. “The person who spins the bottle can, as far as I’m aware, do whatever they wish to the other per—”

  “We get it, thanks.”

  “— for exactly seven minutes.”

  “Okay then,” I said, trying to ignore the quiet moans coming from the closet. We all tried to make conversation, and I slid a CD into the player to make the atmosphere a little less tangible. Five minutes later, Tara and Rosita emerged from the closet, looking considerably more rumpled than when they’d gone in.

  Rosita went next, and landed on Eugene, and Abraham conspicuously nudged the bottle a few inches left to point at himself, and so Abraham and Rosita spent their seven minutes in the closet. Abraham spun and landed on Glenn, and no noises came from the closet during their seven minutes, so I’m pretty sure they just had a civilised conversation in there instead. Tara grumbled and said that they were breaking the rules, but Maggie seemed pleased that her husband wasn’t making out with Abraham, which was unsurprising.

  Glenn landed on Maggie (his spin was rather strategical), and then Maggie landed on me. Maggie pecked me on the lips when we went into the closet, but then we just chatted for the rest of the time whilst moaning exaggeratedly every now and then, just to make the others think we were doing more. Our subsequent laughter may have made it less convincing.

  When I sat back down in the circle, it was my turn to spin. The bottle seemed to slow to half-speed as it passed each member of the circle several times, before finally stopping at Daryl. I glanced at him; his eyes were clouded with hesitation and panic.

  “We don’t have to —” I started.

  “Yes! Yes you do!” Tara exclaimed, grabbing both of us and pushing us towards the closet. Just before she shut the door on us, she winked at me, obviously thinking that this was what we both wanted: a little alone time.

  The closet muffled the kitchen’s laughter and music, and the only light came from the crack under the door. My eyes adjusted to the darkness quickly, and I could make out the silhouette of Daryl’s body.

  “We don’t have to do anything but kiss,” I murmured, touching his arm gently.

  “I have no idea what I’m doin’, Y/N.”

  “Well, me neither; the last time I played this I was 16,” I said.

  “No, I mean… I mean sex.”


  “That’s what we’re supposed to be doin’ in here, right? Fuckin’? I’m just tellin’ ya that I don’t know what I’m doin’, because the last time I did that,  the girl — the hooker — she did all the… all the work.”


  “And that’s why we haven’t done anythin’ yet, because I don’t want ya thinkin’ I’m… that I’m stupid or nothin’.”

  “It’s okay, Daryl. I don’t think you’re stupid.”

  Daryl sniffed and rubbed his eyes harshly.

  “Well, like I said, all we need to do is kiss. We don’t even have to do that, not if you don’t want to.”

  “No, I… I wanna kiss ya,” Daryl said quietly.

  “Well, technically, it was my spin, so I get to kiss you.”

  “If that’s what the rules say,” Daryl said, gradually moving closer to me.

  Daryl’s kisses were starting to get more controlled, more assertive, more adept. With every brush of his lips against mine, his touches became more confident: he twisted his fingers into my hair, left my lips to place soft kisses on my neck, moved a hand to caress my lower back. Just as I was about to suggest taking things a tiny bit further, a loud knock on the door made us both jump.

  “Uh, guys?” said Glenn. “It’s been 20 minutes.”

  I reached behind Daryl and turned the lock on the door.

  “Thanks for letting us know!” I called out, before whispering my suggestion in Daryl’s ear.

Curiosity killed the Cat

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request I got from a lovely anon a while ago. Sorry it took me so long and I hope this is at least a little like what you expected it to be. :D

You find a little cabin in the woods surrounded by walkers. Inside that cabin you find Daryl, who is obviously intrigued by your weapon, a trident.

word count: 1343

I’ve been alone for a while now. I stopped counting the days, stopped wondering if I’d ever find people again. Or to put it correctly: people who wouldn’t try to rob me or even worse kill me. I wish I could say that only happened once before, but actually a lot of people only cared for themselves these days and even more of them would just kill another human being if that meant they could survive for another day. I sighed. I had killed people too, but never for the sake of my own advantage, always only in self-defense. I weighed my weapon in my hands. It was heavy, the metal was cold under my touch. Suddenly I heard a rustling and growling coming from the bushes.
A single walker was coming out of it about ten meters away from me, but as I prepared myself for the attack grabbing my weapon tightly, I realized the walker wasn’t really interested in me. He was heading towards a little cabin I could see in the distance. Far enough to not be seen immediately, but still close enough to attract every walker that was near that cabin. 

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Dead Natural {9}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing, Tension

Words: 2,173

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Who’s ready to see Dean and Daryl interact? Enjoy guys!

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Next to You

Writer: thegalagaplayingshieldagent

Original Imagine: Here

Word Count: 2,367

Trigger Warnings: Death of a best friend? 

A/N: Um, hi. This is my first oneshot for this blog, so I hope you like it okay? I put in a few minor curse words, and I just figured I’d let you know because I don’t want to somehow offend somebody.  *Backs away awkwardly* So, yeah, hope you like…

It’s not like it doesn’t happen often. In-fact, nightmares are a nightly occurrence for you. You’re unsure of how many days, weeks, or months you’ve been having them for, as ever since the damn world ended it’s been hard for you to keep track of all the dates gone by. The only thing that you know about it is that you’ve been having nightmares ever since everything went to shit, and the dead started stumbling around.

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I was having Bethyl feels, so here, have a First Date at the Safe Zone ficlet

The Alexandria Safe Zone wasn’t huge, but it certainly wasn’t small, either. When he first arrived, Daryl Dixon hadn’t bothered to explore it much. He didn’t care to see it – didn’t care to meet new people, to integrate, to try. Beth was gone and with her had gone his entire livelihood.

But then he’d found her – or Aaron had. Daryl had gotten the flu that day of all days. But he would remember the moment forever. He would remember the shouting coming from the streets. He would remember how Carl (who was playing cards with Daryl in the bedroom to keep him company while he was sick) stood up and told him to wait here as he looked out the window. He would remember Carl’s sharp intake of breath as he saw what was happening outside. He would remember the way Carl turned back to him, eyes as round as dinner plates, a smile stretching across his face. “We have to go outside, now.”

He would remember his confusion, he would remember how difficult it was to get down the stairs – his body had been achy, the flu had done a number on him. Carl had supported him the whole way – but the boy was clearly anxious to get outside. Anxious to show him something.

He would remember stepping out into the blinding sunlight. He would remember how Rick was hugging someone small in front of him – he couldn’t quite see who it was, but everyone was smiling. And then he would remember what quite literally stopped his heart from beating for a moment. As Rick stepped aside. It was her. Beth. Alive.

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anonymous asked:

Adoribull Prompt: Character A finds Character B's diary/record book where they talk about the members of inner circle of the inquisition, from the moment they joined up until the present.

Oh my, did this one dip into the dark territory for awhile.  I did deviate from the prompt just a bit because honestly, I couldn’t see either of these men breaking the others trust by going through their private journal.  I hope you enjoy!

Dorian scowled slightly as he shifted his robes in the one drawer he’d claimed in Bull’s dresser.  It wasn’t so much the lack of drawer space that was bothering him as the small black leather notebook he found tucked into the corner, a wide piece of dark brown leather wrapped around the outside to keep the pages shut.  Reaching for the scarred leather Dorian ran his thumb across the cover absently as he turned to Bull.  “Amatus?”

“Oh shit,” Bull muttered, reaching for the book with a chagrined look.

“Dare I ask?”  Dorian chuckled, letting the book go freely but arching one brow at his love.

“Just notes,” Bull muttered, quickly tucking the book into the bag that was never far from him.  The bag that Dorian knew contained everything Bull had ever deemed important when communicating to his superiors in Par Vollen.

Dorian often wondered just what that bag contained now that Bull was Tal-Vashoth, but he had a feeling just asking the question would put that lost look on Bull’s face that Dorian was willing to do almost anything to avoid and so he let the subject drop and turned back to his laundry.  He was just closing the drawer after having managed to find room for everything when Bull spoke again.  “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you.”

Spinning around, Dorian leaned against the dresser before asking, “Did I miss the point in our being together where you suddenly started owing me access to all your thoughts?”

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