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Lucky to Have You

Request: hi! can I request a peter parker imagine where you guys are dating and cuddling one day and he is all like in awe that a pretty girl like you would go out with him and all that cheesy stuff - from his POV?

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1270

Note: hey, i hope this is okay! I realised once I finished that I wrote this with female pronouns and i’m so sorry!! i realise how heteronormative and problematic it is so please feel free to ask for it with neutral/your own pronouns. Once again please give feedback so i can get better, thanks for the request.

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Peter Parker was more than your average teenage boy; he was a straight-A student by day, and a crime fighting ‘superhero’ by night. He was the youngest member of the Avengers and fought criminals that not even the police could handle. So why was he so nervous?

The short answer was Y/N. He might have been literally extraordinary but he was still only a teenager, and like every teenager, his hormones were haywire. She only made it worse because she was so pretty and smart and nice god damn it why were crushes so hard? Peter was pretty sure he had embarrassed himself beyond belief by asking her out, because why would someone like her reciprocate gooey feelings for someone like him, and he immediately began apologising, except turns out she said yes. That was, quite possibly, one of the best days of Peter Parker’s life.

Fast forward three months and they were still together. For some reason absolutely unknown to Peter, Y/N hadn’t walked away from him. Not when he went on his extensive fangirl sessions over the Avengers, or when he went to Berlin for three days without telling her, or even the multiple times that he left their dates to be Spider-Man. He was still shocked that she stayed with him, but hey - why fix something that’s not broken, right?

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Fight Me | Love Me

My friend prompted:”You know that trope where couples pretend like they’re all lovey dovey when they’re around friends, but argue all the time when they’re alone? Imagine your otp doing the exact opposite. They are always bickering and fighting when there are people around, but once they’re alone they fly into each others arms and kiss and are just stupidly affectionate. Literally everyone thinks they’re sworn enemies, but nah”

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