i love the little laugh he has to himself

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I love how self-deprecating he can be sometimes. RTing that glorious gif? Priceless! I mean, he's a gorgeous man, a very talented actor, a fantastic patron of multiple charities, the kindest souls you'll ever met, and yet he's still a child at heart, he doesn't take himself too seriously and he's always a good sport. Cait is right, he is a good man! ❤

I don’t think it’s even self-depreciating. He just has fun with life and can laugh at the little things. It makes you see why Cait is always laughing such a deep and genuine laugh when he’s around.

Signs As Boyfriends 💘

Aries: The boyfriend who is constantly standing up for you. Most likely gets into little meaningless arguments with you about small stuff, but he really loves you. Maybe not that big on hugging, but will take any chance he gets to kiss you.

Taurus: Super cute, always greeting you by calling you “beautiful” or “gorgeous”, etc. Hates it when you get insecure about yourself. Always wanting to cuddle and be around you. Probably over uses “I love you.”

Gemini: Often tickles you. Jokes around a lot, but usually makes himself laugh. Probably argues a lot over dumb little things, but always apologizes afterwards. Gets a little distant every once in a while, but has an explanation for it.

Cancer: Has soft, caring eyes. Gets upset when you feel insecure or bad about yourself. Hugs you as much as possible. Secretly enjoys holding your hand. The “I’d rather kiss your forehead instead of your lips” boyfriend.

Leo: Shows you off, a LOT. Makes it obvious that he’s proud to have you. May come off a bit cocky, but he’s probably only thinking about you nonstop. Treats you as if you’re his delicate little kitten.

Virgo: Comes up with cute nicknames for you. Doesn’t really open up about his feelings to you, doesn’t like it when you know he’s upset about something. Wants you to be happy all the time.

Libra: Loves spoiling you with little gifts. Flirts with you a lot, even though you’re already his. A bit careless, care free. Has his arm around you all the time.

Scorpio: Really mysterious with others but opens up to you more than anyone else. Also over uses “I love you.” Loves to cuddle you. Gets really jealous easily, but makes up for it. Enjoys kissing you, including your neck.

Sagittarius: He likes to lay with you. Your “Netflix and Chill” boyfriend. Won’t force you to do something you don’t want to do. Rests your feet over his lap, probably lays on your lap. Has a cute smile that he’s often showing off.

Capricorn: Likes twirling, pulling, just playing with your hair in general. Gets frustrated easily. Hugs you from behind and rests his chin on your shoulder. Kisses your nose. Often competing with you about weird, stupid, adorable things.

Aquarius: Always trying to make you laugh. Kind of like a best friend, but one you can kiss and cuddle. Will most likely offer to walk you home. Always coming up with crazy scenarios to play out with you.

Pisces: Tells you about his dreams he has with you in them. Super adorable all the time. Not really shy, but not really confident. Really into gender roles. Plays with your fingertips often.

Getting There

When it comes to his feelings for Midorima, Kazunari is way past the point of denying anything, but apparently accepting your feelings does not automatically allow one to receive the mystical wisdom of whatever the FUCK you’re supposed to do next.

this is my tcbt secret santa gift for @aurenwolfgang!  thank you so much for being patient with me while I got everything together, I hope you had a lovely christmas!

~4k, MidoTaka  [read on ao3]

It happens so fast that he’s still thinking “oh shit, I’m about to eat it” after he’s already facedown on the ground.  The cement is rough under his hands and surprise has stolen the air from his lungs, but Midorima’s laugh is a new one – one Kazunari has never had the chance to hear before – and suddenly it’s the most important thing in the world that he be allowed to see it happening.  He peels himself off the sidewalk ungracefully, wobbling a little as he gets up as far as his knees, and turns to the side as much as he can without actually standing.

Midorima has one hand over his mouth and is curled into himself slightly, trying to stifle the laughter that sounds like it’s been pulled uncontrollably from his chest.

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Ok, this isn’t a Delitoonz thing, but I just wanted to get this out there. H2O Delirious is really important to me for a few different reasons, but a big one is the way he talks. He stutters, forgets words, pronounces things wrong, and he doesn’t care. He laughs it off and accepts it as a part of himself. This matters to me because my little brother has always had a problem with stuttering and it makes him really self conscious. He’s said before that he could never be a Youtuber because of that, but I told him about Delirious, that he has 7 million subs, and that he stutters and messes up his words too. People don’t love him in spite of it- they love him because of it. 

Let me just say that that has made A WORLD of difference for my brother. I wish I could thank Delirious in person, but I’m so happy that he embraces his differences, and that he didn’t let anything get in the way of him entertaining and inspiring millions of people.

Anyway, I know this is long and I’m sorry, but I needed somewhere to vent my love for Delirious, especially all his little quirks that we know only makes him better. God, I love him. 

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I cannot express my love for Jimin enough. I love his passion for dance (I dance myself) but he puts forth so much effort in dance and I love how driven he is. Another thing, I know he struggled with his body issues and I wish I could just squish his cheeks and tell him he's perfect the way he is!! Like boi! We love you when you're happy and HEALTHY! Also he's such a tease! He can go from Mochi to daddy 0-100 REAL QUICK😂. He's just so sweet and his laugh melts my heart. He deserves the world💞

This is so cute, yes!!! Jimin is so adorable, and I’m glad that he is learning to love himself because he is just so perfect. Highkey though s2g he has two personalities, of stage he’s cute and innocent and squishy, but the second he steps on stage, BAM he’s turned daddy af with those hip thrusts and little smirks he does. 

Send me an ask telling me your BTS bias and your favorite thing about them!

Imagine a scene where Sherlock gets it wrong. Utterly, catastrophically wrong, in far deeper waters than we’ve ever seen him. The dangerous song and dance with Mary is at its breaking point. The pressure of it all is just too much. And Sherlock screams at John, and he hates himself for it- why is he screaming at John when it is the first he has seen him back in 221B in ages, but he can’t help it, it’s all just too-

“I can’t do it, John! Alright? There, I said it- the Great Sherlock Holmes can’t figure it out! Why don’t you write that on your idiot blog of yours, I’m sure people will love it. Let them have a good laugh at their little machine that’s broken, I bet they-”

And the words die in his throat as he puts his head in his hands, sinking into his armchair. He’s said too much. He’s not said enough. His voice doesn’t sound like himself.

Sherlock thinks John has left. But then, he hears cautious footsteps. A pause. And then, John’s hand is on his knee, and Sherlock looks up, and John has bent down in front of him.

“You’re not-” John’s voice breaks and he coughs, once. “You’re not a machine.” He squeezes Sherlock’s knee. “You’re just… you’re just human.”

Sherlock’s tears are silent. “John, I’m-”

And, John is pulling him close, hugging him tight, and Sherlock can’t speak. He can feel John smile against his neck.

“That was long overdue,” John says, and the humour is back in his voice, something that Sherlock hasn’t heard in a long while. “It’s okay. We’ll figure it out. It’s always the two of us, in the end.”

Yes, Sherlock thinks. He has something to hope for.

So I saw One Direction yesterday and this is kind of what happened…

Song one: Harry and Louis are at opposite ends of the stage but staring at each other… obviously staring and at one point Louis catches Harry looking and he has the biggest grin it’s unbelievable.

Later on:  Perfect:  Larry feels are on point. Every line that the other had, they would gaze at each other again and smile.

18: During the part where Louis is meant to have his solo… Harry sings too… he sings… ‘I have loved you since we were 16’… I am dying at this point.

Little things:  Harry changes to lyrics to 'All his little things'  TWICE. After the first one, Liam laughs and looks shocked and he kind of grabs Louis to steady himself before turning to harry but I couldn’t see his face at his point. End of the song:  Niall asks everyone to sing it for them… The whole crowd sing 'All his little things’ and Larry just look at each other like it’s the best thing they’ve ever heard/seen.  

Then this happened…. Liam picked a guy from the crowd and turned the camera to him. These were his EXACT WORDS:

“So you have a beard, actually I think a lot of guys in here have beards… or had beards you know’ He then blatantly looks at Harry and Louis.

Liam spoke to this guy about his beard at least 4 times during the night, each time saying something about having a beard and looking at one of the guys…

I already shipped Larry but for me this just confirmed it.

my headcanon is that Bucky is actually the type of person that laughs really often and easily. he’s charming and has a great sense of humor and loves to enjoy himself and be around other people, and it makes him a great contrast to little angry raincloud Steve Rogers, he brightens things up

even after the 107th gets captured he is pretty well known among the Commandos for being a great storyteller and always being there to laugh with you when there is good news of any kind, being the first to celebrate when people gets letters from home with birth and wedding announcements

everyone in the 21st century kind of gets used to the scary, serious, and quiet Winter Soldier, so it’s kind of a surprise to everyone but Steve once he starts recovering and loosening up and earning his laughter back one day at a time

EXO Reaction when you’re dating them and you are introduced to the others for the first time

I would be so nervous to be honest, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Always doing weird things* “I’m Chan.. the one who will make you laugh all the time!”


*You can’t stop admiring this God and he knows it*


*Introducing himself* “I’m Mr. Oh. I love Choco and I’m the maknae! Everybody loves me!”


*Runs to hug you* “Welcome home little sister!!! Here, let me panda hug you!”


“I was dressing man! It’s not my fault you didn’t knock!” *Already makes you feel like you are one of them*


*Curious* “So do girls always smell this nice? Do you have friends… you know to hang out with… I’m Baozi!”


*Has no words* “Damn she is pretty…. this can’t be happening to me”


*The first chat you two have is about how “manly” he is*


“Will you love me too? Please do… I’m cute!” *Is adorable all the time*


“I can’t fall in love with her.. no I can’t. She is taken… girls don’t really look at me.. I’m just the friend… no I don’t love her..” *Struggling Soo*


“Woah! Kris wasn’t lying! You are very pretty!” *Angelic Lay*


*Gentleman* “I’m Suho… I take care of these 11 dorks… I’ll gladly be there for you too”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Luke Hemmings- Just Knowing

Request: Can I request? Y/n has a abusive boyfriend, Luke catches him hit you and goes mad as he has always cared about you. Then he shows you how your suppose to be treated. ;)

*Admin Note*: This is probably my longest piece and you may say that I got a little carried away, but I love it and I hope you do too!


The thunder crashed outside and the power to the entire house cut off, I looked over to my best friend, Luke, and couldn’t help but laugh. Luke cracked me a smile before starting to laugh himself. I stood up from my spot on the couch to look at him and say, “Let’s go get a couple of candles.”

“Okay,” Luke laughed as he stood up and followed me to the closest. Luke had come to just hang out, it had been forever since I have seen him because my boyfriend Tyler wasn’t a big fan of me hanging out with other guys. He never has been, but once we moved in together it got worse and soon I cut off all of my guy friends to keep him happy.

After I found the candles Luke and I started lighting them around the house, we had made it into the living room when the door closed and I knew that Tyler was home. I slowly placed the candle down and readied myself for what was to come.

“This storm is crazy, isn’t it babe?…Babe?” Tyler said, walking into the living room and see Luke and I there. “What’s going on here?” He asked, looking in between both of us.

Luke stepped up, his hand out ready to skate, “Hey man.”

Tyler walked past Luke, “I wasn’t talking to you.” Tyler stood directly in front of me and looked down at me. “What the hell is going on here?”

“It had been forever since I hung out with any one, so I thought it was okay if we hung out for a little.” I said nervously, looking at Luke and then back at Tyler.

“Don’t fucking lie to me.” Tyler shouted, Luke stepped up but I shook my head signaling for him to stay.

“Babe, I’m not lying. We were just hanging out in the living room watching tv.” That’s when I felt a sudden flash of pain on the side of my face right near my eye. I stumbled backwards, leaning up against the couch when Luke stood in front of me. Tyler raised his fist  to hit Luke and that’s when Luke grabbed my wrist, pulling us away but not forgetting to stick hit foot out and watch Tyler fall to the floor.

Luke pulled me and we ran from the house to his car in the pouring rain. He looked at me a wiped his thumb across my face before opening my door for me and helping me into the car. Luke ran to his sided of car and quickly climbed in, he started the car and pulled out of the driveway recklessly. Once  we got to the main rode Luke started driving carefully, constantly checking behind him and into the other lanes before switching them. We drove for a good fifteen minutes before pulling into his neighborhood.

We both ran to his front door and rushed inside to get out of the rain. When we got inside Luke looked at me and smiled, but I could tell that smile was full of pitty. I shook my head and walked away, turning down the hall to go to his room. He had a towel hanging on the back of his door, so I took it and stripped out of my soaked clothes leaving me in my bra and panties. I walked to Luke’s closest and grabbed on of his shirts, after putting it on I used the towel to dry my hair.

Luke walked in the room with caution, as if he didn’t want to scare me away but I could tell that he didn’t know how to act. Luke stood behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and running them down my arms. “I am so sorry.” He whispered softly.

I turned to look at him and smiled, “I’m okay, I’m away from him. There’s nothing else we can really do.”

Luke tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and looked at me, he gently grabbed my head and tilted my head before kissing my upper cheek. Luke guided me to look at him but he didn’t remove his hand, I noticed him swallow before leaning in and kissing me. I placed my hands on Luke’s biceps, kissing him back which came to more of a surprise to him then it did me. He deepened the kiss by placing his hands on both sides of my face, making me want this even more.

I grabbed both sides of his flannel and began pushing it off of his shoulders, Luke let go of my face and pulled off the flannel himself. I hooked my fingers into his belt loops and pulled him to the bed, our kiss never breaking. Luke pulled away from him, only to pulling off his wet shirt and pants. I took off Luke’s shirt, wrapping a hand around the back of Luke’s neck and pulling him into a kiss as I laid down on the bed.

Luke and I have hooked up a couple times before, we were actual each others firsts because we wanted to be experienced when it came to having sex with someone else. There was just something about having sex with Luke, we both knew each other so well that it wasn’t awkward and we knew exactly what to do.

Luke started moving the kiss down my neck, so I leaned my head to the side as he reached around and unclipped my bra. As Luke kissed back up my neck and to my lips he started massages my boobs, licking his lips and kissing me as he did. Luke’s tongue glided across my bottom lip, so I opened my kiss in response. I felt one of Luke’s knees push my legs apart as he stopped massaging my boobs and held on to the side of my face once again. His other hand slid down my side, before his thumb slipped under my panties and his hand found its way to my core. Luke’s hand was cold against my skin, causing me to gasped as his slid a few fingers between my folds. He massaged up and down my slit, pressing his thumb to my clit and rubbing circles.

I reached in between us and pushed his boxers down, they were at mid thigh when I took a hold of his member and danced my thumb over his tip. Luke moaned into the kiss, letting go of my face and pushing off his boxers completely. He then took a hold of both sides of my panties and ripped them off my legs. Luke pumped him member a few times before he rubbed it up and down my slit, adding more pressure onto my clit. He continued to do this as he took a hold of my face and kissed me again, finally pushing himself into me as our lips touched. I moaned against his lips as I felt him fill me up, the feeling was indescribable and something I had missed. Luke and I had cut off our agreement just a couple of months before I got with Tyler, and I was with Tyler just over a year and a half.

Luke rested his forehead against mine as he rocked his hips, wanting to focus on what he was doing , and damn was it driving me crazy. My back arched off the bed as my nails dug into his biceps, I was moaning his name as he continued to move. I could see a smile of satisfaction on his face, along with hearing quiet moans in between my own. My high was building up, but I couldn’t find the words to tell him. Luke moved his hand from beside me and started rubbing rough circles on my clit.

My walls tightened around him and I heard Luke mutter the words, “Fuck baby girl,” which only fueled me even more. I continued to tighten my walls around him until he was moaning just as loud as I was. One of Luke’s thrusts was deeper than the others and I came undone completely. My eyes closed as I unexpectedly released myself. Luke’s breathing became unsteady a couple of moments later until he reached his climax.

Once we both calmed down, Luke pulled out of me and pulled me into his arms. I rested my chin on his chest and looked up at him, waiting to see what he was going to say. Luke looked down at me and smiled, “I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you like that ever again, stay here with me and I promise that will never happen to you.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

He looked at me again and said, “Are you being serious?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “One hundred percent.”

~Brittney c:

 So I just introduced my little 9 (almost 10) year old sister to Harry Potter. Great parental feeling, btw. She’s already fond of it and can’t wait to watch the 2nd movie (she has seen the first movie and read the first book too).

 I asked her who is her favorite character - she said she likes Harry himself. And then she smiles at me, and adds “I love Snape too, he’s so interesting and mysterious” and giggles. So I tell her he’s always been my favorite as well, and we laugh together :D 

 Long story short, my sister is growing to be a nice human being ^^