i love the lighting of this scene it is perfect

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Guys how depressing is it how young Azula was?

see I watched Avatar before I turned fourteen, so I never realized just how YOUNG fourteen is. Now I realize how fucked UP it is for a fourteen year old girl to be manipulating, threatening, and killing people.

Like she’s this brilliant little political strategist, she’s blackmailing and lying to people and starting coups and she’s powerful and talented…

But she’s also really, really fucked up, like, remember when you were fourteen?

You were just a kid, really, you just started high school, you had acne and you said painfully embarrassing things and watched anime.

What was Azula doing?

Well argue that she’s evil, but she wasn’t born like that.

She was made that way.

Unlike Zuko, her personality took their father’s bullshit the OPPOSITE way.

She became what daddy wanted and that made her want his approval more than anything and guess what that brought her?

Misery and mental instability and the inability to connect to others.

Now Zuko’s character development is the greatest development ever written.

But hers is damn close because they HIT THE SAME POINT but Zuko hit it and realized oh shit…my dad sucks.

And Azula hit it and thought I need to become better. I need to become perfect. I’m the problem not daddy.

But she could never be perfect, you see, the world doesn’t go according to your plans, and your father doesn’t love you and won’t, because he’s using you as a pawn and your BROTHER realized this before you.

Your brother decided he wouldn’t be your father’s tool anymore.

I think one of the greatest scenes was when Azula was mangling her own hair.

Like that scene where she imagines her mother…

Earlier she had said “my own mother thought I was a monster” and then looked solemn…but light heartedly brushing it off by saying “she was right of course.”

But that always seemed to me like a quick cover.

Like me when I say “so I’m complete scum…how’s your day?”

You laugh off the things that hurt most.

Maybe she thought her mother hated her because she acted like her father.

Maybe she grew to resent her mother because she loved Zuko more for his compassion and the fact that they were probably more alike than she and her father.

It’s kinda common, actually, for a parent to be more fond of the child that more closely resembles them, it’s an ego thing.

Maybe she subconsciously knew that her father was more like her, but that he doesn’t truly love ANYONE cuz he’s an ass, and she told herself that his approval was enough.

But she didn’t get AFFECTION from him like Zuko got from their mother.

So in that scene where she sees her mother being affectionate but mocking as she tells her she looks lovely, maybe that’s all of her insecurities come back to haunt her.

It’s just.

Avatar is amazing.

Azula being 14 and THIS FUCKED UP.

Like incredible, you will never hate a villain more than Ozai.

He fucked up nations and fucked up his own family, and by all rights Aang should’ve killed him, like you wanted that to happen…but then he doesn’t.

And you realize Aang is a damn monk and all of these people, even if they can’t be saved, deserve compassion.

Azula, I believe, was saved. Zuko had more compassion for her, as he always did, than she ever had for him, but in a way, it’s really not her fault.

PSA (extended edition): Akaashi says he feels good watching Bokuto

Wow! Thanks to everyone who liked the Akaashi says he feels good watching Bokuto PSA! Tbh, I don’t usually bother with the raws since they are so hard to find, but I took a peek at some other lines from the ch244 and I am really baffled by these translations on the MS release. Plus I saw some questions in the tags so I wanted to add some extra context to my earlier PSA.

Regrettably, I don’t actually have the raw pages (if anyone can provide them, I’d be most thankful!) but a Japanese fan had the chapter all transcribed. Fingers crossed to its accuracy but, from what I’m seeing and the snippets they included, it looks solid. So let’s do this: Operation Overkill Of Four Lines of Dialogue, commence!

Konoha: 「赤葦、たまには木兎スルーしても良いんだからな?まあ復活してもらわないとマズい時もあるけど…」

“Akaashi, it’s fine to ignore Bokuto sometimes, you know? Well, if you don’t give us a Bokuto revival, we’re in for a bad time…”

Konoha here describes Bokuto’s revival with もらう, which is a verb used when receiving. Akaashi is effectively the one giving the team Bokuto at his peek, and Konoha is acknowledging that he is a recipient of this benefit. Unlike in the MS translation, Konoha shows none of that excessive teasing. There is also absolutely nothing here about Bokuto’s ego. This is a situation where MS is making Bokuto out to be worse/more troublesome than he actually is.

Akaashi: 「…俺が引き出せるのは木兎さんの力のほんの一部ですし それに


“… I can only draw out a mere portion of Bokuto-san’s strength, and besides

"it’s all because watching Bokuto-san play in top form feels really good.”

OK, OK, so I tried to spruce this up, I admit. I didn’t have the lead-in それに before so this is a cleaner version than the first PSA. I also overlooked とても like a dunce so there you have it: watching Bokuto makes Akaashi feel REALLY good! Also, grammar-wise, the basic rule of thumb is that は provides our topic marker, but while our topic here in the second half is “Bokuto in top form,” it is not the thing doing the action of seeing or feeling good. It is merely a reminder that Bokuto in top form is the point around which Akaashi’s efforts and feelings are being driven. So while perhaps Akaashi might mean others feel good watching as well, Akaashi is talking about himself with the emphasis on Bokuto’s performance.

In addition, Akaashi isn’t disregarding Konoha’s suggestion, he’s acknowledging it but then countering it with something positive about Bokuto. This is reminiscent to how Akaashi handled talking about Bokuto to Tsukishima at the BBQ. To perhaps make this translation even clearer, Akaashi is saying: I guess I could ignore Bokuto-san since I only do a little bit to draw out his strength, but I get the pleasure of feeling really good whenever I see Bokuto-san perform at his best (so I might as well keep at it). And then, of course, we have Akaashi’s expressions accompanying these two lines. First, he looks down and thoughtful. Second, he’s looking up and smiling. This is a very good and personal moment, and I’d like to thank Furudate for this gift.

There is still absolutely nothing here in regards to any highlight reels.

Friendly reminder also that Akaashi refers to himself as 俺, which is a very masculine pronoun as compared to the more general, politer 僕.

Sarukui: 「それ本人に言えば?」

“What if you told him?”

This is a simple conditional statement but with no assumptions attached. That is the nature of ~ ば. I might go as far as to say it has a blissful, ‘if you told him, what’s the worse that could happen?’ kind of attitude. It’s really basic but Sarukui is being chill and open minded. There’s no sign of aggression or forwardness akin to, ‘say that to his face.’

Konoha: 「ダメだダメだ!調子に乗りすぎる!」

“No, no way! He’d get too carried away!”

Konoha is the opposite of chill. He flings out his arm to stop them physically and verbally from pursuing this line of thought. 調子 means one’s condition or tone, so it’s probably safe go with Bokuto’s emotions. To help us in figuring out Konoha’s big concern, the image accompanying this scene shows a Bokuto radiating light, smiling huge, and looking like he’s about to fly. Or go supernova. But dare I say this looks like extreme, overwhelming happiness? So not only is this not presented as an egotistical moment where Bokuto’s ‘huge head would probably explode,’ (MS sure does love to throw in Bokuto’s mystical ego at every opportunity) Konoha does not say anything to that effect.

Well there you have it! I’m not a perfect translator by any means but I love these owls and they deserve to be handled with TLC what with their rare appearances–appearances which I hope increase from here on out!

Did you see Rogue One? (Spoilers)

Aside from important conversations about representation, something that’s stayed with me about Rogue One is that last scene. You know the one: Darth Vader just kind of walking down a hallway.

You kind of knew how that was going to end, one way or the other, and yet it was still so enjoyable and, I think, legitimately scary. Why?

It’s a short horror film.

I think about this a lot and I’m sure I’ve written some too-long posts on Facebook about it before too, but let me start with a different point about that.

Jurassic Park. Terminator (and to be fair, T2 as well). Both great movies. Something that always strikes me about the recent sequels / soft reboots / whatever… is that they forget the originals were at their heart, horror films – or at least relied heavily on horror tropes – borrowing stylistically and thematically.

I mean, okay, I’m no horror or genre movie expert but, if I remember correctly, as a kid, Terminator was always in the “horror” section of the video store.

Point is, Jurassic Park even has campy jump-scares.

And even though the T-Rex runs after the heroes, the protagonists are in a Jeep – so the speed is relative… and it’s effectively a nightmare hallway scene, where they can’t quite seem to get away as the killer slowly gains on them. They don’t shy away from it at all.

Jurassic World? Terminator Genisys? They’re action movies. They traded in these kind of beautiful tension-building scenes borrowed from genre movies for robot explosions and a T-Rex fighting a genetically engineered super raptor. They abandoned telling the story well – in other words, matching how the story is told (form) to what the story is about (function) in favor of trying to make “a wild ride” or whatever.

Back to Rogue One. That scene is one of the only times I’ve ever found Darth Vader legitimately scary on screen (maybe the ending of Empire – but not like this). I was so impressed with this scene. It could have gone the way of the prequels – Vader boomeranging his lightsaber all over the place, rolling around, force-leaping half a mile, but instead, he just… walks forward.

Which – kind of unrelated – is what I loved about the 2003 Clone Wars series. General Grievous, unlike the weird coughing cartoon character we got in the movie, was a badass killer. He was legitimately scary. And the way they put together the scenes that centered him as a villain really emphasized that. They borrowed tropes and stylistic elements from horror movies.

So, Vader doesn’t move fast, because he doesn’t need to (also, canonically he can’t really). He just plods forward, methodically killing everyone in his path. Tell me you don’t see Terminator in that. Or Jason. Or Michael Myers. I love it.

So there’s the short horror film. The scene is a perfect, self-contained piece of art. The protagonist has a clearly defined goal with an item (a classic McGuffin) tied to that goal. He needs to get the disc down the hallway and through the door. The door gets stuck. The lights go out. Smoke and mist rises. The antagonist – a killer villain – appears, and with a goal in antithesis to the protagonist. Between the two, there’s a group of protectors. They fight, the protagonist and his allies try everything they can to stop or escape the villain and achieve their goal until, as we build to the climax, a dramatic question becomes clear. Will the protagonist sacrifice his life to achieve his goal, or will he succumb to fear allowing the villain to prevail? He pushes the disc through the crack in the door, he tells his last ally to run – to carry on without him – and he sacrifices himself for the greater good.

The protagonist achieves his goal, though not how he wanted to. Strengthening that journey, he had to sacrifice what he wanted (personal survival) to achieve what was needed (survival of the disc and therefore, the group).

So you have a really simple yet elegant structure, executed flawlessly. Protagonist wants to deliver the disc to safety: Thesis. Antagonist wants to prevent the delivery of the disc: Antithesis. Despite complications, obstacles, and ultimate sacrifice, the disc is moved to safety: Synthesis.

We knew that would be the conclusion all along because we’ve seen A New Hope, but I think it’s still compelling because it’s so perfectly structured and so well executed – the form of the scene perfectly matching the function. Even better, this scene is thematically a microcosm of the entire story that just came before it.

Using horror tropes and borrowing from that genre works so perfectly in this scene because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a survival horror. The protagonist in this scene is stuck in a confined space, trying to escape while being hunted by a supernatural predator. What about that doesn’t lend itself to horror?

I also got to thinking more about Vader in this scene and why that slow, plodding advance is such a scary thing and why it ends up in so many horror movies. I mean, aside from how common it is in the history of genre movies, one of the most acclaimed indie movies of the last few years is a horror called It Follows where the whole premise and plot boils down to that one thing, a slow but endlessly advancing death.

I remembered something I read online a while back about human beings (originally mentioned in the context of how we usually portray ourselves in Sci-fi). Here are some screenshots of those posts…

(If you wrote any of this and would like credit, let me know. I haven’t been able to find primary sources.)

So why is it so scary? I think it’s because this method of hunting is distinctly human. For all his force powers, the scariest thing about Darth Vader in that scene is that he just. Keeps. Coming.

Aang: I met with this guru who was supposed to help me master the avatar state and control this great power, but to do it I had to let go of someone I love, and I just couldn’t.

Iroh: Perfection and power are overrated. I think you are very wise to choose happiness and love.

Aang: But what happens if we can’t save everyone and beat Azula? Without the avatar state, what if I’m not powerful enough?

Iroh: I don’t know the answer. Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.

Daryl Dixon x Reader - You’re perfect to me (Request) [SMUT]

@prettyepiic: Hello there I have a request for Daryl x Reader.

One that involves Daryl comforting the reader after she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, and leaves her for someone else. She feels even less desired because she’s a bigger girl.

Daryl tells her that he’s fallen for her and they end up together and in love…

But could there be a light sensual smut scene? 

Something romantic I hope you’ll write it!

Thnks♥ if you add names the reader is named Holly.

P.s:Your work is amazing!!!

I hope you like it ♥

WARNING: Sexual situations, cheating , cute Daryl ♥

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual errors.

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Can you tell me PLEASE your thoughts on Barry and Iris sitting in their window and how he caresses her face? And the lighting

I’m so sorry this has taken me so long, anon. I’m almost exclusively on mobile and I wanted to back this up with pics/gifs. Plus life is so full I can barely find  moment to breathe. So I’m quite late, but here you go hope you see it. :)

(No gifs or pics are mine.)

Honestly Running Home To You is in itself a perfect love song from a musical, filmed almost as if it were being performed on the stage. All they have is two actors, a set and lighting, and a song. And the sobbing audience, of course. ;)

So I’m glad you asked about the lighting because I was quite impressed by their use of it.

First things first though, everyone has already waxed poetic about how beautiful it was and how softly he caresses her face. Everything about the scene is soft. The song is soft, the touches are soft, the lighting is soft. It’s comfort and home, just like it should be.

(Hold it together, man…don’t…cry…) Grant is a very good actor and it shows here, but he’s never quite as good as when he’s acting opposite Candice. There’s a reason they looked everywhere to find such a perfect fit, since their chemistry and how they gel together is of primary importance considering Barry and Iris are the top of the speedster family tree and their relationship is iconic. Grant and Candice acting together are a director’s dream in that they work off each other and become even stronger actors together. That’s impressive considering how strong they are alone.

So we get a love song sung to Iris, only the two of them. It’s from the heart, it’s everything it needs to be to make up for the other one being spoiled. Note the lighting is soft amber when he starts and Iris is further into the apartment, mimicking lamp light from their home.

When they move in front of the window, the lighting shifts to blue. So pretty, so soft, so romantic.

But the lights outside the window remind me of something else. For that matter, so does the blue. What does it remind me of? Oh yes.


Look at the lights! It’s not a perfect match, but it has similar elements to the other. Focus on the color blue, pretty lights, romance, we even get a similar pose with Iris’ arms around Barry’s neck.

So while it’s entirely possible that this wasn’t a conscious choice from the crew, it very well could have been. Iris is also wearing a darker blue dress here that doesn’t pull focus from the lighter blue lighting. There seems to be quite an emphasis on the color blue this season when it comes to westallen, besides the classic red and yellow because he’s the Flash. So what is that? Blue is a lovely calming color that evokes peace and stability, yes, but it’s also the primary color of the speedforce. Is this a nod to Iris as Barry’s anchor? Possible foreshadowing of speedforce involvement in beating Savitar/losing Barry to it? Savitar himself has blue highlights to his suit. We could drive ourselves crazy with theories at this point.

But the main thing I take from this is that this is again almost a “reset” for westallen, harking back to the occasion they finally got their first date right and their romantic relationship on track. It fits, considering the first proposal was spoiled to a degree and their relationship had been derailed. And it’s just lovely.

And then, of course, when Barry proposes for a second time the song is over and the lights have changed just like they do after every love song in every musical I was ever in, and of course they reflect the reds and yellows of the Flash because that’s who this show is about and there is no Flash without Iris West. I approve!

Also, that pillow was perfect set dressing, lol. Nice.

All in all, the cast and crew gave their all for the musical ep and it showed. And westallen has raised the bar for all couples everywhere. (I won’t get started on the writing choices made to finangle them to this point, lol. No seriously don’t get me started…)

Westallen deserved a gorgeous iconic romantic scene, and it was so nice that we actually got it. :) Now I need to go watch that scene again excuse me…

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Hugs for you nonny, sorry I’m late!

I saw Fifty Shades Darker and I fucking loved it. It’s less uptight and more fun, more light. Jamie smiles a whole lot and he improved his performance. Dakota is perfect. I think that one of the things that didn’t work out on the first movie is that he had to be cold towards her and after seeing Darker, I believe those two are not meant to not being caring and loving and touchy with eachother. They have massive chemistry (the sex scenes are fairly more explicit and even I had some hard time to understand that those intimate scenes were not real) and I am planning to see it again next week.

okay but what if we get a scene where ali is shopping for engagement rings for emily? like going to a jewelry store thats out of town so that way no one will see her and her face lighting up as she tries to explain to the sales clerk about the beautiful mermaid that she’s been in love with for years who is perfect in every way. and she can’t help but jumble all her words together bc she just loves her so much that there are literally no words to explain it. i’ll actually just go jump off a building now, excuse me.

Musical Theory: Subtext in The Book of Mormon suggests that Elder Price is gay and that McPriceley could be a real thing

 So, I’m a big fan of this show on YouTube called Game Theory. It’s a show that looks at the subtext of video games to figure out answers to unanswered questions in the games (like who Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy really is, or the true story of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series). It’s really interesting and I’d highly recommend you check it out. I’m also a big fan of a tumblr user called Loudest Subtext in Television, who is famous for writing excellent meta detailing all the gay subtext in the TV show Sherlock. The other day I was reading her meta and listening to the Book of Mormon cast recording, and it got me wondering… is there any subtext in that show? I initially dismissed the idea, but then as I started actually thinking about it… lots of weird things started to make sense, and I actually found a lot of evidence for what I suggested in the title of this post. I eventually came up with the theory that i’m about to present to you now. If you ship McPriceley, or you’re a big fan of the show, or you just like subtext in general, you might want to read on (obviously spoilers for the show below) :D

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that fight was so devastating! we never really saw jughead like that, especially when he's with betty,their moments are always quiet,gentle like that last scene. what did you think of it? i need that scene dissected

Oh Nonny, I’m not gonna lie: I LOVED that fight. I was absolutely giddy with glee while it happened. It was raw and angry and it brought so many of Jughead’s insecurities to light because even as he was lashing out, it was more self deprecating than finding any faults with Betty. He kept praising her even as she denied it and found so many faults within himself. It was heartbreaking but I’m so glad for that fight.

Jughead addressed some really important issues. Namely, Betty’s “perfection” and Archie. And while they didn’t re-address Archie in their later scene I don’t even know if they really need to.

Lili and Cole are AMAZING together on screen. Their actions and reactions and the emotions they bring out in each other is electric and captivating.

Betty’s face when Jughead mentioned Archie was devastating and you know that they both realized Jughead went a step too far with that remark. Her choosing to walk away COULD have been perceived as a realization on Betty’s part. It could have been Betty realizing Jughead had a point.

BUT IT WASN’T. Lili played that perfectly in a way where you saw NO REGRETS on Betty’s face about her relationship with Jughead and NO lingering feelings for Archie. She was more insulted and angry that Jughead would accuse her of that.

And look at what it lead to, exactly as you said: another soft, intimate scene with the two of them coming to a deeper understanding of each other as people and as a couple. My only issue is that I wish that diner scene had been longer. I wish we’d seen MORE of them talking about everything in their fight, going over all of their issues. But then a whole episode could have been dedicated to that talk and I still would want more :P.

I know I keep bringing up the “anchor couple” meta I wrote, but the way they’re writing them so far really does show how much of an anchor couple they really are. Contrasted with all of Archie and Veronica’s issues Bughead is a safe haven. They’re not “perfect”. They fight and have issues and THAT’S OK. They come back together stronger and their relationship deepens and becomes more stable as a result.

This got long and rambly and it’s not very organized but I’m going to go into this in so much more detail in my emotional intimacy meta which needs to be revised with this new episode. I may write a separate post on all my feelings about this episode in itself because it was just so good. Also, now I’ve started ANOTHER meta just on Betty’s feelings about the word “perfect” and everyone’s perception of her “perfection” vs her own.

So I hope this is enough for now Nonny. Stay tuned for the upcoming metas :)

“Winter Night in the Countryside”

I’ve done a lot of these star trail photos of this barn. I’m still trying to get that “perfect shot” of this scene at night. I like this one, but it’s not my favorite, so Ill keep trying.
I made this time stack by combining 425 photos into one image.

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Hi, I was just wondering if you favourite outfit in I Sae the Light? Love you blog by the way. :D

Hi there!  Thank you!

Oh, I love ISTL Asks, they are my favoritest. <3



Lemme see…

1. I love the opening scene with Cold Cold Heart.  The fedora, rolled up sleeves, white shirt, loosened collar and tie…*sigh*  It’s all lovely and perfect

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2. I also love the same look when he goes to work his charms on Audrey, although the collar is all buttoned up. 

Originally posted by teacuphiddles

3. Actually, pretty much any scene without a jacket.  And I love those pants.  The style is so good on him.  

Originally posted by maryxglz

4. The Music Notes suit has such panache.  Just wow.  

Originally posted by hard-on-for-hiddleston

4. And the fringe!  It’s the Liberace Cowboy!

Originally posted by maryxglz

Thank you for asking!  This week is the one year anniversary of when I saw the film with him at the Q&A, so I am thinking about it a lot. <3

P.S. I just want to include this gif.  Because reasons.

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If you had to pick your top 10 robron moments - like you're stranded on a desert island and you can only watch these 10 - what would they be??

anon anon this question… might destroy me….

(i reserve the right to change my mind when people inevitably remind me of scenes i have forgotten which should be here) (this was so hard to do i can’t actually tell you)

i’m strictly strictly sticking to robron only scenes because otherwise this list would be entirely different

ok in no particular order:

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I was trying to put into actual words how amazing the wedding episodes were without either waxing poetic or just banging my hands on my keyboard in a frenzy. Then I thought that I SHOULD wax poetic, because hell’s bloody bells, our boys are married!

There’s that moment, isn’t there, when something really special has happened and you know that you’ll remember it for a long time. Some of those moments are just average day to day, mundane things which just so happen to leave an impact; some again are huge events which makes your breath catch and your heart race. Emmerdale is a soap on British television, and at least seven eighths of the world’s population has never heard of it; it’s a day to day thing, which—every so often—does something magical and incredible, and makes my breath catch and my heart race.

On Tuesday, Robert and Aaron got married, and things seemed to shift just a little bit. Of course the world is still spinning on the same axis, and hell I’m still single and sporting a cough like I smoke 50 a day. The world is still this side of messed up, and sometimes we need a bit of light. For one eighth of us, that came in the form of a marriage between two fictional men, who expressed their love and devotion to each other in some of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever had the privilege of watching.

From Aaron being shoved out the door by Robert in the morning, to being held by him that night as the literal and metaphorical darkness encroached, their wedding was perfect. Even the imperfections were perfect. Even Faith Dingle’s attempts to help by throwing together a miss-match of decorations and themes made me chuckle, and when Robert and Aaron walked to their make shift altar accompanied by Bear’s Den ‘The Love We Stole’, I think we realised that even in the most chaotic mess there is beauty and awe which can be found. Of course things didn’t go to plan, and for Robron it would be too strange if it did. Their relationship is as solid as they come, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t subject to the odd strong gust of wind or upset. But they get through it, and that is what matters. Through it all, they have each other. They got married alone, in the garage (the place that it all started, the place that Robert found Aaron and his stolen car, the place that Robert asked if they could be mates, the place where they had their first time), and it was just so perfectly them. Free to express themselves, they promised themselves to each other through everything, promising to be better for each other, to be the best husbands they could be.

And so to the parts which made my chest constrict. Robert has never really felt that he belonged. For too many years he tried to be something he isn’t, and tried to flaunt an image of himself that never quite fit, like a suit made for the wrong person. But now, with Aaron, he has a family. Not just Aaron and Liv, but the Dingles. The Dingles have claimed Robert as one of their own, and I am just so unbelievably happy. Robert has married into a family which seem PROUD to call Robert their own, who seem HAPPY to do so. I think that is what struck me the most about the wedding: everyone was just so genuinely, sincerely happy. Discounting Paddy—and even he had to admit that he could see Robert loves Aaron—there wasn’t a single moment of cynicism during the episodes. Not one person considered for a moment that marriage between Robert and Aaron wouldn’t work, or couldn’t work. There was a smile on every single face when they shared their first dance and the kiss in the pub. Everyone has accepted them, and are HAPPY to do so.

Emmerdale really knocked it out of the park on Tuesday. Almost everything that was said, every choice of lighting, every placement of a hand or a tilt of a head will be remembered by us Robron fans for years. Emmerdale proved, once again, that when they get it right there is literally no one else who does it better.

Robert and Aaron found each other through each hardship. Through each hardship and difficulty to come, they have each other. Every decision they made, every step they took, led them to this moment, and to each other.

Love Letter ~ Part 2 - Cole Fluff

Request:  Holy moly, I loved the Cole imagine that was unknown love, could you maybe do a part 2, where like they somehow confess their love to eachother and it’s like hell fluffy, but obviously no rush you don’t have to finish it anytime soon since you have so many to do and I totally understand that life can get a bit stressful sometimes 😊

Warnings: None :)

Notes:  Part 1 :) Also, sorry for the shitty letter 😂

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Y/n looked so damn perfect as she laughed. Her beautiful smile flashed and her eyes glimmered in the sun light. Her scene of humour was so aspiring to watch - as she laughed at almost everything. My heart ached for her, but I could tell that she had no interest in me, but showed that interest in K.J.
As I watch the scene that they were filming, my heart sunk as I watch them kiss.


“Hey, Cole”, Y/n smiled as she walked up to me. I smiled back and nerves tingled my body, almost numbing my mind. I have to tell her, it would destroy me if I lost her. I need to make her mine. Going back to my trailer,  I grab my car keys and I drove myself down to the florist and bought Y/n a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

“Special night?”, the middle-aged woman at the counter asked. 

“Yeah. I’m about to tell someone I love them”, I nervously reply, fingers twiddling with the zip of my jacket. 

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“Young love”, she hums, smiling to herself as she finished wrapping the flowers. 

“Can I, uh, get a name card thing to go with it?”

“Of course, hun”, the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes showed as her lips turned into a sweet smile. She turned on her heels and grabbing a name-tag card.  


A quiet, but audible, knock was placed on my trailer door. Slapping down my script and pushing my glasses above my head, I reached for the handle of the door and opened it. No one was there, and just as I was about to close the door, I glanced down and noticed a vase with a beautiful beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on the step. I dropped to my knees and picked it up, its fragrance filling my nose, and my lips turned upwards. 

As I took it inside, I noticed my name on a cute name-tag card and a letter behind it. Placing it on the bench, I picked up the letter, opening it up and reading it.

I cannot express how lucky I am to have you in my life - even if you’re just my co-star. You make me feel so complete and when I’m talking to you, the world shuts out and suddenly, it’s just you and me. You bring me joy and happiness and you’ve stood by me everyday, and even when I’m tired, you still manage to make me smile - and for that, I am forever grateful.

I love you, Y/n. I always have and I always will.  


My lips curled into a big smile. Dropping the letter on the bench, I grabbed my flats and slipped them on, bursting out the door and running towards Cole’s trailer. 

“Where are you off to in such a hurry?”, K.J asks. 

“To Cole’s”, I turn my head and smiled at K.J, whilst still running. I turn my head back and came to a stop as I finally reached his trailer. I knock on the door rapidly, and only stopped when he opened it. 

“Y/n? What’s wrong?”, Cole asks. I cup his face with my hands and kiss him on the mouth. Cole smiles into the kiss and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. 

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“I love you too”