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Can you believe that Phyllis used to be that midwife that blended into the background and used to get teased by the other midwifes. She is honestly the purest and kindest person ever - she openly talked about her relationship with a man outside of marriage, she supported trixie through her alcoholics anonymous, she broke sister ursulas rules for the greater good and most importantly she found out that patsy and delia were lesbians and didn’t out them or cause them any problems and helped delia when she was most vulnerable, despite the fact that being gay at that time was a big no-no. Phyllis crane you really are a sort of angel.

Muse Sentence Starters

This is for @xkaliahx Hehehe I like being clingy but she did say she liked MCR like me.

Anyways, These sentence starters are My Chemical Romance ones from their most famous songs.


  • “If you get to Heaven, I’ll be here waiting, babe.”
  • “Did you get what you deserved?”
  • “Have you heard the news that you’re dead?”
  • “No one ever had much nice to say.”
  • “I think they never liked you anyway.”
  • “Take me from the hospital bed.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be grand?”
  • “It ain’t exactly what you planned.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be great if we were dead?”
  • “Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish, you never fell in love.”
  • “’Cause now you’ve got maybe two weeks to live, is that the most you can give?”
  • “Oh, motherfucker.”
  • “If life ain’t just a joke, then why are we laughing?”
  • “If life ain’t just a joke, then why am I dead?!”

I Don’t Love You-

  • “Well when you go, don’t ever think I’ll try to make you stay.”
  • “And maybe when you get back, I’ll be off to find another way.”
  • “And after all that time you still owe, you’re still a good-for-nothing I don’t know.”
  • “So take your gloves and get out.”
  • “Better get out while you can.”
  • “When you go, would you even turn to say I don’t love you like I did yesterday.”
  • “Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading, so sick and tired of all the needless beating.”
  • “But baby when they knock you down and out, is where you oughta stay…”
  • “You better get up while you can.”
  • “When you go, would you even have the guts to say, I don’t love you like I loved you yesterday.

Na Na Na-

  • “The future is bullet proof!”
  • “The aftermath is secondary, it’s time to do it now and do it loud!”
  • “Killjoys, make some noise!”
  • “Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs I don’t need it, but I’ll sell what you got, take the cash and I’ll keep it.”
  • “Eight legs to the wall, hit the gas and kill them all!”
  • “And we crawl, and we crawl, and we crawl…”
  • “You be my detonator.”
  • “Love gimme love, I don’t need but I’ll take what I want from your heart and keep it in a bag, in a box.”
  • “Put an X on the floor!”
  • Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more!”
  • “Shut up and sing it with me.”
  • “Let’s blow an artery!”
  • “Eat plastic surgery.”
  • “Keep your apology.”
  • “Give us more detonation!”
  • “Shut up and let me see your jazz hands.”
  • “Kiss me you animal!”
  • “Everybody wants to save the world, but no one wants to die.”
  • “Wanna try?”
  • “I’ll be your detonation!”
  • “Let this world explode.”

I’m Not Okay (I Promise)-

  • “Well if you wanted honesty, that’s all you had to say.”
  • “I never want to let you down or have you go.”
  • “It’s better off this way!”
  • “I’m not okay!”
  • “You wear me out.”
  • What will it take to show you that it’s not the life it seems?”
  • “I’ve told you time and time again, you sing the words but don’t know what it means…”
  • “I held you close as we both shook.”
  • “For the last time take a good hard look!”
  • “Forget about the dirty looks…”
  • “You said you read me like a book, but the pages are all torn and frayed!”
  • I’m okay…. I’m okay!”
  • “I-I’m okay now…”
  • “But you really need to listen to me, I mean it I’m okay!”
  • “Trust me. I’m not okay!”
  • “I’m really not okay!”
  • “I’m not o-fucking-kay!”
  • “Okay?!”

Famous Last Words-

  • “Now I know, that I can’t make you stay.”
  • “But where’s your heart?”
  • “And I know, there’s nothing I can say to change that part.”
  • “But can I speak?”
  • “Well it is hard understanding, I’m incomplete.”
  • “A life that’s so demanding.”
  • “I can’t speak.”
  • “I get so weak.”
  • “A love that’s so demanding, I can’t speak.”
  • “I am not afraid to keep on living.”
  • “I am not afraid to walk this world alone.”
  • “Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiven.”
  • “Nothing you can say can stop me going home.”
  • “Can you see, my eyes are shining bright.”
  • “And I’m so weak.”
  • “I’m incomplete.”
  • “I get so weak.”
  • “I see you lying next to me with words I thought I’d never speak, awake and unafraid”
  • “Asleep or dead?”
  • “These bright lights have always blinded me.”

Helena~ So Long and Goodnight-

  • “What’s the worst you take?”
  • “For every heart you break.”
  • “For every blade you stain.”
  • “Well, I’ve been holding on tonight.”
  • “What’s the worst thing I can say?”
  • “Things are better if I stay.”
  • “So long, and goodnight.”
  • “Came a time, when every star fall bought you to tears again.”
  • “We are the very hurt you sold.”
  • ”And if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay.”
  • “Can you hear me?”
  • “Are you near me?”
  • “We can pretend to leave and then we’ll meet again.”
  • “When both our cars collide.”


  • “Turn away.”
  • “If you could get me a drink of water cause my lips are chapped and faded.”
  • “Call (Insert Name) and help her/him gather all my things and bury me in all my favorite colors.”
  • “My sisters an my brothers…”
  • “Still, I will not kiss you.”
  • “’Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.”
  • “Now turn away, ‘cause I’m awful just to see.”
  • “’Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body.”
  • “Oh, my agony.”
  • “Know that I will never marry!”
  • “Baby, I’m just soggy from the chemo.”
  • “But counting down the days to go…. It just ain’t living!”
  • And I just hope you know that if you say goodbye today, I’ll ask you to be true because the hardest part of this is leaving you.”


  • “I’m gonna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you.”
  • “Because I sleep with a gun and keep an eye on you son/girl, So I can watch all the things you do.”
  • “Because the drugs never work.”
  • “They’re gonna give you a smirk.”
  • “’Cause they got methods to keeping you clean.”
  • “I’m gonna rip up your head, your inspirations to shreds.”
  • “Another cog in the murder machine.”
  • “All teenagers scare the living shit out of me.”
  • “I could care less, as long as some one’ll bleed.
  • “So darken my clothes.”
  • “I’ll strike a violent pose.”
  • “Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me.”
  • “The boys and girls in the clique, the awful name that they stick, you’re never gonna fit in much kid/dear.
  • “But if you’re troubled and hurt, what you got under your shirt will make them pay for the things that they did.”

Welcome To The Black Parade-

  • “When I was a young boy/girl my Father/Mother took me into the city to see a marching band.”
  • “He/She said Son/Girl when you grow up, would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?”
  • “He/She said, Will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers? And the plans that they have made?”
  • “Because one day, I’ll leave you.”
  • “A phantom to lead you to the summer, to join the Black Parade.”
  • “Sometimes I get the feeling, she’s watching over me.”
  • “And other times I feel like I should go.”
  • “And through it all, the rise and fall the bodies in the streets.”
  • “And when I’m gone, I want you to know, we’ll carry on!”
  • “And when you’re dead and gone believe me your memory will carry on.”
  • “I’ll carry it on.”
  • “And in my heart I can’t contain it.”
  • “The anthem won’t explain it.”
  • “Your misery and hate will kill us all.”
  • “So paint it black and take it back, shout it loud and clear.”
  • “Defiant to the end we hear the call to carry on.”
  • “And though you’re broken and defeated, your weary widow marches.”
  • “On and on we’ll carry through the fears of disappointed faces of your peers.”
  • “Take a look at me cause I could not care at all.”
  • “Do or die, you’ll never make me ‘cause the world, will never take my heart.”
  • “Though you try, you’ll never break me!”
  • “We want it all, we wanna play this part.”
  • “Won’t explain or say I’m sorry.” 
  • “I’m not ashamed, I’m gonna show my scar.”
  • “Give a cheer for all the broken.”
  • “I’m just a boy/girl, I’m not a hero.”
  • “I. Don’t. Care!”
  • “Go and try, you’ll never break me!”
Stydia 6x05
  • Siles: You remember me?
  • Lydia: Stiles, is this you? Is this actually you?
  • Stiles: Yeah, it's me. Do you remember the last thing I said to you?
  • Lydia: You said... you said "Remember I love you"
  • Stiles is so shocked, that she can remember this last special sentence. The only thing he needed her to remember ... and she did. It is the most important thing for Stiles.
  • I am so alive!



The Last Unicorn Sentence Starters

“Don’t listen to ME. Listen!”

“And here I thought I’d seen the last of them.”

“You’re mine. Even if you kill me, you’re still mine.”

“You were out on the road, hunting for your own death.”

“You deserve the services of a first-rate wizard, but I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a second-rate pickpocket.”

“Take me with you. For luck. For laughs. For the unknown.”

“Magic is magic, but the real thing is us.”

“Oh, god, I’m engaged to a Douglas fir.”

“Where have you been? Damn you! Where have you been!?”

“You don’t even know where we’re going!”
“You think that matters to me?”

“Come on, old man. I’ll write you a reference.”

“Trouble me. Please, trouble me.”

“Nothing has ever made me happy.”


Whatever Lia had been feeling when she walked out the door, Michael would have seen it. And my gut was telling me that he’d felt it, too. Of all of us, Michael and Lia were the most similar to each other. It was why they’d been drawn together when he’d first come to the program, and why, as a couple, they’d never worked long-term.

Waiting is the best/worst.

I sent my application and information in for MSU’s Early Assurance Program on February 10, 2017. I picked up my letter with the committee’s decision on March 1st.

It still doesn’t feel real. Even if I don’t get an interview, it’s such an honor to know that my professors and administrators think highly enough of me to give me an endorsement. That alone has made this long process worth it. Still, I really hope I get an interview. I find out sometime between March 14-17, and I’m so excited <3 My friend Carina was also endorsed, and I may actually die of happiness if we’re both accepted in the same class.

My schedule is hilariously packed between MCAT studying, visiting family, working on my poster, classes, mentoring, work at the hospital, and my job at the office, but life is mostly great. I have bad days here and there, but I’m really just happy to be where I’m at :D


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“Thanks [Y/N]” Thomas said breathing heavily. You had just saved the boys life and he still seemed to be in shock.
“Shunk I love you”.

“No problem” you laughed but then paused processing his last sentence “sorry what did you say?”.

Thomas blinked.
“I ah love you?”.

You felt your cheeks go red. Thomas has never said anything like that to you. It was quite unexpected.
“Ah shunk Thomas… I love you too”.

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hey what were your thoughts on Logan? (development, story, etc) A little ways into the movie, judging by the pacing and the lack of the conventional X-Men feel, I already knew that this was not going to be a cup of tea for many. But I loved Logan, few things i can criticize; maybe the villain could've been fleshed out a bit more. Still, I totally lost it at the end :')))))

oh man, I loved the movie overall! It’s one of my faves that I’ve watched this year so far. Like you, I was pretty surprised by it to be honest - I went in pretty much blind, since I’m not familiar with the Old Man Logan comics and was barely following the marketing. That was only amplified by me having watched X-Men Apocalypse pretty recently (hoo boy………..).

The pacing, more than anything, felt like the dramas I watch and enjoy most, so it was great for me. I love love love that the movie doesn’t feel like a superhero movie at all. It’s a drama with the occasional action/sci-fi thrown in and that was fantastic!

I hardly have anything negative to say about Logan, except I’d probably agree with you on the villain. Still, the stakes felt so real and high that the forgettable baddie wasn’t a huge problem. Making Wolverine vulnerable was a genius concept tbh, suddenly you’re fully invested in him and every fight matters. It’s leagues beyond what any of the previous X-Men movies could offer.

maybe it’s because it’s been 10 years since The Dark Knight and I’ve seen that enough times to become aware of its flaws… for whatever reason, Logan is probably my current all-time fave superhero movie. I think its straightforward story and raw emotional core did more for me than TDK. And yeah, it was so so poignant oh my god (was not expecting that from a Marvel movie of all places).

also can we talk about the (x-23!!!!!) action scenes?? they’re so fucking beast, I enjoyed them almost as much as I enjoyed the Rogue One Vader slice-a-thon ;A;


Jack and Teal’c in Sacrifices


Hey,” snapped Holly. “This is not the time to blame Artemis.”
“Thank you,” said Artemis. “Finally.”
“There will be plenty of time to blame Artemis later, when this is resolved.

Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

Can I just talk about how much I love this part? It sums them up perfectly: Artemis is the one who causes the problem (or at least is assigned responsibility for it), and Holly is extremely loyal but that doesn’t guarantee that she’ll be nice.

Also I love/hate that last sentence because the ending of the book but I don’t talk about that.

Also I love their relationship but I don’t talk about that either.

But also, it’s extremely versatile.

Annabeth: Hey. This is not the time to blame Percy.
Percy: Thank you. Finally.
Annabeth: There will be plenty of time to blame Percy later, when this is resolved.

Hermione: Hey. This is not the time to blame Harry.
Harry: Thank you. Finally.
Hermione: There will be plenty of time to blame Harry later, when this is resolved.

I mean, it can be applied to any troublemaking character with a snarky friend. Many characters are troublemakers, whether on purpose or by accident, and many of them are snark machines, surround themselves with snark machines, or both.

I had my wisdom teeth extracted and was given hydrocodone for the pain. Little did I know, those narcs back you up; I didn’t poop for nine days. Finally, I became so concerned, I told my fiancé — he then proceeded to give me the biggest dose a person can safely take of his mom’s ‘fast-acting’ laxative/stool softener. I waited six hours and nothing happened. I was spending the night at his house, so we climbed into bed and fell asleep. Well, at about 3 a.m., I woke up and my bowels IMMEDIATELY began evacuating my body at a velocity I did not even know was possible. All over the bed, and all over my fiancé, who was still sleeping. I tried to clench my poor booty hole, but nothing would work. I hopped up thinking I would make a run for it to the bathroom, but the flow did not stop. It was like a river in the bed, on the floor, and on my future husband — and then I started to cry. Only when I started to cry did my fiancé wake up. I just flopped on the bed and curled into a ball, sobbing because I was more mortified than I had ever been in my entire life. The love of my life was innocently lying there, covered in a river of my nine-day-old shit, and he just started cracking up. That was the moment I knew that he must really love me, for better or for the absolute WORST.

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relationship goals tbh (last three sentences)

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Hey! I was wondering if I could request a fic where the reader is a teen actress on the show and is having a tough day on set and Jared (her father figure) cheers her up?? Love your writing❤

First I’d like to say thank you, that last sentence made me incapable of moving for a solid 3 minutes and my glass of water to spill.

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And I will get on this right away, I like it. :D

By leaving Islam, gay and lesbian Muslims deprive themselves of this rich source of comfort and personal growth, and they become far less than what they could have been. It is this which saddens me, and angers me whenever I come across messages from ‘Muslims’ stating that gays and lesbians have no place in Islam. If not Islam, then where? And how have we come to this pass where a Muslim brother tells another Muslim brother it would be better that he leave Islam? What purpose does this serve aside from satisfying the need some homophobic souls have of rejecting and hating other people who are different?

Each and every day I am told that I cannot be gay and Muslim, and yet, I wonder, what else can I be? You can frighten me so that I stay away from your mosques and celebrations, but in my heart I believe that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet and his messenger. That will not change. You can exclude me but you cannot stop me from being a Muslim.

—  Sulayman X