i love the joker almost as much but harley beats him to the punch

Surprising (Joker x Reader)

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@mutandis-extremis993 requested: “Can you do an imagine where the joker loves someone who looks completely sane but when someone messes she turns badass and beats them up and can you do it with a Harley incident where she messes with the reader because she’s jealous of her relationship with the joker and the reader just beats her up and the joker watches and is proud of the reader”

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Happy Birthday Baby

ONESHOT: August request from @holly-sullivan. ‘Harley Quinn’s Birthday’

SUMMARY: The Joker has a birthday surprise planned for Harley, but since she’s forgotten the special occasion, J hopes to make it a day she’ll never forget.

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Enjoy! - M

Harley stood at the entrance to one of the clubs booths, running her fingers along the golden beaded chains which kept the room private from the public. Her body gently hummed to the beat of the music rattling through the countless walls of the building.

She sighed, catching the reflection of her new dress through the mirror adjacent to the booth. Of course it was new, for some reason the Joker had ordered her to wear it tonight. He usually treated her to the odd dress here and there but tonight was different. Earlier, when Harley tried to gently explain to him that she’d already picked out and outfit, he lost it completely, throwing the box which held the gorgeous garment directly at her, and then after inspecting it, she could see why he was so keen on her wearing it.

The dress he’d picked out for her was absolutely stunning. Dark green silk hugged every curve she owned, fluttering over her full hips and ending on her mid thigh. The neckline was cut dangerously, the open v neck exposing her perfect complexion. Unlike the other dresses that the Joker had bought for her, this one had sleeves right down to her wrists, giving her an elegant look rather than a racy one.

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The Joker’s Sexuality

Three words that are almost assured to either turn on or completely weird out anyone who hears them. And I’m gonna talk about it. So buckle up. To the cowards who can’t handle studying the clown’s libido, I encourage you to leave now because I am going to go balls-deep with this analysis.

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