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So, to commemorate the end of a 5 year journey and the final episode of the season - I’m TBT to the earliest interviews I could find with OTA.  Up first is baby Stephen Amell at the Pilot screening at the Paley Center this took place before the show aired on the CW.

2.  David Ramsey - I’m not sure where this came from but it was filmed during the pilot I believe.  My favorite part is “a nice looking tough guy”

3.  Finally, Emily Bett Rickards in an interview from April 2013 shortly after being made a series regular.  My favorite part is how adorably flustered the KSiteTV interview becomes towards the end.

These three are why I’ve watched for the last 5 years, why I have a twitter and tumblr blog, and met some pretty frakkin’ cool folks.  Have a nice weekend!


Story time. 

I don’t think I’ve told you guys this before but I started this blog while @fionnaesthetic started hers. We fell in love with the Dunkirk boys a while ago, when we first saw Dunkirk. We went there for Harry, I was struck by Aneurin, she fell in love with Fionn. Good times! 

We actually first met on Twitter like…2 years ago? And met in real life when I was in London in August. We spent 8 hours talking non-stop. I even broke my voice haha. We bond over our various obsessions (we’ve got like a million), and got really close over Dunkirk. 

I’m travelling to London again this weekend. We’re going to see The Ferryman, because we miss our Tom, and then Dunkirk. For the 3rd time.  We are probably crazy, but god I love this. 

P.S: those pics of Nye and Fionn are my favorite. I think they represent us well too. 



Do you guys know how much self restraint I have? I only bought the 1lb bag for $10 INSTEAD of the 8lb bag for $40. Ive been trying to eat better and workout more and knowing my fatass i would have diabeetus by the time i was done eating all of them in one sitting so hence i only bought the 1lb bag to save myself bUT THATS 8 TIMES THE LUCKYCHARMS MARSHMALLOWS FOR ONLY 4X THE PRICE OMFG. If youre sad i recommend buying these they will make you happy. And Amazon is a wondrous website. ❤️


this is the only video you need to watch today
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Cody Ko | Here In My Garage 

:: I fuckin love this guy! 
His Vines were hilarious, and his YouTube channel is even better. Plus this is some fourth wall breaking shit, getting to see into Tai Lopez’s home. Even though like, a good number of his vids have been debunked, it’s super interesting to see behind the curtain.