i love the hubs

Moments with Hubs

New year. New Hubs.

Me: So five minutes on Tumblr and the new episode of Sherlock is already spoiled. 

Hubs: You should just quit.

Me: No. But come on. Huge gifs of a pivotal scene? Without even a tag or a cut? Spoilers much?

Hubs: They should change the name. Instead of “Tumblr” call it “Spoilr.”

Where’s the lie?


Hubs: -on an anime meme board- Look, I found this thing. You watch this, don’t you?

Me: -cackling-




Me: -tries to explain-


Over the years we’ve had a couple baby name choices in mind…the list keeps getting shorter and shorter as my siblings and cousins have babies and use names we’ve had in mind.  I guess my family and I have the same taste in names.  

I just learned that our number one choice for a boy (the only freaking name we’ve ever both liked) is the name our neighbors are giving to their new PUPPY.  And then I saw a facebook post about someone I know getting a new puppy and using that name too!   Is our dream name a dog name now?

i commissioned the wonderful @appendorange to draw these cuties and look at how beautiful it came out!! i especially love the lighting and the warmth of it all <3

this is one of my many fire emblem fates avatars and i consider her to be my “canon” i guess?? her name is dante, she’s a paladin, and she loves teasing her hubs, saizo. i should talk more about my fire emblem babes bc i play that game constantly and i’m always writing stuff for it oops

this is quite possibly my favorite picture of tyler seguin and patrick kane. i have no clue what they or doing or why they are doing it but wow I love this picture

(for @tinyteuvo and @kanerily)


This is actually quite thrilling.
Good, I’m glad.


omg yugyeom what is that noise 

I’d like to thank nintendo and its shitty servers for ruining the one online multiplayer game i love playing

now whenever i try connecting to online hubs i get the error 006-0612 when before it never happened and im so fucking done with everything ever because all their solutions dont work for me and my only other option is getting a new router(again) or getting another provider because the company im with only produces ONE FUCKING ROUTER 

im sour and angry and right when i was getting back into monster hunter 


Torchwood Fest: Day 12 aka HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TORCHWOOD!
↳ Do-Whatever-You-Want-Day: Same-sex kisses

I’m sure this is true for a huge number of people in the fandom, but one of the key things that makes Torchwood really special to me is the way it portrays same-sex relationships. I first watched Torchwood when Children of Earth was on in 2009, and Jack and Ianto’s relationship was the first same-sex relationship I’d ever seen on TV or in film and that included the first same-sex kiss I’d seen on-screen (that I can remember). Seven years later, I return to Torchwood and finally watch Series 1 and 2 and am blown away. Same-sex relationships are shown as being just as complex, just as diverse, and just as important as heterosexual ones, and I can’t think of any other show like it. I love the Hub, I love that it’s set in Cardiff, I love all of the characters, I love the Sci-Fi and the aliens, but this is the point at which I can say Torchwood has most directly had an influence on me.


a redraw from when i first drew one of the crts (jan 11) to now (may 23) !!
a lot of ppl in this fanbase rly inspired me (raam, codie, jamie, etc) and im glad ive talked to so many lovely ppl here and seen lovelier art and memories!! ily all and i hope u have a lovely day!


I love edits like this so much :^)) wowowo ( not mine lollipop louis on vine)