i love the guard maneuvers in this

unpopular opinion maybe but…it makes me kind of sad that just because laurent is guarded and emotionally reserved people think damen is always the one to make romantic or intimate or loving overtures. i can see why people think that since we get to see inside damen’s mind for the whole three books, plus the short story, but if you look at the examples from the books laurent isn’t just sitting idly by as him and damen grow closer.

  • he asks for damen’s help with tactical maneuvers. damen’s his only confidant.
  • he makes damen his captain (‘it should have been you from the start’).
  • he sits in damen’s lap at the inn. and laughs against his chest on the balcony.
  • he goes to damen when he’s upset/stressed/sad.
  • he allows damen to calm him, level him out, and help him when he’s losing it, when he would normally shut down and throw everyone out.
  • he initiates their lovemaking all three times. in PG and in KR.
  • he gets damen a towel and water after they have sex.
  • he attends him so sweetly and tenderly in the baths in The Summer Palace.
  • he brings damen sweetmeats in The Adventures of Charls the Veretian Cloth Merchant. 
  • he goes to damen to comfort him after jokaste shows up.
  • he tells jokaste unprompted about him and damen because he’s jealous.
  • he let’s pallas see them together because he’s jealous. he tells halvik that damen is his basically because he’s jealous.
  • he gets on his knees for damen!
  • he sacrifices his life for damen!!!
  • he fights to the death for damen!!!!!
  • he talks to a statue of damen’s mother and tells it how much damen means to him and how he’s going to take care of him forever!!!!!!!!!!

in conclusion laurent is less about words and more about showing his feelings and love through action. but just because he’s not as vocal about how he feels for damen doesn’t mean those feelings aren’t strong and pure and true. 

the end.

Are You Okay?!

 summary: Pastel Dan is bullied and beaten up but his knight in shining armor, punk Phil is there to help him out.

wc: 1.6k (i’m really proud, i enjoy writing and then i write a lot yay!)

tw: bullying, homophobia, violence, blood, hospitals and a smidge of homophobic parents/abusive parents 

genre: pastelxpunk

a/n: okay so i love pastelxpunk and homophobia and bullying fics so that might be most of my fics lmao but whatever (if you guys want I might make a part 2 which will include more of a backstory to the homophobic parents?!) also apologies for me being incapable of thinking of titles. (hopefully will be posting a fic every monday?!)

Dan walked into school dressed in a pastel pink jumper and white skinny jeans, outfit complete with a pastel pink and blue flower crown. Dan walked into school head down low and already ready for the day to be over. Even though Dan hated high school and the only part he looked forward to was seeing Phil. 

Phil was his black leather clad boyfriend that was his complete opposite. Phil was a punk, extremely popular boy who had girls, and boys, swooning at him all the time. But Phil loved Dan even if all the boys, and girls, swooning at Phil hated Dan. 

Dan was harassed daily when he was without Phil. People called him faggot or gay (which he still did not understand why people considered that an insult) or weak. They would smash his favorite flowers crowns and call him a fairy. They tripped him on the way to class and stole his sketchbook from time to time. Though it all stopped when Phil took his hand.

Everyone was intimidated by Phil, even the teachers, but they all had good reason. His body was covered in illegal tattoos and a surplus of piercings. Not to mention Phil was not scared to hurt anyone who touched Dan. Even though Phil’s exterior emanated a bad boy persona Phil was a softie at heart. 

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST: Hi could you do an imagine where reader is really badass during missions, but when not she’s clumsy she makes lame jokes and is just a cute meatball. And that’s what Bucky loves about her so fluff and rainbows pls Thaaanks ILY

For @smexy-bucky-waifu

A/N: Thank you for the request. Let me know if you like it!

Y/N quickly crept through the hall with ease, not making a sound, knowing exactly how to make it to their target without being seen. There was a option to go left or right at the end of the hall and they knew once they rounded that corner they would be completely inundated with agents. She got to the end of the hallway and looked to their right, while leaning against the left hand side of the wall. Bucky, Steve and Clint were right behind her, and Steve put his hand on her shoulder as soon as they caught up.

“Alright Y/N what do you see?” Steve whispered

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can we have a cute/but smutting blurb of you and niall on christmas eve please??? :D

It had started snowing about an hour ago, coating Niall’s front yard with a blanket of the whitest snow you’d ever seen.  You had decided to stay in for the night, it was Christmas Eve after all.  He was reading something on his iPad while you finished up a book, your feet tangled together on the couch.  You weren’t sure where the Christmas music came from, but suspected Niall had something to do with it.  A crackling fire burned in the fireplace while the lights from the tree twinkled against the wall.  The cinnamon stick candle you’d lit a few hours ago now casting the faintest hint of the scent around the house.  How on earth could life get any more perfect?

Niall cleared his throat gently, unaware that you were staring at him over your book.  It was nights like these, where the rest of the world fell away and it was just you and him, that you could remind yourself just how in love with him  you were.

You put your book down, leaning forward to grab at his toes,

“Hey…did you set out cookies for Santa?”

Niall kept his eyes on his iPad, though he tried to get his toes away from your pinchy fingers,

“Ow…stop.  Santa’s not real.”  

You pouted slightly,

“That’s not true.”

He cast you a look over his iPad,

“Ya bein’ serious right now?  Because if you still believe in Santa I’m gonna need t’talk t’your parents.”

“They didn’t want to upset my delicate sensibilities.”

Niall shook his head, his fingers pinching at his lips while he kept reading,

“Your delicate sensibilities that flipped me off earlier when I asked if ya knew ya needed to turn the burner on t’actually cook the spaghetti?”

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Warning: Implied sex. Nothing wild.

I might never be the hands you put your heart in / Or be the arms that hold you anytime you want them / But that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment / Cause I can be the one you love from time to time

“You alright, princess?” He asked quietly.

You nodded. “Just sad you’ve got to go,” you said attaching your lips to his neck. The small little stubble that was on his jaw and neck brushed your skin and it felt so good. Moments before the stubble was rubbing the inside of your thighs, making your legs burn a bit and they were practically glowing red and warm to the touch. You were entirely blissed out and so was Niall. It felt like it had been hours since the two of you started with fevered kisses and hot hands roaming each other’s bodies.

He felt weak by your words. He didn’t like leaving you. In fact, it was his least favorite thing. He got very lonely some nights. When he was with the boys or not, he found himself dreaming about you and wishing he could be back with you wrapped up in you and curling up with you in his arms. “M’here now,” he mumbled very quietly. If he spoke any louder, he was worried he would cry or you would get just as sad. He hated that he left you so often, but he had to. “I wish you could come with me,” he mumbled.

Niall had no idea just how clingy you were. That sounded absolutely wonderful—to be on tour with him every so often. So you could feel him around you when you wanted to sleep and to know that he was happy and safe. But because you were so clingy, you tended to do whatever you could to avoid being clingy. Essentially, you were hiding from Niall.

Apparently it came off colder than you wanted to because he never asked if you wanted to come on tour with him. Niall assumed you wouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t want to because you were guarded. Niall thought maybe you didn’t trust him because he treated most things like a soccer ball—it wasn’t on purpose. He was just rough.

You weren’t the kind of girl to put your heart in his rough hands.

“Me too,” you mouthed so he wouldn’t see as you let your eyes flutter shut and you listened to Niall’s even breath warm your neck.


The following morning he was up bright and early. He watched you sleep for a few moments. His eyes heavy and hooded as he watched your dream about whatever you dreamed about. Your heart was so guarded you didn’t even tell him your deepest, subconscious thoughts and hopes and dreams.

You reminded him of Sleeping Beauty—so heavenly and beautiful just warmed by the mattress and blankets. Gently, he pressed a hand to the side of your face. You were his delicate little flower and all he wanted was to take care of you.

But you wouldn’t let him. Something happened to your poor, beautiful heart that was tearing you away from him. He wanted to know what it was, but he was worried he wouldn’t be able to fix it.

“My sweetness,” he whispered very softly in your sleeping ear. “I love you.”

It was the only time he could say it. He was worried if he said it to your wakeful person he would never hear the answer in return and that would break him more.

So he would settle for telling you from time to time when you were asleep and he never feared rejection and lived in a balance of adoring you and loving you without any harm to either of you.

Except, perhaps, the tiny sliver of himself that worried he would never be brave enough to tell you when you were conscious.

He was shrugging his clothes back on when you rolled over on the sheets and sighed softly. “I love Niall,” you slurred.

His head snapped up from his shoes he was sliding on. “You—” He gasped as his eyes took on your fully sleeping form. You dreamed about him—you talked about him in your sleep. He wondered how long he had been missing out on you whispering his name to the dark room while he was wrapped around you. In that moment, Niall was almost sure he would never sleep again if he could hear you say those three words again.

His heart was swimming. He imagined himself being blessed in rose petals of your love for him. Coming to your side of the bed he rested his hand once more on the side of your face. “I love you, princess,” he whispered pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I swear, I’ll tell you some day,” he promised.

A small smile graced your sleepy lips as you wrestled to get back to a deeper sleep level. It felt the prickles of very nerve in his body on edge because his princess loved him.

His princess loved him.

He loved for you to sleep—your guard was down; and maybe that was selfish of him, but he was so happy you talked about him in your most vulnerable state of mind. His presence had wound his way into your subconscious like a vine and he was so happy to be nestled among your deepest thoughts.

And so he finished putting his clothes on as he watched you dream and grapple with your inner thoughts. Once again he knelt by your side, cupped your cheek and pressed a gentle kiss on your face: once on the forehead, once on the nose, and once very softly against your warm, pink lips. “I love you, beautiful.”


Niall started to be extra loving toward you. You tried to not let it impress you openly; even though the mere thought of Niall caring so much about you had you melting.

His messages to you were frequent and he sent you lots of kissy emojis and things. It made your heart thrum and you wondered what he was doing that had got him all lovey-dovey.

Come visit, please <3 I wanna see you in person

That was just about the oddest message you had ever gotten from him. Why? What are you doing?

Nothing, I’m bored out of my skull and I want my princess with me. I’m playing golf with a coffee mug and in the hotel. If you were here I’d have lots more fun.

You loved the sound of that—but Niall was famous and wonderful. He had his best friends with him to play with. And if not you were sure he could step into any building and find someone to be with.

But you did like that you were his princess.

I have to work, Ni.

Take a week off and come play with me…I miss you! Please?! :’(


Niall was just about bursting with excitement as he waited for your plane to hit the runway. His hands were all but shaking in anticipation of getting to hold you.

As soon as people boarded off the plane he was scanning the crowd (hiding a bit, of course) to find you. When he finally caught sight of you, he forgot all about hiding, not that it mattered, you had gotten their quite late, so no one really knew you were here.

If it wasn’t for his stupid boot he would have sprinted to you. But instead, he wrapped you tightly in his arms and squeezed you and kissed the side of your head a few times before he found himself pulling you back to look your delicate and beautiful face over. There was less of a guard up because you were tired and Niall hoped with all his heart that he wasn’t about to make an idiot of himself.

“Let’s get you to bed,” he whispered.

You smiled tiredly, he took your bag and wheeled it behind him. His other hand rested on your lower back, his thumb moving in a small circle as he guided you toward his car. Tossing your suitcase into the trunk of his car he came around to open your door. You smiled sweetly and he leaned in, kissed you softly on the lips.

Your heart hummed in happiness as you smiled back at his beautiful face. “You look great, baby,” he said quietly.

You blushed. “Thank you.”

He stood there, with the door open as he looked at you with a beautiful smile that you adored of his. His round little cheeks flushing pink as he sighed softly at you. “I have to tell you something,” he whispered.

You nodded. “What is it Ni?” You asked. It sounded serious—and bad.

“You talk in your sleep,” he said knowingly.

You blushed and looked away from him. “Well, I hope you got me my own room.”

“Quite the opposite,” he smiled gently and his eyes went all soft as he observed you and you felt a bit uncomfortable, but you also loved, loved Niall so you weren’t too worried about it.

“Well?” You asked.

“When I left that morning you told me you loved me,” he murmured. You didn’t know what to say so you just gaped at him, opening and closing your mouth as you tried to form a single word but couldn’t manage that at all. “And I want you to know, that whatever you’ve done to guard your heart from me, you don’t have to—because I love you, so very, very much my beautiful princess,” he promised and kissed your shocked lips. Pulling away he pushed your hair away from your eyes before he maneuvered to his side of the car. You watched his profile as he drove and he smirked. “You don’t have to say it back when you’re awake until you’re ready. I’ll settle for your subconscious telling me,” he winked at you.

You blushed and stared out the windshield while he drove you back. Parking services took over, and grabbed your bag before Niall was guiding you to his hotel room. Niall didn’t say anything else about loving you, just held your hand as he walked you to his room.

You were gazing in awe at him as the two of you rode the elevator to the top floor. “Yes?” He asked.

“I love you too,” you blurted softly.

He grinned brightly and scooped you up (even thought that wasn’t good for his foot) he twirled you as the elevator stopped at the right floor. His mouth attached to your lips and he’s never been happier to have your beautiful perfect lips whisper those words to him.

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Still taking prompts, hopefully? How about a prompt where Thor and Loki have a conversation and one of them (either but not both) is drunk and says things he wouldn't otherwise say?

Here you go - 

“Now and forever”

“I’m gonna be king!”

Loki struggled to keep Thor upright and moving forward while Thor waved to the guards lining the palace corridor, uncaring he was not at the moment even remotely kingly. Kings tended not to stagger through the streets and halls quite so spectacularly drunk.

“I’m gonna be king, Loki,” Thor slurred at him, abruptly turning his focus from passer-by to the one who was keeping him from slumping down in a corner to pass out in an undignified heap. Much as Hogun and Fandral  had several taverns back.

“Yes, yes,” Loki said. “So you keep saying.”

Loki was beginning to regret waving off Sif and Volstagg’s earlier offer to help him get Thor back home after their night of celebration. At the time, he was mildly offended that they might think he incapable of getting his own brother to his rooms. Now, with Thor’s arm draped heavily over his shoulders and his rancid breath breathing all over him, he rather wished he’d left Thor to their tender mercies. He wouldn’t have put it past them to leave Thor to sleep it off propped up by the large fountain in the main courtyard in front of the palace.

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