i love the grand canyon

An Arizonian watching Fantastic Beasts
  • me: I fucking hate Arizona all we have is racist white people and the suns sweaty balls
  • me after watching Fantastic Bests: I love this damn state with its sunrises,sunsets,Grand Canyon-*starts raining* AND OUR GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING THUNDERBIRD!!! Frank you beautiful bird thank you Newt Scamander *starts crying tears of joy*

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Hiii!!! I love your art so much and Narumitsu has been my very first ship I ever had and afjghkjh thank you for blessing us with your drawings!! Can I request a little Narumitsu thing maybe please? You don't have to draw it if you think it sucks but I just love fluff so much so how about Nick and Miles visiting Grand Canyon and they enjoy the view and Nick goes "Miles, you're gorge-ous" and is terribly proud of his pun and Miles rolls his eyes and then grabs and kisses him. I'd love you forever!

Worst case scenario, he’ll either catch a cold or sprain his ankle.


–Destination: Grand Canyon–

An image of a crow overlooking the expanse of the Grand Canyon comes into focus on Adrien’s phone as he taps to adjust the lighting. He bites his lower lip careful not to startle the bird as he leans over the cliff edge trying to get the perfect shot of the view.

A small hand, gentle yet firm startles him as it tugs him back a few inches by the hem of his shirt, “Adrien. Be careful. You’re making me nervous.” Marinette says her words quick and barely audible as her gaze shies away from his face.

Still he grins at her as he takes a step back, “Oh, sorry Marinette. I guess I got caught up in…” his eyes wander back to the hand still gripping his shirt.

It doesn’t take long for Marinette to stumble away from him in a panic. Flustered and stuttering over her simultaneous explanation and apology she stumbles back towards the edge of the cliff.

“Mari!!” Adrien calls out to snap her out of it but when she doesn’t and nearly slips over the edge his quick reflexes reach out to grab her and tug her towards him.

In a stunned silence they hold onto each other until the telltale flash of Ayla’s phone hits their peripherals. “Can’t leave you two alone for 10 minutes and you’re already all over each other…” she laughs with Nino who is shaking his head. Using the wifi she hijacked from a nearby tour bus Alya quickly uploads the image onto their roadtrip blog.


“When your girl almost falls off a cliff but Adrien Agreste™ saves her. 😏😏😏 These two will be the death of me smh. #adrinette #grandcanyon”

Leverage Fic Recs

Nothing says “fandom binge” like posting a fic rec list before you even finish the show ~*~*~ 

Descriptions here are by me, with apologies to the authors. (sorry/not sorry these are basically all ot3)

Odd Jobs (series) - Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 18,026 words, Explicit - this is a gloriously charming ot3 get together series. Part slapstick, part romance, part casefic, each of the three (as well Nate and Sophie) are so in character and so disgustingly in love. Also there’s kittens.

Shelter Me (series)Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 21,193 words, Explicit - there’s this recurring theme in this fandom of “Eliot is watching Parker and Hardison’s relationship and wants in but doesn’t think he deserves love” and this fic is probably the most amazingly well done example of it. For all your angst and very hot, slightly weird porn needs, look no further.

Odd One OutParker/Hardison/Eliot, 27,697 words, Explicit - my notes on my bookmark of this one just read “Yessssssssss” because this is such a satisfying read. It’s a get-together ot3 fic, but with Parker and Hardison in a romantic relationship and Eliot as casual third, but where they all love and take care of each other (as in canon). Each one of them has complex needs and emotions and it makes such a good read watching them all figure it out together. 

Nerds of the Earth, take note! - gen, 7951 words, G rated - Hardison POV MCU crossover in which he’s kidnapped by SHIELD to stop one of Tony Stark’s AI’s from taking over the world. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, this is an excellent, fun Hardison-centric fic with lots of team-feelings.

like a map of a place you’ve never beenParker/Hardison/Eliot, 24,549 words, Explicit - this is what the fake!married trope was made for. While Parker and Hardison are already together, Parker and Eliot have to go under cover as a married couple. Sexual tension, angst, and feelings ensue, with a happy ending.

Fair ShareParker/Hardison/Eliot, 9,579 words, Explicit - starts out with cute comedy and friendship through food sharing, winds up as an equilateral get-together with excellent porn + feelings.

The Safe and Sound Job - Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 15,721 words, Teen - Eliot-centric case fic + ot3 get together. Eliot is injured on a job and then hurt/comfort, angst, feelings, and romantic realizations ensue. Excellently plotted and fantastic characterization of all three of them.

It’s a Long Way to ZanzibarParker/Hardison/Eliot, 11,722 words, Explicit - circa season 2, the trio go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I love a road trip fic, and I love a porny fic, and I love a slow dawning of feelings fic, and this is all of those.

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Dear Waii, Will you be my wife. We can get married at your place, or at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I love you. - love, Austin. (AKA Arizona) ((It's really just Google in disguise.))

Um… sorry Zona, but I like Vik… sorry ;3;

//Poor AZ

I breathe sharp —
Your lips, the weight of your fingers on my stomach. Delirium. Nobody warned me of falling in love with a songbird. Nobody told me of his siren and the jagged path of his soul. His cheekbones cut like Italian marble, and I am no Michelangelo, I cannot create us into better people.  He sings nightmares when father isn’t watching and I play them on my ceiling fan, like our home movies. How much would it take to unravel our history? 

I can close my eyes sometimes and fall back to sleep —
Brother, I see you, live wire, underneath my hands. I am blushing, lost in the cadence of your hello. Hear the carols singing, you know what you do and you do it anyway. The pine sticks to your leather jacket, and I watch you like girls watch stars. We were christmas lights in the middle of July, surreal.

Alone, as usual —
God, send help.  His name is a prayer and I’ve never believed in anything before. Tell me what to do, so I can do this right. I am afraid of losing this again.

But, wanting like before —  
Lazarus left me a voicemail saying he never wants to see me again. Heaven didn’t call back and mailed me your heartache instead. It was a pretty postcard of the Grand Canyon. I love you too much, I love you too bad. You are the bullet wound I could never stitch up solo. Please don’t go.

Fate - The end? - AU series

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: cancer, a lot of sadness

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Theme song: In My Veins - Andrew Belle 

Word count: 2,039

At the hospital. Around midnight…

Y/N was in bed when Dean entered the hospital room. “Here you go, babe,” he said pouring some water into a glass and handing it to her.

“Thanks,” she replied, sitting on the bed and taking the glass.

“Are you tired?” He asked gently, noticing how her eyes had changed already; they didn’t sparkle anymore.

“Yeah, a little,” she admitted nodding slowly. She sipped her water and then gave him back the glass.

He set it on the hospital bedside table and took a seat on the chair next to the bed. “Why don’t you sleep a little?” He suggested, taking her hand in his. “I’ll be right here.”

“Yes, in a while… Can you hand me my bag?”

He nodded and obliged immediately.

“Okay,” she started, opening her bag. “So I have a few things for you… for when this is going to be over…” 

Dean was still unused to that idea and, honestly, he didn’t want to think about it. Secretly he was hoping for some sort of miracle and this was saying how desperate he was since he had never had much faith to begin with. “Why don’t we do that tomorrow, huh?”

She could do that, sure, but, at the same time, she didn’t want to because she kept thinking that it wasn’t sure if there was going to be a tomorrow for her. “No, let’s do this now… So, you should give this to Charlie,” she said, handing him an envelope. “And this too,” she continued, pulling a book out of her bag and it really surprised her how heavy it was for her at the moment.

Dean grabbed both items but his eyes stopped on the book. “The hobbit?” He said, remembering the conversation he had had with Charlie about it.

“Yeah,” Y/N replied with a very low voice. “She used to read this to me during my chemo treatment two years ago. When the cancer was gone she gave it to me as a gift,” she explained with a little smile. “It was her mom’s so I think she should have it back.” 

“Yeah, she told me that,” Dean nodded remembering that day, the day everything had changed for good.

“Take care of her, okay? She’s going to need you,” Y/N admitted sadly. She knew that Dean was going to need Charlie as well, but she didn’t say it out loud.

“I will… don’t worry about it,” he said sadly with wet eyes already, kissing her hand.

“I have a few things for you too,” she started again, and he just sighed and nodded. She gave him a little white envelope with his name written on the back of it. “Don’t open this now… later, okay?” 

Dean took it and looked at it for a few seconds. “You really want me to cry, huh?” 

Y/N cup his cheek and he looked at her. “Never,” she stated, shaking her head a little. “I promise there’s nothing sad in there… I think it’s quite funny actually,” she admitted with a smile and then she continued, even if she was about to fall asleep. “I have one last thing for you. You know how you really love pie, you really love the Impala and you really love me?” She asked sweetly.

He smiled at this. “Yeah, I might have an idea,” he smirked.

It was so good to see him smiling, it had been quite difficult to see in the last hours and it warmed her heart. “Well… I really love you, I really love the Grand Canyon and I really love this,” she continued showing him the old vintage clock.

Dean frowned, he had seen that clock before. “Didn’t you take this at Charlie’s the day we met?”

She was a little surprised that he had noticed it that day. “You remember that?”

He shrugged. “It’s been sort of difficult to keep you out of my mind since that day, so… yeah,” he answered, just sadness in his voice. “I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when you’re gone,” he revealed whispering as tears came to fill his eyes.

She had been trying to be strong all day and she had managed for most of the time but, when she would think about him, her sadness would come back immediately. She hated doing this to him, he didn’t deserve this pain. She was about to cry, but she thought better; crying wouldn’t help him. “You’re going to be fine… I promise you…” 

He didn’t believe in that at all. He was going to be devastated, to say the least. “Yeah… I really don’t think so,” he replied wiping his tears away.

Y/N sighed; of course he wasn’t going to be okay. She kept thinking about how she would have felt in his position and it wasn’t a good thought so she tried a different approach. “I know what you could do… you could travel for a while, maybe hike the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t in the condition to do it but you are… I bet it’s amazing.”

He shook his head. “I don’t want to go there without you… I don’t want to go anywhere without you,” he admitted on the verge of tears again. “I probably won’t have breakfast again for the rest of my life,” he whispered covering his eyes.

She wiped her tears away and took a deep breath. “Hey, maybe you won’t be without me, you know?” She offered sadly. “I mean… we had breakfast together every day for 5 months… except for those 2 days when I was being a bitch and a few more days when I didn’t even want to look at food for the chemo… but still, those are a lot of breakfasts together. I think that when you’ll go to the diner again I’ll be there in a sort of way, you know? Because we had some of our best moments there,” She concluded, now crying, remembering all the laughs and the smiles and the joy of those mornings together.

Dean stood up, went to sit on the bed and hugged her. “I’m sorry… I don’t want you to cry,” he said softly, pulling himself together. “Why don’t you tell me about the clock?” He proposed, breaking the hug and giving her a quick soft kiss.

She had completely forgotten about it. “Okay, but don’t laugh about it,” she said pointing a finger at him.

He kissed her finger and smiled, “I won’t.”

She looked at the clock and started. “I think this clock is the reason why we met.”

“How so?” 

She looked at him now. “The day we met I wasn’t supposed to be there… I was supposed to be in another town already, for a wedding, but the clock stopped at half past one the night before so Charlie’s alarm didn’t ring. That’s why I was there; because the only time in my life I was on time, Charlie wasn’t,” she explained and, for a brief moment, her eyes sparkled again, probably for the last time.

“I like this clock already,” he affirmed looking at it again.

“It’s yours now,” she stated sweetly, handing it to him and pecking him on his cheek. “Now I should probably sleep for a while,” she continued, yawning. “Lay down with me?”

“I don’t want you to be uncomfortable,” he admitted, worried about her as usual, maybe even more now.

“I know, they should really put bigger beds in hospitals… since they won’t do that anytime soon, move your ass!” 

“You’re way too bossy, you know that?” He replied laying down with her, smiling nonetheless.

Y/N didn’t reply at this; she was there at his side, just looking at him with a sweet smile. She was glad she had met him that day, 5 months ago, and she was glad that she had got to spend her last moments with him. She thought of him as a gift in her life and no words could express how deeply she loved him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Dean asked poking her.

Y/N didn’t reply at this either, but she said something else instead. “Thank you.”

Just two words put together but so powerful at the same time. His heart grew in his chest and he cuddled with her. “Thank you,” he said softly.

“I’m gonna take that nap now,” she continued as she could feel more tired by the second. No matter how much tiring it was, though, she lifted her head a little and kissed him; then she placed her head on his shoulder as he put his arms around her. “I’ll see you at breakfast,” she whispered before closing her eyes and falling asleep. Dean stayed there just looking at her for a long time until he too drifted off to sleep.

No more breakfast though was planned for the two of them.

When Dean woke up in the morning she was different, like cold. But no, this wasn’t possible. They needed more time together. So he shook her a little in order to wake her up and when she didn’t, his brain thought of a different reason: she was a heavy sleeper. She had told him this more than one time, so maybe she was just asleep and she would wake up in just a second.

She never did.

I’m not gonna try to describe the pain he felt when he realized she was gone, there are no words for that. He broke down and held her for hours in his arms, crying, feeling his world collapsing around him. He had never felt so much pain in his life, not ever. He wanted to talk to her again, he wanted to see her eyes, but she was gone…

It took him a while to remember about the white little envelope; when he did he felt just a brief second of peace because in that envelope there was something from her, just a tiny piece of her, but it was everything for him at the moment.

He opened it and the first thing he noticed was a Polaroid picture of the two of them, together on the beach in front of the bonfire, with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her. He smiled sadly at that picture; she had made her wish there and at least that had come true. There was a letter in the envelope too so he took it, unfolded it and read it.


It’s not a sad letter, I swear. I told you all the sad things possible, so no more of that…

Did you see the picture in the envelope? Benny’s fiancée took it that day on the beach and then she gave it to me.

She said we looked adorable together. No surprise there!

Thank you.

I love you.


Ps. Pecan pie sucks big time!

 She was gone. She had spent all her life running around, always late for everything. It was like time was never enough for her. At the end probably there wasn’t one more true sentence. Time had never been enough for her.

In all truth, though, she hadn’t been always late. Just once she had been perfectly on time and I think that counts; that day in front of Charlie’s apartment when she had met him. Perfectly on time for sure.

Exactly one year later Dean went hiking the Grand Canyon. The old vintage clock is still there…

He still goes to the same diner every morning and has breakfast there and, every time the front door opens, he finds himself hoping that she will get in there running, because she’s late, as usual. This hope only lasts one brief second. He knows she never will.

Nobody knows when exactly… well, nobody knows about it at all… but suddenly, hidden in one of the rims of the Grand Canyon, the old vintage clock started ticking again, only… backwards.

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My favorite color is blue. One thing i am proud of is i have hiked the Grand Canyon. It took us 5 days. I love space. And i am very very interested in cinematography. I think that is all about me. What is your favorite color? What are you proud of? What are you interested in?

Woah, 5 days for the Grand Canyon? That’s pretty impressive. I also really like cinematography, I hope to go to college for it if I can. My favorite color is technically black but I also really love purple. I’m proud of how far I’ve come with editing in the past year with a lack of resources. It took a lot of work to get the skills I have now and I feel like I’ve done really well in a short time. I’m also interested in video game design, writing, and literally anything related to technology