i love the glee cast



 (about Barbra Streisand being her diva #1) I asked her for a picture once and she said no and i was like diva, that’s okay, anything for you!


jason dean playlist

                                                 i’m feeling a little superior tonight.

    alive, sia // another one bites the dust, queen // back in black, ac/dc // bad influence, p!nk //
   bad kids,
lady gaga // bad romance, thirty seconds to mars // beam me up, p!nk // bohemian
queen // carry on my wayward son, kansas // centuries, fall out boy // cherry bomb,
    the runaways // control, halsey // cough syrup, glee cast // don’t stop me now, queen // end of
   all days,
thirty seconds to mars // famous last words, my chemical romance // fighter, glee cast //
   freeze your brain
, ryan mccartan // gasoline, halsey // heathens, twenty one pilots // hello, i love
glee cast // highway to hell, ac/dc // how to be a heartbreaker, glee cast // if you want blood
   ( you’ve got it ),
ac/dc // immortals, fall out boy // jet pack blues, fall out boy // the kids aren’t
fall out boy // left outside alone, anastacia // locked out of heaven, bruno mars // mad
melanie martinez // not afraid, eminem // school’s out, alice cooper // seven nation army,
    white stripes // shoot to thrill, ac/dc // spirit in the sky, norman greenbaum // teenagers, my
    chemical romance
// wanted dead or alive, bon jovi // what a catch, donnie, fall out boy // 

glee follow chain!

guys I’m dead serious! this fandom is not what its used to be. I just had to unfollow so many people because they hadn’t updated for months to YEARS! I really want to know if there are still some active gleeks out there! please reblog if you experience the same things and if you’re looking for more glee blogs to follow! tag other people. tag fan artists/fic writers that are still active. I’ll check out each and every blog that reblog this! please spread the word!! ♡ I love you all!! 


endless list of people I love (in no particular order) - [8/∞]
↳ Cory Monteith

“Evolved? As a dancer? Me? I don’t fall down as much, unless it’s part of the scripted dance. I don’t step on other people’s toes anymore. I think if I started the show a one out of ten dancer, now I am a two and a half.

Alec is so dead. We all are.

I have no words. I’m just shook. The cat eyes are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them shine in the show. This whole look is just so fucking good. Every part of it. At first I was sceptical about this goatee but damn, it does things to me now. And photo was unlocked in less than 20 minutes???

The fact, that I’d die for Magnus Bane is one thing, but the fact, that I’d die for Harry Shum Jr. as well is another one. I bet he wasn’t expecting it to be unlocked so fast and it just shows how much we love and appreciate something/someone he pours in his whole heart and soul. Harry is incredible as Magnus. Harry is Magnus. I want to give him every single damn award for his acting. Step Up, Glee, Mom’s Night Out, Crouching Tiger, White Frog, Single by 30… - all of this never gave him as amazing chance to show off as Shadowhunters. I’m close to tears just thinking about it. He should be more appreciated. If there’re people, who somehow judge his acting skills but never saw him as Magnus, I want them to hear me clearly: Harry Shum Jr. is an amazing, taletned actor who truly becomes his character while shooting. There’s no Harry left, when he plays Magnus. Not his voice, not his body language, not even his looks. Just pure Magnus Bane. That’s what good acting means. He deserves all the love; it’s sad that he gets hate too.

But anyways. I love it. I love Magnus. I love Harry. I’m dead and tomorrow I’m gonna see Alec’s poster from afterlife and then come back again on 2nd January.