i love the gap

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Hello i am one of the weird ones that likes cassandra and darrens relationship welp.... must be because I've only liked and dated older men my whole life

Like I said, it’s common. And it works for some people. Ages gaps are always a touchy subject.

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How are you a lesbian but dating a guy

dude I seriously have no clue, but he’s the exception. He fits so right. I do have a noticeable gap though not dating girls thats sort of unexplainable as to how it feels and effects me, but I dont plan to do anything to fill that gap now if ever because honestly I love what I have with my boyfriend so much. I cant explain how amazing and perfect he is for me. 

(Wow am I the only one who literally loved that?) Adam and Aaron, Robron together, Rebecca being mysteriously devastated at the end.

I loved it. And yeah, big gap between Friday, but I’d already decided to ignore the Aaron Rebecca scene because it made 0 sense.

Not even cigarettes and alcohol could make me addicted the way you addict me now.
—  Please get out of my head

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Ok but this scene is actually SO FUNNY because Viktor just casually proposes in front of everyone??

because as symbolic as the rings are Yuuri doesn’t ask Viktor to marry him at the stairs outside the church?? It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing because he specifically buys a pair of WEDDING RINGS, as shown on the receipt, but he never voices his wish to marry Viktor and instead talks about the Final and how he’s grateful for Viktor’s help, all while being incredibly flustered

And Viktor is obviously SHOOK at the start of this scene, because he knows it isn’t just all about performing well in the Final 

and then he softens out and reassures Yuuri that the feeling is mutual in a language they both speak well (aka skating) and go on their merry way


I can’t really figure out Yuuri’s reaction here to be honest because he’s visibly shocked by what Viktor is saying bUT LIKE HUNNY YOU JUST BOUGHT A PAIR OF WEDDING RINGS WHAT DID YOU EXPECT

even so 

IT’S JUST SO FUNNY HOW THEY TREATED THIS ??? because while Yuuri is taken aback by what Viktor is saying he doesn’t DENY IT and then proceeds to wear the ring for the rest of the show without fault

THEY’RE SO CUTE AND PRECIOUS AND OBVIOUSLY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND I LOVE HOW THEY MADE YUURI GET THE RINGS !! because it gave Viktor a chance to casually reveal his desire to create a life with Yuuri (and we’ve seen before how Viktor likes to drop casual hints about what he wants from Yuuri) and it also plays into Yuuri’s quote “When I open up, he meets me where I am” while also showing that Yuuri is as equally invested in their relationship as Viktor AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT 

And although Viktor’s inner monologue talks about Yuuri’s actions being unexpected, Yuuri had actually most likely been planning this for hours at least, because we can clearly see that he’s looking for something earlier in the day, and Viktor’s line “It’s unusal for Yuuri to suggest sightseeing”, supports this, because even though Yuuri isn’t one to suggest these things he does now and IT’S JUST CLEAR WHY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO GET RINGS FOR THEM AND IT’S SO PRECIOUS OF HIM


Yuuri opening up about what he feels for Viktor but being unable to say those specific words, and Viktor fills the gap for him. I love them so much they’re a perfect pair

I’ve been doing a lot of commission work and my job has picked up so I haven’t had a lot of time to do stuff outside of those. But I managed to do this today in between commissions. He’s so shiny!

I’m considering doing traditional art for the charms, but I’m still undecided on it. I’ll try out another painting with Fell!Sans and hopefully I’ll make up my mind. Either way, this will be offered as a print–along with other works I’ve done–through the online shop I’m putting together. 

I’m very bad at writing my feelings out but i love you. i love you in a language that hasn’t yet been spoken, in words that haven’t yet been uttered. I love you despite wrecking storms inside my head and a frail heart inside my chest. I love you throughout your bad moods and sparking rages. I love you throughout my bad moods and sparking rages. I love you in between texts and ugly selfies on Snapchat.The ones that i feel awful making it public because i hate how i looks. I love you in spite of six hours gap between us. Your 3 pm lunch with your mother and my 9 pm train rides home after a long day outside. Your midnight sadness and my 6 am slumber. Your end and my start. I love you regardless. This time my sadness won’t get to me anymore and everything is going to be okay. I promise.
—  aweglemoo