i love the footwork


“It is not so that the good detective should act, eh? I perceive your thought. He must be full of energy. He must rush to and fro. He should prostrate himself on the dusty road and seek the marks of tyres through a little glass. He must gather up the cigarette-end, the fallen match? That is your idea, is it not?”

His eyes challenged us. “But I - Hercule Poirot - tell you that it is not so! The true clues are within - here!” He tapped his forehead. “See you, I need not have left London. It would have been sufficient for me to sit quietly in my rooms there. All that matters is the little grey cells within. Secretly and silently they do their part, until suddenly I call for a map, and I lay my finger on a spot - so - and I say: the Prime Minister is there! And it is so! With method and logic one can accomplish anything!”

- Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates: The Kidnapped Prime Minister

ASTRO 붙잡았어야 해 (Again) Choreography Appreciation

The choreography for 붙잡았어야 해 is really good and let me take you through step by step why it’s so good. (On top of that, when it’s in GIF form and you can’t hear any music, it’s easier to spot where they aren’t in sync. Or in ASTRO’s case, appreciate just how in sync they are.)

One thing I really appreciate about ASTRO choreographies is that they switch the focused member so easily. Here, MJ and Moonbin spin back to back. Moonbin sings first, and MJ sings second. This transition ONLY works because MJ is so much shorter than Moonbin - Bin can completely hide MJ behind him, and so when MJ spins out it’s like !!! he’s here !! In general it is very in sync.  

They have to do this spinning transition often when switching center members because of their six person group. In order to keep it symmetrical, there’s one center and two on each side, leaving one left over. This spinning transition lets them keep the symmetry without leaving anyone out for too long. 

The best part of this is how Moonbin’s hand turns, and it turns in time with their heads turning, especially Jinjin and Rocky., as if he’s the one turning their heads. Also that move where both hands are in is really good with the music, it fits really well and I love it alot. 

This move is actually really hard to do (trust me I’ve tried). I really love how it starts out lowkey with them doing the little feet straight forward and then it’s like BAM dynamic shape with the arm. 

Look at how smoothly MJ comes around to the front. Like the way they do the same back to back turn where Rocky turns inwards and MJ moves on the outside of him is what makes it look so smooth. On top of that watch MJ’s feet too. Also appreciate how they purposefully put the three shortest in the front to avoid off balancing the formation too much also appreciate how good rocky looks

This move is just sick. Like the way Sanha walks forward through the middle and like “hits” the others’ hands away and they open up the path for him is really cool. I’m still a big fan of how they are keeping similar heights on both sides. Also watch the way that the triangle of binusan moves from the focus of eunwoo in front to eunwoo sliding over to put sanha in the middle. 

Now this is one of my favorite parts of the choreography: the part right before the chorus where they all form the one line is the same point in the song where the electric guitar like slides out and the melody comes back thats a horrible way to describe it but still. Like when they are walking into the line it’s kind of just all over the place, but then when they slide out it’s so symmetrical. 

Alright this next move needs to be split up into parts for proper appreciation:

 I know it’s kind of hard to see at first but it’s not a random movement. The line kind of folds out ? Moonbin is stepping back just as Jinjin comes forward, and MJ’s moving forward in time with Jinjin coming forward. The important part is that Jinjin is moving from right to left, and everyone else is moving in a line behind where Moonbin is. This transition keeps your focus on the two who are currently singing, Moonbin and then Jinjin. 

This going to be called diagonal line #1. First of all I’m a sucker for this diagonal line formation, but I’m even more impressed by how Jinjin moves with the line. Jinjin’s little hop in the middle of it happens at the same time as the line does their first jump back. Also how the line moves from side to side is really smooth too. Probably the best part of this line though is Jinjin’s footwork that takes him backwards honestly all of the footwork in this choreography is spot on

Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. 

YO HERE IT IS THE WHOLE REASON I MADE THIS CHOREOGRAPHY APPRECIATION OKAY: This is one of the most beautiful transitions I’ve seen from ASTRO ever. The way the focus shifts from rocky to Jinjin, like how Jinjin just easily slots right into place for being part of Rocky’s rap squad is so smooth. Its just really beautiful and I want it to be appreciated. On top of that, the way that they keep this symmetry going - MJ and Jinjin the shorter members on the outside, followed by Moonbin and Sanha on Rocky’s sides. 

I call this the Rocky Rap Squad formation. It’s used a lot in their other choreographies - when rocky is in the center rapping and the other members go behind him diagonally on each side. The way Rocky’s moves are the main focus and the rest of ASTRO’s moves reflect the best parts of it just. There’s so much I appreciate about the way they move as a unit and how Rocky embellishes that. 

Also note: They still have this symmetry of small on the outside, then tall, then center. 

1) The way this formation transitions from Rocky as the focus to Sanha as the focus, everyone moves in a circular motion. Yet, they still keep the symmetry. This is because the formation goes tall short tall short tall short in the circle. So when Sanha slides to the front to become center, Rocky and Jinjin are the shorts next to him and Moonbin and Eunwoo are the talls on the end. 

2) The move where they cover their face and then switch is one of the coolest moves they’ve done so far for sure. 

Now this is one of those move/formations that is just beautiful because it’s a unit. The way Sanha as the center brings his hand up the first time in line with Rocky and Jinjin moving out, and then brings both arms down and up which kind of like “pushes” moonbin and eunwoo out and up. It looks really beautiful. And then he pulls them down and all of them drop. It’s mesmerizing. 

i just love this back and forth movement with the footwork. I think the footwork here just needsd to be appreciated. The parts where they are hitting their chests and sliding their feet together - look bud I’ve tried to learn that and let me tell you getting the coordination on that is not easy. But like the way they start initially only in line with two other members and then suddenly all of them are standing all the way straight up. Good stuff. 

No comment here is really needed, just an appreciation of how they’ve kept the back and forth two line formation is really smooth. (though this is the part of the dance where they are most out of sync, they aren’t bringing their hand down at the same speed or in the same way. 

Man these transitions are just so nice. The way that your attention is focused on Sanha who is so close to the camera, and how he completely blocks MJ in the middle who suddenly appears and is the main focus of the chorus. And then how Sanha just casually moves to the back of the formation. Also the sliding kinda reminds me of ice skating which is fitting. 

Remember when I talked about diagonal line #1? “Note: keep in mind this diagonal line has the left side forward and the right side back, and Jinjin is moving along the line from front to back. “

This diagonal line #2 goes the opposite direction: right side foward, left side back. Now instead of Jinjin moving from the front to the back, they “push” their arms and sanha takes the momentum of their arms and “pops” out of the formation, moving along the line from the back to the front. A stunning reflection of the early diagnoal line. Like imagine if those two lines happened back to back. 

I love this big circular motion they do with their hands. Of all the moves they have done so far in the choreography, all of them doing this arm circular is by far the biggest move they do in terms of how much space they take up. Like it’s a grand move for the dance so far. Their leg placement is also past shoulder width apart making the move look even bigger. And the way Bin like spins his hand in time with ASTRO spinning, and Bin moving from his legs apart to behind him, the footwork is so in sync with their spinning too. 

Okay this is really cool. This is the point in the music where the lyrics and melody are the chorus, but there’s more instrumental in the background. And their dancing reflects moves from the chorus choreography but instead of facing sideways they all face forward. And watch the way Bins arms move. All of ASTRO turn around at the same time that Bin turns to the front after turning away. 

This first box formation is two vocals in the center and the rest of them surrounding them. This was really smart that before this they had Rocky and Moonbin in the back spinning in sync because they were the best at that turn, and then they slid to the side so that Rocky, the main dancer, and Eunwoo, the visual, ended up in front. 

Also note how Rocky reaches up to “grab” something at the end, and “brings” it inside the formation. 

And then here they have another box formation, except for this time the two in the center are the rappers instead of the vocals. 

Watch the way MJ grabs up and raises his arm down, and then Moonbin raises his arm up as MJ’s comes down. (Also how they are on opposite sides of the square so the movements aren’t off balance.)

And then the way Rocky and Jinjin turn around each other to change the focus of the center. 

in conclusion: astro’s formations and transitions have me in love

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I had to go to sleep and couldn't watch astro perform 😭 please give me a quick summary of what happened? I'm really curious

ok first of all they showed up at the red carpet lookin like SNACKS !

thse oufits……a Blessing…..anyway only notable red carpet things were they danced a bit of Breathless and when asked about their special stage all Eunwoo said was “legend” ????? k????? is he just talking abt astro??? who knows

their first performance was their special/collab stage and by then they changed into their Immortal Song outfits and they came out of the crowd and sis I have no friggin idea what song they were singing but it was old and legendary i love respectful kings. 6/6 RAPPED !!!!!!!!! crazy footwork in the choreo too tbh. so then a member of g.o.d shows up n starts singin w them nd it was so cute im cryin i love astro

their next appearance theyre back in the spicy red carpet outfits and it starts with rocky doin this epIC dance intro nD THEN JINJIN SHOWS UP TOO he doin an epic dance intro too!!!!! nd then theyre dancin together???? idk man the stream actually cut out for everyone so the only videos are on twitter (x x

so then they go straight into Again nd bish…..they changed a ton of the choreo (accordin to Dance Master @binnieheart <33) it was lit

after that they talked a bit and did introductions (in english !!) rocky was soo hyper n just screamed his  name into the mic srry idk a rocky, nd sanha introduced himself as “cutie cutie sanha” so pure. also jinjins english is hellaaaaaaaaa.  we already knew this but it was rly nice to actually hear it dkfndslfknsd king.

so then they delved into “piñata time” (which they all pronounced as “peanut-ah” it was precious nd funny) in which they did a game where they each got a blank tshirt and one minute to decorate it. rocky bein the lil bish he is literally just put the album inside it nd p much called it good. sanha and bin: actually tried. mj put the shirt on eunwoo to decorate it with his sweat. did eunwoo even decorate??? idk he was so distracted by mj lmaooo. jinjin went at it too i love him. (”mj ur so bad” “no no no” eunwoo accusing mj of cheating ??)  so then they went down to the front of the crowd and gave them to fans n bin was bein a lil hOE he was teasin the poor fans so bad….just give em the dang shirt and end their suffering..so tHEN sanha is the cutest hes like “we only went to the front bc we cant go out far” so they brought out the shirt guns but ya anyway sanha im proud of u 

so THEN they did their lil Breathless + Polaris mashup it was so cute n pure and the crowd was friggin Hyped. they did Baby after that nd the crowd got even more hyped it definitely Woke ppl up ! quit sleepin on kings smh 

anyway they got like twice as much stage time as the other performers excluding got7 so we were extremely well fed ! we also got jihoon x rocky interactions so a bish is cryin….i love astro 






also seungkwans fucking reaction in the back, like he is so amazed and trying to replicate the dance moves im 

alright im done i just needed to get this out there ok ! i get really happy when i watch any video of him dancing i love him the end 


• ok let’s go fuckers

• first of all, jeon jeongguk how dare you. stop whistling. stop it now.

• but like when all those equations came in with the close up all I could think of was jeonshook™ soRRY BYE


• hobihobi killing us all with those bars and that hair and those visuals like how am I supposed to survive when jung hoseok exists??


• also the choreo looks super sick I’m v excited for live stages and dance versions bc it looks so cool they’re all holding hands and spinning and footwork I love it

• min suga with that hair and those adorable expressions while spitting fire this is what I’m here for

• also lets talk about namjoon pls those contacts looks so good with his hair wow


• honestly his hair is so fluffy and his voice is so lovely and his dancing is on point what more could you possibly want hmm


• honestly have I mentioned how much I love their hair yet??

• tae looks like a mermaid with all his blues and greens and turquoises and I’m 100% here for it

• chim’s fluffy blonde hair makes me wanna run my hands through it I bet it’d be so silky

• J-HOOOOOOOOOPE. he suits red hair so much it’s so nice

• as does namjoon tbh but it’s lighter so like hobi’s is kinda coppery and then joon comes in with like dark golden locks

• yoongi looks like a bubblegum prince. That’s all I have to say before I start screaming.

• Jin made black hair his own new hair colour like wow I’ve never seen this before how can one person make it looks so flawless

• tbh I’m just glad guk’s not a coconut head anymore. It looks good, what can I say.


• honestly the whole holding hands/dancing as one is a concept I am 100% here for tbh

• also can we talk about aesthetics the video was so pretty with all the universe and bright colours wow

• in conclusion: BTS just saved kpop. what did you do today?

WHEN THE WOULD YOU MIND VIDEO DROPS I WILL BE DECEASED!!!!!!! i need hell… those two videos i just reblogged of the boys dancing in the studios have me next level shook holy fuck!!! I LOVE HOW SYNCHRONIZED THEY ARE!!! Like i know theyre a boyband and they have to dance in unison anyway but their flow in general is so dope and i love how they join in with the same dance move as the person who’s in the center dancing solo like when zion was sweeping the floor then the boys started doing it or when they did it with austin!!! FUCK ME UP I LOVE THEM SO MUCH their footwork is so fucking clean even when theyre just fuckin around omg when nick goes in and does the fucking splits then starts grinding after OH MY LORDT HELP ME I LOVE BOYS WHO CAN DANCE!!!! PRETTYMUCH IS THE NEW WAVE AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE RIDING IT SOON HOLY SHIT. Theres no way they arent gonna blow up which im excited for but also im hella protective lmao nick and brandon are my fav dancers i think like holy shit ive loved nick since Iconic boyz before i even knew who he rly was im so shook I stan prettymuch so freakin hard… their music taste is impeccable i love all the old school r&b jams at prettybrunch and also ugh zions smile, nicks dance moves, brandons glasses and facial expressions, eggwins smile and austin!! the white boy who can actually keep up… i fucking love every single thing about all of them… theyre unapologeically themselves and they have so much energy and are always so happy and hype and their chemistry together is flawless like youd think theyve been doing this for longer than 1.5 years i cant wait to see what they have in store for the future!!!!! Thank u for fucking blessing us simon cowell they are gonna change the game


“Dancin’ Fool” - Kiki and Jenna

This routine is nuts. I don’t know what possessed Warren to have this much cane throwing in a dance, but it was kind of incredible and I’ve never been so anxious about a prop in my life.

I think Kiki did really great in this routine and I’m impressed. I was actually able to watch him in this routine and didn’t find myself completely distracted by Jenna which is huge on it’s own. Kiki actually had some nice flow and straightened his arms in this dance. He also showed a lot of personality and just looked like he had the best time of his life performing this. All of Kiki’s turns could still use some work, like those pique’s… but this is the best and most he’s ever done outside of his style. He actually had some footwork and leaps in this routine and completely pulled them off. Like look at that barrel turn… and I loved the heel toe heel toe footwork and the little part where they grabbed their foot with the cane and pumped their feet across the stage. There were a lot of great moments in this routine. 

Wow I can’t believe I’m staying this but I really enjoyed this number. And they caught all of those canes!! You go Kiki…

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"the works" was an amazing song and so has every other song you've composed! I'm happy that you get to do what you love and that you're so good at it! :D

I LOVE that track i’m so proud of it, it came together one day after i’d been awake for about 30 hours straight and i was literally falling asleep in my chair while i was making it and it’s a miracle that it actually became this really atmospherically perfect footwork track, i love The Works it’s one of my all time fave things i’ve made


Myriam Ould-Braham ~perfect~ ronds de jambe 

Many more variations on this iTunes App of ballet movement.

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Supportive, fancy footwork, triple threat, rally spectrum, galeforce, and veteran?

SupportiveWho did you S-rank and why?

I’ve answered this already quite lengthy, but I will add some things. 

1. I probably wouldn’t’ve married Anna if I didn’t let Sumia die that playthrough. 2. I have married Peri now, and that is because she is a problematic fav of mine, and I wanted her to be a Wyvern Lord in my flier Revelation run (I know she could’ve married Xander too but I had done that pair before and you know I do love her).

Fancy FootworkSingers or dancers?

answered twice already actually, but singers, and I shall clarify that with Azura, it’s not that she’s my favorite of those kinds of characters (and probably always will be), she is honestly the most useful unit for me. Like, outside of Heroes, where you better be lucky to get a unit who lets you move more than 1-3 spaces by letting you take another turn and thus, are top tier, these kinds of units in FE are very very frail and have little use outside of their primary function even if they come with a weapon. You could say the same for healers, I suppose, but you get a healer or two in the beginning of the game, and your dancers in like the middle, but at level 1 with shit starting stats. Azura is a glass cannon, yes, but not quite in the same situation because you get her in chapter 5 of Fates. I find her very worthwhile this way and never reclass her (unless it’s a gimmick run). So even though she’s the only character of this type to be classified a Songstress, I think my preference is very well justified.

Triple Threat Swords, lances, or axes?

Swords. I’ve answered this one already as well (in the same ask as the S support one), but I’d like to add that swords are typically the most accurate of the three weapon types and that helps out more than you’d expect.

Rally Spectrum What is your most favorite/preferred stat?

Speed. Most of my favorite FE characters have high speed stats; I love missing and doubling and I think they’re very important elements to consider in the game’s combat. Getting doubled is also the worst feeling in the world.

Galeforce What was your most broken unit?

All of the Awakening kids are pretty insane, but I think the most broken would have to go to Morgan. Gender and parents don’t matter here; every Morgan I’ve ever had has has like, insanely high stats in every stat, especially skill and speed (and you know how much I value speed!). S/he could not be stopped by the majority of enemies. If I had to choose between male and female Morgan, though, I’d say female just because of the skill itself, Galeforce, haha.

Veteran Which FE games have you played and what was your favorite?

I’ve played Sacred Stones, Awakening, Fates (all three paths), and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Fates is my favorite.

Thanks for asking!

The Bournonville School [watch]

This video is so satisfying to watch! The Bournonville style is one of my favourites and this shows all the aspects of it so well. I especially love the juxtaposition of the straight upperbody with the quick footwork. The petit allegro is to die for, very fast and fleeting but articulate and sharp at the same time. What I also noticed is they have a very peculiar way of moving their arms. From their shoulders to their elbow its very straight but from the elbow down it becomes very fluent, with the movement flowing through their wrist to the hands. I also love the way they hold their fingers: all of them are pointing inward except for the index finger, which slightly points outward. It looks so soft and delicate! But the best thing is the correct placement of the dancers. Hips are kept horizontal at all times and limbs run parallell to each other. Its geometrical and precise, not a raised leg in sight. Basically this video is almost three hours of classical ballet in its purest form!