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Ok, so let me tell y’all a little something about Rafinha AlcantaraThis man is a legend; he saved Barca today along with Neymar, Ter Stegen, and Messi. He literally broke the Barca curse that has been on us since PSG vs. FCB. I’ll say this a million times, but Luis Enrique really needs to make Rafinha starter. Why? You ask, because he is one of best, if not the best midfielder we have. Every single time Rafinha gets to play whether as a starter or sub he goes out there creating opportunities for Barca to score goals and make great passes. Rafinha is a key player! Notice how the whole atmosphere changes for Barcelona when he plays vs. when he doesn’t play. He and Neymar work incredibly well together, Raf assisting Ney or Ney assisting Raf. Don’t ever doubt the Brazilian Boys of Barca. Today is just proof of how important Rafinha is to Barcelona, everyone was truly happy, the look of relief on the teams face because the impossible was suddenly possible. I keep seeing so many people hate on him for no reason, sure these last few matches he’s been injured and wearing the mask. Raf gave his all, even though it was difficult for him to see and play the last few games, I mean you get out there in midfield and play a whole 90+ mins with a big shield on your face and then complain about plays and passes. I really hope Lucho will help cultivate the talent Raf has, imagine if he really had a good coach and training, Barca would be on fire again. Yes, he isn’t Xavi, but the truth is he doesn’t need to be, he is Rafinha for a reason. Do I think he can reach the same level? Heck yeah I do. It all comes down to opportunities and good coaching, and the man has the passion to do it. Don’t ever say “we need to get rid of Rafinha,”or that “Rafinha does nothing for Barcelona” again. Y’all need to wake up and appreciate him before he leaves Barca behind and plays for a team that will put him on another level.

  • first days after skam: yeah i love fanfics but i only read the ones that are set after the events of s3 and are canon compatible

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my sweet darling sunshine carol <3333 i hope ur doing so well you beautiful plum and every time i see you on my insta feed or on my dashboard i get all !!!! cause ur jUST!! SO!! COOL!! and you ur blog makes think of soft things and sunshine streaming through the windows and the Perfect Latte Art and ur so kind, and so neat, and just...kudos to YOU PAL ILY

GOSH!??!!?!?!? CHEYENNE I LOVE U SO SO MUCH u are the purest and sweetest lil being and i cherish ur existence and the light u bring to my dashboard, feed + life 💖💞💘💓  i love and adore u and i hope ur doing well and taking care of urself!!

Pidge actually did take up gardening after all, with some help from their Trash Buddies of course!

viktor nikiforov is evil. not the “sabotage your bf to not win gold” kind of evil as so many people insist on seeing him, but the “will slide his freezing cold hands under your clothes” kind of evil.