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I"m just getting caught up on LoT and I really enjoy your blog and after Mick's awkward flirting with Kara I feel like if he ever met Diana/Wonder Woman, he'd be too awkward to flirt and just stare and bring her food. Like 'youfightgood, madeyouasandwich' and then take off

hahahahahah omg.

We talk sometimes about how Len canonically has a crush on Wonder Woman in the comics, but I think you’re totally right. DCTV Mick would be into her. He’s absolutely got a thing for powerful women, especially (it seems) mature ones closer to his age (e.g., the President, and Agent Sharpe), and more physically aggressive ones? So… 100%. Yes. 

Dammit, now I want to see this happen.

Yeah, we fight. We fight quite a bit actually. Sometimes its just playing around while others we’re in a battlefield with harsh words flying and neither of us won but both of us are wounded. Regardless of the fight, we still get through it and have each other at the end of the day.

- a.c. // I love you…

No offense but I’m glad that IT(2017) lives on to be one of the rare exceptions where the reboot is better than the original movie


“My name is Angus McDonald. That part you already know. Uh, I am, and I’m not being braggy, because I– my grandpa says not to do that, but I am the world’s greatest detective.”

Magnus rolls his eyes.

“Okay. I mean I— I did detective good enough to see through your horseshit, so I can’t be too bad.”

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