i love the fight


Rolleigns Day 3 - Families Spending time together

Joelle Panel 1: Yay! I love my family! :D

Joelle Panel 3: AGAIN? We eat on this table DAMNIT. D:<

being a gwenmj shipper on this website is hard because people seem to think you need to pick between them, which usually means unfairly demonizing one of them.

no. stop that. they are both wonderful, amazing, and complex characters, neither of whom deserves to be hated by anyone.

just…why hate on them when you can make them kiss instead?


our tiny smol has arrived at the jungle 😣💓💓💓

Please Keep Fighting

To that one soul reading this,

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I know you’re tired.

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You’re fed up.

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You’re so close to breaking

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But there’s strength within you

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Even when you feel weak.

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It will hurt. 

It will take time.

 It will take dedication.

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But I promise you, when you get through this,

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It’s worth it. 

You’re worth it.

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They are just two noodle cats after all

Inspired by this cute post by @nickutriedI love your nick and every time i see it on tumblr I think nicku tried and nicku succeeded bless you

So anyway reminder that when an enemy swung a sword at Danny, Tucker’s first instinct was to shield him with his body.

Sure, it’s a ghost sword and doesn’t actually kill you, but consider: If Tucker didn’t think about it and acted solely on impulse, it means his brain didn’t have time to consider that he’d survive. On the other hand, if he did completely think through his actions, that means he realized that he would be sent to a dimension made up of all his worst fears, and that he didn’t know if he’d be able to be brought back.

Danny’s the superhero. Tucker doesn’t have any special powers. But that’s his friend in danger, and he immediately rushes in.

If you do not love Tucker and think of him only as a comic relief character, you can fight me.

This is coming out of left field unless you follow my twitter, but here are my men’s figure skating favs!! (in no particular order) I can’t wait to see these three at Worlds!! 😭