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Search for Loneliness Part2

Hi people! This is part two to the one shot called Search for Loneliness which is the first one on my blog. I think you can read this even if you haven’t read part1 and still get the plot. Hope you enjoy! 
Huge thanks to the person who requested Part1 and to my friend @interfectorems for the patience and help!

Plot: Harry broke Y/N’s heart. But how come he misses her now?

Warnings: May hint on sex and includes curse words. 

Pic isn’t mine. 

Harry was awoken by soft kisses being peppered across the warm skin of his shoulder and a low groan fell from his mouth. Images of a girl flashed before his eyes and a lazy smile forced its way onto his face, happiness flooding through his entire body.
She was here.
Y/N’s smooth fingertips were drawing over his tattoos and Harry took a deep breath, wanting to fill all his senses with her, all of what was her. His muscles relaxed beneath her soft touches and his heart thumbed heavenly full with emotion in his chest. Y/N had come back to him. Or maybe it was him who’d never left? Or…
Strange. She smelled differently than he remembered. And her hair was softer. In fact, now that he thought about it, the tender touches he was receiving could in no way be coming from his Y/N. Y/N hadn’t ever drawn over his tattoos, but rather along them, touching his bare, uncovered skin rather than the inked one. It was only a faint difference, but the moment he started paying attention to it he couldn’t ignore how drastically wrong this felt.
His heart fell and his stomach knotted. There was still the same distance between Y/N and him as there had been last night. And the day before. The week.
Harry rolled onto his side, successfully disconnecting the foreign girl’s touch from his body without even looking at her and got to his feet so quickly his head felt dizzy.

“Breakfast?” his raspy voice muttered, but he was out of the bedroom before his visitor could complain about his unfriendly manners or give an answer to his question.


“Yes, Gem, I’m aware of that.” Harry rolled his eyes at his sister’s lectures about how he’d missed another family dinner and pressed the phone closer to his ear. “It must have slipped my mind. M'sorry.”

“You seem to have very little room in that mind of yours lately,” his sister remarked, “We’ve all seen what might be occupying all the space. How is you’re new mysterious women doing?”

“S'no mystery,” he replied slowly, “And s'not very serious.”

She hummed, indicating that she clearly didn’t buy it. “When did you decide Y/N was to be out of the picture?”

Harry huffed in annoyance. In moments like this he regretted ever bringing Y/N around to meet his family. If he hadn’t done that they surely wouldn’t be bothering him about her anymore.

“I had my reasons so don’t even start.”

A loud, exaggerated sigh was heard, yet she remained silent. Gemma knew her brother well enough to sense when it was best to leave him alone. She also knew when he’d spill what she wanted to hear without needing to be pushed.

“She was just… not right, you know?” he admitted.

“How so?”

Harry shrugged even though she couldn’t see, his fingers nervously switched on the tap, allowing clear water into the sink. Switch on. Switch off.  

“She couldn’t accept my life”, he explained, careful to choose his words wisely, “There were many little things she did which clearly showed how little she understood about my lifestyle and there were bigger ones. I once asked her to come to dinner with me and Kendall and she said no, not because of my past relations with her, but because she didn’t want to get into a situation where she’d be filmed for a TV show. Or because there would have been too many paps around. Same went for any other time I wanted her to meet someone remotely famous and at some point all the arguments became too much. Is adapting to my standards really too much to ask? She couldn’t just expect me to change for her or to not go out for dinner every week anymore.”

Silence. One that told him enough.

“What?” he asked annoyed.

“Why do you think I didn’t come to that yacht you rented a couple of years ago?” Gemma giggled. “I met Kendall and she’s actually quite lovely, but her presence does mean a massive amount of cameras. So do all of your other friends. I’ve got sort of used to it over the years and still hate it, so I can understand if a girl with even less experience feels frightened or intimidated by it. Just my opinion, little brother. Maybe you could have solved that issue by simply giving her more time.”

Harry swallowed hard and processed his sister’s words. More time? But weren’t five months enough to come out of your shell if that’s what your boyfriend expects of you?

Gemma went on: “If you feel happier now then I’m on your side, promise. But you need to make an effort, too, Harry. If any relationship of yours should ever lead to something, you have to get used to the thought of making an effort yourself and not just expecting the girl to do all the work.”


Harry scrolled through her Twitter page and it was strangely empty. The last phrases she’d tweeted had been posted weeks ago. Not even her favorites showed any activity and though Y/N hadn’t exactly visited her Social Media every day, this absence did appear odd. Harry couldn’t admit it to himself, but he did miss knowing what she was up to. Had she experimented with a new recipe? Had she gone to the cafe in north London she’d always wanted to visit? Had she managed to get a ticket for that gig one of her favorite musicians  had held last week? He wished he could ask her.
Deciding that this wouldn’t provide any of the desired information, Harry closed the app with a sigh and instead found himself opening the familiar app of his photo folder.
This images weren’t new, but familiar and this was something he desired just as much; the familiarity Y/N had posed that was now lost. Harry stared at the photos and was surprised how every detail of her face was still engraved into his memory, just like any face of a person he cared about was. Only that he shouldn’t feel that way for her anymore. He didn’t have the right to.

“What are you doing?”

The voice was soft and sweet and yet Harry flinched at the unexpected noise. Mia… Maya… Harry wasn’t sure which name it was exactly but after she’d stayed over for three days now he figured asking would be rude. He shut off his device and let it drop onto the coffee table before him, doing his best to appear relaxed.

“Nothing really.”

His new girl smiled and stepped closer. She was pretty. Her hair fell in long waves just below her waist and her wide eyes sparkled with a friendly curiosity for what he was up to, thought or felt. A curiosity he’d known when he had himself began developing feelings for Y/N and now was all he needed to recognize the condition the girl before him was in. She would fall for him. Soon.
Harry didn’t tense when she stepped closer and instead held out a hand for her to take, giving it a slight tug so she would swing one leg over his lap and climb up.
Harry granted her a gentle smile when he had her sitting in his lap with both slender arms wrapped around his neck, his own hands pressing against her smooth back. Maybe if she’d fall for him, he would find the perfect companion he had been dreaming for. The one Y/N had failed to be.

“Are you okay?” Mia or Maya asked with a small frown between her perfectly plucked brows.

Harry just nodded, his throat too dry to answer. Her smell invaded his senses and the sweetness of her perfume clouded his mind. His girlfriend, if that’s what she could be called, smiled and leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth, expecting it to be a short one and finding herself surprised when Harry’s tongue pushed between her lips and dipped into her mouth. One of his hands moved up to press against the back of her head, keeping her from moving back while his fingers pulled at her top with a feverish desire to tore it away. A small laugh fell from her soft lips and she disconnected their kiss in order to oblige his wish and undress. Once off, she leaned in and pressed tender kisses to the side of his neck, sighing whenever his hands moved over the uncovered skin of her body.
Harry’s mind raced and his heart thumbed heavily in his chest. His lower stomach ached and his thighs felt pleasantly tingly. Soft hair brushed over his skin, warm lips placed gentle kisses and delicate hands left faint scratches on his back and stomach. He allowed his head to roll back and his eyes to fall shut.


The name left his mouth in a breathy gasp and it took the girl he was holding to shrug off his embrace before he could realize what he’d done wrong. Hurt evident in her eyes she stumbled to her feet and bent down to gather her shirt, covering her naked torso with hastily moving and shaking fingers.
Harry’s stomach turned and he shook his head, an exhausted huff leaving his mouth.
Why wouldn’t Y/N leave him alone? Even when she was miles away she could torment him like no one else ever had.
Words were shouted, but he took it with no fight and instead stayed sat in his chair as the girl before him began to cry and shake, receiving no words from him to mend her heart ache. At some point he thought she’d slapped him, his cheek, previously kissed by the same person now red and stinging. But he wasn’t sure and only noticed his guest had left when the door fell into its lock with a loud noise.


He had to call her. Y/N hadn’t left his mind in days and frankly he was quite sick of it. So many ordinary tasks had been ruined by her messing with his head. Nervousness made his heart skip and press the phone just a little closer to his ear, waiting impatiently for Y/N to pick up.


Her voice. His eyes fell shut when he heard it and his fingers tingled. She sounded calm and collected, not angry at all.
Harry cleared his throat.


Silence. He heard Y/N take in a breath. “I’m sorry, but who’s this?”

A frown took over his forehead until it dawned on him. She couldn’t have known it was Harry, he realized. In order to keep any woman he was involved with from having his private number he had it blocked at all times. He could call and text them without any of them getting his contact info. It was an old habit he’d broken for Y/N and quickly picked back up once he’d broken up with her.

“Harry,” He clarified, a small smile tugging at his lips, “Forgot about me already, have you?”

The silence following his words was nothing like the one earlier. It was as if the connection had died and Harry quickly checked to see if she’d actually ended it or not. Harry’s feet shifted and sighed.

“Y/N?” he pressed on carefully.


It was a whisper, exhausted and empty.
Harry’s heart squeezed painfully tight and he brushed the sweaty palm of his free hand against his jeans. So she really wasn’t angry, but hurt.

“Listen,” he began, “I-”

But he was already interrupted by the dreadful peeping noise and this time once he looked at his phone, her name had vanished.


His head hung low and his hands were balled into fists. Just one knock, that’s all he had to force himself to and from there she would take the lead. Every time Harry had had a problem it was her who knew just how to solve it, why should it be different now? All she’d need is him who came back long enough for her to help.
With a deep breath Harry raised his hand and let his knuckles meet the door twice. A shudder ran down his back and his throat went dry.
What would he do? What would he say?

I know I was an asshole but I flew all the way back to LA for you so please forgive me?
I can’t explain it, but I miss you.
You haven’t left my mind in weeks, no matter how much I tried.

He couldn’t blame her should she shut the door right into his face if he dared bringing any of those weak excuses. His trail of thoughts was interrupted by the wooden door opening just a slim gap, allowing the person inside to see who it was interrupting their evening.
Harry braced himself, his heart skipping in his chest and he looked up eagerly to see the face he’d missed so much more he could have been prepared for.
But it wasn’t Y/N.


Harry cleared his throat as the unexpected sight of Y/N’s friend threw him off guard. She narrowed her eyes once she realized it was in fact him and she opened the door wider, keeping hold of it to block him from entering.

“I knew you’d miss her,” she spoke, her voice nothing but unkind and empty of sympathy, “She is too good for you and I just knew you’d end up at her door once you realized that no girl you’d try replacing her with would compare.”

“Is she here?” Harry asked, ignoring the sting in his chest caused by her harsh words.
They were true in every way but his pride wasn’t going to just let him admit that.

“Yes,” Mary replied.

He paused, expecting her to say something more but she just continued to stare at him with venomous eyes.

“I need to see her,” he elaborated and took a step forward.

The gap quickly narrowed, but to his surprise Mary nodded. “The moment she calls for me to drag you back outside, I will.”

Harry nodded and pushed past Mary, entering the familiar space. He could still feel her enraged gaze on his back as his own eyes scanned the living room in search for his ex girlfriend, but she was no where.

“She’s in the bedroom.”

He uttered a thanks to the woman eyeing him and with weak knees he walked down the familiar hall and to the closed door or her bedroom, his heavy heart dropping to his stomach. He’d stood here so many times before.
Sometimes with flowers in his hands to surprise her just because she was as lovely as they were. On other days, mainly morning, he would take a moment to prepare for seeing her barely dressed and in her bed, his fingers tightening around the cups of coffee or the bag of breakfast he had gone to pick up.
Of course he also recalled the many nights where he’d stood right here, with her in his arms or hoisted up and pressed against the wood.
Never before had he stood here with fear rushing through his veins. It’d been him who’d rejected her, but he couldn’t imagine handling the situation if their roles were reversed. He was certain he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

Then he heard it. At first only faintly, then clear and loud enough for his heart to break.

Whimpers. Cries. Sobs.

Her face when it had finally dawned on her that he was leaving her had been a picture he’d replayed in his head over the past weeks.
His ears still rang with her cries and his eyes burned at the memory of her soft lips parting to beg him to stay with her.
And still, he hadn’t realized just how much he’d harmed her until now that he could hear her heartbreak through the thick wood of her door.
His hands pushed down the handle before he had thought twice about it and he rushed into the room. He could have sworn his soul crumbled at the sight of Y/N curled up in her bed, a thin blanked shielding her shivering body from the cold while she cried and sobbed into her pillow. Her arms were wrapped around the fluffy material and her head buried into it so Harry couldn’t see her face. Harry wasn’t sure if she’d even noticed his presence or not but he didn’t care.
Before Y/N could protest or really understand what was going on, he’d discarded his shoes and climbed up behind her. Both of his arms found their familiar hold around her waist and he felt tears shoot to his eyes when he finally buried his head into her neck, breathing in her comforting scent. His legs pushed hers apart before intertwining with them and so Y/N soon was cuddled into and against Harry, closer and tighter than she’d ever been before.

“I’m so sorry,” Harry breathed against her skin, “I love you.”

Not for a moment did he hope she might have missed the confession that had slipped his lips before he could stop it. Though Harry hadn’t thought about it before, hadn’t come to any conclusion and sure as hell hadn’t spoken to anyone about it, he realized it was true. He did love Y/N and any reason he’d dug up to break up with her had been for the sole purpose of stopping him from falling deeper.
But he loved her. And this time he wouldn’t leave.

“Forgive me,” he continued, his own voice breaking as his eyes stung with tears.

Y/N’s body was stiff aside form the occasional shakes by her crying and she did nothing to return his embrace. But she didn’t push him away either and this allowed him to hope.
His lips found her neck and he sobbed when happiness flooded his body, his skin tingling with the relief of finally having her close enough to touch again.

“This time will be different,” he promised against her before pressing another tender kiss to her skin, “I promise you, Y/N.”

And so they lay, on the very bed Harry had broken her heart on all those weeks ago. He thought it fitting that it was here he doing his best to mend it again.
But although he held her, breathed her in and murmured promises of how much he regretted it all, Harry continued to fail to understand just how deep his betrayal had cut and so he didn’t know that all Y/N’s head was screaming for was for him to disappear, even if her arms were too weak to push him off and her voice too thin to send him away.


When Harry awoke he was alone.
His hands didn’t need to pat the mattress in search for her, his entire body could feel her absence without having opened his eyes to confirm it. He felt cold.
He crawled out of bed with a groan and stretched his limps before walking gingerly to the closed door, down the hall and into the kitchen. His hands clenched and his heart skipped widely in his chest, nervous of what was going to happen next.
Y/N was standing with her back to him when he entered the small space of her kitchen and for a moment Harry considered sneaking up on her and wrapping her into an embrace, just like he’d done many times before. She turned around to face him before he got the chance.
Y/N’s eyes met his and he froze. Her gaze wasn’t anything like the loving and warm one he’d expected to receive. Instead, her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, proving just how much she’d cried last night, if not many more nights before that.
Her lips were bitten and dry, her hair appeared to be mat and when she raised her mug to her lips to drink he noticed how her hand was shaking.

“Did you sleep okay?”

It was a stupid question, he knew that even before he’d asked it, but he couldn’t think of anything else he could say. The girl before him looked nothing like the Y/N he knew.

“Can’t say I did.”

Not even her voice sounded the same, he noticed with a sinking heart.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, unsure to which one of his many mistakes the apology applied for.

“Breakfast is in the fridge,” Y/N spoke without reacting to his words.

They ate in silence, Harry sitting on the table and Y/N leaning against the counter. He watched her hand trembling slightly whenever she raise the spoon full of cereal to her mouth and he needed to focus on his own fingers to keep them from shaking too.
Once they had both finished Y/N turned to wash her bowl clean, but flinched away from the water when Harry stepped close to do the same.

“Y/N,” he sighed, set down the ceramic he was holding, before leaning against the counter himself. “Talk to me.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Y/N answered quietly, “Other than  that I think you should leave.”

Her eyes refused to meet his and instead focused onto the floor. A frown took over his face.

“Leave?” He shook his head.


“But Y/N,” he protested, “we made up. Last night when I climbed into your bed… we made up, didn’t we? Said I was sorry and promised to be different now…We made up.”

Though he’d wished to have her look him in the eyes again, the moment she did, he regretted it. Her orbs were cold and empty of any kindness.

“Because you climbed into my bed as I was crying?” The raw emotion in her voice knocked the breath right out of him. “You think that’s all it took?”

“I-” Harry began, but was interrupted.

“Surely you must know that it was you who’d made me cry last night. It’s been you every night for the past weeks.”

He swallowed hard and his stomach was in knots as he watched her turn around and exit the kitchen. Though he was worried about what would happen next, he followed her into the living room, this time aware of her resentment towards him and so he didn’t try and sit close to her again once she lowered herself onto the couch. Harry took a seat on one of her chairs and watched her warily, unsure if she wanted him to speak or had something to say herself. After a moment of silence he took a breath.

“I swear to you,” he began, “that me breaking up with you was in no way your fault. I know I made you feel as though it was, but it wasn’t. All you did was caring for me so much more than I’d imagined someone could and I fucked it all up simply because I didn’t know how to deal with that.”

“I didn’t think somebody caring for you would pose such a problem to you.”

“It didn’t,” Harry quickly argued, “Not a problem, but something that scared me. I didn’t want you to realize that I didn’t deserve you.”

Y/N laughed. “That’s bullshit. You wished that was why you broke up with me but we both know it isn’t.”

Harry fell silent. The girl before him shook her head and let her gaze wonder to the window, appearing deep in thought for a moment.

“I have spent every minute of every day since you abandoned me with ways of making sense of it. Do you realize that? While you were fucking her, I was sitting here wondering what I’d done to be thrown to the side like a plaything you decided you didn’t want anymore.”

“That’s not true,” Harry protested before he could stop himself, “I saw you with that man at the shops. I did nothing with anyone until I saw those pictures!”

“Oh, I’ve seen those photos, too,” Y/N spoke, her voice raising, “And you, of all people, should know that the media can make anything into a story! It was a guy who’d accidentally bumped into me and asked if I was alright. Nothing more.”


“And what about you?” she continued “Did you also just happen to fall into that woman’s arms and did your mouths meet completely by chance? Did she stumble into your bed and you just coincidentally happened to be naked?”


“Why? Don’t you want to think about her?”

“No,” he murmured, his eyes suddenly wet with tears.

Y/N swallowed hard and though it wasn’t easy for her to see the man she loved tormented, she had to admit that with every word she spoke, another weight was lifted off her chest.

“I’m not the first,” Y/N began, her tone gentler, “That’s what saddens me, too, though it saddens me more for you than it does for me. Tell me, what is the girl’s name? The one you left behind now so you could come to me.”

Harry froze. He looked at Y/N and if he wasn’t mistaken he recognized a hint of pity in her eyes. Not pity for herself, but for him.

“Do you not know? It’s Moira.”

Moira. Harry’s mind raced. Not Mia. Or Maya. Moira.

“I saw it in every picture that was posted online. She was like me, looked at you just the same. Are you aware that you broke her heart just the same you have broken mine?”

No, Harry thought, he couldn’t have.

“And what is the girl’s name you left before you first met me? And the girl before that and the girl before that? You have left so many people in the past few years there is a trail of heartbreak behind you and to this day you have remained completely unaware of it.”

Y/N’s cheeks were wet but her voice didn’t tremble.

“It isn’t the same,” Harry spoke, his voice hoarse, “you’re the only one I want, Y/N. We laster five months, that’s worth so much more than any fling I might have had before you.”

He closed his eyes and let his head fall into his palms.

“They meant nothing,” he swore, “and Moira,” he swallowed hard, “was only a distraction from you.”

“You said I wasn’t what you wanted,”  Y/N continued, “I assume you told all of them the same. You’ve let so many people down all because you selfishly chase a romanticized picture of a relationship you have in your head.”

“I’ll change,” Harry weeped against his palms, “From now on it’ll be only you. I don’t need any imagination of a relationship. I want what was real. Want it with you.”

He removed his palms form his face and got to his feet. He noticed her body tense when he neared but she didn’t move away, not even when he dropped to his knees before her.

“I’m in love with you.”

She shook her head. “Don’t,” she whispered and this time she allowed him to see her tears fall from her eyes, “don’t say that only because you’re scared.”

“I’m not,” Harry whispered, “It’s the truth, that’s why.”

Y/N didn’t flinch when he reached for her hands and his heart squeezed when she didn’t pull away.

“I am scared,” he continued, “How couldn’t I be? Your rejection would break my heart and I don’t know how I’d live with the knowledge that it is my fault that I lost you? But I’m not scared of being alone anymore, not enough to throw myself into random relationships like you were right, I have done all this time. I want you or nothing at all, Y/N. I love you.”

He watched her sob and squeezed her fingers with his gently, appreciating any skin touched by her warm tips. This small touches, the reluctant squeeze and tiny movements, meant so much more than the physical contact he’d graved and taken last night. He’d held her, kissed her, breathed her in. But this was voluntarily. She was holding his hands because she wanted to.
He could have rejoiced.  
When her body fell forward and into his open arms, he didn’t know for sure if it was because she wanted it or just her body giving out, finally surrendering to the weight of her emotions.
He cried out when her arms settled around his neck and his heart broke when he felt her kiss his neck. After all this time, he could breathe again.

“Harry,” she whimpered.

“I’ll fix this,” he promised, “Everything. I’ll call and apologize to every woman I hurt in the past. You are right, always are, and I should apologize to them for my selfish actions. But you and I are different, Y/N. We’re real and I won’t let my stupid imagination ruin anything again. I don’t want the classic perfect. I want our perfect.”

She sobbed and held onto him tighter. Harry fell back to sit on the floor and a relieved laugh tumbled from his mouth when she followed to sit in his lap, both legs now wrapped around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against the shell of her ear.

He groaned when her small hands pulled at the strands of hair at the back of his neck, but obeyed and moved his head back so his eyes could meet hers. Her beautiful orbs were full of the loving care he’d missed so much and he felt another wave of tears rush to his own eyes.
For a moment she just looked at him, the man she’d given her heart to, who’d then broken it and now promised to mend it again. Harry.

“It’ll take time,” she murmured shyly and he nodded without hesitating, “but I think we’ve got enough of it.”

A smile danced on his mouth and his eyes closed when her soft lips met his in a tender kiss. He had her back, he thought, his heart full of joy and he wouldn’t ever be reckless enough to let her go again.

Thank you for reading this!! Hope you liked it. 
Rest of what I wrote can be found here: 

the life and times of ryan ross pt 8


welcome all! make sure to thank @jen–ne–sais–quoi for the existence of these posts because the poor thing asked to know about ryan and now she probably knows more than she ever wanted to!

here in our final chapter, we shall see what ryan has been up to from where we left off in 2015 to as current as we can be as of today (feb 26, 2017) this is mostly links and pictures because he didn’t actually do a whole lot

alright, early 2015. pretty much all ryan ross does is spend time with friends, mostly dan keyes and ryland blackinton. he goes to coachella and looks lovely in his hawaiian shirt. 

he also posted some teasers about making music on instagram, but we saw no new music. 

the most important thing about 2015 is ryan’s beard. 

look at it. it’s glorious. 

in february/march of 2015 zayn has left one direction (this is a ryan ross post, why is she talking about one direction??? it’s relevant, i promise.) someone thought it would be funny to edit the 1d wikipedia page to day that ryan ross had joined the band. 1d fangirls lost their minds. ryan tweeted “ You guys got it all wrong, the four remaining members of One Direction are joining MY band” 

if you look at his twitter throughout 2015, some of the tweets are vastly different than others. it could’ve been him on drugs, it could’ve been shane morris. personally, i think it was more shane, but the other is a possibility. also in june 2015, he got super fucked up and crashed a PHASES show. there are pictures of it out there, but i don’t think it’s really appropriate to share them. i also vaguely remember someone (z maybe?) asking for them to not be shared because ryan was really embarrassed and upset about it. about the incident he said “Def was having too much fun at the Phases show tonight, I promise I’ll never do it again  again” so there’s that.

then in july ryro got a girlfriend! he began dating model helena vestergaard and it seemed really good for him. it was certainly good for all of us fans because he posted so much while they were together. she also posted a lot about him. there were so many ryan pictures. it was glorious. here are some pics

then the next most important thing of 2015 happened. 

dorothy ross. 

ryan and helena got the cutest puppy in the world

from then on his instagram is pretty much dottie, but none of us mind because she’s precious. 

we also got this monstrosity

that’s all i’m gonna say about that. more helena and dottie pictures. then we get a picture where ryan tells us he’s taking vocal lessons!! and then he posted a teeny clip of a new song!!! more dottie & helena. a video of him learning to box?

don’t forget that this era of ryan likes hockey and baseball. he watches both and plays hockey too. 

halloween 2015. the fucking party. so. you thought we were done talking about brendon urie. we’re not. by 2015, he and ryan are not talking, at all. brendon usually avoids talking about ryan at all. then adam levine (yes, that one) has a halloween party. ryan’s invited because he’s best friends with mickey madden. he goes as a gremlin. well, a mogwai because he’s fuzzy and not scaly, but yeah. 

brendon, dressed as a skeleton and with sarah, was also there. as far as i’m aware, they basically didn’t even talk. brendon goes on to mention it a million times.

btw, by this point ryan doesn’t use his twitter anymore, it’s all just instagram links. there were some tweets earlier in the year that i’ll be talking about in my shane morris companion piece, but basically, shane likes to troll ryan’s fans by tweeting things or posting things on facebook then quickly deleting them.

also in 2015, ryan posts a picture of what seem to be song titles along with promises for making new music (the “shut the fuck up” was in response to someone telling him to go to bed btw) 

we’re now at the end of 2015. it seems like this is when ryan finally disconnects his twitter from his instagram because (except for one) his tweets stop and his instagram continues. he has also dropped shane morris as his manager (thank god)

near the beginning of 2016, ryan tells us that he has written a song for a band called agelast (sadly, that is pronounced ah-gel-ist, not age-last) he posted on both twitter and facebook about this. i’m inclined to believe both posts were actually him, not shane, but who knows. there was this comment on the facebook page that would be nice if it was from him. 

then, also early 2016, he and helena broke up. he was all set to fly to visit her in australia on a long term modeling job, and maybe he did, but that was that on helena vestergaard. she deleted all traces of him from her social media. he continued to play hockey and post pictures of dottie. 

he also bought 5 pounds of sour patch kids, causing all of us to fear for his health. then he starts to become a bit of a recluse. he posts a lot less frequently and it’s usually dottie pictures. 

then he goes to a renaissance fair and saves lives with his look 

easily the most important part of 2016 was when ryan did a surprise performance with dan keyes’ band cologne at emo nite la. it’s everything. EVERYTHING. watch it now. it felt like a nice comeback and he looked GOOD

we also got another tiny song clip. more pictures and videos of dottie. he also modeled some new PHASES merch with Z and Langley 

he went to the beach and we were blessed with this glorious image 

then he turned 30! and jeremy burke & alison harvard threw him a mini party at midnight with pizza! 

also sometime in august, his demo ep was deleted from soundcloud (his whole soundcloud was deleted) along with his site going down and his facebook page being deleted. the only thing we know is actually ryan is his instagram. 

then came halloween. with costumes in the past like et, a sloth, and a gremlin, we knew he would not disappoint. he was link from legend of zelda and he spent a good amount of the party (adam levine’s again, bden was not there) with victoria asher and gabe saporta from cobra starship. have some pics. 

(that’s gabe beside him)

then he “drank some blood” in this adorable video with his vocal coach

throughout 2016, a director named dan adams (glitterworldinc on insta) had been tagging ryan in a lot of pictures. i’m going to make a companion piece for him as well, but i’ll mention him here. he posts pictures of ryan, sometimes with strange captions, sometimes with rude captions. many pictures didn’t have ryan in them, but he was tagged. some pictures were of ryan’s house or around echo park. see more about that in the companion piece. lots of speculation went on about what he was doing with ryan. we’ll get to that in a minute. something more exciting now. the longest clip of new music that makes me cry every single time i listen to it, that callback line. (fun fact, z commented on it and called him space boi which is where i get one of my tags for him)

he looked beautifully goth for new years 

now we’re in 2017!

we found out this year that all the things glitterworldinc had been posting are because ryan’s going to be in his new movie!! he’s playing a character named Dewey Parsons in daniel adams’ new movie starmaker

the newest picture we have from ryan himself is this

and dan adams (glitterworldinc) has recently posted two! one was posted today! 

and that is basically everything i know about ryan ross’ life from the earliest facts i know to today! thank you for coming along on this crazy long ride with me and reading this giant mess. i’ll make those companion pieces here soon, so look out for those!

EDIT: Update!!!!! ryan posted this mere hours after i finished this because he likes to make my life harder (i’m mostly kidding, i love him so much)

his caption: “On all twos Makin tunes on toons”

EDIT NUMBER 2: i should have made an outline for these posts, jesus christ. i told you all in another post that the guitar ryan burned alive would be important later and then i never told you why. the why is because brendon still has it. yep, he has the guitar that ryan burned all the way back in the cabin/pretty. odd. era. how do we know this? oh, just because brendon put it in his literal house of memories. it’s fine, i’m not crying. (it’s not fine, i am crying) the house of memories is a vip thing for this tour where fans can go in and take pictures with a bunch of old panic! things, from the masks from fever era to stuff from the victorious video. i would kill to go. 

anonymous asked:


ok ok ok so i dug through my ask box i’m sorry i’ll answer stuff eventually to find this because!!!!! 

since i was thinking no powers for this au i haven’t figured out everything but i have figured out adrien’s music channel in great detail. faaaaaar too much detail

this got like so so so long so under the cut we go!!!!

  • ok so when he’s like eleven he finds an old video camera lying around his house
  • he kind of wants to test it out but feels super awkward talking in front of the camera (getting photographed is one thing, vlogging is another) so instead he records himself practicing a piano piece
  • but since he doesn’t have a tripod, he just sets the camera on the side of the piano and records his hands
  • he records a few of these and then decides he should put them somewhere so he can track his progress
    • aka look back and cringe
  • he uploads them to youtube with nothing but the piece name in the description
  • the channel name is probably some super cheesy music pun
  • anyway he does this for a while and he gains some traction, mostly because a lot of the pieces he practices are pretty famous
  • by thirteen (when he’s actually allowed to have a youtube) he’s got a small but decent following but doesn’t think much of it
  • when he’s fourteen, he posts his first original piece
    • he doesn’t think it’s very good, but if this is a channel tracking his progress it needs to be up
    • people love it and it catches him a bit off guard 
  • not long later, he posts a piano cover of a popular song
    • he doesn’t think he’s much of a singer, especially not when it comes to english, but he does his best
    • this is the video that really blows up 
      • he still doesn’t understand why
  • now that he’s got a steadily growing audience, people start to want to see his face

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This Could Be Worth the Risk, Worth the Guarantee

season 12 stories [part VI]

“Tom, put daddy’s guitar down, please!” Holy crap. “Wait, JJ, stop poking Odette!” Christ, these kids are acting like they’re on crack. Where’s the goddamn food? Where’s Jared?? “Shep, stop trying to do flips off the couch! You’re gonna break your neck!”

Jensen finally gave up on his attempt to run in six different directions at once and stood up, surveying the pandemonium playing out in front of him. He and Jared had all their kids for the weekend holiday, and it had been great, really great, but it was Sunday evening and they were absolutely wired. They’d been waiting for their food to be delivered for over an hour, and as the kids had gotten hungrier they’d also gotten grumpier, so Jared (and fine, maybe Jensen would admit he was a willing participant in the horrible decision) finally broke down and gave them all snacks. Unfortunately, the only snacks they’d had available were, of course, candy. (The fact that the only edible things they had in their entire kitchen were sweet tarts, rainbow ribbons, miniature Reese’s cups, four bags of gummy bears, a twelve-pack of Coke, and eight beers was totally Jared’s fault, Jensen decided.)

But Jared had disappeared a few minutes ago, leaving Jensen all alone to try and make sure the six (were there really only six? it seemed like twenty) kids didn’t set the apartment on fire…or worse.

“Jared!” Jensen bellowed, and Jared popped his head out of their bedroom. Jensen just stood there and lifted his hands up casually, inviting Jared to notice and perhaps help control the mayhem.

“I was calling the delivery place,” Jared explained as he stepped out of the bedroom and walked down the short hallway until he was standing right in front of Jensen. “They fucking canceled our order and didn’t even let us know!” Jared’s whisper was angry.

“Well, that would’ve been helpful to know,” Jensen growled, but he was less angry and more just frustrated, resigned to the fact that it would be at least another half hour before they could get something else delivered, which meant another half hour of acting not so much like a father as a freaking zookeeper. He loved and adored every single one of their kids, but there was a reason the original plan was to just have four. Because having six children all within five years of each other was…something else. Bang-your-head-on-the-wall, cry-until-you-laugh something else.

“Okay, well, what else could get here quick? That isn’t pizza,” Jensen rushed to add, knowing exactly what Jared was about to say. And any other night, pizza would have been perfectly satisfactory, but it was Easter weekend and it was the first time that all eight of them had been together. Together without any other…family.

Jared didn’t offer up any suggestions though; he was busy ranting to himself under his breath. Jensen knew with a sudden clarity that this was not going to be one of those times when Jared just let it go. Jensen could practically see the gears whirring in his head as Jared stared intently at his phone. Jensen knew Jared had decided on a course of action when his hands stopped fidgeting and he let a large breath of air out of his body, deflating like a balloon.

Jared looked up at Jensen with a crease between his eyebrows and his teeth biting at his bottom lip. He stared at Jensen like he was waiting for his permission or something. Jensen just raised his eyebrows; it was Jared’s choice, but Jensen figured it probably wouldn’t hurt to point out the obvious.

“You’re gonna get a lot of flak if you do it,” he said. His tone was light but still matter-of-fact. Jensen had expected Jared to hem and haw, or to groan knowingly, or to roll his eyes in exasperation; what Jensen wasn’t expecting was for Jared’s eyes to be glinting darkly like he was coming up with some evil master plan.

“Yeah. But…I think I can make it worthwhile,” he said with a shrug and a smirk.

“Umm…” Uncertainty flashed through Jensen’s mind as Jared’s thumbs tapped quickly on his phone. “Whatever, I’m ordering pizza,” he muttered to himself with a sigh as he brought out his own phone and scrolled through his contacts, finding their go-to pizza place and calling in an order. It only took a few minutes, and as Jensen ended the call a Twitter notification popped up on his phone.

He groaned; he knew this could only mean one thing. Jared was already back in the living room, his attention fully on their kids, so Jensen took a quick second to check and see what Jared had posted. It was a picture—a screenshot, actually—and the caption read: .@jensenackles and I waited over an hour for @Favor for 6 combined kids. No phone call or text to let us know it got cancelled. #NeverAgain.

Jensen had to reread it four times before it completely sunk in. He stood there speechless; maybe to a casual observer it didn’t seem conspicuous, but Jared had just publicly stated that he and Jensen were together with all their kids—and no wives—on Easter.

The tweet was already racking up likes and replies and retweets or whatever, so Jensen quickly scrolled through the comments. As predicted, some were rude or downright cruel; most were supportive; and a handful were people freaking out over the exact thing that Jensen was kind of freaking out over.

Jared had soft-outed them.

That’s what Jensen had taken to calling moments like these, when one (or both) of them said or did something that just seemed to make their relationship so blatantly obvious to anyone who was willing to see. There had been many of them over the years, but over the last two or three—probably since Jensen had moved to Austin—it was like they were rapid-fire shooting them.

Little rocks and pebbles hurled at the constricting and reviled glass closet they’d been forced into so many years ago. And boy, did Jensen love the look of those cracks.

“Jay!” he called loud enough to be heard over the whines and laughs and shrieks of six little ones. Jared looked up at him from where he was wrestling on the ground with JJ. Jensen pulled up the camera on his phone and took a quick video, wanting to remember everything about this moment. “I liked your tweet!” he said, knowing that his comment could be heard in the recording.

“Hey babe, I was just making a statement about poor customer service,” he said casually, tickling their daughter into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah, well…” Jensen trailed off as he walked over to them, bending forward and drawing his arm back at the same time so that he could be seen by the camera now too. He dropped onto the floor and leaned over JJ to give Jared a kiss.

“Eww!” Shep squealed right before jumping onto Jensen’s back.

“Daddy and Jensen sittin’ in a tree,” Tom sang loudly and off-key, “K-I-S-do-bo-me,” continued, changing the lyrics halfway through because he didn’t know how to spell the word ‘kissing’ quite yet.

“Where’d he learn that?” Jared asked, mock-scandalized. He looked into the camera. “Oh, right…I taught him.” He winked as Jensen cracked up and planted another kiss on Jared, his mouth still open and laughing.

“So that’s how you spend your time in Austin without me?”

“Well, I try to do all the important things while I’m there,” Jared replied. Tom tumbled over Jared’s legs and joined the group on the ground. Jensen stopped the recording and stuck his phone back in his pocket before it got stepped on by tiny but surprisingly damage-inflicting feet. The three babies were sitting in their little baby seat-things, not able to join in with the roughhousing but providing a very substantial background track. The commotion grew when the doorbell buzzed, probably the delivery guy with their pizzas.

Jared hauled himself up, Shep clinging to one shin and JJ the other, and shuffled over to the intercom to buzz the guy in. Minutes later, there was knocking on the door and Jared opened it immediately. Jensen appeared with his wallet and Tom hanging onto him in a piggyback ride.

“Looks like you’re having a fun evening,” the guy commented as he handed the pizzas to Jared and took cash from Jensen. Jensen had seen him enough over the last few years of him and Jared ordering pizza to know the guy’s name—Chris—and to have spent a few minutes here and there chatting.

“Yeah, loads” Jared said as he tried to balance the pizzas while walking towards the kitchen, dragging the two kids who were still on his legs.

“Have a good night,” Jensen grinned at Chris, who chuckled and waved before turning and heading back down the hall to the elevators.

“Okay, guys,” Jensen spoke loudly to get their children’s attention, “if you keep hanging on to us you won’t get to eat pizza—“

“PIZZA!” JJ shrieked and immediately released her grip on Jared, thumping down onto the floor. The others followed and Jared grabbed paper plates and napkins while Jensen poured drinks and heated up milk for the babies.

“You know,” Jared muttered to Jensen, “I’m kinda glad that stupid app screwed up our order.”

“Yeah? And why’s that, Padalecki?”

“Because, Ackles, now I have a good excuse when my manager calls me tomorrow to yell at me about saying I was with you and not Gen.”

“That won’t shut him up,” Jensen pointed out, internally wincing at the thought of yet another of Spilo’s red-faced meltdowns.

“True,” Jared agreed, then slipped his hand inside Jensen’s pocket and whipped out his phone. “Actually,” he said thoughtfully as he looked through something on the phone, “if I’m gonna get yelled at anyways, why don’t I just go ahead and post that video you just took?”

“Jay!” Jensen said in alarm, but there was no heat to it. Frankly, he didn’t give a shit if they accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) got outed, right here right now. However, he’d imagined the moment to be a bit more romantic and, well, epic.

“Yeah, babe, I know. I’m just kidding,” Jared sighed before handing the phone back. Jensen smiled sadly and ran his hand through Jared’s hair a few times.

“Soon,” he promised.

Later that night, Jared snored softly beside him as Jensen lay wide-awake in their bed; he’d been unable to fall asleep for hours now. He plucked his phone off the nightstand and flicked through it. His fingers shook as he composed a simple but sweet tweet and attached a video to it. He stared wistfully at the screen, his thumb hovering over the ‘tweet’ button for several minutes. He finally let out a long and slightly-pained sighed as he hit ‘X’ instead, deleting his declaration of love before anyone got the chance to see it.

Soon, he repeated to himself.

Fic: Love You More

Summary: Phil has always known that he loves Dan more than Dan loves him.
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4.2K
Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, Established Relationship, Miscommunication, Mutual Pining, Self-Esteem Issues
Author’s Note: Even on vacation in Hawaii, I can’t stop writing fic! This story was inspired by a very emotional scene in “Doctor Who” between Amy and Rory.

Love You More

Phil pressed close to Dan’s sweat-slick skin, running a hand down along his waist and hip, stroking him gently as they both calmed, Dan’s breath still coming fast but slowing under Phil’s gentle touch. Dan rolled to turn toward him and their lips met, softer now than they had been, still eager but no longer desperate. Dan smiled against Phil’s lips but did not speak, simply nestling closer into Phil’s arms until a shiver wracked him and he leaned down to pull up the sheet and duvet to cover them both.

Phil’s hand rose to stroke through Dan’s hair, which was damp and curling with sweat, and Dan hummed contentedly, his eyes closing and his breath evening out as he drifted toward sleep. Phil continued to comb his fingers through the curls, his eyes still open, looking past Dan’s shoulder into the darkness.

He wished this was all he wanted, but it wasn’t enough.

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RFA HEADCANONS: AU: They're in a Famous Boyband~

(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE ONE WHO SENT IN THIS REQUEST. I didn’t know my ask box wasn’t open at the time, and they very kindly pointed it out, and gave me an amazing request. So, thank you.. I think it’s open now. Let me know if it isn’t, but if it is, pls send requests and stufff, I loved getting this.

This is basically an AU where the RFA is all in a boy band like BTS or something, and Jaehee is the manager. It will tell what mc’s (your) occupation is, and so on.)



The two of you met at a meet and greet.

The moment he saw you, he knew you were going to be someone important to him.

There you were, all Smol, and nervous. He was just impatiently waiting for your turn to come up. He had everything planned out in his mind. What he wanted to say, how he’d pose in your picture, and then he’d casually slip his number to you.


Shit happens.

He completely froze up when you got there, stuttering on everything he said.

You made a small comment on how you were a bit thirsty, and HE ACTUALLY HAS JAEHEE GET YOU A WATER BOTTLE.

So, he smoothly writes his number on the water bottle paper before he gives it to you.

You two ended up hanging out quite a bit, trying to go to the most private places you could without getting bombarded with paparazzi.

When he finds out you’re just a college student, he finds it to be extremely adorable, and will probably attempt (key word) to help you with your homework.

When he fails at said homework, he asks his fans for some answers (me if I was famous, LMAO JKJK? Maybe?? I mean.)

The other boys tend to tease him a lot for this, but, hey. Yoosung always comes back with “well, at least I actually have a girlfriend to do it for.”

S A V A G E.

High key cries when he has to leave you on tour.




Let’s be real, you’re also pretty famous yourself.

You are a solo singer, and one year, you just happen to be joining them on tour as their opening act.

Zen and you instantly click, and whenever you both have free time, you bet your ass he’s spending it with you.

You’ll be preforming up on stage, and tHIS BOY IS GONNA COME UP BEHIND YOU, AND INTERRUPT THE WHOLE OPENING SHOW..just to ask you out.

Probably leaps into the air and screams into his Mic. Gets really excited the rest of the night while he’s preforming.

JAEHEE IS PISSSSEEEDDD. Will tell him that he should not be having a relationship when the two of you are just so busy. But, he doesn’t listen.

Now, you guys tend to be completely out there when it comes to your dates. Paparazzi are A L W A Y S catching you kissing, or doing some form of PDA.

Again, Jaehee is pissed. She’s probably going to contact your manager, and start complaining, trying to reason with him.

Your manager is cheap, so he doesn’t care, as long as he’s getting paid.

You manager thinks it’s good for you, because you’re gaining attention from Zen and your relationship.

“Any publicity is good publicity.” He says.

So, poor Jaehee. You and Zen rock your career out together~



He’s the jokester out of the group.

So of course, he meets you, a fan…

Right after he kicks a full water bottle into your face at a concert.

You’ll be sitting in the front row, just enjoying the show. WHEN THAT HAPPENS.


He probably starts busting out laughing, and pulls you up on stage.

Stops laughing when he sees hOw beAUTIFUL YOU ARE LIKE SHIT.

Starts violently apologizing.

When you start laughing, he gets really happy, (and relieved.) and gets you back stage passes.

Now, before he see’s you again back stage, he’s gonna ask Jaehee to be his wingman (wing woman???) and begs her to get your number.

Ends up paying her extra money to get her to do that but hEY.

The moment he sees you he just dies.

You were so cute, and now wearing one of their band shirts.

You two begin talking, and he finds out that you’re a clothing designer.

Literally hires you to make his outfits for the shows.

He loves wearing stuff made by you (probably asks you to make him dresses every now and then.)

Tries being really serious when he asks you out, getting you a rose, and writing it in a cake.

Drops the cake.

Freaks out, but you had already glanced and saw what it said, so of course, you said yES.

He will probably not be open to go on many dates at first, afraid that if you two got too close, fans would try to hurt you.

Once you’ve assured him that it is 100% okay, you’re fine..he’s gonna be taking you E V E R Y W H E R E.

Probably makes you help prank his fans.

Scare cams the other RFA members (including jaehee OOPS.)



You’re an interviewer! So, one day he comes in for you to interview him 1 on 1, and of course, you bring up his cat. Asking him how it’s been, what he does when he’s away on tour.

And he’s just shocked that your questions seem to be actually curious on him and and his cat, rather than just how much money he makes, and whether he has a girlfriend or not.

As soon as the interview is done, you two start talking about your cats, showing each other pictures of them.

He exchanges his number with you, and makes sure to talk to you everyday, even when he’s on tour.

He’s probably going to stop leaving Elizabeth 3rd with Jaehee, and start letting you take her while he’s gone. (The cat, not Jaehee.)

Hates to see you interview other people, but he knows it’s you’re job, so he keeps it to himself.

Actually starts getting mad when you talk to other RFA members.

He asks you out by taking you on a fancy dinner date at an Italian restaurant (or somewhere else if ya don’t like Italian. JUST THINK FANCY.)

He will have this really nice pizza thing, and the toppings will spell out “will you go out with me.” AND YOU JUST


Dates are always fancy and mildly expensive. Sometimes you would just want to stay at home, but he loves to treat you like a queen.



You are also apart of the boys management.

You and Jaehee like to just rant about the things those boys make you do. Like. loRD.

On a day off, you take Jaehee out for coffee..and this is the day..where o shit. She gay.

She actually has feelings for you. You. Another woman?? What??

She’s really confused, and gets really nervous out of no where.

Poor thing gets a little coffee cream on her upper lip..AND WHEN YOU BEND OVER THE TABLE TO WIPE IT OFF HER. She almost faints.

She accidentally confesses to you one day while you were making sure the hotels were all booked and in check.

She’s actually going to start stuttering, and is almost on the verge of tears, because she’s just so scared that you don’t feel the same.

You reassure her that you feel the exact same, and she just..WHAT.

You two share a passionate kiss, and that’s when the boys come in.


lil bi-

You two tend to get VERY over worked, but if one of you were having an extraordinary hard time, the other would be there to support you in no time.

Jaehee constantly worried about you and your health, and hardly even worries about her own

You have to make sure she knows that she is what’s important to you. And if she needs to rest, you are going to do everything you can to make sure she cHILLS ABOUT YOU, AND GETS SOME DANG SLEEP.

You two probably eat out a lot, but try to cook together whenever you can.

Lots of coffee dates.

When there’s no work, snuggles on tour bus. ;)




You’re a photography journalist.

The two of you meet when he’s just trying to get away from all of the fans.

He somehow sees you (lol) taking photos outdoors at the park.

Casually asks to see your pictures.

He starts talking to you about how he liked to take pictures in his free time, and that he just never got around to it like he used to. He finds out that you do it as a profession, and he gets a bit nervous that you may recognize him, and start bombarding him, thus blowing his cover.

You start to notice he looks a bit familiar, and point it out.

He practically sweats, but doesn’t want to lie to you.

He admits that he is a part of the boy band thing, and your just like OH


He gets confused, because why weren’t you begging for pictures?

You seem completely calm in the fact that you were talking to a celebrity, and he is just so grateful from that moment on.

Before you two part, he realizes that you were a genuine person, and asked for your number.

He loves to take pictures with you, (casually slipping in photo’s of you every now and then.) and loves showing them off after word.

Probably makes really aesthetic posts on his social media, all pictures that the both of you took.

If a fan is being rude to you?

Surprisingly, he loses his cool, and goes off on them. If it’s in person, he will make a comment on Twitter or something afterwards on how immature they acted, and that it shouldn’t happen again.



You’re his makeup artist~

You’ll be doing his makeup as gently as he could, and literally it fEELS SO NICE. He loves when you’re touching his face, doing your best to make him look good up on stage.

If anyone else even tries to do his makeup, he will go off. He doesn’t care if he has to go look like a pale ghost on stage. No one else can do his makeup.

One day, he gets really frustrated, because he likes you? But how does he even show that?

As you finish his makeup one day, like any other day, HE LITERALLY STANDS UP, AND PINS YOU TO THE WALL.

He doesn’t want to force you to do anything you didn’t want to, so he awkwardly asked if he could kiss you, rather than just going for it like he had planned.

When you agree, he gets really happy (but doesn’t show it.) and just goes for it.

The two of you kissing before a show becomes a regular thing, as he claims it to be a good luck charm.

Asks you out back stage one day after you two share a passionate kiss. Gets really energetic on stage when you say yes~

Attention Seeker

Request: Tell me why, when i tried looking for your blog, i almost paniced because i couldn’t find your blog. Omg. And can you do a scenerio with Jimin and dating him while he is a star but the fans get in the way? Angsty and maybe fluff? Thank you! ❤❤

Originally posted by sugaglos

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2.100

Warning: really offensive and hurtful phrases, which sadly have been said to real celebrities via social media

A/N: so this is the angsty part! if you’d rather have a fluffy ending, then you should go check that one out heheh

Part Two | Part Three

She’s so cringe worthy omg


(Y/N)’s trash tbh

i don’t like (Y/N), she should go kill herself

#RIPARMY Jimin deserves so much better

(Y/N) and Jimin… ew

Your eyes scanned over all those hurtful comments left under a selfie Jimin had posted of you two on BTS’s official Twitter page. Plenty more followed, most of them being really degrading and bashful.

You wanted to stop reading them, you wanted to stop feeling the pain, you wanted to stop being hated so much. But you couldn’t, your eyes always drifting back to the comments ARMYs left under the picture, making tears well up in your eyes and your stomach twist.

They don’t hate you for you (Y/N), you said to yourself. They’re hurt because you’re dating their idol, their everything and they’re scared he might love them less if you’re in the way.

Tears rolled down your cheeks and sobs escaped your lips as you pressed your eyes shut and tried to forget all those hurtful words. Your fingers clenched into a fist, digging your nails into your skin, leaving deep marks.

This wasn’t the first time that fans had sent you hate comments. Basically every time a picture of you appeared somewhere, they would leave their comment, being especially nasty if it was a picture of you with a member of Bangtan. You didn’t understand it though. Before you started dating Jimin, you were a fan, too. You had a fan account on Twitter dedicated to Bangtan. You were an ARMY, you were one of them. Why would they hate you that much? Why would they hate someone who made their favorite person happy?

Your thoughts were cut off when you heard your door bell ring and you immediately got up, wiping your hands over your face, to hide the fact that you had been crying. Not that it helped much, as you noticed your red and puffy eyes as you walked past the mirror.

You sighed in exhaustion and opened your front door, revealing a happy faced Jimin, grinning from ear to ear and holding a bouquet of roses in his hands. He was about to say something when he noticed your fake smile and puffy face. Instantly he came closer to you, closing the door behind him and holding you in a tight hug.

“What happened?”, he whispered into your hair, leaving a soft kiss. You snuggled deeper into his embrace, remembering all the cruel comments and silent tears made their way down your face onto his shirt. You slightly shook your head, signaling Jimin that you didn’t want to talk about it. He loved his fans to death and knowing what they were saying to you would break his heart.

He believed in the good of people. He believed that if they saw how happy he was, they’d be happy, too. If they’d see how the rest of Bangtan loved you, they’d love you, too. He believed that would be enough for them to accept you and love you like he did. Jimin didn’t know how much hate you got through all social media and sometimes even in real life. He didn’t know how some fans had already destroyed your bike which was standing in front of your apartment complex, leaving ripped and burned pictures of you and Jimin scattered on the floor. He didn’t know how many letters you got sent to your home or placed on the staircase, sending you death threats and other kinds of profanities.

You never told him.

You never told him because he’d be worried for you and do something that might make him look bad in front of the media and his fans. You wanted him to stay the happy and cheerful little cutie he was and not worry about what his fans were doing to you. You knew from the very start of your relationship that those things might happen, so it wasn’t his fault. He shouldn’t have to deal with that.

Jimin slowly parted from you and gently put his finger underneath your chin, making you look up at him.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”, he asked in concern. “I’d love to say that my surprise got you so emotional but I guess that’s not it”, he said jokingly.

You chuckled slightly and shook your head. “No it’s not that but I really love the roses”, Jimin handed them to you and you two parted fully so you could place them on the counter, before grabbing a vase and filling water in it.

“Then what is it?”, he said, standing next to you by the counter.

“Don’t worry Jimin, I’m okay. It’s just a weird day today”, you tried to excuse your behavior and gave him a weak fake smile. He didn’t fall for it though and gave you a skeptic look. Your phone suddenly buzzed and you flinched, knowing that it might be another hate comment being sent directly at you.

Jimin noticed your odd reaction and walked over to grab your phone before you could stop him. He unlocked it and read the messages you had been reading before as you hadn’t bothered to close the tab and delete it.

“Jimin no please!”, you begged him, trying to get your phone back but he tightened his grip, not letting go of your device. As you saw his eyes go wide and complete shock spreading on his face, new tears formed in the corner of your eyes and you slowly sat down on a chair. 

Suddenly he burst out into laughter, making you look up in confusion. He had dropped down onto the floor, laughing so hard that tears started to well up in his eyes. You didn’t understand what was going on. Did he not just read the comments? Why was he laughing like that?

“Jimin? Why are you laughing?”, you asked hesitantly. 

He tried to calm himself which only succeeded partly and managed to choke out “These tweets are hilarious, our fans have such a great sense of humor”.

Your jaw dropped and you thought you might have misheard what he had just said. You straightened your posture and leaned forward a bit.

“What did you just say?”, you asked innocently, raising your eyebrows questioningly.

Jimin slowly got up and moved over to where you were sitting, still catching his breath and chuckling. “I said”, he started, before taking a deep breath. “ARMY are hilarious, they have a great sense of humor.”

He started sitting down next to you but you quickly got up and stared at him. So you hadn’t misheard him.

“Are you kidding me? Are you being for real now? Do you really think these comments are just some sick joke?”, you asked him furiously. He couldn’t be this blind. He just couldn’t.

His eyes went wide but then a smile spread on his lips. “Of course it’s a joke (Y/N). ARMY would never say those things and mean it. They love me, they’d never hurt my loved ones like that”, he chuckled and tried to grab your hand but you ripped it away.

“You don’t get it Jimin. You really don’t get it”, you sighed in disbelief. “I’ve been hiding these kinds of comments from you since we started dating. Your fans send me stuff like this every day”, you exclaimed, raising your hands. “My social media is full with these disrespectful words, hating not only me but all my friends and family”, tears started to stream down your face.

Jimin looked surprised from your reaction and quickly made his way towards you. “No, you totally misinterpret them (Y/N). These are ARMY you are talking about. They don’t mean these things. They love you babe, don’t cry”, he tried to hug you but you backed away, shoving him off you.

“Stop defending them! You don’t know what they did to me!”, you screamed out in frustration, more tears welling up in your eyes from reliving the traumatizing events. “I tried to hide it all from you because I knew - no I thought - you’d get so disappointed and your whole view on your fans would be destroyed. I didn’t want you to think less of them just because they feel like they need to scare me away in order to protect you. But now I know that even though you know, you don’t believe they could be this cruel”, you started sobbing.

“Do you know what they did to me Jimin?”, he silently shook his head, giving you the sign to continue. You swallowed hard.

“First it was only the messages online. Message like you just read. But then when I wouldn’t leave, they’d start sending me death threats via mail. They’d leave cards on the porch or in the staircase, mentioning the best ways to kill myself or just saying what a bad person I am. Then they started vandalizing, crashing my bike, burning up pictures of us in front of the apartment building and spray painting hate messages on the walls. Whenever I’d go out, someone would be waiting there, ready to yell in my face what a disgrace I am and how I don’t deserve you. Sometimes they throw stuff at me, like eggs or tomatoes or anything like that. I went through all of that without saying a word because I didn’t want to hurt you. I wanted to protect you and love your fans unconditionally because they need your love, Jimin. But so do I”, you fell to your knees and sobbed harder, putting your hands in front of your face, your stomach tightening by the thought of all the horror you went through for Jimin.

Jimin stood there and didn’t move. He had been quiet the whole time, looking at you motionless. Now he stared at you blankly, not even flinching.

“You’re a liar”, he stated. You looked up, outraged and clenching your hands into fists. “My fans would never do those things. They don’t have a reason to. You’re only jealous because I spend so much time away with them and can’t give you enough attention”, he continued, words full of disgust.

New tears of anger formed in your eyes and you got up from your knees, facing him. “Are you saying that I just randomly invented all of this because I need your attention?”, you spat.

He nodded. “Of course. It’s all a little bit too dramatic to be true, isn’t it?”, Jimin laughed and turned away, to sit back down on the couch.

“Stop”, you coldly said. Jimin froze and looked at you confused. 

“What? It’s not like I’m going to make a big deal out of it (Y/N). I understand that I need to give you more attention, so come over here and cuddle with me”, he smiled gently. 

You couldn’t believe what he said. The sweet and caring Jimin, you knew as your boyfriend was gone and an ignorant asshole was now standing in your apartment. You didn’t know what to do. Obviously he didn’t believe you and all you wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry.

“Stop”, you repeated. “Don’t you dare take a seat on my couch. So you don’t believe me at all? Even though you’ve seen the tweets?”

Jimin laughed. “No I don’t believe you.”

“Then get out of my apartment”, you stated coldly, moving out of the way and signaling towards the door.

“What? Are you crazy?”, he asked in confusion. “I just said I understand you, why would you kick me out?”

“I’m not kicking you out, I’m breaking up with you Jimin”, you whispered, making his eyes grow wide and his jaw drop. “You rather defend your fans than to believe your girlfriend even though you have the proof right in front of your face. So get out and don’t contact me ever again.”

Jimin rolled his eyes at you and walked past you. He stopped at the doorway and turned around to face you. “You know you’re being really dramatic right now, right? Quit the games and face reality. I love you (Y/N), why would you let something like this break us apart?”

You closed your eyes at his words, making you feel like he slammed a knife right into your heart. “Don’t say those three words if you don’t mean it Jimin”, you breathed out and gently shoved him out of the door. 

“I hope it was worth it believing in your fans rather than your girlfriend”, you said while closing the door on his face, gliding down and erupting into deep sobs.

Kissing Frogs

Originally posted by cashtonkinks

in which you have to kiss a few frogs before you finally find your prince aka one day i will stop writing best friend aus but not today

“So, I um, kinda wrote you a poem.” Your boyfriend said, looking at you over his round glasses and producing a lined piece of paper from the pocket of his flannel.

“Really? No one’s ever done that for me before.” You said, managing a small smile even though panic alarms were going off in your head. The two of you had only been together for three months, and in your opinion it was a little early for anyone to be writing anything about anyone.

He returned the smile and unfolded the paper with a shaking hand. You started to feel bad for worrying. He was obviously nervous and maybe is wasn’t even a love poem. You took his free hand in yours, running your thumb along the back of his hand, trying to soothe his nerves. He cleared his throat and began to read.

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anonymous asked:

I'm having a lot of trouble liking Hanbin. After reading about numerous drama-filled issues regarding his family and seeing that clip/gifset of him wailing on Chanwoo and looking absolutely remorseless I just can't bring myself to like him and it throws off my whole dynamic for iKON. One of the biggest pulls for me in kpop groups is the group dynamic so it makes me sad as I love all of the other members and their music. Do you have any information that could make me see him in a better light?

I’m sorry but ‘numerous drama filled issues regarding his family’? Are you by any chance talking about the issue with his dad’s company? That issue had absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of his family. And we don’t even know the real story behind it. There are only articles that blew shit up and people who didn’t want hanbin to make a debut because of it. That’s absolute bullshit if you ask me. How is hanbin responsible for smth one of his family members did? That’s like saying ‘the bad is in his blood’ but we’re all responsible for only our own decisions and actions and not for other people’s. I only read good things about his family (from direct sources not allkpop and other shitty websites)

Here are just some: 

I don’t know if the scandal is even true tbh. There were no real consequences and he isn’t in jail so idk. But I’m not going to excuse his dad’s behavior now, all I’m saying is that we don’t know for sure if it’s even true. And what’s especially important, it’s definitely not hanbin’s or his other family members fault nor responsibility to stand up for his dad’s actions. 

As for the hanbin and chanwoo issue, I already talked about it when it happened back then and I still stand by what I said. I think it’s not as deep as we think. I feel like it’s a thing that also happens to siblings a lot. They joke around and suddenly one gets hurt by the other so they went overboard with the joke. I just don’t believe that chanwoo feels uncomfortable nor threatened when he is around hanbin. There are too many interviews, too many videos just too much content that proves it otherwise. You can’t judge a relationship by a 10 second clip. You have to look more into it. I also felt uncomfortable back then but now after looking into their relationship, reading interviews and watching videos I just realized that their relationship is just like two brothers and they are super comfortable around each other. Chanwoo feels good around all members and he hangs around bobby and hanbin super often, he makes fun of them, teases them, cuddles with them and he loves them and the same goes for the other boys. 

(they often play games together in bobby’s room)

(info: chanwoo is talking about the fact that hanbin changed the climax lyrics from 5 members to six members on my shoulders)

There is so much about hanbin you don’t seem to know and it makes me really sad to see that people think of him as some kind of monster when he is such a caring, funny, kind, hard working and lovable young boy. 

(he performed despite his eye infection)

(he even posted a picture of himself and the kids in the fancafe)

There are so many more fanaccounts, fancams and other videos I could post about adorable and nice things he did but I can’t make you fall for him if you’re not willing to look more into him by yourself. So I really hope this helped you and that you’ll start researching more about him and maybe even fall for him.

Rumours (Request)

Could you write oneshot were Harry wants to hide all of the rumors about him so the reader wouldn’t find it and think it’s true because that’s how a lot of his relationships eneded. So there is never a newspaper in their house and when she opens any side that could show smth like that he brings her attention at him or when he hears her twitter going crazy he silences her phone and just opens app to remove all notifications. But one day she walks in on him watching tv where there’s a photoshoped photo of him with his exes and they say horrible things. When he notices her he starts explaning himself and she has to silence him with a kiss. Then she tells him she knew about all of the rumors because he’s not very good at hiding but she has never cared and she believes him not them. And he’s so relieved.


The one thing that Harry wanted to do more than anything else was protect you.

You hadn’t been dating very long but he was already starting to feel things that he was fairly certain he had never felt for another person. Sure, he had been with girls and dated and been smitten, but he had never been in love. Love was one of those feelings that he was pretty sure would knock him off his feet the first time he experienced it and, while he knew he wasn’t ‘in love’ with you quite yet, those feelings were starting to creep up on him. They were hard to explain or understand, but he was enjoying them so far.

You were someone that he hadn’t seen coming; you caught him off guard and it surprised even him how quickly he fell for you. You were just a normal girl who worked and went to school and happened to have some mutual friends in Los Angeles. Harry had met you through one of those friends and spent the entire evening transfixed by you; every word you said, every time you laughed, every story you told. By the end of the night the only thing he could think about was how soon he could see you again.

One of the things that he liked about you was that you didn’t actually know too much about who he was. You knew he was ‘Harry Styles’, a singer and actor and that he was in a pretty famous band, but you didn’t know anything beyond that. You didn’t have the time to pay attention to the news or the internet stories or anything like that. For that reason, Harry’s past and media-presented history was a mystery to you. You didn’t know about the womanizer rumours or the multiple girls he had been seen out with. To you, he was just Harry and that was one of the reasons he fell for you so quickly.

That was also the reason that he wanted to protect you.

After the two of you had started officially dating, Harry knew the media would have a field day if they found out. For that reason, he sat you down and asked if you would be okay keeping the relationship a bit private, just for the first few months, so you would have a chance to enjoy each other without the world getting in the way. You, of course, didn’t mind at all. You were in the relationship for Harry, not for the media. The thought of being in a public relationship still baffled you, so you were more than happy to keep it as quiet as possible. Your friends and family knew, of course, but no one else. There were no pictures on Instagram, no cryptic Twitter posts and no gossip columns that wrote about the ‘mystery girl’ that Harry Styles was spotted out with on multiple occasions.

It was easy to keep you private, it wasn’t as easy for Harry to keep himself private.

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And last but definitely not least, to finish the series off as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, an adorable lil bub with the cutest personality like he has so many different sides to him and he’s just s o fucking interesting to me, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • I’m honestly super super ready for this rn
  • Visuals are up first bc I l ov e this part so much it’s just such a nice thought
  • Black hair bc have you ever seen kookie with black hair, it’s s o fucking nice and it just fits him so well
  • Like fire!kookie now that was some good ass shit it was fluffy and it just made him look so fucking cute but also niCE as fuck and it was just such a good look 10/10
  • Ripped jeans!kookie aka one of my favorites like if you’ve seen the recent Bangtan Bomb where Jin is giving kook a massage (it was an overall great video, would highly recommend) he’s got the ripped jeans look going on and it was all thigh and wonderfulness and it was just really really nice
  • In fact that entire look is perfect for this AU bc it’s drummer!kook in a video
  • Also the boots are a thing bc I love his infamous boots and the classic t-shirt and jeans is still v v much a thing for drummer!kook bc idk how but kook somehow takes a simple white shirt and makes it look like some high end shit
  • He would be a drummer
  • Okay but kook just screams drummer to me
  • Like just look at his arms and tell me that shit wouldn’t look good while playing his lil drums
  • And kook has so much passion for his music and I just feel like he would put his heart and soul into every single performance and I just need drummer!kook tbh 
  • His drum solos are lit as fuck and he always makes sure to practice them a million times before a show even if they’re the same one from the previous one (he does switch them up a good bit)
  • Casually picks tae’s guitar up one day and just starts playing and it’s like when did he even learn how to play how the fuck does he know all of this and then the next thing they know, he’s also able to play the bass and piano and it’s just golden maknae can do all of the things but he’s super lowkey about it bc he loves drums the most
  • Everyone screams when there’s a video of him playing one of their songs on piano while Yoongi and Tae are teaching Jimin how to play in the background bc it’s just cuteness and w o w
  • A lil bit of a shy bunny off stage but on stage it’s just his zone he gets so happy and confident and we all know that look that kookie gets when he’s really into something just imagine drummer!kookie getting that look and the smiRK would appear and it’s just oh okay that’s fine
  • He gets shy around fans and it just makes them love him even more bc here he is, this amazing drummer in this internationally known band and yet he’s still blushing when they say they love his music
  • Goes into a giggle fit when they kiss his cheek for a picture and he just can’t look at them after it and he just turns into a lil shy bub and it makes everyone’s hearts do the thing
  • But also s u per fucking funny like kookie isn’t afraid to be silly and that’s one of the things I love about him, he’s just so quirky and himself and he’s just a goofball who likes to have fun and play around
  • He mainly just goes on Twitter bc he does love to talk to fans and he loves joking around with them bc he does l ov e the fans so so much and he loves being able to talk to them about anything really
  • Song suggestions, he does a lot of those, random things about their day, his lyrics just anything that comes up he just loves bonding with them 
  • He does have Instagram and Snapchat but those are more rarely used, it’s more of a weekly thing maybe every other week
  • He takes selfies and does the filters but he loves doing videos too just to say hey
  • He would meet you after the band becomes a thing
  • You two meet through Jimin and then the flirting happens and then the dating and the next thing he knows, he’s a boyfriend (and he lov es when you call him that, he just gets all giggly and happy bc whoa I’m a boyfriend !!!!!)
  • He seems like he’d be someone who keeps his private life very private, similar to Yoongi
  • Most people don’t even know he was dating anyone bc he wants to keep you safe and he doesn’t want anyone to send hate so he just keeps it hush with the help of Yoongi’s advice
  • It isn’t until some people start putting all of his lil hints together that they start to wonder if he’s single anymore
  • Since you two started dating, he’s been leaving these really minor hints that most people wouldn’t even look at twice but finally someone did and then everyone starts noticing them
  • He confirms it wordlessly by posting a picture of him hugging you (making sure your back is to the camera to keep things private) and everyone is just flipping out bc the lil shy bub is taken !!
  • A few weeks later, after the excitement has calmed down, Jimin uploads a video of kookie teaching you how to drum (once again making sure it’s an angle where they can’t see your face bc kook wants to keep you safe) and it’s just so precious bc they can hear his giggles and the smile on his face is so wide and happy and his eyes are all bright
  • Everyone just knows he’s so so happy and they love happy!kook bc he just deserves all of the love and sunshine and happiness and now he’s got it

There are a lot of ways to say “I love you” to someone.

You can just let the actual three words fall from your lips like poison. But, Evan wasn’t one for toxins. He didn’t enjoy the burn marks on his tongue whenever the phrase dared to leave his mouth, nor the bitter aftertaste that stung his throat as cheap liquor would.

But, there were other ways to say it.

One night, after hours of gaming, he heard the most beautiful noise in his life. It was a laugh, coming from one of his friends. Evan could tell that, even from over the headset, his friend’s head was tipped back, neck bare and exposed, as he shuddered with repetitive laughter.

“I like your laugh,” was what Evan found himself saying into the microphone. He swallowed, feeling his face heat up and cheeks burn with embarrassment as the conversation stopped dead in its tracks. There were no words for how relieved he felt when his friend muttered back a cheerful “Thank you.”

It happened again a week and three days later after playing some stupid zombies map. Evan was stressed out with the idea of his new logo and annoyed when that same friend announced that he would be leaving to go for a drive down to his mother’s house.

“Put on your seatbelt,” Evan said, the controller clutched tightly in his hand as his eyes focused on the oncoming horde of the undead flashing across the screen. It was like second nature to say it, and he tried to pretend that he didn’t hear the breathlessness in his friend’s voice as he whispered “Okay.”

Evan was pissed off a few nights later. There was really no reason to be. But, something was worming its way into his brain. A bad thought. And his heart started hurting because of it. The ache in his chest was getting bigger each time he logged off of skype or after he successfully recorded a funny video with his friends, then went to bed. There was this constant need to talk to him, to keep checking if he was online. And when he wasn’t, Evan found a ridiculous reason to call or text.

That same night, Evan called him … Called Jonathan.

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Notifications 4/16

Notifications | Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they both could never have even dreamed of meeting each other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well they could both be happier. | Phan | Mature | Co-Written With notanannoyingfangirl​ |  Words 31,240

This Part: 2,043

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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Vidcon Isolation

“Don’t forget to tell everyone I’m sorry in person.”

“I know, I will.”

“And let them know I’ll be making a video a bit later today.”


“Also, make sure they know I’m literally miserable being here and that I’d rather meet them. And—”

“Dan! I know! I promise I’ll do all those things, okay? Now put your eye drops in and get some rest.”

“I’m not tired,” Dan mumbled, watching Phil smile at him while making his way around the hotel room, getting ready to meet the fans waiting for them at VidCon.

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And now it is time for our cutie pie, our hope, our angel, an actual ray of sunshine with s u c h a contagious laugh like how the fuck is he so cute even his laugh is adorable, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Okay but this is a nice thought tbh
  • Visuals are first bc I lo v e this part
  • Black hair!Hobi bc y e s he makes black hair look so fucking good without even trying black hair just suits him so well
  • He does have a brief moment with a dark red hair and it’s just as fucking nice, also gets a dark green for 0.2 seconds too but he lets them fade out and eventually just dyes it back to black
  • Goes back and forth between forehead!hobi and fringe!hobi bc let’s be real he looks fucking amazing with both
  • But some days he feels like putting in that extra bit of effort, it can take a lil while to get it perfect but it’s worth it bc have you seen forehead!hobi
  • He doesn’t do it for shows though bc he’s gonna playing and he gets really into it so even if he does get his hair all up, unless he adds in a shit ton of hairspray/gel, it’s not staying up
  • Jeans jeans jeans ho bi in jea nS is everything it’s pure beauty bc he has such amazing legs and thighs and jeans show that off there’s just something about a nice pair of black jeans that looks s o good on all of them I need more of it
  • He does wear shorts when it’s hot and he isn’t playing a show and those look amazing on him as well
  • He would be a drummer
  • Hobi has an amazing sense of rhythm, he is a dancer after all but he still has a really good idea of when to move and how to move according to that particular song (which is actually really fascinating to watch him just dance around bc he’s basically water in a human form he’s just so smooth about it)
  • But also hobi has a lot of energy and drummers have to be able to sit there and play the drums for the entirety of the show so they can’t tire out super quick and hobi seems to have a lot of stamina and energy 
  • Just picture that for a second, a lil excited hobi twirling his drum stick and just getting the crowd all hyped up and just smiling and occasionally smirking
  • But there are also these moments where he just gets s o into it and you can tell he’s putting his everything into every lil movement and his eyebrows furrow a bit bc he’s so focused and it’s just amazi ng
  • Has s u ch a close relationship with the fans bc he is super energetic and makes people happy so there’s that but he also has these moments where he gets really deep and emotional so fans can relate to him bc he has so many different qualities to him
  • Total sweetheart who loves meeting all of the fans and treats them like actual best friends
  • He’s a l l over the social media aspect, he’s on Twitter, he’s on Instagram, he’s goofing around on Snapchat, he’s doing it all bc one of his favorite parts about being in a band is being able to talk to the fans
  • He l o v e s when people talk to him about his music and how they interpret it but he’s also down to just talk about their day, if he has some time to spare, he’ll spend all of that time talking to fans bc he loves it so much
  • A shit ton of selfies, band pictures, behind the scenes shit, he literally does treat their fans like his friends and is just on social media any chance he gets
  • He’ll sometimes post these random videos of him just dancing (sometimes alone, sometimes with one of the boys) and everyone loses their shit bc d aMN that’s some good shit
  • Pulls funny faces in some of the selfies he takes with fans but is also super down to kiss their cheeks (or let them kiss his if that’s what they want)
  • Has a s hi t ton of inside jokes with the fans that the boys are just ??? about bc why the fuck is the word “pineapple” funny what are we missing here
  • He meets you after the band starts
  • You’re in your own band and your bands are both playing at the same show and you two meet backstage and things just click
  • Hobi seems like someone who’d be open about it and is constantly posting cute lil pictures of you two
  • It can be something simple, like a picture of your hand in his but also goofy selfies together a l o t of goofy pictures will be happening with hobi bc he’s just a happy dude and he loves having fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously which I love about him
  • He also loves to post pictures of you and his dog bc you can just tell by the way hobi speaks to his pup that he loves it so so much and the fact that his two loves are playing/cuddling together is just too precious for his heart he h a s to take a picture
  • “Look at my bbys my sunshines my angels, they’re all cuddled up and cute WIT H OUT ME”
  • It’s like an entire journey tbh and the fans l o ve every second bc the next thing he posts up is a video of himself pouting and playfully glaring at something off screen (you) and everyone can hear you laughing bc hobi’s too cute
  • Literally not even thirty seconds later there’s another picture of him :D while you and the pup are cuddling him
  • “This is s o much better”

ok. another probably unpopular opinion alert - from me (oh don’t you lovelies love it?????? omg, no, please stop punching me in the face) - about this shit - because i still am sorta incensed, sorta not-surprised, sorta in the fetal-position about all the “omg he’s so high” and “zomg he is so hilarious!” chatter.

like, i think if we can agree on anything in these tumblrparts, it’s that jared leto is fucking bonkers, man. like, so staggeringly creative and free-thinking that when he is in a mood and sharing with us, what a normal person may see and assume is someone under the influence, is really probably just him. being himself. like, for reals. 

as someone who is operating on a similar wavelength as this perfect mess of feels and fragments, i cannot tell you how many times i’ve had people, people who’ve known me FOR LIFE, like people who are probably a match for me for like a kidney, ask me if i was in that moment with them, on drugs. sometimes, weird people are just weird. and entertain themselves by seeing just how fucking weird they can get.

not saying he is a saint and that our little angellamb would never!, because I’m sure we all know babydoll got down and probably for sure during the years of 2004 - 2007 when he was all up in a crew that contained a lot of so-obvs-that-if-they-sneezed-it-probably-looked-like-everyone-in-their-immediate-vacintity-was-suddenly-in-a-real-life-snowglobe-coke heads, because one does not associate with a shitton of people snorting and not partake for kicks themselves, so hear me out. i just honestly, really do believe those years are behind him. because, realtalk, for that man to have that much happening in his life at all times - in which hundreds of people are dependent on him for income in some capacity, in which he is buying and selling and investing in businesses, in which he is running multiple business, in which he is talking constantly with persons interviewing him and looking for any kinda soundbyte that will wreck him, in which he is a mother-fucking TYPE A bossbitch who has his eye on everything - i sideeye that a man as overworked and overscheduled as he is toking up as much as we all wanna scream he is.

secondly, and more stomach-knottingly, i personally don’t think any second in that Hang W/ was hilarious. in fact, i found it utterly upsetting in ways i am finding it hard to express right now. i think it broke down the wall and was almost a bit too real and endlessly revealing.

1) he appears to be entirely alone. possibly in his new home tho - the combo of that snapchat christmas sweatshirt and his down puffy coat, leggings under shorts makes me think possibly even not in LA because my god it’s 11pm there and still like 65 degrees. but back to alone. entirely alone. endlessly lonely. 

2) there was a lot of tension throughout his face… his lips, his brow, the corners of his eyes, his eyes themselves, that it was hard to watch him speak. 

3) so many moments where he is looking in the camera, but shifts his eyes away, as if he’s stared to long into it, at us, that he’s afraid we’ll catch on.

he’s an award-winning actor but when he’s playing the role of j, his eyes cannot lie.

4) too soon to tell and everything is speculation at all times, but, the “if you don’t show up for work” line was not just some throw away idiom jared felt like tossing out to our ears. i think it was poignant and telling. i don’t think he was referring to himself. at all. this man will fly home to LA from South America, be home less than 24 hours, then fly cross-country to NYC to attend a luggage store grand opening. for free luggage. he shows up for so much all the time. i think this was said directly to someone specific. whose track record at the moment for “showing up” may not be entirely stellar at this time. who knows. SPECULATION. S P E C U L A T I O N.

5) he looked desperate, in a way. like this wasn’t necessarily a cry for help - but like, a cry for someone to give him a moment of attention. affection without conditions. he looked so raw and delicate, his thin legs jutting out before him, splayed haphazardly on a windowsill. i think it’s clear at this point that someone asked him to work on his chill on social media - to not give so much away - of himself, of pieces of himself he never shied from. and i think its clear that it’s affecting him - that loss of connection with so many people at all hours of the day, telling him he’s amazing, and lovely, and wacky, and funny, and letting him be irrelevant on anything and everything. the only truly confirmed-Jared is only really reaching out now via snapchat and now hang w/. which i think says a lot. it’s incredibly hard to faux-jarè on snapchat and hang w/ (for obvs reasons) and i think these two modes of connection and communication are still so relatively new that far less people utilize them than Twitter or IG. i think that gives him a sense of safety to be himself still and less regulated - when it seems at this point his Twitter persona and his Instagram (which is basically repostings of Snapchat or random pictures of him from Into the Wild or from wherevs) are being looked-after by someone not-entirely-JaredLeto.

Ultimately – the Jared we’ve loved and adored since whenever we began to love and adore him, is no longer ArthouseMovieJared, who can do a picture or not do a picture, but when he does it he’s not doing it to be a blockbuster with an expected Opening Weekend Gross of $200million dollars.

Signing onto do a maaaaajor motion picture like “Suicide Squad” with a major Hollywood cast, and director, and producers (the top one being the actual Publisher of the Comic Book series the film is highlighting) is a total game changer. and with that transition, whether we want to accept it or not comes so much more added responsibility and expectations that it’s not even comprehensible. 

Listen, i’m more than excited to see him on the big screen again - because he will first and foremost always be one of my favorite actors - but i’m hesitant to wholeheartedly embrace this role, mainly for selfish reasons. mainly for the fact that we’ll lose him these next few years as he fulfills his contract and completes multiple pictures that, if they don’t film this consecutively a la other franchises - and it sounds like they’re not planning that - he’ll be dedicated to the joker (pre-production, filming, post-production, possible reshoots, maintenance of his look during downtime, publicity tours on publicity tours, worldwide promotions, the premiere, the reviews, the response, if favorably and the film does well financially: pre-production, filming, post-production, possible reshoots, maintence of his look during downtime, publicity tours on publicity tours, worldwide promotions, the premier, the reviews, the response, red carpets on red carpets to regenerate buzz, and so on and so on) probably through 2019. That is fucking terrifying….that is helluva lot of deja vu and dedication.

Times they are a-changin’. And I’m overwhelmed by a foreboding feeling.

[somethin bout that face tells me that those twists & turns ain’t so wonderful.]

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HOLD THE PHONE I'm new so can u please explain the beef situation with dalton/Dana/the boys and just like other important things, please? Thank you!

Soooo here’s the breakdown. This is going to be a long read so brace yourselves.

Dalton left because of health issues but then he also decided to get back together with his original band, Fly Away Hero, after that. This is why towards the end of Dalton’s time with IM5, he looks like he’s put on more weight than before. He had been in and out of the hospital frequently. Originally, he received full support from the other boys, with their main concern being for his health and well-being. They all tweeted heartfelt messages to him when the announcement was made. But eventually, some shade was thrown out. Whether it was intentionally malicious or not, it happened. It was a throwback post on the band Instagram account that was a picture of the boys performing at one of their shows, but Dalton was cropped out. He then posted the picture on his own account captioned something to the effect of, “i guess i remember this day a little differently…”. And after that I believe the animosity between Dalton and everyone (excluding Will) just continued to escalate. Like Dalton himself confirmed, Will is really the only one who still keeps in contact with him. None of them still follow him on social media other than Will.

Then you have David. He was friends with all five of the original members before he took Dalton’s place. In fact, in an old interview with Eva Amantea (@OnTheSpotEva), she asks the group who they would choose as a sixth member if they were IM6 instead of IM5. In a heartbeat, they all agreed that they would call up David Scarzone. David was with the band for only about 5-6 months before deciding to leave. When the announcement was made, released only via tweet, none of the boys responded other than by retweeting the band account’s version of the announcement. David changed his user almost immediately and the band account’s twitter layout and bio was edited soon thereafter as well. Dalton also tweeted soon after David’s announcement saying, “all the cool kids are doing it ;)”. Not long after that, Gabe and Dana were discovered to have unfollowed David already, before he unfollowed them back. Within that week, Cole, Will and David were seen spending time together while Dana and Gabe hung out separately.

Far before David’s announcement, a little after the “IM5 is under reconstruction” tweet, he and Will went to watch Dalton perform in LA while he was in town. This however, did not sit well with the band. It is implied by some of Dalton’s answers to anons that it was not the management, but rather the other boys, who gave David and Will a hard time for going to support their friend. From here on, the story is my theory but many other 5ers agree with me on this completely. Lots of talk goes around about the band’s management not being the best and how they don’t treat the boys in the right way. But if you think about it, it’s the other band members, not the management, who you would spend the most time with. I believe that David didn’t like the way the boys gave him a hard time for wanting to support a friend, and that he didn’t feel quite a part of the band, even after some months. According to a primary source of mine who shall remain unnamed, at a performance the boys had about a month before David decided to leave (which I myself was at), Dana and David had an argument behind the scenes. This, to me, seems completely possible seeing as the Meet and Greet started much later than was advertised. Ultimately, everything seems to all go back to the beef that the boys have with Dalton, which in my humble opinion, is pretty childish and unnecessary. They hold grudges like stereotypical high school girls.

In the weeks preceding David’s announcement, he had numerous tweet and follow sprees. The 5amily appreciated it a LOT. We soon came to understand that he had done it because he knew that he would be making his announcement soon. After he left, the IM5 shirt including David’s name was taken down, and his portions of the website were taken down as well. In addition, the band started having merch sales in which they were very generous giving away things that had David on them (magnets and postcards). This may have also been prompted in preparation for Will’s announcement.

In regards to Will leaving, going back to the night of Dalton’s performance, a fan had asked him what the reconstruction tweet meant. He told them that he didn’t know, which we now know was a blatant lie. After David announced that he was leaving, everyone assumed that the reconstruction tweet referred to that because he said that he made his decision on 10/20/14, with the tweet being sent out that same day. The Ustream revealed that this was not the case, yielding varied degrees of surprise from 5ers all throughout the fandom. I myself was not terribly surprised because I had a strong gut feeling that the news could not be very good if they announced two days before that they would discuss the reconstruction tweet. Because everyone had assumed the tweet was about David, we didn’t understand why they wanted to talk about it if David has already been absent for about a month now. And the rest is history.

This again, is theory, especially because Will said that he did not have any bad blood with the other boys. But according to another primary source of mine, at last month’s Event Fusion Live performance in LA, Will didn’t seem very happy. It was a very laid back event, and 5ers got a considerable amount of time with the boys, especially because they were all just wandering around. Except for Will, that is. Will didn’t seem in the mood to talk to people too much. He did talk to fans but no conversation was very long. While the other boys were roaming around the venue during soundcheck, Will stayed upstairs. He was also the first to leave. He was obviously upset this day. This again, is speculation, but Will has a very different vibe than Dana, Cole, and Gabe. Those boys are very effortlessly cool, and you have Will in all his adorable awkwardness. In interviews, the boys are known to poke fun at Will. Of course, they mean to do so in a loving and brotherly way, but some believe that deep down, Will never liked it, and eventually he had enough. This is up to you to decide but that’s something that’s been thrown out there.

So yeah I think that’s everything I’ve pieced together about this story. I hope I wasn’t too confusing or anything haha. Don’t get me wrong, all of these boys are wonderful and talented, there’s just some unfortunate drama floating around out there.

Hacked into Love

Hacking was your life. It was all that you could ever think about. Coding came as easy to you as 1+1. You never meant to do it, but your fingers had a mind of its own. They would find their way into back channels of secure networks and you could find anything that you wanted. There was never a system you couldn’t crack.

You never meant to hack into Namjoon’s personal laptop but with all his teasing on Twitter of all the new songs he was working on, you couldn’t resist. You only had intended on taking a peak at what these songs were. You were never the one to leak information, you just didn’t like secrets.

The day you broke into Namjoon’s laptop was like any other normal day. You found yourself, plastered to your desk tracking the IP address of his last Twitter update. It took you less than four minutes before you were in. When searching through his files you saw that Namjoon currently had a file running. Being the nosey person that you were, you activated his webcam so you could see what he was doing.

In one of the several studios in Bighit, Namjoon found himself working on the beat for an upcoming track on the new album. No matter how hard he tried, something just didn’t flow right with the lyrics he had imagined. Three consecutive days working morning to night on this one beat and there was still no progress. What was he going to tell Bang PD when he asked how the new title track was coming along? Out of frustration, Namjoon slammed his hands down on the keyboard aggressively. Not knowing what else to do, Namjoon let out a big sigh and buried his face in his hands. When He looked up he couldn’t believe his eyes, someone, somewhere was typing to him on his computer.

“It sounds good, don’t give up.”

What were you doing? This was going against every rule you had ever set for yourself. You were to never let anyone know you were there. But how could you sit back and watch him beat himself up over something that sounded so amazing? Like always, your hands took control and started typing away before you could even process what you had done.

“It sounds great, just some minor tweaks and I think this will be my favorite song yet.”

Namjoon couldn’t believe his eyes, he had to be dreaming. He obviously had spent to many sleepless days in the studio where he was imagining that someone was talking to him through his laptop. No matter how hard he tried to wake himself up, the text was still clear as day on his screen. He decided that either way he might as well go for it and get this outsiders opinion.

“Oh really, and what needs to be changed?” He typed without expecting anything in return.

“Well if I were you, I’d slow down the tempo just a smidge and in the chorus it sounds a little choppy right now, I’d add a few more beats.”

Namjoon couldn’t believe he was actually taking in consideration from a mysterious person, but he thought he had no other ideas so he gave it a try. When he did he could hear the song flow closer to what he had imagined it to be. It wasn’t perfect yet, but it was definitely in the direction he wanted to be in. It sparked so many ideas in him, he instantly started scribbling down notes.

“Hey thanks, that really helped! I think I know what I want to do with this song now.”

“Haha no problem, glad to be of service. I won’t bother you anymore, I’ll leave you to it.”

“No wait, who are you, how am I even talking to you?”

“Oh um, I’m just a fan who is kinda, maybe, sorta really good at hacking lol.”

“You..you hacked me, how?”

“Well it wasn’t that hard really, all your posts on Twitter made it really easy to trace your IP address and that made everything else a piece of cake.”

“Why did you do it?”

“Because you kept teasing about upcoming songs, and I hate secrets with a passion. I couldn’t resist, I’m sorry!”

“You’re not going to like give me a virus or something or leak the song are you?”

“Nah that’s not my cup of tea lol, I was thinking I’d just download it for myself and enjoy the music. Oh by the way the pictures of you and Rap Mon you have saved on your computer are too adorable, they’re definitely my new wallpaper.”

“Wait you’re looking at everything! Hold on, can’t you just stick to the music! I mean yes you helped me, but a man needs his privacy.”

“Chill, I won’t go through everything, but you have to look at it from my point of view. It’s like a kid in a candy store, everything is so tempting to look at!”

Conversations like that went on for days. You spent at least a hour everyday talking to Namjoon. You two had some how gotten pretty close. Two months had gone by and it felt like you knew everything about him. For Namjoon on the other hand, all he knew about you was that you were indeed a girl and you finally told him your name after a month of begging. He wanted to know so much more about you but how could he ask? You just mysteriously appeared on his computer one day, but there wasn’t anything he didn’t trust you with. Whenever a problem occurred in his life he went in search of you. He decided that he couldn’t take not knowing you any longer, so he decided he had to make a move.

“Are you there?”

“Yeah I’m here, what’s up?”

“Well I have a question for you?”

“Ask away then.”

“Umm..well, we’ve been talking for quite a while now and idk I was wondering instead of this hacking business, you’d want to, idk text? I mean I’d still show you all my new material and everything but it would be a lot easier if I could talk to you on the phone.”

A question hanging in the air, Namjoon waited for your reply. He wished more than anything that you would agree. If you could agree to that, he was sure he could convince you into sending a picture of yourself to him. He had spent days trying to imagine what you looked like, but nothing he could think of ever felt quite right. He needed to know more about you, you were all he could think about lately.

When you finally replied Namjoon literally jumped out of his chair, completely forgetting the fact that you were watching him through his webcam. Once he remembered, he sat back down awkwardly blushing so many shades of red. The first thing he did was shut down his laptop, he wanted it to be a surprise of what he was doing.

Before long you heard the sound of your phone go off, you had a new text message from a number not yet in your phone. When you opened the text, you were greeted with a picture of Namjoon smiling ear to ear. You swore you could get lost in his dimples alone. Once again, without realizing what you were doing you took a picture of yourself and sent it back to him replying hey there.

When Namjoon looked down at his phone he forgot to breathe for a moment. You were more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. How did he get so lucky to be able to talk to someone as smart and beautiful as you. He instantly saved your picture to his phone so he could look back at it later. Without hesitation he messaged you back.

“Wow, hello beautiful.”

You didn’t think you’d ever smiled so much in your life, did Namjoon really just call you beautiful? This had to be a dream. Your bias of your all time favorite group just called you beautiful. You couldn’t stop smiling no matter how hard you tried. You hated to admit it, but you had really fallen for him. Not in the way that most fans love their biases, but you actually did love him.

You loved the way he ran his hands through his hair when he was thinking too hard, or the way he’d smirk when he thought he was being funny. You loved the way he’d lose himself in the music and yet he would still be aware that you were there. You loved how he valued your opinion, there hasn’t been a song that he didn’t run by you first before the members even. You loved the way he said your name, it sounded so foreign yet so familiar all the same. You loved him for him and not the Rap Monster everyone else knew him as.

You were afraid to tell him though. Yes you considered yourself his friend, but how could he ever love a fan? You felt as if you were just another fan in his eyes. Little did you know that Namjoon was just as afraid as you were. How could you ever truly love him more than just an idol? He’d be gone all the time and when he was home he’d be stuck in the studio preparing for the next comeback. You deserved someone who could spend every moment with you, not someone who you could only talk to via electronics. No matter how much he loved you, he couldn’t tell you.

Texting turned into phone calls and phone calls turned into face timing. There wasn’t a day where you two didn’t talk. You’d sacrifice hours of sleep just to talk to him a little longer. Namjoon and you had gotten so close that he even told the other members about you. You had spent just as much time talking to them as you had Namjoon recently. You could really see how close they really were.

One day in particular you decided to hack back into Namjoon’s laptop for old times sake, maybe find some new pictures of Namjoon and Rap Mon on there. Out of habit you activated the webcam and you saw Namjoon and Hoseok sitting in the studio.

“So have you and ______ talked yet today?” Hoseok asked mischievously.

“No not yet, probably will soon though.”

“You know, I’m surprised you two aren’t together yet. You guys act like you’re a couple anyways. Have you ever even gone a day without talking to her.”

“Um I mean once I wasn’t able to talk to her until after midnight, does that count?”

“No it doesn’t, so you literally talk every day then. Why not just ask her out then. Since I’ve known you I haven’t seen you talk to anyone as much as her. Heck I don’t think you talk to me as much as you do her.”

Just ask Namjoon was about to respond out of the corner of his eye he saw the green light of his webcam on. He instantly knew you were watching. He slammed the lid of his laptop shut and started yelling at Hoseok.

“Shit, what have I done?”

You were panicking, was that something you weren’t suppose to hear? Did Namjoon like you? You thought about the conversation you just overheard and you reassured yourself it couldn’t be true. He never said he liked you, Hoseok must have been jumping to conclusions. You guys were just friends right?

You grabbed your phone and waited for Namjoon to call you. After being caught you expected him to call you almost instantly. Instead you waited and waited and he never called. You wanted to talk to him, but maybe he was upset at you hacking him again. You went to bed wondering why he didn’t call you.

For the first time in over six months Namjoon and you didn’t talk to eachother. A day turned into a week and there was still no response from him. Was he really that mad at you? Each day you sent him a text in the morning and a text before you fell asleep and each day he didn’t text you back. You started to think that your whole friendship was a sham, that he just thought you were some creepy fan and indulged your fantasy for some shits and giggles. That he had finally grown sick of you and didn’t want to talk to you anymore.

A week was too much, you couldn’t take it anymore. You decided you were going to send him one last text and than you’d be done with him. Screw him if he wanted to throw away six months of friendship over one overheard conversation. You had enough of him ignoring you and you were going to give him a piece of your mind.

“Look here Kim Namjoon. I don’t care how famous you are or how busy your life is, you still have enough time in your day to at least send me one simple text to tell me your busy. But no, I get nothing, nada, for a whole fucking week! Are you really upset that I overheard your conversation? It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve heard you talk with your other members. If you don’t want to talk to me anymore than that fine, but let me at least know. If you want me out of your life just let me know, I delete every conversation I’ve ever had with you and I promise you, I’ll never hack into your laptop again. I thought we were friends but I was wrong. Whatever Namjoon, if you’re going to ignore me then I’m done, good fucking bye..”

Namjoon looked down at his phone and he couldn’t believe that you had just sent him this text. Not talking to you for a week had been living hell for him, but he thought it’d be better for you not to like him. But seeing you wanting to throw away what you two had was eating him alive. Could he really live without having you in his life? Was he being selfish for wanting you to be apart of his life? All Namjoon knew was that he wasn’t willing to lose you. Without hesitation, he called you.

“Look you don’t have to say anything and by the end of what I have to say, you still want nothing to do with me then just hang up. I know I made a mistake by ignoring you a full week, but I didn’t know what else to do. You heard a conversation that I hadn’t even figured out myself yet. Look, I have been in love with you for four months now, but how could I tell you that? I’m an idol, everything I do is in the limelight. I’m constantly awake and I never have any free time. I want to be with you more than anything, but you deserve someone who can spend every moment with you. I can’t give you that, so I thought it’d be best if I made you not want anything to do with me. But the thought of losing you is killing me. I know what I did wasn’t right but please, please don’t give up on me. If you can forgive me, will you please do me the honor and be my girlfriend?”

He spent a whole week ignoring you so you’d move on, because he wanted what was best for you. How stupid could he be. You had loved him for just as long if not longer and yet he thought you deserved someone better, but to you no one could even compare to Namjoon. Your bias, your friend, actually loves you, you couldn’t believe it you didn’t know what to say, but you knew you had to say something before he thinks you hung up.

“How dare you decide what’s best for me. Did you ever think of asking me what is best for me? You can be so stupid at times! I love you too and yet you think I should be with someone else, how dumb does that sound? Of course I’ll be your girlfriend, we’ll make it work. You need to stop worrying about the ifs and focus on what’s actually in front of you.”

And just like that Namjoon and you were dating. It came to no surprise to the rest of the boys when Namjoon told them the news. Jungkook actually won twenty dollars off of Jimin because Jimin was sure he wouldn’t ask you out until a year had past. You went from being a fan who couldn’t take the teasing, to a hacker who gave some pretty good advice, to be Namjoon’s girlfriend. You had never been so thankful for your hacking skills before.



Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated on here. The majority of my summer classes will be over this week though. I’m going to have a lot more time to update. I promise by the weekend I will have a new chapter up of Life Changing as well.

As always please let me know what you think!

-Admin K

This is one of the worst arguments in tumblr of why the naruto ending was bad and took my time to show you all why she is wrong

in this text I will refute the arguments which this person gave are taken out of context and the reasons why they are wrong.

this will be a long post so I will try to be as direct as possible and try to make this at least as funny as was for me read it and realize when i saw how many likes this Text got almost 700 and how many uncultured people there is, and how this girl rant just because she dont have nothing more to do with her life.


One of the arguments that bug me a lot is “Naruto is happy and he has a family so you should stop insulting the ending“ + putting hundreds of pictures from the Last movie to prove it.

so let me stop here for a second, first, naruto it´s trully happy and not only in the movie you can see that, in the meeting when he its smiling and you can see how now he is the hokage and fulfilled his dream and how mature he it’s now and after that you are saying that the people can’t post pictures of the only canon movie from the series? It is ridiculous

The problems with this argument are so much and you don’t even have to be a shipper, being a Naruto fan is enough to see just how wrong it is and how forced all of this looks which apparently makes you a “salty fan”.

it’s not because you say the ending its forced, it’s because the fact that you can’t realize how he happy and mature he is now, every Naruto fan wanted him happy and being hokage is what was his dream.

The “Naruto” we see in the movie is nothing like the canon!Naruto. I haven’t seen the movie nor am I planning to do this but from the spoilers, people who watched the movie, twitter and the reviews in Yahoo Japan the amount of people who said that the way the movie describe Naruto’s character is awful and he doesn’t even seem like himself.

ok ok ok jajajajajaja so first of all you are criticizing something you by yourself haven’t seen and have the guts of say “The “Naruto” we see in the movie is nothing like the canon!Naruto“ you are basing your arguments it concepts of people who was going to dislike it anyway, they aren’t going to write something good about something they hate, and the reviews of yahoo japan was people from occident who create accounts and using google translate so they can write about a movie they haven’t seen by themself, that’s why the majority of those reviews are being deleted.

Naruto who was said to be able to “see in people’s hearts” apparently can’t make a difference between his love for ramen and Hinata’s love for him. And I’m absolutely serious - this is how Studio Pierrot excuses the fact that he hasn’t addressed her confession not only after the Pain arc but 2 years after the end of the war. They excuse his behaviour with such an absurd argument that made people in Japan say that he is a very “shallow” person.

No, naruto cant see love in people hearts, he can see the hate and the willing of kill and even then he only feel it like a hazy presence.

even then, its stated many times naruto it’s a seriously dense person in love stuff, at least until The Last, and Studio Pierrot, wasn’t the one who suggested the Movie happening 2 years after the war, was kishimoto himself because he wanted naruto to fall in love as an adult, and thats why he never made in the manga profound love stories for the Konoha Genins, and many of the sakura stories and sasuke including the good bye was helped by a woman

In order to make Naruto fall for Hinata they had to sacrifise his love for Sakura in the most disgusting way possible with saying that his feelings were based on his rivalry with Sasuke which makes absolutely no sense since it is a canon fact that he has liked her before Team 7 was formed. (he introduces her as a “very cute girl that I like a lot”). If we ignore this fact and try to understand and look at this another way it still makes no sense because of the “I hate people who lie to themselves”. After the movie was released in theatres in Japan people sent Kishi’s assistant pictures of Naruto with this quote on it and commented with “But it’s okay if he does it” which is the reason that Naruto Uzumaki’s nickname in Japan now is “The worst scumbag”.

The Last only Reinforced the Canon Material where he realize after seeing sakura willing to do anything for sasuke it’s why he liked her, because he wasn’t gonna wanted to lose against to him, and the way he refer to her doesn’t matter because he has his rivalry with sasuke long before the manga started. 

and for you to know the first character he draw before start his manga was naruto and hinata in a very well know pic, at that time hinata was going to be a villager, the fact than he create hinata for naruto it´s way before naruto introduced sakura so you cant deny those facts, sasuke and sakura where originaly created by the editor to introduce a love trio subplot to bring more readers

and those persons who sended those pics to kishimoto were only narusaku an narusasu readers who where upset because his pairyng wherent canon at the end, i saw too many thank you picks sended to kishimoto after he spended 15 years creating a world for us.

This movie is an insult to Naruto’s character as it portrays him as a person who has been lying to himself this whole time. He lied to Sai which lead to Sai verbally attacking Sakura and her having an emotional breakdown because of feelings that weren’t real in the first place. They portray Naruto like a stupid person who doesn’t understand other peoples’ feelings when in the manga no matter what happened Naruto could see in others’ hearts (even in the first chapters with Zabuza and Haku). He doesn’t take feelings lightly and he is true to his own ones but in the movie it’s the opposite.

by that time naruto was only knowing one kind of love, and was the love of giving your life to protect someone, and as a shinobi he understand how its hard to show feelings but that´s not a romantic love, thats a shinobi the one who endures, and it´s what he have been learning trough the series, iruka did the same for him and thats why he can relate, it´s the same hinata did for him, a selfish act who was made because she loved him, but he understood it as if was something made by the dutty or because as she herself said was a selfish act and maybe he related that as a selfish love for food. it doesnt make much sanse but naruto doenst know what romantic love is, and thats why he its so dense.

he has never been lying to himself, he never in the manga and i repeat NEVER SAID HE LOVED SAKURA, was only assumptions created by shippers and a person with at that time never expressed emotions, so how do you respect someone who doesnt have any emotion understand love, and just because he read some books ? For the Love of God i need to read that book.

I do understand that in the end Naruto is shown happy and with a family but what do you also notice in this picture:

Where is the man whom he followed and searched for, fought tooth and nail to bring back, adressed as him as his best friend and said that his heart hurts when he sees him in pain? Where is Uchiha Sasuke with whom he has the most important bond in the whole manga?

i suppose you didnt made any research befor spit what do you said here

sasuke made his decision, and naruto was fine with it, naruto wanted to bring back sasuke from the path he chose, the path of hate and vengeance, wasn’t because he wasn’t in the village, was because he hurt a friend and make her suffer, and gone rogue just because he wanted revenge and power, sasuke keep the loss and didn’t choose the hashirama prosthetic arm because was a reminder off his bond with naruto, kishimoto said than he didn’t have enough time to go deep in what sasuke was searching, but gives hints stating than he was behind knowing what are the kaguya origins

Where is the girl who saved his life many times, was his emotional and physical support, who made his heart beat again, who was the breath in his lungs when he didn’t have the power to breathe himself? Where is Haruno Sakura who fought for his dream, who was ready to give up on her dreams to make his come true, and whom he loved all this time?

Where are Iruka, Kakashi, his friends?

i think you are describing hinata, yes sakura made a cpr to naruto but because she its a medic and because his friend was dying, how could you misunderstood the critical situation in a lovely way?, his dream was sasuke and became a great kunoichi and she became a great one who mastered senjutsu and learned high rank medical jutsus that only senju hashirama and tsunade knows, and ended with sasuke and a gorgeous daughter, and repeat Naruto never said he loved sakura, thats a big assumption in every way, and she never said she was going to give up on her dream, to make the naruto’s dream came true

thats one of the things i hate the most, the assumption you make just because you think are right but you can’t sustain them

and what happened to kakashi, iruka and everyone else ? well iruka was so happy seeing naruto getting married even crying of happiness and in the end was seeing naruto as a father and as hokage and how me matured enough to give his sons the same advices he once told to him, kakashi its old but still enjoy the time with his best friend, we didn’t get much time to se how its it going but at least we see him entrusting the title to naruto and being so proud of him, and we’ll choji always wanted a women who didn’t care the fact than he its a bit fat and love him, and he got one, shino now spend time teaching in the school and dont giving a fuck with those glasses, kiba its single but still have energy dating with a cat lady, i actually shipped them till the time i saw them in the end, sakura its in his house, and we can see she its just getting fine, we see hinata remembering neji after all those years, and by the words of ten- ten than now the world have got a long time of peace, we see that ino it’s happy with sai and how he show more emotions(i think say got one of the best endings lol) sasuke its searching the truth behind kaguya and got time to have a daugther with sakura that means spending time with his family because she knows him well, temari and shikamaru got together as anyone who saw naruto could have expected.

What happened to Naruto who swore to change the world and bring piece to the world? Who never gives up and fights till the bitter end, who brought piece to the world yet apparently he doesn’t have time for his own son and makes him go through the same pain of loneliness that he has been through?What happened to Naruto who swore to protect his friends?

naruto never gived up in nothing, hi bringed back his friend from the darkness, saved the world, bringed peace and have a family who love him so much. but as you can see in The Last, naruto till becoming hokage have more than enough time to expend with his son and daugther and he seems so happy and how both love him so much

naurto protected his friends and gived them a world of peace, and released them with sasuke from the Mugen tsukuyomi.

He was supposed to surprass the previous generation - him becoming Hokage isn’t enough. Why isn’t Sasuke home? Why did he gave up on his love? Why was Team 7 replaced with a side character who doesn’t even know Naruto’s true self? This isn’t about ships - this is about the fact that Studio Pierrot is trying its hardest to replace the important people in Naruto’s life and give their role to Hinata just to make her rellevant. It’s about the fact that they turned Naruto into a scumbag and changed him entirely to fit Hinata. Because they didn’t get together because of development or proper interaction - someone had to suffer around them just so they can interact, just so Naruto can pity her and get together with her. They had to steal Narusasu and Narusaku moments and transform them in order to fit Naruhina, in order to give NH relevance.

i already explained why, because sasuke wanted to know the truth behind kaguya and naruto its fine with it, he wanted to bring him back from the darkness and he made it. and naruto never loved sakura, you cant prove that the only girl he have love its hinata, and you liked it or not it´s what it’s set in stone. and taling about his friends you haven’t watched the movie and still think they have been replaced? they were who gives naruto moral support during the movie and in many ways you can see naruto and shikamaru together as his advisor, and took that role in the movie and he even get along with sai and have many funny moments together. they aren’t trying to make hinata relevant, many times kishimoto make the studio remade the script till he liked it, and you with that you can see how kishimoto gives the approval for the movie, because he was fine with the story making it canon. that movie not only gives development to hinata, made it to hamura the sage brother who needed more explanation, gives it to naruto, he turned into a man, overcame his behavior as a child and matured in the way kishimoto wanted, and i have to accept kishimoto it’s not the best of the writer but he have his reasons to dont make that development in the manga, and was because he wanted naruto as an adult to fell in love. and this movie was about naruto first love, this movie never was intended to give more team 7 or narusasu moments, those you can watch it in many of the non canon movies before this one, Thet Las its the chapter 699.5 and showed an in between time skip before 700 and the first love of naruto.

As a matter of fact Naruto didn’t make all of his dreams come true. Sasuke isn’t here for him, isn’t in the village, he not only didn’t win Sakura’s heart but also lied about his feelings and Team 7 isn’t even together.But of course SP will draw him being happy, because this is how they want us to see it. But the real Naruto wouldn’t even want to become like that.

Do not mistake Naruto Uzumaki in canon manga (1-698) with the Naruto created to fit Hinata’s character in this movie.

many times i said it before, sasuke its traveling the world searching the truth behin kaguya and naruto its fine with it, yes he didn’t won sakuras heart, but won one of a gentle woman, who love him and he love her, she suport him, gived him two charming kids, was with him when he becamen hokage and was with him before anyone realized he existed, you are ranting because the team 7 its not shown togeter in the end, but they have his lives noew as adults, have his own families and offcourse arent going to be togetter 24/7 they are friends and sure they have his times togeter, but the last chapter was in a hokage meeting and naruto was bussy with that its his job now, and how do you know naruto didn’t wanted a happy life with kids and wife? because you say it so ?

if you like a ship it’s fine, but saying the work of a life its bad and a what naruto got a wonderful love and and a pure and a gentle wife it’s not what naruto deserved?, you’re just been blind at the fact that he has endured enough, and he has archived all he wanted in his life, but all can’t be smiles he has his duty as the protector of konoha and he it’s a shinobi and he learned long ago to endure it, and thats what he was trying to teach bolt, he its a shinobi and can’t be a child forever but he still loves him.

this it’s a great story and naruto got the end he deserved, this is the naruto that once said

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and now have this 

i like how it ended, he it’s truly happy and with the ones he loves and who love him, so stop talking without arguments and assuming that because you tink naruto its not happy he isn’t because he is a realized man with a great future