i love the evolution of her hair

one of the things i love most about 21 chump street is the evolution of Anthony singing “light-skinnded, Puerto Rican, long hair, mature in the body, like woah” because at the beginning of the musical it’s so eager and hopeful and goofy and you can tell how infatuated and loony he is for her!! but after she betrays him and everything goes to dust and he sings it again his voice is DEVOID of hope and he sounds so defeated and crushed and he knows what he’s done wrong and his tone is so mournful.. like damn. talk about character development in sixteen minutes

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What do you think of Chloe without blue hair? I feel like it suited her more than the brown colour but that's my opinion

I like to think that they are two different Chloes. 

Young and more innocent Chloe fits with blonde hair. Look at this face:

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I’m in love.

However, after Rachel disappears we can see that Chloe has suffered a lot, and it’s not only her hair but her face is darker, more pissed off I’d said.

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She’s so done in Life is Strange while in Before the Storm she still has hope.

I think that’s the big difference between LiS and BtS:

In BtS, Chloe is sad. In LiS, Chloe is angry

Whatever, I can’t wait to see the evolution between the young Chloe and grown Chloe. It will be great.

This is my evolution of drawing Shaw….from the first time to the most recent. I’m going to cry this is my art journey as well as the process of falling in love with Sameen Shaw

There is a growing demand on CBR to have the costumes in X-men Gold redone because Ardian Syaf designed them, and due to the controversy, many feel it is inappropriate for the X-men to wear costumes designed by Ardian when the X-men are all about inclusion. Opinions’s aside, If you feel that the costumes need to be redone, please post your designs in the comments section.

Here is my submission:

For Kitty Pryde: I wanted to give her an homage to her old blue Excalibur costume, so I combined some of the blue color with a streamlined traditional uniform. The blue adds to her position as leader akin to a time when Cyclops wore blue as the recognizable figure. Also her hair is longer in a recognizable Kitty Pryde ponytail; Kitty has always been the girl next door type. She looks like a grown up Evolution Kitty.

With Rachel: I wanted to keep the Prestige color scheme, but I don’t think that she need to deny her roots just because she wants to forge a new path, so I simplified the Legacy costume but kept the red and black color scheme. I also kept the hound marks.

For Storm: While I love her original Cockrum costume more than anything, I really am sick and tired of female superheroes flying around in swimsuit costumes. I loved Anka’s bodysuit because it still exposes elements of her skin but it incorporates the X symbol on her chest. I got rid of the mohawk and added the long hair and tiara in addition to her mother’s ruby. I think she looks like she can be taken seriously without looking like a sex pot.

I know it is a lot of black, but each costume has a splash of color. For the men, I would do go a similar route and return Colossus to his modern fade hair pompadour haircut with that awesome beard he was sporting and put him in his future Colossus costume when he had Illyana’s sword (minus the sword). Nightcrawler’s costume is iconic, but I would shorten the red V on his chest so that it doesn’t go all the way to his crotchm maybe just his abdomen. As for OML, I don’t like the long coat but if he’s going to wear civilian clothes I would put him in the now iconic brown Wolverine jacket with the stripes on the sleeve that was made popular in the movies.


For @zenathered ‘s pre-Stormblood challenge thing.

I’ve only fantasia’d Imry once, for Halloween last year when she became Keten for a month. (used up my 2 free ones that way, because you do what you gotta for inv space.) I deal with the urge for change by just…making more alts. Or glamours. (it’s kinder to my irl wallet, at least.)

I think the only things I’ve changed apart from hairstyle have been adding more dramatic highlights, green lipstick (the default pink looked unnatural w green skin) and trying to figure out which color would make her freckles more noticeable. She’s always had the scar, though you can’t see it in the first few screenshots.

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do you have any doodles of cyne??? I think she's super cute and i love her hair!!

Oh boy, I have wayyyyyyyyy too many doodles of my cotton Candy princess lmaoooooooo

Ahh YOU DO?? Me too! thank you!

Cyne really progressed thru many stages ever since she came into existence in November, her hair just got progressively more and more curly >w< It matches her personality very well. Her nose also got more of a hook to it. 

She gotta thank her momma for those ringlets. She has the prettiest springy hair. Her brother’s curls are a biiiit less tight thought (we’ll see how his evolution goes…)   

Thank you for the cute af ask jkhdkjsadsI hope my tablet wakes the fuck up so I can line these and post them more pretty lookin >< also, summer school. Sigh, I’ll get back to my daughter and her scaly trash boy soon enough.


The evolution of Onida. I know the first one is horrifying and awful. Onida is my first oc, it all started one night where i wanted to practice drawing people on one layer and that’s why the concept drawing is both shaded and awful… But i love her and I love this progression and i wish i knew how to make that hair look more realistic

Rowlet looks like the kid who helps out in the library and is pretty awkward but no one’s mean to them bc they’re super sweet and saves snacks for people and always has a nice book recommendation.

Dartrix looks like that snotty high-schooler who’s slightly richer than everyone else but lets it get to his head like nobody’s business and rips on Rowlet’s friends all the time like “Oh? You invited Popplio over? Well, have fun you two *chuckle*”

Decidueye is the older sister that was the town darling and everyone loved her back home but then she went off to college and started doing her own thing. She’s getting into basic witchcraft now and learning to be independent for the first time. She loves baggy clothing and old books and cut her hair bc she almost set it on fire once trying to make a birthday cake for Primarina.

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So, if Lusamine's from Kalos, I'm now thinking about what kind of team she had back when she was Lillie's age. Would she start with Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie? I'm thinking Chespin if only because it would synergize well with the Florges that she would DEFINITELY have on her team. What other pokemon do you think she'd have on her team? Also, now I wanna replay X / Y and dress the protag in white clothes with long blonde hair so I could re-enact the adventures of a Young Lusamine.

i always want to replay x and y lmao

but this is a quality headcanon i love this and i think she would personally go for fennekin because of it’s evolution’s more anthro qualities - considering lily…but i really wonder how her life was when she was a kid and what she really was like before everything you know? Like I really wonder what her aspirations as a child were 

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I loved X men Evolution cartoon. I loved its positive messages about minorities.

I grew up with Evolution (and the 90s cartoon because I’m that old). I loved that it portrayed Magma  (a Brazilian Latina) as a dark skinned, dark haired, and dark-eyed girl rather than the blonde, blue-eyed, light skinned version from the comics.

Amara in Evolution…

Amara in Wolverine and the X-Men.

It’s also the show that birthed X-23, an original character who found her way into the comics.

She’s a ~half-clone~ of Wolverine.

Her looks kind of… ~changed~ when she got to the comics.

But, yeah, overall, Evolution had a great roster of POC characters. And characters in general, even.



April 3. The official day that Naruto fell in love with Sakura.
I started watching Naruto when I was only five years old. My mother was scolding me because according to her, was a very violent drawing for my age. I came home running just to watch. After leaving the anime some years later, I went actually in the otaku world. It was then that I started to ship NaruSaku. Sakura and Naruto have always been my inspiration, they never gave up and became ever stronger! It captivated me to continue and persist in difficult moments of my life. The scene where Sakura cuts hair and Ino realize how much it would mean to her … it’s one of my favorites. From that moment, Sakura decided for herself that she never walk behind Naruto and Sasuke again. Since then, I saw a light maturing in it. And then…her relationship with Naruto was getting stronger and intimate. They grew up together, matured together, suffered and were happy together. The love between them grew as a cherry blossom, slowly and gently, and the evolution of Sakura Haruno…blossoming in their own time, showing delicate petals, but very tough. Sakura learned to love Naruto, and he learned to respect it. Their love blossomed pure and peaceful manner. Inside my heart, NaruSaku always be the one true match, and the only one who really was and still is cannon. Some people say that Naruto didn’t know what love was when he said like Sakura …I learned that the love of a child is the purest you can get. Congratulations to all the fans who have followed the development of NaruSaku like me. Congratulations, Sakura-chan, by becoming who you are today and shown that it is stronger than others think. Congratulations, Naruto, for showing what is to have determination. Thank you, Naruto and Sakura, for showing me what true love is and what it means putting the happiness of those you love above her.

I am very grateful to have entered the fandom NS. Thank you for giving me happiness for so many years.
Heaven and Earth … This will forever be my legacy.