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I threw together a CG look development reel for my portfolio with some of the CG I’ve done for my films.  The western props were modeled and uv’d by the very talented @embaileyart!!


River/Doctor appreciation day

  • Favourite ‘an old married couple moment’ : Rain gods
Kuro Reread: Ch 33

Where did Finny’s wound go? Even if it had healed that fast because of his… abilities, he still didn’t have enough time to wipe the blood off.

…now it’s there again.

Aversion of a popular (and rather silly) trope and sex jokes? What more could a girl want from her favorite manga?

Finny looks so cute when he’s trying to commit murder.

I would love a scene where Sebastian tells Bard to cook dinner and then adds ‘’no flamethrower’’ and Bard’s like ‘’ok, sure whatever’’ and then Sebastian lists all the other things Bard’s got hidden around the kitchen and Bard just pales because ‘’omg he actually knew??!’’

You’d think Ciel would have put some emphasis on the ‘’don’t ruin it yourself’’ part of protecting the manor. Using a weapon like that indoors…

…and of course Dagger dies in Beast’s arms. 

Is Mey-Rin wearing underwear? This has been bothering me since the start of the chapter, since it would make absolutely no sense for her not to, but Victorian underwear would be visible with that much exposed leg, right?

Joker’s the last thing Beast thinks about before dying. I might have pitied her if we’d actually known anything about her. Being in love with him is practically all there was to her character. 

- The lingo on this show is so corny, omg. It’s oddly adorable, though. It sounds like parents are writing this show, hahah.

- Awh, Bex’s smile when Andi was complaining about how annoying Bowie was. Hope they get back together.

- That dinner scene was so precious. I love them bringing in the Asian culture, bit by bit. That was a sweet gesture.


t: happy, i’m not gonna apologize for what i did earlier, because i wanted to protect you. by now, i figured you’d know why, but in case you don’t know…. i want my last words to have some meaning, so, happy quinn, i am in love-

h: people say stupid things in the heat of battle.
t: no, i meant it. i chose in the moment to live honestly and if you don’t feel the same way yet, i’m okay with it.
h: you’re confident.
t: in this i am. 

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whats your favorite preacher scene?

Oh God, there’s so many. I love the late night drinking conversation between Jesse and Cassidy in 1x02, I love the scene where Cassidy is telling Tulip about the vampire myths (which are a lie bc HE DOES HAVE FANGS), I love the dinner table scene in He Gone, then the scene where Cass burns. I love the “You killed the mayor…” scene in 1x09. I love the bed scene in 2x01. I love the Cassidy and Fiore montage, and Jesse and Tulip talking marriage. I love the Jesse and Tulip Hell flashback in Dallas. I love any scene where the main three are sitting and bantering, because the dialog is always just perfect.

Also I LOVED the ending scene 2x13 when Jesse and Cassidy are riding in the car to that Jake Bugg song and Cassidy just leans over and says “I hate you.”

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I hope we get a shot of Rumple holding his infant son, even if it's part of a montage. I know we got photos for 6x22 but it would be nice to see it on screen.

OMG, me too. As much as I loved that final scene with the whole family gathered at dinner, when the pictures of Rumple holding baby Gideon were released later I was like, why couldn’t they have included that?!! So I join you in hoping for a flashback montage of Gideon’s first year and all kinds of syrupy Rumbelle parenting sweetness. 

Something else that I’m really hoping is included in 7x04, is at least an allusion to Rumbelle working on their marital problems and fixing things over a period of time. I want some passing reference to marriage counseling with Archie, or one of them saying, ‘yeah, it was rough at first when we got Gideon back b/c we still had things to work out, but we worked on it together and now we’re in a much better place than we’ve ever been.’ I just want some acknowledgement that getting their newborn son back, as happy an event as it was, did not magically fix all the issues in their relationship. 

Happy endings don’t come easy… they have to be fought for. And so do happy beginnings. 

“I’ve always been scrupulously honest with you James I’ve never pretended more than I felt and I never claimed to love you.” - The Countess

The Countess & Mr March dinner scene part one

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do you have a favorite part of either the original or kay novels?


…i don’t think ‘ALL’ is an acceptable answer, so…

i have a lot of small bits in leroux that i just love?? i adore the interludes with the managers where they try to figure out just what the fuck is going on, & particularly like their interactions w/ madame giry. i love that bit i was talking about yesterday where erik shows up to the farewell dinner party just to troll everyone. i love the churchyard scene at perros & the scene where erik watches raoul sleep & raoul shoots him ( & then, y’know, raoul proceeds to celebrate that the ghost can bleed while his brother stands by wondering where tf his brother’s sanity has gone )

the rooftop scene is obviously a favorite, since it’s also the turning point of the novel & it’s where christine finally fills raoul in on just what the hell happened to her while she was missing. the persian’s narrative is also great & frankly, it’s still astounding to me that a character can narrate the entire climax of the story & still be cut out of 99% of the adaptations. 

#justice for the persian 2k17

as for kay, the persia section is by & large my favorite chapter. i love basically everything that happens during it, but particularly the bit where erik is poisoned ( that sounds kind of terrible, but it’s a great section lmao ). the persia chapter also has some funny af scenes like the one where erik meets the khanum, where he steals the shah’s cat, where he gets distracted from an assassination mission by a fucking scorpion. erik is a fucking nerd.

also, nadir & erik’s friendship gives me life, as you well know.

the italy chapter is my other fave, even though it’s sad af. & as silly as it is, i’m forever laughing over that bit where christine asks for a handkerchief & erik is just like, “…no nose.” 


Alex x Max - Deleted Scene (1x06)

  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *trying to work*
  • John: *incredulous* Molly and Greg?
  • Mary: *nods* Oh, yeah. That was definitely her lipstick all over his face.
  • Sherlock: *mutters; annoyed* Oh, for God's sake.
  • John: *nods* Good for them.
  • Sherlock: *bitter* Won't last.
  • Mary: *dreamily* I know they're really cute.
  • Sherlock: Mmm, not really.
  • John: *smiling* I married quite the matchmaker.
  • Sherlock: *sarcastic* Ooh, one disastrous, completely incompatible couple. Better start a business.
  • Mary: *places a hand on his shoulder* Are you aware you're talking out loud, hun?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: *amused; leaning on the bench* You don't...have a problem with Greg dating Molly, do you?
  • Sherlock: *scowling* Me? Why would I have a problem? She's a free- person. She can do whatever she wants with whomever she wants. It shouldn't bother me.
  • Mary: *leaning next to him* Nope, you can't do anything about it. You can't stop him going to her flat-
  • John: -making her dinner-
  • Mary: *nods* You can't tell him not to laugh at her jokes, or admire her dress, hold her hand.
  • Sherlock: *glancing back and forth at them*
  • John: *thinking* You can't tell him not to reach out and play with that little strand of hair that she always misses. You know the one, just above her neck.
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes, fists clenched* Shut up.
  • Mary: *to John* He'll probably want to kiss her, too.
  • John: *nods enthusiastically* Oh, yeah.
  • Sherlock: *stands up suddenly and storms out of the lab, kicking a stool on his way*
  • Mary: *smug* And it's as easy as that *winks at John*

#644 “I love the extended scenes of the Rivendell visit, you see Thorin at dinner, totally hating every moment of being there. The dwarves are staring to grumble and groan, and the mood is winding down UNTIL Bofur decides to lighten the mood and sing. There’s so much I love about that alone, all of them looking out for one another, but Thorin? He watches them with a flask in hand (of something unearthly strong, no doubt) and dances along, I swear he’s cracking a smile too! His lads amuse him no end.”


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