i love the dialogue choices you never realize are there

After 12x01 episode, I heard lots of voices asking, why was Meg in Sam’s vision. Why not Charlie or basiclly anybody? Personally, I am really glad, that it was Meg. A few weeks ago I wrote a short post about her personality. I wrote something like this:

„I think that Sam was really important for Meg’s story. Her first scene was meeting him and her last words was told to him (expect for Crowley). Maybe Castiel was the one who fell in love with her, maybe Dean was the one, who hated her so much, but Sam knew her the best out of all the other characters. Also, she was very closed for the whole world and she never talked to anyone about her feelings. But when you look at her last sentence: „Go, save your brother… and my unicorn"… These few words say more than anything. They say that she is not only capable of love. They say how much she understands Sam situation.
Because their lives were similiar - both of them wanted to love and have a normal life, but they were born „cursed". Let’s say maybe even more - I think that Meg’s last dialogue with Sam made her „commit suicide". She realized that she has two choices - die or be captured, tortured and live in the world where her dreams (having life with Castiel) will never come true. So she stabbed Crowley. She knew, he will kill her. She chose it anyway.
I don’t want to say that Sam was thinking about suicide - because it just don’t fit in his personality well. But still he looked at Meg’s story as at alternative version of his own life. He could end up just like her - commiting suicide on a battlefield. Offically to avoid tortures. And secretly because he is just tired of his life.
Also, we should remember that in season 2, Meg was possesing Sam. She was inside his head. She knew everything about him. And instead of joking or ignoring this knowledge, she listened to him. She listened as he was telling her story about his love and a dog… She was the only person he had opened his mind to. And what did she said? That she understands"

And I think, that Meg’s appearance just next to Jess’s, Kevin’s or even Mary’s proves my point here. Before season premiere I mentioned, that I am going to be very upset, if they won’t finally mention Meg in some way. I am offically satisfied.