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scout’s known in her dorm for getting the best care packages from home; everyone always comes to check out if there’s anything they can steal (toby usually includes a few extra packages of cookies for scout’s dormmates). toby also includes a note everytime, this one said:

hi baby, just a few things because you’ll be home for the holidays soon, but just so you don’t worry the twins didn’t help me make the cookies this time so there are FOR SURE no stickers in them. your dad says hi and he liked your last composition piece A LOT he told me to make sure i wrote that in all caps. ok have to go rooney’s doing something loudly upstairs, love you, bug, see you soon! mom

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hello!! can i request a high school au where hobi has a crush on the school's popular volleyball captain?? thank you! (also happy v-day?!??)

Hoseok leaned back, his head hitting the wall behind him lightly. He was currently sitting at the top of the wooden bleachers located in the gym, his eyes closed as he listened to the sound of sneakers hitting the court. Occasionally, he would pop an eye open, his gaze traveling to the group of girls who were currently tossing a volleyball back and forth a few feet away.

“Hey!” someone shouted, causing him to jolt upright, his eyes shooting open.

Taehyung was clambering up the steps, waving his arms ungracefully. He plopped down next to Hoseok, causing him to wince a little at the impact.

“Dude, you can’t keep sitting up here, watching her practice like a creep. At least try to act subtle.”

“What’s the point?” Hoseok groaned, falling back against the wall again. “She doesn’t notice me either way.”

He looked back towards the court, his eyes automatically landing on one specific girl. But she wasn’t just any girl. She was Ara, captain of the girls’ volleyball team and adored by all. She looked so beautiful, Hoseok could’ve sworn she was glowing. And what was that noise? Were those angels singing—

Taehyung sighed dramatically, grabbing Hoseok by the arm and cutting off his train of thought. He then proceeded to forcefully drag him down the wooden bleachers and into the hallway, the double doors of the gym closing with a loud bang.

“Hey!” Hoseok screeched. “What are you doing?! I left my jacket—”

“Forget it,” Taehyung said. “It’ll still be there when we’re done.” He continued to lead him down the hallway, coming to a halt right next to both of their lockers. The halls were deserted, the last of their classes having ended hours ago.

“Done with what?”

Taehyung smirked, opening up his locker and pulling out a notebook. “We, my friend, are going to devise a plan. A plan that will get you a certain girl.”

Hoseok immediately grew weary. He had been best friends with Taehyung since they were both toddlers, and every time Taehyung uttered the words “I have a plan,” things ended badly. Really badly.

But Hoseok could never really bring himself to say no to Taehyung, despite the disastrous consequences. They were best friends for a reason.

Taehyung noticed the scared look on Hoseok’s face and rolled his eyes. “Don’t look so terrified,” he muttered, flipping open the notebook to a fresh page. “I”m more experienced with this stuff. Just listen to me, I’m a certified love genius.”

“I’m older than you, idiot.”

“Irrelevant,” Taehyung mumbled, pulling the cap off a pen and scribbling furiously.

“You’ve never even had a girlfriend—”

Also irrelevant,” Taehyung half-shouted, clapping Hoseok on the back with enough force to leave Hoseok wondering why they were even friends in the first place.

Hoseok rolled his eyes. “Okay, love genius, what exactly am I supposed to do?”

Taehyung grinned, eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Last time he gave you that look, you both almost got arrested,” Yoongi casually commented as he walked past, composition notebook in one hand and his backpack in the other. Hoseok figured he was coming from the music room. Yoongi often spent several hours there after school, locked away with little outside communication.

“Puppies shouldn’t be kept in a pet shop, Yoongi!” Taehyung exploded in exasperation, yelling at Yoongi’s back as he turned a corner. “We were doing them a favor by trying to free them!”

His cries were ignored, however, and he shrugged off his irritation, rolling his shoulders with a newfound energy.

“Ignore him,” he spoke with a wave of the hand. “What we need to do is get her to notice you. She sits in front of you in math class, right?”

Hoseok groaned, resting his forehead on the locker next to him. “Yeah.”

Taehyung just grinned, going back to scribbling in his notebook. “Perfect.”

And with all the excitement, Hoseok failed to realize that his jacket was still lying forgotten in the gym.


The next day, Hoseok found himself seated at their usual table in the cafeteria, listening to Taehyung shout out different ways to get Ara to notice him.

“Why don’t you just go up and talk to her?” Yoongi commented dryly as he picked at his sandwich.

“You don’t just go up and talk to the captain of the volleyball team,” Taehyung argued.

Hoseok groaned for what felt like the millionth time, his forehead making its way to the lunch table as he tuned out the useless argument his best friends were having.

Just when he was wondering how he could silently make his escape without the two noticing, he felt a tap on his shoulder. And when he looked up, he could’ve sworn the whole world stopped. Even Yoongi and Taehyung looked shocked, the latter’s mouth hanging open in an unflattering fashion.

Ara was standing next to him, looking like she just came from a freaking photoshoot.


She knows my name? Shit. Why are you just staring at her? Say something, idiot.


Ara smiled. “Can I…can I talk to you for a moment?”

Hoseok’s eyes widened, yet he still somehow managed to nod his head.

“Great!” Ara brightened up even more. “Follow me!”

He gulped, shooting his friends a fearful look before getting up and following Ara out of the cafeteria. She led him all the way to her locker, opening it to reveal a bright red jacket.

Hoseok’s jacket.

“You left this in the gym yesterday,” she smiled, handing it to him. Hoseok’s chest tightened. If she was going to continue smiling at him like that, he wasn’t going to survive this conversation. He took the jacket from her slowly.

“How did you know it was mine?”

“Hoseok, we’ve been classmates for years. I think the question is, how would I not know?”

He just gulped, not knowing how to respond to the situation.

“You’re always there.”


“You’re always there when we have practice.”

Hoseok paled. All this time, he thought she never noticed him sitting there. Hell, he didn’t even know she knew his name. God, this is embarrassing.

“So, is there a reason why? Or are you just a really big fan of volleyball?”

“I just…yeah. I like volleyball.”

An awkward silence followed, both of them fidgeting as the air thickened. And at the moment, Hoseok decided that it was now or never. He was going to do it. He was going to tell her. At least if everything went wrong, he could always just hang out with Taehyung and Yoongi, stuffing his face and wallowing in self-pity.

“Well,” Ara broke the silence and moved past him. “I’m going to head back to the cafeteria..”

“Wait!” Hoseok panicked, grabbing her wrist.

Ara looked at him expectantly, her face showing a hint of confusion.

“Actually, I…” Hoseok took a deep breath. “I sit there every day because.. because I like you. And I know that sounds like super weird, but in my defense I didn’t even think you knew I existed, so I didn’t think it really mattered and I’ve liked you since middle school but I’ve never really had the courage to say anything and wow okay, I’m rambling..”

Hoseok trailed off, his chest heaving up and down as he struggled to catch his breath.

Ara blinked a few times before a small smile made its way onto her face. “You like me?”

Hoseok just nodded, afraid of the word vomit that was sure to escape again if he opened his mouth. Ara laughed lightly, the sound like music to his ears. She looked down at his hand still on her wrist.

“Oh, sorry,” he muttered, noticing her gaze.

But before he could pull away, Ara slipping her hand into his, intertwining their fingers. Hoseok gasped and shot her a questioning look. She just grinned.

“I guess it’s a good thing I’ve liked you since middle school as well, huh?”


“You have got to be kidding me!” Taehyung screeched.

It was the following morning, and him and Yoongi were hanging out by their lockers when they noticed a certain couple come through the school’s main doors, their hands clasped tightly together.

He stormed over to them, an angry scowl etched onto his face.

“What is this?”

“What is what?” Hoseok deadpanned.

“Are you guys dating now or something?” He looked like the whole concept disgusted him.

Hoseok tightened his hand in Ara’s. “Uh, I think the whole hand holding thing answers that question.”

“But I had a plan!” Taehyung cried. “It was going to be so cool! There was going to be a dance battle and a heartfelt confession—and maybe some fireworks—wait where are you going—”

“Let it go, Taehyung,” Yoongi placed a hand on his shoulder as they both watched the couple quickly make their escape down the hallway.

“Sometimes I think he doesn’t appreciate my genius tendencies,” Taehyung mumbled.

“Give it up, Taehyung.”

Taehyung frowned. “I worked hard on that plan.”

“I know,” Yoongi sighed, giving him a comforting pat on the back. “What else was supposed to happen?”

Sometimes it was just better to humor Kim Taehyung, and Yoongi was more than skilled in that area.

Taehyung launched into the full details of his plan, only to pause halfway through when he noticed the distant and awestruck look on Yoongi’s face. He followed Yoongi’s gaze, his eyes landing on a pretty girl that was across the hall, laughing with her group of friends. He grinned, pushing his face into Yoongi’s line of view.

“You like that girl?”

Yoongi grimaced, giving his forehead a hard shove. “Shut up, Taehyung.”

And with that, he walked away, leaving Taehyung to follow him in a panic.

“Wait, come back! I can help you!”


My speech was cancelled due to a snow day so I figured I’d knock out a request. I’m such a sucker for high school au’s, it doesn’t matter how old I get. This time, I gave the female character a name, instead of the whole second person thing. And yes, happy belated v-day :) 

Also! HAPPY HOPE DAY EVERYONE! I can’t even begin to explain how much I look up to J-hope. he’s a major source inspiration for me. I just really, really love him. 

I’ll get to the rest of the Hobi requests (and the sungjong one that’s been in my inbox since forever, i’m so sorry) during the rest of the week! Thanks so much for requesting!

If you show me a screen cap or quote from Avatar or Korra I’ll no doubt examine it fondly, but if you play a track of music from either show I’ll nine times out of ten get goosebumps.  

While I sincerely appreciate every aspect of the franchise, my natural reaction when hearing Jeremy Zuckerman’s compositions encapsulates my love for this world in a way nothing else can.  


no but I’m cry because this was always one of my favorite images of Fuu, but the top one was the only version I saw for so many years.  and tbh even the DVDs I have don’t look too very much better when you cap (I don’t have remastered ones)

BUT LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL BAE IN HD like I didn’t even realize that the stills from “Itsuka Kagayaku” were by Atsuko Ishida but I can absolutely see her style now, can’t miss it.  I can’t believe how beautifully MKR cleaned up..  I’m remembering my VHSes, haha, it was really rough-looking (especially s1 eesh) but this is so so much more lovely than I even expected from the Blu-rays.  and this is capped from YouTube!