i love the combination of that protectiveness and that respect

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Hmmmm... who about head canons for the paladins having a smol S/O?

As a tol, I am in love with this ask because smols are too cute for this world and I adore them. Smol people are the best


  • Height differences~
  • Okay, so logically, Shiro knows that their size doesn’t make them any less capable. They can take care of themselves just fine, have been for years before he came along. He respects them and their abilities.
  • But Space Dad ™ can’t help Worrying. He’s just naturally protective. That combined with their precious smolness?
  • There are times when he acts more like a protective father than a boyfriend
  • May lightly tease his S/O occasionally but he never goes too far and makes up for it by sweetly getting things from the top shelf and not holding stuff over their head (unlike some assholes me)
  • Would totally carry them around if asked
  • Still, there comes a point where S/O has to set Shiro straight and (try to) drill into his head that they’ll be fine, stop worrying so much
  • Shiro’s concerns lessen a tiny (ha, short reference) bit when he sees them train and works out with them. Actually, training with them helps a lot: bonding time, getting rid of nervous energy, and it makes feel having actual physical proof they can handle themselves
  • Imagine: tol Shiro and smol S/O kicking ass together. Galra soldiers learn that on the ground, it’s the Black Paladin’s tiny S/O they have to watch out for (‘cause they’re closer to it)


  • ????
  • Doesn’t really see the big deal? So, they’re short. So, what? Why, you got a problem with his S/O? You’ll have to take it up with him. Meet him outside.
  • Yeah, so Keith won’t see what the big (ha, that’s funny ‘cause they’re actually short) deal is but will Make It A Big Deal if someone starts talking shit
  • Not so much because they’re short, more so because he is a Protective Boyfriend and no one talks about his S/O like that
  • Cue tiny S/O holding him back from physically fighting somebody
  • “Let me go, S/O! I’ll teach this guy a lesson!” “Keith, no!”
  • random observer (probably Pidge or Lance): “…how is Keith’s smol S/O  able to hold Keith back? How strong are they?”
  • “I don’t know, man. But I don’t wanna find out.”
  • S/O has had to hold Keith back from a lot of stupid shit like fights over their height and got extra muscles
  • Otherwise, Keith won’t really pay too much attention to it. He himself isn’t all that tall, so he may not even notice it all that much
  • He won’t lie, though: his smol S/O feels nice in his arms
  • Probably has them sit on his back while he does push-ups or something S/O can benchpress him
  • Only downside (pfft) is that due to their short legs, S/O has trouble keeping up with Keith when they’re walking together and Keith forgets about that all too often


  • Lance. Lance is the asshole who dangles things above their head.
  • Totally uses them as an armrest. He just walks up from right behind them and drapes his entire body over them
  • Lots of teasing, so much teasing. It’s a wonder his S/O hasn’t kicked him in the shin yet (because they can’t reach much higher haha)
  • ALL the nicknames: Fun-sized, Tiny, Shortcake, Chaparrito/a
  • BUT — if his S/O is sensitive about their height, he will stop and apologize because this is someone he loves Very Much and the last thing he would ever want is to actually hurt them
  • Tones down on the teasing but doesn’t stop entirely. Also adds little endearments to it that are even worse than the nicknames from before (“my little prince/princess~” “oh my fuck, Lance, stahp.”)
  • Sometimes S/O really does have to kick him in the shin to knock it off but 
  • Lance teases them to show affection, not because he’s being mean. Really, he thinks his S/O is the cutest thing in the entire universe and makes sure to let them know it
  • Loves their height difference - LOVES them. Internally gushes over them and externally because it’s Lance
  • Might jokingly complain about having to bend down to kiss them but even as he’s whining about it, he is practically bending in half to give them a good smooch ‘cause he loves them, height and all
  • oh oh oh! And he does that one thing where he picks S/O and swings them around and it’s honestly so much fun!


  • H E I G H T D I F F E R E N C E S !!!
  • Hunk thinks his smol S/O is literally the most precious thing.
  • He just looooooves holding them and squeezing them to him and snuggling into them ‘cause they’re smol and adorable.
  • Snuggles to the max
  • Hugs are 10x more fun because now he just lifts them up and squishes them into his chest and who wouldn’t like that?
  • Hunk doesn’t really tease his S/O about their height except that one time they wore some of his clothes and his literally swallowed them. 
  • He laughed a little but was also blushing because
  • His S/O is too freaking cute and he loves them
  • Lowkey would love to see them wear his clothes again
  • Definitely carries them around all the time. It’s not an unusual sight in the castle to see Hunk giving his S/O piggyback rides
  • I bet he’d totally let his S/O get on his shoulders to reach the one thing on the tall shelf, especially if it’s cookies or something else delicious they can share. Hunk empowers his short S/O !!!
  • Please ride on his shoulders


  • Well, Pidge is short af so I can only imagine how tiny her S/O is to be shorter than her
  • Pidge is also one of those salty short people who don’t put up with any short jokes, sooo I’ll refrain from making a high amount in this headcanon
  • She and her S/O are a force to be reckoned with
  • Hears a short joke? Pidge has a retort on the tip of her tongue because she’s heard them all and she is ready. Usually her S/O has something to add and then you find yourself being tagged team by these smol savages.
  • Don’t use her or her S/O as an armrest. Just don’t.
  • She actually really likes that they’re short. It makes their relationship more convenient because she doesn’t have to worry about getting on her tiptoes to peck them on the mouth or being swallowed alive in the midst of cuddles.
  • Loves loves loves her S/O’s height
  • The only downside is that there are two smols in the relationship and that one thing is up on the really high shelf. They need a tol to bring the balance back that’s where I come in.
  • They call Space Dad.

Tobias + beating up people who threaten Tris

Outlander 02x13 Dragonfly in Amber

I think the best thing about watching the episode at least twice is that the second time always helps me understand myself––why did I react the way I did? Is it because of my expectations? Because of how something was handled/executed? What was I looking for in the first place? Rewatching the episode sometimes changes my opinions or at least tempers them and this episode was no different. 

All season I’ve been a little nervous about how they were going to handle the 1968 portion of the story so I was THRILLED with the finale… for the most part. There was so much subtlety that worked beautifully throughout the episode (but it also made the less subtle bits stick out like sore thumbs). There was seriously so much about the finale that I LOVED (and it was so much easier to watch than last year’s which was fantastic in acting, production, story, etc. but difficult with all the Wentworth stuff content-wise). I didn’t cry as much as I did with Faith (because nothing will ever make me cry as much as just about any scene from that episode) but 90% of the emotional notes hit home and hit hard (and promise to do so on every watch). 

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