i love the colors that it gets

I honestly do love how PISSED Dirk is in Black Wing

Last season he was all giddy all the time. In Black Wing he is just done and pissed off. He gets angry and sad. But he’s not scared. 

Because he’s not a child anymore. He knows what they are doing and why, and he’s pissed that even as an adult he isn’t being listened to. As a child he was scared, and the tests are still designed as if he was a child. The bright colors, the voice telling him he did good or bad like he’s a little kid aiming for a gold star. but now he’s just pissed. 

                  Tatiana Gutierrez from the Evil Within Series! 

Quick little speed paint, playing around with some colors and schemes on photoshop! I picked up the newest installment to the series and I was so delighted with the interactions I get with Tatiana again! It’s so nice to see her again! She’s one of my fav, horror themed nurses!

“Something about it felt like home somehow….”  

Thank you so much @taylorswift @taylornation for all you do, for inviting us to spend Friday the 13th with you… and for bringing us all these new friends.  

Lots of love from #FANtom Squad:  India (@goodgirlwhoshopeful), Sarah (@enchantswift), Leonie ( @taysmybestfriend), Alice ( @blind-optimismx) , Lyndsay @2paperairplanesswiftBritt @b-saintlyBethy @swiftedbethy13Megan @whats-with-that-bitch , Katie & Chloe @screaming-color-swift , Alex @isturkeyanicknameKarys @ap0laroidofus , Ells @iknowsomeplacessLine @your-eyez-look-like-coming-homeAbi @swiftskarmaMorgen @shakeitoff6202Alison @alison_t13 , Jonathan @afearlessreputation , Nezzie @buttercupismybond, Romano @romanomalecic …and anyone I have somehow missed off. <3

keariq-animates  asked:

Hi! I’m new to your account and i love your art style *^* As a fellow artist do you have any tips?

hhmhm the only advice i trust myself enough to give is to study as much as you can! personally i like doing life drawings, you can sketch poses from http://line-of-action.com/ to get anatomy and fluidity down better, or you can try redrawing photographs ! there are lots of videos to study online too, this ones my favorite one about colors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj1FK8n7WgY 

hope this helps!

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Just a quick little blurbs that streamed from my head that need to get out, but no request will fill in the blanks.



It had been a little bit of time since you and your sweetheart got to actually hang out and be nerds within your shared apartment. Not with the upcoming meetings, speeches, and your wedding in a few weeks. Life had got pretty crazy fast and you both were one more meeting before being burned out.

 Yet this seemed to be something you both needed.

Noctis laid across your lap, as he played the latest game that he hadn’t had a chance to touch. When you suddenly notice the game paused, and the thousand-eyed stare of your love. 

“Noctis, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t remember what color our dog is.”

You didn’t know how to explain to him, that you both didn’t have a dog.



You had been in the bathroom getting ready, having the door closed due to if not you would be subject to a lot of embarrassing dancing pictures of your concerts.  Only to hear a knock.


“Yes, Pom?”

“It’s me.”

“I know.”

“Your boyfriend.”

“Knew that too.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You then heard him walk off, more than likely to get ready too. You really did love him.



You had been moving about the room for a while now, grabbing laundry, as the two of you always put it off until the last moment. When you stopped turning around to the bathroom, you heard a noise but the lights were off. You quirked an eyebrow, before pulling out your phone and texting your boyfriend. 

Are you in the bathroom with the lights off?

‘What do you care
I’m a grown man’

You couldn’t stop the giggles as you picked up a dirty shirt, to be put in the wash, seeing Gladiolus three imposing dots as he followed up with his retort of questioning him. Once making it to the laundry room, you finally heard you phone bing.

‘I’ll do what I want, don’t question me.’

‘I’m not.’

‘Stubborn ass woman
I love your ass btw’

You honestly didn’t understand why you two were texting, but you could understand that you did love this man to hell and back. 



This was perfection, absolute perfection. No more than 24 hours ago, you were wedded to the man of your dreams. You both knew that with his job, you wouldn’t be able to take a honeymoon of any kind, yet you did not mind. 

Every day was a honeymoon, now that you were Mrs. Ignis Scientia. 

He was given the next day off, with the promise that the others would refrain from setting anything on fire, each other include. 

“Is something on your mind, husband?” You giggled, laying across the bare chest of the man that owned your entire heart. Staring into those green eyes for once without his glasses to block them. 

Ignis smiled, running a hand down your nude back, his other resting behind his head, in a moment of relaxation, “If only I had known what a wonderful piece of my soul was waiting for me, I would have come to you as soon as I learned to walk, my wife.”

You couldn’t stop the coo as your husband moved you forward for a kiss. One of many for years to come. 



You were nervous, absolutely nervous, staring at the Oracle across the table from you. So perfect, so beautiful, you’d give up everything for her in a heartbeat. Nervously you placed down your salad fork, before leaning over to the man next to you.

“Can…can you ask if she likes me?”

The man next to you was none other than Ravus Nox Fluret, he sighed looking to his sister, then to you, “You’re married of course she is rather infatuated with you.”

“Ok, but like can you still ask her?”

Ravus groaned as he turned to his sister who had witnessed the entire situation, “Lunafreya, do you still like your wife?”

“Very much so, Ravus, I’m rather in love with her.” Lunafreya smiled.

Ravus turned to you, “Will that suffice?”

You nodded softly, before leaning back over to the man, “Okay, but like for real, though. I mean like-like?”

It took everything for Ravus not to slam his head into the table, you two were honestly the gross couple he’s ever had to be in the company of. He had much rather take it within the company of Pyrna. No wonder you too often had to be seated away from each other at meals.

The Lingerie Experiment


Angie wanted to know how things with the lingerie set went, so I met her for lunch at Mad Greens.  She looked up at me after taking a large bite of her salad and a quick drink of water.  She wiped her hands on her napkin,

“So, how’d it go?”

I sat down, glancing around us to make sure no underage ears were around.  I shrugged,

“It’s safe to say that red is his favorite color.”

She squealed softly, her shoulders shaking with giggles,

“I knew that set would get him going.  I think I might go back and get one for myself.  Marcus would probably love it.”

I raised my eyebrows, a quick memory of Harry’s hands on my body from last night flying through my head.  I couldn’t help but smile,

“What?”  Angie asked.

I quickly wiped the smile off of my face and shook my head,


“That smile was not nothing.  What’s going on?”

“The Getty.”

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If we get one (1) shot of Eleven sneaking through the woods, seeing a house warm and inviting and decorated for Christmas, and wondering what it’s all about, I will precisely burst into tears. All the Hawkins homes, dusted in snow and dotted with colored lights and glowing with all the togetherness of the holidays, things that are so unfamiliar to her but resonate deep within her heart as something good. Something good she could’ve had. Something warm, just beyond her grasp in the icy loneliness of the winter nights

- Savior -
For @zennyzach!!!
Since I saw the little comic they have made, I kinda had to draw this…
Bebe is a cutie!!!
And The Mother’s design is just amazing!!!

But, anyway…
Ok, sad detail: My computer stopped working, so I couldn’t paint it there… So I decided to mess with my colorful pens again….
Also, me being me: I messed up some details…
Like the little one… Who was supposed to have a white face…
Oh well!
I’ll take care of it when I get my computer back…

buhbuhbuhbilly  asked:

im sorry ur night isnt going well hun!!! write me some cute reddie hc to take ur mind off it??? i'd love somethin nice to wake up to <3 hope ur mood brightens love

omg you’re a sweetheart :’) thank you so much

REDDIE WEDDING HC (I’ve been wanting to write this forever)  

- Eddie wears a white tux and a yellow bowtie, his hair is slicked back with gel and he lets beverly put foundation and mascara on him and he looks fantastic

-Richie wears a black suit with an ivory tie and lets his insanely long, curly hair fly free

- Rich wanted Beverly to do his makeup but she can’t bring herself to cover up his perfect skin and freckles so she just puts mascara on him and he loves it

- They get married at a country club, their wedding colors are yellow and ivory

- Mike got ordained solely to marry them

-  Stan and Beverly are Richie’s best men and bev wears a little tux with a yellow flower she’s adorable

- Ben and Bill are Eddie’s best men

- Georgie is the ring bearer even though he’s way too old (he doesn’t even care he wanted to be a part of the wedding party and Richie cannot say no to him)

- (he looks fucking cute in a tux okay)

- Eddie’s mom sobs loudly through the whole ceremony (happy or sad tears? who knows)

- On the video you can see the losers all looking at each other when she lets out an especially loud cry

- Every time she does it Richie looks into the camera like he’s on the office

- Honestly Stan cries quietly through the whole thing too and in you can see him holding back tears in most of the photos

- Richie’s parents show up on time and keep their shit together, neither of them drink at the reception and they’re on their best behavior

- This alone makes Richie so emotional

- Eddie damn near drops Richie’s ring but catches it with his shaky hands and Richie can tell he’s panicking so he whispers “relax. I got you” in eddie’s ear before helping him hold his hand steady to slip the ring on

- When mike says “you may now kiss the groom” Richie goes WAY overboard with the kiss and dips eddie and everything

- The losers’ club whistles and claps and stan just,, stan just cries

- When they finally stop Eddie’s all blushy and fixing his hair

- Richie carries eddie bridal style out of the ceremony

- They take group photos and they’re so cheesy!

- Richie surprises Eddie by getting onstage at the reception and singing “never gonna give you up” with the band and serenades him

- Richie is quite the little performer bc he used to be in a band

- he’s actually a great singer and struts around, throws his hair around and stuff

- He’s such a good singer that everyone (mostly bev) convinces him to get back up on stage

- he sings come on eileen and take on me and Africa and other songs the losers loved when they were kids

- Eddie is trying really, really hard not to cry because that’s his husband up there

- ben and bev slow dance and the photographer catches Beverly laying her head on ben’s chest and ben staring at her like she’s everything

- he also gets a picture of mike and his wife cindy touching foreheads and smiling at each other while dancing

- he also gets a picture of bill and stan feeding each other the cherries from their drinks 

- They all dance to the classic 80s songs even though it’s like 1997 (but there is no shortage of 90s music)

- They go hard as hell to bohemian rhapsody and wannabe and anything by beyonce

- Rich & eds steal a moment to stand together in the corner and watch everyone they love enjoying themselves and wow, this is happening, they’re really married

- Richie dances with Mrs. Kaspbrak and she tells him she trusts him with her son and they both start crying and it’s really cute

- Eddie dances with Mrs. Tozier and she tells him she appreciates him and his friends being there for her son all those years and goddamn it’s so emotional

- Everyone has a great time and they all get shitfaced because open bar

- After everyone else goes home the losers (plus cindy, she’s a loser now too) walk to the barrens like 15 minutes down the road

- they pass around a joint and they laugh and reminisce and it’s just like old times

- by now it’s like 3 a.m. but they have to go to their favorite 24 hour diner because munchies

- they look ridiculous, the 8 of them dressed up all formally but they’re drunk and high and happy as can be at a shitty diner at 3 a.m.

- the rest of the losers catch taxis home & richie and eddie head back to their apartment

- they hold hands and smile at each other the whole way. eddie’s hair is a mess and Richie’s is sticking out everywhere but all either of them can think is “damn he’s beautiful”

- as soon as they step in the door they cant keep their hands off of each other and their wedding night goes very, very well to keep it PG

- right before they fall asleep, Richie with his head on eddie’s chest and their legs tangled together, they share a sweet kiss and Richie mumbles “love you hubby”

- “I love you too Richie kaspbrak-tozier”

WOW I WENT OVERBOARD LMAO hope you enjoy this fuckin NOVEL


More like “suggestions” but I’m always happy to get requests whether or not I take them!

That said there are definitely some things I’m more likely to draw on a whim than others… Cute, snuggly, sumptuous, chubby woman are always welcome! Always nice to draw a cute pinup between panels or when I’m trying to figure out how I wanna arrange a scene. Honestly I’d even be happy to draw any chubby girl OCs you might have or just plus-sized versions of your OCs. Also characters with a dark color pallet are nice cuz i can hide my mistakes in their clothes/hair/complexion. Oh and bonus points if you have a character that carries most of her weight in her waist. Most of chubby girls I get to draw are either hourglass or pear-shaped (mostly myself to blame for that last one cuz i love thick chubby thighs </////<), so I’d love to have a greater variety of body types! X3

All of THAT said though really send anything! You guys have sent in plenty of great stuff I mean the entire Shadow Day arc spawned just because somebody asked if I could draw Angel being nice to kids. So I never know what I’ll run with. I always love hearing from you guys and I still have a ton of asks I’ve been meaning to get to! ^w^

Mimzy and Vaggie (and Niffty’s in a few scribbles back there. And also the silhouette wolves I retooled the jebus out of) belong to @vivziepop and Millie (who is normally much smaller but Kat let’s me draw her extra soft) belongs to @kat-ozkosar.

anonymous asked:

Ok, so like this isn’t all that interesting or whatever, but like what if Dash incubates a LOT of small (golf ball size when full grown) slime like eggs. And like when his water breaks it’s like the bright neon green/yellow thick slime. And Harvey’s like “well fuck that’s not supposed to happen” and it turns out someone fucked up AGAIN and he is incubating the wrong species (and it’s potentially dangerous)

Friendo may you NEVER again give me such a wondrous prompt and claim it’s boring again hoo-EEY.

I also love Harvey not being able to tell something’s dangerous until the last possible second.

Dash getting red in the face like, “Seriously Harv, shhhhhit they’re coming, I gotta-”

“DO NOT PUSH. Yet. Do not. That was supposed to be purple.”

“I could give a FUCK WHAT COLOR MY INTESTINAL SLIME IS right now.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your art so much and I was wondering if you could possibly do a tutorial on how you do your colouring? I do digital art for fun and stuff but I can never get the colouring and shadows/light right but your stuff is so good! Thank you!

heyyyyy! thank you so so so so much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I had already done a tutorial on my coloring method, here it is:


I hope you’ll find it useful! :) 

Okay I’m on a roll with OCs today!! These are Andy’s moms (albeit a bit younger)! (●´ᆺ`●)

Enid, the one Andy takes after in terms of hair and skin color (as well as tenacity), is an enthusiastic space witch who meets the sort of goddess who unleashes the night sky in her dark hair and falls in love! (I uh,, haven’t really decided on a name for god mom) She eventually revokes her status as immortal and settles down with Enid to eventually raise Andy!


Hey Taylor 💕
My name is Svenja & I’m a Swiftie for about 7/8 years now!
The first song I heard of you was Our song and it’s still one of my favorites! 🎶

Since you’ve been a part of my live for such a long time & since I got to know you I thought it’s time that you can get the chance to get to know me!
So here some random facts about me: I’m 19 years old, I’m from Germany but I’m living in Washington DC since February this year (until march of 2019), I was born on a Friday the 13th, pink and rose gold are my favorite colors, I love to read (especially books like The Hunger Games, Divergent & co), I’ve only seen you live once (at the #1989TourCologne), since I’m in the USA I spend most of my time travelling and going to concerts (my favorite one so far was a private living room concert for only ~40/50 people with Ed!), penguins are my favorite animals and I LOVE Christmas (snow, fuzzy socks, blankets, Christmas music, cookies, … It’s just the BEST HOLIDAY EVER!).
Okay I think that’s it for the random facts ♡

Love you,

A decade of hunger with Love.

Warnings: Attempt at angst.

Author Note: Kinda liked writing this.

I just really messed up and I needed a quick solution. I wasn’t normal, and I knew that he would be back soon. I had recently just gotten over a serious injury. I had broken my ribs getting into a fight with the bowers gang.

They had always picked on me for being different. I had two different eye colors and my ears were pointed.

I knew I could beat him, but that would draw too much attention. So I let him do it just this once. And before I knew it, I felt my body shifting. My ears started to point, and my mouth grew. My body was changing.

Before I could even have the chance to stop anything, I grew into my true form. A demon. I was a soul searching demon. I was supposed to beauty with men, and then make them see what they are doing wrong. I was a animal. I turned bad. I feeded off of men.

“Y/N, I am home”!

Oh shit. He has never seen me like this before. But I was stuck.

“Um, I am in the bathroom”!

I had to run as fast as I could into our makeshift bathroom, I needed to try and hide.

“I have something for you, a sweet surprise”.

I could hear his footsteps getting closer, and as each step resonated louder and louder, I grew more nervous. What should I do? Should I tell him or should I hide away from him until I can figure out a solution.

“Who are you”?


I turned around and there he was. Pennywise. He was towering over me. I started to speak, but he cut me right off.

“Who are you? Where is Y/N”?

I tried so hard to transform back, but I was too weak. I needed to eat.

“It is me, Penny! I promise”!

I knew he did not believe me. But I had to find a way. And I knew just how!

“If I can show you that I am Y/N, will you follow me”?

I can see that he was intrigued by what I said, but he looked a bit hesitant. I grabbed his hand, and teleported to where we had first met. It was a deep spot in the forest, that had a clearing in which there was a oak that fell. We had met each other four months ago.

“ Wait, if you are Y/N, why do you look like that”?

His little mind was confused. And honestly I would not even know where to start.

“I am a demon in which I was suppose to be good, but I turned evil. And every time I grow hungry, I shift. But this shift was caused by an injury”.

I knew he believed it. I saw his tiny smile appear.

“ Who did this to you”?

“Henry Bowers”!

And that rare smirk that crosses his face is my ultimate favorite.

“How about we go on a little date today, and invite our friend Henry”?

“I would be honored”.

anonymous asked:

okay so i’ve been following your art for like a year now and !!! you have progressed so much ahhhh. you’re the one who made me really get into digital art bc of your speedpaints. i honestly love your art so much and you’re my biggest inspiration tbh. like the way u color things makes me cry. i hope you have a wonderful day & i look forward to seeing your future projects!!! (1/2)

(2/2) also a friend recently introduced me to the arcana, i had seen that ask but didn’t remember and honestly !!! i love that you took inspiration from that game. it’s so beautiful. :”) anyway, have a good day!! 😊

Thank you so much!! It means so much to me, thanks for sticking with me for so long <3

hellodarknessmyoldbud  asked:

yellow, auburn, burnt sienna, fuchsia, cerulean, baby pink, crimson, emerald, gold, black, beige (i hope i'm not late, I love you boo)

Yellow: You are such a sunshiney person and my dash is always brightened whenever you post

Teal: You make me happy ♥

Auburn: I love you

Burnt Sienna: I love you but it’s a different color

Cerulean: I would come to your house at 3 in the morning if you were sad bc you deserve to be loved and to be happy

Baby Pink: u so attractive??? how u do dat??

Barbie Pink: You are the best at everything i don’t get how

Crimson: I wanna cuddle with you

Emerald: You are my inspiration.

Gold: I can’t believe you exist. You’re such a blessing to this earth

Black: Marry Me

Beige: Idk what to say except W O W

Bubs this is too much. But thank u baby.