i love the colors that it gets

After you broke my heart into a million pieces, they told me I needed to go out and get drunk. So I began to drink to forget your name and the memories you left burning in the back of my mind. As I got deeper and deeper into the bottle, I started to forget where I was. I forgot what I was doing, and I even forgot how to speak. I started seeing things too. Colors mostly. I saw a lot of blue, like the shade of your eyes. And there you were in my head. I couldn’t forget you. I guess that’s what love really is. I know I deserve better but it’s a matter of wanting it, and I don’t want better. I want you. I think I’ll always want you.

I’ve just experienced a life changing event in the last month, My mother passed away after 3 weeks on intensive care. I poured all of myself in these weeks in order to improve her health but in the end we reached the inevitable. 

I’ve burned myself big time and until yesterday I returned home from Mexico with the purpose of getting back on my routine and mourn my Mother. My Aunt is the only family I have left and I’m all she has left as well. I’ll keep on guarding and loving Her. 

You might’ve gone through something like this or maybe you haven’t, all I can tell you is: Have a safe net of people that love you and care for you, experience the feelings in your own time and way and continue your life, this will help you get out of any sad and dire situation. 

It felt good to spend tons of hours last night coloring these sketches, these are part of the last batch of X-23 doodles for the coming week. Thanks for looking at my work  I just reached 13K followers.  

Love - Gabo

random darry headcanons


-his favorite color is green

-he collects coffee mugs

-like he has an UNHEALTHY AMOUNT

-when he was little his hair was blonde

-when he was a teenager he tried to bleach his hair with lemon juice and it did not turn out well

-he gets very angry when the gang brings it up to taunt him

-young darry had really bad teeth and he had to have braces for like 3 years

-so he had a very long and veeery embarrassing awkward phase poor guy

-and the gang loves to look up pictures of him from that time in the family photo albums and like put them on his pillow and he is p i s s e d

-he is actually a great cook,,he learned from his mom

-he hates the color of his eyes

-when he was younger he was jealous of his brothers bc they had cool and unique names and his was DARREL

-but as he got older he realized it was a good thing bc he didn’t have to explain his name to everyone

-and after his parents died he was glad to carry on his father’s name

-modern darry would love breaking bad just saying

-total Gryffindor don’t even try me,,,,,,

-in high school EVERYONE liked him

-it was the whole “every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him”

-but he was forgotten by a lot of them and the ones who didn’t forget just feel bad for him

-very depressing situation here

-you know the Brandon Rogers video “a day with mom”? yeah he is that mom

-he looks tough but he’s basically a big teddy bear

-his skin is so soft

-the longest eyelashes????no fair???


-ok he belongs on The Office

-like he’s looking into that imaginary camera 24/7

-needs a fucking foot rub someone help him

-he always says goodnight to all the boys no matter how mad or tired he is


The Nordogs

Denmark: A giant Golden Retriever, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth and love in his eyes. Life goal is to fit three tennis balls in his mouth at once. Loves swimming, bacon, and belly rubs. Hates the vet and his own reflection.

Finland: A sturdy, poofy Finnish Lapphund, maybe that chocolate eclair-looking color combo. Sweet-natured, courageous, devoted to his people. Loves ice baths, rolling in the grass, and taking long car rides with his head out the window. Hates the mailman and getting burrs stuck in his tail.

Sweden: A calm, protective black and white Newfoundland. Because of his giant size, he’s misunderstood and assumed to be aggressive even though he is very gentle. Loves his squeaky toy stuffed animals and belly rubs. Hates vacuum cleaners and being told to get off the couch.

Iceland: A little teeny-tiny Maltese. His fur is short and curly rather than long and straightened like show dogs. Looks prissy but is actually quite active. Likes to take his people on long walks, chill with his owners, and explore his various environments. Hates most other dogs and being forced to go outside in the rain.

Norway: A regal looking cream-colored Norwegian Buhund. Aloof to strangers but gentle and loving to his people. Likes to play in snow, chase birds and squirrels, and lay on piles of fresh laundry. Hates having his tail pulled and when his owners bring strangers into his house.

Mod Amanda

twerkfororeo  asked:

Heyy! I'm having some issues with the red color of the Quartz Eyes, in the default version. They look like your aliens eyes when I out them. Also, in the heterochromia version, the red color looks like the exact purple tone. The face paint version too. Can you fix it? ( Sorry if asked too much, love you )

Hey there! So I know the purple and red look really similar but they are actually slightly different, just by a couple hues. The alien eyes are showing up intentionally, I replaced the red swatch with an alien one so alien hybrids get equality. I hated how half aliens get human eyes and adding an extra swatch to the original defaults wasn’t working. So that’s why they’re there! If you don’t dig it you can simply export the red texture from the face paint and import it into the defaults 💕

knockofftoms  asked:

Did you do your hair yourself or get it done professionally? I got my hair dyed red recently and I love it but it's slowly going back to my original color lol

My friend and i do each others every few months because she has blue hair an its hard to do ur own i don’t recomend

The 20 questions

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I was tagged by @sensitive-eruri Thank you always for tagging me! I’m so glad and enjoyed it!

Name:  Kawahara
Nicknames: -
Zodiac sign:  Taurus
Height: 158cm
Orientation: -
Nationality: Japanese
Favorite fruit: Pear, Peach
Favorite season: Winter, Early summer
Favorite book: Guess How Much I Love You
Favorite flower: Veronica persica, White clover, Gypsophila
Favorite scent: Sandalwood, Rose
Favorite color: Blue, Ivory white
Favorite animal: Rabbit
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea
Average sleep hours: 5-6
Cat or dog person: Both!
Favorite fictional character: Eruri!
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2
Dream trip: Scandinavia
Blog created: I don’t remember

Thank you for reading! :)

anonymous asked:

hi 🙈 have you considered making the week at a glance printable in different colors? (just as the colors of the weekly schedule) it'd be lovely!

Hey! I definitely could - I might redo all my printables again in colour. I’m on holiday in a few weeks so might get a chance then! I’m tempted to make an Etsy shop where I can sell printables for a couple of dollars, I’d love to hear what people think :-) x

typenull  asked:

love the different colour schemes you've given the silvally. may i know ehat made you choose those designs? :)

Hey there! Sorry it took me awhile to get to this ask!

Well, to start off, my girlfriend @saphruikan and I really love the Type: Nulls/Silvallies and we went ahead and discussed them together for our Pokemon AU. 

Since there are 3 of them in canon, with the regular ones being “silver” and the shiny version “gold,” we wanted to change the third one up a bit. In our fanon, all three of them are different colors, so there isn’t technically a shiny one. For those colors, we chose Gold, Silver, and Copper! We had considered bronze at first but both of us didn’t like the color too much and it was too similar to gold (only the best for our Silvallies).

My gf has a Gladion and Type: Null-centric fic from our AU, called Silver Bird, where this stuff is briefly mentioned if you’d like to check it out!

@confessions-haikyuu idk i just. i did these really fast lol *throws them in your general direction*

  • shorts can be swapped for spandex at the players wish and all the tracksuits are hella comfy
  • that little gold thing below leopards is whats on the back of their tracksuit along with their school name and it’s dope
  • bears have their school name on the back as well
  • robins have their school and prefecture on the back. for their practice jerseys you get a feather on your shirt for every year you played
  • otters have that super cute logo fangirl made on their practice jerseys and the back of their warmups
  • wolf has a crewneck sweatshirt instead of a jacket because they gotta be different
  • foxes have their logo on the back of their warmups
  • raccoons are made out of pajama material because why not
  • i love the color for lynx and idk what that symbol is but it felt right
  • their pennies (the training camp jersey things–we always called them pennies) are all swapped colors for added fun (robin got to keep theirs because they won the championships before everything got redesigned)

zoom in at your own risk it’s a mess

A quick sketch/color job of An'hala to test my new art program, ProCreate- hoooo boy I love it! It has a stabilizer and more features than I will likely ever use, haha- I highly encourage those of you who draw on the iPad to check it out!!

Also, @golden-gunsmith challenged me to try coloring with bolder colors, as I tend to stick to a fairly pastel palate in general, and I really like how this turned out:) bonus: hue and saturation are easy to find and easy to use in this new app! :D I can immediately see some things I need to correct, but overall as a “get used to the app” drawing, I am a fan:)

thewaisman  asked:

With the whole discussion about whether or not Blizzard copied Valve with Overwatch I just want to say that none of you seem to see the extent of the copying. First of all they're both video games. Just one thing and Blizzard is already completely ripping off Valve!!! Second of all how dares Blizzard make this game colorful and with interesting character that you want to know more about?? I'm sure you Blizzard apologists are just fine with all this copying, but us TRUE TF2 fans are certainly not

oh my god FINALLY, this guy gets it. For the love of GabeN Blizzard, stop being such a rip-off of the greatest hat simulator, you’re never get to that level; your hats aren’t even that good, jeez. 

And don’t get me started on the whole “Capture point” and “Payload” gamemodes, TF2 did it first go do your research before Volvo bans you off steam forever. I bet Jeef Kappa stares at all the characters in tf2 and thinks “I want that.”

What’s next, a new Zombie survival game called “Right 5 Life” or a singleplayer game called “Double-Death” (and then stop the stories at 2 and never continue it and leave all your fans at the longest cliffhanger in history) or maybe a puzzle game called “Holes that Rip the Fabric of Space Time.”? Huh, HUIH BLIZZARD?!?

~ Fet

20 Questions ;) haha and then what

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Tagged by: @my-spinach-husband This is actually my first time ever being tagged in one of these things and I feel pretty honoured ;w;

Name: Heather 

Nicknames: “you damn weeaboo” 

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′7″

Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: Australian

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E Pearson

Favorite flower: Stargazer lily

Favorite scent: Citrus

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite animal: Cats, but I also love lizards

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I honestly can’t choose because I love them all too much

Average sleep hours: anything from 1 to 15 hours tbh

Cat or dog person: Cats. I have 3 cats and a dog, and I love them all but I prefer cats because I find them more relaxing, and I admire their independence and individuality. Also, one of my cats is a massive idiot and he’s a constant source of entertainment, they all do wonders for my mental health

Favorite fictional character: I can’t choose just one but my all time favourites are Data from Star Trek (and Lore I love him too much), Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, 2D from Gorillaz, Skulduggery Pleasant from Skulduggery Pleasant, Hanayo from Love Live and Romano from Hetalia. To name a few.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 or 3 in winter, none in summer

Dream trip: I really want to go to Italy sometime, do all the cliche things like eat spaghetti and go on a gondola ride and stuff.

Blog created: I remember I first made this blog when ‘good shit *insert 64564564 emojis*’ was a big meme so like… late 2015 I think?

I tag: @amethyst-soong, @confusedandroid, @zeawesomepuppy, @stressed-otaku, @dreamsofthestars, @jokerteeth, @notyoureverydayrose, @another-idle-teen, @annoush66, @poopcop, @cutelupe, @cosmichyperthermiax, @thetardisismysoulanimal, @gorillaz-gal, @backstrokefordaysdude, @vibrantlinguistics, @silverstrike, @jamming-with-edward, @fanfix, @victuuripml

((aack I’m so sorry that I hardly know any of you guys ;o; none of you have to do this if you don’t feel like it))

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is annoying but you're really smart and you seem to do really well in school so could i ask some study tips? school is kinda getting hard and im scared if i dont study properly ill fall behind

well, its the end of the year so ive been studying extra hard lately.
i love love love taking notes. i have colored pens and highlighters and i decorate as i take notes. that helps because it makes me feel more inclined to go back and check out my notes. sit down, put your electronics far away and silence them, and open multiple books and subjects. just seeing a mess of textbooks and note pages and work sheets will make you focus more. reread your notes and truly focus on the words. come up with little jingles for formulas and such. listen to music without words.
you have to want to study. you cant sit down with the mentality of “eh i guess ill study”
no. set a time every day. i study from 7 to 8 p. i set myself an allotted number of pages in my notebooks and textbooks to read. if i cannot repeat the information to myself, i set extra time aside to go through what i couldnt remember.
for math, theres really nothing you can do except practice. you have to be able to recognize a problem and pull out how to solve it with everything youve been taught. print yourself worksheets from online or ask your teachers for them. do them until you can do them no problem. and challenge yourself. do harder problems so during tests the problems there are easier.
i wish you luck!!! hopefully you got something outta this.