i love the colors that it gets

If language can’t express everything, why do we bother?
Poetry makes no sense but we keep reading. My favourite color is blue. I painted my room blue once and things made sense for awhile. My thoughts are dim and blue and I think I’m my own foil. I wanted to be something worth loving, a color worth looking at. I wanted to live and be more than a shadow that paid attention to peoples fake smiles and melancholy that lied between each laughter. My thoughts are scattered, yes yes I get lost in my head a lot. I’ve always felt off. I ache for something more than this ordinary life but I’m too lazy to go search for my Great perhaps. what a joke. Maybe you’re like me. I’m still searching for myself. Some nights I dream about the universe and how we came to be. I’ve seen love crash and burn. I’ve seen who I am and I’m still lost.
I can feel my breathing and heartbeat, slow but steady, sun and moon.
I’m falling deeper into a sky that isn’t designed for swimming.
Maybe life doesn’t make much sense now.
Some day we’ll forget about who we are today, some day we’ll change forever. Some day you’ll understand the why.
—  Vivian M

I lowkey miss the cheesiness from season 1 :/ I also miss magnus’ sparkly makeup and bright colored outfits :/and I miss salty Alec :/ and I miss the coloration of the episode’s (is that what its even called??) :/ I also miss the light angst :/ cause all we get now is mega angst :/ and I also miss Isabelle just being adorably badass and not addicted to drugs :/ simons glasses :/

Still love season 2 tho

I'm proud to be a witch

I’m proud to be a witch. I love my craft, I love my goddesses and my gods. I love doing spells and talking and walking in nature, getting connected to everything around me. And I wear my pride on my sleeves. Just like how a Christen wears a cross I wear a pentacle, juts like a Christen I go and worship once a week. I’m so opened about my path and about my religion I forget the being a witch is still taboo. Whenever I talk about Wiccan people look at me weird and either say I’m a satanist or that magick isn’t real. My entire life I’ve been always been belittled and it’s been even worse when I started doing Wicca because people just think I’m weird. But I don’t care. I love being a Witch I’ll say to everyone I know. And if you’re an in the closet witch and your afraid of what will happen when you come out I’m going to be real. People will think your weird not everyone will get you, people will try and use you to put hexes on people. And you might lose people you love because they can’t accept you. But it’s the best thing, you find yourself, you feel accepted,loved and more at peace. Plus being open Wicca you’ll find people who accept every part of you. I am a witch, I am pagan, I am Wiccan and I am proud of who I am and of everything I believe in.

I hope this made someone happy or did something reblog this if your a proud witch or if you want to be one I hope you all have a blessed day or night 😊

HIGH SCHOOL AU (important)


so i’m really far into the high school au planning

it will be amv, and since i want to like start putting this together soon i’d really love pictures of everyones muses in a high school outfit like things? that would be so great!!! can be anything high schooly, supporting  a band, preppy, football jerseys, whatever you want!!

so just like draw your muse in that ^^ for me to use

color or no color, doesnt matter


i just need it by like…….monday please………xD 

i have next week to work on this and put it together to hopefully get out something by wednesday

please reblog!! thank you so much

So, this is a weird thing. This is a re-do of another drawing of mine, here, that’s less than a year old. I dunno, the original just seemed too stiff, but I really loved the idea and colors that I used, so. I thought why not, right? Plus, with me tryna get an artist alley table soon, I want my stuff to be as top notch as I’m capable. Needless to say, I like this one much more :>


I saw the cover of the new EAH books and fell in love with how Cerise looked so I got down to it and made her. I already had this nude Hat-tastic teaparty Cerise that I wasnt too fond of due to her make up (I still am not too thrilled about it, I much more prefered the colors that she had in the animated special but what can ya do?) and she had red streaks in her hair so she was a pretty good match and then I got ahold of a second Rosabella so I could get the outfit. Of course she isnt complete without a hood, but that will need to wait untill I can get some good golden fabric.

Hi, my name is Yessica, I am seventeen years old and I live in Utah. I’d love to have a penpal. I don’t have many friends in real life haha and this would be the perfect opportunity to make some online. I love lots of things. But here are the stuff I love the most ; I enjoy collecting crystals. Coloring adult coloring books , drawing, reading and astrology. I consider myself a witch and/or hippie. I love nature. Plants , animals, anything that has to do with nature. I am also cruelty free (vegetarian. not vegan quite yet. Also, I totally respect if you eat meat. :) ) I’m not that all interesting but message me and you can get to know more about me. thank youuu 🖤

my social media (I don’t have any other. I’ll reveal more if you message me :))
Tumblr : @sunstardust
Instagram : @ y.sca

anonymous asked:

I wish romantic relationships were as I imagined as a kid. Love is a feeling that gets less and less intense with every lover you give a piece of yourself. Each experience colors your reality with a gloomier shade... It's not at all as beautiful or pure as we imagined. What good is a heart when it's strewn all over? It's okay... There's other things worth living for.

this is so bittersweet :’(

If you live in a house where you are made to feel inferior and constantly persecuted. Stay focused. You will get out of there one day and you WILL be successful. You are the only person holding yourself back. It will not be easy, I will not lie. But it will be worth it. To be one your own. To be free. To be with the one you love not matter their gender or color. You control your life no one else. Now go fuck some shit up.

Question tag (part 2)

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Name: Camille
Family name: no
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5″2
Age: 13

Fave Color: pastel colors and greyscale 

Time RN: 12:59 PM

Hours of Sleep: last night I got 8
Lucky Number: 2
Last Thing I Googled: Wikipedia last names (I was seeing the most common ones)
Fave Fictional Character:  idk i love so many!
Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Favorite Artists: idk I’m tired 
Dream Trip: nyc or hawaii
Dream Job: actress, teacher, author, or baker
What You’re Wearing Right Now: cookie monster sweatpants and a pajama shirt
Follower Count: 319
Posts: 1574

What Do You Post About: dnp or stuff I find interesting

Most Active Followers: according to tumblr it’s @torificus @angelphannie @panphangirl and @jazzy3251
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: it hasn’t yet tbh
Why Did You Make This Blog: Buzzfeed had funny screencaps
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: lmao no

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I got it from a URL giveaway and Idk it’s nice and aesthtic
Countries You’ve Lived In: just the US
Favorite Fandom: Phandom
Languages You Speak: English, a bit of spanish
Favorite Film: hmmm idk but I recently saw Moana so maybe that
Last Article You Read: i have no effin idea 
Last Thing You Bought Online: idk
Last Person You Dreamt Of: Idk?
A Recurring Dream: when I was little I had a reoccurring dream that I was skipping in daisies but then in the town center they were having a loterry for who would die and I was always chosen 
Phobias/Fears: Clowns, dying, spiders, speaking on the phone 
How Would Your Friends Describe You: A cannibal (I hate you all)

If You Had $$$ To Spend What Would You Buy First: um honestly I would just put it into a college fund (I’m so boring)

Shuffle Your Song Library And List The First Three Songs That Play: My same by ADELE, Mr. Know it all by Kelly Clarkson, If we ever meet again by Katy Perry (I don’t listen to music on my phone)

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✖️Name: Kristen
✖️Nicknames: kris & lucy/lou back in the Day™
✖️Star Sign: pisces
✖️Height: 5'7″ -ish
✖️Sexual Orientation: probably pan (?)
✖️Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
✖️Favorite Color: Blue
✖️Favorite Animal: i love them all sm i can’t pick
✖️Time Right Now: 9:33 am
✖️Cat or Dog Person: i own 3 dogs and no cats so
✖️Favorite Fictional Character: uh ????? i have too many and i love them all dearly
✖️Favorite Singer/Band: 1d + zayn, always go back to marina & the diamonds, more recently bts & exid, and lately i keep listening to lots of lorde
✖️Dream Job:  wiping harry’s sweat was my first thought and idk how to top that. maybe louis’ human foot stool.
✖️When Was This Blog Created: 2014 after an accidental delete, end of 2012 before that
✖️Current Number of Followers: 7 and i bought 3 of them
✖️What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: a larry gif and being Extra
✖️Why Did You Pick Your URL: it got freed up and i got it and i’m :’)

I tag (this won’t be twenty sorry): @louislyrics @summer5tars @meherandthemoon @eleanorcaldit @louisinyogapants @fluffyau @thewizardofgays @lourry @fakestunts @eleanorshipsit @harryrainbows

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Relationship status: Single
Favorite color: Black
Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
Last song I listened to: I LOVE YOU - 2NE1
Last movie I watched: Assassin’s Creed ((but i’m seeing John Wick 2 later :)))
Top 3 tv shows: Pretty Woman, Bloodline & The Walking Dead (atm)
Top 3 characters: Danny Rayburn, Gerry & Orson Krennic
Top 3 ships: Tom Hiddleston x Chris Hemsworth, Mads Mikkelsen x Ben Mendelsohn & danny rayburn x me lmao
Books I’m currently reading: look i ain’t done reading “Library of Souls” by Ransom Riggs i still need to finish that

I’m tagging: @notbenmendelsohn @stripperanakin @tullusaufidius @stiilesstilinski @mikkelsenmads @missmendelsohn and @moonknightlight or whoever wants to do this, please tag me so i can see it! <3

Questions Tag Thingy

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  Name: Aino
Nicknames: Some of my friends from Finnish tumblr call me “frog” sometimes but I wouldn’t call that a nickname
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 166cm (probably)
Orientation: I’m either bi or lesbian, I’m not sure, very gay either way (that rhymes omg)
Ethnicity: Finn
Favourite fruit: Maybe bananas. Or grapes. No, not grapes. Bananas.
Favourite season: I LOVE fall
Favourite book series: Used to be The Hunger Games but I’m not that into it anymore so I don’t really know (I’d love to get some recommendations)
Favourite flower: Sunflower
Favourite scent: Rain in summer
Favourite color: Yellow!!!
Favourite animal: Cats, frogs and sloths
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea
Average sleep hours: Depends, I try to sleep at least 7 hours
Cat or dog person? Cat person!! I’ve been scared of dogs my whole life so I don’t really like being around them but dogs are still cool too.
Favourite fictional characters: Patrick (from The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2
Dream trip: I don’t really know, maybe a big city somewhere? Or a road trip if I just had friends to go on a road trip with
Blog created: October 2016
Number of followers: 398 wow where do you people come from how is there so many of you when I don’t post any quality content???