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Seen It In Color

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Steve Rogers x HYDRA Agent! Reader

Request:  Omg I love your writing! I’m totally obsessed with the whole soulmates concept where when you meet your soulmate you see color for the fist time or something and I was wondering if you could pretty please do a one shot with Steve? Maybe something along the lines of the fact that his soulmate, the reader, is an assassin who works for HYDRA. I feel like it will put a cool twist on things. But a happy ending please I can’t handle sad endings. Thanks so much love! Again, you are totally awesome!

A/n: This was cute to write. Can anyone tell that I’m having bucky feels because he seems to make appearances in everything I’m writing lol. 

Genre: Romance, Slight Angst, Action, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, slight angst, 

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain.

Soulmate AU: World is black and white until you see your soulmate, then the world is in color.

Everyone had a soulmate. However, everyone’s way of finding their soulmate was different. Some had tattoos of the first words their soulmate will ever say to them or of images they needed to match, some had a time clock on their wrists. Others had the situation where they dye their hair, their soulmates hair turns that color, and others had a compass that would spin in circles once you greeted your soulmate. Some soulmates shared marks and shit. Some could hear the voices of their soulmate in their head. Creepy, but still nice to be able to hear them. Then, you had people like Steve rogers who saw the world in black and white. No colors, just the neutral spectrum of blacks, greys, and whites. It was sort of depressing, seeing as that’s all he ever saw during the Forties. Everything was black and white back then for those who could see in color, though. However, Steve just didn’t know who his soulmate was and if they saw in color, of half in color, or black and white like he did. Often, his vision was spark with colors and it worried him. What was happening to his soulmate? Was she ok? Was she getting hurt? It was worrisome. Sometimes, when he was at HYDRA bases, the world would slowly start to show color, but it would disappear as fast as it would come. Was that a sign that his soulmate was near? He bit his lip. He felt a flick on his forehead and jolted, looking at Bucky, his long time friend. Bucky Barnes soulmate method was a tattoo of the first words his soulmate would say to him, though they had turned a dark grey, meaning his soulmate was dead. ‘You should buy me a drink first!’ Was the words. Steve felt bad but after all, for all he knew, his soulmate could be dead too. But would that explain the flashes of colors he would often see?

“What’s on your mind, punk?”

“I’m…thinking about my soulmate. You know I see the world in black and white…but lately, there’s been violent flashes of colors that last a few minutes or even seconds. I don’t understand it and I’m scared. What if my soulmates getting hurt or…worse?”

Bucky sighed and Clint replied, his arms having doodles appear on them. 

“I’m sure she’s ok, Steve. maybe you’re getting closer to her and your body is telling you so?”

Steve shrugged and looked out the window.The jet landed and everyone got out. Steve said to Bucky. 

“Stay close to me, alright?”

“Yeah yeah, punk. Move it.”

Steve rolled his eyes and they burst through the doors, ambushing the base. Hydra agents dropped dead one by one, seeming like Whack-A-Mole and Steve heard a female voice speak German.

“Der Winter Soldier und das nationale Symbol sind meine. Töten Sie den Rest des Teams, können wir nicht Ablenkungen leisten.”
(The Winter Soldier and the national symbol are mine. Kill the rest of the team, we can not afford distractions.)

Steve yelled. 

“Bucky, watch out for one of the agents!”

Bucky nodded and the Hydra agents quickly occupied the others while a woman appeared. She was decked out in a suit of armor, exactly like Bucky’s and had a face mask on. Her hair was pulled back in a french braid, strands hanging out here and there and her (e/c) eyes were covered with black war paint. The rest was covered by the mask. She held an machine gun in both her hands, both pointed to the ground and  fingerless gloves helped her keep her grip. She was walking towards them and Bucky started to shoot, the girl quickly jumping out of the way and Steve threw his shield, gasping a bit when she dropped her guns, grabbed the spinning shield, spun in the air and sent the disc flying at warped speed towards the icon. He jumped out of the way and the girl and Steve made eye contact. Everything stopped. Color flooded through his eyes, the skies a light blue, the clouds white. Trees were green and brown, blood was red, and she was definitley his soulmate. When Bucky was about to shoot, Steve yelled, hitting the gun and making the shot miss. 

“No, wait!”

The girl seemed startled as well and backed away, running off and Bucky yelled at Steve, eyes livid. 

“What the hell was that, Steve?! Why’d you make me miss the shot?! I had her on the ropes!”

“You can’t kill my soulmate, Bucky!”

Bucky had wide eyes and he asked, lowering his gun as the exhausted team members surrounded Steve.

“What?What do you mean…soulmate?”

“Bucky, that Assassin is my soulmate. I…I can see color!”

Steve was excited and the team could only share skeptical looks. Then, Steve got serious. 

“We need to find her. Now.”

Natasha said, looking at a tablet. 

“No can do rogers, security footage shows that she’s left. At least she’s being a runaway like Buck.”

Steve felt hopeful. Could he finally be able to see in color and meet his soulmate? Even if she was an assassin for Hydra. Steve was determined to make sure that he made you better like he was helping make Bucky get better. 

“Then we scout for her. Trace her….”

Tony said, rolling his eyes. 

“Great, Capsicle’s soulmate is a freaking HYDRA agent. Ain’t that some irony for the day.”

“Fuck off, Stark.”

Bucky growled, anger flashing in his eyes as they trekked to the jet, ready to search for the dear Captains dame.


Seen It In Color pt 2

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Steve Rogers x HYDRA Agent! Reader

Request:  Omg I love your writing! I’m totally obsessed with the whole soulmates concept where when you meet your soulmate you see color for the fist time or something and I was wondering if you could pretty please do a one shot with Steve? Maybe something along the lines of the fact that his soulmate, the reader, is an assassin who works for HYDRA. I feel like it will put a cool twist on things. But a happy ending please I can’t handle sad endings. Thanks so much love! Again, you are totally awesome!

A/n: Well…this was WAYYYYY overdue. Sorry about that guys!

Part One is HERE!

Genre: Suspense, Action, Drama, Friendship, Slight Angst, Romance, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, Crude humor, Violence, depressing themes here and there

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

It had been about a week since Steve had seen his soulmate, and to say he was worried was an understatement. He was downright panicking. What if HYDRA got their hands on her? What if they got her back? What if she was in a different country now? Steve bit his lip, chewing slightly as he stood behind Tony Stark. 

“You know, standing over my shoulder isn’t going to make this go any faster, Rogers.”

Steve looked at Tony and glared at the back of his head. 

“Her life is at stake here, Tony.”

“Ok, and so was New York. Slovakia. Oh, and let’s not forget the incident with Bucky-”

Steve snarled out, an uneasy feeling filling his bones. 

“-You listen here-”

A hand grabbed the back of Steve’s shirt, pulling him back as Bucky’s voice sounded out sternly.

“Calm your storm, Steve. Tony is doing the best he can. She isn’t going to be easy to find. We have to be patient and hope she sheds some light, alright?”

Steve gave a conflicted look to Bucky, but Bucky just shook his head slowly, his blue eyes stern. Steve heaved a defeated sigh and stepped away, crossing his arms. Leaving the room, Bucky stayed and asked Tony.

“Any luck?”

Tony replied, moving the hologram out of the way to show a surveillance tape, a woman with (h/l) (h/c) hair poking out from a (color) hoodie, a hat on her head. The hood was over the hat, and the tape showed her looking around, a deep scowl on her face as she looked around. She looked right at the camera and Bucky felt chills run down his spine. 

He had never seen such a murderous look on anybody, not even himself.

“Phantom, here, was seen in Seattle earlier this morning. Right around nine in the morning, to be exact. F.R.I.D.A.Y was able to find her through detailed description. Through face recognition, I was able to find out who this girl is.”

Bucky sucked in a breath as he read the file that showed up. A picture of the woman appeared, the human seeming to be on a metal table, a white cloth covering from her collarbones and downwards. Her hair was wet, and she was pale. 

“No way…(Y/n) (L/n) was killed but they brought her back to life somehow?”

Tony said with a dreadful tone.

“Precisely. We gotta get that technology. If they could bring back someone who’s been dead for a couple months, there’s no telling what they could do.”

The two men had no idea that Steve had listened to everything and was already on his way to Seattle.


The apartment was warm, thanks to the heater that sat in the corner, the rods inside glowing a bright orange. Curtains covered the windows, guns sat at a corner right beside a bed, and a body was leaned up against the wall, one arm rested upon a knee. The hoodie was warm, keeping the human flesh warm, though the metal limbs were a nuisance where they connected to flesh. (E/c) shot open when the being sensed a presence within the room. 

The metal hand shifted, tightening its hold on the gun that resided within its grip. Behind the mask, lips spoke perfect German, acknowledging the presence within her room.

“Ich wusste, dass du für mich kommen würdest, Kapitän. Es war nur eine Frage der Zeit.”
(I knew you’d come for me, Captain. It was just a matter of time.)

The captain answered, his face being revealed within a sliver of moonlight. 

“Was gab Ihnen den Eindruck, dass ich auftauchen würde?”
(What gave you the impression that I
would show up?)

The girl looked up at him with dead, (e/c) eyes, an expressionless look on her face. 

“Ich bin deine Mission genau so, wie du mein bist. Ist das nicht der Fall, Steven Rogers?”
(I am your mission exactly the way you are mine. Is not
that the case, Steven Rogers?)

Steve shook his head after a moment and replied, putting his shield up against the wall and taking his helmet off. 

“I don’t come here as your enemy. I come here as your soulmate.”

The girl stiffened and immediately replied. 

“I have no soulmate. Do not waste your breath, Patriotischer Junge.”
(Patriotic Boy.)

Steve just sighed a bit and the metal hand shifted to grip the gun tighter. Steve noticed, lifting his hands in surrender, and sat down in front of the girl. Her eyes were on Steve’s, the dark, murderous gaze calculating his every move. 

“Yes you do. You knew that you did the moment we locked eyes at the base. That’s why you ran away.”

The girl remained silent and then narrowed her eyes. Steve continued on.

“I can help you-”

“-I don’t need help!”

Came the angry response. The gun was rest against Steve’s head within a heartbeat, and his heart skipped a beat. He looked at her. 

“Maybe not help, but reassurance. HYDRA can’t hurt you anymore, (Y/n).”

The girl froze. She hadn’t heard that name in a very long time. How did he know her name? How did she know her name? (Y/n) stared at Steve with a wide and shocked gaze, her breathing becoming heavy. Steve gently pushed the gun away and asked with a sense of yearn and want, his warm hand heating the cold metal of hers.

“Please…let me be your freedom. I can save you from this hell HYRDA put you in.”

The girl was quiet as she stared and she bit her lip subconsciously. Steve was quiet as he waited for her response, praying to Thor that this girl would agreed. 

“You…you are willing to help me…even after I tried to kill your people?”

“Hey, we all fall down sometimes. We just gotta learn to get back up and brush the dust off.”

The girl stared at him with a tearful expression before looking down, nodding slightly. Steve smiled and held her hand, glad that he could be with his soulmate and that he could teach her to love herself, and maybe him as well.